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Vengeance is had, against an unexpected enemy.
Morgan's Curse - Chapter 4 of 4
By Haramiru -

The Events Thus Far

Morgan Le Fay is Merlin's ex-girlfriend, cursed to jump bodies forever. She's on a mission of revenge, out to kill Merlin now that he's been reincarnated. She's accompanied on this mission by her lust demon servant, Argyle. Unfortunately for her, the body she was possessing gave birth and now she's trapped inside an infant body, competely at Merlin's mercy.


Part 4a: The Darkness Within
I opened my eyes to a fuzzy, unfocused world. While I was more developed than a normal infant at birth, my eyes still didn't want to focus completely. I could make out Argyle looking down on me sadly, as well as 14-year-or-so-old Merlin, and his guardian. The wizard was still rubbing his throat where I'd been choking him, and he'd put on a smoking jacket to cover up.

"I request the honor of killing her myself," Argyle said.

Merlin gave Argyle a half smile. "Your compassion is noteworthy, demon. But no, I'm not going to let her have the easy way out."

I was actually touched at Argyle's offer. An unprovoked death at a demon's hand would have prevented me from going to hell. This aspect of divine law is the only reason that demons don't simply rampage around the world killing humans for Power.

"Then what do you have in mind for her, prince?", Argyle asked submissively.

Merlin furrowed his brows for a moment. "Actually, I want to release her from the curse. She's suffered longer than I ever intended."

Argyle looked at the wizard with incredulity. "After all this time, you'll just release her? She's been hunting you for the better part of a thousand years now!"

Merlin smiled wanly. "And for the first few centuries, her pursuit kept life interesting. But this time, she almost killed me. If she's ever in this position again, she'll probably succeed. I don't want to kill her though, so only leaves lifting the curse. I probably over-reacted when I put it on her anyway. An unending curse, just for fucking Lancelot behind my back? It was a bit much, but honestly I thought she'd reverse it before the Renaissance even hit full swing."

I tried to say something, but it only came out as an incoherent baby gurgle.

Merlin stepped closer and brushed my blanket aside with his hand. I was helpless, unable to do anything but watch and listen as he closed his eyes for a moment. When he opened them, they were glowing purple and he spoke in a voice far than any which should've been able to come from his body. The demonic half of his heritage was apparent as his voice washed over me in nearly-tangible waves of Power as he said, "I who set your curse, do now release it."

There was a crackle of Power in the air, and it suddenly became hard to breathe, and I felt like something was moving inside of me, slithering inside my very veins with a myriad of tentacles. The entire room darkened, as if the light were suddenly being absorbed. Suddenly, I became weightless and my body began to float up off of the table. Tendrils of chills ran down my body as the sensation changed from weightlessness to being suspended by ice-cold, impossibly long bony fingers tipped with what felt like writhing snakes. I heard a gasp and a shouted inquiry from the others, but Merlin simply said under his breath, "Stupid me. It would take on a life of its own by now, wouldn't it?"

I was still helpless, unable to move. My eyes could just barely focus on a gaunt, bony specter standing behind where I was, and facing Merlin. Its body was formed of pure darkness, but it was shrouded in mist. It as if it were only the shadow of a far more sinister form which remained unseen. Its dull red eyes stared balefully into mine with a malevolence that had never been tempered by a human soul. This being - a psychic cancer which had formed around Merlin's curse like coral on a shipwreck, had drawn power from my centuries of wicked deeds and dark magick.

There was only one thing the creature holding me could have wanted: to absorb my body and soul so that it could fully enter our world. And then, seconds later, to devour its creator as well.

"Release her!" Merlin commanded in a voice impossibly deep for his age. A split second later, he raised his hands and the air crackled as jet-black lightning shot from his fingertips.

An inhuman shriek split the air as I was swung through the air, dislocating one of my tiny arms from its socket as something like toothed tentacles grasped me firmly. The creature dangled me in the air to its side, as Merlin's lightning sparked ineffectually around it. All I could see of the creature was out of the corner of my eyes; it was a seething jet black mist with a menagerie of horrifying images roiling under its surface. This creature was a psychic manifestation of dark thoughts and malice, and its physical form was becoming less transparent by the second.

