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A father discovers a lust he never saw coming
My wife, Tammy, and I live in a western state with our daughter, Jenny. My wife has always been a horny little thing, and our sex life has been very active. We also are an outdoor oriented family and spend as much time as possible at the lake or up in the mountains during the hot summer months.

Our best friends live next door to us. Tom and his wife, Jan, have a boy and a girl. John is 18 years old and Heather is 16. All of us had all decided to rent a cabin up near the high-country for the weekend. The cabin slept all seven of us comfortably. Tom, the kids and I, had decided to make a run down to our favorite creek, for a day of swimming and cliff jumping in the cool mountain stream. Tammy and Jan found out about an arts and crafts festival that they wanted to check out. We decided that Tom, the kids and I would drive down to the stream in his Jeep and Tammy would drive our Jeep down around noon.

That’s where the plan first unraveled a bit. As we loaded Tom’s Jeep with a cooler and some bags with a change of clothes, it became apparent that there simply wasn’t room for 2 adults, two teens, and a girl. We finally decided that Jenny would have to sit on my lap for the 12-mile ride down the rough dirt road to the creek. Jenny was probably less than 90 pounds at the time, so I didn’t think it would be too uncomfortable. Jenny had always been a pretty girl and as she blossomed, I knew I was going to be fighting boys off. Having said that, I never once thought of Jenny in any sexual context. I had seen her topless or even accidentally nude a few times in the year previous, but I certainly never entertained any inappropriate thoughts about her.

Everything was fine, until a few minutes after we hit the dirt road. That is when it happened. I suddenly realized that the jostling and having the weight of Jenny on my lap was starting to make me hard. I didn’t entertain any sexual thoughts of Jenny, it was simply the motion of the Jeep and her weight on my lap. I tried to will myself back to flaccidity and when that failed, I began reciting the periodic tables. It was useless. As the jostling continued, my cock grew to full size. I still hoped that Jenny hadn’t noticed, but then I saw her turn towards me with a quizzical look. Then she very discreetly eased her right hand under her butt and it came to rest on my rock-hard cock. She gave it little squeeze and pulled it away.

I was mortified. My daughter now knew that I had a raging hard-on. I just hoped like hell that she didn’t think I was having perverted thoughts about her. Jenny settled back against me as we continued bouncing down the road. I was a little relieved that she seemed to be ignoring my problem. However, as we went further down the road, I could swear that each time we rocked over a bump that she was actually wiggling her ass. The movement was not at all helping the swelling go down. I saw another bump coming up and braced myself. As we went over it, Jenny pushed back against me then slid forward dragging her ass over my raging hard-on.

My own daughter was grinding into my hard cock on purpose! That tidbit of information did not help my situation at all. I saw that we were getting closer to the parking lot, and I was flooded with relief. Only a couple more turns down the road and we would be there. However, Jenny wasn’t letting up. She was moving her little butt back and forth over my cock enough that I was worried that Tom or his kids would notice.

Suddenly, a new more urgent issue arose. It started feeling really good as she ground back and forth on my cock. I realized that if we didn’t park soon I was going to blast a world class load of jism in my drawers and all over my innocent daughter’s little butt. You see I have what my doctor calls hyperspermia. That is the overproduction of semen. Most men ejaculate about a tablespoon of semen. I can ejaculate nearly a full cup! There was no way I could hide that and I started to panic. I thought of asking Tom to stop so I could…what…adjust my pants? Or maybe throw up? No, I just needed to last a few more yards. Now it was a race between me cumming and Tom parking. Tom pulled into a parking spot and shut off the Jeep just in time. He looked over at me smiling about to say something, but the smile turned to a frown as he said, “Damn, Jim. You Okay? You’re looking pretty red.”

