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Wife and husband decide to have sex while she wears her best friend's wedding dress. Bet you can't guess how this ends!
Wedding Dress Nightmare

Daniella was getting married tomorrow. My wife Kim was the maid of honor and we were staying in the same hotel as the reception. The girls were all doting on Daniella and the boys were all out getting shitfaced with the groom. Kim had just about had it with all of Daniella's ridiculous indulgences and escaped back upstairs to our suite.

I didn't get along with the guys much, never mind Daniella's brother who grew up in my neighborhood maybe three years my junior who practically dragged his knuckles on the ground. He surfed and owned motorcycles and worked out like a roid monkey. Scott still lived at home with his parents. He was always drunk and loud and spoiled by mommy and daddy while his sister studied hard and never failed to disappoint them. He was a bully and everybody indulged him. We never liked each other and I was doing my best to avoid him while we were here. It was difficult since Kim was in the bridal party and Scott was everywhere! It was no secret that he had always had a thing for Kim all through Highschool and I caught him checking her out constantly.

The actual wedding would take place tomorrow, but for this evening everybody was just settling in to their hotel rooms and having drinks. When I opened the door to our suite and saw Kim trying on Daniella's wedding dress I smiled. She looked good in all the right places and I immediately felt my blood rush away from my head.

After some gentle prompting and some drunken kissing, I managed to lift the hem of the dress up over her hips and pulled her panties off.

"Be careful with the dress," she said over her shoulder giggling, "Dan would fucking disown me if she knew we were going to fuck in her wedding dress!"

She was giggling because girls can be catty at times and doing something naughty like this turned her on. For my part, with my wife bent over like this, all I could see was her ass and heaps of Daniella's dress and being as close as I was ever going to be to actually laying pipe to my wife's friend; I was planning on pretending I was doing just that for the next ten to fifteen minutes.

Kim got wet pretty easily and sliding my head against her lips I pushed in gently and felt her push back in response.

Daniella was a sexy fuckable ass bitch and she had bigger tits than my wife and I quickly built a rhythm as I slapped my pelvis against Kim's ass cheeks! Pretending to fuck Bridezilla Daniella felt so good, I slapped a hand across my wife's ass maliciously. I was getting close.

"I can't believe you convinced me to do this!" Kim was moaning now, "Don't fuck up the dress, baby. Ugh! Ugh! Yeah, keep going!" I loved it when my wife got off and I was so close now...

Just as I was about to blow my load, a voice from behind me said, "What the fuck?"

I was pulled off of my wife and Scott put his fist in my face. I completely collapsed in a pile on the floor.

He turned to Kim, "Dan, what are you thinking? This fucking guy is just a fucking..."

Kim jumped up, covering her naked ass and exclaimed, "Scott! It's me, Kim! Daniella's downstairs! What did you do?" she pulled the dress down over her hips and ran to see if I was hurt too badly.

"I thought... Nevermind what I thought, why are you in my sister's wedding dress?" His confusion didn't last long.

At a loss for words, Kim fumbled, "Well , I..."

"You were fucking in it! Holy shit!" This revelation was clearly the biggest thing that had ever crossed Scott's small brain.

Kim was mortified that our secret was out to the worst possible person; her friend's brother. "No! Please! That's not..."

It was too late. A big smile spread across his face. "Fuck yeah it was, slut! And she is gonna fucking flip when she hears this shit!"

"No! Scott, come on! She'd never forgive me! Oh my god! Don't tell her!" Kim begged.

"You were fucking in my sister's wedding dress, you disrespectful slut! What kind of a friend are you? I hope she never speaks to you again!" He was merciless and enjoying it.

"No! Seriously, she's like my best friend and you're right, it was disrespectful, but I'll make it up to her, to you... Please?" Kim's desperation was palpable but Scott wasn't going to care about that.

He said, "Why the fuck would I care if you two stay friends? You've always thought you were better than everyone else. So what's in it for me?"

Kim didn't see where this was going, but I did. I just didn't know what to say. Especially in front of all of his friends. She pleaded with him, "What do you want? Money? You can have my car! Take it! I really love Daniella and I am really sorry! Anything you want!"

"I tell you what, how would feel about finishing what you started here, only you fuck me and my friends and I won't tell Danny that you ruined her wedding. What do you say? How much does her friendship mean to you?" There was a twist of evil in his eye and sniggers from his friends as Kim went silent for the first time.

I decided that I had to say something. I stood up.