I'd met a personified curse once, that called itself Croatoan. It was proud of having devoured the entire colony of Roanoake after it was separated from its host, and it was almost a demigod now. The one holding me needed to die before it could finish its transformation.

Merlin's lightning was blasting right through the creature's intangible form and playing along the wall in a cascade of sparks. He raised his palm for a moment, and then his forehead blazed violet as his mystic eye opened. The ancient cambion took after his father's side for a moment and channeled his demonic father's side of the family, bathing the apparition in pure eldritch hellfire.

The darkness let out an astonished, pained shriek as the apparition recoiled, furious that Merlin could actually hurt it.

I felt the tentacles wrap tighter and tighter into my arm, biting into my infant flesh like barbed wire. As Merlin bathed it in spectral fire, the tentacles dug in and I could feel tendrils of icy cold slithering through my capillaries and snaking their way into my circulatory system. It was digging into me like roots, sucking warmth and life out of me as the mass of blackness began to pulse a dull purple color as it tried to absorb me. The part of my brain that really was a human infant began crying as my life force began draining into the monster. My bones began to lengthen I grew, at first slowly and then faster and faster as I aged. Merlin continued to strike, bathing the shade in mystic fire and loosening its grip. I could feel the roots pulling back involuntarily, thrashing under my skin as they tried desperately to hold onto me, but still managed to continue siphoning my life force.

Merlin's life force was burning too, but slower. He looked around 17 now, and he was still aging as he burned his his own life force in a desperate bid to destroy the Curse.

My limbs shook convulsively as my body kept growing. I tried to kick the creature, but it didn't work. The mists kept pulling together, creating a tangible form. My body had aged to about 10 when my kicking feet found something solid and squishy. The creature faltered and dropped me, letting out a deep, inhuman howl like winter storm winds cascading down a rocky canyon. I collapsed backwards onto the floor, my legs feeling weight on them for the first time ever. My aging started to slow down just as breasts began to grow out of my formerly flat child's chest.

The first words I uttered out of my new throat were, "Fuck you!" I may have physically been a child, but my body had just reached adolescence, which meant I was just beginning to be fertile. And now that I had the chance, I was going to tap into my life force to help Merlin finish this.

I didn't have hellfire, but I did have normal lightning. And the Curse now had just enough physical form to be hurt by my Magick. I struggled to one knee and stretched out my hand, blasting the Curse with blue-white plasma. The creature shrieked and howled, thrashing back and forth as it staggered backwards into the wall. Its billowing, misty shape was beginning to shrink a little. I was aging myself rapidly now, but I didn't care as long as we killed the Curse.

Merlin and I both blasted it, and the black mist burnt away like the sun burning away morning fog. The creature's physical form was visible now; it was a coal-black gaunt biped with long, bony fingers ending in barbed tentacles. Its face was insectile and arachnid at once, its center occupied by a pair of huge glowing red eyes which radiated a hatred that no living creature could match. The entity realized it was naked now and opened its maw, releasing a screeching wail that nearly burst my eardrums. My hands flew to my ears as I tried to block out the sound, lightning still dancing along my fingertips but not going anywhere useful. I looked back up saw the Curse was gasping for air, getting ready to counter-attack. It brought its tentacled hand up, about to do something.

My hands jerked back up almost by reflex, and I channeled everything I could muster into an eldritch fireball. Merlin did the same with a ball of jet-black hellfire, and the twin blasts streaked towards the creature just as its tentacle fingers extended towards me at a blinding speed. Our fireballs struck just a split-second before the fingers would've struck me, but that was all it took. The shade let out a squeal of fear and terror as its chest broke out in flame and spread throughout its body in a split second, outlining it in fire. The fingers which had almost struck me flailed aside like whips as it suddenly tried to flee. It was by the window where Merlin had been a baby, but now it stampeded towards the door on the other side of the room. It passed me and stomped away, shoving Merlin aside roughly as the fire spread across its body as if it were covered in gasoline. The creature had just made it to the door when its legs snapped and then shattered, sending black charcoal across the floor like broken glass.

