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This is a story written for the Second Kaw contest. It is what happens when my imagination wanders to distant places.

What is the purpose of a man? I was asked that once by one of my teachers. That was a long time ago on a planet so far away that it seems to be a dream now. I never could answer that question. Not until the events of that hot night. Now I know the answer. I was taught the answer by a very special woman. Her name is Seabreeze, and we stand now inside her looking through the glass between us and the stars beyond.

How did this start? It started on that dream planet so long ago. Come sit down, and I will tell you a tale of how I was born.

Are you sitting comfortably?


Randal Pendragon was traveling through the deserts of New Mexico. He was one of those rare individuals who truly loved to be alone. The company at which he worked had sent him out here to survey a land parcel they had recently acquired. They planned to build a new test facility, and this god-forsaken place was where they wanted it. Randall could not figure out why they wanted it out here.

He had camping equipment in the back of his jeep and he looked for a good area to set up, so he could explore in the morning.

His recent divorce was still fresh in his mind and the time away would do him some good.

The survey team would be out there in two days. He was supposed to supervise them and determine the best location to build the new facility.

The evening sky was just darkening when he found a quiet spot at the base of a sheer cliff. It took him a little while to set up his tent and inflate his air mattress. Then he built a fire and started cooking his dinner.

As his steak sizzled in the pan, he noticed a dim light above him. There was a cave about a hundred feet up the cliff. He could just make out the entrance of it because of the dim light coming from inside it. He wondered why he had not seen this cave when he pulled up. It was big enough that it should have caught his eye.

He stepped to the other side of the fire so it was behind him and looked up at the cave. There seemed to be a ledge that zig-zagged across the face of the cliff. It looked like he could walk right up to the cave.

He contemplated the cave as he ate. What could be causing that glow? It seemed to get brighter as time passed.

He packed away his food supplies and locked them in the jeep. Then he wondered what kind of fool he was, as he pulled his flashlight out of his gear and started to walk towards the cliff.

At the very base of the cliff he found the ledge. It was wide enough to walk on easily, and meandered back and forth as it went up the face of the cliff. He stepped onto the ledge and then pulled his foot back quickly. There had been a flash of anticipation. It had been the feeling of a long wait nearly being at an end. Why would he feel that way?

Slowly, he extended his foot again and placed it on the path. He did not get that feeling again. He chalked it all up to imagination and started to climb the steep ledge.

He would almost swear the glow was getting brighter as he moved upward. After a couple of switchbacks, he found he was not imagining it. The light was getting brighter. He could now see some detail around the entrance. The cave was about ten feet high and wide. It also looked to be a natural cave.

After about fifteen minutes, he made it to the entrance. He peeked around the edge and looked into the mouth of the cave. The glow was coming from around a bend deeper in the cave.

Randal cursed under his breath. He felt he was being a fool. The light blue glow could not be coming from a lantern or fire. The only thing it could be was a radioactive glow. Then he cursed himself for a fool again. Radioactive glow, where had he come up with that?

He quietly moved into the cave so he could peek around the bend. When he looked, his eyes were greeted by something he could not believe. About a hundred feet further into the cave sat a woman. Her hair was snow white and she looked to be rather tall, maybe six feet. She was sitting on a rock and seemed to be reading a book. Above her head was a glowing blue sphere that seemed to focus its light on the book in her hand.

He watched for a while as she looked at the book, then he stepped out. “Are you alright?”, he asked more to get her attention than anything else. It was not good form to sneak up on people, even a beautiful woman sitting in a desert cave by herself.

The woman lowered her book and looked at him. Then she smiled and spoke. “Good. You are finally here. We can get started now.”

“Excuse me? Do we know each other?”

“We have never met, but I have been waiting on you for a very long time. Please come forward, my husband. We have many things to do and much to talk about.”

“Ma’am, I am afraid you have me confused with someone else. I am not your husband. I was camping below and saw the glow from your… light. I came up to investigate.”

The woman started to walk towards him slowly. He could see the dazzling smile on her face as she approached. “I am sorry. Like I said, I have been waiting on you for a very long time. I sometimes get lost in the temporal pathways. I forget what you were named when we first met. May I introduce myself, please?”

“I am not sure I understand what you are saying. My name is Randal Pendragon.”

“I am known as Seabreeze. I was christened with that name approximately five hundred thousand years from now. I have been waiting for you to arrive so we can fix things that need to be fixed. Please come in. I never bite unless you ask me to.” The woman was now close enough that he could see her eyes. They were sea foam green and an exact match for her dress. The dress was elegant and skin tight from just below her hips upward, with white cuffs and collar. The collar dipped into a deep V that plunged all the way past the belt line to the very top of her nether area. The lower part flared out into a flowing skirt that came just short of touching the ground.

