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Thank you for the pointers and comments on the first chapter. please continue I tried to make sure I did not make the same mistakes again.

There was one reader that commented about the number of dead. My answer to this is that Rhys is a Warmage and though he does not fully understand what this means yet he is fully trained as an Armsmaster, a master of unarmed combat and a Mage that has skills in spells of mass destruction. The Lithan are just little more than wild animals that have learned how to make stone axes. The equivalent fight would be an armed Samurai fighting cave men. The Lithan would have no skills to avoid him in combat at all. The numbers may be fantastic but not impossible. Later when his magic comes into play the the samurai would be so low compared to him that it would take at least as many of them to harm him. The only real defense against him would be strong magic and he will face a lot of that in the end. He also is not limitless. His limits will be tested in a near future chapter (6 I believe, and yes they are already roughed in I am roughing in 7 tonight. it just takes time to get my proofreader and main critic to stop reading her books and read my chapters. :P) If the Lithan had been trained warriors I would not have expected him to take more than around a hundred without the use of magic and no more than two or three of the master ranks.

The soft core words have more to do with the mindset than the explicit nature of the sex. In the time frame of swords and sorcery, words like Cunt, Cock, fuck and such were not commonly known or used. I feel that those words would destroy the mood of the story. If I am wrong time will tell and I will change the style a little. I am fully versed in hardcore language and stories of a more modern time will have it well used. Admittedly Rhys would think in those terms in the beginning but I felt it would confuse the story too much to switch down from hard to soft later. Also Rhys is a bit of a romantic at heart. If more people would prefer the hardcore words let me know in the comments.

As for Likka, alas she is Rhys' oldest companion and has loved him since childhood. More on that later. Their relationship started as one of comfort as she is the last of her breed and he was the only Warmage. Morgana did not come along until he was a full adult and already at war with the Mage Kings and by then they had taken to hiding what she is. Now I am giving to much of the story away I think.

As for the story, things are starting to heat up we meet Father in this chapter and find a little more about Rhys. We also start to learn some of the man that is Rhys how he thinks and what values he holds.

Again please comment and let me know about errors. I have been writing for years for my own enjoyment and my decision to let others read my tales has come from the advice of someone who told me that a story shared is a story enjoyed more than once.


I awoke in the morning with Missa still spooned up in front of me. I climbed carefully out of the bed so as not to wake her.

As I returned from the outhouse she sat up in the bed “Good morning sir. I don’t want to leave but I have morning duties in the common room.”

I walked over and kissed her, “Thank you Missa.”

I got dressed in clean clothes and placed my weapons about me. Once I was ready and looked presentable I headed down to the common room for breakfast.

As I walked into the common room a group of the young bargirls were standing with Missa to one side and they all started giggling as they looked at me. Trying not to show my slight embarrassment I walked over to a table towards the back of the room. I no sooner sat down when Missa came over with a platter with ham, eggs, bread and cheese on it. Peotter was behind her with a platter of raw meat for Likka. When Peotter stood up I held out a gold coin to him. “As I promised, it was all there.”

He took the coin as he stared at me, then he clutched it in his hand and ran off to the back. Then the barman Kinal came over to the table with a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice and a glass. As he went to move away I set five more of the gold coins on the table, “I will be staying another day if it is not an inconvenience for you.”

“No inconvenience at all sir.” He said as the coins disappeared into his apron. He quickly walked away. I turned to look at Missa staring at me. “Would you like something?” I said as I pointed to the platter with more food on it than I could eat in a weak.

She smiled at me as she sat down in the chair beside me. “Sir, May I ask a favor of you?” she whispered as she looked down.

I reached out and cupped her chin as I held her face up and looked her in the eyes. “Missa I have taken you to my bed, I believe you have earned the right to look me in the eyes and ask for what you want. The worst I will do to you is say no.”

She smiled, “Would you purchase my mom for the night tonight sir? I want her to feel what I felt just once in her life.”

“What is her name?”


“Is she a bargirl like you?”

“She was but the men say she is too old and ugly now.”

“Will you ask her to come to me when she has a free moment please? But before you do, why don’t you and the other girls over there help me eat this wonderful breakfast.”

The other girls had heard me and came walking over. I motioned for them to sit and motioned for the barman to bring over more plates and such. Soon the girls were all eating and laughing. A little blue eyed blond girl looked at me, “Is it true sir you gave Missa so much pleasure she passed out?”

“I think Missa has been telling tales, what kind of man would be so mean as to pleasure a girl till she passed out?” I asked arching an eyebrow.

Missa looked up from her ham and said “The best kind.”

All the girls laughed.

As we were all laughing and talking Miska entered the room, I motioned with my hand for her to come and sit down. As she sat down the barman brought over a plate and silverware for her. As she was eating I reached into my pouch and pulled out two gold coins. “Would you do me the pleasure of joining me in my room tonight Miska?”

“I’m sure sir one of these younger girls would be more to your taste.”

“I didn’t ask them I asked you.”

She reached out tentatively towards the coins, “I will be happy to join you sir.”

