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I am not the original author
Hello, my name is Sarah and I’m a 27-year old woman. To describe myself, I am 5’6” tall, 125 lbs. I have a fairly athletic body from working out twice a week, and an all-over tan from a tanning salon. My eyes are a piercing light blue that compliment my inquisitive grin and my hair is dark brown, wavy, and comes down past my shoulders. I’m a 32 C cup, and I keep my pussy trimmed to a neat bush. To be embarassingly honest I’ve only been laid twice this year and it’s already July. Both times were with co-workers and were merely business related. That is not to say that I do not put my 5 inch dildo to good use nearly every night.

This is the story of my vacation last year to West Virginia. Well, I should say that it was the beginning of my vacation because I didn’t get very far. I was supposed to go up to a cabin my family owned to clean it up a bit and while I was at it I was going to spend a few days relaxing. I was in the mountain region when I left the interstate to fill up on gas. Me being my usual self had allowed my car to get down to nearly empty before pulling over, so when I saw a single sign for a gas station I immediately took the exit.

I went nearly four miles when the same kind of sign said to turn right down a road. Seeing as that I was now almost empty I really had no choice and so I took the turn. Another three miles later another sign said to turn left down an even more deserted looking road, but I followed the sign anyway. I was nearly four miles down this road when my front two tires blew out and I nearly lost control of my vehicle. It skidded to a halt nearly 75 yards down the road. Trembling, I slowly opened the door and stepped out. I took a look at the front two tires and realized why I had lost control, but even worse was the fact that I was practically eleven miles walking distance to the interstate, so I had little choice but to hope that the gas station was nearby. After locking the doors of my car, I started off in the direction of the gas station. I had walked about a mile when another sign said that the station as only one more mile down the road. It was the summer time and the temperature was pretty high as I walked farther and farther down the road. I was wearing a denim skirt that came down to mid-thigh, a pair of black flip-flops, a white tank top, a sheer white thong, and a white bra.

By the time I came around the corner and saw the old station I was sweating and terribly thirsty. As I walked closer I saw the faded sign hanging from the roof of the filling area. It read “Wilson’s Tire and Gas.” Just behind it was a large two story house that looked like it must have been built at least a hundred years ago. I walked into the front door of the gas station and found a young man, most likely in his early 20’s sitting behind the counter watching a black and white television. He looked a little surprised when he turned and saw me. I was slightly un-nerved when he failed to say anything but instead opted to look me up and down a few times. Finally I broke the silence,

“Hi, ummm, I was trying to drive here to get gas but something popped two of my tires a couple of miles down the road that way…could you help me?”

He stared at me for a few more minutes before grunting, then said,

“Sure thing miss, wait here a second, alright?”

I nodded and he turned and walked into a back hallway behind the counter. No more than two minutes later a woman, by the looks of it in her late 40’s walked in, followed by 4 guys.

She smiled at me, “Darling you look absolutely dehydrated. Pete here told me what happened,” as she indicated the 20-year old that had been behind the counter. As I glanced over the new arrivals I noticed they were all wearing the same basic outfit of tattered jeans or over-alls, and a dirty white t-shirt. The lady was wearing a white, dirt stained, sleeveless summer dress than came to her calfs and no shoes. As I looked her over more closely she had strawberry blonde hair, very tanned, and a modest chest, either a b-cup or a c-cup.

I smiled, hoping they’d be able able to help, “I really am thirsty, but do ya’ll know if you can fix my car?”

“Oh, I’m sure we can, but where are my manners. I’m Eleanore Wilson, these are my sons Tommy, Jake, Jed, and of course you’ve met Pete.” As she called their names out she indicated each of them. Tommy and Jake were by the looks of it in their mid-30’s, tall, average weight for their height, but incredibly ugly. Jed was probably in his late-20’s, easily 250 lbs., and only around 5’6”, but equally as ugly as his brothers. And pete was skinny, nearly 5’10”, and with a permanent confused look on his face. I hid my judgments though and smiled at each of them in turn, “It’s nice to meet all of you. I’m Sarah.”

