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If you have not read Parts 1 & 2 please do so as this follows on and will make better sense if you read those first. Please read them in part order otherwise there will be no flow. These are purely my fantasies, stories I dream up and hope you enjoy as I share them. As always criticisms good and bad always appreciated but remember I am no professional writer and I have no one to proof read except myself. Adverts not welcome nor appreciated in the comments box. Part 3.
Not surprisingly, we slept in extremely late the next morning, lazing in bed together in each other’s arms, talking about this and that, absentmindedly stroking one another’s skin. We started to grill each other on first orgasms, how and where, alone or with someone, male or female, how old we were at the time. Asking about our respective partners, how attentive they were to our needs, the normal intensive girl talk.
After rubbing each other to orgasm during our shower, Alice dressed and disappeared off to the shop to get some supplies for lunch, we had decided to have a lazy day in our room. I slipped on a gauzy see through tunic, no point in anything else as it was so private here and went out on the balcony to sit and read.
I heard a knock on the door and presumed Alice had forgotten her key card, so I wandered through to the door and opened it, turning away saying,
‘That shopping didn’t take you long!’
I heard a short cough and turned to see a young girl in a maid’s outfit and realised she was the maid to clean the room.
She inquired.
‘I’m so sorry…’
I burbled,
‘Please carry on, help yourself.’
I wandered back out to the balcony to leave her to it. After a while I needed to go to the bathroom, returning into the main room, I could see the cleaning cart but not the maid. I could hear someone moaning, the noise coming from the bathroom.
Tip toeing to the edge of the door, which had been pushed slightly closed, I spied the young girl sitting on the vanity surface, her legs wide apart rubbing her dark hairy pussy with a pair of panties, only my wet, cum covered panties from the previous day! I quietly watch her as she part unzipped her tunic, reaching inside to fondle her breasts. I quietly waited, wanting to see more, my own pussy tingling at the sight of the young teenage girl getting off on my soiled underwear!
My excitement ramped up even more when she brought my panties to her mouth and she started to lick the wet crotch, a combination of my juices and her own. Her fingers sliding up and down her creamed up pussy, her juices clinging to her pubes. My fingers reached down between my legs and I rubbed my clit, so turned on watching her.
Her eyes were closed, her head thrown back in lust, I pulled off my tunic and hastily crept into the bathroom. I stood in front of her and gently placed my hands on her thighs. She opened her eyes in immediate shock and I brought one of my fingers to my lips silently indicating for her to be quiet. Then returned my hand to her thigh and slid both hands slowly up towards her opened pussy, she didn’t stop me so I lightly stroked her pussy lips which were covered in dark pubic hair.
I very slowly slid two of my fingertips up and down her folds, enjoying spreading her slick juices all over her pink lips. She groaned in response, opening her legs further. I continued to slide my fingers teasingly up and down her slit as I stared into her wide eyes.
‘Hey, it’s okay. I can make it real nice for you, do you want this?’
I pushed her gently. She responded biting her lip and nodding her head.
‘Open your dress for me, open the zip all the way and show me how beautiful you are.’
She pulled the zip all the way to the bottom of her tunic and pulled the fabric apart, revealing a small pair of young budding breasts, with large dark aureoles and chocolate nipples which seemed to tighten and pucker under my gaze.
I leaned forward and kissed each breast, coating each nipple in saliva, blowing across the flesh. I moved to one bud and drew the little nub into my mouth, pulling very gently and rubbing my teeth over the flesh. She moaned and put her hand on the back of my head and arched her breast into my mouth. I transferred my attention to her other tit, sucking and pulling on it.
Moving my fingers from stroking her pussy lips up to her clit, I started to gently circle the little bud with the pad of my longest finger, slowly increasing the pressure, she clutched tighter to my head and moaned again trying to tip her hips tighter to my hand. I increased the pressure on her clit, circling with my finger faster and faster. Her heart was racing so fast, she starting to pant as I pushed her closer until she went over that wonderful edge of orgasm.