"Back the fuck off, Scott! If you touch my wife..." I didn't get to finish my thought before he had given me what I realized a minute later was the back of his hand.

"Motherfucker, don't you ever ..." He doesn't even finish his sentence though. Fallen back on my ass, he realized he didn't have to say another word.

Kim didn't say anything either as Scott moved on her, stepping toward her as she quietly leaned back in compliance with his imposing presence.

"Fucking pussy!" he threw in my direction, "And that's why your woman is going to cum on few other cocks tonight, bitch!"

Finding her voice, she managed to nearly whisper, "W-well, hold on a sec, Scott... Ah, I don't think I can do that..."

"Too stuck up for a gang bang, slut?" He smiled and leered at her plunging neckline.

"I'm not a slut!" She spat out defiantly.

"Why don't you try saying that while you're not actually standing my sister's wedding dress!" He shot back. "In fact, before we discuss anything else, I want it off right the fuck this instant or I'm going to tell her how you were bent over and getting tooled in her dress, moaning like a retarded baboon and laughing at your best friend behind her back!"

"Please don't..." she started.


Scott grabbed the small alarm clock on the night stand and threw it against the wall, smashing it into pieces!

Kim jumped and immediately, if not reluctantly, she pulled the straps off her shoulders and keeping her eyes low to avoid contact with any of his friends, she slipped out of the dress.

She covered her breasts with one hand while holding the dress up by the other. All she was wearing at this point was a black thong that disappeared between her two big asscheeks.

He was grinning now, pleased with himself. "Now, hang it up so it doesn't get wrinkled!"

She moved slowly, very aware of how very naked she seemed to be at the moment and how many people were staring at her naked flesh. Seeing me out of the corner of her eye and how I too just sat and watched her predicament unfold, she knew she was on her own here.

Scott sat down proud of himself while my wife stood in front of him, vulnerable to their leering eyes and wandering hands.

He softened his voice, saying, "You've got really great tits. I know you know that already. It's what puts a little extra bounce in your step. Knowing that we all want to see them naked... well there they are and they are spectacular, sweetie!"

She smiled for a brief moment, looking for compassion in his eyes an hoping that this joke had run its course. After all, hadn't she been punished enough? He wasn't going to fuck her right here in front of everyone, right? He just wanted to humiliate her a little, right? She could be a good sport.

She tried to find her voice again, "Thanks, I guess? So listen, I think maybe now you should just..."

Scott interrupted her, "I tell you what, I'm getting bored of this conversation. You can either start giving me the blowjob I always wanted, or I'm going to tell Daniella right now."

He unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. It was already hard from watching my wife's perky naked body.

She didn't say anything, there didn't seem to be any way out of this. It was unreal. She was in a trance now without any options. Scott's hand on her shoulder insistently encouraged my wife to her knees so that her face was staring at his cock as it pointed at her lips.

His cock was bigger than mine, thicker, bulging and straining to savage my wife. The head was a large shiny helmut the size of a small apple and just as hard. She must have been thinking the same thing as me; it might not even fit into her mouth it was so big, because she couldn't take her eyes off of it. As she put her trembling hand around it, it flexed as she gripped it, getting even bigger! Her fingers couldn't even reach all the way around.

"That's it, sweety! Give it a kiss." He sneered.

She pressed the shaft against her puckered lips and started to kiss this hot fuck tool. She worked her way up slowly and softly before her eyes darted around the room again to see the audience of friends out of the corner of her eye.

"You really going to make me blow you in front of your friends?" She whispered, but we all heard her every word.

"Get one thing straight Kim. I'm not making you do anything, right? I didn't make you fuck this loser in your best friend's wedding dress. But I'm over that whole puppy love bullshit I had for you years ago. I don't have sympathy for you, I don't have sweet feelings for you, but I do still want to fuck you and that's really good for you." He was a monster.

As he talked, he reached out and started to caress one of her tits, pinching her nipple casually, because he owned her now.

"Since your little bitch of a husband here isn't going to do shit but watch us, you're going to need leverage if you want to convince me not to tell my sister what a bad friend you are and at her wedding!" Scott gave one of her nipples a twist to make her wince. One of his friends laughed at this.

Kim looked so ashamed and stripped naked emotionally. She knew she was trapped.

He continued, "So really you should ask yourself if YOU really want to blow me in front of my friends... in fact, fuck that! Mount me now or get the fuck out!"

