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PART 1.[/b]

My brother, my pimp!

My life as a sixteen year old girl in 1950 post war Britain was hardly something to write home about. Most of the girls in my class at Grammar school were always boasting about the boys they had been out with, and the boys they wanted to go out with. I seldom joined in their conversations as I was not a pretty girl, or so I thought at the time. My milk bottom glasses, with a dioptre correction of twenty in each eye ensured that no boy ever came within touching distance of me, never mind kissing me. Yep! I had NEVER been kissed by a boy other than my brother Jack, who was two years, my senior.

Jack was a bubbly lad who had lots of friends who, unfortunately with his instigation, derided and generally made my life miserable with taunts of ‘ugly four eyes’ or ‘can I have a pint of milk please’ in reference to my thick specs. I can hear you now saying ‘why didn’t I take off my glasses?’ If you have never had bad eyesight you will not comprehend how difficult life can be when your eyes need a twenty dioptre correction in order to see properly. Everything is horribly blurred and it is impossible to recognise anyone unless they are within twelve inches of you. To put it into perspective - if you have a twenty five dioptre correction you can be legally classed as blind!

Unfortunately at that time there were no replacement lens operations available as now. If you needed thick lenses you had to manage with them or go under. I was taunted and bullied as an ‘ugly’ girl and so I began to believe that I was indeed ugly. This being so I never attempted to try and alter my hair or wear make-up as I considered it a waste of time. It was Valentine’s Day in February 1950 and Jack was boasting about receiving ten Valentine cards, and deriding me for not getting any. I took myself upstairs to mope on my own. After a few minutes lying on the bed I decided to have a bath. My parents were out of the house and so I took the chance without having to get it passed by mum not to use up all the hot water.

Having a bath usually cheered me up - but not that day. Valentine’s Day always brought home to me how ugly I was and that I would probably never ever get a boy to want, never mind love me. I was just stepping out of the bath when Jack’s voice came out of the blur.
“Bloody hell sis! You are beautiful!”
I squinted towards the door and saw a blurred figure standing there. It must have been Jack.

“Just stand there while I get my camera!”

I was too shocked and taken aback to move anyway. Could my ears have been deceiving me? Did he actually say that I was beautiful? I stood there frozen to the spot, the bath water dripping from me on to the bathroom floor.
“There!” came his voice again as his blurred figure appeared again in the doorway. I heard the click of his camera and saw a blinding flash, before he approached me with a towel and began to dry me off.

“I never realised just how lovely you are without those horrible specs Sheila”

He explained as I calmly allowed him to dry my body. He spent more time than necessary on drying my breasts, but I didn’t mind, after all this was the first time any boy had shown interest in me, so what if it was my brother? I was in no mood to refuse this rare attention. He dropped to his knees.

“Open your legs Sis!”

I was enjoying this too much to disobey, and I lifted one leg to place my foot on the edge of the bath. The wonderful sensation that swept through my body as the towel was gently rubbed over my pussy was incredible! I had never experienced anything like it! Well, possibly not since I had frigged myself off three days earlier. But this was so different! This was something I had only every dreamed about!
He dried between the crack of my bottom and down my legs. It tickled when he did my feet but I withstood the agony and allowed him to finish.

With the drying completed I felt his hands running up the side of my leg that was rooted to the floor. My other leg was still lifted on the edge of the bath. I left it there. His hands ran gently over my pussy, playing with the folds of my labia. Oh my goodness it felt wonderful! One hand moved upwards over my tummy and found my grateful breasts. He fondled them! Ohh it was heaven.
“Why on Earth haven’t you got a boyfriend Sis?” He whispered softly “You are gorgeous!”

Without thinking I pushed the finger that was playing with my labia inside me. Ohh it felt fantastic!
I felt something snap inside me. I could sense jack’s hesitation, but I didn’t want this to end. I pushed again on his fingers and they slid easily inside me this time. Jack got to his feet, his fingers still inside me, and he pressed his lips to mine. My own brother was kissing me. It felt so wonderful and my whole body tingled with the thrill. We didn’t do tongues. Tongues were not as prolific back in the fifties as they are nowadays. Jack began pumping his fingers in and out of me. The sensations spread all over my body and I tried to undress him

“No!” he cried “This will have to do Sheila. You must find a boyfriend to go further!”
“But boys don’t want me Jack - I am ugly!”
“Sheila!” he yelled, and shook me by the shoulders, his fingers now out of me “You are beautiful without those horrible glasses, and …” he stepped back and looked me up and down “…and without your clothes you are awesome!”

