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Hi all this is my first story her and I am looking for honest helpful criticism. If all you have is hateful comments please keep them to yourself. If you see I have misused a word then please tell me, that is how we learn. Don't be surprised if I comment back to learn more about your opinion.

This chapter starts the adventure of Rhys David Cain, Yes there will be lots of sex in his life but there may not be sex in every chapter. (The first name is pronounce Reese for those who want to know.)

Enjoy or not that is up to you.



I guess you could say I was born when I was 20 years old. I know that sounds odd but in a way it is very true. The first thing I can remember is waking up in a hospital, I did not know who I was or where I was, I knew it was a hospital because there were nurses and doctors everywhere.

I was informed by the doctors that I was suffering from amnesia, in other words I couldn’t remember anything. Apparently I had been found in the water off the coast of main by a fishing boat, the fishermen told everyone I had fell out of the sky into the water. No one believed them.

The doctors did what tests they knew how to do back then but they said there was nothing they could do for me and the only thing they found on me was a necklace with a copper pendant on it. The pendant had two names engraved into it; Morgana Wynnifred Oakbloom and Rhys David Cain. They assumed I was Rhys since I did not look like a Morgana.

I seemed to be better educated than the average person and none of my education had left with my memories. That was 80 years ago.

At 100 years old I am still a fairly active person if private. My son owns a ranch in Texas and I had gone down to his place to go kill some feral hogs on his ranch, I loved to hunt and I had agreed to go readily. That is how I found myself walking through the woods on that day.

I was walking tracking a hog that I had wounded trying to follow the blood trail. I had my big hunting rifle on my arm and a pair of Ruger Super Blackhawk Hunter edition pistols on my hips. My backpack had a few boxes of ammo for each and a lot of my survival gear. I also had my big survival knife tucked into a sheath in the middle of my back. The knife was one of my favorite possessions; it was a hand forged Damascus steel blade with a hollow ivory handle.

I had been tracking the hog for about an hour when the radio on my pack squawked and my son asked for my location. I told him I was about five miles north of camp along the creak. He told me I might want to head back that a bad storm was on the way in. I told him I would head back in a few I was tracking a wounded and needed to finish it off at least.

Another hour and the wind and first drops of rain started hitting me, still no hog so I turned to head back to camp. As I turned reaching for my radio I stopped moving in a little bit of shock. Standing twenty feet behind me was a beautiful woman she was about five foot eleven inches tall had midnight black hair all the way down to her waist and some how she was very familiar to me. The pointed ears peeking through her hair on the sides about an inch were very noticeable. Her skin was pale and her eyes were light green. The most striking thing was how narrow her features were. I would almost say she looked like and elf.

The woman looked at me a spoke in a very musical sounding voice “Rhys it is time to come home we need you.”

The lightning bolt struck me dead in the top of the head as I screamed out “Morgana!” and the world went black…

I felt stiff and sore, I thought heaven was supposed to be an end to all pain; maybe I went the other way. As I opened my eyes I had to blink a few times, it was just as dark with them opened as it was with them closed. I was sitting up with my legs folded in front of me Indian style. I reached back and pulled the flashlight off my backpack and thumbed it to life.

I was sitting in a stone walled room. There seemed to be several pieces of stone furniture sitting around the edge and a fire pit in front of me. There was no wood in the pit and I suddenly realized how cold it was in the room. I could see my breath reflecting in the beam of the flashlight.

I got up to see if I could find any wood in the room, but as I stood the fire pit suddenly burst into flame, no wood, just flames dancing over the pit. I could feel the heat coming off the fire almost immediately. That was when I remembered the radio.

I reached back and pulled the mike around and pressed the talk button on the side. I called out to my son to report that I was still alive and got no answer, not even static. I pulled my back pack off and set it around in front of me to pull the radio off. The power light was still on but there was no sound coming out. I turned the squelch all the way down and flipped through the channels. There was no chatter or static on any of them.

I thumbed the radio off to conserve the batteries and got up to walk around the room. As I walked along, torches flared to life along the walls of the room. I stepped in front of a mirror and dropped into a crouch as I spun drawing one of the pistols on my hip. I had seen someone in the mirror but there was no one there. I stood up and turned back to the mirror. There was a young man looking at me, he had jet black hair and a small goatee on his chin. His eyes were a deep brown that women would call dreamy. His face was ruggedly handsome but had a scar that ran from just below his eye all the way to his lip it was a thin scar just a hint of one.

I recognized him I had last seen him eighty years ago, the very first time I could remember looking in a mirror. I had shaved off the beard that day and never grew it back.