“I really think you have me confused with someone else, ma’am. Do you need a ride back into town?”

Her laughter sounded like the singing of a thousand angels. It was a light tinkling thing that struck deep into the very bottom of his soul. “I think you are confused, Randal. I don’t need a ride. I am not trapped here. I am only waiting for you. Please, will you at least come and sit with me and let me answer some questions?”

Randal started to move forward. As he drew closer to her he could see that she was very pale, almost alabaster in color. “Ma’am, I am not sure who you think I am…”

“You are Randal Pendragon, you were born August twenty-fifth, nineteen-ninety. Your parents were killed in a car accident when you were nineteen years old. You have no living relatives and your wife of two years walked out on you. You have been granted a quick divorce do to your prenuptial agreement. You work for AXL Aerospace as a land management engineer. On your last birthday, you were so lonely you sought the solace of a prostitute for the first time in your life. She sold you her wares for half price in honor of your birthday. Shall I go on?”

Randal paled, who was this woman and how did she know so much about him? “I have to admit you do know about me at least. I am sure we have not met though. I would remember someone as beautiful as you are.”

“Thank you, my husband. Now could we please go to the rock and sit down? I have much to discuss with you and we have lots of plans to make.”

“Why do you keep calling me your husband?”

“I will explain all I can, if you will come with me and sit down. It is really a bit confusing. I do have some really fine Martian Brandy we can sip as we talk.”

“Ma’am, are you trying to tell me you are an alien?”

That delightful laughter rang out again. “I am not exactly an alien. I am not from the earth but my roots are laid down here. The man who designed me was born here. Please tell me how I can get you to come and sit with me. I have so much I need to talk about with you.”

Randal thought he must be losing his mind. This woman was obviously crazy, but somehow he was not afraid of her. He walked the rest of the way towards her. As he arrived she offered her arm to him and he wrapped his in hers. Then she led him back into the cave and to the rock where she had been sitting.

Once they were seated, she motioned with her hand and a glass appeared in it. Then she reached out and seemed to pluck a crystal decanter out of the air. From it she poured a snifter of brandy. Then she offered it to him.

Randal held the glass up to his nose and smelled it. The scent was reminiscent of spring wildflowers and spice. Caution made him set the glass aside and turn to look at her.

Seabreeze looked at him with a slight frown on her face. “I really will not poison you. I have no reason to do so. If I wanted to force you to stay, I could just reseal the cave. What I ask now must be voluntary. I can not force you to rewrite the future.”

“Ma’am, the things you are saying are very confusing to me. I think I need to keep a clear head while we talk.”

“You always will be stubborn. I think that is one of the reasons we fall in love. I will begin by filling you in with a little of my history. I was built in the year five-hundred, one thousand and six. I was the hope for the human race in the endless war with the Kalimar. I was armed with the latest in weapons technology and armor. During my maiden voyage a temporal anomaly occurred. Something had changed the past and the temporal wave crashed through our time like a tsunami. I was tossed into the time stream and washed up on the shores of Earth approximately three-hundred thousand of your years ago.”

Randal now reappraised his opinion of this woman. She was as loony as a shit-house rat.

“After I landed, I performed temporal scans and backed them with known human history. I discovered a few things that befuddled me for a long time. I had been named after a ship from legend. The legend spoke of a man that traveled the starways in a ship named Seabreeze. They were on a mission to protect the human race from their own folly. I know what might help you understand. Would you like to see the rest of my body?”

Randal couldn’t help it. He began to blush. Was she offering to get naked in front of him?

“Come with me. I will show you.” With that she stood up and started to walk further back into the cave.

Randal stood up and followed her. As they rounded a bend in the tunnel, lights came on. There in front of him was something for which he truly was not prepared. It was a spacecraft. It was most definitely a spacecraft.

It was about two hundred and fifty feet long. The body style was sleek and sexy. That is the only way to describe it. It had gentle flowing curves along its length that swept from its pointed nose all the way back to the rear. The bottom of the craft was about twenty feet off the ground as it stood on three legs. It had stubby wings near the back, with four huge engine nacelles hanging under them. Above the rear stood two tail fins that swept up and back at an angle. Near the front of the craft was a semi-circle of windows. The surface of the craft was polished to a mirror finish.

“There I am.” The woman said as she spread her arms out to encompass the ship in front of us.

She was definitely crazy. Randal didn’t know how she had discovered this ship, but she was definitely men in white coats material. He said the only thing he could think of, “Beautiful.”

The woman actually looked down and blushed. “Thank you. A woman always wants to be attractive to her husband.”

“As beautiful as you are, I was actually talking about the spaceship.” He did not want to mislead her.

