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Chapter 7 in my long epic fucktale. Still Day 0, but I get to introduce you to Paige, the sexy MILF who asked Adam to housesit the following day.
This complete story revolve around a lot of sexual themes that may be offensive to some readers. I don't mean to offend anyone so please read the themes and introductions before reading the chapters. If it doesn't sound like a story to get you horny and cumming, I won't be offended if you stop reading. Everyone else, ENJOY!


DAY 0: The Day Before

Chapter 7: Paige's Dirty Secret

Paige's heart skipped a beat when she heard the pebbles click against her balcony door. It thrilled her every time. It made her feel like she was back in high school again. She felt the butterflies fluttering in her stomach as the familiar anticipation of what was to come sent jolts of sexual energy through her body. Taking a deep breath, she got up from her bed where she had been reading and even though she wanted to run over to the balcony doors, she forced herself to stroll casually. She hadn't even been expecting him that night and sometimes that was exactly how she liked it.

When she got to the big French doors, she noticed he had already climbed up onto the shed. Once he saw her through the door windows, he grabbed hold of the balcony railing and hoisted himself up and over. Paige watched as the boy got steady on his feet and walked over to the doors.

Paige waited with her hands on her sexy hips for him to work the doorknob. Once he had pulled the door open enough, Paige grabbed his collar tightly in one fist and yanked him inside. She gave him a hard shove towards the bed before turning to close the door. She shuddered with excitement before turning a wicked grin on the young boy sitting on the edge of her bed. She dropped down onto her knees and crawled over to him, making feral moans and growls while she moved lithely across the hardwood.

The boy quickly fumbled with his belt and fly, and within seconds he had his pulsing 6-inch prick out. When Paige was close enough, she wasted no time devouring the throbbing member deep down her throat. As soon as she had her lips closed around his shaft, it throbbed in her mouth. It was an incredibly wonderful sensation to feel a dick throbbing with her pleasure in her mouth. She loved the sweet satisfaction of knowing she was doing a good job when she felt him twitch, throb, or spasm in her oral grip. Paige closed her eyes enjoying the feel of his stiff, veiny meat sliding along her lips and the wet slurping sounds of her own mouth working his shaft. Like a drug, sucking cock became very addictive. Paige Collins knew she was hooked like a dirty cocksucking nympho and couldn't wait to feel the first spurt of boiling hot cum hit her tonsils.

Ever since her divorce 8 months ago, Paige had developed a love for cum! She loved every sticky thing about it. She especially loved the feel of hot spunk spurting into her mouth or spraying all over her body. Sometimes she craved the taste and thick texture sliding along her tongue. Sometimes the cravings got so bad she would start to shake in anticipation of her next encounter with young Mark.

Her cum cravings were mostly satisfied by the one boy, Mark. Mark had been dating Paige's daughter Claire for six months now and ever since their first date, Paige has been swallowing his spunk on a regular basis. Of course, Claire had no idea this was going on and Paige was definitely not doing it to steal her daughter's boyfriends. This had all grown from Paige's brief hatred of all men caused by the events that led to her divorce.

At a very young age, Paige had gotten pregnant all because she let some horny guy (who was now her ex-husband) fuck her stupid without a condom, and now she didn't want Claire to go through that same thing. Paige's solution was to swallow any cum before it had a chance to impregnate her sweet, innocent daughter. So, since her divorce, Paige Collins had been giving her daughter's dates regular blowjobs before each outing. The only problem, besides deceiving Claire and forcing her boyfriends to cheat on her, was now Paige was completely, over the top addicted to hard cocks and hot cum.

She adored the feeling of a throbbing, hard cock pulsing as it spewed it's delicious hot cream down her throat. She even loved the odd time when Mark was extra backed up and he would cum so fast that it would force its way down her throat before she could even swallow. Often this would cause her to choke and cough leaving the rest of his hot load spilt all over her face. Sometimes this worked out even better because not only did Paige love the taste of cum but she also loved the feel of cum. She almost always came whenever her secret, young lover went wild all over her beautiful face.