“Rhys, my name is Rhys.” I said quietly. All of the girls looked at me wide eyed. I looked back and said “Never be afraid of a name. The man I am named after was a great man.”

“That name was outlawed by the mage kings. They have slain anyone with that name for the last six thousand years.”

“I am here so that isn’t completely true is it?”

“I would say it isn’t true now but was for a long time.” A deep voice said from behind the girls. I looked up to see a person covered from head to foot in a dark hooded robe, nothing of skin could be seen.

“You would be the one they call father?”

“Yes Rhys and you and I must speak in private for a time, if the ladies will excuse us…”

After we were in my room I turned to the hooded figure “So why are you disguised as a man?”

“I should have known my disguise wouldn’t fool you Rhys you always could see through them.” As she spoke she pulled back the hood and unwrapped the black cloth from her face. She had short blond hair with a gold circlet across her forehead. Here eyes were sky blue and her features would have made most supermodels jealous. “Why have you come back Rhys? The Mage kings have tightened their hold so tight in the north that even the very rocks are bleeding. Your name carries a death sentence, and if they found out you were in this town they would level it and kill everyone in it.”

“I don’t know I came back because Morgana pulled me back.”

A sharp intake of breath caused me to look at her. “She couldn’t have Rhys. It’s not possible.”

“Why not?”

“The mage kings caught her almost five hundred years ago; they turned her into a statue. I am sorry Rhys but your wife is dead.”

“My wife?”

A look of surprise crossed her face. “How can you not know she is your wife, everyone knew that?”

As her hand went for her sword Morgana appeared in the room. “Taina, Rhys you don’t have time to doubt each other, you both must be in the central kingdoms before the next full moon, and you must be together. From here you must go to the town of Feck it is east of here. In Feck find the one they call The Shadow. Taina leave your disguises behind you are Armsmaster Taina once again. If this all works the mage kings will be no more inside the year.” With that said Morgana turned to Rhys. “I miss you my love. Weep not for me, but remember me.”

As she disappeared Rhys looked at the space she had been standing and whispered softly “I can’t remember you.”

Likka looked up from the floor and muttered “And the collecting begins.”

“What do you mean collecting?”

“Rhys no matter where you go you collect a trail of women behind you. It has always been this way.”

“Why didn’t you tell me she was my wife?”

“Because there is still enough you in there that you would have moved heaven and earth to find her.”

“I never would have cheated on her if I had known.”

“Yes you would have she knows who you are and has always accepted you as you are. She has even joined you and I in bed many times.”

“She knows and accepts?”

“I think the proper word is encourages. She knows a man like you has appetites that no one woman can satisfy.”

“And if one of them were to get pregnant?”

“She would have a baby to love; she cannot have children of her own.”

I turned to face Taina. “I will need a general merchant we are going to need some traveling supplies. Do you have a horse?”

“No and there will be someone else traveling with us.”


“My daughter Laina.”

“I need a good merchant to buy horses from then. Do you need weapons?”

“Weapons I have.”

“Pack anything you need we can’t exactly come back after we leave. Be sure and pee before you leave the house. We leave in the morning be here for breakfast at sixth hour…”

After a day of going from merchant to merchant buying supplies and horses, I found myself enjoying a large meal in the common room of the inn. Several of the girls were sitting at my table eating with me. I looked over to see one of the girls, Kimberly I believe, bringing ale to a group of men at one of the tables. The man on the end pulled the girl down into his lap causing her to spill his ale all over him. He stood up yanking her to her feet and pulled his hand back to backhand her. That is where his hand stayed as he screamed. My reaction had been as natural as it was instinctive. A snap of my arm and one of the flechettes in my sleeve dropped into my hand a flick of my wrist and it went through his hand and pinned it to the beam behind him.

As I stood and strode across the room he managed to yank his hand off the barbed flechette and turn to face me. “Apologize to Kimberly for spilling your drink on her dress.”

“To hell with you, this isn’t your town; as soon as you are gone I will come back and…” One of his friends started to get up until five of the flechettes outlined his hand on the table. He wisely decided a sip of his ale was much more important right then.

“If I even think that you have come back here to hurt one of them, I will come back here and I will find you. When I do I will cut small pieces off of you till you beg me to die.”

“I am not scared of you warrior. You won’t hurt me because you won’t be here.”

“Your right I won’t be here. So I guess I will just have to make sure the girls are secure before I leave. Kimberly, do you know of a troop of mercenaries in town? Ones that have a good reputation?”

“Yes Rhys.”

“Go find me their leader and tell him I have a job for them. Kinal!”

Kinal came running to me, “Yes sir.”

“Are you the owner of this establishment?”

“Nay sir Momma Kith is the owner. She is the lady that does all the cookin’.”

“Please ask her to come out and sit with me for a bit. I have a business deal for her.”

Fifteen minutes later Kimberly returned to find me sitting at the table with Momma Kith. “Rhys this is Captain Mitch of the Mercenaries guild.”

I extended my hand to Captain Mitch, “Good evening sir, please sit and enjoy the food with us, they seem to think I eat enough for twenty people when I sit down.”