“I think I see the confusion now. You do not understand. That ship and I are the same being. I am the brain for the ship and it is my body. What you see before you is a biological projection of the computer core.”

“What do you mean a biological projection?”

“When I am projecting this body, I am as human as you are, but it can be put away when I do not need it. I simply reconvert it into energy and store it in the grid.”

“You mean you are not a living person?”

“Bien au contraire, mon mari. I am very much alive. If you prick me, do I not bleed?”


“As the ship, I am a living being, with thoughts, hopes, and dreams of my own. That extends to this body when I am using it. I am as alive and human as you are. I need to breath and eat. I can laugh and love. I can even get pregnant, but if that happens I need to inhabit the body for the full term of the pregnancy.”

“Is that why you keep calling me your husband? You need me to make a child?”

Her laughter tinkled out again. “I would love to have your children and if I read our history correctly, we will have them. The reason I call you my husband is that in approximately five of your earth years, we will be married. Would you like to see a print out of the marriage license?”

“If you are from the future, why don’t you just fix the things you need to fix and then go back?”

“It does not work that way. Because I am from the future, I cannot change my own past. The future has not been written for you, you can change it. The changes you make will affect me. We are in the middle part of a time loop. Think of a ribbon with a knot in it. Behind the knot is pristine time flow. In front of the knot is pristine time flow. At the knot however is a twisted mess. The ribbon is not going in the right direction coming out of the knot -- it is headed off at an angle. We have to fix the knot so time is coming out of it on the same path as it went in. If we succeed, I will be created and the tsunami will carry me back to await you once again. If we fail…”

“So you need me to help you fix the time disturbance?”

“Disturbances,” she said with a smile. The first of them is happening in about three days. There is a man who is going to be killed. He must live.”

“Why not just call the cops and tell them about the attempt?”

She mocked picking up a phone. “Hello, is this the police? I am from the future, and a man who will become one of the most influential presidents of your time is going to be killed by a random burglar in a few days. Could you send over a couple people to protect him?”

“Point taken. How can I help?”

“I don’t know. I just know we cannot allow this man to die. If he dies, the passive equality laws will not be passed, and in about twenty years the race wars will start. Those laws break the walls between all men and women to make them true equals in the eyes of this country.”

“Do we know who is going to kill him?”

“A young man named David Dahlia. He is a drug addict who is going to break into the man’s house.”

“How do I stop him?”

“I can’t tell you that. If I told you how to fix it, I would be changing the future. I can only tell you what is going to happen and how it is wrong. It is up to you to fix it.”

“Am I allowed to use any of your modern technology?”

“You can use any of it except access to the future data banks. Inanimate objects are flotsam. They are not time tied because they can’t think on their own.”

“Can you tell me where he is?”

“Right now he is in Los Angeles, buying drugs from his connection. It is the last of his money and he is trying to figure out how to get more.”

“How am I supposed to get to L.A. and find this man, then stop him in only three days?”

“That is the fun part. I can take you there, as a means of transport, I am still the same as an inanimate object. It is only when I take a direct hand in the event that I am running afoul of time paradox.”

“It would take months if not years to dig out the cave entrance big enough for you to move out of here.”

“Im Gegenteil, mein Mann. Come aboard and I will show you just what your future wife is capable of.”

As she turned and walked away towards the ship, a ramp extended downward. Randal’s curiosity had hit such a high point that there was no way he would miss this. He followed right on her heels. There was an added benefit to this. He was a man, and she had an incredible ass.

As soon as his foot hit the ramp, he could hear the engines starting to whine to life.

“There will be a loud noise in just a second,” she warned him. Then a massive thudding sound thundered through the body of the ship. “There was a rock caught in the intake of one of the zero point engines. It is cleared now. Patience, dear, could you please report to the bridge. We are getting out of this damn mountain.”

“Who is Patience?”

“She is my shuttle craft and your second wife. I tinkered with her a bit over the years so she could be more like me.”

“Oh,” he said softly. What the hell else was he going to say?

They walked down a hallway towards a door. When the door opened he saw the bridge for the first time. It was about the size of a large conference room. In it were three chairs set in a triangle with two in front of the third. In front of the three chairs were consoles with various controls on them. The front windows looked out into the cave but on the glass there were numbers and information. It was like a giant heads up display.

“You can sit here, il mio capitano,” Seabreeze said as she pointed to the rear chair.

As he sat down, another woman ran onto the bridge. She was about five foot, six inches and dressed in a black jump suit. Her red hair was a shock of flame that flowed down her back. Her eyes were the most startling blue he had ever seen, they almost looked neon. She stopped in mid stride and looked at him. “He is here!”

