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I’m kenneth, and I stay in Lagos. I am fair in complexion, I have got a slim fit athletically built body with wonderful six packs, tall[ about six ft] and wonderful muscles in advance. I have always admired my body and facial looks. I am 17 years of age and I am the shy-like person with self-admiration, too. ». I have an elder brother about 21 years of Age and a kid sister about 16 years of age, and a compassionate mother. She is the DSP in the Police force circle and she is a well-respected woman in the society, she is magnanimous, she is patriotic, she is the definition of a perfect mother and a perfect role model. I always aspire to be like her, long have I longed to be like my mum.` ` I am mother's boy! Well, I lost dad at a very tendered age, ageism is the time factor that runs hearts which have grown fonder of its voidness. I have had a cordial relationship with my family relative and I am just an ordinary boy whom has gained all the luxurious things in life. My sex life is a part that I will like to throw on the table of feast. ». ` My sexual story is a bit funny, though, it carries realistically or literally onus, and it all started when an imaginary friend had a crush on me. I am schooling at Trinity College [Ihima] Victoria island. My school is a prestigious school that lots of rich kids around attend; I am the timid type, and socialising with my class mates is something that is hard for me to do. I often circumvent in terms of persistent dilemma. The term started on January 2013, when the new prefectship was given to the students in our class.` ` On monday, the Bell was rung and I had to move out and stay on a queue till the principal comes out to address us and tell a few things before we all retire back to our classes, I was not really expecting that on this day was the day of new prefectship day. I was standing monotonously on my own, looking down to my feet and kicking the sand whilst I was on the queue. Then, the man always wearing rounded-goggles with a ganthered tie with short pants and a pair of black shoes came and yelled for attention. This man in question happens to be our Principal. «. PRINCIPAL: “Good morning, students”. ` «. STUDENTS:“Good morning, sir[ in chorus]”. «. PRINCIPAL:“I welcome each and every one oF you to the school premises, I want to express gratitude to those whom have worked ceaselessly to make the school premises a clean on. The serenity, the tranquillity, and the avoidance of cacophonous emission rendering the school to a place of disarray, pandemonium and academic brouhaha, thereafter, as you all know today is The day of electing new EX COs and I want show utmost gratitude to the outgoing prefects, let me call on MR. Lukman to come on the platform with the comprehensive list of the new prefectship posts.” «. MR. Lukman came and he took out a white sheet from his pocket and removed his goggles from his upper right hand pocket and started with the list. «. MR. LUKMAN:“THE HEADGIRL - SANNI RAHIMAT”. We all clapped and she came out and stood beside the Principal.` ` MR. LUKMAN:“SALAMI DORCAS - ASST. HEADGIRL.” He continued:“TUNDE KABIRU - SOCIAL PREFECTBOY - KABIRU SARAH - SOCIAL PREFECTGIRL” - HASHRAF BABALOLA and BASIT EARNEST - HEALTH PREFECTGIRL AND HEALTH PREFECTBOY. Called names till it got to the HEADBOY PREFECTSHIP. ». ` MR. LUKMAN:“THE ASST. HEADBOY IS KHALID SHEHU. Everybody clapped and paused for the new head boy's name to be called.”. ». MR. LUKMAN:“THE HEAD BOY IS... ALEX BIEBER. I was dumbfounded when I heard my name, I thought to myself and looked up and hope for divergent scenery of affirmation.”. All eyes were on me, and believe me I nearly fell off my feet in disbelief and ashamed of the eyes that were feasting on my shy body. I walked out sluggishly, and stood at the back of my fellow prefects. ». PRINCIPAL:“HERE ARE THE NEW PREFECTS, RESPECT THEM AS YOU’D HAVE FOR ME AND OTHER STAFF. WHERE IS THE HEADBOY! The principal asked. I stammered and answered him. ` “ SIR, I AM HERE!”. ` ”COME TO THE FRONT FOR AN OPEN SPEECH AND REMARKS.”. ` “GOOD MORNING MY FELLOW STUDENTS,” ` ` they replied me in chorus saying - GOOD MORNING HEADBOY. ` “ I REALLY DO NOT HAVE MUCH TO SAY, ALL WE NEED IS YOUR COOPERATION BECAUSE WE HOPE TO WORK HAND IN HAND WITH YOU GUYS”. ` They replied in chorus again -“ WE PROMISE TO COOPERATE FOR THE PROGRESS OF THE SCHOOL.” I finalised the whole thing by telling them thank you. They all clapped and cheered for us! we were all asked to go back to our queue and wait on the principal to round off the morning queue! He came and gave more remarks and he asked us to retire back to our various classes! I almost jumped up when he was done. I was so happy, because I wasn’t at ease right from the very start. When the queue was dismissed everyone was congratulating me as the new head boy of the school. ` ` I received the compliments and gestures people showed to me with utmost courtesy and head toward my class. When I entered the class I saw Rahimat - the new head