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If you have not read Part 1 please do so as this follows on and will make better sense if you read that first. Please read them in part order otherwise there will be no flow. These are purely my fantasies, stories I dream up and hope you enjoy as I share them. As always criticisms good and bad always appreciated but remember I am no professional writer and I have no one to proof read except myself. Adverts not welcome nor appreciated in the comments box. Part 2.
We had hired a little car and followed a narrow lane down to a small inlet in front of some sand dunes. We parked up and followed a wooden planked path between the high hills of sand and coarse grass, to discover a beautiful cove with soft white sand and an azure coloured sea. Dotted here and there were pairs of sunbeds with umbrellas, probably about fifty pairs in total either empty or occupied by men and women, men together and women together, all naked laying in the sun in this wonderfully hidden away nudists’ idyll.

We located a vacant spot, stripped off, grinning stupidly at one another like we were a pair of shy girls changing for gym class, laying down in the hot sun. After a while we both needed to cool down and paddled out into the water to soothe our sun baked skin. As I turned to face the beach, I pulled Alice’s back to my front, the water was shallow enough for me to stand with my shoulders just out of the water but Alice trod water. I pulled her closer, her tits bobbing in the water, I reached round to hold her breasts which were slippery with sun oil and played with her nipples. I leaned into the curve of her neck, biting the sensitive skin there whispering,

‘I want to make you cum so so badly. I couldn’t think of anything else but earlier this morning and how it had turned me on more than anything ever before.’

Whilst absentmindedly plucking at her nipples as she laid her head back on my shoulder, I focussed on the beach area and paid more attention to the people sunning themselves.
Fascinated by what I saw, I whispered into Alice’s ear,

‘Look onto the beach, fourth sun parasol along from the left.’

There was a couple laying close together on their backs, their feet facing the see, his hand was covering her pussy lips moving in circular motions, his cock erect and laying up his groin as he stroked it with his other hand. Then we spotted two guys, one laying on his side, his free arm caressing and pulling on the other guy’s cock which was hard and heavy in his hand. Further over another couple in the shade of their parasol but clearly she was leaning over and sucking his cock vigorously, his hand guiding the back of her head, pushing her mouth deeper over his swollen penis.

By now we were both breathing heavily, turned on by the erotic tableau in front of our very eyes. I pulled Alice tighter to me and pushed my knee between her thighs,

‘Sit astride my bended knee so I can press my thigh against your hot pussy.’

Pinching her nipples tightly,

‘Slide your hard clit against me.’

Looking further around the beach we spotted another couple fucking, she sat on his cock facing him, her back to us, slowly riding him. As we continued to watch, he pulled her forward, lifting her arse higher, pulling her arse cheeks apart and exposing her completely to us as he drove his cock into her hard.
By now, Alice was wiggling her pussy on my thigh, tilting her hips so that her clit was rolling back and forth on my leg. Another couple, girls, are doing a sixty nine, eating each other out hungrily, the sight boiled Alice over, as she rubbed herself to satisfaction, her nipples tightened and she came, it was brief but so sexy to feel her hot, wet, self, against me in the coolness of the water.

We moved out of the sea, returning to our sunbeds, noticing as we made our way across the sand exactly how many people were making out in some sexual scenario or other. Alice covered herself in a sundress and disappeared back to the car to retrieve her book she had forgotten and I sat up on my elbows watching the exciting view.

When she returned she was so excited, I thought she was fit to burst, she had lost her way on her return from the car, coming back through the sand dunes.

‘I met a young girl and I struck up a conversation with her. She said that the beach we are on is some kind of area for hedonists and voyeurs! Its common knowledge that not only is it a nudist beach but it is also a free for all, the people who used it are well aware that others watch and additional participation isn’t unheard of! She also told me that up in the sand dunes there are more discreet areas offering more privacy but also this is where the additional people could join in, if invited!’

We remained on the beach for the rest of the day, continually in a high state of arousal watching people satisfy themselves. We returned to our rooms later, to shower, change and find somewhere to eat. I went into the shower area, whilst Alice was busy in the bedroom and started to wash by body clean of sun tan oil, still aroused at the memory of the view today, I rubbed shower gel over myself but couldn’t help pinching and pulling my nipples then slipping my hand between my legs to rub at myself.

