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second chapter of these short stories
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First Light Approaches
A League of Legends Short

Luxanna Crownguard sat at her large oaken desk,
scribbling away in a notebook. She placed her pen down
on the desk and scratched her chin. Leona's going to be
here soon. She closed the notebook, placed it in the
corner of her desk, and stood up. The young girl was
still in her pajamas from the previous night. She opened
her massive wardrobe and surveyed the near-endless
stock of outfits.
"Ugh, nothing to wear." She sulked.
Tap-tap-tap. She heard a knocking at the doors to her
"Who is it?" She questioned the sound.
"*Ahem* Miss Crownguard, a madam Leona is here to
see you." A gruff voice spoke through the closed door.
"Oh!" Lux wasn't expecting her subject so soon. "Send
her up, I'm just about ready."
"Very good, my lady." Footsteps turned away from the
doors and faded into silence.
"Hmm." The blonde princess to-be pulled out a pair of
blue jeans and white shirt, striped with the Demacian
colours. "Alright, casual it is."
She unbuttoned her pajama top and placed it in the
wicker laundry basket beside her wardrobe. She was a
slim girl with modest features and about five feet tall.
She had long blonde hair which reached halfway down
her back. Her skin was flawless without a single blemish
or scar from battle. Her breasts were a small B cup, each
adorned with a single, tiny pink nipple.
She slipped the t-shirt on over her head and pulled it
tightly down to her waist. Next, she slid into a pair of
plain white underwear and stepped into her standard-
affair blue jeans, tossing her pajama pants in to the
hamper. She walked over to a regal gold-framed mirror
and pushed her hair into place. Though she had
company on the way, it would take Leona at least five
minutes to navigate the halls and corridors of the
Crownguard family manor.
Content with her appearance, the young wizard skipped
over to her bed and sat down, waiting for her guest.
Tap-tap-tap. There was another knock on the door.
"Lux? It's me." Leona's voice called through the oak
Lux jumped up in excitement and skipped over to the
door. "Coming!" She cleared her throat and straightened
out her shirt, trying to not look too excited to see
She flicked a lock on the doorknob and flung the large
doors open to greet her guest. Her eyes lit up at the
sight of the Radiant Dawn. She squealed, jumped, and
latched her arms around the taller woman's shoulders,
kissing her on the cheek.
"I'm so glad you made it!" Lux was smiling from ear to
The tall redhead couldn't help but chuckle at the girl.
"Well I promised I would, didn't I?"
"Yes, yes. Come on in!" Lux dropped to her feet and
grabbed Leona by the wrist, dragging her into her room.
"How are you today?" Lux was racking her brain to
remember her etiquette training on dealing with guests."
"Fine." Leona scanned the massive bedroom, staring in
awe at the rich colours, expensive fabrics, and precious
gemstones and metals. Though Lux was not old enough
to be a princess yet, her room was that of a queen.
Amazing. She mouthed.
Lux hopped over to her desk and pulled the chair out for
Leona to sit. "Here, come sit." Leona walked over and
sat down on the wooden chair, adorned with intricate
carved patterns and red velvet cushioning.
"Did you bring your Zenith blade like I asked?"
"Leona untied a sheath from her waist. "Right here."
"Wonderful!" Lux's excited demeanor reminded Leona of
a yordle.
Leona placed her long sword across her lap. "So… what
exactly did you want to do today?"
Lux sat down on her bed and cleared her throat. "So, I'm
a light mage, as you know. I finished all my training but
there's much more to learn that my tutor didn't teach
me. Specifically in regards to sun energy and how it
relates to light magic. I know you have a grasp on the
sun's essence and I was hoping to study you so I could
learn a thing or two and, hopefully, learn to channel the
sun's energy myself into my magic."
Leona scratched her head. "Erm, alright. What exactly do
you want to 'study'?"
Tap-tap-tap, another knock at the door. "*Ahem* Miss
Crown guard? Your brother wishes to speak to you in
the foyer."
"Coming!" Lux called back. "Sorry Leo, my brother has
something important for me. I'll be right back."
Before Leona could respond Lux had shot up and ran
from the room.
Leona took the opportunity to explore Lux's massive
bedroom. The walls were filled with expensive paintings
and a large chalkboard filled with formulas and
equations, presumably related to Lux's studies. The
carpet was a deep purple shag without a trace of dirt or
dust. All the furniture was carved from dark, stained oak.
