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Caution this story will not be finished here. I have had a lot of requests for this. Some of my readers have asked for a preview of my latest book. I am posting the first four chapters so that people who would like to see if the book will interest them can read a preview. If you wish to read the complete book it van be located on amazon and shmashwords by searching for Sean M. Campbell. It is only available in e-book format.

The full story is 72,000 words long.

For those that read and enjoy this part of the book, thank you.

Now without further delay I give you the first four chapters of “Saving Mouse”.


Chapter One

“Rebecca! Get your ass in here, now!” Mr. Johnson yelled through his office door.

Out on the floor of the store, Rebecca Saint James nearly jumped out of her skin. She could not remember doing anything wrong. Her mind ran through everything she had done that day.

“Mouse, you better get in there, he sounds pissed,” Paul told her, as she stood there in fright. She didn’t want to be yelled at again today. The principal had already yelled at her for spilling the water in the hall at school. The coach had also cussed her out for not making a single basket during gym class today. Her shoulders wilted as she walked towards the door to Mr. Johnson’s office. She just knew he was going to fire her. She needed this job -- her father had started charging her rent since she turned eighteen. This job barely paid for her rent and food, but it did pay it. She reached up and knocked politely on the door when she reached it.

“Damn It, Rebecca! I called you in here! Now get in here!” Mr. Johnson screamed at the top of his lungs through the door.

Rebecca flushed at the anger in his voice and her mistake, and opened the door as she listened to Angela snicker behind her. Oh, how much she wanted to be like Angela -- captain of the cheerleading squad and dating the popular boys. She would settle for just having a boyfriend, someone to love her, and make her feel loved. Even her own brother treated her like a nobody.

When she arrived in front of his desk, Mr. Johnson looked up at her, frowning. “You forgot to shut the door.”

Rebecca shrank a little more as she trudged over and shut the door. When she returned to his desk, Mr. Johnson looked at her with obvious disdain in his eyes. “Rebecca, the corporate office has sent me a request. Mr. Talbot needs a gofer for his office for the next few months. His current one is on maternity leave. With your graduation coming up this Friday, I thought maybe you would like to go fill in for the summer. You’re a good worker. You keep your head down and stay out of trouble.”

“Mr. Johnson, I wouldn’t even know what a gofer does. I am not sure I am the right choice.”

“Miss Saint James, a gofer is a cutesy term for someone who does odd jobs around the office. You go for coffee, you go for copies and you go for the mail. It is a no skill job that anyone can do. The simple fact of the matter is I think this is a chance for you to show someone higher up that you are a good worker and you can be more. Please, tell me you will take the job.”

“I will do it.”

“Good! You need to report to the corporate office Monday morning at seven. Sign in with the security desk in the lobby and ask for Miss Wilkes. Be sure and wear a nice dress.”

Saturday night Rebecca sat in her living room, listening to her mother yelling. She had not had dinner ready when her parents got home. They had to wait fifteen minutes to eat and they were pissed. As she sat there with tears in her eyes, she watched across the street. Angela was going to the prom with Billy Stanton. She watched as they came out of her door and walked to the waiting limousine. Rebecca wanted just once to wear a dress like that. No one ever asked her to a dance -- no one ever wanted to be seen with her.

Monday morning found Rebecca riding her bicycle the five miles to corporate headquarters. It was a warm morning, but not excessively hot. She dreaded what the summer would bring later on. She did not like the idea of showing up for work hot and sweaty.

She arrived at the Talbot building thirty minutes early. She was happy -- she did not like to be late. She parked her bike at the side of the building, locked it to the messenger rack, and entered the lobby.

Behind the security desk were two of the largest mountains Rebecca had ever seen in her life. One of them stood as she approached and asked, “May I help you, miss?”

“Rebecca Saint James,” she offered quietly. “I am here to see Miss Wilkes. She is expecting me.” This big man intimidated her. He could squeeze the life out of her with one hand.

“I am Robert. I am pleased to meet you, Miss Saint James. Miss Wilkes is indeed expecting you.” As he handed her a badge to pin on her dress he continued. “You can take the elevator to the forty-third floor. Her desk will be the first thing you see.”

As Rebecca walked through the lobby to the elevator, she watched the people around her. Men and women moved through the lobby, busy with the work of the day. She felt out of place here.

Rebecca was alone in the elevator, and she was getting nervous. She didn’t belong here. Everyone she saw was wearing clothes that must have cost hundreds of dollars. She was in a dress that came off of a department store clearance rack. It was the best dress she had, though. She would just have to muddle through the day, and tell them they needed to find someone who could dress better.

The doors slid open and in front of her stood a large oak desk. The woman behind it was dressed like an executive. Her neat pant suit was dark gray with a soft coral blouse underneath. She looked up as the elevator opened and saw Rebecca standing there. Rebecca could see the disapproval in her eyes. “You would be Miss Saint James, I believe.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rebecca said in a quiet voice.

“My name is Barbara, everyone just calls me Barb. You will need to learn to speak up. We are all old here and don’t like wearing our hearing aids.” Rebecca could hear the joke in Barbara voice as she talked about the hearing aids. “I am also going to have to ask you to dress a little better tomorrow. This is a high-level executive office and department store clothes just won’t cut it. Now, Mr. Talbot will be here any minute and would like to have a cup of coffee ready when he gets here. He takes it with one sugar and one cream. His cup is the black one that says ‘Worlds biggest asshole’ on it. You will find the break room just around the corner.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Rebecca said, trying to be a little louder but failing miserably. She walked into the break room with tears threatening to roll out of her eyes. As she looked for Mr. Talbot’s cup she heard a slight sound behind her. She spun, almost knocking the sugar off of the counter, to see a young man dressed in a very nice suit. His clothes reminded her of her inadequacy and she burst into tears.

“What’s wrong, miss? Did I startle you?” His kind voice spoke as she looked at the floor. Even his shoes cost more than she made last month. He was so handsome! She was ashamed to be standing here in front of him, wearing her twenty dollar dress. Her tears started to fall like a river. “Are you OK?”

“I am just afraid I am not going to be able to work here. I don’t own a better dress, let alone enough to last a week. I am just what the kids in school call me, poor white trash.”

“I am sure you will work out just fine. You don’t need to worry about it, things will work out. Now you might want to get Mr. Talbot his coffee. He is really grumpy until he has at least a full pot in him.”

Rebecca looked up into the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. They were so kind looking. His sandy blond hair was cut short and just a little mussed looking. He was clean shaven with a ruggedly handsome face. His smile was something out of one of the cheesy romance novels she liked to read. She bet he had a string of women throwing themselves at his feet.

Once she had composed herself a little, he left her to finish making Mr. Talbot’s coffee. She took the coffee and a couple of napkins and started back to Miss Wilkes’ desk. Miss Wilkes was not there, so she looked around and saw an office door at the end of the hall that had “Michael Talbot” engraved into the door with brass inlays.

Rebecca walked up and knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a voice said through the door. She turned the knob and entered to see the back side of Miss Wilkes standing between her and the desk. When Miss Wilkes stepped aside Rebecca burst into tears again. Mr. Talbot was the man who had spoken to her in the coffee area. Oh, God! Could this day get any worse?

“Please come in, Miss Saint James, and sit down.” Mr. Talbot said to her gently. “Is there anything I can call you besides Miss Saint James?”

“Mouse, my friend calls me Mouse.”

The significance of the singular on the word friend struck Michael’s heart. This poor girl had been treated roughly all her life. “I don’t like Mouse. I think it is a little demeaning. Rebecca is a bit long. Do you mind if I call you Becky?”

“No, sir, that will be fine,” she squeaked out through her tears and sniffles.

“Barb, since you insulted Becky’s clothes, you need to take my credit card and buy her some clothes suitable for this office. I want you to treat her to an afternoon at the spa, as well.” He then turned back to Rebecca. “I will expect each morning the first thing you do is get my coffee, then report to Barb for any other work we need done. There are five offices on this floor and Barb runs it like a prison camp. She is, however, very efficient and keeps us all going when the old shit hits the fan. She will teach you everything you need to know about the job. Did anyone discuss your pay while you are here?”

“No, sir,” Rebecca said, hoping they would not cut her pay. She could barely cover her expenses as it was.

“You were just sent here without being told anything about this job?”

“I was told I would be a gofer.”

“Yes, that is exactly what you will be, but it is also a little bigger job than that. You will be expected to go for things all over town when needed. Do you have a car?”

“No, sir.”

“I thought I saw a bike in the rack. Barb, please have the pool issue her a car for her running around. You do have a driver’s license, right?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good! Don’t be afraid, Becky, -- I don’t bite… hard. Barb, please make sure she has a couple of decent pair of office shoes as well. She is going to be on her feet a lot and needs better shoes than those flats she is wearing. Before you leave, please get me Mr. Johnson’s phone number.”

“I will send it to you in an email,” Barb said softly.

“Last thing, Becky, you are going to be making a little more than you made over at the store. Your pay here will be a thousand a week. I expect you to spend about a third of that on clothes. I am not disappointed in what you are wearing but you will need to be sharply dressed to impress our visitors.”

Rebecca felt faint. That was four times what she made at the store. She had no idea that a high school graduate could make that kind of money. She would actually be able to afford to pay for her food and rent at the house. She might even be able to buy a TV for her room.

When Rebecca looked up, she saw Miss Wilkes standing there holding out her hand. “Let’s go down to the carpool, Becky. You can drive. That way we won’t need to transfer our purchases from one car to another at the end of the day.”

“But I can’t get them home on my bike.”

“No, dear, you will have a car. It belongs to the company and they pay all the gas and maintenance. When you arrive in the morning, park in the company spaces and they will check your car and gas it up. If anything happens, call the number they will give you and they will have a tow truck out as fast as possible,” Barb explained as they entered the elevator.

After some paperwork in the basement garage area, they pulled out onto the street with Rebecca behind the wheel of a smart little Mini Cooper sport. This car had all of the bells and whistles; it even had a built in GPS. Barb programmed an address into the GPS and Rebecca started following the instructions to their destination. Rebecca had to ask. Her curiosity was killing her. “Miss Wilkes, I am not going to be able to afford to pay Mr. Talbot back for these clothes. I mean if he expects me to keep buying new ones. Then I won’t be able to pay for these.”

“Hun, first of all, we are going to be working together, and if you keep calling me Miss Wilkes, you will make me feel very old. Please call me Barb. Second, Michael will not expect you to pay him back. He likes to maintain an image at the corporate office and he is willing to spend money to do so.”

“He can’t afford to buy me clothes. I heard him tell you to use his credit card.”

Barb actually started laughing. When she got herself under control, she turned to look at the hurt expression on this poor child’s face. “I am so sorry, Hun. I really wasn’t laughing at you. The fact that you have no idea who he is -- is just so precious. Baby, have you heard of Talbot International?”

“Yes. They are the parent corporation that owns Talbot’s Hardware, the place I worked.”

“How about; Trader Talbot’s, Talbot’s Fine Furniture, Talbot’s Electronics, Talbot’s Shipping, or Talbot’s Mercantile?”

“I have heard of them, but what do they have to do with Mr. Talbot?” Rebecca realized just how stupid that question sounded just as soon as she asked it. “You mean he owns…?”