No shit! I felt my juices receding and said, “Yeah I’m fine. Just a little warm in here.” Jenny turned to me giving me a knowing smile, then she hopped out of the Jeep and suddenly my shorts tented up. Whoa! What now? At least Tom had already jumped out of the car and dropped the seat back so Heather could get out. I looked back at Heather to see her eyes locked on the tent in my trunks. When she looked up at me, she had a little smirk on her face. Busted! Now I really was feeling humiliated. Heather probably thought that Jenny had given me a hard-on. Well, OK, she did, but at least the thoughts in my mind were pure as the driven snow. I grabbed a bag off the floor and positioned it strategically to cover my now waning tent pole.

We finished unloading the Jeep and we were soon all jumping off a cliff into the cool, blue water. That finally got me back to normal and soon I put the whole sordid mess out of my head.

Tom had been on the dive team in high school and college and he entertained us with one amazing dive after another. Playing in the cool mountain water and jumping off the cliffs made the hours fly by. I did catch Heather staring at me a couple of times, which made me a little uncomfortable. I’m in pretty good shape; I have to be since I’m married to a sexy Pilates instructor. Heather was good-looking kid. About 5’9” like her mother, with a nice body and C- cup boobs. She was wearing a form-fitting blue one-piece suit that really accentuated her assets. She was also the daughter of our best friends and I wasn’t too happy about this new attention she directed at me.

Around 1 P.M. I saw Tammy and Jan pull up to the parking lot in our Jeep. I marveled at the two women. Tammy is very petite, about 5’4” and 115 pounds, with flaming red hair. Her mom was from Ireland with flaming red hair and her dad was from Sicily. She has auburn hair and blue eyes, but her skin has an olive tint to it and in the summer, she always sports a beautiful tan. Tammy is a Pilates instructor and now runs her own studio, so she is in amazing shape. She has six-pack abs and great muscle tone. Her boobs are a very perky C-cups, and she has the best butt and legs I’ve ever seen on a woman. Although she’s 42 years-old, she looks better than most 20 year-olds. When she pulled off her shirt to reveal that she was wearing a small bikini top, every man in the place stopped to gawk at this beautiful creature.

Jan is much taller at 5’9” and about 155 pounds, with long blonde hair. She is curvier than Tammy, with D-cup boobs and a little more padding than Tammy. She is also in good shape, because she is one of Tammy’s customers. Even though my wife is the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, I have to admit that I fantasize about fucking Jan occasionally.

Now that the women had arrived, we unloaded the camp grill, camp chairs, and backpack coolers out of the Jeep and headed to our favorite spot about a mile up the stream. Lunch was amazing with grilled steak and corn on the cob and Jan’s amazing potato salad. This water hole here isn’t as crowded, but there are still a few of people around. It is beautiful, with a large waterfall that empties into a deep pool. The pool has a nice sandy beach across from the falls and cottonwood trees lining the banks.

I’d been horny all day and finally saw a chance to sneak off with Tammy for a mid-afternoon quickie. We took off upstream to another favorite spot. There is a smaller stream that feeds into the main stream and we followed that upstream for a few hundred yards to a small waterfall.

I couldn’t wait anymore, and pulled Tammy close and kissed her. She’s always been a very sexual woman, and her body responded immediately. I pulled off my trunks, freeing my turgid 8” cock. Tammy purred and dropped to her knees in the pool and sucked it into her mouth. I only let her suck me for a minute and said, “Babe, I’ve gotta be inside you now!”

No argument from her, as her clothes came off. She laid back on a small boulder; legs pulled up and spread in invitation. When I entered her, a shudder ran through both of us. I buried my cock to the hilt and then started pumping into her, as I circled my thumb on her clit. I felt my need rising…and then it happened. Completely unbidden, a vision played through my mind of Jenny rubbing her cute little butt back and forth across my dick. Then another of her turning and giving me that coy little smile as she got out of the Jeep. The speed and intensity of the orgasm completely took me by surprise. I blasted all the semen I tamped down earlier and more into Tammy’s waiting womb.

