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I want to thank everyone for the tremendous feedback. I’m so glad that you’re enjoying this story. With that said, here is part III, Again, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy it! 1/8/2013.
This is a work of total fiction. The story and any characters within it belong to Vyper269. If you like it let me know and I’ll write more. If you don’t, I don’t really care. If you want to read, share, and comment on it, Cool! But it is mine. If you want to do anything with the characters, please write me with your ideas and ask, the worst that happens is I say no.

Family Affairs (Aunt Christina Pt. I)

To give them credit, while they did make out, neck and grope one another in the back of the car, they both kept their clothes on and their hands off me so I could drive safely. Although that was sometimes difficult to do that watching them feel each other up in the rear view mirror.

“You two better make sure it’s out of your systems for a while, one of you should probably sit up here with me on the way home.”

“Shotgun!” This came from my Rachel.


“Sorry Aunt Sarah, she called it.”

“I know, just: Shit!”

“I love you too, Aunt Sarah.”

We parked and went into the airport. Aunt Christina’s flight was about 30 minutes late, so we were actually there in plenty of time.

As we watched the passengers debark the plane, Crissy came into sight, 5’7”, shoulder length red hair, and big tits, gorgeous, just like her two sisters. Jesus how did I manage to fall into this, and why did it take me so long to realize that if it weren’t for the few years between each of them, they well could have been triplets. I wish I could’ve seen their mother but granddad got drunk and beat her to death one afternoon while the girls were at school. Thank whatever Gods there are that the neighbors heard the commotion and called the cops, by the time they got there though, he was dead too. Apparently Molly Kirkpatrick had finally had enough of the beatings. Still swollen and sore from the last beating and a miscarriage, Molly dumped a box of rat poison in the chili she’d made for Thomas’ lunch. Investigators called it a double murder; Thomas beat Molly to death with his bare hands and as a final act of defiance, she sent him to hell puking and coughing blood, but with only a fraction of the pain he’d managed to inflict on her over the years. At least the girls didn’t have the horror of seeing their parents lying in huge pools of their own blood on the living room floor when they got home from school.

Rachel finished raising Sarah and Christina while living with their maternal grandmother. The old woman wasn’t really equipped to raise the girls, but she did give them a house to live in and kept them well fed and cared for. But that’s how Rachel got to raise 2 young girls and take care of an elderly grandparent while finishing school, her own childhood pretty much taken from her early and locked up tight in the responsibilities of two younger sisters. It was a wonder that she was able to go to college. She had earned a scholarship, a full ride, but she came close to not going because of her responsibilities to the girls, but Crissy and Sarah both vowed to finish school and help with their grandmother in order to let her go to college. They did well, even Crissy.

Christina came closer and greeted us all with hugs and kisses. It was then that I noticed the young drop dead gorgeous Indian woman behind her.

“Sorry guys, this is my business partner, Niki.” Crissy drew Niki forward and into a hug as she slid in next to Rachel.

“It’s so nice to meet all of you.” She said. She had a smooth, sexy British accent. Her voice sounded like velvet. She was the same height as Crissy, 34C breasts, straight, shiny black hair, huge brown eyes, flawless skin and a dazzling smile. She was truly mesmerizing.

“Don’t stare Davey.” Aunt Sarah whispered in my ear, “And close your mouth, it isn’t polite.” She seemed amused at my discomfort, having been caught in the stare. I clamped my mouth shut, hoping that no one else had seen my mouth-breather impression. It’s not really my best one.

“My apologies to you all for dropping in with Crissy like this.” Niki said. “But our flights were running in the same direction so we thought we’d fly part-way together. I hope it’s not a bother.”

“There’s plenty of room at the house, right Rachel?” Crissy offered. Really, you rude bitch? You’re offering our house to guests without asking first? Niki staying with us wasn’t a problem, it just would have been nice to be asked first.

“It really isn’t a problem, Niki. You’re certainly welcome, and despite her being uncouth, Aunt Christina’s right, there is plenty of room.” I tried but after the DVDs this morning, I was still pretty pissed at Christina. She looked at me like I’d slapped her. Hunh…she actually looked like I might have hurt her feelings. Good! Bitch!

“Thank you David,” she smiled with what looked like a little mischief in her eyes. This could be a dangerous evening.

“David, I’m sorry to do this to you, but may I impose on you one more time?”

“What’d you need Niki?”

“My flight to London is a red-eye tonight at 1:00 am. Would you be able to get me a car from your house back here?”

“I’m sorry Niki, we don’t have cabs here.” Rachel teased, “You’re going to have to put up with David as your driver.”

“Once again, standing right here, you guys.”

“No really, I just need a cab…”

“Seriously Niki, it’s not a problem. I’d be happy to bring you back tonight.” I said.

“Thank you.” She practically beamed at me. “ That would be wonderful.” Such a great smile.