His words thrilled me to the core. I grabbed his hand and pushed it between my legs. He entered me once more. This time I allowed him to finish what he had started and he brought me to a mind blowing orgasm. The sensations swept through my whole body and I clung tightly to him as they reached their crescendo and then, slowly, so very slowly diminished. I pressed my lips to his and he responded. We kissed until my sensations had completely subsided. We parted and sat side by side on the edge of the bath holding hands.

“That was wonderful Jack. Can we do it again?”
“Don’t you think it would be better if you found a boyfriend to do it?”
“Boys hate me Jack!”
“They won’t once they realise how lovely you are without those horrible thick specs…”
“And without my clothes?” I giggled.
“Yes that too”. He ran a hand gently over my breasts. “You’ve got lovely tits Sis!”
“Kiss me between my legs Jack!” I shouted. I could hardly believe it was me saying it.
“Alright!” he replied “but it stops there Sheila! I am NOT fucking you!”

He dropped to his knees and gently parted my legs enough to get his head easily between them, allowing his easy access to my pussy. His lips pressed on to my labia. He kissed me fully on my pussy. He ran the tip of his tongue around the extremities of my labia before plunging it inside me. In and out he slid his tongue, until the erotic sensations once again began to surge from my groin and around my whole body.

“Hi you two! We are back!” Came the voice of mum from downstairs.
“Hi! Be down in a second mum!” I shouted back.

Jack and I hastily parted, with him heading for the door.

“Find me a boyfriend Jack!” I pleaded “Please!!!”

He hesitated at the door. I couldn’t tell if he was smiling or not.

“Leave it with me Sis! I’ll get you lots of boyfriends once they’ve seen those photos I just took! I‘m going to develop them now”. His blur vanished from my sight as he made for his room, and his polymin developing tank. No instant digital pics back then!


My brother - my pimp!

I want you, my reader, to try and fully understand what was now going round and round in my head. After being abused, insulted, bullied for ages by almost everyone, including my own brother, it now appeared that I wasn’t the ugly duckling anymore - so long as I took off my horrible thick specs and all my clothes I would be transformed into this awesome beautiful swan! It was a revelation that Jack had discovered for me and I wasn’t going to let it go! If it meant being unable to see the world clearly but have the attention and love of boys my glasses and my clothes just HAD to go!

I only ever had a bath from then on when my parents were out and I deliberately left the bathroom door unlocked, hoping that Jack would come in and enjoy my body again. It was three days later when this happened. I heard the door open, my heart gave a flutter of expectation, and Jack’s voice was heard.

“I’ve got those two photos Sheila!”
“Great!” I cried, getting out of the bath so he could see me in all my naked glory “Dry me off Jack!”

I thrilled once more as he towelled me down, once again spending more time between my legs. The extra attention brought me to a quick arousal and my pussy was tingling like mad.

“I love the way your cunt is opening Sis! It’s lovely!”
“Ohh Jack! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

I thrilled at his words. It was the first time in my life that my vagina had been complimented and I loved it! Without asking he kissed me on my spreading labia. Oh heaven! Two fingers entered me again and he gently masturbated the ‘cunt’ he had complimented so beautifully. I squirmed my body hard down on to his fingers to get them deeper inside me.

“That’s the way Sis! Grind your cunt on my fingers girl!”

This second bathroom sequence with my brother proved beyond any doubt to me that having no specs and no clothes were the future for me following long time abuse with them. I never realised that so much pleasure was possible by such a simple removal. Jack once again brought me to an explosive climax and I squirmed and pushed down on to his fingers as my orgasm reached a crescendo and then slowly diminished. He caressed my breasts and ran his tongue over my tingling nipples before planting his mouth on mine. We kissed so passionately despite being siblings.

“Get dressed and come and look at the photos” her told me.
“Put them down and leave me to look at them!” I snapped, not wishing to put my glasses on while he was there - and turn into that ugly creature he once knew. No glasses and no clothes was how I wanted to be seen! He left the room and I donned my specs. I stared in wonder as I saw the lovely naked girl in the two photographs. I WAS indeed beautiful! I smiled as I surveyed my budding breasts and the lovely light brown cluster of pubic hairs above my vagina. “My lovely cunt!” I whispered and giggled.
Jack had been waiting outside the door and came in the moment I called him.

“I love them Jack! Thank you so much! Get your camera and take some more!”

I removed my glasses and sat on the edge of the bath as he ran for his camera. He seemed as keen as me as he pulled and pushed me into different poses. Telling me to “breath in and stick your tits out” and “open your legs wider Sis” for what he called his “cunt shots!” It must have been costing him a fortune with using one flash bulb for each photograph (integrated flash being a thing of the future back then!).

“Will you be showing these to your pals?” I asked sheepishly as he used up his final bulb.
“You bet!” he laughed “YOU are going to be in big demand from now on Sheila!”
“Will they get me a boyfriend?”
“They will get you as many boyfriends as you want!” he laughed.