He sat and quickly speared a slab of the roast and put it on his plate. “The girl said you had a job for mercenaries. You will pardon sir but I was on the wall when you fought the Lithan, if there is anything out there you can’t fight I don’t know how much help my men will be.”

“Well captain I can’t fight them if I am not there. So how much does the guild charge per man?”

“Ten lead coins per man per day.”

Some quick math in my head and then reached into my pouch and pulled out four stacks of four gold coins. “Then that should buy me sixteen men for fifty years roughly.”

The Mercenaries eyes lit up as the gold hit the table. “Sir what do you need men for that is going to take that long.”
“I need them for protection for this inn and the people that work here. I do not like seeing women mistreated and the men here can get rough. If a patron hurts someone they are to be bounced through the door, I am indifferent to whether or not it is opened first.” I then stacked another sixteen gold coins onto the table.

“What is that for sir?”

“If one of the mercenaries hurts one of these people four gold coins is the price on his head, dead or alive.”

“I think we have an understanding sir. When do you want them to start?”

“Tonight. Momma Kith you are going to continually have guards here and they will need to eat while on duty.” I pulled out another set of sixteen coins and placed in front of her. “This will cover their food costs so they are no burden to you, but no hard drinks while they are on duty. Does everyone understand what I have set up here?”

The Mercenary nodded but Momma Kith looked at me and said, “I am not looking for a partner.”

“I will not be a partner this place is still yours. I am just making sure the girls here are protected. I am paying the mercenaries to guard and protect you and your family here.”

“What do you get out of this?”


As I stood up to head to my room the mercenary looked at the pouch on my hip. “That pouch is not big enough to hold all that gold.” My laughter echoed through the room as I walked up the stairs…

I was getting my gear ready for leaving the town in the morning when there was a timid knock at my door. I strode over and opened the door to find Miska standing there with her head down. “Please come in Miska.”

She stepped into the room as I closed the door behind her. “Sir I know my daughter asked you to buy me for the night,” she held out her hand with the two gold coins lying in her palm.

I reached out to cup her chin in the palm of my hand and lift her face. “Are you telling me you do not wish to bed me tonight Miska?”

“No sir but I am still a woman with some pride left and I will not accept pity.”

“There is no pity in my heart for you. You are an attractive woman and you are who I want in my bed this night.” I reached out and closed the fingers of her hand over the coins. “Whether you stay with me or go to your own room for the night the coins are yours. If you leave I will spend the night alone. If you stay then I will enjoy your charms for as long as you will lend them to me.”

She looked into my eyes. “Do you really think I am attractive sir.”

“My name is Rhys.” I whispered as I pulled her to me and placed my lips on hers. At first she was tense but as the kiss continued I could feel her relax into my arms. I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the bed while she giggled like a school girl.

I tossed her onto the bed and then began to strip out of my clothing as fast as I could. By the time my gun belt was on the bed post she was naked in the bed and waiting for me. I leaned into her and kissed her again a long deep kiss that she returned with a passion that nearly consumed me. When we came up for air I kissed my way down her neck and chest to her breasts. I took her right nipple into my mouth and began to nibble and suck on it. She moaned in pleasure as I moved back and forth on her breasts for a while. When I began to kiss downward she moaned louder and louder the further down I went. When I moved my face between her legs she was literally dripping onto the bed. I ran my tongue up the junction of her right leg and the skin of her mound then down the left side. For about ten minutes I licked all around her flower but never touched it until she was whimpering for more.

When I thought I had her in a near frenzy I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit, her legs slammed shut like a bear trap and she screamed. The spray that came from her soaked me from my hair to halfway down my chest. I wet the fingers on both of my hands in the puddle that was forming below her. I waited for her legs to relax then I dove deeper sucking her clit into my mouth and pushing two fingers into her womanhood and one into her rosebud. He legs slammed shut while she screamed out an animalistic noise and again I was sprayed but most of it made it into my mouth this time. She began to buck wildly into my face and her fingers entwined into my hair. As she began to relax I hooked the finger in her flower upward rubbing the spongy flesh inside her and twisted the finger in her butt back and forth as I nipped her clit with my teeth. She sprayed me a third time as she tried to twist away from me moaning. When she settled on her stomach she had fainted. I looked down at her back as she lay there and saw a tracery of ragged scars all across her back bottom and legs. She was covered from her shoulders to her knees with whip scars.

About five minutes later her eyes fluttered open and she rolled over to look at me. “What did you do to me? I have never orgasmed that hard in my life and never had more than one in a single week. You made me cum three times and you haven’t even entered me yet.”

“I tried to give you pleasure so that I would feel worthy of receiving my pleasure from you.” I said as I leaned down to kiss her again.

She giggled as she ran her fingers down my chest, “I do believe you will need a bath in the morning Rhys.”