Alice joined me under the shower, kissing me briefly before kneeling between my legs, propping my leg over her shoulder as she pushed her lips against my clit, drawing my aching, starved, tense knot into her mouth, stoking the bud over and over. I clutched the back of her hair and pushed myself against her face over and over. I came quickly, it didn’t take much, after all I’d witnessed today that was no surprise.

Later after eating, we tangled up in bed together, our minds exhausted, we both fell into a deep fitful sleep. We awoke late, the sun streaming in through the partially opened curtains, the sun bathing our bodies in a warm, soft glow. Alice lay on her back with me laying sideways facing her, thigh and knee across her legs and my arm across her chest, my other hand down the side of her ribs. I lay awake watching her sleep, her face relaxed, her suntan giving her a healthy glow and her long eyelashes flat against her face.

I instantly wanted her, craved to touch her everywhere, wanting to see her body respond to my caresses and to hear her moan my name when she came. I could not believe how lucky I was, to have had such fantasies about her for so so long, not knowing that she had felt the same towards me. I drew my hand back across her breasts, those beautiful dark pink nipples puckering the instant I touched them, her aureoles the skin tightening into tight wrinkled knots. My fingers floating over her skin, over her belly button and down to her small, puffy pubic lips, teasing the crease. She sighed in her sleep and automatically opened her legs, spreading herself wide open, allowing me unfettered access. Instantly wet to my touch, my digits sliding up and down between her labia, spreading her wetness all over her pussy, coating her folds and all over her clit with her muskiness.

I moved over the bed and knelt between her open thighs, as always blown away by her flesh, coated in her juices, her wonderful tasting cream oozing from her cunt. Catching some on the tip of my finger, I sucked her juices off, tasting her addictive flavour and sighed with delight. Putting my face into her I started to lick her juices from her, making sure all her intricate folds were attended to. By now she was awake, moaning softly showing her appreciation for me, rubbing her pussy back and forth over my mouth.

Sitting back up, placing one knee over her thigh so I was astride her left leg, I leaned up and over her to kiss her passionately. As our kiss deepened and became more urgent, I rubbed my throbbing, wet pussy against her thigh, sliding against her skin, needing the friction in an attempt to satisfy the ache in my core. Wanting to be closer to her I sat up, pulled her right leg closer to me and positioned my pussy against hers. The sensation was electric, I clutched her thigh closer, starting to rub my clit against hers, our wet openings mashing against one another making hungry, slurping noises.
My clit buzzed with shocking sensations, turned on all the more by the sounds of labias stroking one another, my eyes looking down, seeing our juices pushing and sliding against one another. Faster and faster I bucked my hips against her, grinding into her, fucking her with my cunt until the tension was too much and we came together in an earth shattering climax. As the spasms subsided, I eased off grinding down on her and letting our pussies slide back and forth in a gentle motion.

Untangling myself, I collapsed down on the bed, drawing her to me and kissing her flushed face. We eventually got up, showered and had breakfast, deciding to return to the special beach. Today it was packed, bodies everywhere there wasn’t room to move, it was too much. Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me up into the dunes to find somewhere quieter. As we explored the dunes for a suitable spot, we came across a couple, she was laying on her back soaking up the sun, she was quite young, tall and thin with small breasts, a little strip of clipped pubic hair which disappeared at her fork. Her partner lay beside her, he was much older, quite well built, he lay with his eyes closed, stroking his semi hard cock. Alice elbowed me and whispered,

‘That’s the girl who spoke to me yesterday.’

Over the next dune to theirs we discovered an unoccupied pair of beds and decided to stake our claim there for the day. We stripped off, applying sun oil to ourselves, Alice offered to help, pushing me down on the bed on my back, taking the bottle from me, pouring a generous helping of liquid into her palm, rubbing both hands together coating them in the viscous fluid and starting to massage it into my breasts. I closed my eyes, tilting my face toward the heat of the sun as she coated my mounds in oil, sliding my nipples back and forth between her fingers.