The curse crashed to the floor, screeching pitifully and trying to run on the stubs of its limbs as what was left splintered and crumbled. It let out a pitiful squeal as it reached out with its hands and those shattered too, scattering black fragments across the hallway. The monster squealed helplessly, now just a torso being rapidly consumed by the fire. Moments later, only a pile of soot was left.

Meanwhile, the fireball had been expensive in Power. I took a step back and braced myself against a wall as I aged, my body rapidly changing. I was still completely nude, and my pubic region itched as my pubic hair sprouted and grew, and the nubs on my chest ballooned gracefully into a pair of spectacularly shaped breasts. I nearly lost my balance as my center of gravity shifted several times as I aged through several years' worth of my life. Moments later, I felt like the room had stopped moving underneath my feet and I could take a few cautious steps.

There was a full-length mirror on one side of the room, and I walked up to it. I gasped as I saw a face I recognized. My skin was a pale porcelain white, my hair black tinged with brown. I was slender and graceful, and appeared to be in my early 20s. I was actually the spitting image of my first body; the one I'd fucked Merlin with so many times back in Arthur's day.

My breasts were medium-sized and well-formed, tipped with salmon-pink aureole and short, wide nipples. I suspected that Merlin had tampered with my developing body "just a little" for old time's sake.

I looked over at Merlin himself. The wizard looked like he was just a little bit older than me, slim and toned without being skinny. He was still wearing the red smoking jacket, but he'd grown into it now. The jacket was open at the chest, revealing a tantalizing triangle of flesh and just the right amount of chest hair. Most surprisingly, I realized that I didn't want to kill him anymore. In fact, I kind of wanted to fuck him silly.

I wanted to bitch-slap the inner ditz who wanted to jump him right now, but I couldn't blame her too much. It had been nearly a thousand years since I'd had sex in a body of my own, and sex with a fertility-powered sorceror was the best sex in the world. He and I stood facing each other, the silence stretching on for almost a minute until I finally broke it.

"Clever move with the portal, Merlin", I grumbled.

He smiled and shrugged. "It was all I had left. Stopping my guardian using the baby, though, that was genius. I honestly never foresaw that issue arising with the portal. All in all, you nearly got me. But truthfully, I think it could be said that you were cheating a little." He gestured at the spot where the shade had disintegrated.

I nodded. "Yes, and not having that thing in my head now explains why I don't really want to kill you anymore", I observed. I paused for a second, then narrowed my eyes. "Maim, though - now that's another story. I'm pretty sure I still want to maim you."

Merlin nodded. "I knew that curse was a stupid idea when i first cast it, and I shouldn't have ever let it go more than a couple of centuries anyway. Curses gain a life of their own over time, and eventually they start to thinking for their hosts. That's probably what brought you here."

I shivered, my nipples suddenly hardening as I realized how close I'd come to becoming that thing's earthly body. "It knew you could destroy it, so it set me on a path to kill you."

He half-smirked at me, the same look he used to give me when I was his apprentice nearly a thousand years ago. It still made me blush. "Yes", he said, "it knew that the only thing that could exorcise it before it was powerful enough to take you over, was me. So, it very patiently shaped your thoughts until it convinced you that I needed to die. You're lucky that I'm paranoid, even for a wizard."

I grumbled and nodded, digging my big toe in the carpet sheepishly. I wasn't sure where I wanted to go from here, but it was probably going to start with clothes.

Part 4b: Replacing Merle

The only clothes I saw on the floor were baby clothes. Thanks to Merlin's cohesion spell, the shorts I'd been wearing were a shredded pile of threads in the middle of the floor. Covering up this spectacular new body felt wasteful, but I was feeling a little exposed and wanted to think. It suddenly seemed to dawn on Merlin's guardian that I was naked, so he grabbed a robe from the wall and passed it to me. "Brianna wears this at night when she's nursing Merle - err, when she used to nurse Merlin."