As I continued to walk around and look I came across a doorway that was completely blocked by rubble but I could feel a cold wind leaking in around it. Towards the back of the room I found another doorway, this one was dark. As I touched the door frame to look in the torches in this small room flared up. Inside there was a large black horse and a white wolf. The horse was dressed in armored barding with packs on his rump and an odd looking saddle the likes of which I had never seen. It stood at least six and a half feet high at the shoulders and was wider than a large man across its chest. The wolf was large maybe two hundred pounds and all white with sparkling blue eyes.

A heard a female voice, “It’s about time Rhys.” I turned to look for the speaker and the wolf trotted past me to walk over to the fire and sit in front of it. Then the horse walked by me and stood by the fire as well.

I shook my head and continued around the room. A third doorway was there this one also dark, I reached up and touched the doorframe and the torches inside flared to life. Inside was a dummy with a set of light armor and weapons. The weapons were a pair of short swords on the hips, a pair of long swords on the back and a bow across the chest with a quiver of arrows on the back between the swords. There was also a buckler type shield on the left arm and a cloak draped across the back. The armor looked like it was lacquered black. The bow was made out a strange black and white striped wood. The swords all had black lacquered handles.

“Will you quit screwing around and put your gear on those clothes look ridiculous.” The female voice said.

Again I turned to look for the speaker and so no one except the horse and the wolf, the wolf was staring at me. “Did you just speak to me?”

The voice was in my head not my ears. “Of course I spoke to you that is what familiars do, now get dressed and get us out of here, we have been in stasis for six thousand years and I am itching to hunt.”

I stepped backwards into the little room as the wolf spoke in my mind, as I entered there was an odd tingling sensation and I stepped forward again in reaction. As I looked back in the room the clothing I had on was now on the dummy and the armor was on me weapons and all. I looked down the guns were on my hips with the short swords laced under them.

I looked at the wolf, “Where am I, who are you and what is going on here?”

As I spoke the dark haired woman appeared but I could see through her to the wolf on the other side. “Likka He cannot remember anything from before, something went wrong with his crossover, it is for the best. If he does not know, his enemies will not know it is him. I brought him back because the Calin are on the move again. The mage kings are trying to crush all hope from the people and he is the only one that can stop them.” She then turned to face me, “My love I cannot stay long this drains me to project like this, you must travel east from here to the town of Quinn. There you will find answers, talk to the one the town’s people call Father.” With that she faded from view as if she had never been there.

“Who was that?”

“I can’t tell you Rhys, she told me not to.” The wolf said in my head.

“You’re my familiar right?”

“Yes Rhys but please do not do force me.”


“Because while you were living in the lap of luxury for six thousand years in another world she stayed behind to keep the people safe, because you had to leave she ended up… I can’t tell you. Please Rhys trust her and I, she knows more than we do.”

I walked over and knelt in front of the wolf, “Likka?”


“Tell me one thing and I will let it go.”

“If I can I will tell you anything.”

“Did I trust her before?”

“Rhys you trusted her with your life and your dearest secret.”

“Then let’s get out of here so we can travel eastward.”

The horse snorted in agreement and the wolf laughed in my head…

I had spent the better part of an hour looking at the rocks in the doorway out, from as many angles as I could, trying to figure out if I could even work one of them loose. I somehow got the feeling the wolf was laughing at me behind my back. I had finally gotten annoyed with her enough to turn and say something, as I put the hand on the doorframe to stand up the rocks just disappeared. I turned to see the wolf rolling on the floor with her tongue lolling out.

The wolf looked up at the horse, “This is going to be so much fun” as she continued her wolfish laughter. The horse just shook its head.

I put my backpack on and picked up the rifle. I slid the rifle into the spear quiver in front of the saddle on the horse and led it out into the cold morning air. I mounted the horse and pulled my survival knife out. I unscrewed the base of the knife to look at the little compass inside. “The road heads east so we will follow it.”

We made it down out of the mountains by nightfall into a little glade. As I stopped to look at the area as a possible campsite the wolf wandered out of the woods carrying two rabbits in its jaws. I busied myself looking through the packs on the horse and found a small tent and some blankets. There were even two pillows. I set the tent up and set a ring of stones to start a fire. I used my knife to shave some dry wood to make kindling and then opened the handle to pull out a match. Nine left I thought to myself need to get some more at the store when we get to town. Soon I had a cheery fire going and set about cleaning and skinning one of the rabbits. “Do you want me to clean and skin your rabbit too?”

“Just skin it please I hate getting the fur in my throat.” Likka replied.

“What is the horses name anyway?”


“Reaper do I need to tie you up or do you stick around on your own?”

The horse shook like he was trying to get water off.

“I didn’t mean to insult you, just trying to get to know you again.”

I unpacked and unsaddled the horse while the rabbit cooked over the fire. He then wandered over a bit to eat some of the grasses and flowers in the glade.

