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It was Mom's weekend, late March. Thousands of mothers came down to
campus to spend time with their kids, and mine was no exception. She
was in town from Friday evening until Sunday afternoon. The plans were
quite simple. We'd go hang out at the bars at night, and catch dinner
and a movie in the evenings.

Mom arrived at about 6 o'clock on Friday evening. She's a total
lightweight of a drinker, so I thought it would be good for us to go
catch a quick dinner. That way she could have some food to soak up the
alcohol. We went to a local steakhouse to eat. It was crowded as hell.
After a filling meal, we drove back to my apartment around 8:45.

I live in a single, studio-style apartment in the basement level of my
apartment complex. It kind of feels like I live in a dungeon, as mine
is the only unit on that level. The ceiling must be very solid, as I
do not hear my upstairs neighbors making any noise at all. The walls,
too, are solid concrete.

I told Mom to get ready to head out to the bar. She told me she needed
to use the bathroom first.

OK…I have a serious confession to make—I'm in my early 20's, and since
I was thirteenI have been obsessed with my mother sexually. I have
fantasized about her sexually, about engaging in incest with her since
then. When I was that age, we used to have a keyhole on our bathroom
at home, from where I'd view my mom's naked body going into and out of
the shower. Her A/B cup breasts were topped off by thick, half-inch
long maroon-colored nipples that seemed to always stand at attention.
Her belly wasn't flat, but it wasn't fat either. Lower still was her
enticing pussy, which was heralded by a generous bush of dark brown
pubic hair. That doorknob with the keyhole was replaced a few months
later, and I had to spend the next several years fantasizing about my
mom without being able to see what she looked like.

My sophomore year of college, when I came home for winter break, I
noticed that there was a gap in the doorframe to my mom's room. A few
days after New Year's, I stayed awake all night to make sure I had the
opportunity to see my mom get ready for work in the morning. At 6:30
am her alarm went off. Mom promptly entered the shower. I thought it
would be wise to have a reason for being awake and downstairs when she
got out of the bathroom, as my presence there and then would be
unusual. I sat down on the couch and flipped on the TV. I changed the
channel to HLN and watched the beautiful woman anchor read the news.

The bathroom door opened up 5 minutes later. Mom was wrapped in a
small towel as she peeked around the wall to see me watching TV.

"What are you doing up?" she asked with a smile.
I looked at her wet body, her slicked back wet, auburn hair and told
her I needed to use the toilet. She nodded and stepped towards her
room a few feet away. I just managed to catch a glimpse of her sexy,
thick thighs. I was waiting for her to close the door to her room and
lock it so I could take my place by the door frame gap and get a peek
into her room as she dressed. Unfortunately, she didn't even close the
door all the way, content in that fact that I was in the living room
and could not see her. She also probably didn't even think that her
son was so horny and eager to peep on his own mother—that her son
fantasized about graphic, hardcore incest with her. Well, it didn't
matter. Since she didn't close the door I couldn't risk getting caught
peeping on her. At least with the lock she'd have to unlock it and
turn the doorknob, giving me precious fractions of a second to escape.

I was determined to succeed. I had a better plan for the next day.
Instead of waiting in the living room, I would sit and wait in the
dining room reading the newspaper, again telling Mom I had to use the
bathroom. The dining room was a better choice to wait. From the main
seat I could look directly into Mom's room. She would also be aware
that I could view into her room, and thus would close the door and by
instinct, lock it.

That's exactly what happened. Mom opened the bathroom door and saw me
sitting in the dining room. She joked that I was turning into an early
bird. I couldn't help but check her out again. Her hair was slicked
back like yesterday. She was wearing her glasses. The skimpy towel she
used didn't cover much. She was showing cleavage, and a lot of thigh.
She smiled at me again and walked into her room, closing the door
behind her. My cock was already in a semi-erect state when I heard the
lock click, then it sprung to full-length. I quietly waddled to my
viewing spot and almost pressed my eye through the gap.

Standing in front of the mirror, in complete view, was Mom. She was
arranging some items on her dresser. My mouth was dry, my hands a
little cold, and my body trembling slightly, all in anticipation of
what I was about to see. I reached down and pulled out my 7 inch
erection and began stroking. Then it finally happened. Mom pulled open
the towel and dropped it on the bed behind her. My mom was standing in
her room completely bare ass naked, and her one and only son…her
perverted, peeping Tom son who fantasized about fucking her…was
masturbating profusely. She grabbed the bottle of Jergens, pumped some
into her hands, and began rubbing the lotion all over her gorgeous
body. Her tits had gotten slightly larger in the last few years, and
even in her mid-50's, they were still fairly perky. Her long, thick
nipples were as sexy as they ever were. But most visible to me was the
part of her body that I had never seen before…her ass! More
accurately, her big, round, juicy, scrumptious, plump ass! It was full
and stuck out behind her like JLo's. The fat and cellulite made it
extra hot. With every caress of her ass her cheeks would jiggle. At
this point I was jerking off so hard I was afraid Mom would hear. She
must not have, because she continued lotioning her naked body all
over: her arms, her breasts, her stomach, her legs, her thighs, her
calves, and most sensuously, her ass.