When I pulled out of her, my seed gushed out of her like a white waterfall. That’s when I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. Up on the bank to our right, was somebody wearing a blue swimsuit standing behind a bush. She had witnessed the entire episode. Oh my God, it had to be Heather! First seeing me with a hard-on, and now this. I was about to say something to Tammy, but they turned and quickly headed up the hill. That’s when I saw the red hair, and I knew my own daughter had just witnessed me fill her mother with an unnatural amount of cum. Suddenly, I was at a loss for words, so I kept my mouth shut. Tammy looked at me with a dreamy look and said, “What got into you, cowboy? You know if the construction business ever goes bust you really do need to get a job as a porn star.” We both chuckled at that

When we got back to the water hole, Jenny was there with Heather. She was bent over facing away from us, with her lags parted slightly. My eyes wandered up her toned, athletic legs. The fabric of her swimsuit barely covered her pussy, and I could easily see the crease of her little slit. The back of the swimsuit had ridden up revealing the soft, round globes of her cute ass. When she stood up, I couldn’t help but study the rest of her lithe, little body. She was only about 5’ tall. She had her mother’s red hair and a cute little sprinkling of freckles across her nose. She was a late bloomer and had begun her menstrual cycle about a year earlier, but she was developing nicely. I’d never noticed her boobs before, but as she turned to the side, I couldn’t help but notice them. They were firm little b-cups, but on her tiny frame, they really stood out. She was wearing a swimsuit that was a size too small. There was no padding in the cups, so I could see her hard, little nipples straining against the fabric. Then I realized I was beginning to get hard again, and dove into the water to cool my body and my mind. I thought, “Shit Jim, what the hell. You're all turned on by seeing your own daughter. What kind of pervert does that?”

She saw me and was right behind me. She said, “Hey dad, Heather and I want to play a game of chicken with you and Uncle Tom.”

Jenny had grown up with Tom and Jan, so she always referred to them as uncle and aunt. Tom and Heather got in the pool and the girls climbed onboard. The first game, Tom and Heather managed to push us over. As we dumped into the water, Jenny got turned around and her crotch pressed right against my face. I was getting turned on again, but quickly refocused as she climbed back up for another try. This time, we managed to push them over. As we waited for them to recover, I became acutely aware of the heat on my neck coming from Jenny’s crotch. I could swear it felt like her bare pussy was rubbing against me neck, but I knew that was impossible. Thank God the water was above my waist, because I now had another raging hard on.

The third round we, both managed to stay on our feet for a while, even though Jenny was distracting me. Finally, all four of us fell at the same time. As we tumbled in the water, Jenny turned around again so that my face was in her crotch. I opened my eyes. What I saw was blurry, but unmistakable. She had her legs spread with the fabric pulled to the side, revealing her bald pussy to me. I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out and lick her slit. When we came up I looked at Jenny and she acted as if nothing had happened.

I sat with Jenny a while, trying to detect any sign that she was feeling awkward about the jeep ride and seeing Tammy and I make love. There was nothing. We chatted about all things she wanted to do during the summer. I brought up the subject of boys, but she told me she wasn’t interested in boys at all.

On the hike, both Jenny and Heather got right in front of me. I really couldn’t help but watch as their cute little butts swayed back and forth a few feet ahead of me. I couldn’t believe what a pervert id become! But, Damn, They did look good!

During the drive home, I tried to get a feeling for any changes in Jenny, but she was just acting her normal, bubbly self. I couldn’t help but wonder where all this was going to lead.

The weeks after our high-country trip passed quickly and I was relieved that everything seemed to be back to normal. Jenny acted like a typical kid. I began to think I must have imagined at least some of what happened. Surely, she would never think of an old fart like me in any kind of sexual way. She never tried to flash me or do anything that seemed out of the ordinary.

Her birthday was coming up so we decided to have a birthday pool party. We invited some of her cheer and gym friends. Of course, we invited Tom, Jan, and their two kids. John, their 18 year-old, was going to go to college out of state and had already moved to school. Heather their 16-year-old daughter would be there. Jenny had always looked up to Heather and they got along great. She was almost like the older sister Jenny never had.