No! How could she take that huge cock? I'd be able to tell afterwards I'm sure! She'll be so loose! I couldn't look away from the horror of my sexy ass wife rising up from her knees and unceremoniously climbing on top of the biggest cock I'd ever seen.

Even as she got in position, his head was rubbing up against her now obviously swollen and juicy pussy lips as his slit dribbled precum.

"Good decision." He smiled and put his hand around her neck, pulling her close to his face. She seemed resigned to her fate now, steeled against it.

"I know you've been waiting for years to get this. I just can't believe you want me to do this in front of everyone!" Pulling her to his face, she opened her mouth for his kiss. This was happening.

"Don't be so shy! We might have the most fun, but once I'm done with you, Doug, Eddy, Ramone and Steve are going to roll you over to get their turn, even if it's only for five minutes." They made out a little as foreplay while his cock found the right spot and she positioned herself over him.

Her jaw dropped as the head pushed past her cervix and she gasped, "Okay, I can do that!" Her lips stretched around his shaft as his head disappeared inside her. "But if I do this tonight, you have to promise me you will never tell Daniella and this will be our secret! Okay?"

She was swiveling her hips while she got used to his girth. Her hands were resting on his chest for support, her knees pinned down the cushions of the hotel couch on either side of him and her perfect luscious breasts hung in front of his face. and it was sexy as hell to watch, but it didn't phase Scott in the slightest.

"And what is it you'll be doing exactly?" He clamped his mitts on her perky tits and squeezed them as she tried to fit more inside her.

" I'll... I'll be a whore and mount you and your friends?" She was breathing harder now, biting her lip.

"That's right, you will. Now get down on this monster." Scott was enjoying his prize. Kim for her part was trying to somehow stay focused on this just being business but eventually it wasn't.

Her little grunts and sharp inhales were sexy as hell even if it was just her trying to find room for this giant monster cock.

"You must be loving this!" Scott laughed. "I got a big cock and it rarely goes in so easy."

"This is easy?" she asked incredulously.

"Oh yeah, some bitches are really tight, wanna pretend they don't like a really big cock. But that's clearly not you, baby."

"You're disgusting!" She replied, but she almost had swallowed the entire thing and was grinding it in and out of her juicy cunt. I wondered how much was from us fucking before and how much was her now?

I guess I wasn't the only one wondering because Scott said, "So I'm disgusting? Is that right? Is that why you're so wet? You like being treated like a whore? Well stop getting yourself off and wax my pole."

He nibbled on her nipples while she adjusted her rhythm and the angle of her hips. Spreading her thighs even wider she started humping him deeply, rocking her hips back and forth, both feeling his full length as she drove him inside her and grinding down on his tool as hard as she could while keeping her tits still for him to keep sucking at them.

"Is this better?" She panted.

She was trying to sound defiant and stubborn, but her breathing had changed.

He jeered her on, "Can't you go any faster?"

"O-okay... Like this? Uh..."

"Yeah that's good, baby, like that!"

He wasn't moving an inch, but he was in total control. Kim was about to lose hers, grinding herself onto him and doing all the work. She was resisting, but little whimpers in her exhales were betraying her.

It wasn't her fault. If she slowed down, he'd slap her ass to get her moving again or bite a nipple a little too hard. Even though I was rock hard watching it all from the floor, I was still too ashamed to just start jerking off in front of his friends, but I might as well have. One or two of them had already unzipped, letting me know that this probably wasn't their first gang bang and they all knew the protocol.

Kim had worked up a sweat now moaning as she was trying to fight her body's natural responses and failing. As each wave of her orgasm ran through her body, she started shaking uncontrollably. And when she rattled to a halt, too sensitive to keep going, Scott grabbed her ass cheeks in his big fists and started pumping her onto him like he was jerking himself off using her body.

"Don't stop now, greedy pig! Keep fucking me! That's right!" He grunted with each stroke.

Fup! Fup! Fap! Fup!

Her ass slapped against him as he jerked her up and down.

She started moaning again. "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck! Fuck!! FUCK!!!"

A second orgasm was building up inside her already

"Beg me to fuck you hard, slut!"

"Oh god, no! Please! Ugh! Ugh!" She was like a rag doll on top of him.

"What's the matter, baby? Are you tired now?" He never relented.

"Yes." she relented.

"Yeah? Tired from cumming on my cock? Did it take it out of you? Huh, slut?"

She nods.

"I didn't hear you."

"...yes." She concedes.

