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A fat white girl learns to take black cock and loves it
I’m Mary and a married mother of two with a nice regular type of husband. Our lives and marriage had been normal and we had gotten into a very comfortable routine. We are white and live in suburban Utah. What some would call whiteville boring. Now, I am what some would call a larger girl with very large breasts and a big curvy ass. My husband had never had a problem with my weight and that was nice, but years before him I had endured alot of joking due to my size. I had been working as a massage therapist for a few years and routinely had to take seminar classes to keep up my certifications. Every year the class/ seminar was held around the country at different locations each time. I had been lucky in the past and had taken my first few at places near home, but this year's was to be held in Houston Texas. I hadn't been to Houston before, but had been told by my husband that it could be a rough place and that I should be careful when I went there. I laughingly told him not to worry.
Well the day came for me to leave and I had packed everything I needed and had booked to be in the same hotel that the seminar was to be held at. I felt pretty confident that all was going to go without any problems. I kissed my kids and husband goodbye and said I would call. I got into Houston easy and got the rental car. I noticed alot of black people around which didn't bother me, but just noticed that there were way more than where I was from. The kid at the rental car company was a young black guy too. He was very fit and I commented on him taking care of himself. He looked at me a little surprised and asked where I was from and I told him. He laughed some and told me I needed to watch what I said around here. "Bruthas be liking a fine gurl like you" he said slyly, but innocently enough. We talked a little and I told him why I was there. He thought it was cool and wished me well. I found the hotel easy since it was near the airport and got checked in.
The lobby was busy with lots of people there for the seminar. After I got settled I went downstairs to mingle with folks I had meet in years past. I eventually found some of my old friends Joan and Kate. They were from New York and South Carolina. We had meet years past when I had started these trainings. We quickly fell into catching up and went to the hotel restaurant/bar. It got late and I called the family before going to bed. I told my husband to gossip from Joan and Kate and told him that the three of us might have some late nights catching up. The first day at the seminar went good and I learned alot. As evening came the classes ended and I went back upstairs to get ready to meet Kate and Joan again for dinner. Usually we got together each night at these events and it was fun catching up with my girlfriends. We liked these conferences for being able to relax together and wear nice cloths and be girly. I changed into a nice flowy sundress that came half way down my legs and was cut to show some cleavage, but still tasteful. I love hanging with my lady friends I thought as I looked at the clock saying it was 6pm. I headed downstairs to the restaurant/bar at the hotel to meet the ladies. While we were there we meet some other folks and one guy in particular hung out at our table for a while. His name was Chester. He was a large black guy that weighted probably around 300 pounds and stood a little over 6 foot tall. Chester was friendly and we all became friends fast. We were drinking a little and me being from Utah it quickly caught up with me. We all talked and Kate and Joan got up to mingle and talk with other friends of ours while Chester and I chatted at the booth. We talked about all sorts of things and eventually it came up of how bored I was at home in Utah and how I felt I wanted some more excitement, but also that Chester was single and that I was married. "Shu, if you were single Mary we could have a great time" Chester said "us black folk love a curvy white girl like you". I blushed. It had been a while since I had been hit on by someone. Chester noticed and went on complimenting me. I complimented him back trying to be nice back and return the favor. "A big strong man like you should have no trouble with the ladies Chester" I giggled. It was nice being flirty, but seemed like he was just being friendly. We flirted back and forth some more, but nothing over the top. After a while I noticed my pussy was wet with all the flirting and I had to admit I was liking the attention. I was starting to feel drunk a little and wasn't real aware of everything. Chester gradually moved closer and closer while we kept talking and flirting. Eventually his flirting turned naughtier, but that made me laugh and giggle as I got more turned on. Next thing I knew he was right next to me with our faces very close and our thighs touching. It took me a minute in all of our talking and laughing to notice that he was touching me with his hand. I felt the warmth of his palm on my leg and the gentle stroke of him fingers on my skin. I felt a rush of excitement flood through me as he slid my dress up to where his hand was on my thigh and was inching higher exposing more of my leg. I looked down at his big black hand touching my creamy white thigh and then up at his smiling face. "Well, Mary, since your husband ain't here to take care of you" he said raising an eyebrow. "Since you are here learning how to rub people better and make them relaxed, how about you show me how much you like rubbing things" he smiled and leaned closer whispering in my ear "I bet that white little pussy of your’s is wet isn't it". I was shocked and didn't know what to do. I looked around and no one even noticed us. There were a ton of people all talking and mingling about the seminar and who knows what all. I looked back at Chester who was now gently squeezing my soft thigh and looking at me with a mischievous smile. I felt excited, ashamed, and helpless all at the same time. I looked for Joan and Kate, but they were gone in the sea of people. I tried to laugh it off telling Chester that I was a nice married girl and had no intention of every doing anything bad. Chester just slowly slid his finger up my inner thigh looking at me and said softly “oh I think you want to be all kinds of bad lil lady”. My mouth dropped open in a silent moan and my body shuddered as he did that. He pressed up against me whispering in my ear “I think that married white pussy is aching for some thick black dick there honey”. I could barely move, but I grabbed his hand and slowly pulled it off my thigh, my head spinning from the alcohol and from what was happening. I told Chester I should go, got up trying to compose myself, and tried to stumble my way through the crowd.
