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A vacation, a prom, and a sudden turn
Spring Break was here and the few weeks before were interesting. Mina's parent's wanted to meet my mother. So the week before Spring break I took mom with me over to Mina's house. I introduced mom to Zan and Helen. The evening was filled with talk and Zan and Helen getting to know my mother. That evening I pulled Zan and Helen aside to ask them a simple question. They asked what was on my mind. Looking in their eyes I asked for Mina's hand in marriage. Both Zan and Helen got wide eyed at first , but smiled. Zan told me he would be honored to give his permission and Helen agreed with her husband. Giving them a smile I told them both thank you. They asked me when I was going to ask. I replied on vacation next week if they would let Mina accompany Mom and I to the place we were spending Spring Break. They gave me a smile and said they had no problem in letting her go on vacation with me. That Wednesday Mom went with me to look for a ring. We went to three different jewelry stores and didn't find a ring that even was good enough to be on Mina's finger. Mom suggested we go home for she had such a ring that she herself thought would be very nice on Mina's finger. As we walked through the front door mom instructed that I get comfy on the couch and wait. So I did and waited for her to return with such ring she thought would best suit to be Mina's engagement ring. She returned and sat by my side. Mom first explained that the small ring box in her hand was my grandmothers. Mom further went on to say my grandmother told mom to give it to her son when he thought the time was right to ask his love to the next level. I looked in her eyes as she smiled and handed me the small ring box. She told me to open it and that is what I did. Inside was a ring that gave me goose bumps. The ring was a diamond that shined, on the right side on the band was a rose, on the other side was a heart. And engraved on the inside of the ring was the word Love. I just stared at the ring and smiled big, this ring would be more then good enough to go on Mina's finger.

Well as I stated before it's Spring Break and it's Wednesday evening and I am on one knee looking up at my beautiful Mina. Mom and Denise ( A old college friend of my mom's ) are standing to the side to enjoy this moment. I have the ring box in my hand and opened as I am about to ask Mina a simple question. Mina has both her hands covering her mouth as in shock.

" Mina , you have been by my side since the day after my um.....beating. You have always kept me anchored and shown me what true friendship can be. Since that day our friendship grew stronger in ways I never thought could. But what opened my eyes was the week of Christmas you weren't with me and I missed your hugs and your smile. And feeling your lips on my cheeks when you kissed. And on new years eve I just had to ask you to be my girlfriend." I was telling her my heart's thoughts with a smile then added " As you are standing and I am on one knee on this cliff and with the sunset on the horizon, Mina my beautiful love will you do me the honor of taking the next step and become my beautiful loving Wife, Will you Marry Me?"

At that moment the tears she was holding back suddenly fell down her beautiful face. Her green eyes showing so much emotion that she was shaking a bit and crying tears of joy I assumed. She looked in my eyes and smiled with tears. Placing her left hand in view.

"Yes oh god baby yes. Yes I will marry you, you have no idea how long I have waited for this day to come." Mina stated to me so happy

I took the ring out of it's container and placed the it on Mina's left ring finger. She reached down and helped me stand. I heard Mom and Denise clapping and cheering. Mom yelled saying ' That's my son that was so beautiful '. Mina stepped up to me and hugged me As I hugged her back with my strong arms. We kissed deeply and passionately I could feel her smile with the kiss. Out the corner of my left eye I saw mom and Denise give each other a kiss. Yes mom and Denise were lovers in college along with my dad. It's just after they graduated from college Mom and Denise lost contact until the other day when Mom, Mina, and I were at the dance club at the resort. They finally found one another. In truth it's good Mom found someone she could trust and respect as Denise does the same back. But at that moment watching them for some reason gave me a relaxed and happy feeling. Mina and I broke our kiss and just smiled at each other. She asked me how I came up with asking her. I explained that I wanted the right place and a romantic scene, and with the woods in the background and the sunset on the horizon that was as romantic as I could get. She just smiled and agreed. Mom suggested we get back down to our cottage and get ready for a celebration of Mina and my engagement. Mina and I just stared at mom with confused looks. Mom explained that whats a engagement without a party to celebrate our love. I looked at Mina and asked if she ok with what mom said. Mina took my right hand with her left and said ' Come on baby were going to party for once'.

