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In our last chapter we have come to the rescue of a small child by the name of Samantha Sheridan. Samantha insists on us calling her Sam. Sam was the only child of a military couple who died in action. She was living with her grandmother up until her death recently. Sam's Aunt Nicole became her Guardian. Sam called Nicole her old mommy. Lester her boyfriend had punished Sam so severely to leave welts on the poor child. Nicole just died of a massive drug overdose, under suspicious circumstances.

Adding Sam to the family: Chapter 9

Armed with this information, Judge Thurgood looks at me and says, “Marshall says you're ready to be a father, now you don't have to wait nine months. Will you be willing to take care of Samantha?”

With a large smile I say, “Yes, I think Sam has a new family.”

Michelle laughs, “No wonder all your stories sound like fairytales. The good and wise Prince with his beautiful Princess comes to the rescue of the poor mistreated orphan whose parents died in defense of his country. Fairytales, my readers are going to love it.”

Thinking back to my own childhood I almost wish Michelle wouldn't print anything concerning Samantha. I think it's like she can read it on my face because Michelle says, “My boss probably wouldn't believe it anyway he's a bit of a skeptic. I have had enough of the news game anyway. JJ, I was talking to Marshall he said you believed he could actually make enough to retire by the end of summer.”

I say, “If yesterday is any indication of what we can do. He should be able to retire quite comfortably by this fall.” Judge Thurgood’s eyes go wide, is mouth drops open. This is a bit of a shock to him.

The Judge stammers a question to me, “JJ just how much you helped Marshall make so far?”

Marshall coming in with Michael senior and my brother-in-laws says, “Dad, before taxes it’s a little over 2.1 million."

Judge Thurgood begins to laugh he says, "Forget college son, and learn everything you can from JJ."

As Judge Thurgood and his son talk, I speak with my father-in-law, “Dad, we found out Sam is an orphan now. Her aunt just died and grandmother who was her guardian is deceased. We need to get some clothing for her, probably something loose and lite for the next few days. If no other relative steps forward, we don't believe there's any at this moment it looks like Sam's going to be a permanent part of our family. How does it feel to be a grandpa?”

The Coach has the same ecstatically joyful expression from this morning. He says, “I thought I was going to have to wait nine months to hear that. Now I get to hear it a lot sooner, and still look forward to Kathryn giving me a grandchild."

The Coach and I talk for another few minutes. He tells me many stories about what it's like to be a father. He warns me about being a father of a four-year-old, you may think they are a baby but they're their own person in a lot of ways at that age. Their personality is usually set by then. You'll have to learn what Sam likes and dislikes. Instead of making her do things, ask her to help you. That work better with my kids until they got older.

I smile sadly and tell him the full story as I know it, “What I understand Sam’s mother and father were both military and died in action. I believe Sam's grandmother was her Guardian. Nicole took Sam when Sam's grandmother died. Nicole with her criminal record, I doubt would've been granted guardianship. Poor Sam lost everyone in her life so far, the only one left who had any contact with her is the bastard that left those welts on her. As far as I'm concerned he's a bear that’s threatening my family."

The coach says, “I hope he doesn't show up on your doorstep, it wouldn't be good for him or you.”

The Judge overhears my last statement as he and Marshall comes to join our conversation. Judge Thurgood says, “I'll have a restraining order against him, not to come within a half mile of your home and 200 feet of you ever. That's to protect you if he ever does show up on your doorstep. I know you're fully capable of handling the threat at the appropriate level JJ. But I highly doubt he's going to be leaving jail in the near future if ever.”

Marshall says, "I'm glad of that."

The Coach looks at me and says, “Me too, if he ever showed up there I'll bring my shotgun. I may not be able to handle it on the appropriate level."

Judge Thurgood laughs, “Michael, why would you want to shoot a dead man.”

The Coach expression now shows he understands what the appropriate level is. The Coach says, “George you and I go back to when we were kids playing baseball together, I should have known that.”

The Judge says, "Don't worry about it Michael, if he is released for any reason you and I can teach JJ how to shoot. It's been a while since I'm instructed anyone on shooting, so I probably can use the help. JJ has that nice big side yard over the river there, that’s perfect place for skeet shooting."

I say, “Well now that I'm 18, maybe it's about time I learned to do that.”

Marshall asks, “Dad, can I come by and pick up my shotgun and a couple boxes of shells, tonight after the fireworks.”

Judge Thurgood smiles, “Only if you bring Misty by, we can talk while you get your firearms.”

