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Nigel is in the middle of a covert mission that ends up flying high in the throughs of passion. Any and all feedback appreciated - it's been a while since I wrote!
It was dark as the inside of your eyelids in every direction but the voice in my head kept steering me onward. “Forward, at all costs Nigel.” Here I was in the middle of the tallest skyscraper in all of Chicago – meandering between tripwires and out of the sight of high powered security cameras in the dead space between walls… and in the lair of the enemy itself.

As a primary operative for ANOR it was determined that I alone was qualified for this mission – and that I was to go alone… much to the chagrin of my partner on the squad and to much protest. Stealth and speed was the primary weapon with which to strike… and tonight was the blind eye wide open. The night of the orgy. Mayhew Manning was a powerful man and with all his drive for power he still found time to bring loose women around and for that one night I had an in… get in and sneak the files from the drives on the top floor and then sail off the balcony undetected into the night. Rose had a look of fear in her eyes when she finally relented to let me go alone. My agent comrade was just as qualified for this mission but a small force was the primary tactic.

I had worked with Rose for what felt like ages… at least two years and our chemistry was undeniable… as agents. She had accuracy with a gun and agility in tight spaces that was remarkable. Flaming Red hair and a smile that could melt an iceberg were traits that people would use for her at some run of the mill job… she was really something… I would definitely miss her tonight. Okay. 108th floor. This was the tough part.

I exited the wall gap as low to the floor as I could manage in the pitch black room keeping my breath as measured as I could, goggles on, no heat signals save from the big room. THE big room, it had a reputation in certain circles and some ladies who claimed to have seen the inside of it actually had… but most had not.

A soft red glow emitted from under the cracked door and turning off the goggles I could see most all of the room from the dim light – the tricks your eyes play when you haven’t seen anything for ten minutes. There was a soft echo of noise coming from the other side of the door as well and the persons responsible clearly had a glow to them as well, albeit of a different variety.

Two inches from the door I froze as I heard something behind me in the dark, slight, but there. I pulled myself against the wall and stared into the black as intently as I could. Nothing. Had I imagined? Five minutes of not an audible breath from me and still no noise from inside the room – I guess it was in my head. Not the first time.

There was a large clatter from the other side of the door as someone had knocked over something serious – then roaring laughter – mostly female – this was the diversion I needed. I pressed the button on my jammer and slipped thru the doorway as casually as possible… nobody in the room – across the other side of the wide tall room another door was partly ajar and from inside came the unmistakable sound of love making… gasps and slaps… flesh against flesh and a light jazz track over it. Mather was busy at play… now was the time to get in and get out. The bastard had too much power – too much trust from people who shouldn’t be giving it – They would all see clearly once I had these files.

I went down the left end of the hall silent on my feet as if I owned the place, what a lark that would be though right? Millionaires have mansions but people like Mather Manning had palaces… fortunately both are still susceptible to glitch security services. Up the stairs down the hall to the left and up again. Here it was. A solitary computer at a massive desk in a glass room. Below was glassy clear to the floor below and its luxury, above and to all sides the same transparency, an ironic choice for a man with such secrets.

I went straight for the computer but a hand stopped me… firm… strong… at my neck… I had been so zoomed in on the prize that I missed him… no wait… her… the face in front of me surprised me… and then a pang of betrayal.

“Rose?”… I whispered chokingly… her grip let up a bit only as she saw at last who I was and then let go completely.
“GAD” she whisper shouted… “you gotta watch yourself! I almost killed you!” And when Rose “almost killed you” you don’t doubt her… I was relieved, yet still suspicious.
“WHO’S THERE?” said a voice at the door a rent a cop probably way in over his head peered in at us – I was about to reach for my gun but Rose held my hands away and grabbed my ass hard looking back at the man with feigned annoyance. “Can’t you deal without him for just a little longer?” he voice came out in sultry tones “both of you lose your job if they find out we’ve been fucking up here.” It was a deft move that I frankly hadn’t expected – but she was quick on her feet so I chimed in for good measure, “Fuck off man” and he did… grumbling under his breath about the pervs in the force.