girl coming towards me, she stopped, gave me a hug and I congratulated her, too. The class was up and running and shortly we were all seated. The next period we had was Mathematics, I called on the subject co-ordinator to call the mathematics master for his period with us. ` ` He did what I asked of him, and shortly the math master was with us. He congratulated us and he started teaching. I really loved math, I loved the subject because I was good at it. I have represented the school on several occasion and it is either we emerge first or second position. Our school was popular and I once made our school nominated for the best high school in Nigeria. Almost all the teachers are conversant with me, I often receive lots of compliments from teachers. When the math master was done, he went out and I took my book and revised for an hour or two and dropped my book in my bag. ` School was normal just like every day, till a new student was brought to join our school. The day she came I was in the land of bliss and I lost control over myself. As the head boy I was the one to show her around the school. Get her name in the register of the teachers we have in our school. Give her a seat and also tell her the rules and regulations. I was called out immediately to start with my job as the prefect. She smiled and I told the teacher that lest he forgets he is yet to tell the class her name. ` ` The teacher smiled at me, and gave me a friendly tap on my back and proceeded with her name. The teacher announced her as Nikita James. I was astounded, wondering, and perplexed. She seem to have the name of a porn star, I gathered myself and let the rationality flow again. I showed her her seat, and head back to my seat. ` The headgirl shouted - BIEBER, you are supposed to show her around and not sit there like an idiot. ` I replied caustic, do NOT teach me my job as a prefect. I was only trying to put my books in my bag. And don’t you ever call me an Idiot. The headgirl was flabbergasted. I have never speak in such an angry voice before, I, myself was confused. Where on earth did I get this courage from to speak like this. I have always been the shy type and always swallowing issues that annoys me. Today was different.` ` It was almost like NIKITA gave me that magical inspiration to talk aback. the head girl apologised and left the class without looking back, the whole class knew I was shy. The laboratory prefect asked Nikita if she could take my place in giving her a grand tour around the school. She replied“ NO” as an answer, though I did NOT talk but I was happy, deep down for turning down his offer.` ` She is pretty and I am pretty sure she got big boobs too and a curvy shape, and that I am certain. I told her that after her, she came out and I started with the tour. I showed her the staff room, and introduced the new student to the staff and teachers. I wrote her name down in the registers of the teachers. We spent approximately five minutes and we came out... I showed her the school's library and the laboratory. I was just about showing her the school clinic before she paused and she told me. ` “is this how you show warm reception to new students? I was still walking before she called my name Bieber?! Is this how you show it?” ` “`show what? I asked shyingly and also a bit confused”. ` “` you are just showing me around without talking to me or introducing yourself to me. What do you really call this?” ` `“ you seem to know my name, but this is what I call tour.” `` “Yes, ThE Head Girl called you BIEBER, isn’t it obvious?” she told me she wants to go back, that if she only knew she would have took the young man's offer. I was speechless for a moment or two, then I comported myself and decided to show her grandiloquency, I walked back to her and told her what she needed to hear; I pleaded and told her that I’m the kind of person that does not know how to socialise with people easily, she pecked herself up and I saw her face lightened and she told me mockingly that. ` “she is female the new student and I am the head boy the male. Whom is supposed to be shy?”. ` I drew my Trousers up and I alighted from the pillar of timidity. She reassured me that’s there is nothing to be shy of, that she likes people who are outspoken and always telling their minds the way it is. ` ME: I have been a jerk, right? I asked with CONFIDENCE. ` NIKITA:“NO”. ` ME:“NO?!”