The day of the party arrived. Twelve of her friends showed up. Tom I were grilling meat and sipping some cold ones. I noticed that my wife, Tammy, must have bought Jenny a new swimsuit. This one actually fit. It was her first bikini and it really did look great on her. I couldn’t help but marvel at how much she had developed in just one month. She looked taller and shapelier and her boobs were growing larger.

I also noticed that Heather was looking great. She had a new swimsuit. It was a one-piece suit, with high-cut thighs baring the bottom half of each bun. The front plunged and really showed her cleavage. She could easily pass for 18 years-old.

Tammy and Jan also both looked amazing. While I was talking to Tom, I saw him gazing over my shoulder with the look that men get when they see a sexy woman. I figured he was gawking at Tammy, since she was amazingly hot. I had seen him looking at her that way on more than one occasion. I got a surprise when I discreetly turned to see who captivated him. He’d been staring at Heather, his own daughter. She was bending over helping one of the girls with something. She stood in such a way that we could see most of her luscious boobs hanging down, with just the nipples covered. It was a remarkable sight.

Tom turned towards me and said, “They grow up so damn fast. It seems like Heather was little just a little kid; now look at her. She’s turned into a grown woman.”

I couldn’t argue with that. She was a late bloomer, but she had caught up and passed most of her classmates. She smiled and waved when she noticed us looking at her. About that time, Jenny bounced up and gave me a big hug. She said, “Thanks for the party, Dad. This is so much fun. Thanks so for the mountain bike. I can’t wait to ride it with you.”

We got Jenny her first real mountain bike and I promised that I would teach her the ropes of mountain biking.

When she ran off to join her friends, I couldn’t help but gaze at that cute little butt of hers. I thought, “Damn, she really is growing up too quick.”

While we grilled the burgers, Tom confided in me that things weren’t too good at home. That really surprised me. Jan and Tom always seemed like the perfect couple. He told me that Jan was working evening shifts and some weekends at her job as a nurse. Tom is an electrical engineer and works early mornings. He went on to say they had sex a couple times a month at most, and he was going crazy with lust. I figured it would be bad taste to tell him that Tammy and I have sex at least 4 or 5 times a week, so I just kept my mouth shut.

As we said our goodbyes, Tom and I arranged to ride our bikes the next morning. I figured that maybe he would open up some more.

The next morning I secured my bike to the rack on my Jeep, and then I went next door to Tom’s house. His garage was open, so I put his bike on my Jeep as well. After I got everything set, I walked into his kitchen and said, “Tom, you ready?”

Hmm, no answer. I started to walk towards the living room when I heard a noise coming from down the hall. Curiosity got the best of me and I headed down the hallway. When I got to the first bedroom, I got the shock of my life. The door was wide open and Heather was laying on the bed with her feet towards the door. She was nude with her legs spread. Her perfect teenage breasts pointed straight up, defying gravity. I couldn’t see her pussy, because Tom was on the bed in his riding gear with his head buried in her crotch. She had her eyes closed and her fingers weaved through Tom’s hair. She was moaning, “Oh God, daddy. Mm, you lick my pussy so good.”

I should have turned and walked away, but the sight captivated me and I couldn’t move. Tom was increasing the tempo, and Heather moaned louder. She started pushing her crotch into her father’s face. Suddenly she cried out, “Oh daddy, I’m cumming!” as her whole body twitched and shook. Wow! It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen and I was hard as stone. I realized it was time to go. I snuck down the hallway as Heather begged, “Please, daddy, fuck me now.”

Tom answered, “I’d love to babe, but I promised Jim I’d go biking with him. When I get back, daddy will fuck you good and hard.”

Heather answered, “OK, have fun. Just make sure you get home way before mom does. Last time was too close.”

Tom said, “No shit, Hon. We need to be more careful.”

“I’m sorry daddy. I can’t help it. I just love your cock inside me.”