“We should get your bags and head home.” Mom said, seemingly amused by the whole exchange.

We got their luggage from baggage claim and headed for the car. Once loaded up and heading home, Rachel leaned over to me smiling and said, “You know Sarah was just gigging you a little don’t you?”

I looked in the rearview mirror to Sarah sitting in the middle seat, our eyes met and she smiled at me; a true and genuine smile with her eyes lit up and shining.

I looked at Rachel and smiled broadly. “I’ve lived in this family a long time, I can take it.” I said quietly.

As we headed out of the airport, my phone started ringing. “Rachel, would you mind answering that?”


I could only hear her side of the conversation.

“Hello, David’s phone.”


“Oh hello, Jason.”


“I’m doing much better, thank you. Yes, he is a great support.” She looked at me sidelong and sexy.


“We’re on the way home from picking up my sister at the airport, let me check.”

She pressed the mute button on the screen.

“It’s Mr. Abernathy, he wants to know if you can come into the office this afternoon? He says it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.”

“Yeah, I can do that.”

She got back on the line with the lawyer, “Is there a specific time, or just anytime he gets there?”

“Very good, he’ll be there. Goodbye Jason.”

She ended the call and put the phone back on the center console.

“He said the sooner the better if you can be in by 1 or 1:30, he can get you in, otherwise it’s going to be a month from now because he’s going on vacation.”

“Cool. Should we swing through someplace and grab lunch on the way home then?”

“Good idea.” She turned to the back seat, “How about Thai food for lunch?”

Everybody agreed, so Rachel grabbed her phone and called in the order. A quick stop at the restaurant and we were on our way again.

“Thank you, David. That’s very kind of you.” Niki said as I climbed back into the car. I could hear Christina snort in the back with more than a little derision in her tone.

“You’re very welcome.”

We rode the rest of the way home with just simple chit-chat and small talk. Of course, Crissy dominated the conversation, but the rest of us all got fairly comfortable and easy with one another, talking and laughing and just enjoying each other’s company, mostly.

I pulled the vehicle up to the house under the carport and let everybody out. I pulled the baggage out and let everyone go inside.

“Just leave it out, we may go shopping this afternoon,” said Rachel.

“Great idea. You should take Niki and Crissy too if they’re not too tired. She’s a bitch, but she is your sister.”

I climbed into my ’65 and headed for the attorney’s office. Lunch would have to wait.

I got to the downtown office at about 1 pm, and headed to the elevator. I was waiting for the elevator car when a couple stepped up behind me to get on the elevator. When I got in and turned around I could see her better, I realized that I knew her. She was Jason Abernathy’s daughter Deirdre. She was a beautiful brunette, well muscled, tight ass with her hair pulled back in a single braid that stopped in the middle of her back. Her hair must go all the way to her ass when not knotted up. She was beautiful enough that many people probably didn’t take her seriously as a lawyer. Bad move.

As kids, she was a holy terror on all the boys she knew, and by 10 she already knew she wanted to follow in daddy’s footsteps. She carried herself with a definitive air of confidence.

She probably had a total of zero respect from the guy next to her. He was a well built and attractive man, I suppose, but he had the air of a snake oil salesman.

He turned around and registered my basic existence, but dismissed me out of hand as one of the lesser masses, someone that surely didn’t warrant his attentions. It’s really interesting, how a lot of people, not all, who spend their days dressed in suits tend to ignore people dressed in jeans and an un-tucked shirt. So, since I was a non-entity anyway, I just stood at the back of the car and pretended to not listen to their conversation.

“I’m telling you DD, Abernathy’s giving me one of the wealthiest clients we have. The guy inherited a butt-load of money from his dad and he needs a new attorney.” He said as we all got on the elevator.

I pulled my phone out and started the voice recording app, and just leaned against the back wall of the elevator car. Knowledge is power.

“So, you’ve got a new assignment. He’s the firm’s client, not yours. And for Christ’s sake, stop calling me ‘DD’.”

“But if I’m in charge of his accounts and legal matters, I have access to all of his assets. Apparently there’s so much money, he’s isn’t even sure of the total amount.”

“Oh you are not telling me what I think you’re telling me.” She reached up and pushed the button for the next floor.

“What are you doing? This isn’t our floor.”

The doors opened and she started to get off the elevator, and he followed. As soon as he cleared the doors, she stepped back and pushed the door shut button.

“To even joke about something like that is unethical and despicable. You can walk the rest of the way back.”
The doors closed and she turned to me and said, “Sorry about the delay, I hate lawyers that promote the stereotype.”

“Not a problem.” I stopped the recording and put away my phone. She looked back at me a second time, but didn’t seem to register yet who I was.

We rode the rest of the way up to Abernathy’s office in silence. When we got off the elevator, we both headed toward Mr. Abernathy’s office. Her step was focused and determined as she breezed past Abernathy’s secretary and into his office. I stopped at the desk.