. ` NIKKITA: “You are more like an ass. I’m guessing your middle name is handsome, right? Anyways, introduce yourself to me” `` ` ME:“See me see Gobe! Well, I am Bieber Alex, I stay in the main land, am 17 and that’s it.” ` I laughed and she says it is now lively, I took her around feeling the jovial feeling. I got to my comfort zone and I finally broke the barrier of timidity between the new girl. I have always had an imaginary friend that I fantasize about whenever I am alone in my room. I have always written poems about this imaginary friend and the only true friend I have ever had. ` ` My family often see me as a mysterious person, my social life is nothing to write home about. Genuflection is what they often call my act. I took here and showed her the schools clinic and I was about to show her the recreational ground and the bell was rung for recess. she asked me if I was hungry that she wants to buy food for us. I turned down the offer and she said with a long face. ` ` NIKITA:“ don’t tell me you are shy again, please, this should stop. I am feeling the way I should feel as this day being my first day in school and you are ruining it? Oh please.” ` ME:“ I am sorry, is just that I have had enough to eat before coming to school this morning. When I was talking then, my stomach rumbled and I could have sworn that she heard that.” ` NIKITA:“ what’s that? Oh my God. Bieber! You are one funny ass, so you were hungry all along. Now let’s get us something to eat, don’t worry the bill's on me. Oh! Where is the food vendor?” ` ME:“ I stammered and drew myself together, I took her there and she bought us foods to eat. She asked me what I would like to take, I told her pickle winckle with lemonade drink. I got what I opted for, and we sat down and ate up what we both wanted to eat. When we were done, I told her that it is time we went to the class and she responded in split second.” ` we were back in class and the head girl came to me and started asking questions that seem not to concern her, she started asking questions like: what have you been doing all day with the new student? Where did you take her to? You spent like 4 hours in this so-called tour of yours. The chemistry teacher came asking of you, I’m sure you will get reprimanded. I uttered no word and she started noticing my mood of excitement. I wasn’t actually paying attention to all that she was spewing in my ears. Everything was just going into thin air, I was thinking of the chats I have had with the new girl Nikita! She yelled into my ear, it was but then that I realised that she was standing there. She noticed that I wasn’t really paying attention to her. ` ` She asked me whom was I thinking of?! I told her no one. I took my math note book out to read and she was still not getting enough attention from me. She took my book from me and she said she wasn’t going to hand me the book. I was so furious with her, I had had enough of her taunts. I was just trying to without her taunts, but that is just the much I could take. I stood up and tried to get my book from Rahima [ the head girl] and in the process I grabbed her hand and tried to seize my book from her forcefully. It got tored in the process and I was just as furious as I could ever be. My eyes were now on fire and she started apologising, saying, It wasn’t intentional that she will get and copy another math note book for me. ` ` I turned it down and I threw the book away. The class was now feasting their eyes on the scenery produced by the Head Boy and the Head Girl. I knew if I wanted to get her into trouble I can easily do that. But I liked the Rahima and I wouldn’t wanna get her into trouble, even if she is the one at faults. ` we had quite a couple of lessons for the day, and I was just about leaving; then, Nikita came to me telling me that she saw all that happened today. The conversation continued. ` NIKITA: “I know what is happening, so you don’t need to get angry, because she seems to love you.” ` ME: “you can’t be serious, NiKKY. She isn’t in love, we just talk every now and then. She can’t be, because I don’t talk to her frequently.” ` NIKITA: “I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me whenever a lady is in love and jealous of seeing other girls around him. I just know she is in love with you! Well, I will see you tomorrow, and I have a surprise for you.” ` ME:“ what surprise?” ` I was eager to know and she gave me a sexy wink and left speedingly as her driver awaits her. I was very happy that day. I called mum and she told me to wait on her that she'd be coming in about 6 minutes or more. I had to wait! Then I was using my phone to listen to music as I simultaneously chat on 2go with phone! someone tickled me and I turned to see who it is, and it was Rahima. I didn’t utter a word, then I continued with what I was doing shortly before she interrupted. ` RAHIMA: “are you still mad at me Bieber? I told you it was an accident, I never meant for any of this to happen.” ` ME: “I am not mad at you. Shit happens at times, so don’t be on something that I have forgotten about. I reassured her, hoping that what Nikky told me about her being in love with me were true.” ` we had a chat and when I was going I gave her a hug, and her face seem to lighten up. I dashed into mummy's car and she watches me zoom away, she greeted my mum for afar and mum responded and waved at her. I jumped into the car and we drove away. When we were headed home, mom asked me who is she?! I told her I have got a surprise for her and she told me that I should tell her right away! Well, I told her that girl that greeted you earlier was Rahimat the new head girl. Mum told me that is that what I wanted to tell her? I said yes, she