After getting showered ( Which was a very interesting shower with Mina) and dressed. Mom, Denise, Mina, and I were at the club part of the resort a hour later. We grabbed a booth with Mom and Denise on one side and Mina and I on the other. Waitress came over and took our drink orders. I let the ladies order first and when it came to me mom said to order a drink and not Dr. pepper since it was a time to celebrate. I looked and put in my drink order. Our waitress left to get our drinks. I noticed mom looking around like trying to see if a certain someone was there. Our drinks came and I started to sip on mine. I guess my face cringed because all three started to laugh. A moment later Mom asked Denise to let her out so she could go talk to someone. Denise did and mom scooted over and got up and walked over to the bar. I noticed she was talking to Courtney for a few minutes. Courtney looked our way and nodded her head like agreeing to something. I noticed Mina looking at her ring and smiling, she placed her head on my shoulder and sighed. I was so happy Mina loved the ring. I thanked my grandmother in my head and felt goose bumps at that moment like she was telling me ' Your Welcome Grandson '. Mom came back over smiling and got back in the booth to sit. I looked at mom and asked what was that all about, all she did was shrug her shoulders and said Mina and I would find out in a few minutes. I thought oh boy to what mom told me. Mina gave me a glance and I shrugged my shoulders as saying I don't know. With curiosity Mina and I just kept looking at mom. Mom smiled and put her arm around Denise's shoulders and whispered in her ear. Denise then had a smile on her face. At that moment the music stopped.

" Greetings everyone and thank you all for coming and spending your Spring Break with us." Came Courtney's voice over the speakers

I looked over at the stage she was at. With mic in hand she continued talking.

" Before we all get more into the music and more into the night. I would like to announce that earlier today a young couple took the next step in their relationship." She exclaimed to everyone

Mina and I looked around and seen we were the only young couple there. Both of us looked at mom. Denise seen us looking at mom and started to laugh. Mom asked her why she laughing, all Denise told her was ' Your Busted '. Courtney came over the speakers again.

" I would like to extend a congratulations to Alex Cartwright and Mina Chou and wish them a wonderful life together in the future." She proclaimed to us and everyone.

The people in attendance all yelled congratulations and clapped. Courtney came over to us and told Mom, Denise, Mina, and I that our drinks would be on the club and for us to have a great evening and night. We thanked her for all she said to us. The evening was getting good and fun. Mina got up and went over to where the D.J. was at. I don't know what she was doing but next I saw she was standing in the middle of the dance floor and motioning me over. Getting out of the booth I heard a song come over the speakers. It was the song that spoke to Mina and I. The same song I sung some to Mina at the school dance. I walked over to Mina and she put her arms around my neck as my hands went to her hips. She looked in my eyes and smiled. We danced to our song that was playing. Mina stepped closer to me with her head on my shoulder. I could feel her love flowing into my heart again. Mom and Denise got up and came up close to us and slow danced also. Other couples did the same as Mom and Denise did. That moment a person could feel love through the words of the song playing. I gave Mina a kiss on her neck which made her give a moan. She lifted her head up and I leaned in and gave her a kiss on her sweet lips. We heard sighs as everyone stared at our kiss as it was something to witness. Love has it's affect on ones heart, but it's how that love grows for another thats forever. My grandpa always told me if I find the right lady to never let her go. I think of his words and make a vow at that moment to never let Mina go.