“Good afternoon, David McLaren to see Jason Abernathy, he’s expecting me.”

“Yes Mr. McLaren, just a moment please.” She picked up the phone and spoke to Mr. Abernathy. When she hung up, she told me that he had just stepped into a brief meeting, but shouldn’t be but a couple of minutes.

“While I’m waiting, to you have one of Ms. Abernathy’s business cards handy?”

She handed me one of Deirdre’s cards and as I hoped, her email address was there. I sent her a message with the audio file I’d made in the elevator attached, just for good measure.

“He’ll see you now, Mr. McLaren.” She motioned toward the door and I heard the mag-lock disengage. I went in and walked up to Jason’s desk, extending my hand. He stood and shook my hand with a firm grasp.

“Good to see you again, David. Please allow me to introduce one of our junior partners, this is Deirdre Abernathy, my daughter.”

“We sort of met on the elevator. It’s nice to see you again Deirdre.” I said as I extended my hand.

She looked as though she wanted to be anywhere else but right here, right now.

“The pleasure is mine Mr.….David McLaren! I thought I knew you.”

“So David part of why I called you today was to give you the final bits of your inheritance. And so you could decide where your interests and assets should be managed. Do you have an attorney of your own you’d like to use?”

"You’ve been dad’s attorney for as long as I can remember, Jason. If it’s all the same to you, I think I’d like to leave my legal needs here in the hands of your firm.”

“That would be wonderful. I had intended to pass your needs on to one of our brightest up and comers, but it seems that I misjudged his professional and personal ambitions. Now, I need to select another of our associates to assign to your needs.”

“May I have some input as to the selection of my attorney?”

“Certainly, I didn’t realize you were familiar with our staff or I would have consulted you first.”

“That’s fine Jason, until 15 minutes ago I had no idea who to choose now I do. I want her.” I pointed to Deirdre as she was moving toward the door to leave.

“Done.” Abernathy was all smiles, he turned to Deirdre, “Are you all right with that?”

“Certainly.” She seemed a little taken aback with my request, but I knew that if she was half a tenacious as an adult as she was as a kid, I’d couldn’t be in better hands.

Deirdre left Jason and I alone to finish the business at hand, he gave me 3 file folders and what looked like a safe deposit box outside a bank vault. The instructions for opening it were: ‘Connie knows the combinations forwards and backwards.’ That should be easy enough, just get the combination from my dead mother.
I left the office after an hour and a half, and came upon Deirdre in the parking ramp as I was heading to my car. She was standing in front of her Z3 with two uniform cops. The car had been trashed: Rag top shredded, key scratches down the doors, busted windows, slashed tires and the words ‘Fuck You Whore’ painted across the hood. The full package it would seem. The cops were just leaving as I came up to her.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, Ian was suspended for two weeks pending my father’s investigation, but he’s also pissed that he won’t get to play with your money. Thank you for the audio file, by the way, it should move Ian along with ease.”

“I made it clear to your dad that if Ian gets anywhere near my accounts or information, my business and my money would go elsewhere.”

“Looks like you’re going to need a ride, I happen to have a couple of extra vehicles at the house, you’re welcome to any of them you want.”

“That’s very generous, but I…”

“Please,” I interrupted her. “It’s the least I can do, since this is in part because of me and my account. Besides, I can’t drive them all at once, and they need to have their horses exercised every now and then. You’d be doing me a favor. Get in.”

We drove to the house with some plans for how to proceed with the monies, the company and the properties that my old man left me and Rachel. When we got to the house, Rachel and the others were back. I dropped Deirdre at the porch and went down to the garage to get a vehicle for her.

When I got back up, she was talking with Sarah on the porch and Sarah was handing her an envelope as I pulled up.

Deirdre turned around and I thought she was going to pass out.

“I can’t take that…that’s a…”

“A Ferrari GTB 599 Fiorano? Yes it is. You said you liked Italian cars, this is the best example I have.”


“You don’t like it?”

“Are you kidding, I love it. This is the car that I swore to myself that I would own one day.”

“Then look at this as a way to test it out and see if you really like it without spending half a million dollars.”
I opened the door for her and motioned her into the car.

She nearly jumped when Sarah touched her back to move her toward the car, she moved to the driver’s seat like a kid diving under the tree at Christmas.

I leaned down and looked in at her. Her expression was childlike joy, plain and simple. Aunt Sarah came up and leaned down with us.

“So, it meets with your approval?” I asked.

“Perfection!” Deirdre said.

“Davey, will you let me borrow your lawyer for a while if I promise to pay you back for her time?”



“You don’t have to pay anything back Aunt Sarah, we’re family remember?”
I looked at Deirdre, “That’s allowed right?”

“Absolutely, you can have me rep anyone you want, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your needs.”

