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teacher marries his students mother
“Mr. Chandler!!!!”
Todd turned at hearing his name called.
A sixteen year old beauty was facing him.
Wholesome good looks, perky breasts, and a tiny waist perched atop a delightful bubble butt, tapering down to a pair of gorgeous gams, aptly displayed by her Daisy Dukes.
Her low slung shorts exposed her hip bones, and her belly shirt showed off her tight stomach. Her belly button peeked out of the bottom of her shirt. She showed off a deep summer tan.
But not that he would notice that sort of thing.
“Hello Nicole, how are you doing?”
“Great! I’m here with my mom. What are you doing here?”
“Well, my friend set me up on a blind date, but I guess I’ve been stood up.”
Nicole made a face.
“That sucks. I’m sorry.” Then she brightened up.
“Why don’t you join us! Mom won’t mind!!”
“Oh, that’s ok Nicole, I don’t want to interrupt your dinner.”
She waved away his protests.
“Oh you aren’t!! It’s just the two of us. I insist!!”
And with that she linked her arm in his and led him through the restaurant.
“I’ll let you in on a little secret, mom’s on the prowl. She’s a cougar! A hot guy like you would be right up her alley!”
He gave Nicole a sideways glance. She was a sweet girl, but like many teens she sometimes lacked a filter between her brain and her mouth.

As they approached her table, he saw a woman who looked to be in her late 30’s, but was trying to look like she was still in her 20’s. To her credit, she was pulling it off. She was dressed similarly to Nicole, had the same high cheekbones, and fine bone structure. She had blonde highlights streaking her hair, and a French manicure.
Definitely dressed for a night of prowling, it seemed a little unseemly to him that she was having dinner with her daughter in that outfit.

Nicole skipped up to the table.
“Mom, look who I found, it’s Mr. Chandler!”
The woman turned to face him and her eyes lit up.
“Oh hello Mr. Chandler, it’s sooo nice to see you again. When was the last time we met?”
“I believe it was parent night Nicole’s Freshman year.” He replied. “And please, call me Todd. It’s nice to see you again Mrs. Morgan.”
She extended her hand to him.
“Actually, it’s Ms. My husband and I divorced. And please, call me Michelle.”
Todd was vaguely aware that she was still grasping his hand. He glanced over to see Nicole grinning at him. She threw him a wink and mouthed to him “Told you”.
She turned to her mother.
“Hey mom, I saw some of the girls heading down the street, can I go catch up with them?”
Michelle pouted briefly. Todd caught himself staring at her full lips, and had a lingering thought.
What would they feel like wrapped around his dick?
He shook his head quickly.
“Sweetie, I thought this was supposed to be girls’ night for the two of us.”
Nicole bent down to whisper in her mother’s ear.
“He got stood up tonight. And Suzanna Johnson’s older sister dated him and said that he’s really packing.”
Michelle turned to Todd and ran an appraising eye over him.
In his late 20’s, he still retained his physique from his college track days.
She cocked her head at him.
“Well it seems my daughter had found better company for the evening. Will you rescue me from a lonely evening?”
Todd sat down at the table and Nicole waved at the two of them and scampered off.
“In all honesty, I don’t think that you’d have any trouble finding a companion this evening.” He told her.
“I didn’t, I found you.” She grinned at him. “Or more precisely, my daughter did. You know, all the girls have a crush on you. Nicole especially.”
Todd blushed at that. It wasn’t exactly a secret around school that the girls found him cute. It was a quiet point of pride for him, but it felt awkward having one of their moms point it out to him.

As he sat down with her, she was aware that they were attracting some subtle attention. He was a single male teacher, she was a divorced mom who had done very well in her settlement. She spent her days playing tennis and doing yoga, and was involved in various social functions. Over the past two years, she had sown her wild oats, and was looking to settle back down. Despite her attempts to be discreet, she was aware that she was gaining a reputation that would make the dirtiest sluts in her daughter’s school blush.