Merlin smirked as I donned the robe, and I shot him a look. "You still love that part of being a baby, don't you? Some things never change."

The wizard shrugged and stepped towards me. "Some things never do, no." He stopped just a foot away from me and took both my hands in his. "Take me back, Morgana?" he pleaded.

I raised an eyebrow. "I'm not entirely over the whole curse thing yet, you dumb shit."

"I admit, Morgana, the curse was a dick move on my part. But now that I'm seeing you here, and we're both the right physical age, I'd love to give it another try. I promise I won't hold Lancelot against you."

I thought about it, biting my lip as I did so. Merlin was leaning in close to me, and his arm found its way around my waist. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh, and my pussy began to heat up in anticipation. There was a crackle in the air of sexual tension, the almost undeniable attraction between wizard and sorceress. Almost undeniable.

"You know what, Merlin? No. No, I'm not playing house with you, and no I'm not settling down."

Merlin gritted his teeth and let out an annoyed sigh and turned around. "So be it. But for what it's worth, I'm sorry", he said.

I looked around the room and spotted what I was looking for: the unconscious woman I'd occupied just a few minutes ago. While I was a baby, they'd moved her off to the corner so that she wouldn't be in anyone's way. "Argyle, go take care of her, would you?", I instructed. The demon nodded and slung her limp form over his shoulder. "Just leave her in the living room; we'll clean her up and set her back somewhere safe once we're finished here."

Merlin sat down on the chair his mother once used to nurse him in. He looked at me and asked, "What now, then?"

I smirked and said, "Now, we fuck. I never said you weren't getting lucky tonight." Okay, fine, undeniable.

The wizard spluttered and sat up, very pleasantly surprised. "Oh, man I could use this. Fighting that thing burnt up most of my reserves."

He turned to his guardian. "You're going to take Brianna to a romantic bed and breakfast tonight. We'll figure out how to break the news about me to her later on, but for now just tell her that I'm with her parents." His guardian bowed and left the room.

Merlin chuckled. "I've trained him well over the last few months. He got his wife pregnant with me, then he got addicted to getting women pregnant with my portal. Every single pregnancy has fed into my Power reserves, which is the only reason I had enough to take down that Curse." Merlin paused for a second and cracked a grin. "He slowed down when I made him meet and marry Brianna, but I still make him maintain a quota. He still impregnates an average of three women a week, but it's not all localized anymore. I made him switch to getting his pictures from and reality TV in order to distribute the load - so to speak."

It was my turn to smirk. "So to speak. Now, let's get down to business. You owe me my first cock-derived multiple orgasm in almost a thousand years."

Merlin waved his fingers and uttered a word of Power under his breath, and the robe fell off of me in a pile of loose threads. Merlin had always loved that spell. I smirked and cast the same spell, and Merlin's clothes fell apart in a pile of rags too. His cock was already stiff and erect, and I could feel my pussy moistening in anticipation.

It was right then that Argyle stepped back into the room, minus the unconscious woman he'd been carrying. He looked back and forth between us and sniffed at the air, detecting the scent of arousal. "Oh, don't stop on my account", he said.

Merlin gave a crooked grin. "Don't worry, we won't. But now that you're here, there's something I intend to do about a wayward former servant of mine."

Argyle winced. "Yes, my Prince?"

"As the son of a Daemonic Prince, I bind you by this geas: you may never claim Morgana's soul, in whole or in part. She shall be immune from your charms from this time forward."

Argyle hissed and snarled in wrath for a split-second, as Merlin's words were seared into the very core of his being. But a split-second later, the pain was over and his grimace of pain was replaced with a lecherous grin as he looked at me. "Well, there went that excuse", he interjected.

I raised my eyebrow. "Any particular reason you did that?" I asked Merlin.