Easing off the pressure on her clit and moving away from her tits and looking down at her dark pink pussy, my finger lightly stroking her as her breathing subsided. Her cunt was exuding cream, a wonderful glob of her cum pushed out of her opening, I captured it with the tips of my fingers and drew the viscous cream into my mouth, she was wide eyed with shocked curiosity at my boldness. I kissed her gently on the lips, sharing her glorious taste with her and before leaving her to herself in the bathroom, I whispered,
‘Come here tomorrow, you come to the apartment tomorrow, come at 10?’
She nodded, understanding my instructions and I wandered out, retrieving my tunic from the floor, slipping it over my head and returning to the balcony.
Sometime later, Alice returned with her shopping, as she was preparing lunch, I appeared from the balcony and came up behind her, kissing the side of her neck hungrily.
‘Hey, what’s with you? I haven’t been gone that long for you to miss me.’
She laughed at my horniness.
‘I see they’ve cleaned the apartment.’
She chatted away, laying out some salad. I untied the back and neck of her bikini and brought my arms around to her breasts, pushing the material aside to stroke her nipples, licking and biting at her neck and shoulders.
‘Leave lunch, I’m so fucking horney, I need tell you something!’
I explained, tweaking her nipples hard.
‘When the maid came, I caught her with her legs spread, sitting on the vanity unit in the bathroom, rubbing my used wet panties against her hairy pussy!’
By now the visions running through my head, coupled with Alice’s hard nipples pinched hard between my fingertips had turned me into a rampant mess. I slid one hand down her belly, dipping into her bikini bottoms and rubbing my fingers through her already wet slit. Continuing to bite and suck at her neck and tweak one of her nipples, I further relayed what I’d seen,
‘She actually sucked my juices and her own from my panties! She was young, still developing, budding little titties with dark chocolate nipples….she let me touch her Alice…..she let me suck on them……her pussy was so sensitive, such a tight little slit. She let me stroke her little swollen clit like I’m doing to you now….it was so exciting when she came…..I tasted her cum on my fingertips……so sweet!’
I am panting, my crotch aches, my fingers rubbing quickly over Alice’s clit, so turned on.
‘Come lie on the bed, I need to taste you!’
‘Yes, yes but I have something for you.’
Alice padded over to the wardrobe to retrieve something from her holdall. She returned with a plastic bag and pulled out a strap on! Not just a strap on…. an extremely well made, large, black, ribbed one. Various straps fitted to a rounded cup to which the cock protruded, above the phallus the material was raised like half a walnut shell and ribbed, there was a similar raised shape on the inside. The strap below the crotch area was quite wide but rounded and smooth. She smiled sheepishly at me,
‘You are going to love this, please wear it, I bought it thinking of you and imagining you fucking me with it, heaven knows how brave I must have felt when I packed it!’
Speechless at this development in events, I bit my bottom lip and nodded dumbly, sliding my legs apart. She buckled the wide comfortable band of material around my waist and pulled it snug. Dropping to her knees, she clipped a strap to a ‘d’ ring in the middle by my belly button attaching the plastic cock and pushing the cup area against my pussy lips. I then realised what the walnut shaped protrusion on the inside was for as it pushed against my clit. The wide, rounded strap following the folds of my pussy, up and snug against my arsehole, as she clipped it into place, it tightened, increasing the pressure on my clit, spreading my lips and buttocks wider and pressing on my anus.
It felt delicious, even more so when I looked down at Alice, eyeing my plastic appendage, licking her lips.
‘Suck it’.
I encouraged. She grasped the base as if it was a real cock and started to suck at the tip. The movement of her hand and mouth, caused the ribbed ‘walnut’ to rub against my clit.
‘Oh fuck, oh fuck, feels so good!’
I groaned, grasping the back of her head and rocking my pelvis back and forth, increasing the friction against myself. Pulling herself away, Alice stood up and pulled me over to the bed,
‘Lay down, on your back.’