"You want a rest now? But you're so close, aren't you?" He was mockin her now.

"Yes. Please." She was in a trance, slack jawed and useless as he tossed her around.

"Beg me to let you cum on me one more time and then I'll take you to that bed over there."

"Oh god! Oh! Ugh! O-okay! Yes..."

She sped up her rhythm again and started grinding down on the base of his cock like a rabid beast! Her legs were shaking now to keep her bouncing off his pelvis as she savaged herself on his merciless tool.

He stuck his fingers into her mouth and pulled her face down to meet his gaze.

"Beg me!"

"Ugh! Argh! Aw gawd! Pweeze wet we cummm! Make me cummm hawd! Yooou phucking pwick!" She was on the edge now.

"Prick? I'll show you my prick you fucking tease!" He told her sternly.

He flipped her over and bent her over the chair arm and then slammed himself back inside her from behind!

From my spot on the floor I could see it all as he worked on her. Scott wrapped his fist in her dark hair and used it like reins as she twisted her head back, mouth open in a craven, fevered pumping of sexual ecstasy.

His hips thrust forward again and again until all nine inches were deep in my wife and the head of his rock hard cock was knocking against her cervix. Her ass jiggled like loose meat bags and rippled when his hips slapped against her and his big balls swung forward hitting her clit, repeatedly. She was close to cumming each time his heavy nutsack hit her again and I knew she was thinking about his juicy balls churning in their reservoir of sperm as he battered her unprotected womb and she gripped the chair tightly but never asked him to stop.

In fact, the word she repeated over again, "Yes" was changed by Scott to, "Thank you!" as he beat up her pussy and made her cum again.

My wife was drunk on cock now and she didn't even look at me any more like I was her husband. She was in a daze, like she was high and as Scott pushed her wobbly body off him and led her to the bed, her eyes drifted over the faces in room of everyone watching her little fuck session. It was a deer in headlights look of shock mixed with euphoria of surreal disbelief, but what surprised me is that she didn't seem to recognize me when she saw me. Whether it was shame or anger, or if she was just in shock it didn't matter; she was alone in this.

He pushed her over onto her back and spread her legs apart. She complied willingly.

"Now that you're all warmed up I think it's time to put my baby in you. What do you think?"

Kim's eyes were blank. Only her mouth hanging open a little more was any kind of indication that she had heard what he said.

"Everyone else is gonna cum in your ass or on your face. I want everyone here to know who's baby it is when they see you and your sissy husband pushing that stroller in the park."

He stepped between her knees and slapped his thick meat against her swollen clit, rubbing around in her wet softness and making her moan.

When he started to dip his big helmet into Kim, forcing her open again, deeper and deeper. My wife didn't do a thing to stop him. It was clear he was going to impregnate my wife in front of all these people any minute now, when somebody finally said something reasonable.

"I don't know if I'm cool with this, baby."

It was Anita, Scott's girlfriend. I didn't even know she was in the room when this all started but everything had moved so fast.

"You know I don't mind you and the guys fucking sluts to blow off steam, but I don't know about this... You want her to carry your baby?"

Finally, a sane person! I know that Anita never liked my wife, and it must have been killing her to watch him with her. Like most women, Anita really only hated Kim because Kim was prettier than her. Actually, Anita had bigger tits and she had this stuck up attitude moulded onto her face at all times that made her look cold. In fact, she really didn't smile ever and that had always made her extremely attractive in my opinion. Sort of a dark, sadness that made you want to fix whatever was wrong, but she was too tough to let you.

Scott never stopped fucking my wife, not for one stroke. Instead, he just dealt with the situation.

"Oh baby, come here." He extended a hand to Anita.

There was no way he could talk his way out of this...

"Scott, how can you think I would be okay with you having a baby with some ugly bitch?"

"Baby come here..."

He said it firmly and she complied. I couldn't believe she was listening to him.

"I'm thinking of you when I do this, baby. Let her get fat, let her pop out my five strapping babies, one after the other like a factory. What do you think that's going to do to her body? While you, my queen, will stay firm and sexy, right?"


"Do you want to breast feed? You want stretch marks? You wanna be thick with my babies for the next five years, changing diapers and all night feeding sessions? Or you wanna travel with me, getting drunk and going out every night dancing, restaurants and fun?"

Kim started to whimper now, hearing what the future had in store for her.

Anita must have been crazy because a smile crossed her lips, "That's a good point... But you know I hate this bitch!"