Merlin shrugged as a whiff of sulfur wafted through the air. I looked back at Argyle, who had decided to recast her flesh in my own image.

"Copycat", I teased her, even as I admired her body. If I were in a man's body right now, I'd totally have jumped me. Our bodies were slender without being skinny, with just the hint of muscles showing underneath perfectly toned alabaster skin. We looked like ghostly-pale yoga instructors.

"No offense, Argyle, but I've got first dibs. No one fucks him 'till I'm done fucking him", I informed the mirror-image succubus.

Merlin reached out and took my hand, and led us both towards the house's master bedroom. When I saw the four-post bed, I grinned. It was going to be a very long night indeed.

I was barely through the door when Merlin kissed me, hot and rough. He wrapped his arms around me, gathering me insistently to his firm, toned body. Another set of hands wrapped around me from the other side too; Argyle had decided to encircle me as well. I turned and kissed her too, looking into the perfect mirror image of my own face. A little voice in the back of my head inquired whether this was textbook narcissism, masturbation, or perhaps incest. However, a larger voice spoke up and observed that it didn't give a damn because Merlin and both of me were hot.

I curled my arms around Merlin's waist and tugged him towards the bed. He responded by sweeping me off my feet and carrying me the two steps to the bed, then gently throwing me onto it. I bounced a time or two, settling down just as he climbed up onto the bed to straddle me. I felt the bed shift again as Argyle climbed onto the bed from the side.

I reached up and tugged at Merlin's waist, lowering his cock towards my dripping pussy. "Hurry up and fuck me, wizard", I growled.

Merlin growled in reply as he thrust, the head of his shaft slipping into my wet, throbbing sex. I thrust back in response, burying him deep inside of me. He gasped as I clenched down, the sensation of entering another magic user literally taking his breath away.

Argyle was watching us, one leg raised and her eyes closed as she fingered her pussy, feeding off of the spare energy which Merlin and I were radiating into the cosmos. The air began to thicken just a little, as Merlin's power and mine began to build up together.

We thrust back and forth, his cock moving back and forth as he built up tension. I clutched at his back, pressing my perfectly formed breasts into him as my nipples hardened and a sheen of sweat began to form on me. Merlin grappled me in response, squeezing as I returned his thrusts and wrapped my legs around his, pulling him deeper into my pussy. He thrust harder and deeper, filling me up with his firm cock. One last hard, deep thrust, and I felt his penis jerk inside of me, the vas deferens pulsing as he began to cum. Some tiny part of me freaked out at that moment, expecting to end up switching bodies a few moments from now. But I clamped down on it and thrust back, savoring the sensation as blast after blast of semen jetted into my waiting vagina. My pussy got wetter and wetter as the sperm spread through my intimate regions. Any other time in the last few centuries, I'd have been getting that disconnected feeling by now, and transferring a few seconds later. But this time, I was still firmly located in my skin and thrusting back, squeezing my pussy to coax still more sperm of out of my lover's cock.

Merlin let out a contented, exhausted breath as he rolled off of me, and Argyle began to fiddling with his chest. "You'll get your turn, demon", he panted. "But first, I must convince your mistress to do me a favor."

I raised my eyebrow. "What kind of favor are you talking about?"

Merlin gave a sheepish grin. "I don't care to stick around here, now that I'm an adult. But the woman who bore me has no knowledge whatsoever of what I really am; the only thing she'll know when she comes back is that her baby is missing."

I rolled my eyes. "And you figure if we replace her baby, you can leave and she'll be just as happy. Is that it?"

The wizard shrugged. "Hey, who killed that shade?"

I gritted my teeth. "We both did, but you created it in the first place. But I get your point." I closed my eyes in annoyance, and uttered a word of Power to draw Merlin's sperm straight to my fertile ova. The Curse used to do that as soon as sperm entered my pussy, but now I had to choose to get pregnant. Again. The first time I got laid after being Curse-free.

Merlin patted me on the shoulder. "Thank you, Morgana."

I winced as I felt the embryo implant itself. "This had better not leave any stretch marks", I warned.