They all muttered their responses before Eleanore spoke up, “Well, you have got to be tired as well as thirsty so Tommy, you take the tow-truck and run get Sarah’s car while she relaxes inside.”

He seemed as if he as going to say something, but turned instead and walked out the front door and around the building.

Eleanore smiled, “Come on dear, we’ll get you something cool to drink.”

She led me and the three guys through the back hallway outside, and into the old house. I couldn’t help but notice how condemned the place looked, but nevertheless gladly accepted the chair offered to me at the old kitchen table. Jake got me a glass of water from the fawcet but I was so thirsty by this point I didn’t really care. I quickly drank it down as Eleanore sat down beside me. It was a bit unnerving as the guys continued to stand.

I searched for a reason to break the silence that had ensued, “So do you have an idea how much the tires will cost?” She glanced up at the guys then smiled. “Actually I was just about to bring up that subject, dear. You see…living here, with these four grown men, it is so difficult to keep them sexually satisfied. Afterall, I am just one woman.”

I looked at her for a moment with a confused expression before blushing. “I’m sorry, I um, I thought that you said they were your sons.”

She continued to smile, “Yes, that’s right, they are.” It took even longer for this to compute before I finally believed that I had heard right. “You mean you…have sex with them? Incest?”

She nodded, “That’s exactly right, but now we need to come back to the subject of how you are going to pay for the tires. I’ll try to put this as plainly as possible. You are going to do whatever we want, the only difference is whether you do it willingly and confess on video that this will be the payment for your repairs. Or, we destroy all evidence of your car, lock you in the cellar, and continue to rape you again, and again, and again.”

Suddenly all of it seemed so real, the feeling of dread spread throughout my body and before I knew it I was trembling once more. “You can’t do this….it’s…it’s illegal, you’ll get caught.”

She only smiled, “How much are you willing to bet on that? Your freedom?”

My lips were quivering but I did my best to maintain a brave front, “and what assurances do I have you’ll release me when your done?” Once more she smiled that evil grin, “Only the word of the Wilson family. But that’s enough, isn’t it?”

I had to fight back the tears that were coming as I nodded. Pete left and came back with a video camera and a piece of paper. As I read it I realized it was a script of what I had to say. He stood against the wall, ready to record.

Eleanore stood next to me, “Memorize that and when your ready we’ll film. But you have to sound as if you mean every word. No whimpering, no crying.”

After a few moments I fought back the last of my tears, dried my eyes, and prepared to sell myself. Eleanore gave Pete the que and he pressed play.

I stood up as qued and began to rehearse what I had memorized, “I Sarah McAdams willingly commit my body to the use of the Wilson family. Eleanore, Tommy, Jake, Jed, and Pete; to use it as they see fit for the time period of 24-hours starting at 11:00 a.m. of this day. This will pay in full the price of the two tires and the labor fee’s required.”

Pete pressed stop and Eleanore smiled. “That was perfect dear, and look at the time. 11:00 a.m.” I glanced at the wall and she was in fact correct. Tommy returned at that moment and Eleanore said, “Well now that we’re all here, let’s get down to the fun boys.” They all laughed as they looked me over. Eleanore opened a door in the kitchen with a dimly lit staircase leading down, she waved her arm “After you darling.” They led me down the stairs to a surprisingly well lit, yet filthy looking cellar. It was completely barren concrete except for the center of the room. There, there were four metal poles, each standing vertically at about 3 ½ feet tall, and forming the four corners of a square. Two of the poles were connected by a horizontal pole, and the other two had loops at the tops with hand cuffs connected. The only other object was a rectangular metal table sitting at 3 ½ feet tall as well. And on top of the table was a platic box full of objects. It was to the four poles that they directed me, and I suddenly realized what it was for.

Eleanore suddenly said in a commanding voice, “Ok slut, time to get naked.”