“Then please use what I gave you and get that bastard out of my life once and for all. And if you need anything else from me, I’ll be here with Rachel and David.”

“Excellent, I’ll let you know.” Deirdre thanked me again and drove away in the car of her dreams.
I turned to Aunt Sarah.

“Gonna do it hunh? Kick him to the curb and start fresh?”

“Yep, thanks to you and Rachel, I feel brave enough to do it. I’ve have a new life here with people that love me, this is a change that’s far overdue. I should never have put up with his shit.” She looked up at me. “I should have left him after he hit me the first time. I gave her all the copies of the police reports filed against Paul by me and by the neighbors, as well as the hospital reports. I’m done!”

“I think that’s a great decision. So, since you’re making decisions, want to make one more?” She looked at me quizzically.

“Do you want to keep working, or retire early? Because we have more than enough money to let you do that. But it’s up to you.”

“I’ll be honest with you, I already resigned from my job at the school. I figured I’d find something here once I settled in, if things worked out with you guys, which, well you know how that’s turning out.”

I pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. She smelled like cinnamon and almonds.

We went into the house, and found Rachel in the kitchen pouring wine for her and Christina. When she saw us, she handed Sarah the glasses and asked if she would take Crissy hers on the pool deck, as she walked her over to the patio doors. She told Sarah that she’d be out in a few minutes, that she had something she needed to talk over with me.

Sarah gave us a look and a wry little smile that said she knew exactly what Rachel needed to ‘talk over’ with me, but she let it go.

Rachel came back into the kitchen. When she got there I was standing at the island pouring her a glass of wine, she pulled her top down under her tits as she came up to me and said.

“Do you like them?”

“Haven’t we had this conversation?” I took her breasts in hand and leaned down and sucked on each of her nipples.

“Not those, silly boy, our new bikinis. Ungh…do you have any idea how much control it took to not reach over and suck on your cock on the way home?”

“I know how tough it was for me not to grab your ass and bend you and Sarah over the tailgate when we were loading Crissy’s luggage into the car.” I pulled her top back up put her tits away for now. We had company in the house.

I wrapped my arms around Rachel and pulled her to me and kissed her hungrily and pressing my body into hers and rubbing my groin against her bikini bottoms.

“You look amazing in that swimsuit, by the way. I’ll be right back, I need to put these things in my room,” I said picking up the folders I’d gotten from the lawyers.

I went back into the living room and found Rachel sitting alone on the sofa rubbing her pussy through her bikini. I just stopped and watched while she worked herself toward climax. She looked up and caught me watching her and said,

“Seeing you watch me openly is so much nicer than watching you pretend not to when you get caught.”

“I like watching you. I really want to watch you masturbate sometime. It’s really hot!”

“No time like the present,” and she started to rub herself a little more vigorously.

“I really want to Rach, but I need to talk to you about something important while I’ve got you here alone.”

“Sounds serious,” she reached up with one hand and started massaging her tits, and never stopped rubbing her pussy.

I went over and sat next to her on the sofa and she climbed up onto my lap and started rubbing her pussy on my once again growing cock.

“C’mon Davey, fuck your mommy real quick before Aunt Sarah and Aunt Crissy come back inside looking for us.”

I reached up and stopped Rachel’s hips, thinking I was going to stop her. But I thought better of it and took my cock out. Rachel pulled her bottoms down and slid her wetness down over my cock and let out a soft moan of satisfaction. She started to ride me, but this time I did reach up and stop her when she was against me and my cock in her pussy as deep as it could go.

“I need to talk to you, and then I’ll let you cum.”

“Please Davey, mommy needs to cum!”

That made my cock twitch up inside her, and she moaned again.

“Rachel, I know what Crissy and dad did to you on the St. Andrew’s cross.”

She looked at me like I had just offered to fuck my mother, oh wait.

“How??? David, I …”

“Rachel, I’m not judging, and if it was consensual, I’ll drop it. But if it wasn’t, I just want you to know that at any time while Christina’s here and you want to get square with what she did, I’ll back your play 100%, no questions asked.” Having said that, I started fucking her again slowly at first, to give her a chance to wrap her head around my offer, but I really did want to fuck her.

She had tears in her eyes, but she matched my rhythm, she put her hands on my shoulders for support and looked into my eyes and said, “She was high, and hurting, I…ungh…understand all of that, but I did tell her: No! I kept telling her: No!, but she wasn’t in any state to hear me or…oh god you feel good…accede to my wishes, so she did what she always does, exactly what she wanted…Oh fuck David that feels so good!!!”

“Think about it, dear Rachel and let me know what you want to do and I’ll leave it at that, okay?”

“Okay, I’ll let you know…”she stopped talking and planted her pussy down on my cock and ground into me as hard as she could. “I’m cum…!” I reached up and pulled her to me and planted a deep kiss on her to keep the noise down so Crissy and Niki wouldn’t hear. I didn’t care if Sarah heard, but I didn’t want to deal with Crissy right then or scare the hell out of Niki before we actually got to know her.