“Yes, Hun, he owns them all, and hundreds of others with other names. He probably spent and made twenty million dollars while we were talking this morning. Six years ago, when he was eighteen years old, his parents, brother, sister and grandparents were all killed on the way to his graduation from high school. The investigation showed that the company which owned the truck which hit them was negligent and at fault due to poor maintenance of the vehicle. They settled out of court with him for one hundred million. The accident had cost him his entire family and they did not want the bad press a lawsuit would bring.”

“That is an awful lot of money.”

“If you think that is a lot of money, you might want to pull over and let me finish. In a year, he had turned that money into over five billion. Now, six years later, he owns one of the largest corporations in the world. He is worth more than fifty billion dollars. He wants to sell the business and retire, but the few people in the world who could buy it, don’t want it.”

“His wife is one lucky woman,” Rebecca said it before she even thought, then covered her mouth and started blushing.

“He is not married, Hun. He doesn’t even have a girlfriend. The money has poisoned his social life. All he seems to meet are gold diggers and sluts looking for easy money. It has made him gun-shy with women. I wish he could find a sweet girl who would love him for him. Ah, here is the store, park around back.”

Rebecca looked up at the sign. It read, “Office to Club, Men’s and Women’s Fine Clothing”. Rebecca had heard of it, but never thought she would be inside it. Many of the girls from school had come here to buy their prom dresses. “I can’t go in there! I can’t even afford socks in there.”

“You are so precious! Michael is paying and he gave me carte blanche. He said to buy you some clothes and he was very specific. He wants you to have a couple of party dresses, as well. He even said to pick out some things to help you feel pretty. Now let’s go in. James will be so happy to meet you.”

Rebecca parked and followed meekly behind this dynamic woman. She wished she could be as confident and beautiful as her. She knew nothing in this store was going to make her beautiful. She looked down at her dime store watch and saw the time was now 8:01 AM. It had been an hour and a half into her new job and she had already been told how inadequate she was. Now they were going to try and make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

The next three hours were a whirlwind. Rebecca was led all around the shop by a man named James who thought he was just one of the girls.

Rebecca thought she was going to die of embarrassment when they went into the lingerie area. James looked at her in her dress and said. “Let me guess -- size four granny panties and a plain white bra? I think we can do better than that.” The next thing she knew he was thrusting packages with very lacy thongs and boy short type panties. “You probably would die of embarrassment if I gave you g-strings, so these will do. Now we need to get matching bras.” And off tornado James went to another area.

Rebecca just stood there. This man was a storm in a clothing shop. She had not even tried on anything. From behind her, Barb spoke easily. “Don’t worry, Hun, that man knew the size of every one of your body parts the moment you walked in the door, He knows this is a rush job and he will be much more attentive to your wants and needs when you come in on your own.”

It was eleven thirty by the time the total rung up on the cash register. Rebecca felt weak in the legs when she saw the number. The total was over thirty thousand dollars. She had just about managed to recover from that when James squealed, “You cannot wear that watch with my clothes! I would die of embarrassment!” Then he went running off and came back a few minutes later. On top of the pile he sat a black gold watch with a single diamond set in the center of the crystal. The total changed from just over thirty thousand to just over thirty-five thousand.

Rebecca couldn’t help it. Her legs turned to water. She slid to the floor as smoothly as a silk and just sat there. The watch cost more money than she made in five months. “I can’t let him buy me that watch! It is too much. It cost five thousand dollars.”

“Oh fiddlesticks!” James said patiently. “Michael would kill me if I let you walk out of his store with that thing on your wrist. At the very least he would think I had lost the ability to spend his money in extravagant ways.”

Barb leaned down to take her hand. “Don’t worry about it, Hun. We have all been through it. Michael wants us all very well dressed. We never know who will come through those doors at times. One day he might be talking to the governor of the state, the next the prime minister of England. He wants everyone to know the five people that work on that floor belong there. Part of that is the image.”

“What does he expect us to do to earn this?”

“He expects us to do our jobs to the best of our ability -- nothing more, nothing less. Now, let’s go get some lunch. Then we need to get you a cell phone. Then we have an appointment at the spa. He wants you to feel as pretty as you are.”

Lunch was at a restaurant only a block away from the store. Once they were seated Rebecca looked at the menu. There were no prices on anything. “How do I know what I can order?”

“By what you want to eat, dear, I have the card so I get the menu with the prices. Just decide what you want. The lobster is out of this world here, but I highly recommend the scallops around the world plate. It is ten scallops each one prepared differently. It is fantastic.”

“That sounds so expensive.”

She looked up to see Barb smiling. “It’s really cheap, Hun, it is only ten scallops.” Barb lied to her blandly.

“I don’t like being lied to, Ma’am.”

“Hun, he is treating you to lunch today. We could eat everything on the menu and he wouldn’t even arch an eyebrow at us. Well, he would because he would wonder where we put it. But he wouldn’t care about the cost. Just order what you want to eat. It will make him feel good. He treats us to lunch most of the time anyway. He always says happy employees are loyal employees.”

“He has spent so much on me today! He has already spent more money than my father makes in a year. I can’t ask him to spend any more.”

“You’re not asking, Hun -- he is telling you to let him. He is your boss and you are paid to do what he tells you. He told you to enjoy yourself. So enjoy yourself. You also might want to get used to it. He sends all of us ladies out to the spa once a month. He says it is the least he can do for us putting up with him.”

“I guess I can try the scallops. I have never had them before. The only seafood I have ever had is tuna.”

“Let me guess -- canned?”


“That is not sea food, Hun. That is poison.”

The waiter approached and Barb ordered their lunches. Then she said, “And could you bring us a plate of the tuna flakes with crackers.”

“Absolutely, ma’am, may I recommend a white wine with your meal?”

“Not today, thank you. We are still technically working. I think some of that wonderful herbal iced tea will be perfect.”

Rebecca was lying in a tub of hot water with cucumber slices on her eyes, the mud mask on her face smelled like tropical fruits and the water smelled of gardenias and lilacs. On each side of her, a lady was working on her fingernails. “So after they finish making me into a fruit salad, I am supposed to get a massage, haircut and makeup done?”

“Mmmm-hmmm,” Barbara moaned from the tub next to her.

“And they are supposed to work on my feet after they finish my hands?”


“And he sends us here once a month to do this?”


“Okay, this I could get used to.”


Rebecca was standing in front of a mirror with three panels so she could see herself from all angles. But she had no idea who was looking back at her from those mirrors. The girl in the mirror was wearing a navy blue pencil skirt and cream blouse. She had a navy blue blazer over the top of the blouse and very nice high-heeled sandals on her feet. Even though she couldn’t see them, the underwear she had on under the outfit made her feel a little on the sexy side. But the face was what she did not recognize. That could not be her. She reached over to her purse and pulled out her horn rim glasses so she could see herself better.

“Oh, dear! Those are never going to go with any of your outfits. I wish I had known you wear glasses. We would have already stopped at the ophthalmologist’s. Let me call Michael.”

Rebecca started to tear up, but she had to admit the glasses were ugly. But she only needed them to focus at a distance.

Barb spoke as she came back in, “It’s all set up. Dr Lindsey is waiting on us and you will be able to pick up your new glasses on the way home tonight.”

They came back into the office an hour and a half later. They had purchased seven different pairs of glasses, each in a slightly different style and color. Rebecca had never thought that glasses needed to match your outfits, but Barb had assured her they did. She even had a prescription pair of sunglasses for driving.

As they walked off of the elevator, Mr. Talbot was standing at Barb’s desk looking at the rolodex. He turned to see them, “Very excellent choice. We only have a few minutes before the day is over but I am preparing for a trip to Tampa next week. Is there any chance you can work a little late and help us catch up some of the stuff we need to do?”

“I would love to, sir, but my parents will be expecting me to have dinner waiting for them when they get home.”

“What is your address? I will have something delivered for them.”

Rebecca gave him the address and he pulled out his cell phone. A few seconds later, “Randall, can I trouble you to have a couple of your excellent barbeque platters delivered to 1515 Windsdale Avenue. Yes, the customers should be arriving right at six thirty. Make sure they don’t have to wait on them. While you are at it, please send five platters up here. We are going to be working late. Yes, go ahead and send some of that fine German beer and a pitcher of iced tea. Put it on the company tab. Thank you.”

He then turned and looked at Rebecca, “Must be your night to cook?”

“I cook every night, sir. My parents say that since they support me, I should have to work for my room.”

“Well, at least your job gave you spending money. Now you will have more.”

“No, sir, my parents make me pay rent, and one third of the utilities and food. It doesn’t leave much left over when the week is done.”

Michael just stared at the girl in front of him. They made her work because they supported her, and then made her pay for everything to support herself. This poor girl was a natural submissive. His heart started to skip beats. God! He so wanted to train her. He could turn her into a goddess amongst women. It was not his place to argue with her, but she was getting screwed by her parents.

Chapter two

Rebecca unlocked the door to her house. It was very late, and she had left almost all of the outfits she and Barb had bought in the car. She would bring them in tomorrow. All she had was one bag, with her outfit for tomorrow. She shut and relocked the door, when she heard her mother behind her. “Where the hell have you been, and what the fuck are you wearing?!” She screeched at the top of her lungs.

“I was at my new job, Mama. I need to dress nice for it.”

“Well, if you can afford those clothes, then you can pay more towards your rent. Obviously we are leaving you too much money!”

“I didn’t buy them. Mr. Talbot did.”

“So now you’re whoring around for clothes?!”

“Mama, it’s not like that! He bought them because it is a high-end place of business and he needs me to look nice.”

“I suppose the whore paint on your face was his idea, too!?”

“Yes. He paid to send me to a spa, as well. He needs us all to look nice.”

“No one living under my roof is going to act like a whore and spread her legs for clothes. You take every bit of that back and tell him you are quitting!”

“I will not! He needs me. They are very busy and they need help with smaller tasks!” Rebecca did not know where that came from. She had actually raised her voice at her mother.

“You will take them back or I will beat you and drag you through the streets naked to his door! I will not have a whore living under my roof!”

Rebecca blew up. “I will not take them back! I am not a whore! And I will be damned if I will live under your fucking roof even one more minute, you fucking bitch!” Rebecca spun to open the door so she could walk out. She felt the sting of the slap to the back of her head like she had been hit with a frying pan. Without thinking about what she was doing, she swung the bag in her hand. She forgot about the boots in the box. The weight of the boots gave the bag a lot of force. Her mother fell to the floor screaming.

Rebecca did not even stop to see if she was alright. She ran out the door as fast as she could get it open. As she ran across the lawn, her father caught her from behind. “How dare you hit your mother?!” He spun her and slapped her hard enough to drive her to the ground. When she landed, her car keys spilled out of her hand and onto the lawn. Her father snatched the keys up and screamed, “You will leave this house like you came into it! With nothing!” He then reared his foot back to kick her. Before he could launch the kick, two things happened -- a police siren blooped and a black car pulled into the driveway.

Rebecca was not sure who was there, but suddenly she was picked up into very strong arms. She looked up into the face of Michael. “What happened, Becky?” She suddenly burst into tears and buried her face in Michael’s shirt.

“Ma’am, I am Officer Burnside. Are you alright?”

She tried to speak through her tears and sobbing, “They threw me out because of the clothes.”