Mom turned her ass completely toward me. I just pictured my face being
squeezed between her cheeks and right into that cavernous crack. For
some reason, I was turned on by the fact that her ass crack was short
top to bottom relative to how far her cheeks stuck out behind her.
Each cellulite dimple made my mouth water, and I wanted to go into her
room right there and sniff and lick her asshole out. My cock was
starting to hurt from jerking off with no lube. It was just as well,
as my mom started getting dressed by putting on a pair of panty briefs
and padded bra. I took this as my cue to step into the bathroom and do
what I claimed I was waiting to do. Eager for lube, I used the hand
soap on the sink in the bathroom and within 10 seconds, I was shooting
blast after blast of cum into the toilet. At first I thought I'd feel
guilty after my orgasm, but I didn't at all. I had just peeped on my
own mother as she was completely naked, masturbated while I watched,
and blew my load into the toilet just ten feet away from…all without
feeling the slightest bit bad about it. I wanted to do it again, and
my still erect cock was letting me know. I wanted to have sex with my
mother. I wanted to lube my cock up and ram it in and out of her
asshole. I wanted to see her fat butt cheeks wiggle while I engaged in
nasty anal incest with my sexy mom.

For the next week and a half of winter break, I continued my routine
of peeping on Mom as she stood naked in her room, lotioning up her
body after her shower. I'd spend much of the day afterward in my room
masturbating to my mental images of her sexy naked body. I was
obsessed with her butt. I continued to fantasize about anal sex with
her. Incest was on my mind all the time. I'd lie in bed at night
dreaming about fucking Mom up her ass, cumming inside her, and then
watching my semen spill out of her asshole.

When I came home for spring break, I was no less obsessed. I spent the
previous months at school dreaming about her and visiting incest
websites trying to fantasize about my mother and I being in those
stories. Now that very first Sunday Mom took a shower in the late
morning and went back to lotion and dress. Since she had nowhere in
particular to go, she took her time. She actually walked around her
room completely naked, and I got to see her big round ass jiggle with
each step. She tried on a few thongs and g-strings, which turned me on
even more. I was glad for the opportunity to see Mom naked some more.
One thing I was a little disappointed about was that she had begun
shaving her pubic hair. I liked her bush and I often fantasized about
running my fingers through there.

That summer, we got hardwood floors in our house, and as a result,
there was a large gap under my mother's door. The floor itself was
also reflective, which meant she could easily see me if I were to peep
on her. For more than I year, I did not see her naked once.

So fast forward to the present:

Mom had to go to the bathroom before we headed out for the bar.
Knowing that my mom was coming for the weekend, I had made some holes
in the bathroom door so I could peep on her. I also ordered a clear,
see-through shower curtain so I could watch Mom as she showered. I
lifted the poster I had covering the hole and peered in. She was
sitting on the toilet and I heard the sounds of her peeing. I was
excited that she decided to let her pubic hair grow back. I reached
into my pants and stroked my cock as she finished and wiped her pussy.
Then she stood up and turned toward the door. She was looking into the
mirror and running her fingers through her bush. Mom grabbed the pair
of scissors on the sink, stood over the toilet, and began trimming the
unwieldy portions of her bush. Satisfied, she flushed the toilet, and
as she pulled up her pants, I covered the peep hole up again. Mom
washed her hands and came out.

The two of us walked to a bar called Superstars, and I met some of my
other friends' mothers. I wondered how many of the guys lusted after
their mothers with the intensity I did. Probably none. I bet they
didn't peep on them and fantasize about ramming their cocks up their
mommies' asses like I did.

Mom had three drinks—two beers and a Long Island. Like I said before,
she's a total lightweight. Although we arrived at the bar by 9:15, we
had to leave at 11:35 because Mom was drunk. She knew she was. By the
time we finished walking home at midnight, Mom kind of seemed like she
was already sobering up.