I turned to look at them. They were all eagerly watching me, every move. Nervously, I lifted my tank top up and over my head. I could hear a few of them begin to breathe heavier and with horror noticed bulges forming in their pants. I then unzipped my denim skirt and let it fall away to the floor. Down to just my panties, their bulges were now even more prominent. I tried my best not to tremble as I reached up and undid my bra…when it felt to the floor and my bare breasts were revealed Pete began to rub his hard on through his overalls. Shedding my last hope of dignity I slide my thong down to my feet and stepped out of both it and my flipflops. They were all grins now.

Eleanore walked over, “doesn’t she look delicious?” They all yelled their approval as I blushed. “Now let’s show her what she’s gonna get.” With that she slid the shoulder straps off of her shoulders and let the dirty dress fall to the floor. I stared at her body which had definitely seen better days. Still she did have an attractiveness about her. Her chest was about a 34C but they were sagging now. Her nipples showed the roughness with which her sons must have used her. Her stomach had stretch marks but she also had an all over tan. To my surprise she was shaven down there and when she turned, her butt was still in relatively good shape.

As I looked to the guys, they too began to undress. They removed their shirts, overalls, jeans, and shoes. They were dirty, hairy, and there was a foul odor coming from most of them. I looked down to b/w their legs and wasn’t in the least bit surprised to see that they were all relatively well endowed. Pete was the first I looked too. His already hard cock was nearly about two inches wide and six long. His body was lanky and he had the least hair. Jed’s fat body was covered in hair, but he also had a six inch cock that was nearly three inches wide. Both Jake and Tommy, living up to their previous appearance as twins, had about 9 inch cocks that were 2 and a half inches thick. What surprised me the most of all though, was that all of them had enormous balls. As I looked them over with dread I could only imagine how much semen thoughs balls could create. The smallest of them, Pete’s were the size of small plums, while the largest, jake’s were easily the same size as tennis balls.

Tommy walked over with Pete and pushed me to the bar, I already knew what the position would be though. They bent me over the bar, and with my arms stretched wide as if I was going to give the floor a hug, they cuffed my hands to the other two bars. My body was bent over at a 90 degree angle and to ensure that I couldn’t move they cuffed my ankles to the base of the two poles connected by the bar. It was then that I began to tremble once more. The ultimate reality of the situation was plain to me, I was going to be raped. Shedding any self respect I had left, I begged.

“Please!!!! Please don’t, I…I can’t do this, I’m begging you DON’T!” Tears were welling in my eyes now and I sobbed. “Please I don’t want this!”

I heard foot steps and heard the box on the table rattle as something was pulled out of it. Still sobbing I tried to crane my neck to look at what was happening when Eleanore suddenly shouted, “SHUT UP BITCH!” With a loud slap my ass was lit aflame as Eleanore cracked the heavy, long, flat wooden paddle against my ass. “SHUT UP, SHUT UP, SHUT UP!!!!!” Crack! Crack! Crack! I cried out in pain as it felt like my ass was burning.

Struggling, I stifled my cries of agony. “Now, that’s better, isn’t it?” She walked over infront of me. “You’ll learn to do as your told for the next 24 hours, do you hear me?”

I looked up at her, my eyes full of tears, and nodded. With that, they began.

Jed walked up behind me as Pete moved infront of me. I looked up into Pete’s eyes as he brought his cock to my face. “Open your mouth, bitch” Fearful of any more retaliation I did as I was told. I expected I was going to have to suck his cock, I was wrong. He was going to fuck my mouth. With no preamble he put his cock in my mouth and thrust. I nearly gagged as 4 inches suddenly slide to the back of my mouth, and then with another thrust, all 6 inches were inside and I was gagging and gasping as his thick hard cock was pressing down my throat. I could feel his balls hitting my chin with every single thrust. I was only partially aware when I felt Jed’s fat cock press against my pussy. With one loud grunt he shoved the head inside, then two inches, three, four…

With no actual interaction in months my body was desperate to feel something. And these fat cocks were exactly what it wanted. Horrified, I felt my pussy growing soaked as Jed’s cock begin to slide in and out with more and more ease. “Fuck, this bitch is great Mom. Her pussy’s already soaked through and I just started on her!”