Nicole climbed into her car and headed down the street after her friends. She was on the phone with one of them.
“Hey Janet, where you guys headed?”
“I thought you were at dinner with your mom.”
“I was, but I hooked her up with Mr. Chandler. I ran into him at the restaurant.”
“No way!! Your mom and Mr. Chandler???? But, she’s like …. Way older than him.”
Nicole dismissed her concerns. “Yeah, but they’re both old enough that it doesn’t really matter. Besides, my mom’s still hot.”
Janet giggled. “Do you think they’ll hook up?”
“I hope so.” Nicole replied. “She needs to settle down.”
Although she never brought it up with her mother, Nicole was concerned about her. She was starting to become aware of her mother’s reputation, and it concerned her. She didn’t need to be that way, and Mr. Chandler was a good catch.
“Do you think they’d get married?” Janet asked.
“Who knows?” Nicole replied. “But I think that they’d be good together.”
“But you’d be living in the same house as Mr. Chandler. Girl, you would be so lucky! You could spy on him in the shower!!”
“Eeeewwww. That’s dirty!”
“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about him that way!!!”
Nicole smiled guiltily. “Well, maybe just a bit.”
“I knew it!” Janet crowed. “If I were you, I’d be doing the same thing.”

The next Monday, Nicole bounced up to Mr. Chandler outside his classroom.
“Hi Mr. Chandler!! How was your date?”
He looked around briefly and asked her to step into his classroom.
“I wanted to say thank you Nicole, but I also wanted to talk to you about that.”
“Sure, what’s up?”
“I know this seems a little odd for me to ask, but how would you feel about me seeing your mom? Dating her, I mean.”
Nicole’s eyes grew wide.
“You want to date my mom? Really?? Do you like her?”
Todd seemed embarrassed.
“Well, I wanted to see how you felt about it first. I know that this could seem kind of awkward for you, and I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”
“No, it wouldn’t bother me at all!! I think that it’s great!!!”
She threw her arms around him, and Scott hurriedly disentangled himself. It wasn’t the sort of thing he would want anyone to witness.
“Nicole, you really shouldn’t do that. It’s not appropriate.”
She rolled her eyes at that. “Oh Mr. Chandler, don’t be such a stick in the mud! After all, if things work out, you may be my new dad!!”
“Ummm, Nicole, I think you may be looking a little far ahead, I’m just considering dating your mom, not marrying her.”
That brought Nicole up short.
“Well why not? What’s wrong with her?”
“Nothing.” Todd replied. “It’s just that…”
“Is she too old for you? Is that it? Is it because she’s been so wild since she got divorced from my dad??”
“No, no, it’s nothing like that. See, this is what I’m concerned about, how you would react. I mean, what if things don’t work out?”
Nicole put her hands on her hips.
“Well why wouldn’t they work out? What’s wrong with my mom?”
“Nothing, nothing.”
“So what’s the problem?”
Todd realized that he was in a difficult situation here. Sure, he’d like to get into Michelle’s pants, but he wasn’t sure what else beyond that.
“Nicole, do you love your boyfriend?”
“Are you going to get married?”
Nicole’s brow furrowed.
“Well, we’re a little bit young to be thinking about that.”
“It’s kind of the same thing for me.”
“But you aren’t sixteen! You’re ….”
“Old?” Todd smiled at that. “Despite that, I’m still not sure about the future. I like your mom, I’d like to date her, but I can’t make any promises about the future.”
Nicole considered that for a moment.
“I guess I can see your point. Ok, I get it. But you should sooo give her a chance!! You won’t regret it!”
Todd laughed.
“I promise I will.”
“Ok, I’ll see you later, bye!!” And she bounced out of the room.
Todd looked at the ceiling and sighed, then pulled out his cell phone and made a call.
“Hello, Michelle?”
“Hello Todd. How are you today?” He heard on the other end.
“I’m fine. Listen, I just wanted to say thank you for putting up with me the other night, I know I kind of got sprung on you, and I was hoping that I could make it up to you.”
Michelle smiled on the other end of the line.
“What did you have in mind?”
“Well, since we’ve already done dinner, how would you feel about a hike? Have a picnic lunch?”
He held his breath. His outdoorsy nature was either a real turn on or turn off, depending on the girl. He hoped he had her pegged right.”
“That sounds lovely. I can’t remember the last time I had a picnic.”
“So how about Saturday? We could meet in Evans Park. Around 11?”
“That sounds wonderful. I look forward to it.”

