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a pakistani female spy got her self in a state of severe punishment in india
Sir yes Sir (punishment story) part 1
Sara Moorad,age 24, chosen to spy in india...
you will land in india on 22 of june 2013...
your alias will be Ankita Chopra...
you will pose as a 18 year old...
you will take admission in a college.....
from college you will join the indian military....
once there you will be given further instructions.....
failing to join the army, will result in court martial from ISI as well, because one not good for indian army,
no good for Pakistan army ....
if you get caught, suffer rest of your life being raped in indian prison.....
is it clear???
sir yes sir!
oh this is so exciting, two years in college again so great.i have roller coaster emotions right now.
i loved my college life here in pakistan, and i get another college life in india.
i look very young so thats why may have chosen me, and probably because i have no relatives to look back for.
its a suicide mission,but for the love of country,
and initial 2 years of vacation in college.
all is set now and i am to be transported to new delhi via dubai.
i am here, new delhi, i will be recieved by my new mother. she is an ISI agent here in india for 12 years.
my mother died while i was 2 years old, so having a mother now seems a bit odd. maybe they could have given me a
father, as i have lived 15 years of my life with a father. he was not very loving, used to open his mouth to scold and
admonish me alone. he got jolly with only his girlfriends. he beat me about once every 2 months or so,
but still i was content with life. i wasnt very uneasy with him.
but having a mother now made me a little uneasy, i never had a mother-daughter relation so i have no idea.
how am i supposed to behave in front of her?
give her a hug?
a kiss on the cheek?
even though fake, we have to pretend we are mother and daughter in front of india.
i think i will just leave the pretending to my mother, oh and ya, what am i supposed to call her,
mum,mummy,mom,mommy, mama or a bit indian, ma,amma,mataji.
i walk out of departure and through the crowd i see her. i have seen her photographs and have no problem recognising her.
she sees me and waves.
i go to her and she gives me a hug.
she is a fine lady, too young to be my mother of course, but since i am back 18 now, it is fine.
she is wearing shalwar kameez and looking quite indian. dark complexion and stern looking. well built body,
probably stronger than me.
she takes my hand and takes me to a taxi. we reach a 2 bedroom apartment in an old building.
the building is dirty and the house very small, but it is cozy.
my mother, alias anushka chopra, tells me to sit down.
'okay, there are certain things we need to establish.
you will call me amma.
we just moved to this city yesterday.
we were in kochi before.
you got your education from there. here are the certificates.
your father died when you were ten.
his name was arun chopra.
is it clear?'
'yes, amma' i felt a pang of embarassment go throw my body as i called her amma.
'right now this is all you need to know, i will fill you in further as we get toghether. as your senior and amma, you
are expected to follow my every command. failure to do so will result in punishments. there are 2 years to go before
you start your real work in india. you will live in a hostel,but will be required to report here when i tell you to.'
'you mean i will not stay here with you?" i asked
"but what if i have some trouble, what if i arouse some suspicion. i mean i still need to learn about indian culture
from you?'
'as i said you are from kochi, this will camouflage your lack of exposure in this city. i will call you eveyday.
you wont arouse suspicion, it is a just a college, and you dont have to start spying now.'
that was that.
the college semester will start in september. untill then i am stuck in this flat.
amma has not allowed me to leave the flat, as women are raped every now and then in delhi. the problem is not getting
raped, but after rape, police investigation is to look out for.
amma is about in her forties. or possibly late thirties. she is very stern and talks only to the point, so i dont really
chat with her. about a week later she asks me to cook. i cook some fish curry. she doesnt like it. i have put extra
salt. she starts scolding me.
'i am sorry, it was a mistake.'
'get down and do fifty push-ups.' she sentences me.
i start doing it. so it is just like a senior punishes a junior in the army.
we are not really supposed to be in mother daughter relationship inside the house, what a relief.
but how would a real mother punish her daughter in the house for bad cooking,in india,
pull her ear, slap her on the face, or if
the mother is a little strict make her do ear holding uthak baithak or make her murga, but an 18 year old would be too old
for this, wouldnt it.
i complete my punishment, piece of cake. got a lot of them in my PMA long course days.
i have roller coasters again in my body when i start preparing for college.
i pack my suitcase. mostly jeans and t-shirts, panties and bras, but 2 to 3 shalwar kameez also.
i have to leave tomorrow morning, after first day at college we will be alloted rooms in hostel.
amma gives me some instructions,'do anything in college but nothing which could get the police invovled. lie low and play
it safe. academics shant be a problem to you as you are a graduate already.."