Always after Mark left to meet Claire for their dates, Paige would finger or dildo her pussy through several orgasms until she was left exhausted and completely satisfied in a sweaty heap. Often she wouldn't stop pleasuring her pussy until she heard Mark dropping Claire back off for the night. This was usually followed by another volley of pebbles clicking against her balcony doors signifying Mark's need of another quick blow. Not yet had she refused him that second dick swallow even though it almost always revved her back up again and kept her up half the night creaming on her well used vibrator.

Her secret fantasy was to be the center attraction in a massive circle jerk. Oh, to be surrounded by 10, 20, even 30 spurting cocks aimed right at her. She could gargle and swallow ten loads while the other twenty unloaded all over her naked body. She would literally be bathing in cum. This thought alone had sent her into incredible orgasmic bliss on many occasions. There was no doubt that Paige Collins had recently turned into a total cumslut.

She never used to be like this. She had been a good and faithful wife before but when she had caught her husband cheating on her with his secretary and then blamed it on Paige not being adventurous enough in bed, something inside Paige had snapped. Fuck being good! Fuck being pure! Paige wanted cock and she wanted it bad.

These filthy thoughts filled her mind and dampened her panties as she continued to deepthroat Mark's throbbing member. Sometimes, when she was feeling weak and depressed, Paige thought about what she had reduced herself to just to get another mouthful of hot cum (and to protect her daughter). She would feel disgusted at herself and then feel really embarrassed. At times like these, Paige would comfort herself by saying it was all for Claire. She was doing all this for sweet daughter's sake. Which had been true at one time but was now a complete lie to herself, but telling herself this did helped during the rough times.

"Fuck ya! Suck me with that whore mouth!" Mark yelled down at her. Paige hoped he never spoke to Claire that way. He better not. After all, Before Paige's lustful jizz addiction, this had been all about stopping Mark fucking Claire, so he had better have nothing but sweet and kind words for her Claire-bear. Paige knew how boys were. They were all a bunch of sex crazed neanderthals. Young, dumb and full of cum. Warm, thick, delicious cum.

Paige suddenly remembered the less than successful first time she had tried to suck off one of Claire's boyfriends before a date:


It had been just about a week after the divorce papers had gone through and Paige had "celebrated" her official severance with a bottle of very expensive wine. It had been a time to celebrate in some ways. The cheating bastard had paid big time for his adultery and Paige had come out of court with full custody of their three daughters along with their beautiful, custom built house. He had retained a lot of his own accumulated wealth but that didn't bother Paige as she was a successful business woman herself and made great money. Despite her court success, Paige was feeling bitter and jaded about what her cheating bastard of an ex had said about her sexuality, especially since thinking back she couldn't remember a single time he had even tried to communicate his sexual problems to her.

It was when she was two third down a bottle of wine that she thought, fuck it, I'm a beautiful woman. I should be fucking around. I'm a fucking MILF! Just then she had realized how incredibly horny she was. In fact, she couldn't remember feeling more horny than she was just then and with a house full of girls, she had absolutely no dicks to fuck her. Back then, Paige didn't even own a dildo or a vibrator to satisfy her needs. This was something she would remedy as soon as possible but what would she do that night? I could just use my fingers, she thought, but just then the doorbell had rang.

"Oh shit!" Paige heard the muffled voice of her daughter from down the hall. "Mom! That's Jimmy. I'm totally not ready! Can you go down and tell him that I'm running late and I'll be down in like fifteen minutes?"

"Sure thing, honey!" Paige called back in a slightly slurred, slightly anxious voice of her own. With some effort, she pushed the thoughts of sex out of her mind and got up to head downstairs.

Paige opened the door and found a boy about the same age as Claire nervously fiddling with the cuffs of his sweater. He's quite cute in his jeans and sweater, she couldn't help thinking in her tipsy state. He had short brown hair, soft skin which clearly didn't need shaving that often if at all, and stood around 5 foot 8 inches. Paige then noticed the car parked out front.

He had his own car for the night. Paige began to get worried and they hadn't even spoken yet. "Hi, I'm Paige Collins. You must be Jimmy. Claire is running a bit behind schedule. Why don't you come inside and have a seat? She should be down in about fifteen minutes." She had put on her most brilliant smile even though she wasn't really feeling it. The wine was really hitting her and she had to focus to appear sober in front of Claire's young date.