I was so horny at this point. Mom's nipples were obscenely poking
through her top, and her thong was exposed as she was bending over to
pull the clothes out of her bag. She stumbled into the bathroom to
change into her sleeping attire. You'd think I'd have gone over and
peeped again, but you'd be wrong. I had something more interesting in
mind. Lately, I'd been having trouble sleeping, as I was always having
to masturbate before being able to go to sleep. Of course my fantasies
were always about Mom. I'd been prescribed a sleeping aid to help me
get to sleep, and I decided to give it to her. I had put the sleeping
drug in my ibuprofen bottle and when she came out, I'd offer it to

She came out a few minutes later in a tight, thin, white tank top, and
tight yellow cotton sleep pants. I could see every dimple on her ass
through these pants. She had gotten them years ago, before her ass had
become its current size. It was obvious that she was not wearing any
underwear, and as she bent over to put her dirty clothes into her
suitcase, I took the opportunity to leer at her butt. Mom took two
pills and a little water. She sat up on my bed and I sat on my chair.
We watched TV and talked about the night, school and stuff for about
15 minutes, then suddenly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

I felt my semi-hard cock growing. Was this it? Was this my chance to
experience Mom? I checked her. She was breathing and her heart was
beating. The drug had just taken effect. I began shaking Mom to make
sure she was out. I called out her name. She was out, alright. I
pulled out my digital camera and digital video recorder. Then I
dropped my pants and pulled out my hard-on. I turned Mom over on her
back and began touching her body all over, savoring every moment. I
gently groped her sensitive tits and kissed her covered pussy. At this
point, I took the recorder and started filming myself rubbing my
hardened cock all over my blacked out mother's face. I lifted her tank
top and licked and sucked on those delicious nipples. Still recording,
I stuck my hand down her pants, first running my hands through her
pubic hair, then toying with her pussy lips. I turned Mom over onto
her stomach, turned her head to the side so she could breathe, left
her legs dangling off the side of the bed so that she was kneeling on
the floor, set up my recorder on the tripod, and began playing with
her clothed ass. I slid my cock all over her backside, and began dry
humping. I spanked her a little and then kissed her cheeks.

I went over to my computer and found my porno folder. I found a good
anal video with Claudia Rossi and played it, turning up the volume
quite loud. Walking up behind Mom I decided I had had enough toying. I
pulled off her pants, and there in all its glory was her juicy ass.
Moving the camera in closer to us, I slapped Mom's fat butt cheeks
again, first with my hand, then with my cock. I watched the waves roll
through her cellulite. I spread Mom's cheeks and exposed her asshole
to my anxious eyes, and a recording camera. Inserting my face into her
crack, as I had long fantasized, I began sniffing. It smelled so hot!
The slight sweaty smell mixed in with a faint perfume scent rove me
wild. I pushed my mouth closer to her little asshole and kissed it.
Instinctively, my tongue emerged out from between my lips and began
circling around her glory hole. For a good 5 minutes I continued this.
I needed my cock in her ass. Now.

As I listened to the sounds of Claudia Rossi being slammed in the ass,
I reached for my bottle of lube in the drawer. Then I realized I might
have a problem. If I fuck my mom's ass until I come, she'd probably
feel it in her asshole the next morning. Still wanting to buttfuck
Mom, I decided it would be wise if I could just do some other type of
stimulation until I got close to cumming, then I would proceed to
finish in her ass. Lubing up my cock, I sat down on the bed with my
back up against the wall, and Mom's face about three inches from my
genitals. This would not take long. I began stoking myself slowly.
Soon I felt myself getting close to climax. I jumped off the bed
behind Mom and began stoking again. I licked her asshole some more
while jerking off. Then I took the bottle of lube, squirted some on
the fingers of my other hand, and began rubbing some over her
butthole. I took the whole bottle and poured some over, while
simultaneously inserting fingers into her anus.

Feeling orgasm beginning to slip away, I decided I need to restimulate
myself. I lubed up my cock some more, and placed it right in her deep
ass crack and began sliding it back and forth, over her asshole.
Turning around, I grabbed the camera which was nearby and adjusted it
so it could get a clear view. I stood up and rammed my thighs against
her fat ass. Her dimpled cheeks began rolling and wobbling and
jiggling with each erotic slap. Sliding my cock between her cheeks for
another minute brought me close. It was now time. My incestual dream
of fucking Mom up her ass was about to come true. I lined up my
cockhead with her rosebud and pushed. Like nothing, my cock shot into
Mom's asshole. Feeling no resistance whatsoever, I pushed all the way
in—balls deep. Pulling back out until only the head was in, I pushed
back in till my pelvis met her juicy cheeks. "Oh my god! Oh Mommy!" I
moaned. "Oh Mommy, I'm fucking you up your ass!" I just kept thinking
to myself that incest was better than I had ever imagined. I just
wanted to keep saying the word. Incest, Incest, Incest! "Oh Mommy,
this is incest. Oh Mommy, I love pounding your big fat ass. Anal
incest, Mom." I shouted loud "oh Mommy, I love you, I love fucking
you. I love incest. Oh Mommy, let me cum up you butt. Mommy, let me
see my cum pouring out of your asshole."

In and out, in and out. I began to pick up the pace. Mom's cheeks were
jiggling like crazy as I pounded my cock in and out of her bowels.