I got to the elevator and Chester caught me as I got in. We were the only two people in the elevator. I was still trying to be nice, but get off easy. "Chester it was great meeting you, but really I am married and need to call my husband and kids" I said almost pleadingly. Chester told me not to worry, that that was fine and after I called the family we would have a little chat. I regretted I had mistakenly told Chester all sorts of things about me while we were drinking and talking earlier, including what room I was in, that I was there for the full week of the seminar and was taking the extra portion over the weekend, and that I got a room with no neighbors to have it quieter to sleep. We got out of the elevator and Chester followed me down the hall talking about how much he liked my big ass shaking as I walked. I half didn't know what to think. Was he just joking around or was this getting serious. We got to my room and I fumbled with the key in my tipsy state and being very nervous. He took my door keys from me. “You don’t need these” he smiled. He opened the door and we both went inside. I had gotten a king bed, looking forward to having a big bed all to myself for a few days. It even had bed posts of thick wood, a nice touch. He looked around and made himself comfortable on the couch. "Why don't you call the fam while I watch some tv" he said. It was only 9pm, I went over to the phone and called home. I had sobered up a little on the way back to the room which helped me talk normally to my husband and kids. I noticed while I was talking Chester had ordered porn on my tv. I told my husband about my day while watching Chester watching a gangbang movie. I told my husband that I had meet up with Kate and Joan again and that they wanted to go out for some drinks the next few nights and to not worry “I’ll make sure they behave honey”. My husband knew of Kate and Joan and felt relaxed knowing I and they were in good hands.
I got off the phone and walked over to Chester who now had a huge bulge in his pants, watching porn. I told him he should go and that maybe I could see him tomorrow. He looked up at me and turned off the tv. "Now my little miss Mary" he said licking his lips. "We have a lot of things to talk about and no hurry" he said as he stood up and gently put his big arms around me. I thought about resisting, but thought better of it. He was a big guy and could easily hurt me. He looked into my trembling eyes "we are only starting to have fun sexy little honey". I told him I didn't want to do anything with him and again that I was married. Part of me was terrified and part of me was lying. There was part of me that was more excited than I had ever been. He laughed "but married white pussy is the best kind". He looked at me in the eyes “Its nice and clean and aching to be used”. He smiled “you are aching to be used aren’t you Mary”. I looked down blushing. “I think tonight we need to get to know each other better my lil Mary, and I think you need to be educated on how nice black cock can feel in your plump white pussy” he said. It hit me that he intended to take me willingly or rape me and there seemed to be nothing I could do. My pussy instantly got wetter at the thought of this. "Chester, please don’t make me do this, tonight was fun, but I can’t do this with you” I said loudly trying to convince him. "Well Mary, your friends watched us laughing and talking lot tonight" he said matter of factly. "I don't think anyone questioned when I told Kate and Joan that I was going to make sure you got to your room ok since you were drunk. They told me great and to take care of you and that I was wonderful for being there for you...and I intend to take very good care of you". Chester then sat down looking at me up and down standing in the middle of my large room. “It would be a shame for that nice white husband of yours to find out that a black man took you away tonight, wouldn’t it” he said. “Please don’t Chester, my husband can’t know about this” I was almost paniced. "So" he said "we can do this the hard way or the easy way, which do you want Mary"? I almost started to cry. I shook my head “please no” I pleaded. Chester just shook his head and cracked his knuckles. "The easy way" I said barely holding the tears in. "Please don't hurt me Chester" I pleaded. "Oh no Honey" Chester said "I have no plans of hurting you" "Chester is going to take good care of you".