Michael’s blood began to boil. “Get in your car, Becky. I will check you into the Montaign for a couple of weeks, until you can get an apartment.”

“Daddy took the keys.” When she looked, up the bruise on the side of her face was already starting to darken.

Michael’s sharp intake of breath was an audible hiss. “Officer, would you please go ask them for the keys to the car? If they refuse even once, I want them arrested for grand theft auto. It is a company car. Becky, do you have anything else in the house you need?”

She shook her head as she buried her face back in his shirt. Michael reached up and stroked the back of her head to try and comfort her. When he did, he drew back his hand because it was wet. He looked at the dark stains on his hand and hissed again.

“Officer, I believe the young lady needs an ambulance. The back of her head is bleeding. Does she need to press charges, or can I?”

“No charges need to be filed by either of you. We witnessed his attack on her, and we can charge him with domestic violence.”

“No!” Rebecca managed to sob out. “They are my parents! Please don’t have them arrested. I wouldn’t have any place to live.”

Michael looked at her with pity in his eyes. “You said they threw you out, right?” She nodded, as the sharp sound of a siren became audible in the distance. “Then, Hun, you don’t have a place to live now. We need to get you into a hospital to see how bad he hurt you.”

“He didn’t hit the back of my head -- my mom did,” she mumbled, as the world started to get fuzzy around her. “Why is it getting so fuzzy? Is the fog rolling in?”

Michael watched her eyes roll back in her head as she fell into unconsciousness.

Michael held her till the ambulance arrived. As they checked her out, he watched her parents be brought out of the house in handcuffs. He called the carpool and left instructions for her car to be delivered back to the garage in the morning. As he was talking, he looked through the still open door of his car. Sitting on the passenger seat was her purse. If she had not forgotten her purse, God only knew what would have happened to her tonight.

One of the ambulance drivers asked if she had any insurance. “Send all the bills to Talbot International,” he said softly. It took everything Michael had to keep from walking over and beating her parents to death. Michael was in a cold rage. How could anyone treat their child like that?

As the ambulance pulled out, he slipped into his Ferrari and followed. He placed the keys to her car in her purse, and worried all the way to the hospital. It was really late when the doctors came out to speak with him.

“She has a concussion, and her face is very badly bruised. She needs to stay overnight for observation, but should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon.”

“No, doc, she will not be going home again. I will see to that even if I have to buy her a condo. I will never see her step foot in that house again.”

“I wanted to tell you something I thought you should know, Michael.”


“This is not the first time that girl has been hit. There are a lot of old healed micro fractures in her cheek bones and skull. This is a repeated pattern of abuse.”

“I want her taken care of, Doc. Make sure she has a private room and a private duty nurse. I want her pampered. If she asks for water, I want her brought water from the arctic glaciers. Anything her heart desires. Got me?”

“Michael, we have been friends a long time. I know that look. You want to fix her, don’t you?”

“Doc, I am going to fix her. In a year, you won’t even recognize her. All I have to do is convince her I can do it the way I do.”

“She has been abused. Do you really think she is going to let you treat her that way?”

“I don’t think she knows any other way. I need to teach her to be strong, and the only way to do that is to show her how strong she is. I need to teach her how sexy she is. I have to show her that. I need to teach her how wonderful she is. Doc, like you say, a long time. Make sure she is healthy enough for me to train.” Michael shook his head and looked at the time. It was six in the morning -- the security boys would already be in.

Rebecca woke up in a beautifully decorated hospital room. As soon as she moved, a nurse came into the room. “Good morning, Miss Saint James. Is there anything I can get you?”

“Can I have some water, please?”

“Certainly, Mr. Talbot had a selection of waters brought in for you. Is there a particular kind you like?”

“The kind that comes out of a faucet is fine.”

The nurse actually laughed. “If I brought you tap water, he would skin me alive. We have imported glacial water. It is quite good.”

“That will be fine.” Rebecca watched the nurse as she left the room. Once she was out of the room, Rebecca slid to the side of the bed. She needed to pee. She stood up and the world started to spin. She felt her body start to fold to the floor. Strong arms wrapped around her from behind.

“Hold on, Becky. I will get you back in the bed,” a male voice said softly.

“Bathroom,” She squeaked out.

The arms turned her, and supported her as she walked to the bathroom. Once she was in there, she turned around and looked up into Michael’s beautiful blue eyes as he started to untie her robe. She suddenly turned beet red and tried to push his hands away.

“Becky, I am not going to get turned on by seeing your naked behind. You cannot pee through your robe, and I am not leaving you to fall down again.”

Rebecca almost burst into tears -- even Michael thought she was ugly. Now she was just mortified by the fact that he was trying to help her undress. “I can do it! You don’t want to see me anyway,” she squeaked out.

Michael looked at her. The mouse had some very small teeth. “Becky, I did not say you aren’t pretty. I think you are a gorgeous woman. However, you can barely stand on your own, and the thought of getting turned on by you when you are like this is repugnant to me. When you are well, I will be more than happy to admire your backside any time you wish to show it to me. Right now, I am going to help you get your robe loose, so you can pee.”

As she sat down, the nurse came back into the room. “Mister Talbot, I am sure the young lady does not want you admiring her while she is trying to use the bathroom. Would you mind stepping out, and I will help her so it is a little less embarrassing for her.”

Michael stepped out and let the nurse do her job. When Rebecca was safely in the bed, he stepped back into the room. “Nurse, may I ask you to step out? The young lady and I have something to discuss and it is a private matter.”

The nurse nodded and pointed out the call button to Rebecca. Then she quietly left the room.

Michael pulled up a chair and sat next to the bed. “I have something I want to ask you. First I want to tell you some things, and then I will ask you what I want to ask. When I look at you I see a young woman who is so beautiful she pales the moon in the sky. However, she is not sure of herself, nor is she confident in her beauty. I would like to teach you how to make your inner strength match your outer beauty. I am not going to make you decide right now. I have had all your belongings picked up and put in storage until you can find an apartment. Your clothes and personal supplies are all at the Montaign waiting for you. I have paid for the room for a month, so it is yours while you find a place. I will tell you that if you accept my offer, you will not need a place to live. I will provide that. Do you understand what I have said?”

“Yes, sir.”

He marveled at her. She was such a natural submissive that it hurt him to see her that way. “Now for the part you need to think about. In order to teach you, I am going to have to do some things you may find very sick. Do you know anything about the BDSM lifestyle?”

“Yes, sir.” Was he going to ask her to be his slave?

“In order to teach you, I would have to take you on as my submissive, or slave as most would call it. I will treat you as a toy to be used for my pleasure. Yes, I will have sex with you. I am sorry, but I will not be able to punish you without getting very seriously aroused. However, this will not be about the sex. This is going to be about making a strong, confidant woman out of you. You don’t have to decide now, and if you choose not to take me up on my offer, there will be no change in your status at work. I do not let my personal life affect my business life. I am also afraid I have put myself in a very vulnerable position. As of right now, you could put up a fuss and bring harassment charges against me.”

Rebecca shook her head no. This caused the room to spin around her and she had to stop. “I wouldn’t think of bringing charges against you. Why me?”

“Because I believe you will truly be happy with the results; because I have a soft spot for mice; because I could not bear the thought of seeing you harmed the way you were last night; because I believe I can teach you how to be the type of woman all men lust after and all women envy. Finally, because. I would truly love to have you in my bed. As I said, you are a very sexy woman.”

“I can’t be sexy.” Rebecca looked down at her hands folded in her lap and began to weep.

“Why can’t you be sexy?”

“Because no one wants me,” she whispered softly.

“I do.” Michael whispered, just as softly. He could feel his heart breaking. Who had taught this poor girl she was not sexy. That person was in for a very bad day when Michael found out. The little mouse in front of him just looked down at her hands and cried softly. Michael reached forward and lifted her head. He watched as she kept her eyes tightly shut. Then he leaned in and placed his lips on hers.

Rebecca’s eyes flew open as his lips touched hers. Then the most incredible sensation started coming from her lips. The slight pull as he sucked gently on her bottom lip. The gentle touch of his tongue as it slid along the crease. Her lips opened of their own accord and she felt his tongue move inward. Her heart was pounding in her chest as she felt warmth begin to spread from the area between her legs. In all her life, she had never felt such intense pleasure from a touch. She felt the moisture building between her legs as they began to move apart on their own.

She wanted this man to do this, here and now. She reached out and wrapped her arms around his head. She tried to pull him into the bed. God! If he would only take her right now, she would do anything for him. Nothing had ever prepared her for these feelings. Oh, God! If sex felt anything like this, she was really going to enjoy this. But then he started to pull away. No! God! Please finish this!

“I can’t right now, Becky -- not until the doctor says it’s okay. I will not risk actual injury to you. I promise you, if you accept my offer, your first time will be gentle and loving in a way you will never forget. These relationships are all about trust. You have to trust me not to damage you, and I have to trust you to always be honest with me. Part of that trust needs to be started right now. My little Becky, are you a virgin?”

“Yes.” She tried to hide her face again, but his strong hand would not let it happen.

“Becky, virginity is nothing to be ashamed of. Is there any boy you wish to give this gift to?”

“You,” her blush started at the base of her neck and rapidly spread to her face.

His smile was gentle and warm. “I would be truly honored.”

As he held her face, Rebecca saw the blood on his shirt and jacket. “Are you hurt?”

“It is your blood from last night.”

“You have been here all night?” She looked at him in wonder. Why would he stay all night? Why was he even there last night?

“Yes, when I pulled up and he was going to kick you, I jumped out of my car. I had to make sure you were alright.”

“Why did you come to my house? You couldn’t have known anything was going to happen.”

“You left your purse at the office, and I was bringing it to you”

Rebecca tried again to look down. She had managed to screw something else up. How could anyone ever want her, even as a sex toy?

“Becky, if you had remembered your purse, I would not have been there. The reason the cops were there is because I was speeding, trying to catch you before you went to bed for the night. If we had not arrived, your father may have injured you more severely. I am very grateful you did forget your purse. Now you need to try to get some rest so I can take you to your hotel tonight.”

“I don’t want to go to the hotel.”

“Where do you want to go? I will not take you to your parent’s house.”

“I want to go home with you. I want for you to teach me. I want you to take me. I want to feel that just once in my life.” She nearly burst into tears as she screwed her eyes shut, trying to keep the tears at bay, she felt his lips again. Her body seemed to melt into his kiss. Oh, my God! How could he do such things to her with only his lips and tongue? It felt like the temperature in the room had just risen twenty degrees. His lips were as hot as molten steel. Her virgin pussy was getting hotter by the second

When he pulled back from her this time, he looked at the delicate flush of her cheeks. God, she was beautiful when her passion rose. He would love to see that passion across her whole body. “Tell me that again when I come to pick you up this afternoon, and I will take you to my home. Now get some rest, and your private nurse will take care of you.”

When she looked up at him, her face was as hot as fire. She watched him as he walked out of the room and down the hall. As she sat there, she wondered just what she had gotten herself into. She knew that BDSM people liked to be tied up, spanked, and many other things. But she was not really sure what else they did. Now, she wished she had a computer.

A minute later, the nurse came in with a rolling tray. On it were boxes from one of the most exclusive catering services in town. There was also a laptop computer. “Mr. Talbot left instructions I was to let you have this computer, but that if I thought you needed rest, I was to take it away. Let’s get some lunch in you; then we can get you set up to use your new computer.”