After dinner I pulled my journal, pen and flashlight out of my pack and crawled into the tent. I set the flashlight up as a lantern and began to right down the days events. I mused to myself in writing just how odd it was that I had just completely accepted this world without question. It almost felt like I had come home after a very long journey.

After I was done I began to strip off my armor and gear, I did not think I would ever get all the weapons off, besides the pistols, swords and bow, there were better than a dozen knives of all sizes hidden on and in my armor and boots. There were also a group of five odd looking blades in both of my sleeves. These were only about four inches long and sharp on both sides but had no handles. I placed them on the growing pile with the others. I stripped down to my underwear just to find out they had changed as well, these were more of a folded over cloth with a string belt.

I stepped out to answer the call of nature then climbed back into the tent. I was just about to turn out the light when Likka spoke. “You have a guest coming to you, she is safe.”

“Who?” I said as the tent flap moved aside and into the tent crawled a woman. She was beautiful, long white hair and sparkling blue eyes. As I started to speak she put her finger to my lips and shook her head. She then leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, at first I was frozen in shock but I quickly warmed to her kiss and began to return it.

She sat back and pulled the straps on the white dress she wore to allow it to slide down her body as she crawled out of it. She had a small patch of snow white hair between her legs and her skin was pale as alabaster.

She leaned forward again and placed her lips to my chest and began to kiss her way downward. Her hands reach out and untied the string of my loin cloth then she pulled it away and tossed it with the rest of my clothes. I felt her lips begin to caress my cock as all nine inches of it stood to greet her.

Her mouth closed over the head of my manhood as I reached out to guide her body over mine. As her legs straddled my head I extended my tongue outward and began to lick from her clit to her puckered rosebud. She moaned around my manhood the vibrations nearly sending me over the edge. I pushed my tongue into her rear ebtrance and she squealed around my cock and began to push down to meet my thrusting tongue. Her mouth worked downward until I felt myself slip into her throat. I moved my tongue to her flower and pushed it into her again she squealed and moaned. Then I felt her spray onto my face and I drank as if it was water and I were dieing of thirst. Twice more I set her off as she worked my passion with her mouth. As she began to shudder into her fourth orgasm I exploded into her throat, she pulled back and took my following spurts into her mouth, I felt her roll my seed in her mouth around my cock as she savored the taste.

She turned around on top of me and began to clean her own juices of my face. With a thrust of my hips I pushed myself into her. She arched her back as she accepted my entrance into her incredibly tight womanhood. She was squeezing me so tight it almost hurt as I bottomed out into her. I could see her biting her lip to try and not make any noise. I began to thrust in and out with long slow strokes as she shivered and vibrated on top of me. I reached up to tweak her nipple and she let out a deep sound it was almost a growl as she arched her back. I pulled her down and sucked the crown of her breast into my mouth and she again made that deep sound. Then I felt her womanhood clamp down on my shaft as she sprayed her nectar onto me. We rutted like animals every time she would come down I would drive her back into the frenzy. As I finally hammered my release into her womb she bit into my shoulder and raked her nails down my sides.

She rolled off of me and lay beside me on her stomach panting. Moved over on top of her and reached for the pillows. I lifted her up and placed the pillows under her hips. She looked back towards me as I took my slimy cock in hand and aimed at her tight rosebud. I began to push she pushed back as I felt the head of my staff push past her entrance and begin to slide in. She again let out that growl as I began to thrust in and out of her bowels. Very soon she was thrusting back and beginning that vibration that I knew meant she was going to orgasm. This time as she tightened around me she howled out and tensed up. Four more times she howled through an orgasm. On the fifth I moaned and began to thrust as deep as I could, I flooded her so much it began to spray out around my manhood.

As we lay there panting I asked “Who?”

She looked at me and touched my lips with her finger again then picked up her dress and slipped out of the tent.

Likka spoke in my mind, “Damn you learned some new tricks over there.”

“You were watching?”

Likka’s laughter was all that came back…

I woke up the next morning and retrieved a small mirror from my backpack to look at the bite the beautiful woman had given me last night; I figured I would have to doctor it even if I did thoroughly enjoy getting it. I wet a rag from a water bottle out of my pack and held the mirror up I washed the dried blood off of my shoulder and looked in amazement. There was no wound, just dried blood that washed away like yesterdays dirt. I stretched and looked at my side as I wiped with the rag the scratches were the same just dried blood down my side. “What the fuck?”

“You really don’t remember anything at all do you?”

“But she bit and scratched me I know she did there was the dried blood.”

“Strong emotions cause you to heal faster; Lust, Love, Rage, any strong emotion will make you heal faster, the stronger the emotion the faster you heal and the strongest is lust, especially battle lust.”

I shook my head and headed for the stream to wash off. The water was cold enough to make me worry about little Rhys shrinking away to nothing, but it got me clean.