Chester got up and pulled his shirt off showing his thick torso and big beer belly. I could just stand staring. He looked at me smiling as he pulled his pants down. I could see his huge cock poking in his boxers. "Come on over here Mary, I have something I want to show you" He motioned for me to come over and I did without thinking. I was like in a trance. His eyes stared into mine as he took my hand and put it on his bulge. His cock strained in his boxers to be set free. I was getting very nervous as Chester looked me in the eyes. “Now Mary, just relax, we both want this, I know how into me you were getting downstairs, so let’s stop being silly and why don’t you just understand that your pussy finally gets to get some real dick tonight”. Part of me knew he was right, I had gotten so turned on flirting with him and he knew it. My hand couldn't help squeezing his cock in his boxers before I noticed I was doing it. Chester noticed too and kissed me and held my head with one hand so I couldn't move. I froze as we kissed. "Come now honey, kiss me back" Chester said softly. He french kissed me and I let myself kiss him back. His big body pressed against mine. Our tongues twirling in each other's mouths. I heard something and noticed he had his cell phone and was taking a picture of us kissing. “See” he said “that wasn’t so hard Mary”. I tried to grab it away, but he pulled it back smiling. “Ah..ah, my friends need to see this” he said as he quickly texted it off to god knows who. "Please don't make me do this Chester" I said. Chester just grinned "Mary, it's ok to be afraid at first, but Chester is going to show you how to be a proper hoe for some nigger dick honey". I choked out a "please no" and Chester told me that it was going to be ok and that I just need to do what he asked. “You were so bored in your old lil life honey, so now we are going to spice things up and give that aching little pussy of yours some real black meat to eat up” he said as he slide his hands up and down my plump curvy sides. "Don't you worry, you gonna be loving this Mary, I'm going to show you what your pretty little fat pussy needs from now on" Chester said. He smiled “when I am done, you will be begging for black cock.” I noticed I was still rubbing the bulge in his boxer.
He then told me I was going to get on my knees in front of him. I knew what this meant. I submitted and knelt in front of him as he sat down on the couch pulling his boxers down. Chester looked down at me “Now Mary, I need for you to do as you’re told tonight if you want me to stay quiet about all this, understand”. I told him I understood I had to do as he said. “Please don’t tell my husband, no one can know of any of this Chester, not even Joan and Kate” I said. “Of course not your hubby sexy lil cutie, but we will have to see about Joan and Kate, I might know some brothers who would be like’n them too” he said leaning back “but I know some friends who are going to know about you my sexy little kitten” he laughed. His huge, nine inch, black cock sprang free as his boxers came down and was already dripping precum. "Tell me how much you want to suck my black cock Mary" he said. He then told me to touch him and stoke it. I timidly did and more precum glistened at the head. "Tell me how much you want my black cock in your mouth Mary" he calmly said. I knew there was no was out of this so I gave in "I want your black cock in my mouth Chester". He smiled "see, that's better Mary, show me what a good cocksucker you can be". I tried to relax as I stoked his cock and began licking the precum off. I swirled my tongue around the big head of it as he told me how good it felt. " I knew I was right about you Mary" "I knew you knew how to suck a real man's dick when I saw you" he said as I started bobbing my head up and down his cock, slurping my saliva and his precum up as it dripped down the sides. I heard him rummaging by his pants as I was sucking his cock and heard a few clicking sounds in addition to his grunts of pleasure "you gonna make such and good white hoe for me Mary". I looked up to see he was taking pictures of me sucking his huge black cock. I pulled my mouth off his cock "oh god please no" I said. "Oh Mary" Chester said grinning "it's ok, this is just insurance that you will be doing as your told and I just want a few of my friends to know I’m your new master now, you gonna do anything I say if you want to keep that family of yours". "Please Chester" I pleaded. Chester told me to suck his dick and to not argue. "You are mine or your white little husband sees what a dirty hoe his wife is, understand". I knodded as he texted those pictures off also. “I know you like this Mary, so relax and enjoy me turning you into my married fat little whore” Chester said as he stroked my face. I hated it, but he was right, I liked the way he was treating me. "Now my sweet little Mary, tell me what a dirty fat hoe you are". I felt so ashamed and trapped, but my pussy was dripping wet. Chester could now blackmail me into anything he wanted and we both knew it. HE held up his phone camera and hit record. "I'm a dirty fat hoe" I said. Chester smiled "tell me that you love making black cock happy". Everything he was making me say was making me wetter. I could feel my pussy dripping on my dress "I love making black cock happy Chester". He smiled and told me to suck his cock more while he did some things. I sucked his dick, drinking the precum leaking out while he messed with his phone some more. I didn't know what he was doing until his phone rang, startling me. He talked with one hand while grabbing my hair making me bob my head with the other.