She sat astride my hips, her hot pussy resting against my mound, I reached for the bottle and started to reciprocate, rubbing the slippery liquid over her tits, pulling her swollen nipples between my finger and thumb, loving the tight but pliant flesh sliding back and forth against the pressure. Alice moaned, pushing her sex against my mound, my raised pubic bone pressing on her tightened clit. I moved one of my hands down between her legs and pressed the thumb against her button, it obviously hit the spot as she started to grind harder and harder against it.
Balancing herself on one hand, Alice moved the other hand behind herself, seeking out my own pussy, opening my legs a little not wishing to disturb the beautiful sight of her getting herself off against me and my thumb. She slid her upturned fingers into my cunt and circled her thumb against my clit, increasing the pressure over and over. Alice tightened her thighs against my hips and ground down hard, groaning as she spasmed to orgasm, fucking my thumb which was pressing hard on her swollen nub.

Removing her hand from me, leaving me gasping for attention she slid off me and sitting astride one of my thighs, she plunged her fingers back inside my wet opening and recommenced stroking my tightened clit, I slid my other thigh wide open off the side of the sunbed allowed unrestricted access.


I gasped,

‘Fuck my cunt faster, jam your fingers into me as hard as you can!’

Her poor petite hand was working as hard as she could, fucking me aggressively, you could hear my dripping juices slapping against her hand making really crude noises. My toes curled, my hips tipped up towards her plunging hand, my orgasm rushed through me, sparking ripples of sensation out in all different directions.

I reached up and pulled Alice down onto my body, kissing her deeply as I panted into her mouth trying to get my breathing to recover. As I opened my eyes, I suddenly realised that the girl Alice had befriended the previous day, sat up on the dune bank watching us. Holding Alice tightly not wanting to startle her, I asked the girl,

‘How long have you been sitting there?’

She quietly replied,

‘I watched most of your make out session.’

Alice obviously recognising her voice, seemed not to panic as I had anticipated and just sat up, kneeling between my still open legs, facing her not seeming to be bothered by her own nakedness.

The girl introduced herself as Sarah, she was wearing an opaque pink sarong but it did nothing to hide her nakedness beneath. We chatted away and we invited her down to sit on the sunbeds and offered her a glass of wine from the cooler. After a while of talking, she explained,

‘I am on holiday with my partner who is considerably older than me, I am in my twenties and he, John in his late fifties.’

I didn’t ask the whys and the wherefores but I got the impression she had not made good choices in the past with her relationships and he offered her financial security and a nice life which she gladly embraced.

Sarah went on to say,

‘We holidayed here last year and John had enjoyed it so much we chose to return.’

Alice asked her,

‘Why here? It’s certainly different.’

She blushed and said,

‘This was John’s choice, our sex life is not that significant and he enjoys being a voyeur. He likes watching people’s different sexual lifestyles and appetites. He wants to…….’

But fell silent as she blushed further, so I pushed her to finish what she had started to say.

She confessed in a burbled rush,

‘John wants to watch me with other people, not with other men but other women.’

I asked her,

‘How do you feel about that?’

She exhaled a huge breath and quietly acknowledged,

‘Initially I didn’t feel confident about the idea but now I have watched Alice and you….. I am quite aroused by the prospect!’

I glanced over at Alice to gauge her reaction, she must have been reading my mind as her nipples were tight and she was gazing off into space chewing on her bottom lip. We said no more about the matter and continued to pass the time of day about something and nothing, until Sarah got up to say goodbye. We both stood up and she drew each of us into a hug, pulling our naked bodies into her and kissing us on the cheek. As she left Alice said,

‘I hope we see you tomorrow.’

We remained on the beach for the last remnants of the day, both of us quiet in our own thoughts either reading or sleeping. That evening in the quiet corner of the restaurant, I brought up the subject of our conversation with Sarah and asked Alice,

‘What do you think about the conversation with Sarah earlier?’

She had obviously thought about it a lot, she admitted,

‘I have had fantasies about you from virtually day one of our first holiday together but didn’t have a clue how to approach it. Exploring our bodies has been the most exciting, uplifting thing I have ever done and whilst I love Tom, I have no desire to leave him, I would dearly love to continue our holidays in the same vein as this one.’