Suddenly, she had her arms around Randal and was kissing him like there was no tomorrow. Her tongue would not be denied as she took his mouth and conquered it. Randal had received kisses before -- quite a few of them, actually. He had never been kissed with the raw passion this woman showed. He could feel an instant connection with her as she threw all of her love and emotion into that kiss.

“Patience! Get your mind on business for now. I know you have been waiting, and so have I.”

When this woman finally let go of him, she stepped back and looked at him. Then she held out her hand, “I am Infinite Patience, shuttle craft and third officer.”

“Who is the second officer?”, Randal asked, as he tried to catch his breath. Her kiss had left him in a state a gentleman prefers not be announced.

“Seabreeze is second officer, Sir.”

“Then who is the captain?”

Patience giggled. “You are.”

Seabreeze started to speak as Patience moved to the left front chair. “Zero point engines at full operation, anti-gravity field at peak, life support running at maximum efficiency, cloaking field and shield engaged. We are ready for punch.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Patience said with a giggle in her voice. Then Randal nearly panicked. The ship was suddenly wrapped in lightning. It arced all over the ship and burnt tracks all over the cave walls. There was a bright flash and suddenly all was dark.

“Altitude, twenty-two thousand miles, we are in a parking orbit directly over Los Angeles. The captain looks a little tired. Perhaps I can take him back to our quarters and help him relax,” Patience said.

“Patience, will you please be serious? He may not be ready for that part of our relationship.”

“Seabreeze, you activated me two-hundred thousand years ago. I have got to be the oldest living virgin in existence.”

“Second oldest.”

Randal looked out the window as he contemplated his situation. That was when he realized what they had been talking about. The earth was just coming into view out the window. They were in space. Randal stood up and moved forward. Below the ship, like a giant jewel, was Earth, in all her glory. They were on the night side but on the horizon the sun was just coming up.

Suddenly his day hit like a wave. It had to be very late, and he had been through a day full of surprises and shocks. He started to sway.

Randal felt a set of arms grab him and support him as his knees started to buckle. “Hold on, my husband. We will get you somewhere so you can lie down.” Randal could hear the concern in Seabreeze’s voice.

“You better not have broken him,” Patience said, as her arms wrapped around Randal from the other side.


Randal woke up in a huge bed. It was so warm and comfortable that he refused to open his eyes. The strange dream he had experienced made him want to stay here and try to forget it.

Then he felt something move. His eyes snapped open and he looked down the length of his body. On his left was a shock of red hair that splayed across his chest and mingled with the white hair on the other side. It all came tumbling back into his mind as he looked at the two women in bed with him.

Randal wondered if he could escape. Then he wondered where he would escape to. He was twenty-two thousand miles from home. The first step was a really long one.

Then a second part of his predicament flowed into his mind. He was in the typical state for a young man when they first wake up. How was he going to climb out of this bed without embarrassing himself?

He lifted the covers to see if he could move their arms and legs off of him. Then he put the covers back down quickly. That sight was not going to help his morning problem. Both of the women were very, very, naked.

Randall was in a bed between two women. He had to use the bathroom desperately. He also had a raging erection and there was no way he was going to get out of the bed without touching a naked woman.

He decided he had to try or they would wake up in a gross state. He reached under the covers and tried to move one of the arms across his chest.

“You aren’t going anywhere with that are you?”, Patience’s voice said lightly.

Then from the other side Seabreeze spoke. “He has to go to the bathroom. Let him up.”

Patience raised her head and stuck her bottom lip out in a cute pout. “That is mean. I have been laying here waiting for him to wake up so I can jump his bones, and you are making me let him free.”

“If you don’t let him get up he is going to make a mess.”

“Alright,” Patience said, still pouting. Then she rolled over onto her back. “He can climb out over the top of me.”

Randal tried to climb over her without incident. He really did try, but as he straddled over her, she suddenly threw her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. “Be sure and come back, when you are done. I want to lose my virginity before you leave on your mission.”

“Patience!”, Seabreeze exclaimed.


“Quit throwing yourself at him. He has just learned we exist. Give him time to learn who we are.”

Patience unwound her arms and legs and let Randal up. He was just about to ask where the bathroom was when a door opened in one of the walls.

When he entered the bathroom he was shocked to see all of his personal items arranged on the counter. These were not just some bathroom needs. They were the items from his bathroom, in his apartment. “How did all this get here?”

“I beamed them up after you fell asleep. All of your furniture and your jeep are in the cargo hold.”, Seabreeze said as she came to the bathroom door.

Randal could not help but see how she looked him over as he stood there. “Do you see something you like?”

Seabreeze blushed. “I am not accustomed to seeing a naked man up this close. We have been in that cave for a very long time. May I beg an indulgence of you?”