The next day, Nicole bounced into his classroom again.
“So I hear you’re taking my mom on a hike. That’s a weird date.”
Todd laughed at that.
“What would you consider not weird?”
“I don’t know. Dinner. A movie. A party.”
He raised an eyebrow at that.
“Not that I go to any…..” Nicole murmured.
He laughed at that.
“Nicole, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but I don’t really feel comfortable talking about this with you.”
She cocked her head to the side.
“Why not?”
He stumbled a little bit with his answer.
“Well, it’s just … I mean … Well it’s my personal life and I don’t think I should be sharing that with you.”
Nicole leaned forward and propped her elbows on his desk, placing her hands underneath her chin.
This pose displayed her cleavage quite nicely, and Todd had to force himself to keep his eyes from wandering down to her titties.
“Well it’s my personal life, too. I mean, it’s my mom.”
Todd busied himself with some papers on his desk.
“See, this is why I was concerned about getting involved with your mom, it’s just too complicated.”
“Wait!!” Nicole stood up and held her palms out towards him.
“Please don’t back out of this!! I promise not to say anything else. I swear!!! Just promise that you won’t break up with my mom because of me!!”
“Nicole, we aren’t going out.”
“Whatever! Just promise.”
“Ok, I promise.”
“Good. And I promise not to say anything else.”
The bell rang.
“You better scoot, you’re going to be late.”
As Nicole ran out of his classroom, he shook his head.
Teenage girls. What a trip.
She sure did have some nice titties, though.

That Saturday came, and Todd and Michelle met in the park before hiking out to the reservoir. A scenic site, it attracted quite a few outdoor lovers, and there was a well worn path. As they trekked out, Michelle told him how her daughter had relayed his concerns to her with a merry laugh.
“I’m so sorry. Nicole doesn’t really understand the problem, and doesn’t quite realize how delicate a situation this is for you.”
Todd shrugged it off.
“She’s a good kid, she just doesn’t understand how complicated this is.”
Michelle turned to face him.
“Well how complicated is it? We’ve had dinner, and we’re out for hike. I wouldn’t exactly classify this as a torrid affair.”
Todd blushed at that.
“Well, it’s just …. Talking about it with her seemed awkward.”
Michelle smiled and patted him on the arm.
“You’re a good boy Todd, but you think too much.”
She turned and continued down the path as he admired her from behind. Her smooth legs were toned from her regular sessions of yoga and weekly tennis matches. Her ass, while not quite as high as her daughters, was still quite a sight.
She turned and caught him staring at her.
“Are you going to enjoy the view from back there, or come join me up here?”
Todd blushed a bit at that and hurried to catch up with her.
After a while, Todd suggested that they leave the beaten path for a clearing that he knew of. As they climbed into the brush and up an embankment, he found himself eye level with her ass. They came to a steep climb, and Scott wound up having to boost her up by placing his hands on her ass. She smiled at him over her shoulder.
As they clambered into the clearing, Michelle had to admit it was worth the hike.
The reservoir glistened below as they sat down and pulled their lunch from Todd’s backpack. They lay back in the grass and enjoyed their lunch, chatting idly. Todd kept casting glances up and down Michelle’s body. Scott couldn’t tell if she had a breast enhancement, or was just wearing a push up bra, but he couldn’t detect any sag in her titties.

As they departed, Todd jumped down the embankment first, then turned to help Michelle get down. She fell against him, and as they stood there in each others arms, he leaned in and kissed her.
She hesitated at first, then began to respond, matching his passion.
Taking this as a sign, Todd began to run his hand over her breast, when she placed her hand on his and stopped him.
“Easy there boy, this is our first date.”
Todd blushed and looked down. He had always fancied himself a ladies man, but this older woman, with her poise and confidence seemed to be calling the shots.
As they left that day he figured that he didn’t have anything to lose, and he leaned in for a kiss.
She responded in kind, pushing her tongue against his, and tracing her hand along his shorts, feeling for his cock.
She broke away first, and looked deep into his eyes.
Todd got the feeling that she was expecting something from him.
“When can I see you again?” He stuttered.
“Next weekend. Call me.” And she drove off.
Todd stood there, feeling like a fool.
‘When can I see you again?’?????!!!!???? What a lame-ass thing to say!!! He was like an insecure teenager all over again!!