wasn’t much happy. Then I lightened up her mood by telling her that I am the new head boy. ` ` She was happy and she told me that when she saw us we were a perfect match. I interrupted her by telling her that I am hungry. She told me that should we go out and eat in a restaurant. I laughed and chose home as my eating point. We got home and she cooked for the family. I couldn’t stop thinking of Nikky, though she is a new student. But she is the imaginary girl I was fantasised about. I got so hot that I wanted to masturbate to ease myself off. I went straight up and locked the door! I poured lube into my hands and grabbed my. 8 inchÙ« and started stroking it violently, I continued with my masturbation session till I ejaculated all over the sheet and collapsed there. I slept there, naked and clueless of what the time says. I heard a knock on my door, damn it's mum.` ` You need to get ready for school, honey. I took my bathe and got ready for school. Mum drove me to school and everything was back to it usuals. ` I came to class and sat down, I was welcomed by a few friends. We shaked and they all relocated to their various seats; shortly, I saw Nikky walked in. She walked right toward me and greeted me, I was embarrassed, though I acted brave and told her morning! She told me that she will now give me what she told yesterday was the surprise. She deeped her hand in her school bag and brought out a new note book. She gave it to me and my name was written on it. ` She told me the book was for me and she that is my new math note; I opened the book and saw that it was up to date. I asked her how came did she manage to get something that she is yet to copy? She told me that when I threw the book away, she went to pick it and she worked on it since she got home yesterday. I must admit, I was dumbfounded. I was just being appreciative and told her that what can I do for this nice gesture she has shown me? She says nothing for now that if she needs the gesture to be returned she will let me know about it. We went to her seat and I was starring at her, she is indeed a porn star, so I thought to myself. I losed self composure and was still staring and striving to get a glimpse of what it would look like seeing her naked. This sexual thought in my head got me aroused and a quick bulge was easily noticable, I turned and caught Rahima looking at the quick bulge in my trousers.` ` I immediately took my bag and placed it on my laps to coveR the bulge, I noticed that Rahima knew what was happening; and I was embarrassed. She smiled and looked away, I turned to see Nikky again but she was already seated and she gave me a sexy smile. Damn! The bitch knew what she was doing, she had me where she most wanted - getting me aroused in class! ` the term went and we were set for exam. The math teacher came to our class for revision to help us out with the exam that will be conducted sooner. He gave us mathematical problems to solve and called on persons randomly to solve the mathematical problems, I was called on many times to solve questions that some of mates couldn’t solve. ` shortly, Nikky was called upon to come solve a mathematical problem, she came and tried her best. She didn’t get it and the maths teacher asked for anybody who knows how to solve it. Then, the teacher called me to come and solve it. I came and solved it, I got the answer and Nikky was impressed, she wasn’t the only one impressed me, but I seem to be impressed with myself... ` “well done, my boy, the sky isn’t you limit the sky is just the starting point for you, keep this up and you shall arrive there in no time. I know you will score good grades in this coming exam”. ` He went out when he was done. I retired to my seat and shortly I was visited by Nikky, she asked me “if she could sit beside me” I told her “yes, she could” then she started asking me to teach her how to solve mathematical problems. I gave her the modus operandi and she asked me to teach for some of these mathematical problems, though I was nervous. I controlled myself and decided to teach her. ` I started teaching her and showing her the various fomulae in mathematics. I asked her a question, and she wasn’t really responding, is then I looked up and noticed that she was staring at me. I asked her “what is it?” “Is there something on my face?” In an embarrassed manner. “No! No!! No!!! I’m sorry, I got carried away, please continue”. ` I proceeded with my tuition and in no time we were done, and she asked me if I could come to her house for revisions. “I don’t know if I could, Nikky!” I replied. “This means a lot to me, please I need to come out with good grades, please” in a low tone! ` I wasn’t done with her just yet and Rahima came and sat down next to me, I was now in the centre of these two hot girls in class. The class Went abuzz with this happening, for once I felt like a super star. I elevated my shoulders and now my attention was divided, though, Rahima seem to have my attention more than Nikky. Nikky told me that she is going back to her seat! Shortly when