Leona couldn't help but feel slightly jealous of the
luxurious life Lux had, being part of a royal family.
She returned to Lux's desk and traced her fingers over
collections of books and binders. She discovered the
notebook that Lux had been writing in on the edge of
the desk. She looked over her shoulder to make sure
nobody was watching and grabbed the notebook. She
flipped through the pages and scanned for a few key
words. Most of the entries seemed to be mindless
babbling about her day, her magician's training, spell
recipes and the like; exactly what she had expected from
someone like Lux. She reached the last page and
stopped when she noticed her own name on the paper.
Leona is coming over today. I can't wait to study her!
She and her magic are truly beautiful. If I get lucky,
maybe she'll
The words suddenly ended. Maybe I'll what? Leona
"I'm back, sorry to keep you waiting!" Lux shouted from
the hallway.
Leona quickly dropped the notebook and placed it back
in the corner of the desk. She couldn't stop thinking
about the last sentence. She sat down again before Lux
entered the room.
"If you want to come with me, we can go outside to the
promenade. It might be a better idea to use magic out
there." Lux ran over to grab a pen, her notebook, and
Leona."Sure." Leona stood up and grabbed her blade by
the hilt. Lux once again grabbed Leona by the wrist and
dragged her outside.
The promenade was a massive garden filled with trees
and a rainbow of colourful flowers. There was a
cobblestone pathway that snaked in and around islands
of plants and eventually lead to a colossal fountain in
the centre of it all. Lux dragged Leona to the open area
in the centre.
"Alright so… do your thing I guess." Lux laughed and sat
down on a bench, pulling out her notebook.
"What do you mean?"
"Just… use the spells you normally use when you're
being summoned I guess. I'm gonna watch your
"Okay…" Leona unsheathed her blade. She wasn't sure
how Lux planned to learn anything from simply watching
her. She spread her legs and took a powerful stance,
holding her sword with both hands. In a swift motion
she released one hand and thrust her blade outward,
sending a flash of glaring orange light through trees and
bushes, singing a few leaves.
Lux squealed and clapped her hands "That's great! Do
some more stuff like that!"
"Normally I have my shield for this but," Leona held her
sword downward in front of her chest and inhaled
deeply "It can still work." After a brief pause Leona's
body suddenly became shrouded in a warm orange glow
that grew in intensity before exploding in a flash of heat
that blew Lux's hair back.
Lux clapped again. "Awesome! That's so cool. I'm
learning a lot just from watching you."
"There's one last move." Leona stretched her arms
behind her back and gripped her blade tightly in her
right hand. "Ready?"
Lux nodded.
Leona thrust her sword high in the sky, aiming directly
at the sun. Almost instantaneously, a pillar of heat and
light slammed down against the stone pathway just a
few feet from Leona. The pillar left a large black circle
where it burnt the rocks.
Lux placed her arms over her chest and giggled.
"Amazing! That was so cool! You're amazing, Leo."
Leona bowed and sat down next to Lux. "Got what you
need?"Lux finished writing a few sentences in her
notebook and folded it shut. "Almost, there's one more
thing. Come back to my room."
The ladies returned to Lux's bedroom once more. Lux
turned around and grabbed Leona's hands in her own.
"Okay" Lux inhaled. "The last thing I need you to do,"
She swallowed "is get naked."
Leona laughed nervously and looked away. "Why would
you need me to do that?"
Lux exhaled again. "I-I need to take your temperature
and feel where the heat concentrates in your body when
you channel the sun's energy."
Leona squinted and grinned slightly. She could tell Lux
was pulling all of this 'studying' nonsense out of her
ass. Leona knew Lux was infatuated with her since she
first set foot on the fields of justice. She begged to be
summoned whenever Leona was picked, and did
whatever she could to lane with her. She praised Leona
for everything she did and Leona often caught the girl
peeking at her in the locker room. Leona decided to play
along to please the girl. "Alright, if it will help with your
She disrobed of her plain, brown blouse and matching
brown cargo pants. She unclipped her beige brassiere
and tossed it on top of her blouse on the floor. She
shuffled out of her cargo pants and kicked them aside,
dragging down her modest underwear with them.
Leona was one of the stronger ladies in the league. Her
body was firm and tanned from a lifelong exposure to
the sun. Her muscles were clearly defined beneath her
skin, yet she maintained a very feminine physique,
largely due to her impressive height of six feet. Her
breasts were large yet perky despite their weight. Her
thighs were thick yet hard and hid her warm entrance
that was topped with a small patch of red curls.