The pattern continued for a couple of months. They would have a date, he’d get a kiss at the end, but that was it.
In the meantime, Nicole was trying her best not to say anything to him at school, but he got the feeling that she and her friends were laughing at him whenever he saw them.
Whatever happened to the 3 date rule, he found himself wondering.
And why did he keep coming back for more when it wasn’t going anywhere?

One Saturday night they went out, and when he dropped her off she turned to him.
“Nicole is at her father’s this weekend. Why don’t you come in for at bit?”
Finally! He had been waiting so long for this.
She fussed about for a bit, getting him a drink and making sure that he was comfortable, but he was starting to get a bit antsy when she finally sat down next to him.
She leaned in towards him and kissed him. As she started to pull away, he grabbed her tightly and pulled her in close, thrusting his tongue into her mouth.
She hesitated at first, then let herself go, allowing him to take control.
She had made him wait for a bit, and while she enjoyed the control she was exercising over him, she also knew that if she strung him along too long, he would lose interest.
As he began to trace kisses down her neck, she leaned back and let him control the situation. He seemed to hesitate for a moment, unsure of how far he could push this, and she nudged him along by pulling down her tank top to give him access to her breasts.
Finally! Now he was getting somewhere. Scott leaned down and took her nipple in his mouth, gently sucking at it while his hands traced up and down her sides. She leaned her head back and moaned as he went to work on her breasts.
His hands moved up to her breasts and began to cup and gently squeeze them. He lifted them and pushed them together, placing kisses on both breasts.
While he was enjoying finally getting past first base with her, one part of his brain was a bit detached, curiously testing her breasts for signs of augmentation.
As always, she seemed a step ahead of him.
“They’re real.”
Todd blushed at that and sat back.
Michelle sat up.
“Are you ok? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”
“It’s not that.” Todd admitted. “It’s just that …. I feel like a fumbling kid with you. It’s ….. unnerving.”
She smiled at him.
“You don’t need to feel a thing when you’re with me baby, just relax and let go. You don’t need to try and impress me. Lay back and enjoy yourself.”
And with that, she began to undo his pants and tugged them down, freeing his cock.
She smiled at him, then voraciously attacked his member.
She grasped it in her hands and began rapidly jacking it while licking at the tip before she took his head into her mouth. She sucked it sharply while running her tongue around the crown of his cock.
Todd began running his fingers through her blonde tresses, enjoying her oral skills on his cock. It had been a couple of months since he had enjoyed some female company, his relationship with Michelle had evolved into an exclusive one without anything really being said, or even without him realizing it.
It wasn’t long before he could feel his balls tingling.
He pushed Michelle off his cock, gasping.
“What’s wrong?” She asked him.
“I’m about to blow.” He told her.
She grinned at him devilishly, and placed her mouth back on him. She redoubled her efforts on his cock, pushing her mouth down on him as far as she could. Saliva began running down his shaft, lubricating it. She began pumping one hand up and down his cock in a rotating motion, while cupping his balls in her other hand.
She took her face off of him long enough to look at him with a seductive stare.
“Cum in my mouth. I want to taste your juice.”
He leaned his head back and groaned.
She renewed her attentions on his cock, and it wasn’t long before she brought him back to the brink.
“Oh shit, I’m cumming Michelle. I’m cumming!!”
Michelle pressed her mouth as far down on his cock as she could manage, and tenderly massaged his balls as he began shooting two months worth of sperm into her mouth. She swallowed his load, sucking on him the entire time.
As the last of his load disappeared down her throat, she ran her tongue around his cockhead, and pulled her mouth off of him, releasing his dick with a pop.
He stared down at her, gasping.
“Holy shit, that was amazing Michelle.”
“I hope you recuperate quickly.” Michelle smiled at him wolfishly. “I’m not done with you yet.”
He smiled back at her. “I can manage that. In the meantime, let me return the favor.”
She smiled at him and stood up, taking his hand and leading him to the bedroom.
As they entered, she turned and fell back onto her bed. Without hesitation, Todd began undoing her pants and stripping them off of her shapely legs. Michelle lay back and opened her legs wide for him, revealing a hairless pussy.
Todd dove between her legs and began kissing her inner thighs, while letting the scent of her pussy waft up to him. It had been long enough since he had been with a woman that wanted to savor this.
Michelle leaned back and moaned her appreciation while running her fingers through his hair.