After I put my armor back on I started to put weapons back, when I reached the odd little blade to put them back in my sleeve I found that the little pockets they went into were already full. I pulled one out to look at it and when I went to put it back again they were full. I just shook my head and dropped the rest of them into my pack.

We broke camp and I mounted Reaper to head east…

About noon I was just starting to get hungry again when Likka spoke in my mind, “We have a group of Lithan coming and they have your scent get ready to fight.”

“How many?”


I pulled my rifle and dropped off of Reaper. “What direction?”

“They are coming strait down the road ahead of you.”

I dropped to one knee and waited with my rifle up at my shoulder. I pivoted the scope out of the way and waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Around a bend in the road ahead came a group of howling creatures, they were about five feet tall, had a sickly green color to there skin and looked like something out of a child’s nightmare. They had the snout of a pig and a mouth full of teeth that belong to a shark. In there hands they carried stone axes and clubs. I pulled the trigger and my rifle roared to life. Six times I shot and six of the creatures fell dead in the road. I dropped the rifle and stood up drawing both Rugers. Alternating left to right I fired twelve more times, eighteen down. I holstered the Rugers and drew my long swords off my back, I had never fought with these but I did not have time to reload. I waded into the creature swinging, as the first one reached me I took his weapon hand off with one sword and his head with the other. The second one fell to a blade through the eye from my left sword while the third was nearly cleaved in half from a downward blow from the right. My left hand blocked a descending club as my right stabbed under it to pass clear through the creature’s throat. I turned to see Reaper crush the skull of one of the creatures with his hooves as I took the head of another. The last creature fell to Likka as she ripped out its throat.

“You’re rusty.” Was all Likka said as I stopped to clean my weapons.

I walked over to my back pack and pulled out 2 boxes of ammo and reloaded my Rugers and the rifle.

“Those are very nice magic weapons you have there did they come from the other world?”

“Yes the small ones are called pistols, they are for short range and the long one is called a rifle it is for long range.”

I un-slung my bow and as quickly as it was in my hand drew and fired an arrow to my left without looking. One of the Lithan stumbled out from behind a tree with an arrow in its eye. “It seams I am not the only one that is rusty.” I said pointedly to the wolf.
As I place the ammo boxes back in my pack I wondered to myself how I had learned to do that with a bow.

I realized that ammo was going to go pretty fast if I had to use that many bullets at a time here. I now had three hundred rounds left for the rifle and three hundred for the pistols. I pulled out the last of the rabbit and mounted back up.

As evening fell I stopped again to make camp when I made my fire ring I pulled out a match and looked in the knife handle there were nine left. I screwed the back on the knife and then removed it again there were now ten matches. “Thank you Morgana.” I thought quietly.

“She didn’t do it.” Likka thought back.



I mused about this as I got the fire going and then retrieved my bow for some hunting. As I got the bow curiosity bit me like a bug, I opened the boxes of ammo out of my pack to look at the ones I had removed from and they were full again.

“Me again?”

“You were the only one that ever mastered that trick.”

“This time you make the bed while I hunt” I thought as I stuck my tongue out at Likka.

“Don’t stick it out unless you intend to use it.” She laughed back…

I walked back into camp carrying both haunches off of a buck I took down about a mile out from camp. I threw one of them down for the wolf and she began to gnaw at it like she was starving. The other one I butchered out into thin fillets and put them on a spit over the fire. I reached into my pack and pulled out a bottle of water knowing it would be replaced as soon as I closed the pack. I also pulled out a bowl and poured about half the water out for Likka.

After dinner Likka moved off to scout the area as I moved over to the tent to find the bed made completely. I just shook my head and began to write in my journal again. As I reached to shut off my light, the woman again crawled into the tent and put her finger over my lips. This time I reached up to remove her dress as she smiled at me. She dove towards me as we kissed deeply. When we came up for air I pushed her back and down onto her back. I slid down her body kissing and nibbling at her neck and chest until I reached her breasts. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and began to suckle at it as she moaned. I moved to the other breasts and kissed and sucked at it until she began to vibrate beneath me. As she moaned out her pleasure I slid down kissing my way to her white patch. I reached down with my tongue and began to flick at her clit. With my first contact her legs locked around my head and squeezed. I reached up with one of my hands and dipped it into the wetness that was collecting on her lips and slid my finger into her tunnel. With a come hither motion of my finger I began to rub the spongy flesh inside her and she went wild and began to buck against my face. As my other hand came up and my finger pushed into her back entrance she squealed and cried out, “Rhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyssssssssssssss!!!!!!!”