“I will be happy to listen to you, if you will give me a few moments to relieve myself and freshen up.”

Seabreeze blushed again. “I am sorry, I sometimes forget the hang-ups that people can have.” She stepped away from the door and it closed behind her.

Randal performed his morning duties then jumped in the shower. He did not see any temperature controls on the shower just an off and on knob. When he stuck his hand under the water it was the perfect temperature for him. He thought that was a bit odd.

After a quick shower, he realized he had no clothing in the bathroom. He bucked up his courage and stepped out of the small room.

Patience was lying across the bed on her stomach, still as naked as a newborn. She had her chin in the palms of her hands, a huge smile on her face, and was ogling him openly.

Seabreeze stepped to his side and looked at him. “Go ahead and ask. The worst I can say is no.”

Randal had to hide his laugh as she stumbled across her words. “We have… Both been alone… A very long time. Would you… Would it be… Could you…”

Randal reached out and lifted her chin so he could look into her glorious eyes. “Are you trying to ask me to make love to you both?”

If he had any doubt about her sincerity, it vanished in that moment. From Seabreeze’s eye a large tear rolled and slithered down her face to pool in the corner of her mouth. “Please.”

“If what you say is true, and we are destined to become a family of three, then there is something we should get straight right now. I will never have either of you as a submissive to me. If you wish my touch, then you are to come and get me, and lead me to what you need. I could never treat you like a thing.”

Seabreeze shyly reached out and took Randal’s hand. Then she turned and led him back to the bed.

“Oh, hell yeah!”. Patience exclaimed as she rolled back to lie correctly in the bed.

Randal stopped Seabreeze at the side of the bed and turned her to face him. “Patience has already had something you have not.” He then leaned in and placed his lips to hers. Fireworks went off in both of their minds. Randal knew in that instant she was right. They would not only become lovers but they would be man, wife, and wife. His toes curled as his soul poured out into that kiss.

Seabreeze lost control of her emotions. Somewhere deep in her core a small chip overheated and several backups had to kick in. The ship altered course slightly, then corrected itself. Finally she allowed her engines to wind down and go into standby mode. She did not know how he had done it, but he had severely disturbed her links. Then she was scooped up in his arms and laid gently onto the bed.

Randal was lost. He knew now she was what he wanted. These mysterious women/ships were going to become his loves. He could feel it in every fiber of his being. He moved to climb into the between them. Then he lay back and pulled them into his arms. They all three kissed and the fires that started turned into a raging inferno. The passion thundered through all three of them in a tumult of heat and smoke.

Both women started to kiss their way down his body. They explored him as he explored them. They all licked and kissed each other until they were too far gone to even think about stopping. Then the women’s tongues found his center.

Randal had never experienced the passion of two women. He was lost in a world of new sensations. A tongue on each side of his staff nearly took him over the edge. Lips, he was not sure who’s, wrapped around his head as a second set kissed his balls. He reached out with his arms and brought them closer to his face. Then he pushed his tongue into the woman on his right. The simple small patch of white hair told him he tasted Seabreeze. She was a sweet as sugar and as soft as silk. Then he turned his head and tasted Patience. Her nectar reminded him of honey fresh from the hive.

Randal switched back and forth as he tasted and gave to them both as much pleasure as he could. He found himself striving to bring them both off. With his wife he had given up trying. She never seemed to orgasm. These women both exploded within seconds of each other. He positioned his hands so that he could add his fingers into the mix. Soon he had them both climaxing at the same time.

Patience was in a world of sensation. She had her future husband in her mouth and he had his fingers in her. She had waited too long for this. Both she and Seabreeze had agreed that they would resist until he came to them. This was all new to her. She knew the mechanics of it all but she had never even pleasured herself. Now she understood why women loved to orgasm. That was the most amazing thing she had ever felt. She could not believe anything could feel better.

Seabreeze had so many things she wanted to try, but, oh, God! Could anything feel as good as what he was doing now? That had to be the most emotional experience she had ever felt. Her first orgasm had come from the tongue of the man she had been created to love.

“I am going to cum,” Randal said as he neared his climax. His ex-wife had hated for him to cum in her mouth. His mind was blown by what these women did. They both moved into a kiss with the head of his sword between them. Then each of them wrapped a hand around him and began to pump. He laid his head back and roared as his essence spewed forth. They never moved their faces as his flow poured into their mouths. He could feel their tongues battling back and forth to scoop up every drop.

Patience was in heaven, she finally was going to get what she had waited on for two hundred thousand years. The taste in her mouth was different than she expected. She had thought it would be salty or oily. This was like thick syrup and tasted sweet. She found herself savoring the taste of her husband. She had no doubt now that they would be together.