An hour later, Rebecca was looking at websites on the internet. Spanking she would be able to handle. She could not imagine it would hurt any worse than the times her father had kicked her or slugged her. Being tied up? No problem. She had been tied to her bed every night for the last ten years so she wouldn’t go out and try to get pregnant. Suspension? That was just another type of being tied up. Various spanking implements? Most of them looked pretty tame compared to her dad’s board of education. Butt plugs? She wasn’t so sure about, but after reading the number of women who liked them, she was pretty sure she could handle the initial pain. Hot wax wasn’t a problem. Her mother would not let her wash dishes with any cold water mixed in, so she was accustomed to having very hot water on her skin. About the only thing she could find, that scared her, was fire play. She was afraid she would get hurt for real with that. She shut the computer down and leaned back. She did not realize how heavy her eyelids had gotten.

“Becky? It’s time. The doctor has released you.”

She opened her eyes to see Michael’s smiling face. Oh, God! He was so handsome. He was like looking at one of those Greek statues. She could feel the heat building below her waist again. Just looking at him was making her hot. “Take me to your home.” She whispered quietly.

“Are you sure?”

She looked up at his face. “I don’t believe there is anything you would do to me that hurts worse than what my parents have done. And if you can use this to teach me to be like Miss Wilkes, I would gladly endure anything.”

“When I get done with you, Barb will envy you. Let’s get you dressed so I can get you home.”

Rebecca stood up from her bed and was secretly glad her legs didn’t buckle. Then she started to untie her robe. When Michael motioned to stop her, she turned and let the robe slide down her body. In a flash, she was standing naked as the day she was born in front of him.

“Becky, what are you doing?”

“I am never to shield my body from my master. Isn’t that what a proper slave girl does?”

“Not usually in public.”

“We are not in public, Master. We are in a private room.” She accepted the bag from his hand, and then pulled out the boy short panties he had brought. She held them out to him. “Would you take pleasure in dressing me, Master?”

“More than you will know for a few days.” He reached out and took the proffered panties from her. “Doc says you cannot engage in any strenuous activity for the next three days.” He held her panties open and watched as she lifted her long supple legs, one at a time, and stepped into them.

“I am sure my master can find something for me to learn that will not be strenuous.” She then offered him her bra.

Michael was entranced. This girl planned on accepting her role in their relationship completely. He wanted to see how far she would allow him to go. As he placed her bra around her he caressed her breasts with his hands. The light whimper that came from this little mouse was not one of shame, but one of excitement.

“Does my master wish to play a bit before we finish dressing me?”

“You have no idea,” he whispered quietly. He slid his right hand downward and under the waistband of her panties, one gentle flick of her clit and she started to shudder against his chest.

Oh, God! With one touch, he had given her a small orgasm. She wanted more, but he pulled his hand out and moved it to his lips. She watched as he touched it to his mouth and inhaled. Then his tongue snaked out and licked his finger tip.

“Do I taste good, Master?”

Michael could hear the worry in her voice. “You, my little Becky, taste like ambrosia. I could have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert every day.”

His words made her nervousness vanish. She wanted to please him. She wanted what he offered, and would do anything he asked to get it.

Michael was now in a bad way. He was as hard as a bar of steel and had no way to relieve himself. God! He wanted to bend her over the bed right here and take her, but he had promised to be gentle and loving her first time, and he knew Doc would kill him. He retrieved the dress he had brought for her, and helped her place it over her head. Then he caressed his hands down her body as he slid the dress in place. He was having a very hard time as he slid her stockings into place and wound her sandal straps around her ankles. He could not ever remember a woman he wanted this much. He had to keep his emotions under control. In six months, she would leave his life a confident woman.

Michael reached out and took her hand. He then led her out the door where her nurse was waiting with a wheelchair.

Chapter three

Rebecca was rolled out of the hospital to see a black Ferrari sitting in the pick-up zone. Her nurse helped her to stand and transfer to the car, and a few minutes later they were rolling down the highway. Rebecca was riding along in wonder of how smooth the car rode and how much power she could feel from both the engine and the driver.

“What does it take to put a smile on that beautiful face?” Michael watched her intently from the corner of his eye. Her quick frown from his question gave him a pang in his heart.

“I don’t have much in my life to smile about.”

Her reply had been so soft Michael could barely hear it. “Becky, if this relationship is going to work, I need honesty from you. I have to trust you will tell me the truth. I may ask some things that are painful. I promise it is for a good reason, though. Now please tell me why you almost never smile.”

Rebecca could feel the tears trying to form again, but she fought them back. Telling the truth was easy for her, because the consequences if she had been caught in a lie at home were too terrible to contemplate. “My parents always told me only sinners were happy, and that a smile always hid a sin behind it. God forbids pleasure. They would hit me when they caught me smiling.”

Michael changed lanes quickly headed for an off ramp. He was about to burst into tears. How could anyone treat their own daughter that way? He pulled into the parking lot of a small Italian restaurant. “How did they hide your abuse for so long?”

“They didn’t abuse me. I was just a bad child and needed more discipline than others.”

Michael’s was fighting back tears with all his willpower. He could not let her see him cry right now. He did not want her to know how much pity he felt for her. “It was abuse, baby, -- no parent should ever strike their child in anger. Even a spanking needs to be delivered with love and respect, not rage and anger. Now answer the question, please.”

“When they would bruise me where it showed, mother would use whore paint to cover it up. She always said paint even made a whore look like a lady.”

“Why did she call you a whore?”

“When I was fifteen, I brought a friend home to study after school. He was a boy. My mother came home early and caught him there. She started yelling and screaming and calling me a whore. When she did that my friend stood up and slapped her. She threw him out of the house. Then the next day she took me down and had me put on the pill. She told me she didn’t want any whore brats running around her house.”

“What was that boy’s name, baby?” Michael could see the fear in her eyes. Not fear for her, but fear for him.

“Why?” She squeaked out.

“I am going to buy him a Ferrari, maybe a house, and quite possibly his own island. He is right now one of the greatest heroes I can imagine.”

Rebecca looked into the eyes of this very strange man. What she saw there made her want to smile. He was quite serious. She couldn’t help it her lips started to curl up. “Paul.”

Michael reached down into her purse and pulled out her iPhone. “Do you know his phone number?”

She nodded as she tried to fight the smile. She did not want Michael to think of her as a whore.

“Baby, I will never think of you as a whore. I will never call you a whore. I will take anyone to task who calls you a whore. I would love to see you smile, and if buying him a car, house, and island would make you smile, I would buy him one every day for the rest of my life. Now, let me see you smile.” Michael’s heart was breaking, watching her fight the smile trying to form on her face.

She couldn’t help it -- her lips curled upward and her smile beamed like sunshine.

“Now I want you to program his number into your phone, and I want you to call him so he knows you are alright. Don’t tell him about our arrangement, but tell him that we would like to take him out to dinner Friday night. I am going to step out and make a couple of phone calls. Then we are going to have a quiet dinner here. I want you to know he is your friend. I want you to talk to him as often as you feel or need.” Michael then took his phone and stepped out of the car.

Rebecca called Paul’s number and waited.



“Mouse? Is that you? Oh, my God! Where are you? Are you alright? What happened?”

“I’m okay. I was in the hospital last night…” Rebecca proceeded to tell him what happened, and that she would be staying at Mr. Talbot’s house for a while. She also asked him to join her and Michael for dinner Friday night.

“Michael, huh?”

“He is nice, Paul. He is so pissed at my parents. I am surprised he hasn’t hired top dog lawyers to prosecute them.”

“Tell him I will chip in everything I have to pay them.”


“Paul, what? I hated your parents. I would see the bruises they would leave on you and try to hide with cheap makeup. When I went over to your house to see how your first day went, the neighbors told me your parents had been dragged off in chains and you were taken off in an ambulance. I thought they had killed you. I couldn’t find into which hospital you had been admitted. The police wouldn’t tell me anything. I was so worried. Everyone at the hardware store was worried. Even Angela tried to get information from her father. Mouse, when Angela is worried about someone else, you know it is bad.”

“Angela hates me.”

“No one hates you, Mouse, they just don’t understand you.”

“I think Michael is waiting on me so we can get dinner. This is my number now, my work phone. Call me anytime, Paul. I like to talk to you.”

They said their goodbyes and she started to get out of the car. When she stood up Michael was there. “Becky, while you are in my training I will not share you. I am not a jealous man, but you will be mine and mine alone.”

Rebecca looked down and her shoulders started shaking. Michael was worried he had come on too strong and lifted her face to see her eyes. She was smiling and her eyes were full of mirth. Mirth? What was so funny? “Did you find that amusing?”

“I am sorry. Don’t be mad.” He could feel her cringe back away from him.

“I am not mad. I am just trying to understand why my declaration would be amusing.”

“I can’t tell you but, you don’t have to worry about Paul, ever.”

“Honesty, Becky, always honesty.”

“Please, I am the only one that knows and he would be mortified if I told you.”

Michael looked at her and light dawned in his eyes. “You’re kidding?”

Rebecca started to shake again but her eyes were dancing with mirth. “I would be more worried if you called him a lot.” She could not contain it a light giggle escaped her. When it did her smile disappeared and she started to cringe again. Then his lips were on her. The heat was instantaneous. She could feel the flush start at her toes and rapidly cover her whole body. In seconds, her panties were soaked. She started to pull him towards her, reaching for his zipper.

He caught her hands at his zipper. “I am sorry, baby, but you need until Saturday to recover. Saturday night I will make you mine. But you have to wait.” He was shocked by the light moan of disappointment he received with her kiss. This girl would let him take her right here in public. She was so willing to be his! She was lost. But she did not act like any gold digger he had ever met. She didn’t want the gifts and the money. She acted like it embarrassed her to receive them. She was an enigma to him. How could anyone, brought up the way she was, be so driven for that one act?

As their kiss broke, she whispered two words, “Please, Master.”

“Patience, my little gem, it is a sure thing. I will not throw you away.” As he spoke, he slipped his hands under her skirt and to the crotch of her panties. His hand was soaked on contact. Her nectar was running down her thighs. This girl was not only willing; she was damn well ready for him. It took every ounce of self control he had not to give in.

Rebecca watched his smoking eyes as he pulled his hand to his mouth and began to lick her lubricity off his fingers. She was frustrated and wanted him then and there. He was trying to let her heal. How could she tell him that she didn’t care? If she had him one time she would die happy. She would gladly face eternity in hell for one night with him. Hell held no fear for her -- she had lived there her whole life.

Michael stared into her eyes as he savored her flavor from his hand. She was on fire inside. He was sure he could take her right there against the side of his car and she would scream her pleasure to the heavens. He was going to have to come up with some public sex for her. He wanted to see just how much of her shyness disappeared when she was in the throes of passion.

Taking her hand, Michael led her into the restaurant.

When she sat down, the waiter opened and handed her the menu. Rebecca looked at the prices and almost fainted. The cheapest thing on the menu was over fifty dollars. Her face turned red as she read through it. She had no idea what any of this even was. She felt stupid as she asked Michael her question. “What is veal?”

Michael looked up at her and gave a light hearted smile. “Baby, veal is beef from a young cow. Have you ever eaten any of the stuff on the menu before?”