The evening went and night followed. Mom told Mina and I she was going to Denise's cottage and let us have the cottage by ourselves. Mina and I thanked her and mom said it was her pleasure. Before she left with Denise she gave us both a hug and kiss on our cheeks. Denise also came up to us and said she was truly happy for us and hoped that we always stay strong to each other. After they left Mina looked in my eyes and said today has been the best besides when I asked her out. I responded saying the same, but added her helping me when I was healing was truly the best for me for she was in my life. We danced a little while longer before going back to the cottage to spend the night alone together. Once in the cottage Mina went to the bedroom as I shut the door and locked it. I got to the bedroom doorway to see Mina naked except for her panties. She walked up to me and started undressing me without words. Once I was stripped and naked she took my right hand and had me follow her to the patio. She led me to the jacuzzi and stepped in. The water was warm to the skin she had me sit down then she got in my lap. I held her close to me as her arms went around my neck. Mina started kissing me in which I returned passionately. This night was filled love and magic. Holding Mina as my girlfriend was nice, but holding her as my fiance was something different. Our kiss grew and before I knew it she had her legs spread and her right hand on my manhood. I brought my left hand up to her right breast and started massaging her nipple. She gave me a moan in my mouth. She started stroking me to get me ready for a night of love making. She stood up and pulled her panties down and off. She straddled my legs and placed her labia on my cock so it parted her lower lips. Her grinding against me was a sensation to remember. She placed her hands on my shoulders and moaned as her clit was rubbing against my dick. I placed my hands on her breast and played with her hard nipples. She gave another moan and smiled. Mina leaned to me and placed her lips to mine. She slid her tongue out to search for a way into my mouth to find mine. I gave her entrance and our tongues found one another. My loving Mina started to grind on me a bit faster. Her moans were getting loud. Her juices were flowing wetting my cock and balls. I slid my hands around to her back and pulled her body to mine. Her breast against my chest felt so right. She broke our kiss and placed her head on my left shoulder and moaned telling me she was close to cuming on me. I told her go ahead cum on me give my cock a bath in her love juices. She held onto me tight as her body tensed up and she came at that moment. I felt her juices gushing on me as she exploded hard. She clamped her arms around me while she let her orgasm ride out. I massaged her back as she planted a few kisses on my neck while she was catching her breath.

Carrying Mina into the cottage was nice. She wanted to be in bed and me make love to her since she was ready. I carried her in and to our bed. I slowly laid her down on the bed and she propped her legs up with her hands. Looking up at me she smiled and winked. I got up close to her and took my shaft in my hand and entered her slowly. We both gave out a moan as the head started in. She wanted all of me inside her, Mina wanted to feel my love flow deep inside her core. I started thrusting slowly working my long, thick, hard cock deep inside her. She moaned loudly as I did. She kept staring into my eyes with love and desire. There was no lust this night for we were becoming as one. I place my hands on her thighs as she moved hers to my ass. She kept bringing me deeper inside her. Her breast were swaying a bit with the movements we were doing. She thrusting onto me and me thrusting inside her. Her hands felt wonderful on my ass. I increased my pace and she increased hers.

" Faster baby.....oh god....harder my love." Mina moaned loudly

I increased pounding her faster moaning loudly myself. The room was filled with moans and slaps of our hips coming together. Mina announced she was close and wanted her and I to cum together. I smiled and kept pounding her pussy with desire. She placed her hands on my chest now. Running her fingers up and down sensually. I felt my balls tightening. My body tensing up so much.

" Mina." I moaned to her

" Baby...cum...cum in me....oh god....I'm cummmingggg." She screamed as she exploded

We both came at the same time. I stopped and pulled her tight against me. The head of my cock deep inside her. My cum erupting into her womb. I don't know how long we stayed like that, but I collapsed on her. She let her legs down on either side of me. She wrapped her arms around me placing a hand on the back of my head. Our breathing heavy and panting trying to slow it down. I laid on her feeling our hearts beating fast with love. After a little while I was on my back and Mina was snuggled up to me on my right. Her head on my shoulder and her right hand on my chest. We talked about our future, I asked her when she wanted to get married telling her Mom and her parents were going to all three plan it for us. Mina answered by saying anytime after graduation but not years. I asked her about this summer and she got excited say that would be perfect. Mina also said it give us a summer honeymoon to enjoy. I responded saying yep and her in a bikini will get me every time. She playfully slapped my arm saying I was bad. I gave her a smile and said I was her bad. Mina smiled back saying yes you are and soon to be her husband. After that we made love 3 more times before falling asleep in each others arms and smiles on our faces.