When she was done, Rachel pulled back and looked me in the eyes again and climbed off me, knelt in front of me and took my cock in her mouth, never breaking eye contact. She sucked my cock into her mouth and stopped at the base of my shaft. That was hot; my mom’s mouth wrapped around my cock giving me as deep a deep-throat blowjob as anyone could hope for. I shot my load down her throat and once again she swallowed every drop. Hot!!!

She came back up to sit on the sofa next to me pulling her bikini back into place. Then after I put my cock back in my pants, I looked at her and she kissed me deeply then curled up next to me and put her head on my chest, so I wrapped my arms around her and let her talk.

“I will think about what you said, David, but I want to pick the right moment if I do anything about it, okay?”

“It’s your call Rachel, just let me know if you need anything. Supplies or a space that’s quiet and away from prying eyes and ears.”

“Thank you, David.”

“We should probably go see what trouble your sisters are getting into.” I said and started to get up when she stopped me and said.

“Okay Davey, let’s do it tonight. The first chance you get, keep her occupied and Sarah and I will take it from there.”

“Okay, I’ll see what I can do.” I figured she’d want to think about it a little longer than that, but I was good.

“Thank you, baby.” She reached up and kissed me again. I could do this all day.

“Let’s go see the girls, shall we?”

I slapped her ass as she got up, and she looked over her shoulder and gave me the best ‘come fuck me’ look I’ve ever seen.

“I haven’t forgotten that you want to watch me masturbate, so watch yourself, it could happen when you least expect it.”

“I’m counting on it. Maybe Aunt Sarah too, together or separate, I don’t care which.”


We went outside to find Crissy and Sarah relaxing in the hot tub and enjoying their wine. I had gone back through the kitchen and grabbed the bottle and Rachel’s glass. I handed her wine to her and topped off the other two glasses.

“Thank you, David.” Cooed Aunt Sarah.

“My pleasure, sweetheart.” I replied as Sarah climbed up to kiss me full on the mouth and slide her tongue into my mouth.

“Wow, said Aunt Crissy. “That was pretty hot!”

“You know how to make a woman, feel loved.” Said Aunt Sarah.

“Well,” said Aunt Crissy, “He knows how to get them drunk anyway.”

That’s Aunt Crissy, always the bitchy smartass. So I took the opportunity to slap her down for the first time since I met her. Aunt Sarah just turned around and glared at her.

“Oh, I know a lot more than that Aunt Crissy, comes from having a cock that ended up being 9” long. A little longer than when you caught me playing with myself in the bathroom when I was 17. By the way, did you know that I was imagining fucking you while I was jerking off?” Aunt Crissy turned the color of a cooked lobster, which was what I was really going for. It also shut her up, not something easily done.

I turned back to Rachel and told her that I was going to go look through more of the crap left by dad. I gave her a deep passionate kiss and headed for my room.

“David,” Aunt Crissy called as she climbed out of the hot tub and came over to me. She was wearing string bikini that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. She might be a total bitch, but she was a totally hot bitch.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been kind of shitty to you, and I want to apologize for it.”

“Thank you, Crissy. I was wondering what I’d done to piss you off.”

“You didn’t do anything Davey. I was just sort of pissed at your dad for not leaving the house to your mom, that’s all. That isn’t your fault, I just took it out on you because you’re his son and you’re here. Again, I am sorry.”

“Thanks. Just so you know, I told Rachel, that this is her home, and I meant that. She stays here as long as she wants, and if she really needs more of a guarantee, I even offered to sign the damned thing over to her just to prove my point.”

“I know, she told me. She also told me that she got a butt-load of cash from the will too, so it was never going to be an issue. I just jumped to the wrong conclusion, that’s all. So can we be friends again, Davey? I’d really like that.”

She reached out to shake my hand, so I took it letting her think I was just going to shake it, and once I had it I drew her in close to me and hugged her close and kissed her as passionately as I could. She tried to pull away, but I held her and kept our lips locked together. I felt her relax, and she started melting into me and kissing me back, so I reached down and squeezed her ass with one hand. She responded by hooking her leg up and wrapping it around my hip as her tongue slid into my mouth and hunted around for mine. Wow she was hot, but she had no idea what was in store. I glanced behind her and saw Sarah and Rachel moving up behind her, both wearing big ass shit-eating grins on their faces and pulling their bikini tops down under their tits giving me a nice view of their breasts. My life was certainly going to be interesting from here on.

I loosened my grip on Christina, but she kept her leg wrapped around me and looked into my eyes.

“I’ve really wanted that for a long time, you’re a damn good looking guy. I nearly creamed my panties when I saw you at the airport. Is your cock really longer than it was when I walked in on you?”