She continued to say,

‘With regards to Sarah, whilst I have no interest in sparking up another relationship apart from the one with you, the thought of exploring another female’s body alongside you, turns me on hugely. I’m not so sure about John watching us but if he could give his absolute assurance he would only watch and not touch, I could be persuaded.’

I reached over, held her hand and stroked her palm, my eyes wide and sparkling with excitement. I reassured her,

‘My feelings toward you are the same, I have no interest in finding another woman for anything long term, only to explore my fantasies on a casual basis but the thought of the both of us bringing a third female into the mix and the joys of another woman’s body excites me enough to make my panties wet!’

After returning back to the apartment, we sated our sexual urges, falling asleep, our arms and legs entwined.

In the morning, our bodies thrummed with sexual excitement, we shaved each other’s pussies meticulously, making sure our skin was soft and stubble free. We drove to the beach in silence, both quiet with our own thoughts, on arrival we met Sarah in the parking area, retrieving something from their car.
We greeted and hugged each other, Alice quietly told her,

‘If you feel inclined, happy and settled in your mind that this was what you are agreeable to, you would be welcome to join us for a play on the strict proviso that John would watch discreetly but any attempt from him to physically become involved would not be welcome and everything would cease.’

She smiled sweetly, assuring us,

‘I must confess I have secretly been hoping you would agree, I am more than happy to lay down the rules to John also. We are in the same spot in the dunes as yesterday and I have placed my spare beach towel on the same beds you used yesterday, in the hope that you would come to the beach today.’

We left her rummaging in the boot of their car and made our way into the dunes, we passed John on the way but he was on his front appearing fast asleep. We quietly discussed how to go about this new experience, Alice a little worried how to orchestrate it, I reassured her telling her not to worry and let it evolve as and when it happened.

We both stripped off, laying on our backs, our bodies simmering with anticipation, Sarah did not appear, so thinking she had perhaps had a change of heart we had both slipped into a dozing haze. Alice heard Sarah arrive before I did, I heard her greet her, I opened my eyes and sat up moving my legs to the side of the bed and standing up next to Alice. Today Sarah was wearing a white translucent sarong, her darkly suntanned skin appearing darker than ever against the white of the material, the slight breeze pushed the gauze against her flesh, showing the outline of her small breasts.

We invited her to sit down and Alice poured us each a glass of white wine, I sat next to her and Alice opposite, we remained naked, there didn’t seem to be the need to cover ourselves. Sarah kept making furtive glances at our nakedness, the more we chatted, I smiled to see Alice’s confidence increase so much so she was now leaning back slightly on one hand, her legs resting slightly open, giving Sarah an unabashed view of her body, her pussy not spread completely open but enough to leave the rest to anyone’s imagination.

As we talked and drank more, Sarah’s body relaxed further and at any opportunity during our conversations I made sure to touch her arm or lay a hand on her thigh, trying my hardest to keep her at ease. As time went on I managed to leave my hand on her thigh, softly circling my fingertips teasingly over her skin as we talked about insignificant things. At some point she complemented me on something,

‘What a darling girl you are!’

I reciprocated and kissed her shoulder, she didn’t shy away so I left my lips on her skin, kissing and nibbling at her young flesh adding small licks as well. Sarah leaned back on her arms, her head lolling back and sighed at my ministrations, I shifted my body so I was facing her and gently tickled the skin above her breasts where the sarong started. Certain by now that she was ready for this, I tugged at the tie to one side near her arm and pulled the delicate fabric free, the material pooled either side of her body exposing her breasts but hiding her lower area. With the back of my hand, I stroked her face, moving down to her neck, then further to her breasts, grazing her nipples enjoying the pressure on my hand as they instantly tightened in reaction.

Alice sat opposite quietly watching, her own hand softly caressing herself, her legs now fully apart, her hips tipped back, exposing herself fully. My hand reached back up to the side of Sarah’s face as I leaned further over and pulled her face closer to mine, I kissed her softly, my tongue gently sweeping over her lips, probing carefully seeking permission to delve into her mouth. Sighing, she open her mouth, letting me in to lick inside, pushing for her tongue to tangle with mine, gaining confidence she pressed her lips against mine,

Turning my hand over, I squeezed her tiny breast, bringing my finger and thumb closer her to her nipple, pinching and rolling the flesh, she pushed herself forward into my grasp so I tightened the pressure causing her to moan into my mouth. Alice had stood up and moved to kneel on the bed behind Sarah, stroking her shoulders and down her arms, tasting her neck and shoulders with licks and bites.