“You have never had Italian foods before?”

“Pizza, once, with Paul.”

“Then I ask you to trust me.” As he spoke, he motioned for the waiter to come to the table. Rebecca was amazed at how fast the waiter appeared. She had never seen waiters so attentive before. Then Michael spoke to the waiter. “Could I ask for the chef to come speak to us, please?”

“Gladly, sir, is something wrong?”

“It is nothing that the fine chef cannot help me fix.”

“Certainly, sir, I will ask him to step over to your table.”

It seemed only seconds before a man in a black kitchen jacket and black chef’s hat arrived at the table. “Michael! It is so good to see you. How can I help you, my friend?”

“My lady here has never tasted Italian food. I was wondering if you could make a tour of Italy for her. I want her to experience the wonder of the whole country on one plate.”

“Absolutely! My pleasure! I will even provide wine samples appropriate for each bite.”

“She is a bit young for wine, but if you don’t tell, I won’t.”

“Small samples it is, then!” The chef then turned and headed for the kitchen. It seems it takes a while to provide a tour of Italy on a plate, because it was about thirty-five minutes before the waiter and head chef returned with two plates and a tray of the smallest wine glasses Rebecca had ever seen. Once the trays were set on stands, the chef motioned for the waiter to leave. “I will handle this -- attend to your tables.”

The chef then turned to them and pulled two small plates from the tray. He set a plate in front of each of them. This is our Veal Parmesan. It is a hand-tenderized cutlet of veal, lightly breaded, on a bed of pasta, with marinara sauce, sprinkled with Parmigiano-Reggiano.

Michael picked up her fork and offered her the bite from her plate. The veal seamed to melt in her mouth like butter. The sharp saltiness of the cheese was like a small taste of heaven. She had never tasted pasta like this. It bore no resemblance to macaroni and cheese. It was soft and warm and buttery. The red sauce was the most amazing thing she had ever tasted. She had no way to describe it.

Michael watched the play of emotions across her face and nearly had an orgasm. If he could make her look like that once while in his bed, he could die a happy man. The simple pure pleasure in her emotions was a thing of beauty to watch.

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she saw Michael looking at her with smoking eyes. His pupils were fully dilated and he was breathing rapidly. She could not help the smile that touched her lips. His look made her think very naughty thoughts, and she liked it.

“I recommend a sip of this fine Tuscan Chianti with that bite.”

Rebecca took the proffered little glass and sipped from it. The flavor of the wine seemed to explode in her mouth and bring back the flavor of the veal. Michael had to pinch himself to remain under control as he watched her again. This poor girl had never been allowed to enjoy food before. This was all new to her. No wonder Barb had told him to be careful if he took her to a restaurant. Barb knew him and knew he would be lost watching her.

Rebecca spent the next two hours in a state of ecstasy. Every bite she took was new and incredible. Even the calamari nearly drove her wild. She never thought squid, stuffed with a meat and rice mixture, could taste good, but it was incredible!

Rebecca woke up in a strange bed. She had been on his couch and must have fallen asleep. She was comfortably restrained but her hands were free. She did not understand why she wasn’t tied to the bed. Why was her restraint so heavy and why was her back so warm? Then her restraint shifted. It was his arm. He was holding her and was pressed up against her back. Then as she shifted her legs, reveling in the novelty of being able to move them, an all-new sensation came to her. Her eyes opened in wonder as her hand slid down and caressed the thing lying hard and hot between her legs.

She felt it in wonder, the end of it completely filled her small hand. She could not believe that would fit inside her. Then she had a devilish thought. There was a way to find out. She slid her panties to the side and began to rub him against her pussy. Every time the head brushed her clit she would shudder. Oh, God, that felt good! She moved it back and then felt the head slide into place. She started to use her hips to apply pressure and felt herself begin to stretch. There was a little discomfort, but absolutely nothing would make her stop.

Then she felt it pull away. No! Oh, God, NO!

“Saturday, no sooner than Saturday.” His husky voice spoke gently from behind her.

“Please, Master.” She begged of him. “I could die before Saturday and I don’t want to spend eternity in hell not knowing what I missed. Please.”

“Why would an angel like you spend an eternity in hell?” He asked softly.

“I am a child of sin. My daddy called me his bastard child. The gates of heaven are barred to me. Please, Master, I don’t want to die without knowing that pleasure.”

“I will not let you die before Saturday. I don’t want to injure you. Please, you only have three days to wait. I don’t have the willpower to keep resisting you.”

“You don’t have to resist. I have offered you everything about me. Make me belong to you.”

“Saturday, Please, Becky, be that patient. I will make you mine just before we leave for our trip.

Her eyes lost some of their smoky quality. “Our trip?”

Oh, thank God! Something had managed to divert her passion. He would not be able to resist her much longer. She eroded his willpower like time. “You didn’t think I was going to Tampa next week without you, did you?”

Then Michael felt her start to shiver in his arms. “What’s wrong, Becky?”

“I have never been out of this town before. What if I get lost? I wouldn’t know where I was or how to get back.” Her voice held such an edge; she was honestly terrified.

“I will not let you get lost. You can stay with me when I go to my meetings, and I will hold your hand anywhere else we go. Don’t be afraid.”

“The furthest I have ever been from home is Hyde Park.”

“You are further away from your old home than that now.”

Her eyes got wide and she really started to shiver. “I am?” She asked in that squeak that he was coming to know so well.

“You don’t remember much about the drive to my home, do you?”

“I remember watching you, and the music on the radio. I remember wondering if I could reach over and touch you.”

“It takes nearly an hour to get here from work. Baby, you are fifty miles from your old house.” Rebecca started to quiver and breathe rapidly. This girl was really scared. “Baby, you are perfectly safe here. No one will hurt you. I am here to protect you.”

“I haven’t had my shots. I am going to get sick and die.”

Michael realized this girl was in a panic. “Baby, listen to me. You do not need shots unless you leave the country. There are no diseases here to hurt you. Trust me baby, I would not even risk you like that. You are perfectly safe.” Michael was even more determined than ever to keep her parents away from her. How could anyone make their child afraid to be more than a few miles from home? “Baby, listen to me. I am going to keep you safe. I will not let anyone or anything hurt you.”

She started to calm down, “Can I ask a question?”

“A little late now -- you just did.” Michael regretted his jest immediately, when he saw the wounded look in her eyes. “Baby, unless we are in the playroom, you never need to ask permission to speak. In there, you must ask permission for anything. Out here, I give you the freedom to speak as you see fit.”

“Why am I not tied to the bed?”

“It’s a little early in our relationship for that. I will tie you up as we make love later.”

“No, I mean while I sleep. Momma always tied me to the bed so I wouldn’t sneak out to be a whore.”

It took everything Michael had to keep from screaming. He was ready to explode on her parents. “Because, baby, I have no fear you will try to sneak out, and I know you are not a whore.”

“At the hospital and here are the only places I have slept other than home. Isn’t being tied to the bed normal for young daughters? My mom always said every momma did it, but no one talks about it.

“Baby, mommas don’t tie up their daughters. Now let’s go get showered and get to work before we get fired.”

At his words, she slid out from under his arm and climbed out of the huge bed. She could put four of her beds together and still not have one this big. She stood up and then realized just how undressed she was. All she had on was her powder blue boy short panties. Then she thought how ridiculous it seemed to worry about it now -- she had just been in bed with him. As she took her second step, she realized she had just slept in the arms of a man, and she added a little dance in her steps as she walked.

At the door, she looked back at his warm smiling face. “Are you going to take a shower with me?”

“Baby, if I get in that shower with you, I will not wait ’till Saturday.”

Her smile was very naughty. He loved to see it, and it amazed him that she felt free to smile when naughty thoughts entered her head. “Then maybe I should use all the hot water so you have to take a cold shower.”

Michael was just getting out of bed when he heard her give a light sob from the bathroom. He looked in to see her quietly crying. “What’s wrong, Baby?”

“I don’t have a toothbrush.”

“There is one in the cabinet there you can have.” He watched as she turned and opened the small cabinet. She looked at the little box containing the toothbrush as if it were made out of gold.

“What’s wrong, Babe? It’s just a toothbrush.”

“I have never had a new toothbrush before.”

Michael could not stop them. The tears flowed forth from his eyes. “Baby, we are stopping at the store on the way home tonight. You will have a new toothbrush every day for the rest of your life.”

Michael sat in his office, talking to Barbara. “Barb, listen to me. You know what I like. She is well aware of it, and not only willing, but needs it. She has been abused so badly. It was torture, and she doesn’t even think she was abused. My god, she burst into tears this morning when I gave her a new toothbrush. She had never had one before.”

“She has never had a toothbrush? I find that a little hard to believe! She has perfect teeth.”

“She has never had a new toothbrush. Her parent’s gave her their old ones when they were through with them. The dress she had on the day she got here. It was the only article of new clothing she has ever owned. She saved up for three months to buy it. It was twenty dollars at the department store. Her parents were taking every penny she earned. She was bringing home almost a thousand a month and they were taking nine hundred and ninety-three dollars of it. She worked for a living and only had seven dollars a month to show for it. Your daughter is only five years old and gets a bigger allowance.”

“Michael, I know your history. Once she is trained, you will let her go. I don’t want to see her hurt that way. The others understood what they were getting into. She is in love with you. I can see it in her eyes. How do you think I figured it out so quickly this morning? That girl worships the ground you walk on. Please, don’t hurt her.”

“I will only let her go if she chooses to leave. She makes me feel alive. You know I always try to help people with my money. For the first time, I have found someone all my money can’t help. The damage is so deep; I am literally going to have to build her self worth up from nothing. She couldn’t understand why her amazement at a new toothbrush made me cry. I know you have never seen a tear in my eye even when you were going through training. She makes me feel things I have never felt. Yes, I am attached to you, but we do not love each other. I think I am falling in love with that girl, no, that woman. When her training ends, if she still loves me and wants to stay, she will be with me forever. I am just afraid the training will make her hate me. I am going to have to make her do things that are so against her nature, she will burn with anger.”

“Will you tell her that I went through your training?”

“Yes, right now, if it will make you step back and not worry. You know the relationship has to form around trust. If she does not trust me, she cannot let me do what needs to be done.” As Michael finished speaking, he saw Rebecca get off of the elevator with the files he had sent her after. They waited for her to come into his office. “Becky, I have something I need to tell you.”

The tone of Michael’s voice made Rebecca look up sharply. She could not hide the fear in her eyes. He was going to tell her it had all been a mistake, and he didn’t want her. She could feel the tears starting to well up in her eyes. Before she could move, he was there, his strong arms wrapped around her.

“I am sorry, Baby, it’s not something bad. I am just a little annoyed with someone’s rather large nose.”

Rebecca tried to control her tears. “What did you need to tell me?” She steeled her nerves -- she knew this was going to hurt. What hope did a useless little girl like her have that a man like Michael would want her, even as a plaything.

“Barb here believes you should know that she has been through my training. Yes, she and I were together years back. She was the first to go through my training.” Michael waited for her reaction. He expected a jealous rage or crying fit. What he got floored him.

“That was cruel, Master.”

“I am sorry. Why was it cruel?”

“You made me worry that you were going to send me away, so that you could tell me who a woman from your past was.”

“You’re not jealous of her?”

“She gives me hope.”