“Yes it is, and he really knows how to use it.” Offered Rachel.

“I’ll say!” added Sarah, not wanting to be left out of the party.

“You’ve both fucked him?”

“Yeah, and his cock fits very nicely too.” This from Rachel with Sarah nodding in agreement .

“All of this in just the last couple of days?” She looked at me when she asked.

“Yes, I answered. “And by the way, once again, I am right here.”

“And you have things to do, so…” said Rachel.

“If you think he’s going anywhere before I get a chance to have that cock, you’re all nuts.”

She wasn’t about to let anything stop her at this point, her suit and my clothes were on the pool deck before anyone could say anything else. She looked at my cock as she pulled down my underwear and caught her breath.

“Oh David, you weren’t exaggerating were you? It’s beautiful.” Then she wrapped her lips around my cock head and flicked her tongue across the opening and around the head.

“Wow, that‘s really nice.” I looked up at Rachel and Sarah, “She’s a good little cocksucker Rachel, she’s got some talent.”

“She is my little sister you remember.”

Rachel reached down and pulled her and Sarah’s suits off as Sarah moved in behind Crissy, reached down and started playing with her pussy.

“She’s wet, really wet. This is going to be fun!”

I pulled my cock out of Crissy’s mouth and lifted her up and she climbed up and wrapped her legs around my waist. I was careful not to slide into her slick pussy as I carried her toward one of the big lounge chairs. I sat down and Crissy straddled me and tried to slide my cock in, when Rachel and Sarah stopped her and just allowed her to have the tip of my cock inside her. Rachel grabbed a handful of Christina’s hair and made her stay right where she was.

“You haven’t earned David’s cock yet, Christina.” Rachel said. “First you have to apologize to me for what you did.”

“What are you...? Oh, God Rachel, you mean…”

“Yes, the St. Andrew’s cross. I begged you to stop and you fucked me anyway, so now you have to beg me to let you continue and maybe I’ll let you fuck my son if I’m satisfied with your apology. You owe me.”
Sarah looked at Rachel, then at me. I gave her a comforting look that said she should just roll with it and motioned her to me. When she got closer, I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue in and searched around for her’s. She melted and started kissing me back just as Rachel pulled Christina off my cock and headed back to the hot tub.

“What’s going on?” Sarah whispered as she took Crissy’s place on my cock and slid all the way down.

“Ungh…I do like the feel of your cock.”

“I can’t tell you all of it.” I said as she settled down on me. “The story is Rachel’s to tell, but I can tell you that Crissy did something seriously out of bounds and Rachel needs to take this back for herself.”

“But she told you about it?”

“No, I found out only by accident.”

“The stuff you got from your dad. The story was in there somewhere wasn’t it?” She started moving up and down slowly on my cock. Goddamn she felt good.

“Yep, and I told Rachel that I knew about an hour ago, and told her I’d back her whatever she wanted to do about it, whether she dropped it or went for justice of some kind.”

“So what else is in there, can I ask?” She leaned forward to change the angle and get closer to me to whisper this into my ear.

“Well, there was this one piece of information that I found really interesting.”

“What…was…that?” She was trying to keep talking, but I knew that she was climbing toward and orgasm.

“Well, you remember having a dream about giving me a blowjob out here on the pool deck about the time of my graduation?”

“Did your mom, tell you about that? She promised she wouldn’t.” She kept grinding on my cock and rubbing her clit on me. “Ungh…I’m cumming, now!”

With that she shuddered as I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock and her cum coated my cock. She slowed down and lay still with my cock still inside her. Her pussy kept spasming on my cock as she lay there.

“I was just curious about your dream, because that night, I had the same dream.”

Sarah pulled herself up to a sitting position and looked at me with fear in her eyes. She looked like she was going to bolt and run for the hills. I grabbed her hips and held her down on my cock.

“Your mom is the only person on Earth that I told about that dream. How did you know…? Your dad had that stupid fucking camera. Did he record me doing that? I swear David I was so drunk I honestly thought it was a dream.”

“Sarah, Sarah stop. You don’t have to justify that to me. It was clear from the video that you’d had a lot to drink, besides, I was out cold. I have no idea why he thought of recording that much less keeping it. Obviously, I’m flattered. I can’t think of anyone I would have wanted to get my first blowjob from.” I pulled her down to me and kissed her again.

“Besides, I think we’ve moved way past that now.” After I said that, I started pumping in and out of her pussy again, then I stopped and looked at her.

“Turn around Sarah. I want you to ride me cowgirl.”

Sarah reluctantly got off my cock and turned around, when she got up, I pulled myself up to a sitting position and as Sarah started to sit back down on my cock, I lined the head up with her rosebud.

“David, I’ve had anal sex before, but it’s always been rough and with a lot of pain.”

“I’m going to set the head of my cock just at the opening, and you slide down on it as it feels right. You have all of the control Sarah, I’m just here for the show until you’re ready to start your ride.”