"Hey hey hey! That's not the right attitude! This pink pussy is going to make our babies..."

"Your babies." She said coldly.

"Anything that's mine is yours baby, you know that. Now I want you to be a part of this. Kiss me."

Sure enough, if Anita didn't starting kissing Scott in front of everyone while he plowed into my wife's pussy.

"Hurry up, baby. Take off your clothes. I want you to be a part of conception."

She hesitated, but he wasn't stopping fucking my wife, in fact, he was speeding up. She glanced around at the other guys a little bashfully, but I was certain most of them had already seen her naked.

"Quickly, I want you to get involved before I cum! This tight bitch is gonna make me nut soon..."

She jiggled free of her shirt and pants, snapping off her bra and pushing her panties down.

"Good, now kiss her." Scott said coolly.


"Say thank you for making my babies. Kiss her on the lips. There you go..." He put his hand on her and guided her over to my wife's face.

At first Anita was reluctant and the kisses were nice and sweet. She stopped to look my wife in the eyes and say, "thank you for making my babies" unconvincingly. She was clearly holding back her rage and jealousy, but still obeyed Scott and I'm pretty sure she was attracted to Kim.

Scott was really slamming his full length into her now and Kim's mouth fell open as she was kissing Anita. Taking advantage, Anita sucked my wife's tongue and they slobbered all over each other. It was a spectacular show! Kim had given in to this debauchery and lost herself in the sensations.

"Now sit on that slut's face, baby." Scott ordered.

And that's how my first daughter was conceived. Kim had never eaten pussy before and Anita was only to happy to sit on her face. The combination of Scott's huge hammer pounding away and savaging her plus having Anita grinding herself to orgasm on her tongue, the smell of pussy all over her face... it was more than she had ever imagined and my pretty wife shook and shuddered and spasmed to yet another loud display. Her mouth muffled by Anita's wet muff, her fingers pulling down Anita's hip, thigh and ass meat onto her face while Anita gyrated hard.

With a succession of quick thrusts he yelled, "Aw God! Take it, cunt! Fuck! Yes!" and his whole body went stiff as his balls churned and his rigid organ swelled, pumping load after load into the deepest parts of my wife and planting his seed.

Kim was still coming down from her orgasm and barely able to breathe, what with Anita's ass over her eyes. Her mouth was lip to lip with Anita's box and I could see was her pointed chin wedged between her thighs, drool and cum running freely down her neck and pooling on her chest. I could see her gasping for air but her tummy was still twitching in ecstasy and her legs were wrapped around her stud's waist, holding Scott deep inside her.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I couldn't believe I hadn't just cum in my pants watching my wife defile herself. I was harder than I'd ever been and then slowly, Scott began to pull out and when the helmet of his massive tool plopped out of her well used pussy it was followed by a flood of thick baby jelly and I simultaneously knew she had to be pregnant and that I was now cumming in my pants not having even touched myself.

There was no way to process what had just happened. Scott took Anita's hand and they dismounted my wife and left her a tangle of sweaty limbs on the bed. She had no dignity now. Her make up was a black smear across her puffy, slimy face. Cum was matted into her hair and she didn't even bother to close her legs, letting everyone see the cum still sliding out of her and joining the pool on the sheets that she was laying in.

She was in shock. We both were. As Scott and Anita moved over to the couch where she started blowing him automatically, Doug, Eddie, Ramone and Steve moved in, surrounding my wife.

They flipped her over on her hands and knees and took their places; Doug was offering his stiffy to Kim for a taste and she automatically opened her mouth to accept it. Eddie and Steve were stroking themselves, eagerly awaiting their turn in her hot mouth while Ramone -a greasy monster of a cock -was rubbing the cum from Kim's loose an dripping cunt onto her asshole, fingering it to her concerned moans.

They had her spit roasted from ass to mouth, being held up by her hair while she was made to jerk off the two who weren't currently rutting inside her roughly. It was a long night and my wife made them all cum and came a number of times herself until Anita had got Scott back to full power and ready to unload himself inside her stretched out womb a second time. Needless to say, they kept her secret and Daniella never knew that Kim had worn her dress, let alone had sex in it, let alone fucked her brother and his friends or that our baby was his.

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my wife did my best friend in the same manner but he would visit her while i was at work over the road making a living . she finally confessed that she had fucked him and sucked him multiple times when ever he came to our house . he even took for ice cream several times and made her eat ir in the parking lot as he fingered her to orgasm

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