Rose kissed me on the cheek, catching me offguard despite the brazen words that had just saved our asses.
“Quick thinking!” I said, heart beating to yankee doodle and she merely nodded back with a strange look in her eyes. “Gotta get the damn files before he gets nosy again.” Rose interjected with her usual on time fiery drive.

Ten steps at a brisk page took us both to the screen and after a bit of pecking away we had the files located, they were encrypted of course but it was a bit startling to me that we found them so easily. Knock KNOCK at the door outside and Rose swung around in front of me sitting in front of the computer and wrapping her legs around me in time for Rent a cops reentry. “FUCK OFF MAN!” she shouted with all the energy of a pissed off broad in heat. He didn’t just yet tho… he stood there for a second with the rear view of what was happening absorbing into his tiny head… for all he could see some other cop in the building had swung for the fences and somehow coerced one of Mannings gals to get freaky in the upper office. Lucky bastard. “OKAY dammit…” he grumbled, along with something about his own boring sex life and exited with one last peek over as Rose lay a big kiss on my neck for good measure.

Her legs were wrapped around me tight and despite how long we had worked together, knowing her as well as I did I was certain I’d never known her heart to beat this fast. Such a method actress. Damn. I had to keep myself in check as I started the file transfer. I was failing a bit at “keeping in check” though and the rising salute from below the belt was making his presence known.

“Chase! Hurry…” she muttered, her breath a bit ragged and for some reason… authentic acting I suppose… she tore her shirt off… still staring off behind me as I manned the transfer. 45% complete. Damn even rich guys like Manning can’t get reliable tech.

I looked behind me at the door lightly cracked and realized we were being watched a bit. Rent a cop decided if he couldn’t get any might as well peek a show.
Turning around to face Rose I realized she had seen this as well – and acted. Her bra swung over her head and for the first time (and likely last time I pondered to myself) I saw Rose’s magnificent breasts… don’t get me wrong I knew she was a beautiful woman but when you work for an agency full of people with secrets – you don’t exactly go hunting among your co workers for someone to get a coffee with. Everyone has secrets right? Apparently Rose’s best kept secret were her tits.
She stared into my eyes with something that felt real – and mouthed along the words “play along or its our ass”. I nodded and pulled my own shirt off, feeling our hips pressing together thru thin fabric to begin with – spy apparel isn’t built for comfort as much as function… and the function of being noiseless and invisible as possible generally equated to being thin and breathable.

Lowering my head lightly I took her right breast into my mouth, running my tongue around the nipple and getting a little moan from Rose. My eyes flickered behind us. 60% complete.

Rose’s legs tightened around my hips as my teeth grazed her nipple, just barely nibbling with tips of teeth and her head lolled back a bit with a light moan. 65%.
I was going to have to really amp this up. I lifted Rose in my arms… her legs still wrapped around me tightly and my hands found her athleticly toned ass, palms squeezing her lightly as she pushed her own pelvis against mine and stared deep into my eyes. I put her back down on the desk, back blocking the screen and kissed down to the waistline of her pants, gosh the fabric as thin, I wondered just how far she was going to push this to get us out alive and successful.

My agent partner must have sensed my thoughts and put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me toward her pussy. Through the light fabric I could smell her, the fragrant aroma was intoxicating and I swear I must’ve licked my lips then and there. She pushed me down to kiss the lower lips and thru the fabric I could taste her, wet as fuck and tasty too. I moaned in approval and her own grunts sounded before her hands left the back of my head and found the top of her pants.

My eyes found hers as she slowly slid the pants down to her knees and I took them the rest of the way. Such an amazing sight. In the dim lit room with windows in almost every direction, Rose’s neatly trimmed pussy might as well have been the moon for all its radiant glory. I moved in and kissing around her folds I took her in my mouth everywhere but the sweet spot as her breathing urged me on. Finally she broke and her hands pushed my mouth down on her sex once more. Echos of the sex going on a couple floors below drifted up thru the cracked doorway and I thought back to our mission. Standing up a bit to the disappointment of Rose, who’s eyes were half closed in raw lust, I moved to lose my own pants and glanced behind her as I did. 87% complete. Damn. Might have to go the whole way after all.