she left, Rahima wasn’t really making sense with her conversation and she left. ` the bitch came to ruin my chat with Nikky! What should I do with this girl I asked myself. Though, I was still lingering the thought of me going to Nikky's place. Then it was almost time to leave school for the day. Then I was about going to ease myself outside when a note dropped and I picked it and read the note. “Please, come to the females rest room, now” I turned and looked at Nikky, but she was at her seat reading a book. I turned to Rahima's seat and met it empty. “Oh! It is Rahima's Handiwork. I just need to go before we close for the day, why does she even want to see me is what I was thinking about”. ` I made my way out to the females rest room, and I met Rahima sitting down. I was perplexed. ` ME:“ why on earth will you have us meet here? Can’t we talk in class or elsewhere? Rahi' you have got to make it quick.” ` RAHIMA: “lower your voice, someone might hear you. And she started. I am sorry for asking you here, I just want to tell you that I have had this silly crush on you. Ever since the new girl came you haven’t been noticing me, I grew jealous and I wanted you now more than ever.” ` ME: “what are you saying? What of if we get caught? Please you can’t be se...” ` I was just about continuining the talk when she interrupted me with a passionate kiss, she kissed me and took my hands to press her large boobs. ` “Baby, I have always loved you. Please, fuck me like a whore, I need you to make me feel happy” she said seriously. ` she continued to assault my lips with her soft lips. She darted her tongue into mine, I wasn’t responding until now. I was carried away and I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her and replied the kisses and now she took off her clothes, damn I saw her boobs. It was big, 5'6, “Oh Christ, she is damn Hot!” I continued to kiss her and she went down and took my trousers off, she pulled down my boxers and exposed my 8 inch'. ` “Oh my! Bieber, you are damn big. Ah! Baby, I love your size!”. ` she took me in about 5 inch, she rapped her tongue around my dick and she uses her saliva as lubricant to work my dick up and down. She started sucking on my dick like Lollipop, she used her right hand to grab the lower part of my dick and strokes me and she sucks my dick simultaneously. ` “OH God have mercy, Damn, suck me harder you bitch, AH AH AH AH AH, OH yessssssssSss, gosh! Go faster, don’t stop you bitch”. ` she continued with zeal, she was sucking faster than before and her strokes became successively violent! I knew if she continue like this I couldn’t hold out any longer. ` “I want you to deep throat me, she asked in a sexy voice of a crazy pornstar”. ` “what? Can you really take my 8 inch'? Well, you asked for it, you gon' have it anyways”. ` I grabbed her neck from behind and started deep throating her. She was now gagging, I paid no attention to her, though I knew she couldn’t breathe properly. ` “Oh you dirty Bitch take it, you useless whore, ama cum sooooooooooon. Gooooooooooosh, ah ah ah ah ah ah aha ah damn, I have never had something this explicit. Goooooooooosssssh, I am gonna cum soon. Make sure you take it all in, you useless whore.”. ` I grabbed her head even tighter and her breath was now lowering and I knew she was dying slowly, but hell no I was enjoying this. ` “hang in there, you bitch. Yessssssss, yessssss, aaaaaaaah aaaaaahaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaah Good God! Gosh, I’m cumming, take my cum you whore, you want a work out. Now have it, you tore my damn math note book, you ruin my conversation with Nikky, and take that. Suck me you whore”. ` I released my grip and she grabbed my dick and started sucking harder, I loaded loads of cum in her eager mouth, some dripped down her chin and she sucked me clean. ` “that was interesting, now get dressed you bastard and get out of here before someone sees you. I was about leaving and she asked me if we could do this some other time”. ` “I replied with much confidence telling her hell yeah, you can bet on that”. I dashed out and the bell has been rung about 5 minutes back. I went straight for class and I noticed that Nikky was standing holding my bag in her hand. I was perplexed and I made a quick resort to cover what I had earlier done with Rahima. ` “you are still waiting on me? Wow, you should have left without waiting on me.”. ` “I am yet to receive answer about you coming to my house, I know you are thinking of my parents, well, my mum stays in the states. Dad is always travelling on business trips. The maid and I are the only ones at home, sometimes I grew so lonely that I wish my teddy bears could talk”. ` hearing this from her gave me the assurance that I need. We were about going out when Rahima came and and pick her bag and rushed out without looking. I didn’t bother to say anything. We went out and I saw her driving waiting on her; “did she give you a good work out?”. THE STORY CONTINUES IN THE PART TWO.
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