'okay amma.'
i leave, i was bored to death in this house.i reach college exactly on time. orientation had started. i attend the orientation for new students.
they welcome us in the college, tell us about the campus, and the timetable.
i make acquaintance with the girl sitting next to me. her name is tanushree, she looks pretty and kind natured.
we both leave the orientation hall together.
then about five girls come and encircle me and tanushree.
they are seniors and i realize they are here to rag us.
i forgot about the menace of ragging in india.
i got no ragging in Pakistani college, where i went.
i dont know what they are going to do to me.
altough i can rip these seniors apart alone, as i know martial arts.
but i have been instructed to lie low. if i resist ragging in any way, it could result in fighting and hence expulsion,
police case etc. so i have to get on with it,same as other juniors were.
'come with us to the canteen girls.' said one senior.
'why, we have a class right now.' tanushree protested.
'hey we are your seniors, how dare you disobey us, dont you know the rules here in this college, girls take these
spoilt bitches to the canteen and teach them a lesson!' said the same girl again, and took hold of tanushree's ear,
and twisted it.
tanushree didnt scream but made a face full of pain.
then one senior seized my ear also.
'hey , i didnt say anything , why you are pulling my ear.' i say.
like i havent even said anything. they pull us by the ear and take us to the canteen.
i cant believe what my eyes see.
about 5 girls in murga punishment in one line.
just 2 months from now, while doing my push ups, i had this thought that 18 years is too old for murga.
i think i will also be made murga from girls who are at least five years younger than me.
they make tanushree and me stand side by side.
"you look older than 18, how old are you," a senior asks me.
"i am 18, i might look older." i lie.
"this must be because you dont exercise, i think you need some exercise. start doing uthak baithak holding your ear.'
how embarrassing, this wasnt a part of my vacation plan.
i hold my ears, and a surge of embarrassment and humilliation comes in my body. i squat, tight jeans not helping my squat.
i stand, i squat, this time again jeans causing problem. i dont know how long i have to continue.
simultaneaosly with my squats, tanushree is being given a lecture. i dont really listen close because of the discomfort
my body is in. but i do make out, 'do whatever seniors say'...'like our slaves'....'ruin your college life'....
...'if you wanna study here'...'make life hell'.
after the lecture is finished, tanushree is given a slap on her face. i dont belive it, she has such a cute face and looks
so innocent, a very gentle way of talking, being treated like a mischief maker.
my squats continue.
tanushree is then ear pulled and taken to somewhere at my back.
one senior girl then speaks,'look at this girl, already done 65 uthak baithak and going on like she is not tired at all.'
i wasnt counting. and too be honest i dont feel a bit of pain in my legs. i am physically really fit. i had to at least
pretend i was tired, now they are going to make me do a lot more. after some more situps i slow down and make a face to
show i am tired.
'you have done more than 100 uthak baithak, i think you have a lot of experience doing uthak baithak in school, do you?'
"yes , yes, alot, when i was in kochi....' i couldnt complete my sentence when a slap lands on my face.
'its not yet time for introduction, keep your shit to yourself now, there is a proper introduction ceremony when all
freshers gather here.' said the slapper.
i nodded, reeling from the hard hit on my face.
"do you have experience in murga.' the slapper asks.
i know what is coming next.
'no i have never been punished murga.' this time i am telling 100% truth. i have never been punished murga in school life,
or the army in Pakistan.
"well, then get some practice now, you are gonna need it.'
i dont know what she meant by you are gonna need murga practice.
i turn around and see tanushree is also in murga along with the rest of the five ones i saw earlier.
"overthere?' i ask, pointing to the area where other girls were punished or getting murga practice.
"yes madam, where else you want to become murga, in the middle of the ground."slapper said with a matter-of-fact voice.
i walk slowly to the dreaded canteen area, which had now become a poultry.
i cant believe this is happening. i thought myself of a super hot spy, doing cool stuff like james bond or charlie's angels. and here i am being made murga by girls younger than me.
my hands go down slowly and my body bends forward. my long legs contract and my hands reach my ears.i cant believe this is happening. i thought myself of a super hot spy, doing cool stuff like james bond or charlie's
angels. and here i am being made murga by girls younger than me.
my hands go down slowly and my body bends forward. my long legs contract and my hands reach my ears.
i take hold of my ears, it is so difficult with having earrings on.
the murga punishment makes a lot of pain in the legs, but i didnt have any.
my body has gone through a lot of hardships and rigorous training, a simple murga cannot cause any pain.
but i do understand the girls beside me must be in a lot of pain.
but it is very humiliating of course. never have i been punished like this in life.
it seems like forever after only a few moments getting into this position. it feels awkward, some girls walking
beside me, laughing and chatting about all the murgis.
i felt so humiliated i wanted to run away from everything,college, india, spying mission...
but something didnt make me got up. maybe i didnt wanted to show my face to the world, as murga keeps the face down.
then i finally hear a girl saying,' how long will they be punished.'