Lux stared in silence at the beautiful specimen before
her. She had seen Leona nude countless times before,
but never in such an intimate setting. She could feel her
heartbeat in her throat. "O-okay. Sit down on that stool
As Leona turned around to take her seat Lux placed her
hands on her chest and exhaled deeply.
Lux approached the taller woman; Leona was nearly as
tall as Lux while seated. She placed her hand on the
woman's shoulder. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt
the heat emanating from her radiant skin. She swallowed
hard. "Alright, this won't take long." Lux gripped the
woman's shoulders with both hands. "I need you to
channel the sun's energy, if you can."
Leona shut her eyes and balled her fists against her
knees. Lux could feel her hands get hotter as the
woman's skin began to glow and heat up. She placed
her hands at Leona's sides, analyzing the heat once
again. Lastly, she placed her hands on the sides of
Leona's thighs; still hot.
Lux could feel her palms begin to sweat and her knees
wobbled. "Okay, that's enough. You can stop now." She
fell backward on to her bed and wiped her forehead.
Leona turned around and walked over to the bed,
looming over Lux. "Did you get everything you needed?"
Lux gulped and nodded, her face was bright red. Leona
could see the girls knees trembling as she crossed her
"Are you sure there isn't anything else you'd like to
Lux shook her head.
Leona noticed the notebook had slipped from Lux's
hand. She bent over and snatched it away before Lux
could react.
"No, don't look at that! It has private stuff!" Lux jumped
up and tried to grab the notebook. Leona held it high
above her head, while keeping Lux at bay with her other
"I just want to see what you wrote about me!"
"No! Stop!" Lux cried, swatting at the book.
Tap-tap-tap. "Is everything alright Miss Crownguard?"
Lux stopped for a moment, looking up at the nude
woman who grinned at her mischievously. "Yes, James,
everything is fine."
Leona flipped to the end of the notebook and began to
read aloud. "As I expected, she smelled beautiful. Like a
hot apple pie simmering on a windowsill. It was almost
Lux covered her ears, embarrassed by what she had
written. "Please, stop! It's so embarrassing!"
Leona pushed the girl back down against the bed and
continued reading. "Her skin was hot to the touch, I
could only imagine how… her…" Leona stopped reading
and closed the notebook. She stopped smiling and
looked down at Lux who had begun to cry. She buried
her face in her knees and started to rock back and forth
on the edge of the bed.
"Lux, is this why you brought me here?" Leona sat down
next to the girl. She placed a pillow in her lap, covering
her chest.
Lux nodded, her head still buried between her knees.
Leona sighed. "Luxanna, I'm flattered, but, you can't lie
to people like this. They won't trust you anymore. I
mean, I had a day off anyway and had nothing to do in
the first place. I actually thought you wanted to learn
something not just… ogle me."
Lux sobbed and inhaled through her teeth. "I'm so sorry.
Please, please don't tell anyone."
Leona smiled warmly and draped an arm over Lux's
shoulders, pulling the girl in close. "Of course not." She
gently rubbed Lux's back and stroked her hair. "I'm not
upset with what you did, just that you lied to me in
order to do it."
Lux raised her head, streaks of tears ran down her
cheeks and her eyes sparkled. "I'm sorry. I didn't think
you would ever agree to something like this."Leona
wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and held her
tightly against her breast. Lux could feel her body begin
to warm up against Leona's skin. "Hush, child." Lux
snuggled in closer and enjoyed Leona's embrace.
Leona hummed softly as she comforted the girl in her
arms. "You know Luxanna, I always felt that a hands-on
approach was more effective for learning."
Lux looked up at Leona's smile "What do you mean?"
Leona relinquished the smaller girl and stood up, pulling
Lux to her feet as well. She reached down and wrapped
one arm around Lux's knees, sweeping her off her feet
while catching her upper body with her other arm. She
cradled the girl against her body like a small child. "I
mean, that I liked your approach." She craned her neck
downward and pressed her lips against Lux's.
Lux eyes widened and she moaned slightly at the warm
sensations overtaking her. She could not believe what
she was experiencing. Leona, her role model, her idol,
her crush, was holding her and kissing her. Her head
began to spin.
Leona placed the girl down on her bed and grabbed her
pant at the ankles. "We won't be needing these." She
gripped the denim between her fingers and tugged on
Lux's jean's, slipping them down the girls legs. Lux was
starting to breath heavily and she could feel the blood
rushing to her head.
