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Brooke will do anything to be popular
Stacey Meader and I have gone to school together scince i was 5. But she was popular and ditched me for the "cool group". One coolish Friday night I was walking home from visting the super market when I fell over a dent in the pavement. A tall figure catched me holding me close before standing up and placing me on my feet. He went back in the shadows and I got a decent look at his face it was Greg from school. I got home and decided to call him to say thanks
" hi"
Um thanks for saving my ass today
Your welcome

Then I heard a girl who sounded just like Stacey yell who are you talkining to he said no one.

Hi Stacey
Brooke Taylor seriously why are you talking to my man
Thanking him from saving me
Ugg do you like my boyfriend Brooke
Yes I guess
Would you like to join are group Brooke
Yes please
Well you have to do something for me
Anything at all
Absobutly anything you can't change your mind
I promise I'll do anything
Okay meet me at macers at 10
Yes I will

Then she hang up. I only had half a hour so I quickly put my nice jeans and a singlet on before adding my converses and a a small silver purse. My perants are away for the next 3 weeks but trust me alone because we'll I'm a goodie 2 shoes.

I locked up and went to macers. Stacey was sitting at a table in the corner waiting

Hello Brooke
You have promised to do somthing for me do you want to know what
You are going to be my slave
Here are your rules:you must address me by mistress if you are not with me you must be in your bed room skyping me you will be punished if your naughty and you will be treated if good understand
No you call me mistress understand
Yes mistress

I had no idea what wad happening I just followed her down the dark roads towards my house . She took me inside and went straight to my cupboard
What no
Yes and you get 10 smacks on your ass for not saying mistress

I slowly undressed and put my arm over my d cup boobs and my other hand over my freshly shaven pussy only to find my cunt dripping.

Hands off
Sory mistress
Good oh you naughty girl your juices are flooding down your leg
Oh shit
Lay on my lap now
Yes mistress

I lay on Stacey's perfect legs and rested until her whip struck my ass I yelped and screamed she did thing 4 more times. I thought was over and realaxed then 10 hard whips came down on my soaking cunt . The pain over took me and i found myself close to a orgasam

Don't you dare you must ask me before you can cum
Sorry mistress
You should be now get me all your undyerwear
You'll see and get me all your pants and shorts

I did this and was told to put them in a big bag which Stacey said ill never see again. Before she left she told me what I will wear tomorrow and set up Skype she reached forwards and grabbed my tits placing a clamp on each nipple before shoving a remote control dildo up my pussy.

Don't come I'm watching
Yes mistress
Goodnight slave
Goodnight mistress
Don't forget to be at my door at 5 am
I won't .... Mistress

She left me laying on my bed with clamps digging into me she hadn't started the dildo yet but I know she will. I jumped into bed and fell to sleep. At about one I woke with the dick vibrating to its max. I felt like I needed to cum I hopped going to sleep would stop me. It was hard but I fell into a deep sleep.i suddenly woke hearing chirping. It was 430 I had to get ready. I pulled off my clamps and massaged my boobs softly before pulling on a skirt hardly covering my ass and a nice red singlet showing off my hard nipples. I slid my feet into some heels before running out the door.i looked down my juices again were dripping to the path. It was a ten minute walk before I found myself standing outside Stacey's house.

Hello slave
Hi mistress
Lets get some breakie ay
Yes misstress
What volume is your dildo at
About a 3
Lets make it a 5
Oh oh shit I'm going to cum mistress
In good time darling
Please mistress

We walked down the deserted street until we got to frankys fast food. I stood next to her while she ordered.

Get the food and meet me in the park
Yes mistress

She left and i stood waiting for 2 minutes then the dick started vibrating to about a 8

Holley shit
Are you okay your food will be ready soon
Yyyyyyehh ii'mmmm fffine
Okay then here's your food

I stumbled outside and towards the park.

Myyy cunt mistresssss
Your cunt what
I need to cummmm !
No no no pull up your skirt and lay on my lap
Wwwhy mistressss
Because you yelled and didn't say mistress
Oh sorry mistress
You should be let's start
Fuck fuck fuck mistressss

I whined as I got 19 whips to my pussy. She pushed me to the ground my cunt landing ind dirt which was sticking to me. I tried to get up but she slapped my cheek. I sat there not daring to move only groaning in delight. She placed a bole in front of me and poured some water in before starting her breakfast

Mistress where's my food
Water drink like a dog
No mistress
Yes let's take you to your max ay
Oh noooooo

Stacey turned the switch making me orgasam harder than ever.