Doing as I was told, I settled on to the bed, my head slightly propped up against the pillows, smiling at the view, a black ‘cock’, sticking up from my crotch, shiny with Alice’s saliva. The view was improved a thousand fold as Alice stood on the bed, either side of my hips and squatted down with her pussy hovering over my ‘cock’. Again speechless, I watched her cunt envelope this phallus in one sliding movement without any hesitation. Now as I’ve said before, she is a petite lady, small in stature but I would have never have dreamed her tiny cunt would take something of this size!
She groaned with pleasure as her cunt expanded to take its fill. Then she slowly lifted off and then plunged quickly back down, this she repeated over and over. At the same time, her movements again rubbed the ‘walnut’ against my clit deliciously, starting to build the sensations but what ramped up those feelings was her juices, white and creamy against the black of the cock, globs of it clung to the ribs and the more she drove herself up and down, it pooled in the small recess at the bottom. Her cunt lips, sucked on the phallus, sliding against the intrusion.
Edging closer to her own orgasm, she ground the strap-on into herself further, bucking and grinding her pelvis and her own clit against the raised walnut her side. It tipped me over the edge and I came, panting and moaning at this new sensation, Alice at the same time climaxed, slowing her movements as her breathing started to slow down.
‘Oh fuck Honey, you’ve surpassed yourself this time!’
I praised her, softly stroking her thighs and gazing at her flushed body covered in a sheen of sweat. She rose up on her legs, releasing the cock, leaving it still erect and covered in her cum.
‘Look at that! I want to lick and taste those juices.’
Alice reached over and unclipped the cock, sliding up the bed to lay beside me, offering me her cum covered toy.
‘Join me?’
I asked, my eyes sparkling. We both proceeded to lick and taste her cum, licking the cock clean. Despite orgasming, I remained in a heightened sexually frustrated state, my body craving more.
‘I need more!’ I blurted,
‘There’s a vibrator in my bedside draw. Please get it and use it on me! There’s two in there, use the big one…!’
Alice reached over and pulled my toy out. I immediately spread my legs wide, inviting Alice to nestle between me. She twisted the dildo into vibration mode, pulling my pussy lips wide and stroked the tip up and down, returning to hold it against my clit. The vibrations caused me to shudder with pleasure, as I moaned with gratitude. Sliding it back down to my opening, she pushed it in, my cunt oozing and wet, offering no resistance as she twisted and pressed it further into me.
Slowly she pumped it in and out as she leaned over and closed her mouth over my clit, licking and flicking her tongue over the engorged flesh.
‘Oh Baby that’s sooo good.’
I cooed letting the glorious feelings wash over me as she worshipped my body. Slowly she started to push the vibrator harder and faster into me at the same time drawing my clit into her mouth, sucking against it loudly.
‘That’s it. Faster……more…..arghhh……suck it harder Baby!’
My muscles started to tighten, the sparks ricocheting out, building and building until I hissed loudly,
I came hard, my cunt clamping at the dildo, milking it as my body exploded and the coiled spring unwound. Alice eased off sucking on my clit, slowly licking at the oversensitive area until my breathing eased. She moved up the bed to lay beside me, leaning over to kiss me, I explored her mouth with my tongue, hungrily tasting my juices. We spent the rest of the afternoon on the bed discussing our plans on how to corrupt and seduce the young cleaning maid tomorrow.
Waking early the next day, we showered together, shaving each other’s pussies, taking a long time to shower, stroke, finger fuck and lick each other. Dressing only in see through sun tunics, leaving nothing to anyone’s imagination, we sat on the patio trying to read and awaiting 10 o’clock to arrive. We heard the knock on the door dead on time and gave the maid time to let herself in. I went through into the apartment, greeted her, her eyes roamed over my near naked form, pretending not to notice, I asked her to start on the bathroom first. I noticed disappointment in her eyes before she turned away to clean.
Once I was sure she was settled and working, Alice came in and we started our plan. We moved over to the bed and started to kiss hungrily, although we’d discussed what we intended to do, we were both hugely turned on about our idea and we didn’t need to fake anything.
We soon slipped our tunics over our heads, caressing each other, Alice’s mouth encased my nipple drawing on the tightening bud causing me to moan. My hand slipping down and parting her pussy lips with two fingers, spreading her slick fluid, scissoring her engorged clit between plunging my digits into her cunt. We were in full view of the bathroom and glancing with hooded eyes I spotted her peaking around the door watching.