"I-is this really happening?" Lux mumbled.
"Only if you want it to." Leona tossed the girl's pants
Lux nodded frantically. "Y-yes. Yes I do!" She swiftly
removed her shirt and threw it over to her desk. She
rocked forward onto her knees and threw her arms
tightly around Leona once again, locking lips with the
older woman. As she tasted more of Leona's pleasant
mouth, she unclasped her small bra and let it fall to the
floor between them. She could feel Leona's large D cups
pressing against her smaller Bs; they were just as warm,
if not hotter than the rest of her body. Leona placed her
hands on the girl's waist as the two ladies of the light
were locked in sensual embrace.
Lux moaned and awkwardly pawed at Leona's back as
she tried to caress as much of the woman's body as she
could. Leona laughed at Lux's amateurish attempts to
act sexy. "Maybe I should just lie down." She effortlessly
placed Lux down on the bed and walked around to the
side, hopping on to Lux's bed sheets. Lux turned around
and crawled across the bed to sit above Leona. She
eyed the stunning beauty before her like a buffet that
she had all to herself.
Lux swallowed. "C... can I?"
Leona nodded and folded her hands behind her head.
"Anything you like sweetie."
Lux crawled atop the radiant dawn and ran her hands
down the woman's sides, across her stomach and down
her thighs. She squeezed and poked at Leona's nude
body with her fingers; Leona couldn't help but laugh.
"This is your first time with someone else, isn't it?"
Lux withdrew her hands and looked away shyly. "Yeah…"
Leona giggled again. "Here." She grabbed the girls
hands and guided them to her breasts, placing her
palms against the large mounds of flesh. "Now, squeeze
Lux began to press her fingers into the soft flesh,
squeezing and admiring the warm breasts that she had
envied for so long.
Leona moaned. "Mmm, yes. Just like that." She closed
her eyes and nestled her head deeper into the pillows of
Lux's bed, pleased by Lux's virgin touch.
Lux wiped her thumbs across Leona's brown nipples.
She could not believe how hot the sensitive tips were.
Leona twitched slightly and purred from the sensation.
"Mmm, be gentle. If you do it right it feels divine."
Lux's heart was racing. The heat emitting from Leona's
body combined with her own embarrassment had turned
her face a bright pink. She could feel her virgin loins
stirring between her legs.
"You can taste them if you like."
What? Really? Lux looked down at Leona and withdrew
her hands from the woman.
Leona opened her eyes. "Go ahead, just remember to be
gentle. Use your tongue as well."
Lux licked her lips and bent over. For a moment she
could only stare, face to face with Leona's pristine
brown nipple. She gave one last glance at Leona's face
before planting her lips against the warm skin.
Leona closed her eyes and exhaled, content with Lux's
skill. She could feel the lady of luminosity's tongue
grazing the sensitive tip of her nipple as she suckled at
the breast like a nursing infant. Though Leona was only
ten years older than Lux, she felt rather motherly in this
moment. Between her legs she could feel her
temperature rising.
Lux moved to Leona's other breast and continued
delicately licking and suckling at her nipples.
"You should take those off sweetheart."
Lux opened her eyes to see Leona staring down at her
"Oh," Lux stood up on the massive bed and slid out of
her plain white panties, throwing them off to the side.
She was willing to do anything Leona asked of her.
"Come, sit down." Leona patted the space on the bed to
her right.
Lux collapsed in to the space and lay sideways, staring
intently at Leona while she awaited her instructions.
Leona sat upright and looked at the smaller girl. Is she
really eighteen? She wondered. Though she was very
intelligent for age, Lux was quite small and often
behaved childishly. Leona pushed the thoughts aside,
this was something Lux had wanted forever, and nobody
had to find out.
She placed a warm palm on Lux's thigh. "You know what
comes next don't you?"
Lux bit her lip and nodded.
Leona slid her hand closer to Lux's petite slit. "I'm
going to teach you, then, I want you to try it on me."
Lux nodded in anticipation.
Leona placed one finger against Lux's tight entrance and
traced it up, then down. She was surprised to discover
how wet Lux had become. Maybe she wasn't a complete
virgin. She applied a small amount of pressure and
rubbed the sensitive lips, exploring Lux's delicate flower
with her finger.
Lux fell backward against the pillows and exhaled
"Are you alright?" Leona stopped briefly.
