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This is part one - please comment if you want more!
My brother, my pimp!

My life as a sixteen year old girl in 1950 post war Britain was hardly something to write home about. Most of the girls in my class at Grammar school were always boasting about the boys they had been out with, and the boys they wanted to go out with. I seldom joined in their conversations as I was not a pretty girl, or so I thought at the time. My milk bottom glasses, with a dioptre correction of twenty in each eye ensured that no boy ever came within touching distance of me, never mind kissing me. Yep! I had NEVER been kissed by a boy other than my brother Jack, who was two years my senior.

Jack was a bubbly lad who had lots of friends who, unfortunately with his instigation, derided and generally made my life miserable with taunts of ‘ugly four eyes’ or ‘can I have a pint of milk please’ in reference to my thick specs. I can hear you now saying ‘why didn’t I take off my glasses?’. If you have never had bad eyesight you will not comprehend how difficult life can be when your eyes need a twenty dioptre correction in order to see properly. Everything is horribly blurred and it is impossible to recognise anyone unless they are within twelve inches of you. To put it into perspective - if you have a twenty five dioptre correction you can be legally classed as blind!

Unfortunately at that time there was no replacement lens operations available as now. If you needed thick lenses you had to manage with them or go under. I was taunted and bullied as an ‘ugly’ girl and so I began to believe that I was indeed ugly. This being so I never attempted to try and alter my hair or wear make-up as I considered it a waste of time. It was Valentine’s day in February 1950 and Jack was boasting about receiving ten Valentine cards, and deriding me for not getting any. I took myself upstairs to mope on my own. After a few minutes lying on the bed I decided to have a bath. My parents were out of the house and so I took the chance without having to get it passed by mum not to use up all the hot water.

Having a bath usually cheered me up - but not that day. Valentine’s day always brought home to me how ugly I was and that I would probably never ever get a boy to want, never mind love me. I was just stepping out of the bath when Jack’s voice came out of the blur.
“Bloody hell sis! You are beautiful!”.
I squinted towards the door and saw a blurred figure standing there. It must have been Jack.

“Just stand there while I get my camera!”.

I was too shocked and taken aback to move anyway. Could my ears have been deceiving me? Did he actually say that I was beautiful? I stood there frozen to the spot, the bath water dripping from me on to the bathroom floor.
“There!” came his voice again as his blurred figure appeared again in the doorway. I heard the click of his camera and saw a blinding flash, before he approached my with a towel and began to dry me off.

“I never realised just how lovely you are without those horrible specs Sheila”

He explained as I calmly allowed him to dry my body. He spent more time than necessary on drying my breasts, but I didn’t mind, after all this was the first time any boy had shown interest in me, so what if it was my brother? I was in no mood to refuse this rare attention. He dropped to his knees.

“Open your legs Sis!”.

I was enjoying this too much to disobey, and I lifted one leg to place my foot on the edge of the bath. The wonderful sensation that swept through my body as the towel was gently rubbed over my pussy was incredible! I had never experienced anything like it! Well, possibly not since I had frigged myself off three days earlier. But this was so different! This was something I had only every dreamed about!
He dried between the crack of my bottom and down my legs. It tickled when he did my feet but I withstood the agony and allowed him to finish.

With the drying completed I felt his hands running up the side of my leg that was rooted to the floor. My other leg was still lifted on the edge of the bath. I left it there. His hands ran gently over my pussy, playing with the folds of my labia. Oh my goodness it felt wonderful! One hand moved upwards over my tummy and found my grateful breasts. He fondled them! Ohh it was heaven.
“Why on Earth hav’nt you got a boyfriend Sis?” he whispered softly “You are gorgeous!”.

Without thinking I pushed the finger that was playing with my labia inside me. Ohh it felt fantastic!
I felt something snap inside me. I could sense jack’s hesitation, but I didn’t want this to end. I pushed again on his fingers and they slid easily inside me this time. Jack got to his feet, his fingers still inside me, and he pressed his lips to mine. My own brother was kissing me. It felt so wonderful and my whole body tingled with the thrill. We didn’t do tongues. Tongues were not as prolific back in the fifties as they are nowadays. Jack began pumping his fingers in and out of me. The sensations spread all over my body and I tried to undress him

“No!” he cried “This will have to do Sheila. Yopu must find a boyfriend to go further!”.
“But boys don’t want me Jack - I am ugly!”.
“Sheila!” he yelled, and shook me by the shoulders, his fingers now out of me “You are beautiful without those horrible glasses, and …” he stepped back and looked me up and down “…and without your clothes you are awesome!”.

His words thrilled me to the core. I grabbed his hand and pushed it between my legs. He entered me once more. This time I allowed him to finish what he had started and he brought me to a mind blowing orgasm. The sensations swept through my whole body and I clung tightly to him as they reached their crescendo and then, slowly, so very slowly diminished. I pressed my lips to his and he responded. We kissed until my sensations had completely subsided. We parted and sat side by side on the edge of the bath holding hands.

“That was wonderful Jack. Can we do it again?”.
“Don’t you think it would be better if you found a boyfriend to do it?”.
“Boys hate me Jack!”.
“They won’t once they realise how lovely you are without those horrible thick specs…”.
“And without my clothes?” I giggled.
“Yes that too”. He ran a hand gently over my breasts. “You’ve got lovely tits Sis!”.
“Kiss me between my legs Jack!”. I shouted. I could hardly believe it was me saying it.
“Alright!” he replied “but it stops there Sheila! I am NOT fucking you!”.

He dropped to his knees and gently parted my legs enough to get his head easily between them, allowing his easy access to my pussy. His lips pressed on to my labia. He kissed me fully on my pussy. He ran the tip of his tongue around the extremities of my labia before plunging it inside me. In and out he slid his tongue, until the erotic sensations once again began to surge from my groin and around my whole body.

“Hi you two! We are back!” came the voice of mum from downstairs.
“Hi! Be down in a second mum!” I shouted back.

Jack and I hastily parted, with him heading for the door.

“Find me a boyfriend Jack!” I pleaded “Please!!!”.

He hesitated at the door. I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not.

“Leave it with me Sis! I’ll get you lots of boyfriends once they’ve seen those photos I just took! I‘m going to develop them now”. His blur vanished from my sight as he made for his room, and his polymin developing tank. No instant digital pics back then!



2018-08-16 14:32:58
You had me very early in the piece. The way you write in your characters done well. Giving my minds eye visualize of those two youngsters. Towel drying his little sister how sweet.
Not everyone can use cunt you can. Each time I liked. Used wrongly by many.
I off to read part 2 why because my dick is hard.


2017-11-22 21:25:39
Wife came home just as I was reading the last sentence. 'Had to put my dick away quick. You're a good writer. Can't wait to read the rest.

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2016-03-12 18:51:59
Great story! Can't wait to read what happens next in part 2!

Anonymous readerReport

2015-11-10 22:18:45
Certainly got me hard! On to part two!


2013-12-29 06:57:14
my only complaint is that it is too short

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