I moved off the bed, I had no need to push her legs apart, they were already open waiting for me. I settled between her legs, kneeling in the sand and started to kiss and lick my way up her inside leg from her knee. Alice had taken over attending to her tightly budded breasts, leaning over one side to kiss and lick each one, then alternating between sucking each as Sarah softly held her head in place, gazing at what she was doing, moaning in appreciation.
Wishing for unfettered access, I gently pushed Sarah until she was laying full length on the sunbed, I instructed her,

‘Open your legs and place your feet down on either side of the bed on the sand.’

Alice leaned over one side, continuing to lap at her breasts. I laid between Sarah’s legs and placed each hand on each of her inner thighs, sliding up until I could pull each of her labia open to expose her completely. Her pussy lips were tiny, very little extra folds of flesh, her clit starting to protrude from its hood, she was already wet, a small drop of juice appearing at the opening of her cunt.

So gently, I licked the delicate flower, she tasted so sweet, as I explored each tiny crevasse, her groans of contentment more and more. Looking up at Alice, I saw that Sarah’s hand had furtively crept between Alice’s legs and that her fingers were coated with my dear friend’s juices as our new friend explored her pussy. Emboldened further, I moved my mouth up and over her clit, sucking it into my mouth. She instantly bucked her hips, pushing herself into my face, so I drew on that wonderful bud of nerves and pulled it tighter, sucking it in a rhythm, vibrating my lips against her skin.

Sliding my long index finger up and down between her labia, coating them with her lubricating juices, I gently pushed against her cunt opening, gliding my digit into her tight hole. Her soft vaginal walls, clamped their muscles against my finger, sucking it deeper inside her, I drew it back out and very slowly added another, careful to stretch her open without causing her discomfort. Once her cunt had accepted my two fingers, I started to slide them in and out in time with the sucking of her clit.

I looked up to see Alice sitting astride Sarah’s face, with our new student hungrily slurping at her dripping pussy! Alice’s fingers spread her lips, exposing her own swollen clit, as she rolled her hips and pushed into Sarah’s open mouth. She instantly realised what Alice was seeking and latched her lips around it, mimicking my own ministrations on hers.

It didn’t take much for Sarah to come, she was oozing copious amounts of fluid, as her cunt walls contracted around my fingers again and again as the orgasmic spasms rocked her body. Whilst moaning audibly with a mouthful of Alice’s clit, she continued to draw on her flesh like a pro. As I eased the pressure off and gently lapped with soft licks at her exuding cream, I watched Alice come undone, panting and writhing against Sarah’s firm hold on her.
Both Alice and Sarah caught their breath as I sat watching them with a huge grin on my face, my pussy was dripping having been left out of proceedings, but it was such a huge turn on to watch and help bring this young girl to orgasm whilst witnessing her in her inexperienced way tend to my friend.

Alice moved away from astride Sarah’s face and leant over to kiss her deeply, tasting her own juices. The girl hungrily licked at Alice’s tongue and mouth obviously enjoying tasting pussy. They parted and Alice said to me,

‘It’s your turn now.’

Looking at Sarah she asked,

‘Have you ever seen a woman squirt during orgasm?’

I rolled my eyes embarrassed at her excitement over her new ‘discovery’. Sarah confessed,

‘I have seen it on many of John’s collection of porn DVDs, but I wasn’t sure what it was and had assumed the girl was urinating.’

Alice excitedly told her,

‘No, she definitely doesn’t pee, is doesn’t taste or smell like pee!’


Sarah explained,

‘You’ve actually tasted it?’

‘Oh yes, I have drunk it and it is divine!’

Alice cooed.

Suddenly Alice took over, propping one of the sunbeds to its most upright position, she instructed Sarah,

‘You sit on one side facing the upright cushion….’

She sat on the other. She then directed me,

‘Perch on the top of the upright end, with your legs open facing outwards.’

