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Katherine checked the rearview mirror for a traffic cop as she sped up to beat the red light. Running late, as usual, with a showing 15 minutes and 5 miles away. At the edge of town she pushed the speedometer to 65 and crossed her fingers.
The man had called less than an hour ago and asked to see the large farmhouse listing. Normally Katherine would have had to schedule him a showing for the next day, but the owners were gone for a few days, with just a neighbor coming in feed the dog.
Pulling into the lane, Katherine was relieved that she had beaten her client there. Moses, the family’s farm dog, came trotting out from the side of the house when he heard her car. The largest canine Katherine had ever seen, the big friendly dog regularly tagged along as she escorted buyers through the barns. Katherine barely had time to greet the shaggy monster when she heard a car coming down the lane.
Short and sweet. The buyers weren’t interested, and were soon on their way, leaving Katherine to go through the house turning off lights and checking that doors were locked. It was late, nearly dark, and Katherine was tired. Having no place else she had to be, she found herself moving slowly through the house and pausing to look out the window. Moses was sitting waiting for her, anxious for some company with his family away. Katherine had caught herself looking at the beast the several times she had visited this house. She knew he was a male only because the owners had told her. His long curly hair and big tail had obscurred any evidence of his sex. Katherine watched him wiggle in excitement when he saw her, and deciding she had lost her mind completely, she opened the door and invited him in.
For as long as Katherine could remember she had fantasized about dogs. She had always owned neutered male dogs herself, and had been almost frightened of what she would do if she had access to a “fully functional” dog. She had so far limited herself to stories on the Internet, downloaded movie clips, and bestiality chat rooms. Licking her lips nervously, Katherine moved aside as the big dog came bounding into the house.
Carefully making sure the door was not only locked but deadbolted, Katherine made her way into the family’s large downstairs bathroom. She sat on the edge of the whirlpool tub, and was nearly knocked into it as Moses put his paws up on the tub and began licking her face. Deciding the less time she had to think about what she was doing, the better, Katherine put one arm around the beast to steady them both, then allowed her other hand to slide down his massive chest to his stomach. Reaching further, Katherine gasped aloud when her hand reached Moses’ furry sheath. Unsure what to do, she gently squeezed on it for a moment, noticing that Moses had become perfectly still. Throwing caution and sanity to the wind, Katherine continued down the sheath and was rewarded when her hand reached Moses’ huge balls.
Unsure of how Moses would react, Katherine allowed herself just a moment to cup the balls and feel their meaty weight. Moving her hand back to his sheath, she rubbed the palm of her hand against it, alarmed and more aroused at its size. Continuing to move her hand along it, she found the dog’s hard cock partially unsheathed, and closed her eyes and she grasped it in her hand.
Thicker and longer than any man’s cock she had ever felt, Katherine was breathing hard as she considered what to do next. She knew what she wanted. Had wanted for as long as she could remember. Everything. She wanted to wrap her lips around that cock and slide as much of it as she could into her throat. And she wanted to prostrate herself on her hands and knees in front of the beast and have him take her like the bitch in heat she was.
Katherine pushed gently against the dog, trying to move him away from her so she could stand. At first it appeared Moses wasn’t going to allow himself to be pushed away, but he finally hopped down. Katherine stood on shaky legs, glancing at the dog’s belly. She could see the massive cock hanging down, hard and glistening. Whatever happened, Katherine knew at that moment that she wouldn’t leave without feeling that cock in her cunt.
Slipping off her shoes, Katherine quickly removed her slacks and panties, leaving her sweater on for protection against the animal’s nails. The sweater might end up shredded, but that was certainly better than explaining the scratches to her husband later. Naked from the waist down, Katherine grabbed a couple of thick towels from the towel rack and threw them down on the tile floor. Kneeling down on her knees, she reached out and grasped Moses’ beautiful cock in her hands.
“Oh god,” she thought, “I can’t do this.” But even as the thought was going through her mind she found herself moving her head toward the cock, staring at the throbbing meat. Closing her eyes, Katherine opened her mouth and for the first time in her life felt a dog cock slide between her lips.
The first contact was like an explosion in her brain. The taste and smell of the animal, his panting. The idea that she was doing something so filthy. Katherine reached a hand down between her legs, finding her cunt soaking wet and pulsing. She pushed two fingers into herself, squeezing down on them as she took as much of the dog cock in her mouth as she could. Careful not to use her teeth, and not knowing exactly how the dog would react, she began moving her mouth up and down over Moses’ cock. Oh god. Lips stretched wide, she paused, trying to clear her head. But Moses wanted none of that. Moving forward, he began humping into Katherine’s mouth, trying to force his entire cock into her. Katherine obeyed, taking as much as she could, feeling him squirt into her mouth. Jesus! She had read about that, had seen it in movie clips. She knew he wasn’t cuming, that this was just the beginning of the juice he had for her. As delicious as she found it, Katherine had no intention of swallowing everything the dog had. She wanted his cock ramming into her cunt when he let loose with his full cum.
Katherine reluctantly raised her head, savoring the taste and feel of the dog cock. Looking into Moses’ face, she found him staring back at her intensly, mouth open, panting hard. Unsure what to do but knowing what she had longed for for so many years, Katherine turned around with her back to the dog on her hands and knees, lowered her head down to rest it on her arms, and offered her cunt to her new lover.
She looked back at the beast, his cock dripping and close to the ground, and felt a shiver of fear as he approached her. Putting his big front legs on either side of her, he began thrusting his hips, causing his cock to move first between her ass cheeks. Insane with lust and ready for anything, Katherine didn’t even try to guide him. God help her, if his cock went into her ass she would lay there and take his rape. The thought aroused her further. Katherine loved anal sex, especially when it was rough and painful. But she had never taken anything the size of Moses’ cock, and it was probably for the best when he backed up and hunched forward again, this time causing his cock to slide between Katherine’s cunt lips, not penetrating her but gliding over her clit. A wave of pleasure swept through Katherine’s body, and without thinking she reached a hand down between her legs and, when the dog humped forward again, guided the thick meat into her cunt.
Gasping in pain and lust and shock, Katherine knelt there stunned as the dog scrambled for footing and wrapped his forelegs around her body, insane in his urge to mate with his bitch. Inch after inch of the huge cock forced its way into her, only to be withdrawn then pushed in deeper. Holding her tightly, Moses pulled his cock out slightly, then with a growl lunged his hips forward to take what was his.
Eyes wide with shock, Katherine felt herself stretched wide and penetrated deep. Fear and shame were swept aside, though, as she realized she was pushing back against the dog. She wanted all of his cock, wanted fucked hard and rough. Pushed deep into her cunt, Moses began a jackknife fucking that left her barely able to breath. Katherine realized there was wetness pouring down her thighs. Too much for her cunt juices, even as excited as she was. She closed her eyes and thought back on pictures she had seen, realizing Moses was shooting into her cunt. She loved the feeling. Wanted more.
Her eyes flying open, Katherine suddenly discovered that Moses was wanting to mate with her completely. She felt something like a huge ball pushing against her cunt, and realized Moses was trying to tie with her. She reached her hand back, and felt a moment of panic when it made contact with his knot. Too big for her...for any take in her cunt. Crazed with her own lust, but realizing what would happen if that knot was forced into her, Katherine held her hand there, blocking the big animal’s knot. Just thinking about what he wanted, however, fueled her lust. God what would it be like to have that knot buried in her? To be tied down, unable to protect her cunt from the full force of the dog’s desire.
Moses increased his pumping, frustrated that he couldn’t bury himself into his bitch as fully as he wanted. Faster and faster, pushing the thick cock into her cunt. Katherine felt a burning ache she knew had to be satisfied. Thrusting her ass up higher, careful to block Moses’ knot, she offered her cunt as completely as she could, welcoming the pounding, trying to squeeze her muscles and make her tight cunt take an even more brutal pounding. The tingle started deep inside her, and Katherine realized she would soon be cuming on her lover’s cock. Oh god so tempting to move her hand and let the beast take everything he wanted.
With a final vicious thrust into her cunt, Moses held his body tight into her and still. Katherine could feel the wetness in earnest now, realizing that the big dog was shooting his cum deep into her raw cunt. And it struck. The most powerful orgasm Katherine had ever known wracked her body. It was no longer Moses doing the fucking; he was deep and still, and Katherine raped herself on his massive cock. Wave after wave hit her, and she realized the animal noises she heard were not coming from the dog but from her own mouth. Her mouth that could still taste the dog cock. One final push against him, and Katherine felt herself collapse down flat on the floor, Moses’ cock sliding from her body, dripping and sated.
Katherine laid there, alone, realizing the canine lover had moved himself to a corner to lick his cock. She crawled over to him, weak and stunned, and lowered her head to clean their combined juices from the beautiful cock, wondering to herself if the owners would be needing to find a good home for their dog when they moved.