Todd got closer and closer to her pussy, tracing his fingers in slow patterns around her labia. As she began writhing, he slipped his index finger into her and began to gently pump it in and out of her while sucking her clitoris into his mouth.
Michelle gasped and began pushing her hips up, forcing her pussy into his face.
Todd started searching inside her pussy for her G spot, while flicking her clit with his tongue as he gently held it in his mouth.
He wanted to please her, to give her the pleasure that she had given him. He wrapped his free arm under her leg, bringing her thigh up next to his head while he continued stroking the inside of it with his hand. His pinky began searching out her asshole, but as soon as she felt him there, she wiggled her hips and pushed at his hand.
“No, no! Not down there!!”
Todd acquiesced and instead pressed another finger into her pussy. Michelle moaned again and rolled her hips.
“Keep going baby, I’m getting close.”
Todd felt the fleshy nub at the front of her canal start to swell, and he pushed against it firmly.
Michelle started gasping in ragged breaths, and moaning his name.
Todd could see the flush come over her, and her pussy clamped down on his fingers. Michelle grabbed his head with both hands and pushed his face into her pussy.
As her orgasm washed over her, Michelle quaked while feeling Todds tongue flick over her clit. His pressure on her most intimate places had taken her to her limits and then beyond.
She was done playing games with him, done trying to control him, now she was surrendering herself to him, urging him to take her.
Todd pulled his face away from Michelle’s pussy and sat up. He placed his hands on her thighs and spread her legs wide, exposing her dripping pussy to him.
Her earlier blow job had lit a fire in him that only a dip in her pussy could put out.
He grasped his cock in his hand and guided it to her engorged pussy lips, sliding it up and down her slit.
“I’m so ready baby.” He moaned to her.
“So am I.” She replied. “I’ve been wanting this since I met you on parent night.”
“Then why did you make me wait for so long?” He asked her.
“I’ve made mistakes by hopping into bed too quickly. I wanted to make sure this would last beyond one night.” She told him.
Todd considered this for a moment. They had been dating for a few months now, and his feelings for her were now beyond the strictly physical. He took a deep breath and eased his cock into her pussy and groaned.
Michelle moaned at his penetration. She had been making him wait for a few months, but she hadn’t been getting any sex herself in that same time period, so this was as much a release for her as it was for him.
As he pushed into her, she could feel her juices easing his path deep inside her. As he reached full penetration, he pressed up against her clit and slowly rotated inside of her before pulling halfway out. He then drove back inside for several straight strokes before rotating again. The alternating stimulation of short and sharp bangs with rotating pressure on her clit was bringing her back to the edge again.
Todd paused for a moment to catch his breath, and also to evaluate the effect he was having on her. His experience with women had taught him that the surest way to be invited back into their beds was to make sure that she was enjoying herself each time.
Michelle opened her eyes and moaned at him.
“I’m close baby, do me hard.”
Todd responded by driving into her with a powerful stroke that made her cry out. He kept repeating it, pounding into her, practically bouncing up and down on her like she was a trampoline.
She squeezed her eyes shut, gritted her teeth, and grunted like an animal.
“Uhuhuhuh. Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh that’s it baby!!! Keep going!!!!!”
Todd complied, keeping up his powerful thrusting, but secretly wondering how much longer he could keep this pace up, and how far away she was from her orgasm.
He could feel his balls start to tighten and he moaned to her.
“I’m getting close Michelle. Are you there yet?”
“Almost baby.” She gasped at him. “Keep going.”
Todd kept pumping but within 10 seconds, he could feel the cum start to leak out of his dick.
“I’m cumming Michelle, I’m cumming!!”
“Yes!!! I’m cumming!!!!”
As she experienced the throes of her orgasm, Michelle was distantly aware of the feel of his cum squirting into her pussy.
She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him towards her, wrapping herself tight around him while his body jerked as he unloaded in her pussy.
As he spent the last of himself inside her, he collapsed on top of her with a sigh.
She kept her legs wrapped around him while she gently ran one of her hands up and down his back, while she ran her other hand through his hair while she lightly kissed his neck and shoulder.
Todd laid on top of her, breathing deeply.
He finally rolled off of her and exhaled.
“Oh my God.”
Michelle turned towards him and lazily threw an arm over his chest.
“I’d like you to sleep here tonight, but I don’t want you to feel obligated.”
Todd turned to face her.
“There’s nowhere else I’d rather stay. This isn’t a one-night stand for me Michelle, and you aren’t just a notch on my bedpost. I’m in this for the long haul.”
She smiled at him and leaned in for a lingering kiss.