The boy finally looked at her and his eyes bulged out of his head. His young eyes roamed up and down her full-figured body. When Paige had first started worrying that her husband was cheating, she had consoled herself with food and was about 20 lbs. over-weight for her 5'8" frame. But her weight wasn't what innocent Jimmy was staring at. In Paige's tipsy state, she had neglected to close her nightgown before heading downstairs to open the door and was now giving young Jimmy a great view of her in just her bra and panties. "Uh, okay," he mumbled before nervously stepping inside. Paige hastily tied up her gown and led him into the living-room where he awkwardly sat down on the sofa. Paige moved over to the opposite side of the couch and had a seat herself. She was glad to be sitting as the room had started to tilt a little and she could feel the warmth of the blush on her cheeks.

She looked over at the young boy who was about to take out her oldest daughter. He was still fiddling and she noticed his palms were sweating. She also noticed a slight bulge in her pants and wondered if it was because of her stupid, drunken flashing. In her tipsy state, Paige thought about giving Claire's new boyfriend the stereotypical interrogation like "What are your intensions with my daughter?" but instead just ended up giggling to herself.

"Umm, Mrs. Collins, are you okay?" Jimmy asked trying his best to look everywhere but her cleavage, and failing.

"It's nothing," Paige regained control and then asked, "Are you nervous about taking my daughter out on a date?"

"Umm, yeah. Kind of."

"Where are you two going?"

"Uh, I was thinking of taking her to see a movie."

"That's nice." Paige couldn't help thinking about the boy's car outside. She felt the influence of the wine again and she kept thinking about Jimmy pulling the car over and having his way with her Claire. It must have been the combination of the wine, how she was feeling about men in general that night, and seeing the bulge that made her start to seriously think, what were his intentions with my Claire-bear? Then she suddenly had a very kinky idea that she would never have even dreamed of sober. What if I gave Jimmy a blowjob so he won't have any urges to fuck my daughter?

"You sure do look nervous, darling. Anything I can do to help you, uh, relax?" The words were out of her mouth before she could stop herself. She couldn't believe what she was trying to do but it somehow felt right when she used her sneaky thumb to slip the sash of her gown undone.

"Um, no thanks. Not that I can think of," he said, a little confused.

"Well, I think I've just thought of something I can do," she said with a sultry look. Her words came out a little slurred and she slid down onto her knees on the carpet. On her knees in front of her daughter's date, she let her robe fall open to reveal her slightly over-weight body in just sheer underwear. "I'm going to do something that'll really relax you for your date with my daughter but you have to swear to never tell my Claire-bear what I'm about to do." Paige slowly started crawling over to where Jimmy was seated. She let her gown slide smoothly off her and onto the living-room floor like a horny succubus shedding her human flesh to reveal the sex demon underneath.

"What? I...uh..." Paige's hands rubbed along Jimmy's inner thighs as he lost all ability to form words.

"Do you promise? I swear it'll relax you cum-pletely," she purred and nibbled her lip erotically as her hands kept running up and down Jimmy's thighs, inching closer and closer towards the bulge swelling in his pants. The boy was breathing heavily now and his cock was clearly at full attention. He gulped and just gave a nod.

Paige let a wolfish smile spread across her lips as she slid her hands all the way up to Jimmy's crotch and opened the front of his jeans with unbelievable excitement. She felt like a kid opening a birthday present as she slid his jeans and his boxers down his legs until her wonderful gift sprang up. It wasn't very big, maybe five and a half inches, but Paige didn't care about size. She just wanted his release. She was too horny and that cock looked so delicious right at that moment. She had a brief moment of fear of what she was doing and prayed that Claire wouldn't come barreling down the stairs like she always did anytime soon.

Holding her breath while biting her lower lip, Paige reached out a tentative hand to grasp Jimmy's throbbing meat. She knew he had never had anyone's hand jerk him off before (besides his own), and she relished the intense pleasure she got from this. She shook with sick anticipation from what she was about to do as her hand slowly stroked Jimmy's cock. Too terrified to make a sound, he mostly just stared wide-eyed down at her debauchery with the occasional glance at the stairs. She gave him a sexy feral look from her knees and started gently rubbing his balls with her other hand. Finally remembering to breath, Paige began panting hard which really accentuated the sexual moment her and Jimmy were sharing. Raising her head to hover over his cock, she licked her lips and slowly lowered her open mouth down.