"Oh Mommy, I'm gonna cum in your ass! Oh, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, look at
my big cock up your asshole. I love buttfucking your fat ass!" The
sound of my moans, the slapping of my pelvis on her cheeks, and the
porno on my computer mixed together, and I finally felt it coming.
"Mom, here it comes, uh! UH! UH! OH MOMMY! OH! MOMMY YES! MOMMY, I'M
YOU." I shot my load all the way inside her. I began licking Mom's
back as the last drops of cum shot into her. Lying on top of her, I
kept my cock up her asshole until I felt I had calmed down enough.
Slowly I pulled it out, and a stream of my cum began pouring out. It
ran down her ass crack, down her inner thighs and spilled on the floor
below. As I lay my eyes upon the sight before me, my instinct forced
me to stick my face in her ass crack and lick the cum-covered reddened
skin of her asshole.
I could not completely take in what I had just done. Right before my
eyes was my mom's beautiful plump ass. I had just fucked my mother up
her ass! The feeling was exhilarating. That first orgasm just wouldn't
be enough. I needed to buttfuck Mom again. I hadn't even gone
completely limp as I gripped my cock at the base and began sliding the
head up and down her deep ass crack. With each beat of my racing heart
my penis hardened. My balls had pulled close to my body. I pulled my
erection away from Mom's crack and again slapped her ass with my
shaft. Throwing caution to the the wind, I let loose on Mom's asshole
again. I pushed my cock up her ass again and all the way. I pulled
back and then slammed back in. These were hard thrusts. I was
mesmerized by the jiggling of her big round fat ass. After one thrust
I held my cock all the way in just so I could feel Mom's soft warms
butt cheeks resting up against my skin I can only wonder what Mom's
reaction would have been if she were conscious. Thrust,
jiggle--thrust, jiggle--thrust, jiggle and after I could take no more
I sprayed what felt like gallons of semen into her bowels.

This time I didn't pull my cock out. For a few minutes I enjoyed the
feeling of Mom's ass pressed up against my pelvis. I gyrated my hips
and built up a quick but short thrusting rhythm. My cock went slightly
limp after that last climax. I was certain I would never again have
this opportunity, so I was going to make this the ultimate incest
experience. In order for me to consider it the ultimate experience, I
needed my cock inside my mom's pussy. The feeling of getting an
erection inside my mom's rectum was indescribable. I reached around
towards Mom's pussy and once again ran my fingers through her pubic
hair. Her ass was so full of my cum that every thrust of my cock up
her ass caused my sperm to seep out. As I slowly removed my now raging
hard-on from her anal sheath, my cum continued to spill our of her
asshole, I turned Mom over onto her back and looked down upon her fine
body. Mom's nipples were rock hard when I reached over to flick those
beauties with my fingers. I gently inserted my penis into her
not-as-tight-but-just-as-warm pussy. Feeling that soft and warm moist
skin wrapped around my cock was, again, indescribable. Slowly I pushed
all the way in and then all the way back out. I got nervous and didn't
want to thrust too hard or too much into her pussy. I knelt down and
alternated between lickings Mom's pussy, and licking her asshole, all
the while jerking off like there was no tomorrow. When I felt the rush
of orgasm about to happen again, I quickly stood up and stuck my cock
up her pussy. As I slid my cock in and out of my mom's pussy, I leaned
over and sucked on her tits. Then I unleashed another blast of semen
inside my mother. Three creampies for Mommy! Now I had to clean up
some of the evidence. So I bent down and got my face by her pussy and
licked every inch of her genitals. I sucked her vagina clean.

My hard-on just would not subside, so for the next couple hours I
stuck my cock up every whole on her body, but when I would climax, I
would shoot my semen over her tits, all over her pussy, all over her
pubic hair, all over her stomach. I must have cum at least a half
dozen more times. So much that the skin had almost been rubbed off my
cock. When It was all said and done--when i was finally finished--I
looked upon Mom's glazed body and cuddled with her. Cleaning her up
was a pain. One towel would have to go into the wash tomorrow.

I went over to Mom's bag to look through her underwear. I found a used
pair and began to sniff the crotch. When I went to put them back in
the bag, I reached in and felt something hard. When I pulled out, I
looked upon the item with shock.

It was a strap-on dildo. I guess tomorrow night I won't need to give
her the pills.

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2016-11-11 18:03:24
Didn't the writer say he drugged his mom? So of course she would not wake up idiots. I really like the story though it made me cum. Good job!

Anonymous readerReport

2016-11-11 01:06:27
Didn't the writer say he drugged his mom? So of course she would not wake up idiots. I really like the story though it made me cum. Good job!

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2016-08-04 23:02:24
what a piece of way in hell could u do all that and her walk up dont wright part 2 bigcockcord.

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2016-06-03 14:21:39
Next time post pictures of her


2016-05-07 19:32:10
you are in college, you could have done better

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