It all seemed like a wonderful dream. There I was, having never been kissed by anyone apart from Jack, being told I could have as many boys as I wanted because I had taken off my glasses and clothes.
Call me naïve if you want. I suppose I was naïve back then. But the thought of ‘many’ boys wanting to kiss me and cuddle my naked body was a fantasy I had never thought possible only days earlier. My vagina began to tingle with the thoughts. I sat and spread my legs.

“Kiss my cunt again Jack!”

He laughed at my use of his word for my vagina, but knelt and placed his mouth over my throbbing labia. He kissed, licked, sucked and obligingly put his tongue inside me as I closed my eyes and imagined lots of boys doing it.

“Will they want to fuck me?” I queried as he finally got to his feet. I closed my legs.
“Without a doubt Sis!” he replied honestly “are you going to let them?”
“I’ve never been fucked before” I replied dreamily “is it nice?”
“It’s wonderful! You will love it!”
“Mmmm!” I purred “in that case I WILL let them!”

I didn’t realise at the time but with those words I had just agreed for Jack to be my pimp. If the elder brother I looked up to and admired was in favour of his pals and other boys fucking me, then it must be the right thing to do! I had to wait several nerve wracking days before Jack arranged my first meeting.
My parents were out, naturally. Duh! I was in my room listening to David Whitfield on my gramophone - oh what a lovely voice that man had.

“Sheila!” Jack shouted up the stairs “I’ve got Danny and Peter waiting to meet you!”

Oh my goodness! This was it! I starting shaking nervously but steadied myself as I removed my glasses and undressed. I took everything off for a start, but then decided to wear a pair of medium heeled court shoes. So not completely naked then! A quick comb through my pubes and I was ready for my first boyfriends. I opened my bedroom door, walked tentatively across the landing, and slowly downed the stairs.

“Oh my God!” cried Jack as I walked into the lounge “I didn’t mean be naked!”
“You leave her alone mate!” quipped his pal Peter “That’s exactly how we want her!”

I couldn’t understand Jack’s surprise at my nudity. Surely he of all people must have realised that I was ‘ugly’ in my glasses and clothes, and his pals would certainly have not liked me in them. I quickly dismissed these thoughts as both Peter and Danny came over to me and began to run their hands over my body. The feel of their fingers fondling my naked flesh immediately aroused me. They fondled a breast each and stroked my bum as they took it in turns to kiss me. This was gorgeous!

In the blur that was the rest of the room Jack had settled into an armchair to watch his pals enjoying me.
And enjoy me they certainly did! The two lads sat me between them on the settee. Their hands were all over my bare body. The bare body of the ugly duckling they had insulted and bullied with such gusto only weeks earlier. Now I was a beautiful swan and they wanted me. Oh how they wanted me! My legs were pulled apart to get at the cunt my brother had described as lovely. Fingers played with my pubes and ran around my labia, getting wetter and wetter by the second. Fingers entered my grateful pussy as my breasts were roughly squeezed and massaged. I didn’t mind the roughness! This was what I had always dreamed about - and it was happening! I was lovely and they wanted me!

“Can we use the bedroom Jack?” queried Peter to my brother.
“What’s wrong with the sofa?”
“I’m not fucking her with you watching you prat!”
“No me neither!” interrupted Danny “Surely ten bob buys some privacy?”

The exact meaning of their words was lost on me as my body tingled in anticipation. All I fastened on was that important word. They wanted to fuck me! They really did! The duckling was really a swan now! No more bullying for yours truly. Jack’s lovely sister was now a normal girl like all the other girls at school, and was going to be fucked!

“We can go into my bedroom lads!” I obligingly offered, and reluctantly pulled their fingers from inside my pussy, as I rose to my feet and beckoned them to follow me.
“Have one at a time Sis!”
“Sorry!” I snapped “this IS my first time Jack!”
“I know love” he replied calmly “but you will enjoy it better one at a time, I promise”.
“Can I fuck her first then?” Peter enquired of my brother.
“Yes ok. You wait down here until he’s finished Danny”.

Peter followed me up the stairs, eagerly stroking my bare bum with each step. I loved it. I took him into my bedroom and lay on the bed. I eagerly spread my legs, keen to have my very first fuck.

“Doggy or face to face?” he asked. I must have looked puzzled - for indeed I was.
“Doggy?” I queried “what’s that?”
“Never mind!” he replied “You just stay like that - keep your legs open!”