“Hope of what?”

“Hope that someday I will be worthy of earning your love.”

When she spoke Michael looked up at Barbara, who had tears streaming down her face. Michael reached over for the tissue box from his desk and offered it to her. “The two other ladies who work up here have been through my training as well.”

Rebecca watched his face as he spoke. “They are all so beautiful.”

“The last thing is that Deb and I still play occasionally, but that is over while you are with me, if you want it to stop. I was planning on asking her to help with your training.”

“Will you expect me to play with her?”

“Yes, she will help to show you the wonders of another woman.”

“May I make a request, Master?”

“You may always make a request.”

“I don’t want you to play with her alone, only if I am there too.”

“Then that is a hard limit for you, Baby, only if you are present. I promise.” Michael again looked at Barb, she was still crying softly. “Becky, could you get me a cup of coffee, please?”

Rebecca nodded and left the room.

As soon as Rebecca was walking down the hall, Barbara asked, “How are you going to spank her? It would be like beating a starving puppy.”

“She needs the pain. The only love she has known has hurt her. She sees pain and love as one and the same. How will I not be able to? It would be like telling a child she can’t have any ice cream at her own party.”

Michael watched in slow motion as the beautiful girl walking away from him, put her phone up to her ear. He could imagine her saying hello. Then he watched as his cup fell from her hand to shatter on the floor. He was in motion before he even registered the fact that she needed him. As he ran up behind her he could hear the voice on her phone. “What the fuck are you doing pressing charges against Mom and Dad!? You fucking little bitch! They have been nothing but nice to you!”

Michael snatched the phone out of her hand as Barbara scooped Rebecca into a hug. Michael stuck the phone to his ear. “Who is this?” He asked in a cold voice.

“What do you mean ‘Who is this?’ Put my fucking sister back on before I rip you a new asshole, right in the middle of your fucking forehead!”

“I am going to explain something to you and I want you to listen. Your sister did not press charges against your parents. The police did. They arrived in time to see your father slap and attempt to kick her. Now you have just hurt her and that really…”

“I don’t give a shit about your ass. You have no right to tell me I can’t speak to my sister. Now put her on the fucking phone, now!”

Michael pulled the phone away from his ear and disconnected the call. Then he went through the functions and blocked the number that had just called.

Rebecca lay in bed, Michael breathing softly as he slept with his arm around her. She was watching the clock as the seconds ticked away. In her head, she was doing a countdown. She watched the three hands come together on the twelve. “Master?”

“Yes, Baby.”

“It’s Saturday.”

“They say men have one track minds.”

Rebecca could hear the smile in his voice as he pulled her tight up against him. “Please, Master -- I have been patient like you asked.”

“Impatiently, patient.”

Rebecca was starting to worry that he was going to put her off again when she felt his lips on the back of her shoulder. The light whimper that escaped her lips was one of pure joy. She felt Michael guide her onto her stomach and begin to kiss her. First he kissed the back of her neck, then just below her ear on the right side. Oh, God! That felt so good! What magic did he have in those lips? Everywhere they touched felt like a day in heaven. When his lips found her shoulders, she moaned into her pillow.

Michael listened to the sounds this woman made. The clues to her pleasure were obvious. She let him know everything she liked. When he ran his tongue down her spine from neck to tail, she cried out a moan of pure ecstasy. When he moved back up to kiss his way across and down her back, she moaned deep in her throat. When his lips met the tight soft skin of her bottom, she arched her back and cried out in pleasure.

Rebecca was in a world of new sensations. She was feeling pleasure in spots that had never known it before. She felt his lips touch the skin behind her knees and her mind whirled out of control. Then he sucked gently on that same skin and she felt her pussy clench in response. Then he kissed and sucked on the other one and she nearly lost her mind. Nothing could feel that good.

As Michael made his way to her dainty feet, he looked up to see her dripping onto the mattress. Her virgin pussy was drooling with moisture. Then he licked up across the bottom of her foot, and her flower clenched so tight it spit out her juices. He sucked on the bottom of her foot and she arched up and screamed. He was about to panic that he had hurt her when he felt her vibrating and shaking. This delightful woman had just orgasmed from him sucking on her foot. He could not believe it! She was a walking erogenous zone. He moved over and sucked on the bottom of her other foot and watched her literally explode into orgasm a second time.

Rebecca lay there with her head spinning. Those feelings had been so intense they had left her dizzy. Nothing in her life had prepared her for what was happening. The only thing she could think about was if his kisses felt that good, what must it feel like for him to be inside her? Then she felt him guiding her to roll over. If he was going to kiss her front side like he had the back, she was pretty sure she was going to pass out. Then his lips found the hollow of her throat. She could not help herself -- she moaned out his name.

Michael smiled to his self as he began to kiss his way down her front. He kissed his way downward until her perfect breasts were in front of his face. A kiss on the top of her breast brought a moan. Licking underneath them made her moan out his name. Then he took her right nipple into his mouth and sucked gently. She immediately began to vibrate and shake. He suckled until she started to calm down then he switched to the left breast. Again she charged into an orgasm.

Rebecca was lost. She was no longer in control of her body. She could not as much as move her arms. Somehow this wonderful man had made her orgasm four times and he was not even inside her yet. He had not even touched her there. His kisses were drawing closer and closer to that prize.

“Becky, when I start to lick you down here, you might feel like you need to pee. Trust me, Baby, you won’t pee. Just let yourself fall into the feeling. I will explain afterwards if it happens.” Michael tried to keep his voice soothing. He had a deep feeling this girl was going to be special. If it started, he was going to push her right through it. He would not let her remain frightened of it.

Rebecca had no idea what he was talking about, but she moaned her agreement. Then she felt his tongue brush along the lips of her pussy. She brought her legs together around his head and felt his tongue slide into her. Then he was all activity. His tongue hit her lips, then plunged into her, then seemed to dance across her clit. Next, she felt his tongue push in back there. That caused her eyes to open wide in surprise. She was surprised he would do that. She was also surprised anything could possibly feel that good back there. Then it happened -- she felt it she was going to pee. Oh, God! She was mortified. She tried to pull away from him but he held her tightly. He was so strong she could not fight him away. She grabbed his hair and tried to fight him off. Oh God! No! Please, NO! Then it hit her. She felt it let go. She froze as her muscles contracted and fluid rained down on her legs and his back.

Michael looked up at her and saw the fear in her eyes. “Baby, you didn’t pee. Trust me.” He climbed up her body and placed his face next to hers. “Smell me, Baby. Do you smell any pee?”

Rebecca sniffed -- all she could smell was, the bouquet of her arousal and his scent mixed together in a heady perfume. It didn’t smell like pee. So she shook her head no.

“You are a squirter, Babe. When you get excited enough, your body has such a massive orgasm that your fluids squirt out.” He then licked his lips. “You taste so good.”

On impulse, Rebecca reached out with her tongue and licked his cheek. The flavor was salty and sweet and sour all at the same time. She was surprised it did not taste nearly as bad as she imagined it would. She licked him again and when she did she felt his hard cock lurch and slap her pussy. She giggled at that and licked him again. This caused it to slap her again. She reached up and took his head in her hands and began to lick his face clean.

Michael was in awe -- this girl was a natural submissive. During her first sexual encounter, she was licking his face clean. It usually took him weeks to get a sub to taste herself. The submissive part of her training was going to be so easy. When she finished licking every trace of her essence off of his face, he smiled down at her. “Are you ready, Baby?”

Rebecca nodded her head. That was a silly question! She had been ready all week. Then she felt it. The head was pressing against her. She tried to relax, but this was it. She was going to lose her virginity. She felt every millimeter of him as he slowly slid forward. There was pain, but she was disappointed. If this was all those other girls in school had been whining about, they were wimps. Then there was a slightly sharper pain.

“I am against your barrier, Baby. This is your last chance to change your mind. When I thrust forward this time, I will push through.” He waited for her to answer, but all he got was a mischievous smile. In a smooth move, she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled herself up onto him in one thrust. She had pulled so tight against him he had slid all the way in. Their groins were touching each other. He watched the look of slight pain on her face, but she was still squeezing him tight. She had a death grip on him with her legs. Then she put her finger to her mouth and started to giggle.

Rebecca was not about to be patient any longer. She had waited for this long enough. Now she was his.

Michael leaned down and began to kiss her. This little minx had taken her own virginity with his cock. As he felt her legs relax, he pulled back slightly and then thrust back in. When he did, her legs fell away and she moaned loud and long. Within seconds, she was helping him by rocking her hips. She started controlling the rhythm. He was not going to last long -- his excitement was too high. Then he felt the most amazing feeling he had ever felt. Her pussy locked up so tight around him that he could not move. That caused him to explode into her.

They lay there in the afterglow. Rebecca was still feeling spasms down there. Every time a stray air current would blow across her, she would have a mini orgasm. Then her mind started wandering back to her research on his lifestyle. A good slave girl always cleans her master after sex. She started to slide her head down his body.

Michael was just about to ask what she was doing when he felt her tongue slide up his shaft.

In answer to his unasked question, Rebecca said softly, “Cleaning, Master.” She lapped up everything she could find. Then she got on her hands and knees between his legs and started cleaning from that angle. Once he was clean he was completely stiff again. She lifted her head and began to slide her lips over the head of his cock.

Michael watched in utter astonishment as his entire cock disappeared into her mouth. She never coughed or gagged as it passed into her throat. He watched as she started actively working up and down his shaft. She would catch her breaths in between thrusts, but she never broke her rhythm. Just watching this so recently virgin girl work him that way made him lose it. He exploded down her throat. She never did gag, but she could not swallow fast enough. He watched a few drops leak out of the corner of her mouth.

Rebecca sat up and wiped the drops off of her lip and into her mouth. Now that was a good taste, she thought. Then she looked up at the expression on his face and couldn’t figure out what it meant. She started to worry that she had not done it right.

Michael saw the fear creep into her eyes. “Baby, that was absolutely amazing.” He whispered in awe. Then he reached out and took her, smiling, into his arms. As she lay with her head on his chest, he asked her. “Why don’t you have a gag reflex?”

“My mom made us eat liver twice a week because she and dad both love it. I hate it! It is disgusting. But if I gagged, she would slap me, and if I threw up she would make me eat it again. That was worse than eating it the first time, so I learned not to gag or throw up.”

“She made you eat your own vomit?”


Michael was glad she was looking down his body. She could not see the tears streaming out of his eyes. He was glad her parents were in jail. He had never wanted to kill anyone as badly as he wanted to torture them into a slow, very painful death.

Chapter four

Rebecca was standing in the kitchen, wearing only a small apron. She was trying to cook breakfast for her master. During the night she had lost even the pretense of this being a game. Michael owned her body and soul. Her first time had been more than she had ever dared to dream. She had never known it was possible to feel that kind of pleasure. Snippets of their pillow talk afterwards ran through her head as she was working.

Michael had asked her if she ever touched herself to get pleasure and she had told him that she had not. When he asked why, she told him of the humiliation her mother had put her through. How her mother had made her wear a sign everywhere she went that day claiming she was a filthy whore because she touched herself. She had been ten years old and her mother had caught her the first time she had tried it.