Sarah clearly braced herself for what she thought would be a lot of pain, and settled a little down onto my cock. I spit on my hand and covered my cock with it. I brushed her near her rosebud as I slicked my cock and she caught her breath sank just a little bit more.

“Sarah, play with yourself while you’re settling in, it may help. Look across at the hot tub. That should help you relax and distract you a little, plus it’s pretty hot!”

Across the way, Rachel was sitting on the side of the hot tub watching us with Christina’s head between her legs eating her. Rachel had her by the hair and was directing where she wanted Crissy to lick her. I could tell from the way Rachel was pulling and pushing that mane of red hair around, she had her licking both her pussy and her asshole.

“Fuck, that is hot!” said Sarah as she settled the last of my cock into her ass.

“Sarah, are you alright?”

“Oh…my…god…Davey, Yes! This feels…incredible!” She wiggled her ass around a little bit feeling my cock deep inside her ass for the first time, then she started pulling up and sliding back down slowly.

“Christ that’s amazing! It’s never been like this before! I…think…oh God, I’m cumming again! Oh fuuuuuck!!!”

She leaned back onto my chest and kept wiggling her ass on my cock. She was still moving slowly back and forth and side to side, enjoying the afterglow of her anal orgasm when she went completely rigid and arched her back. Her mouth opened to say something or scream, but nothing came out and the blood vessels on her neck looked ready to pop. I reached around and pinched her nipples and pulled them as far from her breasts as I dared. She slapped the lounge chair half a dozen times and gasped out that she was cumming again through her orgasm.

I looked over at Rachel as Sarah was cumming for the second time and saw her looking back at us. She was smiling and moved her legs up onto Crissy’s back then through her head back and clearly enjoyed her orgasm. Not the first, I’m sure, and I ventured it wouldn’t be the last before the night was over.

“That’s really hot watching her cum in her own sister’s mouth isn’t it?” asked Aunt Sarah.

“Oh fuck yeah, but I could have told you how hot that was.”

She giggled a little bit at that and said, “That’s true. So now that I’m not an ass virgin to Davey’s cock any more, and this really feels good, will you fuck me like you did earlier?”

“Sure you’re ready?”

“Oh yeah. I want to get fucked like a slut.”

She stood up, popping my cock out of her ass climbed back onto my lap so she could face me while I fucked her. She slid back down on me and started rubbing her pussy with one hand and squeezing one of her tits with the other.

I grabbed her hips and lifted her up and slammed her back down on my cock as hard as I could. Each time she came down, I pushed my hips up to meet her and drive my cock in as far as it would go.

“Oh my God, David! Yes…yes fuck my ass. Fuck my brains out. Fuck your Aunt Sarah. Fuuuucck! I’m cumming again!!

“Play with your tits Aunt Sarah, squeeze them and pinch the nipples!” I told her as I started rubbing her clit with my thumb.

She reached up and squeezed her tits and shoved them together then back and forth a few times. She grabbed both of her nipples and pulled on them until she nearly screamed with pleasure. She let them go, went back to squeezing and shoving them around some more. She looked me in the eyes and kept wiggling her ass around on my cock every time it was deep inside her. Damn she loves getting fucked in the ass! She was hot and when she looked at me with those beautiful green eyes, ran her tongue around her lips and pulled her nipples out again, it drove me over the edge.

“Damn, Sarah I’m going to cum!”

“Yes David, cum in your slutty Aunt Sarah’s ass. Fill my ass with your hot cum!!”

That did it, I grabbed her hips and sank my cock deep inside her. I came for what seemed like forever, and filled her the way she asked. I finished and looked at her with my cock still in her ass, when I looked into her eyes they had that same animal lust that she had earlier.

“So Aunt Sarah, did that hurt?”

“Oh fuck no Davey, not at all! It’s just never been this good…ever, and you and your mom are the reason for that. You feel so good inside me and I love that you make me feel loved and wanted and sexy and slutty all at the same time. It’s just an emotional high that I really want to get addicted to. I just hope like hell that I don’t wake up and discover that this is all a dream.”

“No dream Sarah, but I am going to leave you to help mom with Aunt Crissy. I’m sure there must be a few childhood or teenage slights you could avenge yourself for on Crissy, aren’t there?”

That thought found a spot in Sarah’s mind and she got an evil little look in her eye that said I was right.

“Let me up, I got to get over there before the fun’s over and done.” She got up but before she walked away she leaned in and kissed me deeply, then walked over to the hot tub where Rachel was now starting to fist Crissy, but obviously not letting her cum. When Sarah got there, Rachel said something to her and Sarah turned around in the water and knelt at the edge of the tub facing me. Rachel dragged Crissy over by her hair and was making her drink my cum out of Sarah’s ass while she continued her assault on Crissy’s pussy and ass from behind. The look on Sarah’s face was pure bliss.