'not long, all the freshers have almost gathered in the auditorium for the ragging ceremony.' another replied.
there is a ragging ceremony in this college. how sick are these indians.
'get up all of you!' a girl barks at us.
i get up. my ears are hot with embarrassment, and probably red too.
'the ragging ceremony is about to start, all you ladies shall proceed to the auditorium.'
we start walking. tanushree's face is red. i ask her,'does ragging happen like this every year?'
'yes, indian colleges are famous for it.' another girl, who was murga with us replies.
'you knew this would happen, you know all this murga, uthak baithak, slapping?'
'yes, i have heard a lot of this stuff from relatives and friends who have attended college. but this is just the
beginning, they rag the freshers all year round. murga, uthak baithak and slapping is nothing, the students who live
in hostels are even stripped, get spanked and made to do lesbian acts.
'what!!??' i was flabbergasted.
so looked tanushree.
'yeah, next year we will be the ones doing these things, take our revenge on the freshers, then they will take
revenge from their juniors, it goes on and on and on. i knew this would happen so i am not staying in hostel
this year, i will come around next year, for now i would only have to suffer the ragging in college alone, in
fact i will give you the same advice, you must not stay here in hostel this year.'
" but i came from hyderabad, i have no relatives here!' said tanushree.
" tough luck woman,' she said to tanushree,' what about you?' she asked me.
"i have my mother here, but i have to stay in hostel, she insists."
i know she wouldnt let me stay at the house, once she said i have to stay in hostel, its an order, i cant challenge it.
darn my luck, i thought this would be a vacation.
'what are they gonna do in the ceremony?' tanushree asks the same girl, her name is amisha.
" i dont know, i have never heard of a ragging ceremony, but they will probably ask us to introduce ourselves,
and ask us some humiliating questions." amisha says.
my legs have gone limp and shaky, i cant even walk properly.
we enter the auditorium. professional cooling, its freezing in here. there are no chairs.
all freshers are standing against the wall. we are led to the same wall and made to stand against it too.
then a girl gets on the stage and takes the mic.
"i assume all freshers have gathered here, as we gather every year, to mark this event as the most important one in the
calender award these freshers with what they deserve."
she speaks as if she is hosting an awards ceremony. there are about 170 to 180 freshers.
'i ask all the freshers now to face the wall, put your nose on the wall
and put your hands on the side of your faces so you cant see anything.'
we do as we are told. now we all are standing with our hands palming the sides of our faces so we cannot see anything.
i remember being punished like this in kindergarten.
"now is the time for introductions.when you will be spanked on your ass you have to come and introduce yourself on stage.
you better introduce yourself in a good way, full of confidence and determination, if we dont like your intro,
you have no idea what we will do to you.'
then i hear a loud spanking sound.
then a girl starts introducing herself. none of the other freshers could see anything of course.
"my name is natalia, i am from...........'
she is speaking in a tone that makes me feel she is in a lot of discomfort. maybe she has stage fright. or maybe
the seniors are doing some sick things to her. i hope they have not denuded her on her stage.
her intro finished. one senior says 'not good enough, take her'. where they take her i couldnt see.
now this even more scary. the anticipation is worst than the thing itself.
another sound of spank, another intro.
another spank, this time i hear right beside me, it might be tanushree, when intro starts, it is tanushree.
so this means they are randomly choosing anyone. my time could come anytime.
tanushree's intro finishes and the seniors dont like it also and they take her.
another spank and its not me yet.
just before the spank my buttocks clenches in anticipation. the sounds are loud, so i think they are not spanking
with their hands, but with something else.
another spank. another intro.
about fifty freshers are done by now and many couldnt give a good intro.
i think 1 hour has passed since standing like this. until then i have made up a good intro.
since my intro is a complete lie, i have to be very straight, precise and conclude as fast as i could.
i can be stuck on the questions they are asking. since i dont know anything about indian schooling or life,
i will have to say yes to many of their questions.
spankings continue, and about 50 more, finally my buttocks got what it was anticipating.
a loud swat, i was a leather belt, and damn, it hurt.
i could finally remove my hands from my face and turn around.
what i see is hell.
the girls who hadnt given good intros, were in their underwears alone, in a corner holding their hands up.
the girls who had given good ones were kneeling down, holding their ears, with clothes on.
so anyways, punishment was a must, a good intro only keep my clothes on.
i was led to the stage.
all the seniors were looking at me. so were now the freshers who were punished.
this made about 250 people looking at me and i am on stage to give intro.
but i think i can pull this off, i dont have a stage fright or anything.
but one senior who led me on stage whispers in my ear,' you have to give intro in murga position.'
it was like the ground slipped below my feet.
so this is why all the girls voices sounded so weird.
they were giving intro in murga pose.
we were supposed to give our intro, on stage in murga pose, full of confidence.
there is no use arguing, i assume the position.
i bring my buttocks down, so that my head is up to face the audience.
a girl holds the mic for me.