She did not understand why Michael would not let her look at his face while they talked. Maybe it had been part of his dominance role. But she did feel the muscles in his chest tighten when she told him her brother had been allowed to correct her after he hit the age of fourteen. Apparently, Michael did not think older brothers should be allowed to correct bad little girls.

Then she had to explain how her older brother was legitimate, while she had been a bastard. Her parents had been married by eloping. They spent their wedding night together and her brother had been conceived. Since they were under eighteen years of age, their parents had forced the courts to nullify the marriage. Later, everyone found out her mother was pregnant with her older brother.

The parents decided that they had to be married if they had a child, but the courts refused to reinstate the marriage, and also refused to remarry them until they were eighteen. Jason was born three months before her mothers eighteenth birthday. Three days before the wedding, it was discovered that her mother was pregnant again. Both sets of Rebecca’s grandparents had disowned the couple when they found out. She had never met any of her grandparents. She was born eight months after her parent’s second wedding.

Rebecca was cooking when, her cell phone rang. She picked it up off the breakfast bar and saw that it was Paul calling her. “Hi,” she said in a bright voice.

“May I please speak with Rebecca Saint James?” Paul’s voice said softly on the other end.

“This is Rebecca, Paul.”

“Mouse? You sound so happy. I didn’t recognize you. I need to find out what is going on here.”

“What do you mean, what is going on?”

“My mom woke me up this morning, telling me there was a delivery person here for me. When I got to the door, a man made me sign some paperwork for a delivery. Mouse, they delivered a brand new Ferrari. I have all the paperwork in my name, the insurance is even paid for the next fifty years. I have a maintenance contract and a gas card. This car cost more than my parent’s house! Then as I was trying to figure out where this had come from, a woman called me and told me that we had an appointment Monday to go house-hunting. What is going on?”

“Michael thinks you are a hero because you slapped my mother to defend me. He told me he was going to buy you a car and a house, though I think he was joking about the private island. But then again, I thought he was joking about the Ferrari and house.”

“Mouse, the woman told me we were going to be looking for homes in the five million dollar range and that the payout had already been arranged. I can’t accept these gifts!”

As he was speaking she felt Michael’s oh, so strong and warm arms wrap around her. “Why can’t you accept them?” She asked quietly, as her head just wilted backwards into Michael’s chest.

“My parents are struggling to pay the bills. I would look like scum driving this car and living in a house like that while they can barely buy food.”

Michael spoke softly, “Paul, move your parents into your new house. Tell them to sell the old one and pay off their debts with the money. I will have a pair of new Mercedes there for them Friday. What are their favorite colors?”

“Sir, I don’t know what to say. Why are you doing this?”

“Because you defended a mouse from a hyena. As far as I am concerned, you are a hero, son, and deserve to be treated like one.”

“I didn’t do anything that special. Mouse caught hell for the next two weeks because I slapped her mother. I had to watch her try to act like nothing was wrong, but I could tell. Besides, you are the hero. I have never heard Mouse sound so happy.”

“Becky is a special person -- she deserves to be happy.”

The two of them sat at the table eating their breakfast. Michael was partial to thick cut bacon. But the thin stuff she had cooked was so light and crispy. He had to admit it was really good. “I didn’t even know I had any thin cut bacon in the fridge,” he said as he ate.

“You didn’t. I had to fillet the thick cut down.”

Michael looked at her with honest astonishment in his eyes. “You filleted the thick cut down?”

“Yes, I cut each piece into three.”


“With your big kitchen knife,” she answered softly. She must have done something wrong. Oh, please, she was trying to make him happy.

Michael could see the tears trying to form in her eyes. He had to cut this course of thought off quickly. “It’s wonderful, Baby! I usually use thick cut because I burn the thin stuff. Show me how you filleted it. I would love to see this.” Michael watched her eyes brighten back up at his compliments.

She took his hand and led him into the kitchen. She took out another slice of the thick cut bacon and laid it on his chopping block. Then quicker than Michael’s eyes could follow, she picked up the knife, placed her hand flat on top of the strip of bacon, and placed the knife flat about a hairs thickness above the counter. With one quick slice, the knife passed between her hand and the counter. Then she brought the knife back and positioned it a little higher. Another quick slice and it passed again between her hand and the block.

Michael had cringed when she drew the knife through once. He almost fainted when it passed through a second time. When she took her hand off the bacon and pulled out three perfect cut pieces, he just stared. He quietly reached out and pulled her hand up to his eyes. Not a cut, not even a light scrape. “How?”

“I had to learn to do it. My father hated thick cut bacon, but the store didn’t carry any thin enough for him. If I gave him his bacon too thick, he would backhand me.”

Michael was staring at this girl. She could use a knife with the finesse of a top chef and skill of an artist. He had to hope he never made her mad in a kitchen. He was liable to end up in a pan, frying to a nice crispy texture. “Baby, I have never seen knife skills like that in my life. He watched as a smile started to caress her face. “Now, I hate to break up my admiration for your skills, but we need to have a long talk about what is going to happen over the next few months. I need to know what you will and will not do, and we need to establish your safewords.”

“I don’t need safewords – I know you won’t kill me.”

“Baby, I am not even remotely worried about killing you! I am worried about hurting you more than you can bear. Please, let’s do this, that way I can have trust in you.”

“Okay. What do you need to know?”

“First, we need to know a couple of your hard limits. Hard limits are things you don’t want done. They are deal-breakers, stuff that would make you walk away from me if I tried them. One of them, we know, is me being with another woman without you. Are there any others?”

Rebecca looked down at her shoes. She was uncomfortable telling him the things she didn’t want. What if not being able to do them was a hard limit for him?

“Honesty, Baby, -- we have to be honest with each other at all times. We have to trust each other.”

“Fire scares me,” she whispered softly.

“Very good, Baby! Fire play scares the hell out of me as well. So that is a hard limit for both of us. Anything else?”

“I don’t want to be with another man.”

“I told you that is one of my hard limits already. I will not share you.” He watched her carefully as he spoke. She was trying not to say something. “What is it, baby? Please tell me.”

She looked like she was about to faint when she looked up at him. “Knives scare me.”

Michael had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing. “I can see why! In anyone else’s hands, they would look clumsy. I promise, Babe -- no cutting. I don’t like to leave permanent marks, and knives do that.” Michael knew other hard limits would probably develop as they progressed. “Now, for my hard limits. I do not do fisting of any kind, and I will not use humiliation on you. Fisting, because I believe it permanently alters the person by stretching them past their limits. Humiliation is because this is not about tearing you down. It is about building you up. Another hard limit for me is gift refusal -- while you are with me, I will not tolerate you refusing any gift I want to buy for you. You will be punished for even, attempting to refuse them. I will support you completely. Any money you earn at your job will be for you to spend as you see fit.”

“Okay, what about tattoos and piercing?”

“I normally do not do them because they fall under the category ’permanent’. They are not a hard limit for me though -- if you want them, then you will get them. Now we set soft limits. These are things you don’t think you will like, but are willing to try. I am not into scat or urinating. They do not turn me on in any way.” Michael did not fail to notice the sigh of relief from her. “I see you were not looking forward to those, either.”

“I don’t like the smell and stink. I think it would humiliate me.”

“Then we can upgrade that to a hard limit for us. Is there anything you can think of that you wouldn’t enjoy?”


Michael was a little shocked, most women jumped on anal sex at this point. “What about anal sex?”

“That would have been a soft limit yesterday,” she told him, as she found something very interesting on the floor.

“Why did that change?”

She actually toed the floor like a shy schoolgirl. “You licked me back there.”

Michael had to chuckle, “You liked that didn’t you.” She looked up at him and nodded. “Okay, baby, now I will tell you the rules you will live by. These are hard and fast rules, you will be punished for breaking them. I will not make you sign a contract. I think they are wrong and start the relationship off wrong. You cannot start a trusting relationship by protecting yourself from your submissive.”


“Rule number one. You will obey me in all things in or out of the house. You are mine to do with as I please.”

“Rule number two. Inside the house, I am to be addressed as Master, or Sir, never as Michael. Moaning my name during sex is allowed, but only if feeling pleasure.”

“Rule number three. When you enter the house, you are to go straight to the bedroom and remove your clothes and put on your collar. You may not wear any clothes, other than an apron when cooking, when inside the house, unless I tell you different.”

“Master, I do not have a collar.”

“You will.”

“Rule number four. You are to spend one hour, every day, studying college courses online. We will enroll you in the one of my choice this afternoon.”

“Rule number five. You will get up every morning before I do and have breakfast and coffee waiting for me. Then when they are prepared, you will wake me up in as interesting a manner as you can imagine.”

“Rule number six. When I tell you to go to the playroom, you are to proceed there immediately. You will enter and remove any clothing you are wearing, and fold them neatly on the dressing table. Then you are to sit in the slave girl inspection position on the pedestal and wait for my arrival.”

“Rule number seven. You will maintain your health and weight through diet, exercise and proper sleep. I will set you up with a personal trainer to teach you martial arts and endurance training. Trust me -- you will need the endurance training.”

“Rule number eight. You will only wear clothing of which I approve. I will pay for any clothing purchases, and I will approve any purchases before they are made.”

“Rule number nine, you will maintain perfect personal hygiene and grooming. I will pay for all grooming needs. Trips to the spa and salon will be made at weekly intervals. You will be expected to be groomed down there at all times. Set up a waxing appointment. The style is up to you, but I prefer completely bare. Check with David at the salon about what shampoos and conditioners you will need for your hair and skin, and then purchase them.”

“Rule number ten. Personal safety is to be maintained at all times. You will not drink to excess, smoke, do drugs or drive recklessly. If you get a speeding ticket you will be punished.”

“Rule number eleven. What you do reflects on me. You will be expected to maintain perfectly ladylike behavior in public at all time. Anything you do that reflects poorly on me will be punishable.”

“Do you understand these rules?”

“Yes, Master.”

“If you have any questions, they are written on the walls in the playroom.”

“Where is the playroom, Master? I have been all through the house and have not seen it.”

“First, I will give you your collar. Then I will show you the playroom.” As Michael spoke, he pulled a long necklace box out of his robe pocket and handed it to her.

Rebecca opened the box and looked at the diamond-studded, gold-inlaid leather collar. It must have cost thousands. “Master, I can’t…” she looked up at the intensity in his eyes. She realized she was about to cross one of his hard limits and she quickly changed what she was going to say. “…wear this outside? It is beautiful!”

“Maybe, in time,” Michael knew she had changed her words, but he was glad to see she was trying to obey. “Now, follow me.”

Michael led her into his office/library. There he went behind the desk and pulled one of the books out. Rebecca almost laughed at the title of the false book – Crime and Punishment. When he pulled on the book the bookshelf clicked and swung back into a secret room.

Rebecca looked into the room in wonder. It was decorated in burgundies and grays. The room was dominated by a large bed on the far side of the room. To the right of the bed was a large X frame for restraining people. The left side had a flat, padded table. There was also a large horse bench, like a well padded saw horse. There was a track system in the ceiling which allowed the various hooks and eyes to be moved around the room. In the center of the room was a gray granite block with a thin pad on top of it. Incongruously, there was a dresser with a mirror right inside the door. Next to the dresser, there was an antique, wooden, drawer-cabinet.