I went inside, grabbed a shower and got dressed. I picked up the file folders and went back and sat at the dining room table to read through them.

The first folder I opened was a copy of the official police report on Molly and Thomas Kirkpatrick’s deaths. It all looked pretty straight forward, but I knew that if the old man had it there was a reason. I found the reason in the CSI report at the scene. The rat poison box had been refilled with flour and placed under the sink. Dad had post-it notes stuck to the page with his notes on them. ‘Molly refilled to avoid raising suspicion in Thomas’. I read through the rest of the pages, and found a copy of all three of the girls’ attendance records for school the day of the murders. All normal, except for Crissy’s, she was marked absent for two classes in the afternoon around the time her parents died.

That’s interesting, could she have had anything to do with all of this?

The second folder had a hospital birth record for a little girl showing Molly as the mother. The child was born about 2 weeks before her death, and that the baby’s delivery was about 6 weeks premature. It also indicated that the labor had been induced early due to a severe physical beating. This birth was supposed to have been a miscarriage. A copy of the original birth certificate was attached along with an amended one which showed an adoption.

The mother’s name on the original was of course Molly Kirkpatrick, unmarried. Hmmm. The father’s name was listed as Jonas Tomkins. The baby’s name was Teri.

Teri Tomkins!?!? Jonas?!? Teri was Rachel’s half sister?

The last page was a DNA test report with Teri's and Rachel’s names on it. The test showed them as full sisters, not half. HOLY SHIT!! Smart woman that Molly Kirkpatrick, she gave her youngest daughter to the child’s (and apparently all of her children’s) natural father and told the abusive husband that she’d lost the baby.

Teri had been my best friend in high school. She was a year older than me, but we grew up together. Her family lived less than half a mile from here, and she broke my cherry at 16. We hadn’t talked in years, despite my writing to her twice a week when I was in the service overseas. There had been an ‘incident’ as the old man had called it. Teri got pregnant from our one and only time together. I believed it, because Teri never lied to me the entire time I knew her. We shared everything then. The old man had a DNA test done, and told us all that the baby wasn’t mine. He even produced a copy of the DNA report to prove it to Teri’s dad. Teri and I hadn’t spoken to each other since. Early on I tried and I even believed she wanted to talk, but there was no way I was getting past her dad after the test came back. All I wanted was to be near her at that point, and we both ended up separated permanently.

And my ‘Aunt Teri’ had taken my virginity at 16. Rachel’s going to be so proud of both of us.

I was shaking with anger and adrenaline when I opened the last folder. I could have bitten a chain and spit nails at that point. The top page was the copy of the DNA report that the old man had given to Teri’s dad. That should have been the only thing in there, but the old man had lied once more, there beneath the report was one with the same date on it, proving that I was indeed the father of Teri’s little girl. The only differences in the reports were the results, and the fake report had what looked like a hand drawn copy of the technician’s official stamp on it. Since the average person on the street never sees these things, the lie passed unnoticed by Teri’s dad.

So I can only speculate that when the question of paternity came up, the old man would have started looking into Teri and her family, because that’s what he did. Her birth certificate would have led him to Molly, and he followed that to her death and the circumstances surrounding it. Son of a fucking bitch!!

What a fucker! He had to have kept this from Rachel and her sisters, if nothing else, Crissy wouldn’t have let the old man get away with it, she’s too brash to be cowed even by him.

He kept me from my best friend for 10 years. Even if I could have forgiven him for both of these things, I would never have forgiven him for keeping me from my daughter.

I have a 10 year old daughter that I’ve never had the joy of meeting or knowing.

If the fucker wasn’t already dead, I’d kill him myself!!!!


Niki intruded into my thoughts, I had missed hearing her come in. She had her luggage, dressed in loose comfortable clothes and still a little damp from her shower, she really was beautiful, too bad she had to leave.

“Hi Niki, sorry. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“That’s okay…” She seemed a little distracted and kept glancing toward the patio sliders.

“What’s the matter Niki?”

“Do you know what’s going on out at the hot tub? Christina’s servicing Sarah and Rachel’s fisting Crissy in her ass and her pussy.”

“Yep, I know. Like the old saying says: ‘Paybacks can indeed be a bitch.’ And apparently so can my mom if you piss her off.”

“Good to know. Mental Note to self ‘DO NOT PISS RACHEL OFF!”

“Probably for the best that way. I’ll go get the car and we can get you to the airport.”

“Okay, I’m going to go watch and play with myself until you get back.”

“Damn, that’s something I’d love to watch.”

She reached into her pants and stuck her fingers into her pussy. When she pulled hand out and then separated her fingers, her stickiness clung between her fingers. As she licked them clean, she finally broke eye contact and moved toward the glass doors.

I thought: Yep, it really is too bad she’s heading home tonight.

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