Seabreeze had waited so long. She had many opportunities, but now she was glad she had waited. The passion and fire in her was like nothing she had ever experienced. Then his sweet taste had filled her mouth. How could anything be so amazing?

As Randal came down from his climax, he watched these two women. They continued to kiss and love on him like he was the only man in existence. He did not know if it was the fact that he was living a huge fantasy, or if it was a testament to the beauty of these ladies, but his staff stayed tall and proud. He had always been a one-hit wonder. Maybe he had just needed the right partners. He pulled away from them and started to guide them to lie back in the bed. He could not show favoritism. It was not in him. How did he choose whom to make love to first?

Seabreeze saw the indecision on Randal’s face. Then she pointed to Patience with her finger.

Patience saw that small gesture and leaned over to kiss Seabreeze. When they separated, she whispered, “Thank you.”

Randall positioned himself over Patience as she stretched out. He did not need to ask if she was ready. She reached out and guided him to her entrance. Then she wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him in, balls deep in a single thrust.

Randal felt her teeth lock onto his shoulder and held still. She would relax when she was ready for him to continue. Slowly her teeth loosened and finally let go. Randal pulled back and thrust into her again slowly. The look on her face was one of utter shock. Then she started to quiver beneath him.

Patience was now fully aware there were things that could feel better than before. She started to use her legs to force him to speed up. She wanted what he was giving and she would take all he could give.

Randall gave all he had except for one thing. Since Patience was first he would give Seabreeze the finish.

After her fifth massive orgasm, Patience felt him slow and stop. She looked up at her new lover and saw his eyes. She knew and approved of what he was doing. She would have many chances in the future to feel that part of loving. She nodded to him, and he smiled as he pulled out and moved to hover over Seabreeze.

Seabreeze looked at her lover and with no reservations accepted him to her. She felt him at her entrance and waited. She knew there would be pain. It was part of what they did. Then he started to slide into her. The feeling set her off. She had waited so long that it was instant. She fell tumbling into a massive orgasm just from him entering her. As she rode the waves of her orgasm, he thrust deeply. The pain was there but it was so distant. It was like an old memory of a pain gone by. Her orgasm was so much more than the pain could ever be.

Together they ground into each other as they both raced. Seabreeze raced from hilltop to hilltop while Randal charged up the hill. Seabreeze also learned that things could feel better. Then, in the midst of her strongest orgasm yet, she felt him falter and thrust deep. She screamed into his shoulder as she felt the flow of his climax enter her.

They all lay together as they recovered from the most intense thing any of them had ever felt. Seabreeze and Patience were both content with their choice to wait. The wait had truly been worth it.

There was no pillow talk. Randal held them and they relaxed with their heads on his chest. They lay there comfortably for a long while just relaxing in the afterglow of the act.

Seabreeze cleared her throat and spoke softly. “I do not want to get up, but we do have a few things to attend to before you have to go down to stop David. Do you have any idea what you are going to do yet?”

“No,” Randal said simply. He really had no idea if he could kill this young man.


Was it right to kill one person to try to change the future? People have asked that question in so many forms over the millennia since they first started to communicate. I will ask it of you now and let you contemplate the answer. Would you kill Hitler if you could go back and do it before his rise to power?


Seabreeze and Patience led Randal to what they called the trauma center. When they stepped into the room Randal was curious about all of the devices in the room. “What is this?,” he asked while indicating an odd looking light over the bed. It was surrounded by several mechanical arms.

“That is the surgeon. It is capable of conducting any type of surgery, completely autonomously. The various tools are trans-phasic and can pass through solid matter without damaging it.” Patience answered, as Seabreeze gathered a few small items from a locker.

When Seabreeze came over to the table, she held a small jar with a fine fleshy mesh inside it. “This is a Mind-Web. It will allow you to communicate with us and access our computer data. Just remember you will not be able to access the future information.”

Randal looked at the odd looking thing. It looked like a web of fatty material. “Won’t it be a little obvious if I wear that in public?”

Patience started to laugh a beautiful little giggle. When he turned to look at her she guided him back a step and made him sit on the table. Then she brought her lips to his and began to kiss him with that fiery passion that nearly melted his legs.

<Can you hear me now?>, Seabreeze asked softly.

<How am I supposed to answer her with Patience’s tongue trying to lick my stomach from the inside?>, he thought to himself.

<Just like that,> Seabreeze replied with a laugh. <When Patience finishes trying to… ‘Lick your stomach’, we will show you the capabilities of the mind web. The implant surgery went perfectly.>

<Surgery?>, Randal could not help the squeak in his thoughts. <Did that damn machine just cut me open?>

<No, it passed the web through your skull and attached it to the inside. The web now will transmit your thoughts to us.>

<Isn’t it great, we can continue to talk while we kiss,> Patience said as her tongue continued to dance in Randal’s mouth.