Merlin raised his hand in a placating gesture and said, "My word of honor. I'm also handling the cleaning."

"You better", I muttered, right before incanting a spell to accelerate matters.

When I was Cursed, the only source of Power I had was the baby within me - because certain magickal channels in my body (OK, bodies) were blocked by the Curse. Any ordinary body can store Magick inside of it like a battery, and I started to charge mine. I drew upon the life inside me, aging him rapidly so that he grew. I sat up in bed as I my uterus shifted, then began to swell. It began as a little pooch at my navel, and then it became a gradual, internal inflation that expanded me from within. "God, that feels good", I marveled as the Power drained into me, the baby's pure life force filling my reservoirs even as he filled my abdomen. I put my hand on my belly as the minutes-old fetus kicked inside my five or so month along belly, and shifted again as I became uncomfortable in the earlier position. My breasts were filling out lusciously, swollen with milk. I continued to grow, my expanding uterus beginning to exert pressure on my lower body. "How old were you, Merlin?", I asked the wizard.

He counted on his fingers as my belly continued to grow, passing the seven month mark. "Five - yes, five months old."

I rolled my eyes. "You couldn't have let me find you earlier, asshole?", I remarked.

"Sorry, not my fault that your faeries couldn't find me."

I cradled my belly as it grew, developing to full term and then lowering as my fetus dropped into position. I breathed carefully, trying not to set off anything as I whispered another spell to take my pregnancy further. Milk began to dribble out of my left nipple, then my right. Moments later, there was a tense feeling in my lower back as I felt my first contraction.

"Shit", I muttered. My body wanted to go into labor now, but in order to develop the new baby to the size Merlin was when Brianna last saw him, I had to delay matters. I brought my legs together and used a spell to calm the abdominal muscles which were rippling with tension as my body tried to insist that it needed to start giving birth now. My baby continued to grow, his head pressing firmly and insistently against my cervix even as he grew larger than any fetus should. I could see the outline of his arms against my belly walls, pressing hard. He became restless, and I cast another spell to calm him. Unfortunately, he wasn't interested in being calm. Seconds later, he stretched out inside of me for a moment, then kicked at just the wrong location. Moments later, amniotic fluid was gushed out of my pussy and I was starting to cramp up with my first real contraction.

"Oh damn", I said, lifting my leg as the wetness spread across the sheets. My baby was almost at the target age, but I had hoped my water wouldn't break until I was completely ready. But now, I was going into labor and there wasn't much to do about it.

Merlin sensed the situation and moved in to suck on my breast, taking my mind off of the pain. I let out a little gasp of pleasure, and then another right after as Argyle began to nurse from my other breast. Their warm lips locked over my nipples, sucking milk out of them in an erotic connection that I've rarely gotten to feel for long before switching bodies. It took my mind off of the tension building up in my lower back as the baby's head pressed insistently against my cervix.

The baby was now developed to about 3 months of age, and that would have to do for the moment. I uttered a spell to deaden my pain, then another one to widen my hips so that the oversized, overdue baby could fit through. There was a brief unsettling feeling as my bones rearranged, which ended just as the contraction I was having ended.

There were a few moments of peace as Merlin and Argyle sucked at my breasts, and I delighted in the sensation of my warm milk spurting into their mouths. The building contraction pressed the baby's head against my cervix gently at first, but insistently, his head perfectly lined up to pass through into my birth canal. I groaned I felt my cervix stretch and bulge down into my birth canal, as it just started opening up in the center. No matter how many times I've been through this part, it always feels weird to me.

I repositioned myself in bed, spreading my legs so that the head could pass through more readily. Merlin and Argyle were still nursing, but they also took taking turns caressing my belly. Sometimes an idle hand would sneak down to my pussy and toy with my clitoris too, making it hard to concentrate on what I was doing.