Misty intertwines her arm into Marshall's and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Misty says, “I'll be happy to come by and visit. I know Marshall wishes to talk with you more often. Maybe you could come by and have dinner with us this Saturday.”

The Judge smiles and says, “It actually sounds good, I'm sick of my own cooking and I don't have anything to do Saturday.”

Misty’s expression gives away the fact she wasn't really expecting him to say yes. But she says, “That's great, we’re looking forward to it.”

Misty had been in last with Kathryn and Sam. I asked, “Misty what’s going on with Sam now?”

Misty says, "The doctor should be finishing up shortly. He was telling Kathryn how to apply the medicine when I left."

I looked at Judge Thurgood and ask him, “Do we need to talk to Ms. Clark, inform her of the information we know?”

The Judge says, “What we found out didn't come through official channels. We could tell her, but she can't make a decision unless the information can be verified.”

Misty asked, “What did I miss?”

I quietly tell her, “Samantha's parents are deceased, apparently she lived with her grandmother who recently passed then the young lady that was arrested earlier today has died this afternoon. Samantha is an orphan with no legal guardian at this time. We don't believe she has any other living relative. I want to speak with Kathryn as far as I'm concerned Sam can stay with us.”

Misty says, “I'm sorry for her passing, but any woman who stands by, and let's a child be hit like that...” She stopped herself from saying anything else about the woman but continues. “Kathryn and Sam are going to be so happy that she is staying with you, I know the three of you are going to make a perfect little family, but a growing one."

Smiling at Misty and Marshall as they stand side-by-side I say, “As far as I'm concerned, that little girl went from having no one, to seven Aunts,” Michelle still standing there clears her throat, “excuse me eight Aunts and five Uncles, one grandfather and three grandmothers and don't forget one great uncle.”

Judge Thurgood showing he has a sense of humor says, “I don't know if you can call me great but I am pretty damn good.”

Michelle says, “I see why JJ likes this area, the people here are something else. I understand you are the person to talk to if I wanted to know anything else he has been up too.”

Judge Thurgood now addressing Michelle says, “I found a few things out, if you still need anything I'll be happy to pass on a few more stories, and a few he probably would never admit to doing, he's honest but he's pretty modest about all the good things he does.”

I say, “Oh no, now I'm not running for public office, or sainthood. So keep the fairytales to a minimum please. It's not like I am the only person doing any good around here.”

Judge Thurgood chuckles before he says to me, “You may not be the only person doing good for the community, but a lot of the ones that are, do more because of you. Your example has a lot larger effect than you realize. Even what you said in Michelle's first article has affected people more than you probably realize. I'm a workaholic, after reading that article I realized I was missing out on my son growing up, so I started spending more time with him.”

Marshall smiles and says, “JJ a lot of us here in town always knew you had a lot of money. I also know Kathryn isn’t the only one you would pickpocket, and leave a twenty or fifty in their pocket. A couple of kids would never have a decent meal if it wasn't for you doing that. A few of us saw how you'd always pick up some extra groceries and leave them at people’s houses, a few extra stops on your way home almost every time you would come to pick up groceries. I've never seen you talk down to anyone. I've never seen you insult a single person. I've even seen you stop a few; you would not use your fist, but a smile work for you. I've even seen you work with some of the clumsiest people after a while they found their balance and you actually give them some grace to their movements. You never make fun of people shortcomings but you've always help them rise above them. Even the way you treat Kathryn has changed how a lot of boys treat their girlfriend.”

Misty giggles, “I know you got us together, thank you for that too. Half the girls in school would throw themselves at you, you were always nice to them and let them down easy, but they always knew that you were Kathryn's boyfriend. A lot of guys would give into the temptation that all those girls were waving in your face. You always acted like everyone was important to you. Even the girls you turned down still felt good about themselves the way you treated them, never made them feel less because they always felt if Kathryn ever messed up they would always have a chance with you.”

I know I'm blushing because of all the complements. Kathryn's voice sounds like an angel’s to me as she says, “He never gave me a reason to be jealous even though I am. I know he's capable of so much, but never seen JJ use it to bring harm to anyone. I've never seen him not try to help anyone who was in need, because it would be too hard or costly. He seems to figure out a way to help someone in just the right manner, whether it is a kind word or gentle ass kicking, he seems to change everyone around him for the better.”