The next few days of our vacation was fun. Mina and I learned how to water ski on the lake. Mom and Denise watch from the shore. We all swam and enjoyed the days. Mina and I told mom we wanted a summer wedding in July since it would be warm weather to enjoy the outdoors. She smiled and said once we get back home she would get with Zan and Helen to start things. Denise sad she would like to help anyway she could. I gave her a look of confusion. Mom noticed and exclaimed Denise was going to come back with us so Denise could get use to where we lived. It seems Denise was a nurse also and she didn't want to lose mom again. I thought about it and agreed that they needed to be close. The day came for us to return home and Mina and I were a bit sad because we made that next step in our lives. Mom noticed and walked up to us and placed her arms on each of our shoulders. She explained to us that it's the memory that will live in our hearts that means the most. Mina and I agreed as we got in the car and off to the airport. It was Sunday evening when we got home since we left yesterday. Once home and settled Mina called her parents and said she was going to stay the night. They told her that was just fine and stay as long as she wanted. She asked them why, they told her it's because she had a fiance and they knew she would miss him there at home. She told them thank you for understanding. They told her they would get with my mom and have a engagement party for us soon. She said she loved them and they said the same and hung up. Mom, Denise, Mina and I just relaxed around home the rest of the day. Talking about how much fun we all had. Mina kept looking at her ring while sitting in my lap. Mom said she found a note from Uncle Damien saying everything went well and no trouble came to our house. I let out a relief sigh and held Mina close to me.

The weeks went by with school during the day and my work out and training in the evening. Mina always came to the gym with me. Aaron was happy to see us holding hands since we told him the good news he has been nothing but supportive. He even got Mina to train and work out. He said couples should do everything together even train to protect each other in dyer emergencies. So we did train and work out as a couple with Aaron. Things looked like they were going good. Until the month of April when a another change came. It was the 3rd week of the month when Mina, Maxine, Will, and I was just walking out the front doors of school when we heard a loud yell No. Will and I looked around when we heard it again. Mina and Maxine said it was coming from the parking lot. We went towards the scream that came next. That was when all of us witnessed Dusty being held by Chase and Zack. David was slapping Dusty in the face.Will gave me a look as if I wanted to interfere. I gave Maxine a glance and she had that ' Help our Friend ' look. Like Maxine I missed Dusty as my best friend. I handed Mina my bag pack and started running toward Dusty to help get him out of that situation. I heard someone running behind me and looked back to see Will following me. I just smiled and kept going. Once we got there I heard Lina tell David to stop in which he didn't. Will and I stood about five feet from them when I yelled for David to stop which got his undivided attention. He turned and started taking steps towards us. Will didn't move and neither did I. Maxine and Mina got closer and stayed behind us. Trina held onto Lina which who had tears in her eyes. David came up a few steps in front of me and stopped.

" What did you say wimp?" In a anger tone David asked

" You heard me , I said stop. Why are you taking shit out on Dusty anyway?" I in a calm tone asked

" Because I can and it's none of your business." he was telling me in a hateful way

I looked over at my old friend Dusty. I could tell he was in some pain from being held to tight and not able to fight back. Lina looked like she was going to pass out from worry and crying. I knew I had to do something to get them free. I turned my head and looked at Will. He nodded his head in a way to let me know he has my back. I turned my head to Mina and Maxine and they nodded also, but Mina had a look of concern. I turned back to look in David's eyes and sighed. I knew there was others in the parking lot and used that to my advantage.

" David you really think hurting someone in a parking lot with several people around isn't going to be unnoticed?" I asked him staying calm

He looked around the parking lot. Like I thought they were all watching what was happening. He looked up at the school doors and saw a few teachers coming out. He turned and told Chase, Zack, and Trina to let Dusty and Lina go. Once let go Lina went to Dusty and tried to hold him up. David motioned for them to get to his car. They did as David started to follow them he stopped and said him and I wasn't finished talking. I just shrugged my shoulders and Will and I went to check on my old friend.

" You ok Dusty?" I asked helping keep him stay stood

" Yeah." He said then added" Why Alex."

" Why what?" I answered to him

" Why did you stick your head out for me after all these months of me treating you wrong?" Dusty asked with a tear showing

I stood there with my arm under his right as Will got on his Left side and we helped him sit on his tail gate. I thought for a few while Maxine and Lina checked him out and Mina came over to me placing her arm around my waist. I looked at Dusty and gave a sigh then spoke.

" Dusty like Maxine you have been one of my longest friends. Yes you have hurt me in the past months, but I am not going to throw our friendship away. And as I did forgive Maxine I want to forgive you, but you have to promise me something." I told him with a grin

" What's that, please tell me and I will do it. I have been miserable since we haven't been around each other. Lina tries to help me through my pain, but you were my bro for so long and I want my bro back." He explains to me

" That you stay away from them assholes and that bitch." I told him then added " Well you asked man."