Part of me was really liking being treated like this. I found myself getting into sucking his big, black, manly cock. "Yeah James, this white bitch loves black dick, she can't get enough, we gonna own this fat bitch". "WE" I thought? Chester talked some more that I barely understood in my shocked state. I caught something about "lots of fun", "tomorrow", "the boys", and this weekend" before he got off the phone. I felt so bad that the thought of really being made to become a whore was turning me on so much. He had pictures of me so I was trapped and he knew it. He kept making me suck his cock and I did while he reached down with both hands and pulled my big 44dd breasts out of the top of my dress "MMmmm honey you got some big, fat titties". I could feel him tense up as he kneaded them. One of his hands grabbed my hair again as he came. "Drink it all bitch" he said. I felt his big cock spasm in my mouth as it flooded my throat with his cum. I drank as much as I could before it began leaking out the sides and down my hand still pumping his cock. I found I liked the taste of his cum and being made to drink it. It was turning me on so much being so naughty. Chester grunted and groaned, telling me what a good little white slut I was and that I was making him happy. He told me to keep licking his cock clean. I was good and kept sucking and licking the cum running out with each pump. His cock was not getting soft like my husband's, but staying hard as a rock as I kept playing with it. Chester took a finger and pulled my chin up to look at him “tell me how much you love drinking my cum honey”. I knew what he wanted to hear. I looked up at him “I love drinking your cum Chester”. He told me to stand up and take my dress off. I pulled my dress off as he told me what a fat, creamy, white bitch I was. He told me to turn around and bend over. I did and he told me what a sexy fat ass I had. He then came up to me and tore my panties off “You ain’t gonna need these anyway” he joked. He groped my tummy and huge titties hanging down as he kept talking dirty to me. "Look at you Mary, you're a dirty, married, white whore standing there waiting for your master’s big, black, dick" he mocked. He spanked my big ass "tell me you want me to fuck your fat, married, white pussy". He spanked me again as I said "please fuck my fat, married, white pussy Chester". "Tell me your body aches to be full of black cocks" Chester said as he took me by the hand over to the bed and bent me over the side. As he bent me over he started sliding one of his fingers up and down my dripping pussy slit making my body shimmer with lust. "Say it" he ordered, spanking me again. "My body is aching to be full of black cocks Chester" I cried. His other hand reached around and slapped and kneaded one of my breasts hanging down, pinching my nipple, making it hard. "That's good Mary, because we have all week baby, and that is if I let you leave". Hearing that made me realize that he had no intention of this just being tonight. "Hell I might just have to keep you Mary" "what do you think of that" he said in my ear, licking it as he played with my exposed dripping pussy. I cried a little, I didn't know what to think. "MMMmmmmm your pussy is aching for my cock Mary, you like being my married white hoe don't you." Chester said softly in my ear. "My pussy is aching for your black cock Chester" I said. As I said it I got even wetter. His finger slid in easily and he started pumping it in and out. My pussy sounded so wet like it was sucking his finger. "Time to make you mine Mary" Chester said as he slid his hard cock up and down my wet slit. "Beg me to make you mine Mary and tell me that I own you from now on" Chester said as he teases the head of his cock against my wet pussy. I was now aching to be fucked and my body needed him inside of me so badly. I loved him treating me like I was his whore. I broke down and totally gave in "Oh god Chester, please fuck me, please make me yours Chester". Chester slid his fat, huge cock in my married, white, pussy. I moaned as he buried it in me and slowly started fucking me. Chester grabbed my soft, fat hips and used them as handles as he plowed my wet pussy, telling me that I belonged to him now. "Your my fat white cum slave aren't you Mary" Chester said as his cock fucked my pussy deeper than it ever had before. "I'm your's Chester, I'll do anything you ask" I cried. I felt more defeated and more aroused than I ever had. Chester liked that "good my fat little sexy slave", "you're gonna do whatever and whoever I want, got that". I nodded "Yes Chester". Chester then told me that his friend James was on his way over there right now and that I was going to please James too. As he fucked me he went on to tell me that I was not going to anymore of the seminar and that my job was to please him and his friends. Just then his phone rang "yeah, come on up boys, I'm turning this white hoe out, she's going to be a dirty nasty bitch when we are done with her". Chester told me that I needed to tell James how much I loved being a whore for black cock when he walks in.