As she came down she began to twitch with every flick of my tongue. Her hands twisted into my hair and pulled me away from her as she whimpered and tried to cover herself from my oral assault. I withdrew my hands and kissed my way up her body until she again began to lick her own juices off of my face. In one thrust I pushed all the way into her tight pussy. She cried out as she bit her own knuckle and I began to thrust in and out. She began to grunt with each thrust as I pushed into her, she again began to vibrate and shake as she climaxed. As she climbed into her fourth climax I thrust with all I had literally picking her hips up off of the bedding and pushed into her womb as I spurted. It felt like I released a gallon into her womb as she quivered and moaned beneath me.

Before she could recover completely I pulled out of her and lowered my aim. She smiled up at me as I began to push into her rear entrance. Soon she was making that deep growling sound again as she climaxed into yet another orgasm. I lost count of how many times she growled out her orgasms before I spent myself inside of her.

As I lay down next to her trying to catch my breath she started to gather her dress and slip out of the tent. I reached out and caught her hand. “You don’t have to leave Likka.”

Her head turned quickly to look at me, “When?”

“When you called my name, your voice is the same.”

“I have to patrol.”

“Reaper can warn us, sleep with me and share more than just lust with me.”

She placed her dress with my clothes and crawled back up next to me. Soon I felt her breathing deepen and then I drifted off with her in my arms…

I awoke to the sound of birds in the morning air. Likka was still asleep in my arms and it took a bit of effort to get out of the tent without waking her. I stirred the fire up and looked through the horse packs and found a coffee pot and some coffee. Nice this world was at least partially civilized. I started a pot boiling as I started getting Reaper ready for the day. I checked his hooves and saddled him. Then placed his packs and barding on. Just as I was finishing Likka slipped out of the tent smiling then dropped down on all fours as a wolf again. We ate leftover venison and I drank coffee and gave her more water…

Around noon we crested a rise to see a small town below us. The town had a stockade of wooden posts all the way around it and the trees had been taken down for farmland for a mile around it in every direction. We rode down and towards the town. “Is this Quinn?”

“I don’t know I have been in stasis for six thousand years while you goofed off.”

“You do know I wasn’t exactly goofing off over there don’t you?”

“How many creatures did you fight?”

“Well I didn’t fight any I hunted a bit.”

“How many towns did you save from mages or monsters?”

“Well none really, but…”

“Goofing off.”

As we rode up to the gate the guard standing there looked at me and said, “The wolf will have to be in a cage when in the town.”

“You tell her that, she might only rip you hand off and not your head.”

“I am sorry she stays out here or you cage her.”

I pushed past him and Likka started to follow. The guard reached to draw his sword, mine was much faster. By the time he had his sword half drawn I had dropped off Reapers back and the tip of my long sword was under his chin. “I would suggest your hand come off your sword before it comes off your wrist.”

As I spoke a horn blared in the distance back the way we had come from. I looked to see the farmers outside of the town dropping their tools and running towards the town. At the top of the hill I saw Lithan come out of the tree line, there were thousands off them.

I watched as they began to charge down the hill towards the town. I watched as the farmers ran and a young girl fell she struggled to get back up but was dragging her leg. I vaulted onto Reapers back and yanked him around to ride out towards the girl. My rifle roared in my hand. Likka howled as we both ran towards the girl. Six times my rifle roared six Lithan in the lead fell. I stuffed the rifle back in the spear quiver. I drew the pistol on my right hip. Six times it roared before I reached the girl. I reached out with my left hand and clasped her outstretched arm. Without thought I swung her behind me on Reapers back and yelled “Hold On!”

Reaper skidded to a halt as I holstered my right pistol and cross drew my left one. As Reaper turned to head back to the town my pistol roared six more time and the 6 closest Lithan fell. Reaper and Likka ran through the gate with only about thirty feet between us and the lead Lithan. The gate slammed behind us as the bar was dropped into place. “Her leg is broken; do you have a doctor here?”

“What is a dok tor.”

“Medicine man, Leach, Healer?”

“Our healer was killed during the last raid.”

Why I did what I did I don’t know, it was just an instinctual reaction. I reached back and brought the girl forward into my arms. I looked down at her leg twisted and already starting to swell. I touched my hand to the leg right above the break and tried to extend my healing into her. I watched as the leg untwisted and snapped back into place with an audible cracking sound. The girl screamed and passed out.

The girl’s mother ran up crying. I handed hear down to her mother and said, “She will be fine now. Take her home and let her rest.