That got a laugh out of everyone. I walked up to my again bro and gave him a hug. He broke the hug and sat on his tailgate and again getting his face checked. Mina whispered in my ear that was so nice of me forgiving Dusty. I whispered back I can't have a wedding without my best friend as my best man. She gave me a look of shock and then stood there thinking. Then she whispered Your right but it going to be hard since Maxine going to be my Maid of Honor. I thought of what she said then it hit me. I whispered to her how about two Maid of Honors and two best men so that there won't be no jealousy. Mina thought about it and then smiled. She looked at Maxine and Lina and spoke.

" Lina, Maxine I have a question to ask?" She smiled telling them

" What is it you want to ask Mina?" Lina softly asked

" Yeah what's up?" Maxine asked still checking Dusty over

Maxine commented one time she wanted to be a nurse. She has been talking to my mom about it. Mom told her if she does she would support her and help anyway she could.

" Well I need two maid of Honors, and since you both are my best friends, well I want to ask you both to be." my loving Mina asked them smiling

They both stood there shocked. Will and Dusty looked at their women to see their reaction. Lina was the first to answer.

" You serious Mina, even with how I have treated you?" Lina asked in a disgust way of how she has been acting

" Lina, things happen that we don't foresee. I forgive you as long as you do what my baby told your man to never do.' Mina exclaimed to Lina

Lina stood there thinking then went up to Mina and they hugged each other like two best friends that been apart. Dusty looked at Will and gave a sigh.

" Thanks man for standing by my bro. I appreciate the help." Dusty Proclaimed to Will

" Don't worry about it, But the thing is you being friends again doesn't mean I am stepping aside. Dusty I respect Alex, Mina, and My Maxine." Will said to Dusty in a stern voice

Dusty sat there and looked at Will intently. Then gave him a smile.

" I can respect that man, Id be honored to call you a bro if you let me. I know I have been on the side and would know how you would feel." Dusty said extending his hand

Will looked at Dusty's hand. I watched Will look into Dusty's eyes next. At that moment a smile came to my face as I saw my new best friend shake the hand of my old best friend. Mina came back and stood behind me wrapping her arms around me after setting our bags down. Maxine and Lina accepted Mina as her Maid of Honors. I asked Dusty and Will to be my best men. They both gave me a look of shock then nodded yes. We talked a bit more then something came to me.

" Ok prom is next month how about we all triple date. I mean heck were all friends and it just might be a lot of fun." I proclaimed to them

Will, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina all looked at me thinking. Then they all agreed that it be a blast to be going to a party together. The girls went to their men and held them. Mina whispered in my ear she was proud of me and the way I brought our friends together. I whispered to her thank you, but I couldn't of done it without her love with me. We all said our goodbyes and promised to hang out soon. Mina and I returned home to find Denise cooking so dinner would be early. She came up to Mina and I and gave us a hug like she been doing the last few weeks. She asked about our day and Mina explained to her what I did in helping Dusty and Lina. She gave me wide eyes then said her and Mom are proud of me. I asked where mom was , and she said still at work but would be home early. I told her cool and grabbed Mina;s hand and led her to my chair. She got in my lap and snuggled up to me. It was a bit later Mom came home and greeted us with a smile. Denise came into the living room to give mom a hug and a kiss. Dinner was done a hour later and we all sat as a family. Mom asked about our day and that was when Denise chimed in explaining. As Denise did Mom got wide eyed looking at me and smiled.

The weeks went by and May was here everyone was talking about prom and what not. The week before prom I got another note in my locker. I had a little stash of them. But this one was somewhat more unsettling.