Just then, Jimmy gave a jerk of premature ejaculation and sent the first spurt of his load against Paige's upper lip and up her cute nose. Shocked and stunned, Paige took the second spurt in her pretty face as well. Not knowing exactly what to do, she quickly dropped her warm mouth down over his spewing member before any more splashes could hit her face. As she swallowed him down, she felt the most amazing feeling of her life: a hot, throbbing member uncontrollably twitching between her plump, moist lips, as it sends it's creamy, delicious seed spurting down her throat while the rest of the wonderful load trickled and dripped off her sucking lips and down her warm, blushing cheeks. She had no idea a man's semen could taste and feel that good, let alone that of a boy her daughter's age.

Since he wasn't very large below, Paige had no trouble taking him all the way in her mouth. She could feel his cock continue its hard twitching in her throat as Jimmy finally made some sounds of pleasure, "Unnhh, uhhh, oh, fuck." More and more cum kept spilling down Paige’s throat and she swallowed and swallowed to keep it all down. Never in her life had she taken a load on the face or that much cum in her belly. As the hot load dripped down her face and coat her throat, Paige felt like a complete and total slut...and she ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!

Paige released her oral grip on Jimmy's jimmy and was now panting to catch her breath. "I'm gonna go wash up, sweetie. You should maybe do the same before your date comes down those stairs." The boy nodded, completely spent with his pants wide open. There was no doubt that it had been his first blowjob. "It was nice meeting you, Jimmy. Have fun with my daughter tonight." Paige winked down at the boy before turning and heading for the kitchen. She turned back to say, "Oh, there's a bathroom just through that door, dear."


Paige was ripped from her reveries with a tight, rough pull of her hair and a sudden great gush of hot, thick cum spraying the back of her throat. Mark held her tight to his pubes as he emptied himself down into her stomach. Spurt after hard spurt hit the back of Paige's throat as his small cock pulsed with his orgasm. "Fuck! Drink my spunk, you fucking cumwhore!" Mark yelled before his body relaxed. Paige desperately hoped that the extra soundproofing they'd splurged on when they'd custom built the house was worth the money.

She felt Mark's grip on her hair loosen and finally he released her completely. She really missed shy, sweet Jimmy. Paige slowly slid her red lips off Mark's cock. She made sure to slurp as she wanted to catch any stray jizz left on his shaft. Some of the hot cream spilled out of the corners of her lips but most was swirling deliciously around her tongue. "That was great, babe," he said pulling up his jeans.

With Mark's load trapped in her mouth, Paige tilted her head back and let the entire hot load slide down her throat. In the last six months, with all the spurting dicks in her mouth, Paige had learned a lot of things, like how to open her throat and let a big load just slide down. Of course, she only did this after the delicious cum was thoroughly swirled around her mouth and savoured by all of her taste buds. Once the jizz was down in her belly, she opened her mouth wide with an "Ahhh" to show that she had downed the entire thick load. "I fucking love young cum," she panted lasciviously, and then as always with a wink and a wicked smile, she said, "Have fun with my daughter tonight."

"Shit, baby, you are one dirty, nasty cumbucket," Mark said before turning to slip out onto the balcony. As Mark disappeared over the edge, Paige thought about how she really despised Mark and hoped he wouldn't be around her daughter much longer. Claire could do so much better. She needed a nice guy. Not a fucking asshole pig like Mark.

Alone and still on her knees in her cocksucking pose, Paige was left ultimately unsatisfied. She had enjoyed the taste and feel of the cum but in the end it was just another small load in her ever cum-hungry belly. Blowing Claire's boyfriend Mark could be fun, but lately it had begun to lose its novelty, especially when Mark pulled her hair, called her names, and generally acted like a total douche-bag. Also, Mark's cock wasn't very big and lately Paige had been yearning for bigger game. I bet Adam Richards has a big cock, she thought as her hand automatically slid down her belly to her wet pussy like it always did after giving a good blowjob.

Lately, Paige hadn't been able to stop thinking about her neighbours' athletic son, Adam. In the past few of weeks, it had been fantasies of Adam's big dick sliding deep inside her that had really gotten Paige off while she masturbated. As she slid two of her fingers deep in her dripping cunt, Paige imagined it was Adam's large cock filling her instead of Mark's small one.