“Only if you take one with me.” I said as I began to move over her. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I positioned myself. Her eyes grew to the size of half dollars as my pulsing staff entered her. The moan that came from her sounded like the sound of a wild animal. Within seconds she began to moan louder and louder until it was almost a scream. When her legs squeezed tight around me I felt her spray me again as she screamed out her pleasure. Five times she screamed her pleasure for the world to hear before I thrust into her and filled her womb with my seed as she felt my hot seed boil into her womb she screamed out one more time and then collapsed back onto the bed again. She lay there panting as she tried to catch her breath. I pulled back from her and she moaned in disappointment as I withdrew. Then her eyes lit up as my steel hard staff began pressing into her rosebud. She reached up and grabbed her legs and pulled them to her chest as she rocked her hips up. Her movement caused me to go balls deep in one stroke as she moaned out in pain and pleasure at the same time. I used long slow thrusts in and out as I reached down with my hand and began to pinch and tease her clit.

“Rhys do my ass!” she screamed out as she quivered into another orgasm. I ignored the giggles of the girls outside the door as I continued to thrust in and out. For almost thirty minutes I stroked into her as she orgasmed over and over thoroughly soaking me and the bed. As I began to thrust harder into her she moaned out “Oh gods Rhys fill my ass with your hot seed, I want to feel it running down my legs for days.” I let go and spurt after spurt filled her until it began to spray out around my manhood. A screaming orgasm ripped her again passed out on the bed below me.

I rolled off of Miska and moved her onto her side in front of me, “The show is over girls go to bed.” I spoke just loudly enough for the girls outside the door to hear. I heard them all scramble away from the door and run down the hall in both directions.

As I lay there behind her I reached out with my hand and began to trace my fingers along her scars on her back. As my finger slid down the scars they would disappear until only a thin line like a simple scratch was left behind, I knew these too would fade with time.

“That tickles.” She giggled out as her eyes began to flutter open.

“What happen?”

“A traveling noble was passing through and came to the inn; he purchased me for the night and lay with me. The next morning he told Momma Kith I was a lousy in bed and demanded his money back. Momma Kith had him thrown out of the inn. The next morning he showed up with a group of his own guards and had them drag me into the streets. They tied me to one of the lamp posts and his captain lashed me until I was nearly dead. One hundred lashes he gave me and then they rode off leaving me hanging from the post with my clothing and most of my skin flayed off. Momma Kith had me cut loose and paid what little money she had to have the healer keep me alive. All he would do for the money she had was keep me from dying.”

“What was this noble’s name Miska?”

“Edgar Winston. I will never forget his name or face. He was a duke from one of the northern towns. Bithmoore I think.”

“Sleep now Miska dream sweet dreams of peace and love.”

No sooner had I finished saying it and she was asleep. I looked up to see Likka staring at me. “I have seen that look in your eyes before Rhys we don’t have time to go hunting spoiled nobles save it for opportunity.”

“He will pay Likka, when this is done I will find him and I will give him one hundred lashes for every person he has done this too, I will flay him to the bone.”

“I know you will Rhys because you care too much, that is why we love you, that is why they all come to love you...”

I awoke with the false dawn as Miska slipped from the bed, as she dressed she saw my eyes looking at her. “I will go get your bath ready.”

I climbed out of bed and after some stretching exercises grabbed my clothes for the day, gun belt and shaving kit. I walked to the out house to relieve myself the headed for the bathing room. Miska was standing there naked waiting for me as I slipped into the room.
I laid my clothing on the dressing table and my gun belt on the stool next to the bath. I climbed into the bath tub and when Miska stepped up with the scoop to wash my hair I caught her hand and pulled her into the tub in front of me. I took the scoop from her hand and began to wet her hair. I took the shampoo from the tray next to the bath and began to wash her hair. She started moaning lightly almost like a purr. I washed her slowly and with great tenderness until she was squeaky clean from head to toe. She then turned to me and began to wash me.

As she was washing my chest while kneeling over me in the tub Missa came in through the door. She smiled at me as she saw me sitting there and came over to check the water for heat. When she saw her mothers back she gasped. “Momma your back.”

Miska looked at her. “What honey what’s wrong with my back?”

“The scars are gone, all of them.”

Miska looked at me with wide eyes, “You not named after the Warmage are you?”

I put my finger to my lips in a shushing motion and then handed her back the washcloth as I leaned back. “Keep my secret for now; I have things to do before I go after the mage kings.”

Miska and Missa both bowed their heads, “Yes M’Lord.”

I reached out and pulled Miska’s head up, “Have I ever treated you like a servant?”


“Then please don’t treat me like one of those arrogant nobles.”

“Yes M’Lord… I mean Rhys.”

“Now I was rather enjoying our bath, and would ask you to continue.” She smiled at me and went back to washing my chest. Missa walked over and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you Rhys. Momma needed to feel like a woman again.”

“I did not do anything to make her feel like a woman Missa, I just wanted to share her company and saw something that needed to be fixed. It is who I am, I fix things…”

After the ladies had gone down to the common room I went back to my room to armor up and get ready. I noticed that the packs and saddle were gone from my room. Likka told me Peotter had taken them down to get Reaper ready.

I slipped down the servants stairs at the inn and searched on the first floor until I found Miska’s room. I slipped in unnoticed and pulled the covers back on her neatly made bed. I placed on her sheets twenty gold coins and then made the bed again and slipped out. With the coins was a note that read “Keep the girls safe. All of them.”