I am letting you know that David is going to rig the Prom King and Queen ballots. He plans to fix it up where that night he gets with Mina. He may be with Trina, but it's his quest to hurt you in the worst way. Please don't let him win at the prom. I know your friends can help count on Will. He knows the right people to talk to. .......Sincerely a Hopeful Friend

I read it again and decided whoever was cautioning me must be right. I shut my locker and made my way to the parking lot. I got to my friends and went to Will. I gave him the note and as he read it his eyes got wide and face red. He looked up at me and said to leave it to him. Mina asked what was up and Will handed her the note. That got Maxine and Lina to read it over her shoulder. Dusty asked and Will whispered so no one around could hear him. I knew how to read Dusty and he was mad. He said in a quiet voice ' That asshole '. Will said to let him deal with it and yes whoever gave me the heads up was right he knew exactly who to talk to. the next few days was filled with getting dresses for the girls and a tux for us guys. Mom and Denise said they were going to stay in their room so us young adults could have our own little after Prom party in the living. I said ok and thank you and we will be as quiet as we could. Mom and Denise looked at each other then mom said to me. Don't be to quiet for we may not be. I gave them a shocked look in which they laughed and I blushed.

Friday of the prom came and Mina and I were ready. Mina wore a red strapless dress with red high heels. Which made her a little taller then me but not by much. I gave her a rose corsage. Zan and Helen came to our house to visit and take pictures of Mina and I. So did Mom and Denise, after the pictures Mom, Denise, Zan, and Helen told us to have a good time and enjoy the prom. I offered Mina my arm and she accepted. I walked her to my car and helped her in. I got in the driver side after and we were on our way. We pulled between Dusty's truck and Will's convertible. They were waiting by the front doors as we got out and walked up to them. Lina was wearing a pink dress, while Maxine wore a purple dress. Us guys all wore a blue tux. We walked into the cafeteria at where the prom was being held. There was a stage at the other end. There was a table that sat six so we took it. It was Mina, Me, Will, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina. Will nodded to me and smiled. I took that as him telling me everything was set. I gave him a nod with a grin. As the prom went on we danced , talked , and laughed. It was getting close to Prom King and Queen to be announced. Will told me to stay close to Mina and enjoy what was coming. I smiled and shrugged. A few moments later the Student Council president went on th stage and took the mic.

" Greetings everyone, welcome to the 1993 prom." She exclaimed

There was cheers and applauds as she continued.

" I am happy to announce the 1993 Prom King and Queen tonight. So with no further ado. Your Prom King is." She said opening the envelope

I glanced over at David as he stood up and started to take a few steps.

" The prom King is Alex Cartwright." Jenny said over the mic then added " Come on up and accept your crown Alex."

David stopped walking and had a look of astonishment on his face. I gave Mina a hug and kiss and started up to the stage. People were clapping and cheering. I heard my friends yelling ' Way to go Alex. I got up on stage and accepted the Crown and scepter that was handed to me. Jenny approached the mic to announce the Queen.

" This years Prom Queen of 1993 is." She said opening the envelope then added" Your 1993 Queen is Mina Chou. Come up her Mina to your King."

Everyone started cheering and clapping. Mina came up quickly and accepted Her Crown and Scepter. I glanced down in the crowd over at David and Trina both had wide eyes with shocked faces. Chase was floored, but it was Zack that got my attention. He looked over at David and had a grin. I didn't know if he was happy or just mocking. I thought I'd just shrug it off and enjoy the moment. Jenny told Mina and I to take our dance on the dance floor and that is just what we did. I glanced over at Will and my friends and he had his thumbs up and smiling. Mina put her arms around my neck and was smiling. I put my hands on her hips and smiled back. In a million years I didn't think this moment would happen. We danced to a song that spoke words. I looked in Mina's eyes and saw nothing but love and desire for me. The dance was so very nice to Mina and I. The prom went on. Mina whispered to me she had to use the ladies room and wanted me to go and watch the door so no one would walk in on her. I had this feeling of deja vu and decided okay. We told the others and Maxine just smiled and shook her head. Mina and I know why and we just laughed.

Mina led me to the ladies restroom and popped in. I stood outside to wait for her to get done. It wasn't even a minute when the door opened and I was pulled inside the restroom. Mina shut the door and looked it. She pushed me against the wall and gave me a devilish grin.