Stupid bitch
Sorry mistress
Take out your dildo and put it in your mouth
It's to big mistress
Come here ill help

I went towards my mistress and she pushed the whole dick in my mouth gagging me intensely I moaned as I gagged and drank my own juices.

Yes mistress
Pull your skirt into position
Yes mistress
It is 7 30 I will be meeting my friends outside the dairy now so you must follow when I get to the end of the street okay
Yes mistress

Stacey left and gradually made her way to the end of road so I could follow. When I was about a meter away from the group. Hayley put her foot out tripping me. My skirt rid up my waste and I burst in tears.

Brooke stand
Yes mistress
Please no mistress
Yes now strip
Okay mistress

I took my skirt off and top then shoes. I was signaled to sit next to my mistress.

Nice slave
I know she's perfect
May I

I was told to stand where they all had a good look and fondle.

Slave do you like my girlfriends touching you
No mistress
You need some more training
Why mistress
Because you must agree with me and want people to touch you okay
Yes mistress
For your punishment were leaving your clothes here
No please no
For not saying mistress were going to take you for dinner and all you can wear is a see through tank top and a white mini skirt and we will chose your dinner and torture you
What happened to spanking
Your not understanding I am your master you are my slave We'll pick you up at 6
Yes mistress
Bye mistress

I walked home head held down I would be a million air if I had a dollar for each person ether fondled me or yelled at me on my hours walk home.

At home I took a long bath trying to relax my sore body. I massaged my boobs for at least 1/2 a hour. I straightened my black hair and slid my clothes on I looked terrible . It was 4 so I decided to take a nap before my big night.

I woke up in the car between Hayley and dannielle the both we're twisting a nipple I looked in the front were Stacey and Marty were sitting

Morning sleepy bitch you didn't let us in
I'm so sorry mistress
Well you will get punished tonight don't wory
My tits hurt mistress
Okay stop now girls were here

We all walked in and took a seat in booth at the back.

Hello ladies and whore what can I get you
Well us ladies will take are usuals and the whore can have the torture meal
Good choice enjoy your evenings

Mistress I look terrible he called me a whore
Oh shush bitch time to start torture go give this to the old man pinching the waitress butt
Yes mistress

When I gave it to him I realized it was the dildo remote they must have put it in me during my sleep . I suddenly turned wet the wetness showed on my skirt.

Good girl now turn around

I did as told and ran straight into the waitress soaking my my already see through top.

Stupid bitch your all wet
Sorry mistress
Well you better take that top and skirt off
Yes mistress

Hey Brooke
Yes Marty
I'm training to be a ear percier can practice on you
Okay I'll do a gold loop in each nipple
What no Holley fuck
To late
That was fun
No it wasn't
Shut up bitch

Leave her be Marty
Thank you dannielle
Your welcome may I ask you a personal question
Are you into girls or guys
That will change baby

I turned red as she stuck her toe inside slit right next to the vibrating machine. Hayley moved her hand onto my newly percied boob making me moan with pain. She moved her head to my boobs and started licking sticking her tongue in my hoop before biting down hard cutting into the skin. I whined then everyone stopped as the waiter walked over. Placing are meals she looked me in the eyes then moved forward lashing me hard then spitting in my freshly washed face. I looked at my meal chilli peppers and wasabi.

You can do it I believe in you Brooke
Umm thanks dannielle

It took 2 hours but I finally ate it all including my boiled dog dicks as main and fresh cow milk and bacon smoothie may I add the milk had flies and random shit in it.

We walked out and my dildo turned up to a 5 Marty duck tapped all my lower holes shut. Dannielle grabbed my hand and walked with me.

I love you Brooke your so sexy your my whole life do you love me
Ummm sorry no
Fine sit on the path
Okay why
Because I'm going to pee in your mouth

It felt terrible the urine rolling down my throat.

Will you be good for us slave
Yes mistress

I will be a slave forever doing as my mistress says

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rubbish,i can see you are not mentally stable

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quite simply, this is shit

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Dialog is horrible, who was saying what?

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Constructive Critisim:
Dialogue needs works. (A lot)
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A bit more deion.

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