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continued high school fun
Thou I had more fun thru sophomore and Junior year, I'm going to stick to high lights... I've introduced you to Mary and Danielle my high school fuck buddies, they will be making a few more appearances, but now I'll detail some others also...

I had dated a girl from another school my sophomore year, but we never really did much sexual, Kay was very very skinny with B cup tits that were big for her slender frame, she always talked dirty but didn't have follow thru, when we dated most we had done was kiss, foreplay and a bit of fingering and hand jobs, not to completion...but after we broke up we meet again the next summer and we started hanging out again as friends we were that summer part of what we called the mall rats...
Well she was to give me another first in life, one day we were hanging out, and chatting, talking about sex and such, she asked why I had never fucked her back when we dated, I told her, that was not me that was you...she said you could have fucked me anytime you had wanted....(yeah right..)..that I had only needed to take what I had wanted....well obvious question...."does that still hold true."...she said you'll have to take what you want and find out...I said "is that a challenge"....she said "yes, take and do what you want, anything...but we have to be really quiet as my dads up stairs"....I told her "Damn it, I didn't bring a condom(I had never fucked with out one)....she replied "it's ok, i'm on the pill and have a ovarian cyst so can't get pregnant, you can even come inside me."....
I quickly stood infront of her, and said, "you sure, anything I want"...Yes...I pulled my cock out of my pants, already rock hard, I put it to her lips, she playfully denied me, so i pushed, she took some, i pushed more, and she took more, soon I found myself fucking her mouth till she started gagging and coughing...fearing her dad hearing I decided for a quieter activity, i flipped her over the couch, onto her knees, ass up, pulled down her pants, and was greeted by seeing my first thong panty ever...oh that was fucking hot....i got behind her and clamped my mouth on her pussy and lapped at her cunt like a ravenous animal....soon I couldn't take it, and positioned behind her and bared my bare cock for the first time deep into a waiting pussy with out a condom, the heat and moisture of her pussy made my mind swim, it was the most intense feeling, I started pounding her pussy, I never went slow...from first push to pounding away...after a few minutes she started to cum, I had to clamp my hand over her mouth to keep her quiet, I whispered I'm going to cum, where do you want it, she said...inside me, cum in my pussy now....
I flooded her womb, my first time shooting bare into a woman pussy, I had not known what I had been missing with condoms, blasting my cum into her pussy canal was the most amazing feeling, it quickly flooded her. She soon gave me another
I pulled out of her, cum went running down her leg, she told me, I let you cum in me, least you can do is lick my pussy....hesitantly I did, it was my first experience licking a freshly fucked pussy with a cum coating......
We never did much more after that, oh we had the random fuck in the mall bathroom and such but no more firsts or kinkier...

Back to Mary....
Days after my experience of fucking Kay bare and cumming in her I started warming Mary up to the idea, but in the end it was to risky, during one of our many fuck sessions, I got and Idea, I could safely fuck her ass bare. But would she be up for it, so for next few days every time we fucked, (it was almost dailey), I started playing more and more with her ass, a random lick of her asshole as I ate her pussy, which she really really, really the point I would literately eat her ass....then I started with fingers, as we fucked I'd finger her asshole...till she could take me easily to the first knuckle...
This was during our Junior year, I had a license but no car, I told her we were going to skip tomorrow as I had something fun planned for her, I borrowed a friends car, we met in morning before class and Mary and I took a drive, we found a remote park, and started our playtime....she sucked me, i ate her, fingered her, I ate her ass, and once i rolled that condom on, and was fucking her pussy, I started playing with her asshole, till she had me up to my she liked things rough, i was also slapping her ass, and pulling hair...after getting both of us really worked up, I pulled my cock out of her, she almost started screaming and begging for it back in her....I then reached for my bag and pulled out a jar of vasoline, I rubbed some on her asshole, I then flipped her over the back of the chair, ass up, face into the chair....I then pulled her head to look back at me, she watched me yank off the condom, smear vasoline all over my cock...I told her, I'm going to fuck your ass now, I'll go slow, if it hurts say something and i'll slow down, but one way or another your going to feel me bare fucking then cumming inside you.....she whimpered..."ok"....I placed my cock head at the entrance to her ass, when my cock touched her asshole she jumped....I gave a slight push, I only meant to give half my head, but i pushed to hard and my whole cock head entered her at once, she screamed like a banshee, I pulled back slightly, but left it in....after a minute I pushed more, then pause, then more, then pause, she whimpered the whole time, but never said anything....soon I found myself buried ass deep in this virgin ass......I started to pump into her....this caused her to start again whimpering....soon I got a rhythm and wasn't about to stop, I was fucking my first ass bare back, and I was sooooooo enjoying it.....
after several minutes she started bucking back on me, and this soon push me over the edge, I started talking dirty to her, "you like my big cock in your little tight ass"....yes....." you want my cum in your ass"....yes.....soon I was blowing a huge massive load deep into her bowels.....grunting like a cave man............she fell forward worn out below me....I pulled out of her ass, wiped my cock off on a sock....and laid back on my seat...."you have the best ass ever, I'm so fucking it again soon".....she said," just not to soon please..."

Mary and I did anal several more times, keep looking for her to reappear later....
to be continued soon.....


2015-06-02 18:54:29
ok, to answer a few here...all written is not "proof" read as i'm typing on the site, not copy and pasting. I'll work on the grammar and spacing.
and yes 100% true, only names changed. also when i was younger I don't remember my exact size but it was for sure smaller so i'm guessing 6 ish maybe 7 inches....i've been 7 1/2-8 inchs my adult life, maybe

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2015-05-22 23:56:43
I'll have to go with the first and third comments. You will make the text much easier to read with paragraphs. White space is your friend.


Anonymous readerReport

2015-05-21 22:10:11
I agree with the first comment. What are you like 12 inches now? Bahahhaaha


2015-05-21 12:24:17
All are entitled to there opinion, I will admit to being a terrible speller and fight spell check often.
These stories will be 100% true, and I felt I should state as such.
also, when I was a young teen I was not at my full length that I am today.

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2015-05-20 19:42:28
I have a question, if you're not embellishing why do you feel the need to tell the readers that? The answer is obviously because you're indeed embellishing. When you talk about your dick being barely six inches at the time, and then take it even further by inferring you became much larger later, that's a load of BS. Six inches is what the average adult males penis measures.
You have to ask yourself why you don't take the time to proofread? Maybe you do, when you can't spell "dailey"(sic), or use thou when the word should be though it makes one wonder if you have beyond a sixth grade education. These stories are rough and choppy to read, they lack adequate deion, and moreover as a result they are boring. The only place these events ever occurred was in your not so vivid imagination.

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