Eleanore laughed a derisive laugh, “That’s youth Jed, something she’s full of.” Seeing her other two son’s Jake and Tommy just stroking their cocks while they watched, she smiled and said, “Oh boys you look too sad. Here, come and put those big things to good use.”

With that she bent over the table as they approached their mom from the front and behind. She opened her mouth and Tommy grabbed her head. He began to force fuck her just as Pete was doing to me, but she was obviously a pro. She didn’t gag, she didn’t choke. And from the corner of my eye I could see a loving look in her eyes as her oldest son used her. From behind, Jake didn’t even bother with his mom’s loose pussy. Instead he went for something far tighter, her ass. In between the thrusts from Pete’s cock, and my own gagging, I still watched Eleanore’s eyes. As Jake shoved his cock in I saw the pain in her face, but she laid there and took it. All 9 inches dissapeared inside her. He laid there on top of her, enjoying the sensation of her muscles clenching around his massive cock. Then he pulled out until only his head remained inside and began to pump her.

Which is exactly what Pete and Jed were continuing to do to me. And to my further humiliation, I knew I was going to cum soon, all over Jed’s cock. He continued to pump, again, again, again, his massive balls slamming against me. It was one of the best feelings. Far better than the small dildo I owned, and my body agreed. It began as just a feeling, then it developed, I began to moan louder and louder as it rose. Moments later I was crying out in ecstasy, yet muffled by the cock filling my mouth and sometimes my throat. Jed suddenly realized what was happening when my pussy began to spasm, clenching wildly on his cock. He pulled out in amazement just as my pussy gushed. A jet of my pussy juice shot out in one continous stream and my knees gave way. Or they would have if I wasn’t supported by the bar.

Everyone stopped and watched in amazement as it happened, it was unlike anything they’d seen from a girl before. Jed began to yell, “Did ya’ll SEE THAT! I fucked her so good SHE came!”

Everyone laughed, everyone except for Pete at least. My moans had pushed him over the ledge and now it was his turn to cum. But his cock was at that moment buried down my throat. When his cock began to shoot it’s hot gooey cum, it wans’t in my mouth. It was directly down my throat. I tried to swallow anyway, but gagged and coughed. Everyone’s attention had now shifted to Pete as he came down my throat. His entire cock buried in my mouth. I thought I was going to suffocate but then he finally pulled out, empty of all his hot cum. As Pete stepped back and leaned against the wall Jake took this as his cue. He pulled out of his mom’s ass and began to walk over to me.

Exhausted from my orgasm, I looked up weakly, knowing what he was about to do. “Please, not that….it’s been in her ass.” He looked down at me and grinned, but he did seem to realize that fucking my mouth like his brother had would basically kill me.

“Just suck it, slut.” I opened my mouth and he stepped forward. It was awful, the taste, the smell. But the sooner he came was the sooner he pulled it out of my mouth, that was the only thing that mattered. I started sucking the massive head. Using my tongue to lick it, kiss it, suck it. Then I worked on the shaft, licking and kissing and sucking as much of it as I could as if it was the most delicous thing in the world. He moaned, “Ahhh fuck yeah! That’s the way to suck it bitch”

Behind me Jed had continued his fuck fest in my pussy. Slamming it in and out he grinned at his brothers. The sound of the squishing and slurping noise as it rammed in and out of my soaked pussy was so humiliating to me, but it just made them all the happier.

Mere moments later he hunched over me and I knew he was close. His moans began to increase and I could feel his cock throbbing inside my pussy. He shoved all the way forward and with a loud groan, yelled, “AAHHHHHHHHHH I’MM CUMMMMINGGGG!”

His hot sperm flooded me, shot, after shot, after shot filled me, adding it’s own wetness to my already soaked pussy . I moaned as this stranger came unprotected inside me. And he loved it, “That’s right slut! I’m your fucking daddy now!!!! And your gonna be a mama I think, that was the biggest load I’ve gotten off this week!” The remainder of his cum began to drool out b/w my legs as I continued to suck Jake’s monster. Tommy pulled out of his mom’s mouth, realizing I was now open from behind. Jed took his place as his mom licked my juices and his cum off of his cock.