Rebecca stepped into the room and took off her apron. She folded it neatly and placed it on top of the dresser. Then she placed her collar around her neck. As she turned to walk towards the granite block, she noticed the rules painted on the walls of the room. She started to step up onto the block and realized she had completely forgotten how to sit in the inspection position. She had seen pictures of it on the internet when she was in the hospital.

Michael chuckled to himself, she was so eager to please. “Do you see the ‘V’ woven into the top of the pad?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Place your toes on the bottom of the ‘V’.”

“Yes, Master.” He was so kind. He was going to show her what to do.

“Drop down so your knees lie at the tips of the ‘V’.”

“Yes, Master.” She dropped down so she was positioned on her spread knees.

“Now, sit back onto your heels and place your hands, palms upward, on your legs.”

“Yes, Master.” She got into position.

“Now, stare at the red dot on the wall above the door. You are to look at nothing else while waiting for inspection. You are not to say a word while in inspection position until I give you permission to speak. You may not even ask for permission. Nod if you understand.”

Rebecca nodded her head. This was so different! He was telling her exactly what the rules were, so she did not have to guess by trial and error. Now she knew how to avoid his anger and keep him from hitting her so hard she bruised.

“I am very pleased. Now I have to inform you that you have earned a small punishment. This will be light. You caught yourself before you refused my gift, so I think three swats with the riding crop should be sufficient.”

Rebecca nodded, she was devastated. She had displeased him. She had earned her bruises. She would take her punishment, and be glad for it.

Michael stepped around in front of her with an odd toy in his hand. It was a long stick with two leather flaps on the end. “You may now look at me.” When she looked at his face he continued. “Do you know what this is?”

Rebecca started to answer, but caught herself, she nodded instead.

“I am going to swat you with this riding crop three times. I will choose where they land. I will not warn you before they land; the surprise is part of the punishment. If you move, you will earn an extra swat. Try very hard not to move.”

Rebecca nodded. Why was he being so kind, preparing her to be hit? That was not how she was used to being punished. She watched with her eyes only as he began to walk around her.

“Inspection position.”

At his words, her eyes snapped to the red dot and she froze. Michael walked around her several times until she felt a stinging slap on her right ass cheek. She did not move, but a tear rolled out of her eye. Then it struck her as odd. All it did was sting, and that was rapidly fading into heat. It didn’t really hurt. Actually, it was kind of exciting.

“There are three levels of safewords, Becky. The first one tells me you are not enjoying what is happening but you will proceed. This is an optional safeword for me. I can ignore it or heed it as I see fit. It just lets me know it is not fun for you. A lot of people use traffic lights for these -- green being the no fun word. The second level of safeword is for tolerance level. This tells me that you are approaching or past your tolerance for pain or pleasure, or you are in danger of injury or passing out. This word would be yellow and is my way of learning your limits. The final word is the danger word -- red tells me, “Stop! At that point, you are hitting a hard limit and I must stop. This word will make me stop what I am doing and free you immediately. Nod if you understand these words.”

Rebecca nodded. Those would be easy to remember, but she did not believe she would need them. If this was the worst punishment she got, then she would break a rule every day, just to be punished. As she mused this through her head, the second slap landed on her left ass cheek. Again, it was just a stinging slap with no real force behind it. She was actually getting really excited now and hoped he wouldn’t get mad about her getting wet over this.

Rebecca’s eyes flew open and her body started shaking. His next slap had come from the front and landed right on her pussy. The sting sent her off like a rocket. She was rushing through an orgasm like a tornado. She could not help moaning out his name. It was so intense, she became dizzy.

Michael was so shocked he lost his concentration. It usually took months before they responded at all to a slap there, and then it took several slaps. Rebecca had just had an orgasm from her first pussy slap. He just managed to register that she had moaned out his name, but he felt a small spike of fear. This girl might well screw him to death before she was trained. Then he saw the raw fear in her eyes, -- she had moved and spoken while in position. She was terrified he was going to hit her for real. “You have now earned two more slaps; one for speaking in position, and one for moving.” The relief in her eyes when she heard his words was amazing.

Rebecca sat and thought to herself if he slaps me there again I am not going to be able to hold still. This could go on all day. It took all she had not to smile at the thought. Then she felt the crop strike the bottom of her foot. Pleasure shot up her leg and attacked her pussy. She was quivering and shaking so hard. Then the second slap hit her other foot before the orgasm could even take over completely. She lost control and peed, no squirted, all over the mat underneath her. She was doing everything she could to not move, but her muscles were twitching and jumping like crazy. As her orgasm truly peaked, she saw Michael step around in front of her. She could not speak -- she was incoherent. All she could do was vibrate.

Michael was in awe. She had orgasmed from a foot slap, most women found this painful and shocking. She was in ecstasy. “You may move and speak,” he said softly, and watched her collapse and grab between her legs as she shook and cried out. He watched, too amazed to even be turned on by the display. She was like an orgasm machine. As she finally recovered, Michael spoke in his dominating voice. “Every punishment will end in a punishment fuck. Gather yourself together and go bend over the horse table.”

Rebecca was not sure she could stand. Those had been mind wracking orgasms. She was not sure what a punishment fuck was, but if she orgasmed, she would probably pass out. She worked her way to her feet. Then she unsteadily walked to the horse table. She did as she was told and leaned over the top of the table.

Michael opened the bottom drawer of the antique cabinet. He pulled out a coil of red silk rope. Then he turned to see a beautiful sight. Rebecca was bent over the top of the horse with her ass sticking up in the air. He was going to enjoy this.

Rebecca waited for Michael… her master, to come to her. She had to remember to think of him as Master here, and Michael outside the front door. As she thought about this, she felt him pull her arm up and onto her back. Then her other arm was placed there. She knew he wanted her to hold them in place. Then she felt something soft wrap around her wrist. It felt like rope, but it was smooth and didn’t chafe like the rough rope her parents had used on her. It felt like a rope of love. She felt him tie her wrists together. Then he wrapped loops of rope up her arms, binding them together. Soon, she could not even wiggle her arms. Then he ran several loops over the ends of the horse table and tied her down so she could not stand up. Soon he had her right leg tied to the right leg of the table and was working on her left.

When Michael was done, he looked at his handiwork. Her pale skin looked so beautiful wrapped in the red rope! He would have to use other colors as well, to see which one looked best. But that could wait for another time. He stepped around to the front of the table so she could see him.

Rebecca watched him as he came around. He had a smile on his face, which made her smile.

“Do you have any idea how beautiful you look bound up like that? You may still speak freely.”

“I am not beautiful, Master, but I am glad I please your eye.”

“It is not good to contradict your master. If I say you are beautiful, then you are beautiful. You please my eye greatly, and you will please many eyes in your life. Now do you see this piece of rope?” He held out the end of the rope so she could see it. When she nodded, he continued. “This is a rip cord. All of the knots are tied in such a way that if I pull on this, you will be freed instantly. If you panic, use your medium safe word and I will free you.” She nodded again. “Now this is a punishment fuck. I am going to take you for my pleasure. You are allowed to feel pleasure, but I will not work to give you any. If it gets too intense, use your words.

“Yes, Master.” She was not sure what he meant by his pleasure, but she was glad to give it to him after everything he had given her. She watched as he stepped out of her sight. Shortly she felt something rub between her legs.

“You might still be a little sore from your first time. Use a safe word if it gets too intense.”

Rebecca felt sudden complete fullness. He had slammed all the way to his hip bone in one stroke. Then she felt herself bouncing against the horse table as he pounded into her with bone-jarring impacts. Oh, God. Oh, God! Oh, GOD!!! She moaned her pleasure. She was not supposed to enjoy this, but it felt so good. She tried to fight her orgasm. She tensed and tried, but tensing made the sensations even stronger. She was overcome as her orgasm ripped through her, like a bolt of lightning. “I’m sorry! Oh please, Master! I’m sorry! I didn’t try to enjoy it!” Oh, God! Another one hit her and she lost the ability to speak -- all she could do was moan incoherently. She was crying in fear as a third orgasm racked her body like a wild fire. She screamed and tried to beg, but all that came out were grunts and moans. She was wracked by a fourth orgasm, and even her ability to feel sorry for having them was lost. She was now craving them and was actively trying to have more of them. He seemed to pound into her for an hour as she had orgasm after orgasm. In her lucid moments she could see the puddle that had formed on the floor below them. Then the hardest orgasm of them all ripped through her as he forced himself against her, and she felt boiling lava fill her loins. It felt like he had emptied a gallon of his love inside her.

Michael came around in front of her and saw that she was actually crying. “Baby, if it was too much you should have used your safe word.”

Rebecca looked up at him and sniffed back her tears. “I am so sorry, Master. I did not want to enjoy a punishment. I couldn’t stop it. I tried. Please don’t hate me.”

He reached out and oh, so gently, touched her face. She rubbed her face against his hand like a favored pet seeking attention. “Baby, I said you were allowed to have orgasms. It is fine that you enjoyed it. You did wonderfully.” He soothed and touched her until her tears subsided. Then he kissed her gently and had to chuckle when she had an aftershock spasm during the kiss. “Baby, are you up to one more thing before we finish in here or do you need a break?”

“I am yours, Master.” Rebecca did not understand this. He was punishing her today and she enjoyed every second of it. How was this punishment?

Michael went back over to the drawers and opened the top one. He pulled out the smallest of the butt plugs in the drawer, then a tube of lubricant. He walked back over in front of her. “Do you know what this is?”

“It is a butt plug, Master.”

“Do you know where it goes?”

Rebecca could not believe he had asked that question. With a name like butt plug she was pretty sure it did not go in her ear. “Yes, Master.”

“I am going to insert this into you and you are going to wear it for the rest of the day. I got you a pretty one with a gemstone in the base. Are you up for this, or would you like to wait?”

“I am good, Master. I will wear it.” She watched as her Master disappeared behind her again then felt a cold wet sensation on her butt. She felt his finger play and push into her just a short way. Her legs started to vibrate. This was supposed to hurt. If that slight burning sensation was the pain they talked about on the internet, those women were pussies. Then he moved his finger in and out of her several times. Her back tensed and she started to vibrate all over. She thought she was going to be in trouble if she orgasmed while he did this, so she fought it with everything she had. This was supposed to be painful, not pleasurable. She just about had herself under control when his finger was replaced by the tip of the plug. Then she felt herself forced open. Slowly she stretched, as the plug slid further and further into her. Then the amazing sensation as it sank into her and her tight ass wrapped around the base set her off, she cried out and hoped he would not be mad as her orgasm shook through her.

Michael just stared at her in wonder. This girl orgasmed from putting the plug in! He never heard her even whimper from the pain. He watched the gemstone in the end of the plug wiggle and dance as her body went through her orgasm. When she calmed down and started to relax, he reached up and wiggled the plug again. She immediately cried out and started shaking again. This poor girl was blessed with the sex drive and the body of a succubus, and the face of an angel. He just had to watch it one more time. Wiggle. Ecstatic scream of pleasure.

He could watch that all day, but he stood and pulled on her rip cord. It took only a second for all of the ropes to loosen and fall away, but she did not move. “You may get up. Your punishment is over.”

When she tried to stand, her Master had to catch her. Her legs were like gelatin. They would not stay straight. Her master picked her up gently and carried her to the bed. There he laid her gently down, then told her to stay put. He came back into the room a few moments later with a bottle of water. “Drink it all, Baby. You lost a lot of fluids.”

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