Lux nodded frantically and moaned. "Nnh... mhm."
Leona continued to rub Lux's pussy with one finger, and
then added two more. Her fingers were warm like the
rest of her body. "Once you've warmed up, you can put
them inside." Leona slipped her left index finger into
Lux's tight pussy.
The smaller girl squealed and gripped the bed sheets
tightly between her fingers. Though Leona was only
using one finger, she could feel just how tight Lux was
between her legs.
"Don't worry sweetie, I'll be gentle." She slowly rubbed
her finger inside Lux's slit, probing the girl's soft walls.
Lux bit her lip and her face contorted in pleasure and
pain from Leona's touch. Leona could tell the
sensations were too much for her young disciple and
removed her finger. "Now you try it."
Lux took a moment to catch her breath and sat up. She
timidly placed her right hand between her legs.
"Not that, silly. I meant try it on me." Leona brushed
Lux's beautiful golden locks behind her ear.
Lux looked up at Leona; she could not believe what
Leona was implying. "You w-want me to… in your…"
Leona giggled and leaned in close to Lux. "Yes, I want
you to finger my pussy."
Lux shuddered at the whispers and nodded. She shifted
on to her side while Leona spread her legs.
"Just remember what I taught you." Leona reminded her.
Lux swallowed and placed two fingers against Leona's
lower lips. Instantly, she could feel the heat emanating
from it. It suddenly occurred to Lux that the more
sensitive areas of Leona's body were also the hottest
when she was aroused. She rubbed her fingers in a
circular motion against the warm lips while Leona lay
back once more. Her hands trembled nervously as she
tried to please Leona, adding a whole new sensation to
her pleasure. She slipped her fingers into Leona's
hotcunt and massaged the inner walls, doing her best to
mimic what Leona had done to her.
Leona moaned and pushed her toes outward to the
corners of the bed. "Yes, girl. Just like that."
It aroused Lux to know she was bringing such pleasure
to her master. She rubbed her fingers faster; tracing the
outside of her lips with her other fingers. Leona slid her
right hand out from behind her head and hooked it
around Lux's back, grabbing the girl's right breast in her
Lux winced and arched her back at the sudden
sensation. Nobody had played with her nipples before; it
tickled. She stopped in her tracks and giggled slightly.
"Keep going." Leona reminded her.
Lux snapped from her trance and continued to rub
Leona's pussy with her left hand.
Leona slid her hand down between Lux's legs again.
"Don't stop now." She began to finger Lux's tight hole
once again. Lux slowed down but continued to please
Leona. Her eyes rolled back and she collapsed beside
Leona on the bed, her fingers still inside Leona. Leona
could feel Lux's muscles begin to tighten around her
fingers and she knew the girl was at her limit. Already?
Leona thought. Guess she is after all. She rubbed faster
and pressed harder inside of Lux as she let out another
"Ahh!" She inhaled sharply and crushed her knees
together, squeezing Leona's arm between her legs.
Leona could feel the wetness envelop her fingers as she
withdrew herself from Lux.
Lux curled into a ball and her arms and legs writhed
against her. She curled and uncurled her toes and
fingers and inhaled and exhaled erratically. She rocked
side to side on the bed, completely consumed by her
first-ever orgasm.
Though Leona was upset that it had ended so quickly,
she couldn't help but smile at the adorable girl next to
her, twisting and aching in pleasure. It reminded her of
the first time she had climaxed. She watched as Lux
slowed down and came to rest, still curled up in a ball.
She placed a hand on Lux's shoulder and gently shook
the girl.
Lux peaked at Leona through her fingers, her eyes
glistening. With her right hand Leona pushed Lux closer
and kissed the beautiful young lady. In her left hand,
Leona slipped three fingers into her own pussy and
completed her orgasm. She arched her back slightly and
moaned, still lip-locked with Lux. Though she had
hoped to teach the girl how to use her mouth properly,
she was satisfied knowing Lux had enjoyed it so much.
Lux leaned away from Leona's kiss and inhaled deeply,
then exhaled. She swallowed and continued to breathe
heavily as her heart rate slowly returned to normal.
Leona turned on to her side and wrapped her arms
around the smaller girl. "Did you enjoy that Miss
Crownguard?" She whispered in the girl's ear.
Lux nodded. "Mhm." Her voice was still trembling.
"Wonderful. I'll teach you the rest some other time."
Leona nestled her head against Lux's back and kissed
the girl on the neck before closing her eyes.
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