Both girls started to kiss and lick their way up each of my thighs, then Alice slid her fingers into my very sodden cunt as Sarah licked, nibbled and then started to suck at my already enlarged clit.

Looking down at both girls giving me attention, Sarah gazing up at me her top lip pursed against my clit, I reached down and pulled my labia wide apart so I could have a better view. Alice was pumping me with three fingers, intent on watching Sarah’s cheeks tighten in and out putting unbelievable pressure on my knot of nerves. My legs started to tighten and tremble as my first orgasm hit me,

Alice excitedly told Sarah,

‘You must keep sucking, no matter how she screams or tries to push you away, you must not stop what you are doing no matter what!’

My cunt walls clamped onto Alice’s pumping fingers as the fireworks burst behind my eyes and the explosion of tingles rushed through me. Slowly the spasms waivered and I bit my lip to ride through the painfully over sensitive sucking that Sarah unrelentingly continued to do. Alice continued to fuck me with her hand, scraping at my g spot with her nails, the second orgasm came quickly, as intense but for not as long. Sarah’s nostrils were flaring as she tried to breathe through her exertion, still she continued exactly as Alice had told her.

My third orgasm was very brief, pretty much a non-entity except for the fiery pain as Sarah continued to suck, I gasped,

‘I can’t do another orgasm.....please, please don’t make me cum again!

But Alice continued to encourage Sarah,

‘Carry on, do not stop sucking her clit, suck harder if you can!’

The pain eventually passed, Alice continued to twist and pump me, Sarah drawing my clit between her teeth and rubbing the distended end with her tongue. I felt my body tighten, flexing my fingers and grasping Sarah’s head, pushing her against me, using the other hand to hold myself up, my legs were juddering so much I thought they were going to give way! The explosion of my orgasm blew me away, I’d had some mind blowing orgasms this holiday but nothing compared to this.

Sarah continued to hold on to my clit like a limpet, Alice brought her face closer to Sarah’s just as I squirted, squirt after squirt into their faces. Sarah let go of her hold, her and Alice drinking in the fluid as they caught it in their mouths. Their faces soaking wet, three or four times I squirted all over them, once I had stopped they licked at each other, mopping up whatever it was. I slid down and squatted on the sunbed not able to move exhausted beyond words.

Both girls enveloped me in their arms, we all took turns kissing one another, at one point Sarah looked up and smiled, I followed the direction of her gaze and spotted John disappearing back over the dunes, he had kept to his promise, none of us realised he was there until we had finished. Sarah and Alice’s kissing became more urgent, I waved them away, wanting time out, I was happy to sit and watch.

They moved on to the other bed, kissing and running their hands all over each other’s bodies, fingers pinching nipples, lips sucking at the same, fingers delving into one another’s cunts, I was so happy to watch from the side-lines, boneless. Alice angled herself as I had done the previous day, clamping her pussy over Sarah’s in a scissor position, grinding her clit against the young girl’s. The wonderfully crude, slurping sound of two wet pussies sucking against one another reached my ears, I closed my eyes and absorbed the sexy noise,

Sarah came first, throwing her head back and trying to keep her shouts as quiet as possible but I was impressed with her stamina as she continued to grind herself against Alice until she came too, the sawing against each other, slowing to a soft circular action enjoying the last of each other’s nerve tingling sensations.

After both girls caught their breaths, their heartbeats slowing down to next to normal, Sarah got up grabbing her discarded sarong, kissing us both deeply and hugging us,

‘Thank you both for a wonderful time.’

Disappearing off over the dunes to find John. Alice and I both flaked out on the beds, exhausted, soaking up rest of the day’s sunshine, unable to move.
That evening’s meal was brief and quiet, Alice and I both knackered after such a busy day. We wandered home, undressed and fell into bed together, I spooned behind Alice pulling her tightly to me and we fell asleep almost immediately.


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this was hot as hell, i liked it alot


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That was mind blowing. Your story telling make me feel like I'm there, you're able to make it so real. Thanks.

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My pussy is getting sore. How many more of these stories? I hope more, but as i say, I dont know how much more my sweet pussy can take. I may have to have someone to kiss it and make it better

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Sexxcellent story... now for another day on vacation please!

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