Jake pulled out of my mouth and began stroking his cock, looking down at me he grinned. “Ready for dinner Sarah?” Knowing he wanted to hear me plead, I instead looked up at him and nodded. He began stroking faster and faster. Suddenly he put just the tip in my mouth, and I instinctively wrapped my lips around it. Then it happened. It was more cum than I’ve ever seeen before in my life. He started shooting the huge thick ropes into my mouth and I obediently tried to swallow. One mouthful, two….three….then I started gagging on all of it. He pulled out, still cumming, and started spraying my face and hair. It was like a hose had been turned on and couldn’t stop. He coated my entire face in his sperm. As the last few shots landed on my shoulders he stumbled back, exhausted.

I heard Tommy rummaging through the box, and turned, my face still covered in fresh cum. Tommy was pulling out a tube of KY Jelly. My heart stopped, knowing he wouldn’t be using that for my pussy. This was going to be the main event as the rest of the family gathered around.

“NO!!! NO! Please, you’ll kill me!”

Eleanore grinned evily, “what did I tell you about screaming?”

I looked around to anyone for help, but Pete was now filming, and Jed and Jake were on either side of me now, grabbing a breast each they began to fondle them, twisting my nipples as they rubbed their cocks on me. Behind I felt Tommy’s large hand begin to spread jelly around my ass, with a shudder I felt him slide a finger in, lubing my inside too. Then he began to lubricate his massive erection. I stared in horror into Eleanore’s eyes, but she smiled and knelt before me. I was confused until she began to lick the cum off of my face, eating it. When I felt Tommy’s cock press against my tight ass Eleanore stood up, then turned around, bending over she said, “Since you decided to scream earlier, I’ll make sure you can’t this time.” With that she leaned back, pressing her ass and pussy into my face. With her free hand she began to rub her clit. Jed and Jake took her hips and pressed the back of my head forward, ensuring I couldn’t move my face.

Behind me Tommy’s massive head began to stretch my ass. I screamed, but it did no good, except to give added pleasure to Eleanore. Slowly he began to penetrate me more and more. I nearly feinted as my ass was stretched to the limit by his monster cock. Eventually I was broken down to nothing more than painful sobs as they used me like a cheap slut. The more I moaned, the more the smell of Eleanore’s pussy and ass filled my nostrils. Once Tommy had filled six inches inside of me, he began to pump. He wasn’t gentle and he didn’t care if it hurt me, he just wanted to cum. Slowly my body adjusted. After four minutes the pain was slightly subsiding. Four minutes after that Eleanore had cum on my face and Tommy pulled out.

“Ready to suck your own ass, whore?”

He walked around infront of me, the remants of cum and his mom’s juices still smeared on my face, I knew what I had to do and opened my mouth. He slid two inches in and I began cleaning his cock. Once again I was humiliated, forced to lick my own foulness off of his cock. Eleanore went to the table where the box sat and pulled out a cup and walked over to me. Getting on her knees she burid her own face in my pussy and began to lick and rub my clit. I had no idea why she was doing it, but after being anally raped this felt amazing. Still sucking Tommy’s cock, I suddenly felt an orgasm beginning to approach. I began to moan, louder and louder. Tommy pulled his cock out as I reached my orgasm, and Eleanore moved her face and raised the cum…it caught all of my cum which filled nearly half the cup.

I realized what they were going to do. She passed the cup to Tommy who began to stroke as he looked at me. When he came it was just like his twin; a massive flood of hot man cum filled at least a quarter of the cup. They took turns fucking me again. When one would get near to an orgasm he would pull out and shoot his load in the cup. Finally they had all finished and the cup was filled to the top. Eleanore took the cup and crouched down infront of me, showing it to me. It was about a 30 oz. cup and it was filled halfway with my cum, and the rest was full of semen. She smiled as she looked at me, “I’ll make a deal with you Sarah, if you can drink this entire cup in less than….let’s say two minutes, without spilling a drop. I will switch places with you. For the rest of the time you owe. But, if you spill even a drop or don’t finish…you have to stay for another day.”