The next morning, Todd was gently shaken awake by Michelle.
“Nicole will be coming home soon, and I thought you might not want to be here when she did.”
Scott blinked his eyes and shook himself awake.
“Yeah, that would probably be best.”
Michelle smiled at him.
“Todd, she’s not a child. And if you are in this for the long haul, it’s something that you’ll eventually have to face.”
Todd nodded.
“I know, it’s just …. I don’t think I’m quite ready yet. As silly as it sounds, I’m a little embarrassed to face her.”
Michelle smiled at that.
“Embarrassed by me?”
Todd thought for a moment.
“No, not embarrassed by you … more embarrassed that she would know that we were sleeping together.”
“Todd, she already assumes that we are.”
Todd shrugged.
“I know. I’d still feel awkward.”
Michelle smiled indulgently at him.
“Go on home. Call me later.”
Todd kissed her. “I will.”

After a couple of months of this, Todd realized that he was being a bit silly, and decided that when the opportunity presented itself, they’d discuss the situation with Nicole.
Michelle smiled at him and rolled on top of him.
“I was wondering how long it would take you.”
She grasped his cock and guided him into her pussy.
“Now I don’t have to hide you anymore, like my dirty little secret. I felt like I was being dishonest with my daughter, and I didn’t like it.”
Todd reached up and began rubbing her breasts as she rolled her hips around, scraping the walls of her pussy with his member.
“Now you won’t be the cute teacher that all the girls have a crush on, you’ll be my boy toy. Maybe that’s why you didn’t want to tell Nicole, you didn’t want to lose your status.”
Todd smiled sheepishly at that, but was also a bit embarrassed.
It wasn’t like he would ever do anything with any of the students, that was a career ender and possible jail time as well, but he did kind of enjoy knowing all of those teenage girls were lusting after him.
However, with Michelle grinding into him, he wasn’t too worried about it at the moment. She suddenly held very still, and began milking his cock with her vaginal muscles.
Todd leaned his head back and groaned.
Michelle smiled at his reaction and continued squeezing him with her pussy while she started rotating her hips in tiny circles.
The double sensation on his cock was driving Todd nuts. He placed his hands on Michelle’s inner thighs, and began rubbing his thumbs in tiny circles, trying to match the pleasure she was giving him.
It became a bit of a contest between the two of them, each trying to outdo the other.
They came at the same time, their moans and cries intermingling with each other.

Todd awoke the next morning, and headed to the kitchen to make coffee. As he stood there shaking the cobwebs from his head, he was startled by Nicole’s voice.
“Good morning Mr. Chandler.”
Todd whirled around to find Nicole grinning wolfishly at him.
Clad only in his underwear, he felt incredibly vulnerable.
“Uhhhh… I thought you were gone for the weekend. When did you come back?”
“Last night. I was staying at Stacey’s, but she got sick so I came home.”
“Ummm, your mother didn’t know that, why didn’t you…”
“Tell her I was in? I decided that I shouldn’t interrupt you, it sounded like you guys were pretty busy.”
Nicole’s grin grew even wider, and she had a devilish twinkle in her eyes.
Todd sighed and sat down at the kitchen table.
“Nicole, I wanted to talk to you about this, I just hadn’t planned on it being under these circumstances.”
Nicole leaned against the counter and folded her arms while regarding Todd with a bemused expression.
“Nicole, I really like your mom, and our relationship has obviously developed … I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to take your dad’s place, but … I want to be a big part of her life, which obviously includes you. How do you feel about that?”
Nicole raised an eyebrow at him.
“Are you talking about marrying my mom?”
“Not right away, but … I think it’s a real possibility in the future. If she’ll have me.”
Nicole beamed at him and plopped herself down in his lap, surprising him.
Todd was uncomfortably aware that he was just in his underwear, and she was clad only in her sleep pants and a thin t-shirt. She ground her tight little ass against his crotch and wrapped her arms around his neck.
“I think it’s wonderful.” She whispered in his ear. Then she kissed him on the cheek.
“I haven’t asked her yet, we’re still just dating right now.”
“But you’re serious about her, and that’s what matters.”
Nicole kissed him again, then headed back to her room, leaving Todd with an erection from where she had been grinding against him.
He shifted uncomfortably, then headed back to Michelle’s room, hoping to relieve his morning wood.