A wave of tension signaled my next contraction, and I reached down to caress my belly as it tightened. I ran my hand down my body, feeling every contour and curve as my muscles flexed and strained, taking up all the slack in my belly and edging my baby down a fraction of an inch farther. My finger stopped when it encountered the gaping hole which was my dilating vagina. It was open right now perhaps an inch, but as I pushed I felt it open just a little bit wider. The baby was still aging and developing, getting closer to the five-month size that Merlin had been before I showed up and aged him into an adult.

No mortal woman could've delivered this baby vaginally without the aid of Magick. For that matter, the quarter-demon in my belly wasn't a mortal child either. As my belly began to relax, saving up energy for the next contraction, I turned to Merlin and asked, "You're half-demon, and we call that a cambion. What the hell do we call the quarter-demon inside me?"

Merlin shrugged. "I'd just call him 'son'. Technically, I don't think there's a name for it. In my first life, I had all the textbook cambion traits: no pulse or breath, unnatural weight density, through age seven and then it slowly goes away. But those are just a manifestation of an unbalanced soul, and they resolve by the time you hit your teens. This boy's only a quarter demon, and I'll be surprised if anyone notices something weird about him."

I raised an eyebrow. "And what if he doesn't breathe and feels like he's made out of lead?", I asked.

Merlin grinned and said, "If that happens, I'll have my servant keep a charm bracelet on him to reduce his density, and render a glamour spell that makes him appear to breathe."

I shrugged; at least Merlin had thought this one through. I leaned my head back and popped my neck, waiting for the next contraction to start.

It didn't take long. The dull ache in the small of my back escalated into a burning sensation as my cervix made its last stand against our baby's insistent head. It lost the battle quickly as the head crept into my birth canal. I gasped in unexpected pleasure as the baby slowly and insistently penetrated me from within. His head was completely inside my vagina now, and I could feel his shoulders pressing against my cervix, demanding that one last inch of stretching. My pussy throbbed, right on the edge of orgasm, and Argyle sensed it. Moments later her fingers were rubbing my clit in a circular pattern and I let out a shriek of pleasure as I climaxed, just before the contraction ended.

I looked over at Merlin, who simply grinned knowingly and squeezed my breast, letting a thin stream of my milk flow down my tits and find its way down to the bedsheets. He was channeling Power into making this pleasurable for me, and frankly it was working. Merlin turned his attention back to licking the trail of milk off of me, his eyes fixed on mine as his mouth dipped down, licking the skin of my breast and then kissing my nipple.

Moments later, my belly tightened again and I felt a slithering sensation as my baby's head slid inches down my birth canal, spreading my pussy wide. Argyle looked up at me excitedly and said, "You're just about there, Morgana."

I felt an urge to push, so I did. My abdomenal muscles tensed and flexed, pushing the baby all the way into a full crowning position. The lips of my vulva were pushed aside by my vagina, which was stretched beyond a mortal woman's capacity. Merlin's five-month-old son was just barely inside of me still, the top of his head just lying even with my clitoris. I strummed on my clit and closed my eyes, treasuring the incredible fullness and the erotic sensation of the two mouths nursing from my tits. My body was quivering with pleasure and desire, all at once as Argyle and Merlin both fed their sexual energy into me. I flexed my legs a little, drawing them just a little bit closed to feel the caress of my inner thigh against my vulva on one side and the baby's head on the other. Part of me wanted to play this out for a while, but my central nervous system wasn't interested in what that part of me had to say. I felt a mounting wave of tension build up, and then I felt an overwhelming urge to push. I gave in and pushed hard, my eyes opening wide as the baby slid forth out of my vagina and my next orgasm peaked. I shrieked in pleasure as the fetus became an infant, grabbing fistfuls of the sheets and thrashing my head from side to side as the orgasm continued and the spasms of my orgasming vagina slowly slid the baby out farther and farther. Argyle and Merlin stopped nursing, and Merlin kissed me, bringing me the taste of my own breast milk. I felt my pussy shrink as Argyle lifted my baby out, but I didn't care - Merlin and I were sharing a primal bond, the first kiss after a birth, and Power flowed back and forth between us, flowing to one of us as a wave of energy before magnifying itself and flowing back into the other. Down below, my abdomen shifted and tightened, my hips pivoting and re-shaping as my spells wore off. And somehow in the midst of this, I felt another contraction beginning, albeit gentler and milder. I'd completely forgotten about afterbirth (since it's been nearly a thousand years since I've given birth without becoming the baby as soon as it takes its first breath), and I giggled with the sensation as Argyle gently pulled on the umbilical cord, dragging the placenta out of my already-tightening pussy.