As we rode out of the town, Taina and her daughter talked lightly back and forth, Laina was a boisterous youth of about eighteen years old that swore no man would ever tame her because she was going to be an Armsmaster like her mother.

At one point when Laina rode ahead a little bit I turned to Taina. “Where is her father?”

“He was a mercenary and died in the wars when she was just a baby, she does not even remember him.”

“She is a bit head strong; I’ll bet she has been a handful for you.”

“She is the light of my life, but there are times I wish I could turn her off like a lamp at night.”

I chuckled quietly. “How long have I known you Taina?”

“I was a girl of Laina’s age when you left; you had found me in the mercenary camps of the Mage Kings a few years before. I had been scheduled to be distributed to one of the men. I was lying in my cage squalling when you came in to pick me up and tell me I would be alright. You held me tight against you all night and carried me back to your camp where you handed me to Morgana. I was sure you were going to take me that night, but when you came in that night you kissed me on the forehead and told me I would be starting training with the group’s Armsmaster in the morning. Then you simply lay down and went to sleep. I stayed awake half the night just watching you; you were so different than any man I ever met, even my own father that had given me to the mercenaries to buy his own escape. A few days later I saw you in combat for the first time, Morgana told me you were a Warmage. I watched you take out whole swaths of enemy forces as if they were but straws before a hurricane. I wanted to be like you but Morgana told me I had no magic in me. She did say if I trained hard I could be an Armsmaster. I couldn’t believe that your forces allowed women to fight let alone be Armsmasters.”

“I trained hard and then the mage kings managed to outflank us, you made that dreadful bargain with them to spare the forces that were left. We had all vowed to die with you, damn you and you walked away to keep us alive. You promised them you would leave until the First Star winked out. Here you are back though and the First Star still burns bright in the heavens.”

I started chuckling.

“What is so funny?”

“I did not tell them I would leave till The First Star winked out; I told them I would leave until the first star winked out. A star has died in the heavens Taina it was the first since I left. This time it will be different. There will be no war it will be me against them. It is time I learned the true extent of my abilities. Likka start talking.”

“The sky is blue, the grass is green, you’re the warmage, not the queen.”

“Likka now is not the time to avoid questions. What am I capable off?”

“No one knows Rhys not even you; I have seen you shatter the walls of a city with a wave of your hand. I have seen you stand alone against ten thousand enemies and walk away the only survivor. I have seen you speak a word and cause thousands of lightning bolts to strike from the sky and only hit your enemies. But until a few days ago I have never seen you have the fine control it takes to heal someone. Something changed in you while you were gone, something fundamental. I don’t know if you are stronger now or weaker. I do know that your memories are returning and you don’t realize it. You act more like the old Rhys every day.”

“Why did I walk away?”

“The forces against you would have destroyed your army before you could kill them all. You walked away so that they could live.”

“Where is Morgana being kept?”

“She is gone Rhys, they turned her to stone and the Arch Magus has her in his tower. She told me where she was and told me to keep you away until it was all over.”

“Where is it Likka?”

“North of the imperial city.”

“As soon as we collect the others we need we will head there. Just you and I. and I go in alone.”

“Good luck with that…”

As we made camp that evening Laina was bragging about everyone that she could beat in a sword fight in the town of Quinn. “I can take the captain of the guard, and the governor. I bet I could even beat you.”

Taina stiffened and looked at me. “You need to retract that statement Laina.”

“Why momma you trained me to make sure I could defend myself against anyone.”

“There are certain people that could still take you down little one and you never know who they are. Now apologize to Rhys and retract your statement.”

“No! Rhys I formally challenge you, first one to yield wins.”


I looked at Laina, “You should go set your tent and get ready to rest.”

“What’s wrong are you afraid? I challenged you; I set the prize of challenge. If I win I get those fancy swords on your back.”

“And If I win?”

“It doesn’t matter you wont win.”

“Yes it does matter.”

“Very well if you win you can have me to do as you will for the night.”

Taina turned pale “Laina retract your challenge now.”

I looked at Taina “She can’t now her honor has been set; if she retracts she forfeits the prize.” I looked back at Laina “Over there and choose your weapon wisely.”

I stood up and set my bow aside, then strode to the area I had indicated. On the way there I picked up a fallen branch from a tree. I snapped the end off of the branch over my knee leaving a stick about three feet long and two inches in diameter.

Laina came and stood in front of me with her long sword drawn laughing at my choice of weapons. She stepped forward and swung at my right hand with the flat of her blade. I dropped my hand under her attack and back swung my stick to strike her hand hard enough that she dropped her sword. As she tried to jump forward to retrieve her weapon my foot shot out and swept her legs out from under her. When she rolled on her back to try and get up it was to see me standing over her with her sword pointing at her throat. “Do not force me to hurt you Laina, yield and put your pride back where it belongs.”

“If I yield you could.”

“Your right and I will. So do I need to hurt you badly before you yield and make you night extremely painful or do you put up with the pain that is normal for this night?”