Rose had her hand around my raging erection in the middle of that thought and with a couple tugs and a bit of spittle rubbed around the surface – she pulled me back in toward her. Our hips made contact again as my shaft slid against her outer sex which was wet with arousal and nearly ever move up or down gave either of us a grunt or a gasp. 93%. Jesus was this the slowest computer ever or was it just a real time reading of my horny levels?

“FUCK ME CHASE” she said in a low growl, half commanding half begging. “Stick it all the way inside me, I beg you.” Part of me was a bit shocked she was using my real name mid mission – bit dangerous – but the rest of me found it utterly sexy as fuck.

I moved the head of my cock to the proper angle… and slowly… almost as slowly as Mayhew Mannings transfer speed… I slid my cock deep into my fellow agent and fellow prisoner of the glass office, the undeniable aroused Rose… fuck if I knew her last name. I said we all have secrets right?

I bottomed out inside her and her legs squeezed me in place. Holding me firmly inside as her arms held me in a deathgrip around my neck… much different from the chokehold she had me in just under a half hour prior. I pumped slowly in and out as her gasps filled my ears with sweet sexy noise. My hips ground against hers and I could feel her energy mounting… breath growing more labored. 99% complete.

Rose tightened around my cock and I could feel her squeeze me as my fucking increased in speed. We were both on the very brink of an orgasm when a loud noise from below startled everyone. Rose and myself… and the perv a cop outside the door who remembered his job was at stake and ran downstairs in search of the matter at hand and left us alone to our vices.

Rose pushed me off still breathing heavy and grabbed the drive with all the files on them and pulled me up the next level of glass stairs toward the proper balcony.

Our gear awaited us… two giant chutes and cables for scaling the building should we have encountered something with that need. We moved up the balcony toward a proper ledge for our escape – both still stark naked and heaven help me I have no idea how my erection hadn’t popped a vein at that point… the warm night air didn’t’ help either. The sight of a naked, sweaty and clearly still horny Rose caused a great deal of distress but I knew I had to put it out of my mind.

We scaled to a top ledge of the building and had the parachutes half ready to put on when the power flickered back on. The gig was dangerously close to getting us busted but here we were up 20 feet above the balcony in low light as a man in a robe walked out onto it. Manning.

We got as low as we could… which ended up quickly lying down side by side as low as we could get. The ledge was narrow too and before I knew it I was sandwiched in between Rose’s athletic buttcheeks again and from the feel of her pushing back – not ALL of the act below on the balcony had been an act we were both painfully close to finishing. Rose reached back behind her and grabbed my still hard cock and moved be back to the lips of her dripping pussy.

A light shone down on the balcony as Manning pointed a flashlight this way and that – but Rose’s mind was singular in purpose and pushing back against me I found myself again balls deep in my partner.
Here was a struggle yet again – fighting the urge to moan and remaining completely silent as our greatest adversary was twenty feet below us. Rose’s hips rocked gently back at me on the ledge and her muscles inside her wetness squeezed me urgently. We were close.

The lights went out on the balcony when I thought I might go crazy from the stirring inside of me and standing up with Rose I quickly strapped into the remaining parachute and grabbed her tightly in my arms… she jumped into my arms and in seconds was impaled upon me once more… the thrusts and humps were so desperate at this point I felt desperate to climax. I buckled us together and pushed away from the building… wind caught the fabric of the sail and we drifted into the night, black night. And as we did Rose shuddered in pure pleasure as rope after rope of my cum spewed into her wet dripping pussy. Our shouts were unheeded by the ground below no matter how far and undetected from the tower as far away as we were now. All there was left to do was float away and ride out the orgasm from hundreds of feet above the city lights.

100% Complete.


2014-10-21 02:24:49
thanks for the feedback anon! Yeh it's harder to get any story traction based on story merit anymore... such is life!

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2014-10-14 03:48:02
Nice job with this, looks like you've been writing for quite a while. One thing abt this site in case you wrote somewhere else before, or even here earlier, is that there's a ton of spammers and haters these days, so don't get discouraged :) keep writing!

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