Adam was 6'3", handsome, very well built and toned from jogging and football, and Paige was willing to bet he fucked like a pornstar. She wasn't sure how she knew that last part. She just instinctively did. She swore to herself that she would work up the courage to find out first hand and test her instincts as soon as she was back from her business trip. That was the main reason she had asked Adam to housesit for her while she was gone.

Asking Adam to housesit was something Paige had regretted immediately after he had agreed, because immediately after, she had thought of her three gorgeous daughters. She couldn't shake the idea out of her mind that he was going to fuck at least one of them while she was away. She knew it might just be that same paranoia that drove her to suck off all of Claire's boyfriends, but how could she not think that when Adam Richards was such a fine male specimen of raw muscle and testosterone?

Paige now had three fingers buried in her snatch while her other hand was furiously rubbing her clit. She was quickly approaching her orgasm and she couldn't believe she was going to cum this time with visions of ripped Adam Richards popping one of her daughters' sweet cherries. Paige's back was arched and her toes were curled as she closed her eyes and mentally pictured each of her girls getting bent over and fucked hard like naughty bitches by her fantasy version of Adam with his massive, throbbing cock and his bulging pecks. She even saw in her mind her youngest Emma on all fours taking his big dick deep in her cute, tight pussy. Doggy was Paige's favourite sexual position, so she often used it in her fantasies to reach her orgasms.

Just as an imaginary Adam, chest sweaty and heaving from his hard fucking, grabbed hold of her second daughter's long blonde hair and shoved his cock fast, hard and deep into her middle child's young body, Paige bucked her hips in a wonderfully intense climax. As her fantasy Adam was dumping his load against April's unprotected cervix, Paige was crying out, "OH FUCK!", before covering her mouth to muffle any more screams. She had never learned to trust the soundproofing. Her body tensed up one last time before crashing back down on her bed and going limp.

Paige was a tired, sweaty, disheveled mess of pure pleasure. Breathing hard, she vowed that she was done with immature, little-dick guys. She needed a real man. One that could do to her what she had just done to herself. Again, her mind drifted to Adam Richards and she promised to have him as soon as she could. Since her first incident with Jimmy, Paige had started working out and eating healthier, and was now down to a more confident weight of 135 lbs. It was actually the slimmest she had been since getting pregnant with Claire and she was loving it. She now felt secure enough in her own body to make a pass at anyone, including hot, football stars.

Paige lay sprawled out on her big bed petting her tender, dripping pussy with one hand while she licked her fingers clean on the other, when a sudden realization occurred to her. The doorbell hadn't rung. She reluctantly got up out of her sweaty but warm bed and strolled across the room to where her robe was. Once she was covered up, she opened her door and walked down to Claire's bedroom door where she could clearly see a light shining through the bottom. Knocking, she immediately thought, that boy better not have snuck through Claire's window after he left my balcony.

Claire opened the door wide and smiled. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she already had on a set of pink pajamas. Stunned, all Paige could say was, "Oh, um, aren't you seeing Mark tonight?"

"No, why would you think that?" Claire asked with her beautiful smile turning slightly suspicious.

"Well," Paige paused thinking of all the cum Mark had just deposited in her belly, "I just thought you two would want to go out the last night before I leave and you're stuck with your sisters for three whole weeks."

"Nope, not tonight. He said he was busy." Claire said casually but then switched her tone to a sterner one, "Besides isn't Adam looking after the place, even though we're all clearly old enough?"

"Oh, Claire, honey. You know how I feel about it and it's just better to have Adam around while I'm gone. Anyways, we can talk more about it in the morning. I still have a bit of packing to do. Goodnight, Claire-bear."

"Okay. G'night, Mom."

Paige closed the door and walked back to her room speechless. Mark had used me, she thought with anger brewing inside her. She was definitely done with immature assholes like Mark. There were now two things she needed to do when she got back: find the courage to fuck Adam's brains out, and get rid of Mark for good. At that moment, a small part of her hoped Claire and Adam got close while she was gone just to help with the latter. Like a light bulb flickering on, wisps of an idea began to form in her head which made her smile wickedly.

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