I dropped down off of Reaper and grabbed my back pack off of his packs. I reloaded my pistols and ran for the stairs up onto the battle stage for the stockade. I looked down over the top at the sea of Lithan below. There was no thought just rage that ran through me as I leaped over the top of the wall drawing my long swords as I fell. As I struck the ground the world turned red in my vision. I struck out with both swords and creatures fell. Then it was just a blur of movement in my vision as I began to dance the deadliest dance known to man. Block, strike, parry, slash, guard, stab within seconds there was a ring of dead at my feet. In minutes I was cutting my way through the Lithan faster than they could get to me. I heard the guards on the wall telling someone that I had slipped into the battle lust. When half the number of Lithan lay dead in the field the other half broke and ran. I dropped to one knee as I readied my bow and then began to fire into them as they ran. I killed nearly a hundred more before they made it into the tree line.

I stood up and started walking towards the town when I reached the gate the guards on the wall had there bows drawn and pointing at me. “Open the gate and let me in.”

A murmur ran through the guards as one with a crest stepped forward. “Look up at me warrior.”

I looked him straight in the eye.

“How did you come back out of the battle lust, no one does that once the craze is upon them the fight until they are killed, friend and foe alike.”

“Reaper open the gate!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

The gates swung open with a loud crash as my horse kicked back and broke the bar holding them in half. I walked in and mounted Reaper. I looked down and asked a young girl that was standing there. “Is there an Inn around here where a man might find a hot bath and a hot meal?”

“The Headless Griffon sir, it is but a few blocks that way.”

I reached into the pouch on Reaper’s saddle and pulled out a gold coin and dropped it to her. “Thank you.” I rode in the direction she indicated.”

Likka looked up at me. “You starting to remember aren’t you.”


“The how did you know about the gold pouch and how did you slip so easily into the battle lust and back out?”

“I thought about something that happened when I first woke up in the other world.”


“I still had all my skills and knowledge just no memories. So I just let myself do what felt natural.”


I looked up to see a sign in front of an inn. It was of a fancy griffon but somewhere along the line the corner had broken off the sign taking the head of the griffon with it. I chuckled to myself as I slipped out of Reapers saddle and walked in through the front door. I walked up to the bar to find a middle aged man standing behind it. “I need a room for the night, a hot bath, a hot meal, a bottle of good whiskey and stabling for my horse with an extra measure of oats for him.”

He turned to look at me and when he saw my blood soaked armor his eyes got wide as silver dollars. “Yes sir and could I interest you in my wives cleaning service for you armor and clothes.”

“Armor I will care for, clothing yes.”

I reached into my pouch at my hip and pulled out five gold coins and laid them on the bar. He looked at them and then scooped them up to disappear into his apron. He then reached under the bar and pulled out a square bottle of whiskey and sat it on the counter. He then called out “Peotter get in here boy.”

A boy of about 12 years of age ran out of the kitchen area. “Yes sir.”

“Take this lords horse and put it in the stable give it a double measure of oats and brush it down real good.”

The boy looked at me wide eyed, “Peotter if you will move my stuff from my horse to my room this will be yours if everything is there when I get to the room.” I held out another gold coin.

The barman said “I will have Missa draw a bath for you M’Lord. Will you be eating in your room or will you come to the common area?”

“I will eat down here good sir and I am not a lord just a common wanderer.”

“I must ask sir is the wolf dangerous to my other guests?”

“Only if they are dangerous to her.”

“I would actually be more afraid of the man in front of you right now Kinal.” A voice said from behind me. “He single handedly killed 2100 of the Lithan just a few minutes ago. The only reason he didn’t kill more is because they ran.”

I turned to see a young man dressed in fine clothing of soft cloth. “I am sure you exaggerate Lord. I am sure if I killed that many I would be at least a little tired.”

He laughed. “Well Armsmaster what brings you to the western town of Quinn?”

“I am traveling east and had hoped to speak with father before I continue my trip.”

“I am sure he would be glad to speak with you I can ask him to drop by tomorrow around noon.”

“You do me a service Lord.”

“You have done us a much greater one. After your fight with the Lithan it will be at least a year before they come back here.”

I bowed lightly as he turned to leave…

I had gone to my room to strip out of my armor and weapons my gear was laying on the floor in my room. I pulled out my cleaning kits and started cleaning my armor, guns and weapons. As I was finishing there was a light knock on my door. “Come in.”

A young girl of about seventeen years old opened the door. She had a shock of red hair that hung down past her waist and was thick and curly it looked more like a mane than hair. She was thin with small breasts about the size of a couple of tangerines. Her eyes were a beautiful emerald green. “Sir your bath is ready.”

I followed her to the bathing room to find a steaming tub of water I place my clothing and pistols on the table next to the tub and then stepped into the tub. Now that felt good. I dunked my head under the water and as I came up I felt the girl step up behind me and begin to wash my hair. As she used a scoop to rinse my hair she stepped around in front of me. She was completely naked. She washed my back and chest then had me stand up so she could wash my legs and when she began to wash my private area I turned red in the face. Likka began to chuckle in my mind. “What’s so funny?”

“You act like you have never had a bath before.”