I went onto my knees and Alice placed her leg up on to the mattress of the bed, exposing herself to me, pulling her lips wide open revealing her beautiful pink clit and cunt. Continuing to fuck her with two fingers, I closed my mouth over her swollen bud and sucked on her loudly. Alice put one hand on the back of my head and pulled my face against herself and with the other hand pinched and tugged at each nipple.
‘Ahhhh……that’s it suck it………rub your teeth against me…….suck it tighter….!’
Alice was well into it by now, grinding herself against me, chasing her orgasm. I could see through the mirror on the dresser that the maid had now zipped open her uniform, her fingers stroking her tight little pussy. Smiling to myself, I carried on plunging my fingers knuckle deep into Alice’s cunt, making the most tantalising slurping noise.
Alice gasped, I knew she was close, her cunt muscles tightening around my fingers as her body started to thrum with her pending climax. Gripping her clit tighter between my teeth, rubbing my tongue over the flesh, I felt her go over the edge, her internal muscles now clamping at my fingers trying to draw them in further whilst pushing out her glorious cum all over my fingers.
Standing back up to face her, I put my cum covered fingers into Alice’s mouth and she sucked her juices like a dying man needing water. By now the maid had completely removed her tunic and had crept closer, we could both hear her short breaths and her fingers rubbing against her wet slit. Turning to face her, we beckon her forwards to stand with us, she hesitates at first and we are not sure if she will comply. Then she moves forward and comes to stand next to us, nervously covering her pussy with her hand.
Alice lightly runs her finger tips up and down her arms, she visibly shudders at her touch, her eyes dilating as she sighs. I move behind her, standing so close my hard nipples graze the back of her shoulders, I lean over and softly kiss and lick her neck. Her skin smells of peaches, so soft, sensitive and young, I move up behind her ear, flicking my tongue out tasting her, then I whisper in her ear,
‘Do you want to join us and play? Explore your body……..taste your skin……stroke your beautiful dark nipples…….even……lick and…….bite them………..touch your pussy with our fingers……….our mouths……taste your young juices……….make you come,……..over………..and……….over?’
Every few words, I licked and sucked at her wonderful skin. Allice continued to stroke her skin, ghosting her fingers over the top of her breasts, shoulders and everywhere other than where we knew she wanted, even craved our touch.
She nodded in response,
‘Uh, Uh sweetheart.’
I whispered.
‘We need to hear you say ‘Yes’.’
‘Oh God yes!’
She uttered breathily, pushing her body back into mine, softly rubbing against my tits. Alice moved in to kiss her, brushing her tongue lightly against her lips, silently asking to let her roam her mouth. She opened up and Alice kissed her with passion, tongue duelling with hers, nibbling at her bottom lip.
I moved my hands to cover her small but budding breasts, stroking my palms against the tightening nipples, teasing her with light contact. I heard her moan into Alice’s mouth as I moved my fingers over the tightness, pinching and rolling those beautiful chocolate buds. Tentatively her hands came up to Alice’s boobs as she copied my actions making Alice moan in response.
Slipping my hands down further, I reached her pubic mound and slid two finger into her slit, smiling when realising how wet she was, spreading her young musky sent up and down. By now she was moaning quietly, bathing in our attention, I whisper quietly to Alice,
‘Move down and taste her, she tasted so sweet yesterday, she is so wet, you need to lick her clit!’
She stopped kissing her and gently moved down her body, kissing and licking as she went until she was on her knees, her fingers making gentle circular movements on her hips. Alice quietly said,
‘Sweetheart, place this leg up on the bed, let me take a look at you.’
I encouraged her from behind moving my hand to the underside of her thigh applying a little pressure. She complied and I slid my hands back and slipped my fingers between her pussy lips and exposed her fully to Alice’s excited gaze. She moved her face closer, breathing in her innocent scent and then blowing on her clit. Again the maid moaned and tilted her pelvis so that Alice’s nose touched her clit. Moving her face up, she slid her nose through her wetness following through with her tongue flat against the delicate pink folds. She tongued up and down her slit, relishing in her delicate flavour, pointing her tongue and pushing it against her tight cunt hole.