In the blur that was my spec-less vision I saw him swiftly undressing, and within twenty seconds he was positioning himself between my legs. “Oh my goodness!” I thought to myself “Here it comes!”
My pussy was tingling like mad in anticipation and my heart was racing so much I could hardly breathe.
Peter fumbled the folds of my labia with his fingers, gently easing the lips of my vagina open. I felt something warm and smooth being lodged just inside the lips. Then. In one swift movement. It was inside me!

Wow! This was the moment I had been waiting for! My very first cock! Oh how good it felt despite the pain of that first thrust! I opened my legs even wider as the thrusts caused the cock to slide even deeper inside me. “Oh thank you Jack!” I found myself thinking, praising my thoughtful brother for getting this for me. The thrusts began to get faster and Peter began to gasp, with his breathing increasing in speed and volume. He gave one mighty final thrust.

“Ohhh my God!” He shouted “I’m cumming!”

I felt something spurting deep inside me. Was that it? Two minutes of frantic fucking and it was over? What about me? I enjoyed the two minutes alright, but shouldn’t I at least have had an orgasm too?
Peter pulled his cock out and climbed from the bed. He began to get dressed. He mumbled a whispered ‘thank you’. Within seconds he had left the room. I lay on the bed wondering what all the fuss was about. The cock inside had felt good but a personal frig would have satisfied me more.
Into the room walked another blurred figure. It was obviously Danny. He undressed. I opened my legs once more. He didn’t ask me what position I preferred - at least Peter had been polite enough to ask.

Danny’s cock felt considerably bigger that Peter’s as it slid inside me. He lay on top of me with his face close to mine and he kissed me on his first thrust. I liked that. I thought it showed a mutual love and respect. I discovered then that I liked being kissed as I was being fucked. From that moment ‘Missionary position’ was to be my favoured positioned in sex for the rest of my life. Danny’s larger cock felt much better inside me than Peter’s - probably because it was rubbing the inner sides of my pussy stronger. It was a much messier fuck than the first one, with more squelching sounds, and too much wetness and sticky-ness between my legs and over my tummy. But even so, I liked it very much.

It was a full ten minutes before Danny began to gasp like Peter had done. I felt my own sensations beginning to grow stronger and stronger along with the gasps and groans from my erstwhile lover. The sensations within my body were building more and more, spreading from my throbbing cunt to the rest of my body. Then. In one blinding flash I exploded. I thought my head was going to burst as my climax flooded my body and my brain. Danny thankfully chose that same moment to gush his juices inside me, and we clung tightly together, each thrilling to our own personal orgasm. Even in those few incredible seconds of climax we still kissed. Oh how we kissed!

We then lay silently on the bed as our erotic sensations subsided. Our lips still pressed together in a kiss. It took several minutes for Danny to move and slide off me. I was saturated almost everywhere below my waist and so was he. He sat up between my legs. I could just make out a smile on his face.

“Best ten bob’s worth I have ever had! Thanks Sheila”.

I smiled back as he climbed off the bed. I got up and went to get two towels from the bathroom. Danny dried me off first, which I thought was nice and thoughtful. Similarly to by brother he spent more time than absolutely necessary drying between my legs, but I didn’t mind. I was pleased that he was enjoying my body as much as I was enjoying him doing it. I then dried him off. He was sticky rather than wet - something I mentioned to Jack after they had all gone.

“Didn’t you empty your cunt after Peter had spunked inside you?” he asked in amazement.
“No! Should I have done?”
“Oh sis! What am I going to do with you? Of course you have to empty yourself after a fuck, particularly if another guy is going to fuck you straight afterwards - otherwise it will get very messy!”
“It did!” I quipped innocently.
“Yeah!” he said, shaking his head in the way that older brother’s do when a sibling has proved stupid.

Well folks! That was my very first and second fuck! And I loved them - well, I loved the second one better - probably because I had a cum as well as the boy. Would have been better if I had emptied my cunt first - but practice will make perfect! Jack gave me ten shillings to buy some nice shoes for the next time, telling me that he had already arranged for twelve more lads to enjoy me.

Wow! The ugly ducking came good!


2018-08-16 14:40:44
Again your characters written in well. From Shelia s child like thoughts to the more mature feelings.. And of course young boys would spend more time on her cunt.
I to like the word. It has strength. Example fuck your cunt smell fucking amazing then followed by a strong animalistic cunt licking. Right time right delivery very sexual.


2017-11-22 21:43:21
I love the details. Really hot, and well written.


2017-06-03 17:30:04
I love this story and hope you add to it. Shiela is delightful. Not minding a bit that her brother is using her. She's happy to be his whore. So naive and innocent and eager and of course, beautiful.


2014-10-16 19:12:40
I love ugly ducklings! That always try to make up for lost time and are up for anything!


2014-06-28 00:27:59
That was excellent. I hope there will be a sequel, maybe featuring a gangbang.

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