“Well I have never had a bath from an underage girl.”

“Underage for what?”

“Underage for sex.”

“Rhys she is a bar girl, if she wasn’t she would probably already be married and have kids by now. Most girls are married at age thirteen.”

As I stepped out of the bath Missa began to dry me off and Likka jumped in the tub. I
chuckled “Missa will you help me bathe Likka?”

“Will she bite me sir?”

“Not while you are bathing her.”

Likka stuck her tongue out at me.

“Don’t stick it out unless you intend to use it.” I thought to her.

After Likka was clean and dried I got dressed in a clean set of clothes. I reached into my pouch and pulled out 2 gold coins and handed them to Missa “Thank you Missa.”

She took them with wide eyes as she got dressed.

“Missa who do I give my clothing to so they can be cleaned?”

“I will take them sir.”

“Thank you.”

I headed down to the common room to eat with a wet happy Likka following me. As I sat at a table I could hear whispers of conversation going on around me, everyone was talking about my personal war that afternoon. I just shook my head.

The barman Kinal came out of the kitchen with a platter with a roast, a tankard of ale, a loaf of bread and a slab of cheese on it and brought it to my table. As he sat it down I held out a gold coin “Would you bring out about twenty pounds of raw meat for my friend here.”

As the coin disappeared into his apron he said, “Certainly sir.”

After I had eaten my fill I sat back to just listen to the crowd. It was the voice saying “He doesn’t look so tough to me.” That pulled my awareness in his direction. A young street tough was trying to pump his self up after a few to many drinks.

As he stood up I spoke just loud enough for him and his friends to hear, “Sit down boy before you get hurt.”

He turned red in the face and started walking towards me. He stepped over and stabbed a knife into the table right next to my hand. “What do you think about that mighty warrior?”

“Thank you for the knife I need a cheep piece of shit to clean crap off my boots with.”

He snapped his hand out to grab up the knife. Then fell to his knees as I twisted his fingers back and outward. As he reached with his other hand for the knife my right hand shot out and slammed his head into the table. As he fell back with a bloody nose and busted lip I said “Go home to your mother boy your not ready for the big leagues.”

He screamed as he got up off of the floor. As he lunged at me I came up from the table and spun him and slammed him down on the table with his own knife at his throat. “Do you really want to die boy?” I screamed in his face. “Is this the day you have decided to be judged in front of your gods?”

He started crying as he wet himself. “Please don’t kill me.”

“Go home boy and don’t pick fights, you will end up dead when you pick the wrong target. Grow up to be a farmer or tanner, not a bully who thinks he can fight.” I let him up and pushed him towards the door. As he fled the crowd started laughing. “What are you all laughing at? Have any of you ever known real fear? Have any of you stood in the face of death and held your own bladder? You should all be ashamed of yourselves. I didn’t see any of you out there on the wall willing to defend your own families from the Lithan.”

Likka stood “Rhys! Enough! They are not warriors. They are barely even able to make a living scratching the earth for vegetables. They are afraid and that fear makes them act in ways they shouldn’t.”

I looked down at Likka and spoke out loud. “I know Likka they are afraid, that is why they should be ashamed of themselves for laughing at another’s fear.”

I walked out of the common room and up the stairs to my room. I pulled the bottle of whiskey out and took a pull from it. Likka spoke from behind me. “The battle lust always has left you unable to find peace. Relax my love put the bottle back in your pack and just relax for a bit, you will have relief soon.”

I lay down on the bed and put the plug back in the jug. “Likka why is it like this?”

“Guilt my love, you always feel guilty for the lives you take, that is what makes you who you are, rest now you will need strength later tonight.”

As my eyes grew heavy “Are you coming to bed my love?”

“No Rhys you will have other company this night, you have already paid for it…”

It was about midnight when my door opened waking me instantly. I slid my hand down to the butt of my pistol at my hip when I made out the shape of Missa as she approached the bed. She stopped at the edge of the bed “Are you awake sir?”


“You need to take off your clothes.”

“Why are you here?”

“You paid for me sir.”

“I gave you a tip for helping me with the bath and bathing my friend.”

“Sir you gave me more money than I have ever seen.”

In my head I thought quickly “Likka how much would she normally make for a tryst?”

“A couple of lead coins at most.”

“And how many lead to a gold coin?”

“There are one hundred lead coins to a copper, one hundred copper to a Silver and ten silver to a gold piece, so about one hundred thousand lead coins.”

“So she would have to sleep with a hundred thousand men to make the two gold I paid her?”

“That sounds about right.”

Talking back to the girl “I am not going to be able to convince you to not climb in this bed, am I?”

“No sir.”

I stood up and began to take off my weapons and hang them on the bed post. Missa lifted her dress over her head. “I took a bath for you sir, a man as rich as you deserves a clean girl.”