I snuck out the door into the garage and went to my Jeep as if I was just putting the bikes on the rack, when Tom came out. He said, “Sorry, I’m late. I had a little trouble getting out of bed.” No shit! “Thanks for racking my bike.”

The look Tom gave Heather yesterday, made sense. “How long has this been going on?” I wondered. I was dying to ask him, but figured that wouldn’t go over too well. I still wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole thing. I know I should have been disgusted and repulsed by what I had seen. Instead, it turned me on. Tom was my best friend, but I couldn’t have seen this coming in a million years.

We didn’t talk much on the ride. I had visions of the sight I had witnessed running through my head like a porn movie. When we headed back to the house, I hoped that Tammy was home so I could fuck her. Maybe that would help clear my mind. I was disappointed to see that Tammy’s car was gone so she was still at her studio. Tom said he was tired and thought he would take a nap. Yeah right!

I took off my riding shoes and headed back to our room for a shower. As I approached Jenny’s room, I heard a buzzing noise. Her door was open a crack. I was about to walk in, when I saw a sight that left me breathless. Jenny was laying on her back on her bed, completely nude! She had her knees up and her legs spread. I drank in her heavenly image. She had her eyes closed. Pink areolas and hard, pink nipples topped her little milky globes. She had a scattering of freckles between her breasts. Her belly was flat and a little red from getting some sun the day before, with a cute little belly button. Her pussy lips were plump and moist with a thin downy puff of red hair that matched the hair on her head. Her legs were shapely and toned.

It was what she was doing, however, that really took my breathe away. Her left hand was caressing her little titty. In her right hand was one of Tammy’s toys. It wasn’t a huge dildo, but it was a pretty good size. It made a buzzing noise as she began rubbing it gently up and down over her damp little slit. She was moaning softly. I was astonished when she turned the dildo towards her pussy and glided it all the way in, with a big moan.

I was sure she was still a virgin, so I could not believe she had just rammed it to the hilt without screaming out in pain. I knew I should leave, but I was rooted to the spot. She was softly moaning and was moving her pussy up to meet the dildo. She continued moaning, “Oh yesss. That feels so good. Mm.” Then she stunned me again when she said, “It feels so good when you fuck me, daddy.”

At first, I thought I she had seen me, but then I realized she was having a fantasy…about me! Wow! Her breathe was coming in little gasps and she was moaning louder. Then she said, “I’m going to cum now, daddy. I want you fill me up like you do with mom.” Then her orgasm started. Her legs spread wide then snapped together, then spread again. Spasms rolled across her belly, and the perineum muscle below her pussy started contracting. I thought watching Tom and Heather was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, but this took the cake. As her orgasm faded, I quietly headed up the hall to our room.

I got the shower warmed up while I tried to wrap my head around the recent turn of events with Jenny. One thing for sure, I couldn’t keep pretending that nothing was going on. I really needed to talk to Jenny. I decided to talk to Jenny as soon as I got out of the shower. I really needed to nip this in the bud before it got out of control.

Just after I hopped in the shower I heard Tammy say, “Hey, stud. How was your ride?”

“It was awesome. Let me get washed up and dried off, so I can have my way with you.”

She chuckled, “Oh yeah? What if I want to have my way with you instead?”

When I walked into the bedroom, Tammy was laying on the bed completely nude. She gave me a seductive look and ask, “Hey, cowboy, see anything ya like?”

I am amazed that after 18 years this woman turns me on so much. God, but she is beautiful and I am one very lucky man! She has natural dark red hair that frames her cute face and contrasts nicely with her blue eyes. When she smiles, she has a dimple on the left check that makes me melt. Hard pink nipples sit on top of tits that are impossibly perky for a 42 year-old woman. She has almost no fat covering her perfect six-pack abs. She has her pussy waxed smooth. Pink lips gape open when she’s turned on, to reveal her hard little clit poking out at the top. She has a fantastic butt, and her legs look long and shapely even though she is only 5”4” tall.