She gulped and looked at the sword at her throat then said meekly, “I yield.”

I flipped her sword around and handed it to her hilt first. When she took her sword back I helped her up and told her, “Now go over there and help us get the camp set up before nightfall.”

When she went to the fire she looked at her mother. “Mom you won’t let him do anything to me will you.”

“Yes I will, you decided to brag and spout your mouth off, now you have to live with what it got you, If he wants to use your mouth, pussy or ass tonight he will do as he pleases.” Taina spat out in anger.

Laina started crying as she went about setting up her tent…

As we finished eating the rabbits that Likka had brought to us, I looked at Laina. “Go down to the stream and clean yourself up, then go into my tent get your clothes off and climb into my blankets and wait for me.”

When Laina went down to the stream Taina looked at me. “Please Rhys be gentle with her. She has never been with a man before.”

I reached over and lifted Taina’s face in my hand. “Did I ever take you by force?”


“I will not take her by force either. She will lay awake in my tent by herself all night in fear of my coming. But that is all she will get is a healthy dose of fear. I will never take a woman that does not come to me willingly.”

Taina hugged me and whispered “Thank you. You’re still the man I remember after so long.”

“Now I am going to wander off into those woods and look around a bit. Likka will help alert you if something comes into camp...”

The next morning I was sitting next to the fire with a small pig creature called a Rooter roasting on a spit. I looked over as Taina crawled out of her tent she looked over and smiled at me before slipping off into the woods. Before she came back Laina slipped out of my tent and stood there staring at me for a few minutes before slipping off into to woods.

Both girls came back from their morning needs and sat down near the fire. I could almost feel Laina wanting to ask a question. “Spit it out Laina before you drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the answer.”

“Why didn’t you take me last night?”

“I never take an unwilling woman to my bed. If you had come to me in the night on your own it would have been a much different night.”

“Why didn’t you just tell me that so I could sleep?”

“You needed the dose of fear so that you would think a little more clearly about who you challenge and for what next time.”

Her mother looked at her, “Laina this man is the greatest warrior I have ever met, he could take me down just as fast as he did you and I am a full Armsmaster. Do you remember the stories from the town about the warrior that killed all those Lithan at the gates? This is him.”

“Did you really just jump over the wall and into them?”

“I think the story got a little exaggerated with the telling, I am sure it was not twenty-one hundred Lithan I killed.” I mumbled feeling a little embarrassed.

“Twenty-one hundred and thirty-four, I was on the clean up detail to remove the bodies.” Taina murmured.

I just shook my head and threw a little salt and pepper on the pig.

“I need you tonight.” Likka thought to me.

“You might as well show them Likka they are going to be traveling with us a long time and they are going to get curious about you after you start your screaming in my tent.”

I did not even think it was possible for a wolf to blush but Likka did a damn good imitation of blushing. “What is wrong with Likka?” Laina asked looking at the wolf trying to hide her face.

“I embarrassed her and she is doing her best not to show it.”

Likka stood up and became a woman as she walked over to sit in my lap. When she sat down she put her finger rather pointedly into my chest and said out loud, “I will figure out a way to get you back for that one Rhys.”

Taina and Laina both just stared in shock…

As we rode during the day I spoke with the ladies about Likka being a familiar and that we could talk in our heads, I explained about that other world that seamed so long ago now. I explained about the amnesia and the fact that I could not remember my life here from before but things seamed so familiar to me and that I sometimes seamed to remember things.

The movement in the trees caught my eye as we rode, I thought at first it was a bird but the shape was wrong it almost looked like a thick bodied lizard with wings. “Pindragons.” Likka commented with distaste in her mental voice.

“Why the distaste?”

“They are the rats of the skies, they breed like rabbits and will eat almost anything.”

There was a loud scream off in the woods and before it even ended I was riding hard in its direction. Likka was on Reaper’s heals the ladies a short distance behind. I broke into the clearing at a dead run on Reaper as I drew my pistol. I took in the situation in a flash.

The woman was tied face outward to a tree her clothing ripped and hanging leaving her front completely bare. There were twenty men standing in the clearing, one of them had his pants around his knees, they all turned to look at me as I burst into the clearing.

I fired a single shot through the head of the man with his pants down to make sure I had their undivided attention. As I holstered my pistol I called out, “every man better be running away or ready to fight.”

“The woman is ours we caught her.” One of the men said as others began to draw weapons.

“Consider her under my protection.” A said as I slid out of the saddle drawing one of my long swords.

The two men that had pulled out bows were first, a double flick of my left hand sent flechettes into the eyes of the first as the ladies burst into the clearing behind me. The second set of flechettes took the eyes of the second bowman as he released his arrow. His shot went wide and was headed for Laina. A step to the side and I plucked the arrow out of the air, spun and slammed it into the chest of the first man to reach me.

I drew one of the short swords in my left hand just as the brunt of them reached me. I slipped into the dance…

A few seconds later found me bending down next to the two blinded archers. “You have a choice to make, get up walk away and try to make a life as blind men or I give you a quick painless death.”