Kathryn stands there holding Samantha who's fallen back asleep in her arms. Kathryn holding the little girl as naturally as she would have her own daughter brings a smile to my face. I notice Kathryn’s eyes are not the vivid green I've come to expect, but bluish Hazel. Michelle with her eye for detail notices as well. The coach, Michael her father, gives a sad sigh as he to notices. Michael asked, “What’s wrong Kathryn?”

Kathryn says, “The doctor had to give her a sedative so he could finish the exam. She will sleep for another few hours if not the rest of the night. Sam's going to be fine in a few days’ time. I'm just worried about her. Sam talked a lot about how bad her old mommy and her boyfriend were to her. What were you talking about Sam I didn't catch all of it?”

I whispered to Michelle, "Watch Kathryn’s eyes." A puzzled look is across Kathryn's face. Now Michelle and I looking Kathryn straight in the face, I begin explaining about Samantha the whole story that we found out how the poor girl lost her parents, then her grandmother and ended up in the care of those two who abused her. Samantha’s Aunt just died of a drug overdose, leaving her without a legal guardian. By this time Kathryn's eyes are deep blue revealing her sadness. Then I inform her, "Because of the situation I volunteered us to be Samantha's new parents. If she has no other living relative to step forward, and I seriously doubt she does. Sam will be a part of our lives until she's grown.”

The change is striking in a blink Kathryn's eyes are the brilliant green from this morning. Michelle notices the change with a gasp. Kathryn leans to me to kiss me which I proudly do, still mindful of the sleeping child in my Love’s arms. Michelle waits until we break our kiss before she asks, “Kathryn, how can you do that, your eye color actually changed?”

Kathryn giggles, "My eyes are hazel, and they don't change color."

The coach clears his throat before he says, "Sweetheart they do. For the last four years they have been more or less continuously green letting me know you been happy. Every time you are with JJ they have been green as any eyes I've ever seen. Only when the two of you are away from each other or something else upset you they look blue, but when you are with JJ they always turn green again, like they have just now.”

Misty notices too, she says, “You are right her eyes are green now, they were blue in the exam room. I thought it was just the lighting in there, but I watch them change right now out here.”

I rub Kathryn shoulder and tell her, “I love your eyes. They tell me when you're happy or sad. I know when I have to work at making you happy again.”

Samantha shuffles in her sleep, moving her head from one of Kathryn shoulders to the other in the process she says, “Love you mommy.” Kathryn's eyes are again brightly green, her eyes turned to a little Hazel during our conversation.

I smile and ask, “I don't really need to ask, but are you happy now?”

Looking into my eyes Kathryn says, “Yes, I'm a little sad for Sam, but I know our family will be good for her.”

With a chuckle I say, “You’re a great mother already. Our daughters are going to love being your children.”

With a pretty strong punch to my arm Kathryn laughs and says, “Our children.”

Ms. Clark actually laughs as she walks to us, is the first real emotion I've seen the woman show. She says, “Watching you together I know Sam is in good hands. Your whole family came here; when there was so much else they could be doing especially on the Fourth of July."

Ms. Clark does ask where Sam will sleep tonight and I tell her probably with us. I don't want her to panic if she wakes up and Kathryn is not there.

Ms. Clark agrees with that, although she says, “It will be all right for a few days for Sam to sleep with you. Soon you need to move Sam to her own bedroom. Once she's assured her home life will be stable she should make the change fairly easily. I will check on you guys in about a week that should give enough time to get the official story on Sam.”

The Judge remarks, "I do believe we have just enough time to catch the fireworks."

Kathryn says, “Why don't you guys do that. I want to put Sam down so she can sleep more comfortably so JJ and I need to go home.” Mom, Grandma, Helen and Alyssa come back home with us, the Coach and the rest of them go watch the fireworks.

We get home and are there for a while Helen comes over with some of Kathryn's old clothing that should fit Sam. She also brings over a few T-shirts that should be small enough for Sam to sleep in. Kathryn gently washes Sam with a damp washcloth before dressing her in the T-shirt to sleep in.

Our mothers and Alyssa watch with smiles on their faces as Kathryn gently lay Sam down in the center of our bed. Samantha shifts a little to get herself comfortable, smiles a little then relaxes back into her sleep.

Mom whispers, “Come down to the kitchen so we can talk.”

Leaving the bathroom hall light on but turning the overhead lights out so Sam can sleep easily. Kathryn and I nod and following the three women down stairs leaving the door open so we can hear Sam if she stirs in her sleep. We enter the kitchen the three women pull Kathryn into a hug and tell her how proud they are. Blushing slightly Kathryn nods and says, “I was just trying to live up to the examples I have."