At the end of the school year Todd moved in with Michelle, and began to adjust to a more domestic life.
It was a bit odd for him at first, seeing Nicole and her friends in this setting, but he soon got used to it.
The one thing that took him by surprise was when he came out to the pool one day to discover that they had already beaten him to it.
“Hi Mr. Chandler!!” He heard as he came out the back door.
The sight stopped him short. Nicole and several of her friends were frolicking in the pool clad in their bathing suits, a couple of which didn’t leave much to the imagination.
Especially Nicole’s.
A bright yellow string bikini, its triangle top emphasized her breasts, making them appear even larger than their c cup size.
“I’m sorry girls, I didn’t mean to disturb you, I’ll come back later.”
“Ohh, you don’t have to leave, come on in!!” They pleaded with him.
“No, I have some errands to run and things to do around the house, I’ll leave you to your fun.”
As Todd went back inside, the girls were admiring his athletic body.
Janet turned to Nicole. “Did you see the way he was checking you out? He wants you.”
Nicole smirked. “He’s a guy. All guys check out girls in bathing suits.”
“Yeah, well you sure gave him an eyeful.”
Nicole grinned. “I try to. A couple of times I’ve walked through the house in my short shorts and sports bra. I’d do it in my bra and panties, but my mom would have a fit.”
“Do you ever hear them having sex?”
“Yes. My mom sounds like you do! Moaning and panting like a two dollar whore!”
“You bitch!” Janet laughed as she splashed Nicole. “So is it weird having him here now?”
“A little. But I figure that sooner or later, one of his will walk in on each other in the shower or something.”
“Your mom would freak out.”
Nicole made a face. “I know. And I don’t want to mess this up for her, so I’ll just keep Todd as my secret crush.”
“Todd? You call him Todd now?”
“Of course. Calling him Mr. Chandler would be weird, wouldn’t it? Except in my fantasies.”
The two girls laughed and joined their friends at the other end of the pool.

Todd and Michelle married at the end of the school year, and settled into domestic bliss. In the fall, Nicole went off to college, leaving the two of them alone, which they took full advantage of.
During the summers, when she returned home, they had to be a little more circumspect about where in the house they had sex. One night, she almost caught them in the Jacuzzi. But after three years of marriage, Todd recognized that his sex life with Michelle was starting to get stale.
At first it was small things, which seemed insignificant at first, but which gradually added up.
Oral sex became less frequent, and then disappeared from their sex life altogether.
Then the sex became less frequent, and when it did occur, it was straight missionary position, and they would roll over and fall asleep after 20 minutes.

Nicole returned home from college for her last summer break, and spent most of her time lounging around the pool.
Todd found himself stealing glances at her as she lay out, working on her tan. Since he was off for the summer, he didn’t have anything better to do then join her outside while Michelle was at tennis.
Nicole seemed very curious about the state of their marriage.
“Things are fine between us.” Todd told her. “We couldn’t be happier.”
Nicole pulled her sunglasses down to the tip of her nose and peered at him.
“Are you sure? I used to hear you guys going at it almost every night. I’ve been home for almost a month, and haven’t heard a single peep out of your bedroom.”
Todd was a bit startled at this. He hadn’t realized that Nicole had such an intimate knowledge of their sex life.
“Well, it’s normal for things to taper off a bit, we’ve been together almost four years now, and we’re getting older…. “
Nicole laughed merrily at that.
“You aren’t old. I bet you still have a sex drive. So what do you do now that you aren’t getting any from my mom? Do you look at online porn? Do you ogle other women? Do you have a girl on the side? You better not be cheating on her!” She playfully admonished him.
Todd blushed a bit at that. It was true that he still had sexual needs, and he did occasionally check out some websites that Michelle didn’t know about, as well as letting his eyes wander at attractive girls.
Nicole stretched her arms above her head and lazily pushed her breasts and hips upwards.
“You should take her out for a nice romantic evening, see if that doesn’t fire things up a bit.”