As I dropped my loin cloth off she reached out and ran her finger along my manhood causing it to start to rise. “I am a little afraid sir, I have never seen a weapon that large on a man before.”

“I will be as gentle as I can.”

She stretched back onto the bed and spread her legs. I leaned down and kissed her gently on the mouth as she began to kiss back she reached out to stroke my manhood. It responded rather quickly and she gasped as it grew in her hand. As I released her from our kiss she sat up and began to lick my staff. I stood there as she took my manhood into her mouth and began to suck on it. My knees nearly buckled as she slid her mouth almost all the way off then forced her head forward until her nose nestled into my pubic hair.

“She’s talented.” Likka commented in my head.

Missa continued to massage my rod with her face until I could not take it any more and I told her “I am about to cum Missa.”

When I said this she buried her nose in my pubic hair and her tongue slid out to lick my balls, I exploded down her throat and she swallowed. The contractions of her throat made me orgasm even harder as I pumped spurt after spurt down her throat. As my orgasm started to subside she slid her finger into her mouth next to my staff and got it wet with her saliva. As I was about to slide out of her throat she slid the wet finger between the globes of my ass and slid it into me. With a couple of twitches of her finger I exploded into her mouth a second time. Even Likka looked up and commented “Very talented.”
As she lay back onto the bed with a satisfied little smirk on her face I dropped to my knees and just buried my face between her legs and into her sweet young flower. She cried out “Oh gods sir no one has ever done that to me.” I lifted her legs up and pushed my tongue into her rear entrance and she squealed and moaned. I continued to lick her tight little rosebud and sweet flower until she was just about to explode then I nipped her clit with my teeth. As soon as I did this she slammed her legs closed on my face and screamed. My face was covered in her cum as she squirted all over me. When I licked her clit again she pushed my head out from between her legs and covered herself as she lay on the bed and twitched.

I kissed my way up her body and when I looked into her face. She wrapped her legs around my waist and used her hand to guide me into her. I pushed slowly into her as she laid her head back and rolled her eyes into the top of her head. As I bottomed out inside her she moaned out “So full, oh Gods sir you make me fill so full.”

I pulled out slowly until only the head of my staff was still inside her then began to thrust back. With each thrust she would let out a low moan and each retraction brought out a light whimper. I continued to thrust into her listening to the music of her sounds as she built upwards into her orgasm. I felt her start to tense up and then she began to shake. With each thrust her legs around my waist would vibrate and shake. Her legs suddenly clamped down on my waist as she screamed out her orgasm. When she relaxed a bit and I could move again I continued to thrust into her, six times I drove her to those heights. On the seventh I thrust as deeply into her as I could and moaned out my own orgasm. As my seed spurted into her she arched her back up off of the mattress and tensed as she screamed through another orgasm. As suddenly as she had arched her back she collapsed onto the bed. She had fainted from the pleasure.

As I extracted myself from the tangle of her arms and legs there came a light knock at the door. A woman’s voice asked “Is everything alright in there sir?”

I chuckled to myself as I got off the bed and walked to the door still naked. I opened the door to see a woman of maybe thirty-five years old with dishwater blond hair and very large breasts. She was fairly attractive but not a knockout. “Sir she is my daughter and I just heard such noises.”

“She is fine, come in and see for yourself.” I stepped out of her way as she nearly ran to the bed to check her daughter. As she picked up her daughters hand Missa’s eyes began to flutter open.

Missa smiled at her mother, “Oh Momma he is like a god. I have never felt anything so wonderful in my life. He made me feel special and like I deserved pleasure as much as he did.”

“More.” I said quietly from behind them as I walked towards the bed.

Her mother looked at her with doubt in her eyes, “Those screams were from pleasure?”

“I’m sorry momma I couldn’t hold them back he made me feel things I have never felt. Momma I think I had an orgasm it felt like I went to heaven.”

“Several Missa.” I chuckled as she looked at me and blushed.

Her mother turned to me and looked into my eyes. “Sir I don’t know what you did to my daughter but thank you, I have never seen her smile like that. I will leave you now to your beddin’ and sleep.”

After she left the room I climbed into the bed behind Missa. I kissed her gently on the neck and felt her relax into my embrace. “Sir what is your name?”


I felt her tense up almost instantly, “Sir you momma must have been a brave woman to name you after the legendary Warmage.”

“Relax Missa nothing will hurt you tonight, I won’t allow it.”

As she relaxed and drifted off to sleep I looked pointedly at Likka. “I am not named after the Warmage am I?”

She sighed and sat up. “No your not, and for now you need to keep that to yourself, you will be making enough noise soon to wake the dead mage lords from their graves. Now rest Rhys you will meet father tomorrow and maybe you can get some questions answered.”


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