I looked up at her, then the cup. “Ok, fine…it’s a deal.”

Jed unlocked the handcuffs and I shakingly stood up. Eleanore passed me the cup then took Jed’s watch. “Ok, one…two…GO!”

I brought the cup to my lips, the mixed smell of the still warm semen mixed with the sweet scent of my cum made for an odd smell. Nevertheless, I quickly began to drink. It was hard, the semen was difficult to swallow in such a large amount but luckily my much thinner cum made it possible. I quickly drank as the seconds passed. At the one minute mark I was halfway through but had to take a break. I looked at Eleanore with her smug smile as she counted. “59…58…57…,” I brought the cup back to my lips and started drinking again. The salty taste filling my mouth. Her sons were stroking themselves again…”10…9…8…,” I drained the last of it and swallowed.

She looked at me with a sneer. “Impressive, your quite the slut aren’t you city girl.”

I gave her a smile, “You know what to do.” She nodded and walked over to the pole. Tommy smiled as he handcuffed her in. “Damn Mama, that slut got you bad.” I smiled over at Tommy, then walked over to the box. Inside were all sorts of toys. “So I suppose you use all of these on your captives?”

“Of course not, just the ones that won’t behave.” Eleanore said. I looked to Pete who was standing behind her, he shook his head. I reached in and pulled out a 10 inch strap on dildo. It was a monster, 3 ½ inches wide. I began to strap it onto me. Once it was snugly attached I walked over to her. Holding her head up by her hair I smiled. “Suck it bitch.”

She opened her mouth and I shoved it in. She groaned as it stretched her mouth wider than it had ever been stretched. She began to choke and I shoved it deeper. After 20 more seconds I pulled it out. I walked behind her and lined up with her ass. Without warning or gentleness I slammed it into her. She grunted but still wouldn’t scream. For 15 minutes I hammered it in and out of her ass but still she wouldn’t even whimper. Finally I pulled the dildo out of her ass and looked down. While my ass was definitely loose after the raping I had, hers was literally gaping. I stood there looking at what I’d done to her. I took off the strap on and put it down on the table. I realized there was a foul stench in the room, and it didn’t take me long to see why. All of the fucking and sucking had caused everyone to start sweating. I looked at the four guys, their hairy bodies were soaked, and it was obvious they hadn’t bathed in days, maybe a week.

“Why did ya’ll rape me?”

Eleanore groaned, “I told you. Their boys, they need more than one woman to fuck. You’ve seen how big they are, I can’t handle that full time.”

I looked down at her. I gently slid my hand over her soft butt. “What if I have a deal for you?”

She tried to crane her neck around, “A deal?”

I motioned to Tommy, “Uncuff her.” He got the keys and released her. As she leaned up she clenched her ass. “Agh, that hurts. You fucking slut.” But this time I didn’t hear any real hate in her words.

I grinned, “You were going to do it to me.” She sighed, “Well…..true. So what is this deal? Why’d you let me go?”

I looked at the boys, “Can we talk privately?” She looked at them too. “Sure, boys, give us some time, ok?”

“But mama I’ve still gotta cum some more,” Jed said. I looked at her. “How much do they cum?”

She shrugged, “usually 10-12 times a day.”

“How much of that do you swallow?” I asked.

“Usually 7 loads apiece, so, 28 loads. Probably seven or eight of those cups we just used.”

I stared in disbelief. “Wow. That’s… impressive. Umm, do u need some help finishing them off?”