They made their choices and a minute later they lay there bleeding out from slices in their upper thighs.

As I approached the girl tied to the tree she began to scream and try to twist out of her bonds.

“I am not going to hurt you, and I think it would be a good idea if you didn’t hurt yourself.”

“Do you promise?” she asked as she stopped struggling.

“You have my word.” I said as I reached up to cut her loose. “Taina, would you bring a blanket for her to wrap around herself and then help her find some clothing in the packs.” As I turned to the ladies I realized they had not been idle during the fight each had killed at least three of the men.

Taina came up carrying a blanket that she wrapped around the girl and then looked at me, “Go clean up in the stream you are blood from head to foot, I would have been scared of you too if you had come at me with a knife looking like that.”

As I returned to the clearing Likka informed me they had moved back to the road to collect the pack horses and were rearranging the packs so they could put the new girl on one of them.

I stopped to look the clearing over one more time and the pile of rags the girl had had on for clothing caught my attention. I walked over to look at them and the first thing that caught my attention was her bottoms had been a pair of denim jeans. I then notice a backpack against a tree with a rifle the same make and model as mine. I picked up the rifle and slung it over my back and picked up the backpack. I bent down to look at the scraps that had been her jeans and thought odd I have never seen anyone wearing jeans here.

I checked the pockets and the first one I checked had a stiff card in it. I pulled it out and flipped it over; it was a Texas driver’s license. I turned and started running for the road.

I stepped out of the woods to see the girls shifting packs and bags. The new girl was sitting on a rock crying. I walked over to her carrying her rifle, pack and the torn jeans. I knelt down in front of her, “Elizabeth How did you get here?”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes, “Beth, my friends call me Beth.”

“OK Beth. How did you get here?”

“I am not even sure where here is, I have been walking for days and I have seen monsters and little dragons, I saw a creature that could only be called a unicorn. Then this morning I was ambushed by those men and they were going to rape me. Then I was rescued by a man who dresses like a renaissance actor and fights like a madman. Where is here?”

“This is the world of my birth like your world it is called Earth, but it is not your Earth. But I need to know how you got here Beth.”

“I was part of a search party for a man named Rhys that went missing while hunting hogs on his son’s property. We knew he had shot a hog and was trying to track it. On the second day of the search I came across a dead hog in the woods, so I started following its blood trail back. I stepped into a clearing to find what looked like a rip in the air, it was beautiful and I felt myself drawn to it. As I watched it, it kept getting smaller and smaller. I reached out to touch it and I blacked out, then I was here.”

“Beth you are going to have to travel with me until we can find a way to get you back home.” I held out her rifle. “Do you know how to use this?”

“Yes but I’m out of ammo; I used it all just trying to stay alive here.”

“Do you have the empty ammo box?”

“It’s in my backpack.”

I opened her backpack and dumped it out. Among the things that fell out were two empty ammo boxes and a large pistol it was a three fifty-seven magnum Colt Python long barrel. I picked up the box for the rifle and held it in my hand. I didn’t think about it I just did it. I pulled in my will power and focused on the box and spoke a single word, “Full.” I then repeated this with the ammo box for the Pistol. I handed her the pistol, Holster, and ammo boxes. “Load your weapons and keep them on you at all times. Never be more than five feet from the pistol even when you sleep.”

I stood up and walked back to the clearing and started checking the bodies, I found a serviceable short sword, a couple of long knives and a couple of boot knives, I also found her boots over near the tree she was tied too. I took these back to her.

By the time I got back Taina had her dressed in some of her spare clothes. I showed her how to strap the knives and sword into place and how to tuck the knives in her boots. “Lets put a few miles between us and that clearing before we stop for the night. Beth can you ride a horse?”


“Mount up lets head out.”

Taina spoke to me softly, “Rhys are you sure she will be able to keep up with us we are going to have to be moving for a long time?”

“She will.”

Beth looked at me. “The man I was looking for was named Rhys.”

“You found me.”

“Not funny, the man I was looking for was a hundred years old.”

“I am much older than that Beth; I spent eighty years hiding on your earth. I came back to exact vengeance on some people.”

Likka looked up at me. “How do you always manage to collect women everywhere you go?”

“Just lucky I guess.” I thought back to her…

After diner that night I was preparing for bed when Taina walked up behind me and whispered. “May I join you tonight Rhys, I am in need battle always does it to me.”

“I have already promised Likka tonight.”

“I can share if she is willing.”

Likka thought to me, “Bring her Rhys you have enough for an army of women.”

I reached out, took her hand and led her to my tent. As she ducked down to crawl in Laina exclaimed behind us. “Mom!”

Then when Likka stood up as a woman and began to enter my tent Laina said in shock, “Mom!”

Taina stuck her head out of the tent and looked at Laina, “You have first watch come get me in a couple of hours” then pulled her head back in the tent.

I bent down and crawled into the tent, as I thought to myself I need a tent I don’t have to crawl into.

Once in the tent I had four hands on me removing my armor and weapons. Once I was naked we started removing Taina’s weapons and armor then Likka’s dress.