<Unfortunately, my husband, this next part must be done the old fashioned way.> Seabreeze held up a small needle with an ampoule attached to the back of it.

Randal felt the needle enter the skin of his upper arm. <What is that?>

<It is Resetitall. It was invented about four hundred years from now. It will cure the body of all defects and return it to a pristine genetic state. Any diseases or deformations will be corrected. The drug will also stay in your system and make you impervious to infections and diseases.>

Patience finally let Randal have a breath of air. He was badly in need of it. After a couple of deep breaths, Randal again could speak. “What can this “Mind Web” do?”

<Like I said, it will allow you to communicate with Patience and I. It also allows access to the computer system, because I am that computer system. Think about your icon screen.>

Randal thought about an icon screen and in front of his eyes little icons seemed to float in the air.

<If you want to know what any one of the icons do, just think about help for that icon. A short phrase will play in your mind describing the icon.>

Randal looked at an icon that looked like a movie reel and thought about help. <This icon accesses the entertainment system of the computer files. It will allow you to watch movies, play games, listen to music, or read literature> played in his head.

“I can explore the icons later. All I need now is the communications.”

Is there anything you think you will need to accomplish your mission?”, Seabreeze asked.

“I don’t think any of the future weaponry is needed. Do you have any hand guns from this time period?”

“I have all the specification and can use my energy solidifiers to make them.” Seabreeze answered.

“I need to get some clothes out of my stuff in the cargo hold. I can’t exactly run around in my birthday suit.”

“It doesn’t bother me at all,” Patience said, with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“We will show you your stuff. Follow me,” Seabreeze said while looking slightly vexed with Patience.

Patience gave a little pout with her bottom lip and followed Seabreeze out into the hallway. As Randal followed them he saw a small box of the needles, with ampoules, on the counter. He reached over and picked one up and hid it in the palm of his hand. The very beginning of an idea was coming through.

In the cargo hold he picked out a good pair of jeans and button down shirt. He slid the needle in his shirt pocket on the sly. “Is there any chance you have some money available for me to use down there? It is probably a good idea if I don’t access my bank account.”

“How much do you think you will need?”, Seabreeze replied.

“I should take a few thousand with me. I don’t know what I am going to run into.”

Seabreeze gave Randal an odd look. “What are you planning? You do realize you are not our prisoner right?”

Randal smiled and caught her chin between his fingers. “I promise I won’t try to escape. I just have a very nebulous idea of a plan.”

Seabreeze nodded and walked over to a terminal near the front of the bay. Once there a stack of money appeared on the counter in front of the terminal. Next to the money were a snub nosed thirty-eight caliber revolver and a box of ammo.

Seabreeze carried them over to Randal and he took them. Then he leaned in and kissed her deeply. When the kiss broke, he sighed and looked into her eyes that held so much emotion. “Seabreeze, I don’t know where we are going. I cannot see the future. You have shown me enough to convince me you not some loony, escaped from the nut-house. I promise you, I will come back when this is over and we will have a long conversation about what that future holds.”

Seabreeze smiled a small smile and nodded. Then she spoke softly. “I will beam you and your jeep down. I have made a couple modifications to it. I hope you don’t mind.”

“You modified my jeep?”

“Yes, it now runs on a collapsing field power supply and an electric engine. You won’t ever need to put gas in it again. It also has an emergency recall beacon. Just hit the button above the radio and it will auto-beam to the ship with you in it.”

Randal kissed her again. This kiss was full of his promise to return. Then he turned and kissed Patience. When they broke free, Patience handed him a paper wrapped bundle. “I realized we have not been good wives. You have not eaten since you have been here. I hope this makes it up to you.”

“Thank you, Patience.” Randal then turned and climbed into his jeep. He smiled and nodded to Seabreeze. Then there was a bright flash in his eyes.

He was parked behind a store on the roadside along interstate ten. West of him was Los Angeles. There he had a man to find. Then he wondered to himself how the hell he was going to find him.

<His location is highlighted on your GPS. Just follow the dot.> Seabreeze’s voice said in his head.

<Thank you, baby.> He did not expect the reaction he got. There was a slight hitch in her mental voice when she replied.

<You’re welcome, my husband.>

<See you soon and give Patience a kiss for me.>

<You can give me that kiss yourself, studly.> Patience’s voice was colored with mischief.

Randall drove off into the predawn air. The horizon was just starting to pink behind him. The cool early-morning air flowed across his skin and made him think about what he was going to do. Could he bring himself to kill this man? Could he kill a man for a crime he had not yet committed?