Helen kisses her daughter on the forehead and says, “You’re doing better than trying baby.”

Mom giggles saying, “You’re a natural when it comes to being a mother.”

Alyssa ask, “You two hungry?” My growling stomach answers for me. Now giggling Alyssa says, “I'll take that as a yes. Let me make something for us.” Alyssa begins checking the refrigerator and pulling out items, when I start to get up Mom's hand goes to my shoulder.

Mom in a whisper says, “Alyssa is staying to help me JJ. Let her do her job she needs that right now.” I know what Mom means, sometimes feeling useful is important, just like having enough money to live on or even a place to live.

Grandma comes in; she had been cleaning her room. She asked Alyssa, “You cooking this late?”

Alyssa looks over her shoulder and says, “With all this excitement today, JJ only had breakfast and then a portion of wedding cake. Kathryn had a plate of chicken with Samantha but neither got a good dinner. Most of us did neither so I’m going to make up a quick dinner that should be ready when everyone returns from the fireworks, something lite because it's late.”

She hands me container of potatoes. She asked, “Could you and Kathryn pill these?”

Kathryn I take the two paring knives that she offers and start to work on the potatoes. Alyssa says, “Thank you.” And goes back to what she was doing. She has ground beef she's mixing eggs breadcrumbs and spices into. When she finishes she places them into a pan and then into the oven. Although it looks like she's making a meat loaf she is using a nine my twelve inch pan instead of a loaf pan. The way she place to meat it was thin not like normal meat loaf. She goes to the pantry and pulls out a couple cans of carrots, which she drains and places into a pot to heat adding water. Kathryn I finished peeling the potatoes, and I take them over to the sink as Kathryn deposits the potato peels in the trash. I rinse the potatoes removing any dirt smeared across them.

Alyssa asks, "Could you cut those up fairly small less than a half inch chunks.”

Kathryn and I begin doing just that. As Alyssa continues busily preparing the rest of dinner, as soon as we have finished cutting the potatoes Alyssa takes them and puts them into a pot of boiling water. Alyssa turns the carrots completely off drains them, adds butter and brown sugar and places it back onto the warm stove top to rest. Now satisfied with her preparations Alyssa comes back to the table and joins in the conversation.

Of course the conversation quickly turns to babies and children, Kathryn and I listen intently. Of course Mom mentioned that her and my Dad used an early version of your baby can read. Mom brags about how I can read when I was thirty months old. Helen mentions that Kathryn was reading back her books to her when she was about the same age. It does make me wonder if Samantha can read yet. That will give us something to do together Kathryn and I can teach Samantha how to read. I'm bending in and give Kathryn a kiss on her cheek. I whisper, “Yes will do that. We’ll find out if Samantha can read and make sure she can."

Kathryn just grins at me before she whispered back, “You're good Dad.”

We notice the room is gone quiet. Mom clears her throat and says. “What are you two whispering about?”

For the first time in my life I can actually say this, “Just parent things.” Mom raises an eyebrow and I chuckle then continue, “I didn't want to interrupt your conversation, but I told Kathryn we need to find out if Sam can read if not we need to teacher."

Our mothers start giggling then Helen says, “You be patient doing that you two are very intelligent. It may be harder for Sam she's a little older and she may not have your IQ."

One thing teaching other people does for you, is teach you to have patience, not everyone will pick things up as quickly. Others pick things up so quickly that they become impatient to learn more. I always had those individuals that picked it up quickly to help me teach the ones having problems. This did two things, helped the ones who needed help, taught the advanced students to have patients or gave them some practice. More often than not it taught the impatient to have patients. Kathryn giggles and says, “Mom JJ is one of the most patient teachers I've ever had.”

Alyssa gets up and stirs pots checks ensure everything is going well, and then returns to the table. Helen seems to have the most stories, which is understandable after all she had eight children. There is a few that I didn't know about Kathryn that really make me laugh until Kathryn punches me in the arm. I hug her and say, “Just think about all the stories we’ll have to share about our kids growing up, including the one where we found our Princess Sam underneath an Oak tree.”

I'm not sure why but I get up and pull Kathryn along with me something tells me Samantha is about to wake up. I excuse us on our way up the stairs. We just reached the bed as Sam comes awake. She comes off the pillow straight into Kathryn’s arms. Then her eyes fly open and she says, “Mommy, I had the best dream. My real Mommy and Daddy told me about you. That you're going to be my Mommy from now on, and you're going to be my Daddy too. They are Angels now watching over me. Even my old Mommy she says she was so sorry for letting him hurt me, she said she was going to make him stop that he killed her. Is that true?”