" i am ankita chopra, i am from kochi, i like sports and stuff.'
thats all i manage to say with humiliation killing me.
'thats it, thats the best you got, bitch.' a senior from the audience says.
they sense my embarrassment, so try to play along.
' share your first sexual experience.'
" i am a virgin.' i lie.
"you dont look like a virgin, tell us or we will strip you completely."
'i am 18, i swear i didnt have any sex.'
"take this mother fucker away.'
i get up, 2 girls hold one ear each of mine and start taking me to the nudies corner.
this was the mother of all humiliation. being dragged by one ear was enough, now both ears.
one pulls my pants down, the other takes of my t-shirt.
i stand in my undies, and then raise my arms as instructed.
meanwhile another intro had started. it was amisha.
they didnt like her intro also just because the way she was holding her ears.
she was brought to our corner and then was being stripped.
'please dont take my clothes off, i do not wear underwear.' amisha said.
'what, tell the truth.'
' i am"
'then lets check.'
one girl pulled her pants and checked her butt.
"bare ass, no underwear."
"what do we do now,we are not supposed to strip them completely.'
"lets borrow one from another fresher.'
they both went and took one of the freshers(who had given good intro) with them to a bathroom. then they called amisha in.
then amisha came out wearing the underwear only, the other fresher followed looking a little disturbed with no undies,
to push her breasts up and pack her ass the undies were very tight for amisha, her butt looked jammed in..just as amisha had told us, the ragging didnt end the first day. it continued for a long time.
i am in my second month in college and have experienced the worst moments of my life.
right now i am in a seniors room, made murga, stark naked.
the college ragging was nothing compared to the ragging done in hostel.
every night we are called to the rooms of the seniors to be ragged.
nudity is a commonplace.
they make all the freshers kiss and caress each other. its gross.
the girls who disobey are spanked on their barebottoms.
i also got spanking once, i never dare disobey again.
they love making us murga.
then they hit us on our bottoms with a stick or belt, sometimes with hands, when we lower our buttocks.
it has become unbearable now.
2 months straight ragging.
ragging in college has stopped, but not in hostel.
on saturdays they rag us all night, because sunday the college is off.
'get up.' we all get up. they have called 5 of us in the room. tanushree included.
all 5 standing completely naked. there are about ten seniors in the room.
'its the rapid fire around.'
oh no. the rapid fire round is when they slap us on the cheeks as fast they could.
2 seniors get one fresher.
each have one cheek.
first one slaps then almost instantly the other one slaps. then the first one again.
it goes for about half an hour. we get fingers printed on ourcheeks.
six months have passed and now finally ragging has stopped. one of the seniors have been expelled, not for ragging
but for misbehaving with a teacher. all the seniors are now scared, so ragging has now stopped in the hostel.
but six months later i will take revenge, with compound interest from my juniors.
six months later.......
the juniors are in the orientation room, being fed with college rules and regulations.
my vacation has really started now, i just cant wait to start ragging. i will make them murga, uthak baithak, twist their
ears off, spank them with belts, sticks, birches and hand. and yes denude them.
the juniors start coming out.
my gang, consisting of me, tanushree, amisha, sonia, and kajal went for the kill.
there was a group of three friends coming out, we caught them and took to the canteen.
we wanted to have a little ragging here before the ragging ceremony.
i took hold of 2 girls by the ears, and so did sonia. so now all three of them had their both ears occupied.
we took them to the canteen.
ragged them a little.
i made two of them murga on the table.
in the hostels i did all the stuff done to me and more. i ragged all year round.
so this is it.
i have to go to the army now.
i got admission in the army very easily.
i was to start my training soon.i started my training as cadet. first few days were easy. as i am already accustomed to rigorous practices. but i could see that my colleagues aren't.
they drop dead the instant they get some time to rest.
but within a month everyone's body has become hardened.
for me there was nothing to worry or sort of a challenge.
i was the best lady cadet in the academy.
but my life was about to become challenging very soon.
as i was the best, i started attracting attention a lot.
especially from my seniors.
i even got invited to tea with some of the seniors there.
when i told this to my ISI senior, who is my mother as well, as you all know, she told me that it is a wonderful opportunity to befriend some seniors and take as much possible information about indian army.
my job now was informing the ISI, about everything i knew about the indian army. like the number cadets, the number of seniors, the number of army barracks etc.
so i gladly went for the tea party. i was the only lady cadet invited, the rest were the army officers, both males and females.
to cut along story short, i befriended a major in that party and we promised to meet again.
i was not at all, interested in this guy, but i was just doing my duty.
i got the feeling i was using him.
but had i knew what kind of kinky person he is, i would have stayed away from this fart.
to be coninue.rate if u like

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