All he had was the word of a person whom he had only met a day ago. True she was not just a normal person, but could he trust her completely? He did not know how much he could trust her. He did know he was falling in love with the almost shy way she was with him at times. Then there was the vivacious Patience. How did he feel about her? Could he love and marry two women? He had only ever wanted one woman to be part of his life.

There was also something else in the equation. If they were to be believed, they were immortal. He was not. How could he allow himself to fall in love with two women that would travel through the eons without him? Could he put them through the loss they would suffer when in time he died and left them again alone?

But if he did not go they would be alone now. His mind ran in circles. He could not bring himself to an answer.

As his mind ran through his inner turmoil, he reached over and opened the paper wrapped bundle. Inside were four small breakfast sandwiches. Two were sausage, egg, and cheese and the other two were bacon, egg, and cheese. He thought to himself that all he needed was coffee and he would be all set. No sooner had he thought this and the cup holder sticking out of the dash flashed brightly. There was a steaming cup of coffee in the holder. <Thank you, loves> he thought to them both.

As he ate his breakfast, he went back to his thoughts. He was no closer to a resolution than before.

Hours of these thoughts ran through his head as he zeroed in on his target. Then he found him. He was standing on a street corner talking to a man in a very bad section of town. Randal watched as the two men argued. David seemed to be begging for something. The other man was telling him no.

Randal watched until David gave up and started to walk away. Randal’s plan solidified. He started the jeep back up and pulled away from the curb. As he drove up behind David he slowed and pulled over. “You look like you could do a job for me. How would you like to make a little money?”

David looked at him and Randal could almost hear his thoughts. He wanted the money but he did not know if he could trust the man in the jeep.

“It’s a real simple job. I will pay you a good wage and drop you off anywhere you want when it is done.”

David’s addiction was on him bad. People make very bad decisions when they are in the throws of withdrawal. He climbed into the jeep. “What do you need me to do?”

“You look in pretty bad shape. I bet you could use a little pick me up before you go to work.” As he spoke, Randal pulled the needle out of his shirt pocket and held it out.

David did not even think about it. He snatched up the needled and stuck it into his vein. He did not bother with the tourniquet. He just forced the drug into his system. Fire burned through David as his mind seemed to explode. Then he passed out.

<Will it hurt him?>, Randal asked.

<What did you do?>, Seabreeze asked with a tone of worry in her mental voice.

<I gave him a shot of the resetitall.>

<What good will that do? It will just restore him to his genetic perfect state.>

<Is his genetic perfect state addicted to drugs?>, Randal asked quietly.

<It will cure his addiction, but that will not stop him from killing the man we are trying to protect.>, Seabreeze answered.

<How long will he be out?>, Randall asked, the medicine would make his plan work.

<Just a few minutes, maybe an hour.>


David woke up sitting in the jeep. The man sitting next to him was playing a game on his cell phone. David moaned, as his stiff muscles flexed when he tried to move.

“Good! You are awake. You did the job perfectly. Here is your pay.” Randal smiled as he spoke. In his hand he held out a stack of one-hundred dollar bills. “There is five grand there. I would say that is enough to buy you a second chance at life if you use it wisely.”

David looked at the money. Then he reached out and took it. As he hid it in his shirt he looked around and noticed that they were sitting in front of his mother’s house. He started to climb out of the jeep and the strange man spoke again.

“I wouldn’t take any more drugs, son, those things are a dead end street. I don’t think you need them any more, anyway.”

David walked quietly away from the jeep and up the walk to the house. He turned to look at the man one more time. As he turned there was a bright flash. When his eyes cleared, the man and the jeep were both gone.


That is how I met my wives. That was when I started learning what the purpose of a man is. My wives taught me the answer, it just took me a long time to realize it. The purpose of a man is to help his fellow man. I could have killed David, but that would have just damaged me. I think my answer was better.

What happen to David, you ask? He used the money to get himself cleaned up. His mother, whom he lived with, was very proud of him. He went back to school and graduated with his high school diploma a year after that incident. Then he got a job with a local hardware store. It wasn’t much but he met a young woman there. He lived a long and happy life. The last time I checked on him he was bouncing his first great grandchild on his knee.

I see my children are here for there good night kisses. “Come, my little urchins. After your kisses you all need to brush your teeth and get in bed. Daddy will be in to tuck you in shortly. You all need your sleep so you can grow big and strong and join your brothers and sisters out among the stars.

I see you question why I say “out among the stars”. You see our children are human just like their mothers. The only difference is their ship is a mechanical projection of their mind. They carry on our work. We only have a few hundred thousand years before we can all retire.

Now my friend, I think it is time for sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. It is our anniversary. I married my wives three thousand years ago, tomorrow.

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