" Mina what you up to?" in a confused manner I asked her

" Baby, I want some small revenge on Trina." She told me smiling

" Ok what brought this up all the sudden?" Again with a confused voice I asked

" I been thinking ever since I saw what happened to you and couldn't think of anything until our crowning. I just need something from you." She explained to me getting down on her knees

" And what would....." I trailed off when I felt her mouth on my cock

She was able to get my cock free in no matter of time. I thought of what she needed and then it hit me. She wanted to let Trina know the one thing she would never get to find out. I looked down to see Mina smile a little with me in her mouth and see her wink. She was really working on getting what she wanted from me.I gave her a moan as she started get more wild on my cock. She was playing with my balls and twirling her tongue on the head. I placed my hands on her head and held her crown. I was getting close as she kept at it. My moans were reflecting off the wall across from us. I closed my eyes and was enjoying all she was doing to me. She was stroking me faster and sucking on me harder.I felt my balls start to tighten. Then at that moment I came.

" Minaaaaaaa." I moaned loudly

I erupted in her mouth and down her throat. She ease off a little so she could keep some from being swallowed. I held on to her head until it was all in her sweet mouth. After a few moments she tucked what was hers back in my slacks and zipped me up and fasten. She stood up and showed me then closed her moth but didn't swallow. She unlocked the door and looked out. She motioned to me to follow her out and took my hand as we walked away. Once back at the prom she motioned to me to our table to wait. David's table was next one over and that was where Mina was going. Maxine, Will, Dusty, and Lina had confused looks as they saw Mina walk away. I sat and told them to just wait and watch. They did as we watched Mina go up behind Trina and turned her around. And at that moment Mina kissed Trina and swapped what was in Mina's mouth. Once Mina was done she broke the kiss and in a loud enough voice said ' That is what MY fiance Alex taste like, and to bad you will never find out what it feels like'. Mina came back to us as we watch Trina and David go wide eyed. Once Mina was back in her seat Maxine and Lina were giving her high fives while Will and Dusty just whistled and smiled. The next hour went by with talks of the after Prom party at my house for the six of us. But what got my attention was David kept looking at Trina then at us. I think tonight just wasn't his and he knew it. It was around 11:30 p.m. when Mina and the others decided it best to leave and have our own party. I agreed as to saying we had a great night. We left the school and got into our vehicles and left the parking lot. Mina placed her hand over on my knee and asked if I was mad. I answered saying nope that it was funny to see Trina go wide eyed with confusion. Mina stated that Trina wasn't a good kisser and she would never do that again. I responded saying nope for my cum was only for her. Mina smiled and said aww baby.

Going down the street that led to my house was a everyday thing. I knew Will and Dusty were behind me, but when you see a few cop cars and a ambulance leaving with the sirens going is a whole different story. I hurried to my house and pulled up in the yard. Mina saw my face and got out as I did. Will and Dusty parked in front of the drive way. they all got out and not far behind Mina and I. When Aaron came out of the house he stopped me from going in at that moment. I asked him where my mom and Denise was. He gave me a sad look and his eyes traveled to the squad car. I turned my head and my eyes went wide. In the back of his deputies car was Russ, David's dad. He had a look of fear in his eyes when he saw me. I started towards the car when Will and Dusty grabbed me I was struggling to get Russ. Whatever he had to of done wasn't good. Aaron told Will and Dusty to get me up on the porch. They had to drag me because I was mad. Mina got between me and the car so I couldn't see Russ. Aaron told the deputy to get the SOB out of here before I got loose. The deputy did and Aaron had me to sit. Mina sat by me and was massaging my back to calm me down. She knew what helped to calm me. Aaron sighed and started in.

" Alex I don't know how to say this." with a sad look he said

" What Aaron what , where is my mother, where is Denise, PLEASE ANSWER ME?" I asked yelling at him

He looked at me wide eyed but didn't yell at me for it. Will, Maxine, Dusty, and Lina came up close so they would be there if he needed them to calm me down or restrain me.

" Alex I am sorry to tell you , but your mother and Denise were." He stopped and looked at his little note book

I snatched the little notebook from him and got up and walked into the yard by my car. I read what was written down and my eyes got wide and my heart sank. When I got to the end I dropped the little notebook and walked to the front of my car. I placed my fist on the hood leaned over a bit. I felt my tears coming. And at that moment my temper came. Rage and sadness took over my fist started hitting the hood. all I could see was Russ's ugly mug on my hood as I was hitting it. I felt hands grab my arms and pull me back away from my car. I shrugged them off me and got on my knees and at that moment everything I read came back to me and all I could do was yell.

" OH GOD NOOOOOOOOOOOO. NOT HER." I yelled crying at the top of my lungs

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