I walked over to the bed, my partially engorged cock swaying back and forth obscenely. She sat up and took it into her mouth. She expertly sucked my cock, while she cupped my balls with her hand. She looked up at me with a wanton look of desire. I ran my fingers through her beautiful red hair. She plays with my cock pulling it out of her mouth, licking the shaft, and sucking the balls into her mouth. Then she takes my cock into her mouth again. She doesn't even gag is she swallows it until the head slides down her throat. I’m about to spew my load right into her belly and she knows it. She pulls me out, looks up at me, saying, “I have to head back to work and it’ll go by so much quicker if my pussy is full of your cum.”

No argument here. She stands and pushes me gently back onto the bed. She straddles me, positions my cock up and slowly slides it into her waiting pussy. Tammy does Kegel exercises every day and can do things with her pussy most women probably can’t do with their mouths. I feel the muscles of her pussy pull me in and massage my shaft. Then she slides up until only the tip is inside her. Again, I feel the walls of her pussy rippling as she slides back down my pole. I know I won’t last too long with her doing that, so I circle my thumb over her clit as she slowly rides me. Unexpectedly, I see the door silently glide open. Jenny is standing there, not even trying to hide. I practically jump up, but she make eye contact with me and shakes her head. For reasons I don’t understand, I decide to let her watch. Her eyes wander to Tammy’s pussy impaled on my cock. Her t-shirt is pulled up part way and she is rubbing her little pussy with her index finger. Tammy is lost in ecstasy as she rides up and down on my throbbing prick. It all happens at once; Tammy starts to cum and her pussy clamps down on my cock, which explodes. At the same moment, I see Jenny spasm with her second orgasm in the past 30 minutes.

In the afterglow of our orgasm, Tammy pulls herself off my spent shaft, and semen gushes out all over my cock and onto my belly. One downside to having hyperspermia is that there is ALWAYS a wet spot afterwards. When I look back at the door, Jenny is gone and the door is closed. I am trying to think of what I will say to Jenny, when the phone rings. Tammy picks it up and says, “Hello.”

The smile on her face fades as she says, “Oh my God. When? Is she alright?” After a short pause she says, “I’ll get there as soon as I can.”

She looks at me and says, “it’s my mom. She’s been in a wreck. I have to go to Dallas.”

Tammy’s mom is the only parent we have left between us. Mine died 10 years before just 2 weeks apart. Her father died about two years earlier. Her mom, Janice, has been a great mother-in-law, and I’ve always got along well with her. I immediately book a flight for Tammy that departs for DFW in 3 hours. Tammy calls her office manager to get her sessions covered. We decided that Jenny and I will stay home, because she has meet the teacher night later in the week, and I have a bid for a big construction job coming up.

We say good-bye to Tammy at the airport and head home in silence. I know jenny and I need to have a talk, but with all that is happening, it just doesn’t seem to be the right time. After dinner, we watch a little TV together and I decide to turn in early. Tammy called to tell me that her mom received some bad bruises from the wreck. She was going to have to stay for at least two nights to help set up home health care for her mom.


2020-06-28 14:22:48
TonyRains. Anatomy 101, the testies produce sperm. Semen is produced in the seminal vesicle. The balls aren't oversized,the seminal vesicle is the hyper gland. On a baser note. Good writing it has us all horned up.


2020-06-28 14:22:46
TonyRains. Anatomy 101, the testies produce sperm. Semen is produced in the seminal vesicle. The balls aren't oversized,the seminal vesicle is the hyper gland. On a baser note. Good writing it has us all horned up.


2020-03-27 10:22:04
Dude, I looked up hyperspermia. The normal amount of sperm is 1/5 of an ounce. You didn't have to say you produced 8 oz. Your balls would be huge. 3-4 oz would be considered a huge amount. Your bs ruined the story for me.


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Just a side comment to the resident fuckwad
@ Marcdoodle - go fuck yourself with a 100yo saguaro if you do not like people requiring logged in votes


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Nice story keep up d good work.

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