I leaned in to kiss Likka and she put her arms around me and accepted my tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately for several minutes and then I turned to Taina. As our lips met I leaned in and started guiding her back onto the blankets I kept her locked to my lips as I felt her begin to quiver and writhe underneath me. A few seconds later she moaned and tensed in my arms and then she screamed into my mouth. As I let her go she looked into my eyes, “How did you make me orgasm and all you did was kiss me.”

“He’s talented.” Likka said as she giggled.

As Taina recovered I began to kiss down her throat and chest until I could get to her lovely breasts. I began to suckle at her breasts as she moaned in pleasure. As I felt her begin to quiver again I slid a finger into her dewy flower and message her clit. She began to shake and moan louder. When she was completely ready I nipped one of her nipples and squeezed her clit at the same time and she arched her back and screamed into her second orgasm. While she was still writhing in ecstasy I slipped down and pushed my tongue into her sweet womanhood. She screamed again as she tried to roll over and away. As soon as she was on her side I pushed my tongue into her rosebud and she let out a wail and collapsed onto the blankets.

A few moments later her eyes fluttered and she rolled back onto her back. “Oh gods why did I wait so long?” she asked of no one in particular.

I looked down into her eyes and asked, “Do you need time to recover or are you ready to dance?”

“Dance with me Rhys, dance with me until I can’t dance any more.”

I pushed into her and she let out a low moan “It’s so big, I feel so full.” I began a slow long set of thrusts; in then almost all the way out. As she was moaning she reached over and pulled Likka to her. She brought Likka over her until she was straddling her face and then lifted her head and pushed her tongue into Likka tight flower. Likka moaned and lowered herself fully onto Taina’s face. Within minutes both women were moaning and quivering. I reached down and began to message Taina’s clit and heard her scream into Likka’s pussy. Over the next fifteen minutes she screamed into Likka six times. On the seventh time I pushed into her womb and began to spurt out my release into her.

As I pulled out of Taina’s tight womanhood Likka slid down along her body and impaled herself on my still stiff rod. I immediately began to thrust into her and she howled out her pleasure. I reached around her and began to caress and tweak her nipples within seconds she was quivering and vibrating beneath me. “Rrrrrrhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyssssssss!” she screamed out as her orgasm hit her. As she collapsed onto Taina’s chest they looked into each other’s eyes and then joined in a kiss. I continued to thrust into Likka as I wet my finger in my mouth then began to push it into Likka’s tight rosebud. As soon as my finger made full penetration Likka began to shudder into another orgasm. Within seconds she howled into Taina’s mouth a few moments later she howled again and then again. I felt the heat in my balls as I began to boil over and with her next howl I thrust deep and began to spurt my seed into her.

I rolled Likka off of the top of Taina and onto her back. She smiled at me and clutched her legs to her chest as I aimed my slimy manhood at her back entrance. She grunted as I pushed balls deep into her in one thrust and began the ages old rhythm of thrusting. Within moments she was crying out and quivering underneath me. Taina sat up and moved over Likka’s face to get a better look. As soon as she was above Likka’s head Likka buried her tongue into Taina’s tight tunnel. Taina began to quiver almost immediately and within moments both girls howled out there orgasms. I continued to pound Likka’s rear entrance until she cried out several more times and then emptied myself into her again.

When Taina rolled away from Likka, Likka was laying there with her eyes closed and breathing deeply and slowly. As Taina went to stretch out on the blankets she was on her hands and knees and I moved behind her. She felt my hard staff brush against her and said “Don’t you ever go down.” Then as she realized where my rod was pressing, “Rhys I have never.”

“Do you want me to stop?”

“Be gentle please.”

I slowly began to push against her rosebud, my staff bent and then suddenly straitened out as the head popped past her entrance. Taina let out squeal of pleasure and pain together as I stopped to let her adjust. As I felt the muscle of her insides relax I pushed in a little further and stopped as she tensed. Slowly but surely I worked my way in until my balls pressed up against her hot wet womanhood. Then a slow withdrawal and thrust back in. Soon she was panting as I picked up speed and power to my thrusts. In a few minutes she was crying out and thrust back against me, then it hit her, her first anal orgasm as she howled out in pleasure. Five times she howled out and nearly collapsed. Then as she felt my hot seed spurt into her she howled out the loudest scream she had made so far and collapsed unconscious on the mat.

I slowly withdrew from her and let her relax, as I covered both of the girls with my blankets and let them sleep.

As I crawled out of the tent Laina was staring at me. “Get some seep Laina I will take watch.”

“What did you do to them?”

Beth said from behind her, “I would say he made love to them till they passed out from the pleasure. I wish a man would do that to me just once in my life.”

I looked at Beth. “When you wish it I am at your service if I am up to your standards. But right now you both need to get some sleep we have to ride out in the morning.”

They both crawled into tents as I sat down at the edge of the camp with my cloak wrapped around me.

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Saving Mouse by Sean M. Campbell.
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MERC By Sean M. Campbell (Non-Erotic tale.)
For Love Of A God By Sean M. Campbell (Romance with very mild sex scenes.)

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