With a sad expression I say, “Yes, Sam it's true it looks like he did kill her.” Then I brighten and say, “It's also true Sam that we're going to be your Mommy and Daddy from now on.”

Kathryn smiled brightly and says, “Thank you Angel Mommy and Daddy for helping us watch over Sam.”

Sam whispers something to Kathryn. Then as Kathryn walks towards the bathroom with Sam in her arms, Sam waves over Kathryn's shoulder at me and says, "Back in a second Daddy."

I wait patiently for my Love and my new daughter I hear water running, the toilet flush, and lots of giggles from both Sam and Kathryn. Now walking beside Kathryn, Sam has a hold of Kathryn's hand. When they reach me Sam holds her arms up for me as she comes into my arms very naturally. When she's at my shoulder she takes a deep breath and says, “I smell food.”

With a chuckle I ask, "Are you hungry Sam?" I get an enthusiastic nod yes and a stomach growl in return from Sam. I say, “I guess it will be all right to feed you a little bit. I don't want you growing up too fast on me Sam. Can I keep you a little girl for a year or two?”

Then Sam giggles brightly and says, “I will be four soon, July eleventh. That will make me a big girl Daddy.”

With a chuckle I say, "Well I can’t keep you from getting older, that's not something I want to stop ever. So you're going to be a big girl, what does Princess Sam want on her birthday?”

Giggling merrily Sam says, “I got it already. I wanted a new Mommy and Daddy."

I smiled brightly and say, “Sam you got us, and a whole lot more. Want to meet your new great grandma, and grandmas?”

Still giggling Sam asks, “I get a family, a really big family?”

Kathryn says, “You sure do Princess Sam. You get eight aunts, and five uncles, a grandpa, three grandmas, a great grandma, and a great uncle too.”

Sam's eyes go wide she says, “That’s a lot of people to get to know.”

I chuckle and say, “Let’s start with the grandmothers. They are downstairs in the kitchen making you some dinner.”

Sam giggles again, “It smells good.” Sam's stomach growls, and mine growls in return causing Kathryn to laugh.

Kathryn says, “It looks like I have a hungry family.”

I shift Sam so I can carry her with one arm and hold Kathryn’s hand she pulls me to the elevator and pushes the button she says, “Sam we have an elevator.”

Sam's eyes go wide as the doors open and we step in. When the doors open again on the kitchen and we step out Sam says, “I like the elevator, it takes me to the goods smell.”

Three grandmothers and great-grandmother laugh hearing Sam statement, they stand and walk to us. Mom is first to reach us and I introduce Sam to her, "Sam this is your grandma Maggie." Sam giggles and leans over to Mom and Mom takes her into her arms and Sam gives her a kiss. Mom smiling brightly as the day I asked Kathryn to marry me, She doesn't smile like that very often, but more recently she really likes the idea of being a grandmother.

Mom then takes her over to Helen and says, “Samantha this is your grandmother Helen.” Sam again goes from Mom to Helen giving her a kiss too.

Helen then turns to grandma before she can even say anything Sam reaches for her and says “Great Grandma” then goes to her giving her a kiss.

In a moment or two grandma with a tear in her eye reluctantly hands Sam back to me, I walk up to Alyssa who has return to cooking not sure of what she should do. I ask Alyssa, “Mom says you're staying right?”

Alyssa answers without turning, “Yes, I think it's best if I do.”

I say brightly to her, “Great, now that I know you're staying I need to tell you something; only family lives here and I'll not have you live anywhere else. Because your family, now turnaround and meet your granddaughter.” Alyssa turns around quickly with a bright smile she wraps both Sam and me in a tight hug. After kissing her on the cheek I say, “Sam this is your grandmother Alyssa.”

Sam kisses Alyssa and says, “I'm going to love your cooking grandma, it smells good!”

Just as easily as that, Sam has stolen the hearts of her new grandmothers. I know she had Kathryn and mine five seconds after we met her. Kathryn comes over and gives Alyssa a hug too. We all have happy tears running down our cheeks. With a giggle Alyssa says, “I better get back to cooking.” Sam stomach again growls causing Alyssa to giggle. “I wouldn't want to disappoint my granddaughter on the first meal I fixed her.”