As soon as the placenta was gone, I yanked on Merlin, taking him off balance and then shifting my weight to throw him onto the bed next to me. I rolled over, straddling him and looking down at him as my belly firmed and retracted into its pre-pregnancy state. I leaned down, bringing my mouth just inches from his and permitting my tits to brush lightly against his pecs. It was only seconds before he reacted, bridging the gap to kiss my lips again, rekindling our embrace. The Power I'd drawn from aging the baby had filled me with energy, and within moments my pussy had shrunken back down to its firm, tight pre-birth state. I only noticed my pussy shrinking because I came to be aware of something as it shrank: Merlin's rock-hard cock, which was now firmly inserted into me.

I giggled. "That little display turned you on, did it?"

Merlin blinked. "That much Power in that little time? Hell Morgana, we're both powered by fertility magic. I wanted to fuck you the whole time." He brought up his hand, and noticed that it was still wet with my amniotic fluid. He muttered a word of Power, and all the various bodily fluids which had gushed, spilled, otherwise invaded the bed sheets flowed up to the surface and formed a single pool of a translucent red fluid on top of the sheets. Moments later, the fluid formed itself into a shape that I can only describe as a slinkie and walked its way over to the toilet before jumping in with a splash.

I touched the now-pristine, clean and dry bed sheet and said, "Very impressive."

I shifted my torso a little, extending my arms and pressing down on Merlin's shoulders, which ground my pussy harder against his rock-hard cock. "Let's see how much more cum I can get out of your cock tonight, wizard", I said huskily. Then I thought for a second and added, "...and before you ask, no I'm not conceiving again tonight."

I glanced over to the side, where I saw that Argyle was leaving the bedroom cradling a baby that looked identical to the one I'd confronted a few hours ago. "You sure that your mother won't know the difference?", I inquired.

Merlin smiled and shook his head. "I've been careful to be unremarkable. Until you found me, I'd intended to try to pass as a normal human for the first 25 years or so. My servant will know the whole thing, of course, but she'll never know that her Merle was ever Merlin."

My breasts were beginning to shrink now, returning to their pre-lactation size and dumping thin ribbons of milk onto Merlin's chest as they deflated. He reached down to grab my ass, steering my hips as he thrust deep within me. It was about then that Argyle sashayed back into the room, now wearing a statuesque male body. And by statuesque, I mean he'd actually taken the form of Michaelangelo's "David", only in flesh instead of stone. As the now-incubus climbed the bed with us and Merlin pounded away at my pussy, I realized that I haven't felt this much at peace in centuries, if ever.

I still wasn't going to commit to Merlin just yet. But I'd be a fool not to enjoy this reunion for a while, at least. We'd all leave the house tomorrow, maybe together or maybe separately. We'd figure it out later. But right now, I was enjoying the hell out of the first time I've had multiple orgasms in the same body since being cursed so long ago.

"I wonder what trouble we'll get into next?", I wondered out loud.

Argyle smirked and shook his perfect head. "Morgana, five minutes ago you were squeezing a demon's grandson out of your twat, and now you're having a three-way with a cambion and an incubus. Stop asking about tomorrow's trouble; your life is fucked up enough already." He paused for a second, then turned his attention to the cambion who was nearing his climax and panting with exertion. "Hurry up, Merlin. She first met me when I was posing for Michaelangelo, and I always knew this was the body I'd finally get to fuck her in."

The incubus was right: my life was pretty fucked up. But anything less would bore me silly.


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