She smiled, “Sure…the usual position?” I grinned. “Perfect.” We both bent over. Tommy and Jake got behind each of us and lined their still hard cocks up with our pussies. In front, Jed got infront of me and Pete got infront of his mother. I reached out and took Jed’s fat cock. Lifting it up, I looked at his filthy, hairy, sweat covered balls. Leaning forward I ran my tongue along them, the taint of his balls covered my face, but still I licked and sucked on them. Next to me Eleanore was deep throating Pete’s cock while she fondled his balls. I finished bathing Jed’s balls with my mouth and then took on the task of sucking his cock. Both Jed and Pete were groaning with pleasure and behind us Jake and Tommy slid their huge cocks inside. I orgasmed within the first 15 seconds and Jake laughed and yelled when I came in another torrent of cum. After receiving another five minutes of pounding Jake let go of his load inside my pussy. I felt as his hot sperm washed through my insides, filling me up.

The next moment Pete began moaning out and I saw, out of the corner of my eye, his cock pulsing inside his mother’s mouth. Knowing that she was swallowing her son’s cum threw me over the edge again and I came for the fourth time in an hour. Next it was Jed’s turn to let loose. He gave me ample warning this time, yet it still was nearly not enough. I swallowed and swallowed and swallowed as his balls pumped their cum into my hungry mouth. Jed, Jake, Pete and I watched Tommy fucking his mom. It was so amazingly hot to hear a man telling his mother that he loved her pussy so much while he fucked it. While I waited on them to finish I gave Jake and Pete’s balls a tongue washing while Eleanore watched. Only seconds later Tommy moaned out and filled his mother’s pussy with his cum.

When Tommy was done cumming I sucked the cum off of his cock and Eleanore sent them upstairs to get ready for dinner. She walked over and leaned against the table, still nude. I smiled at her and she returned it. “You really like this stuff, huh girl?” I grinned, “it has it’s pleasures. Then again I also still have three different guy’s cum in my pussy.” She smiled, “I can take care of that. Spread your legs.”

I did as she said and she got down on her knees between my legs. She looked up at me and then pressed her mouth to my pussy. She began to lick, and suck, and suddenly I could feel as most of the cum still inside me began to seep out and into her mouth as she ate it. Not only that but it was also getting me soaking wet…again.

I gasped, “Eleanore, I’m gonna cum.” She looked up at me, but kept licking. I felt it begin to build and then before I knew it another orgasm was rocking my body and Eleanore’s open mouth was catching most of my cum. She swallowed and swallowed my juices as they came out of me. Exhausted I fell back on the table.

She climbed up next to me, and leaned against the table. I grinned, “that was…great. Want me to try it on you?”

She laughed, “well I have a couple of days worth of cum inside me probably.” I laughed and slid down to the floor, moving between her legs, I looked up. Still looking into her eyes I pressed my mouth to her pussy and began doing what she’d done to me. At first it was just a few drops, then a torrent of semen washed into my mouth. I swallowed and swallowed until nothing was left. I stood up again and leaned back on the table with her.

“So, you have a deal, huh?” I nodded, “that’s right.”

“So what is it?” She asked. I sighed, “You see, when ya’ll uhhh, detoured me, I was on my way to my family’s house in the mountains. Next week, my mother, father and little brother are going to be coming up with me. I…I want you to capture all four of us and…”

She grinned, “You want us to make ya’ll fuck eachother?”

I smiled, “yeah…like make my dad fuck me. And I want my mom to suck off my little brother. And I want to suck him too! And I want to see you use your mouth on their cocks. And get your sons to fuck my mother in all of her holes! And you have to make us do a lesbian thing.”

She laughed, “Ok, Ok, I get it.”

I smiled, “so do we have a deal?”

“Definitely…just make sure your driving, and pretend like we’ve never seen eachother.”

“It’s done.”

She smiled, “So you know you still have another 22 hours you owe us.”

I laughed, “No, you owe me….but,” I reached over and grabbed the massive dildo, “interested in revenge?”

She grabbed it and put it on, but grabbed a tube of KY Jelly and began lubing it up as I bent over the table. I gripped hard to the edge as I felt her slowly press it inside me….then slowly building she began to pump me harder as I groaned and moaned. She laughed, “oh come on, you did this to me for 15 minutes…” And with that she began slamming it in. I fell to the floor, but she followed me down. As I lay there moaning she continued to plunder my ass. And I let her…..

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