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2012-12-21 02:04:07
Dear Darcie, love the puppy pics! Kate is adorable. Puppy kiesss some of the best things in the whole world! Both puppy kiesss and grown up dog kiesss are one of the things that makes a persons life whole! You can be feeling sad and blue and have tears streaming down your face and then it happens your dog comes to you and licks the tears away and you know in that instant you are loved! A love greater than your human companions could ever give. For it is the love of the Spirit-in-the-Sky for you manifested through your dog! He (the Spirit-in-the-Sky) is telling you that He is there, He cares and that no matter what may have caused you to feel that way with Him things will be alright once again!Wolf-Talker BELIEVE!

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2011-06-29 10:10:35
Thanks for shraing. What a pleasure to read!

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2011-06-17 05:28:47
Ohh a good story. There is nothing to match a long hard dog cock up a woman's cunt. I have a large dog, and I let him fuck me lots. My husband takes pics of the dog fucking me. He sells them to a beastiality site. That dog goes in me so deeply. He makes me cum so many times. I love it, safe too, no babies.

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2009-08-02 07:56:18
10/10 need more of it!!!!!!


2008-12-25 11:14:47
Great storie there...But i think you should of may that the dog force himself on her, and raped her forcefully. And she could get him off her and stop him because he was a huge dog. Also his knot went in her. Then when his knot began to soften he got off her. Thinking that it's over she got up and limp(she's limping because of the raping she recieve from the dog)out of the bathroom heading for her closet for some clothing. When she got to the room he jump on her back again and force her down again and try to rape her again. While probing for her cunt he hitted the skin/part that seperate her vigina from her anus. Slipping his cock up entering her ass instead. That how i wanted to go personally. But great story tho.

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