I inched my finger across to her now swollen clit, stroking it back and forth as Alice fucked her with her tongue, her moans grew louder and I increased the pressure knowing she would not take much to cum. Alice continued to lap at her juices as they secreted from her cunt, as I frigged her clit hard and fast. She came with a short wail, collapsing against me, her knees buckling as her orgasm took over. Alice, a wonderful and understanding lover, softly lapped at her, soothing her until her racing heart slowed, we moved her to the other bed so she could sit and recover.
By now Alice and I were so horney, we turned to each other, our kisses ravenous, tongues and teeth clashing as we pulled at each other’s hard aching nipples. Moving hands lower, we plunged our fingers into each other’s dripping cunts, frigging hard, making juicy slurping noises and we panted and moaned.
Alice broke away reaching for the strap-on, hurriedly fixing it on me, tightening the straps, forcing that strategically shaped rubber nubbin tight against my pussy. Pushing her over the bed face down, I lined the black phallus up to her cunt hole and drove it in to the hilt.
‘Oh God….Yessss!’
Alice hissed. I grasped her hips tightly digging my fingers in her flesh and started to pump into her as hard as I could, my legs slapping against her arse cheeks. Looking down at the gorgeous view of the cock driving into her cunt, the skin pulling and sucking, discharging copious oozing juices. The raised walnut rubbing deliciously on my clit, stroking me, heightening the sensation.
Pulling out of her, I rolled onto the bed on my back, the cock jutting upwards, covered in her white cream. Alice straddled it, squatting down to take its length all the way to the hilt. I reached up, pinching her swollen nipples, rolling them tightly between fingers and thumb. Looking over to the other bed, the maid sat on the bed, watching avidly as she stroked her pussy.
‘Hey, come join in.’
I invited and encouraged her to squat over my face. Nervously she manoeuvred herself but was reluctant to lower herself completely down, so I grasped her thighs and hungrily pulled her onto my face. My tongue vigorously explored her folds, lapping at the cum still secreting from her cunt, gasping at her delicate flavour as she relaxed into my ministrations.
Alice still busy pumping herself onto my cock, reached across to stroke her petite breasts, spitting on her fingers, pinching and rubbing her saliva over her tightly wrinkled nipples. By now the maid was rubbing herself against my tongue, moaning at our attentions, I moved my mouth to her little protruding clit and drew the flesh in, sucking and raking my teeth over it.
Her moans soon turned to wails as her climax started to build, fuelled by the sight of Alice fucking my crotch and the cock. I bucked my hips up to meet Alice’s downward thrusts, her tits bouncing from the movement. The maid came first, her immature body unable to cope very long, I slowed the vigour of my sucking as her orgasm waned, moving to lick at her cunt hole as her cum juices pushed out making sure I drew all of her fluids into my mouth. The delicate musky flavour triggered my orgasm as Alice drove her cunt down hard to grind out her own.
The maid rolled onto the bed beside me, boneless and panting. Alice remained sitting on the cock, enjoying the ebbing sensations of her cunt spasming around it and leaned forward to kiss me lovingly, saying,
‘That was the best, horniest orgasm I have so far, I am so wet.’
Climbing off of me, she laid down on the other side, her arm over her eyes as she caught her breath.
We all must have dosed and fallen asleep as when Alice and I awoke the maid had gone.
Lacking enthusiasm in the afternoon to venture to the beach, we spent the afternoon lazily sunbathing, naked on our terrace, laying side by side, reading, stroking one another’s bodies discussing events and our feelings on our holiday so far. We only had a couple more days left, both realising that this special time would soon be ending.
We ventured out in the evening for our usual meal and returned to the apartment, slipping into bed together, me spooning Alice, clutching one off her tits, flicking my thumb absent-mindedly across her nipple, we were soon fast asleep!


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I hope you will write a story about what happens when they get home.

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