Todd took Nicole’s advice and made a reservation for that weekend at a cozy resort. Michelle appreciated the gesture, and looked forward to a nice weekend away. After dinner their first night, she climbed into bed, rolled over on her back, and lay there waiting for Todd.
The sex was unremarkable and disappointing for both of them.
Todd rolled off of her and sighed heavily.
Michelle stared at the ceiling.
“Do you still love me?”
“Yes, of course I do.” Todd replied.
“I’m sorry Todd.” She told him. “It’s just that I don’t … I still love you, I just don’t have many sexual urges anymore. I know that it’s not fair to you. It hurts me to know that I can’t make you happy.”
“I am happy, except for this.”
“And it’s a big thing. It’s why you’re on the internet. It’s why you look at other women.”
Todd kept silent. He hadn’t been aware that Michelle knew of his wandering eye.
“I love you Michelle, that hasn’t changed.” He tried to reassure her.
“But I’m not satisfying your needs anymore.”
Todd couldn’t answer that, he simply lay there in the darkness, until they both fell asleep.
The next morning, Michelle was gone when Todd awoke.
He found a note which read: “I need some time to think. Stay here, enjoy the weekend.”
He sat down and sighed heavily.
“I need some time to think”????
He had a pretty good idea where that one was headed.
In the meantime, he had booked them for all sorts of couples themed events, wine tasting, spa treatment, and doing them by himself wasn’t his idea of enjoying the weekend.
As he sat there grousing to himself, the door opened, and Nicole walked in, dressed in a light summer sun dress.
“Nicole? What are you doing here?”
“Mom called me. She wanted me to fill in for her today, she felt bad about leaving you here. I guess the romantic getaway didn’t work out after all, huh?”
“I guess not. Nicole, I appreciate you being here, but you don’t have to do this, I’m sure that you have plenty of other things that you’d rather be doing.”
“No, it’s okay.” Nicole replied. “I’m looking forward to this, guys my age think going to a kegger is a good time. It’ll be nice to pamper myself.”
Todd nodded glumly and prepared for the day.
As they went about the activities, Todd kept mulling over things.
Was his relationship with Michelle really over?
Could they find a way to work things out?
How could they get past the sex angle?
In the meantime, Nicole was really getting into the spirit of the day, linking her arm in his as they walked along through the various activities.
At the wine tasting, she got a little giddy and put her hand on his arm several times, but Todd thought nothing of it.
During dinner, they chatted about everything, Nicole’s plans for the future, her final year of college, everything but the state of Todd and Michelle’s marriage.
Nicole had a couple of glasses of wine with her meal, and announced that she didn’t want to make the hour drive home.
Todd agreed that it was a good idea, and guided a giggling Nicole back to the room on unsteady legs.
Todd was a little surprised, he hadn’t thought that she was so unable to handle alcohol.
Nicole grinned mischievously. “I’ll let you in on a little secret: I enjoyed some of the wines at the tasting so much, I had a few extra glasses. I’ve probably had two bottles of wine today.” Then she covered her mouth and giggled, reminding Todd of the young teen who once sat in his classroom.
Todd allowed Nicole to use the bathroom first, and by the time he came out, she was snoozing on the bed.
He gently tucked her in, then headed to the outer room, where the couch beckoned to him.
Not long afterwards, he could hear Nicole stirring in the other room, and then the bathroom door closed.
Poor kid, he thought to himself. She must have really gone overboard with the wine today.
A few minutes later, he heard the bathroom door open again. As he glanced towards the bedroom, he saw the light come on, casting a soft glow into the outer room.
“Nicole, are you okay?” He called.
“I’m fine.” She replied, and leaned against the doorway.
Todd froze at the sight.
Nicole was wearing a sheer white babydoll, with no bra, and a lace thong.
She began walking towards him.
“Mom wanted me to fill in for her tonight, too.”

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