Giggling Sam says as her stomach growls again, “I don't think that's going to be happening.”

Alyssa turns with a smile she gives Sam a kiss on her cheek. Then Alyssa turns back to her cooking and wipes tears with a dish towel.

To distract Sam I say, "Sam let me show you the rest of the house."

“Should we start with downstairs Love?” I ask Kathryn as I lead her to the elevator.

Downstairs the elevator opens onto the family room. One wall of the family room is completely made of glass with a single doorway through to the solarium and our pool. Sam’s face shows her excitement with wide eyes at seeing the pool. She excitedly asks, “Daddy, Mommy can you teach me to swim?”

Looking her straight in the eyes with a serious face I say, “Yes, Princess Sam we’ll teach you how to swim. I need to teach you first what you need to do to be safe around the pool. You never go in by yourself. You understand Sam?” Sam shakes her head yes so I continue, “Mommy, Daddy or one of your Aunts or Grandmas has to be with you or you can’t be in the pool. You understand Sam?” Again more headshaking and I continue, “I really don't want you to even be in the room by yourself. We’ll make sure you get to spend a little time ever day in the pool. Okay Sam?”

Sam's reply is a happy, “Okay Daddy.”

Now I let Sam in on something else, “If you go in there by yourself Sam, I won't let you swim for a whole week. Somebody always has to be with you when you are near the pool.”

Sam asks, “Okay Daddy. You won't just hit me?"

I set down on the sofa and Sam stretches across both Kathryn’s and my lap and she leans against Kathryn. I gently begin to explain how I will punish Sam if I ever have to. “Sam I never want to hit you, so if we ever have to punish you, you won't get to do something like go swimming or ride your bike for a day to a whole week.”

Sam looks at me questioning so I continue, “If I spanked you Sam how long will that hurt? If I made you give up something you like for whole week. Would that be better or worse?”

Sam shuffles then says, “I don't like being spanked, but I think having to give up swimming for a whole week would be worse.”

Kathryn giggles and says, “We’ll make sure you know the rules very well before we punish you ever. But if Daddy has to punish you I will not change it. If I have to punish you Daddy won't change it either. Okay Sam?”

Sadly Sam says, “Okay.”

Now I tell Sam, “Sam if you remember what we tell you not to do, and don't do that I'll never have to punish you. I'll never punish you for asking questions or something I haven't told you not to do, or just being Sam."

Sam giggles brightly now, “If I'm good I get to swim all the time.”

Kathryn I both say, “All the time Sam.”

I say “Now let's show you the rest of the house.”

Sam hops up and pulls on both our hands, “Daddy, Mommy show me.”

We explain to Sam, she can go anywhere in the house but the pool by herself. I show her the home theater and the big-screen TV, the game room and the TV there. We show the big safe room, we tell her this is where you go if bad things are happening, like a tornado.

We walk back upstairs; the rest of the family has return from the fireworks, even the Judge, Marshall and Misty along with Michelle Collins. Of course all the Edwards are here now too. Sam looks at me and asks, “Are all these people my family?”

With a chuckle I say, “Yes my Princess Sam, they are all our family.”

Story-tellers note:
I realized there's very little sex, and romance in these chapters, but dealing with the subject matter I thought it best to leave that out for couple chapters. I promise in upcoming chapters there'll be plenty of hot Romance. JJ and Kathryn can't live without it, as you'll see.

The other thing you'll find is I write these chapters in the present tense for the majority. Some may say that is a grammatical error, but that's my choice. I do that to make you part of the action. Hopefully give you the sense of actually being there witnessing to the events of the story, which by the way these are all fictional.

I didn't do that lightly, and if you wondered about the long dry spell was because I was researching the facts on the use of tenses in modern literature. Detective novels are all written in the present tense, to give you a sense of being part of the action, most fictional novels are written in the past tense and publishing houses tend to demand that all submissions be written that way. That makes it easier for the editors, of those novels.

Call me a nonconformance, because I decided that was not my voice. Because I'm not writing for them, I'm writing for your enjoyment. I'll use tense the same way you would in normal speech. To say something is happening now or in the past to the character. If there are other grammatical errors please PM me so I can learn to correct those in my upcoming chapters, short stories and other works. I Apologize for misuse words, and try to keep those to a minimum correcting them each and every time I do find them, but I am only human. This chapter contains 5848 words I hope I missed less than 1% but still that would be fifty-eight words that were misused, I really hope I did miss that many.


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