Chester grabbed my titties hanging down and kneaded them, asking me if I agreed that a fat bitch like me was made for big black dicks. I moaned that I did, I was lost in lust now and would do almost anything Chester wanted.
Just then two bald black guys walked in the room. One was very over weight and the other one was a normal size guy holding a video camera. Chester slowed down to slowly humping me "Hey guys, come in and close the door, we don't want anyone disturbing our fun, do we Mary". I looked up at them, sweat running down my face and said "I love being a whore for black cock". James the normal size guy recorded it and put the camera running on the counter pointing at us. I couldn't believe I just said that to a camera. I knew I would never be free of them until they let me be. MY husband could never see that. The other black guy turned out was Henry. Henry was over 300 pounds and looked over fifty. Chester told the fellas to join us as they quickly stripped. James had a big cock like Chester, but Henry had the thickest cock I had seen. Chester pulled out and told me to get on the bed. I did as I was told and crawled up on the bed happy to lay down. I couldn't believe I was being so easily made into their whore. Henry walked up to the side of the bed and told me that they were going to teach me to be their obedient white lil whore. Henry slapped my thick thigh making it ripple and then grabbed my big titties, shaking them "I like the girls with meat on'em, nice and soft for my dick". He then grabbed my hair and made me take his cock in my mouth. I willingly took his cock in my mouth. Wrapping one of my hands around it to help pump it. I was barely able to get it all in it was so thick. "MMmmm mmmm, I love watching my black dick going in a slutty white hoes mouth" Henry said. Chester told James that my pussy was drippping wet and ready. James got up inbetween my big thighs and slapped the big head of his cock in my pussy opening "ask me to fuck you Mary". He pulled my head off of Henry's cock "please fuck me James" and went back to sucking Henry's cock. James slid his cock in my pussy that was gaping open from the fucking Chester had given it. Even though James was big, he slid right in. James started fucking me and grabbing my big titties and kneading them rough. He fucked me so hard that my whole body was shaking and rippling with each thrust. Henry held my hair and face fucked me so he wouldn't get bounced out. James and Henry were calling me all sorts of names while they used me "whore, bitch, cumslut, nasty white hoe". I was loving it. Chester had taken to filming the whole thing and even getting close ups of my face moaning around Henry's fat cock. James said we should switch positions and pulled out. James laid down in the middle while Henry helped me. "Come ride this black pole slutty girl" James said, taking my hands and pulling me on top of him. He grabbing my hips and held me as he slid his cock up inside me. I moaned as he filled me up. James held my hips and started fucking me and telling me to fuck him back. I started moving my hips. His cock felt so good fucking me. Henry took my head again and made me suck his cock. "Get it nice and sloppy bitch" Henry laughed. James told me the Henry's cock is called the Alabama mud snake and asked me if I knew why as he laughed. "Because his snake loves being up white girl booty". Henry laughed as I sucked his dick making it nice and wet with saliva. I almost started panicing thinking of his huge black dick up my ass. "That's right honey, you gonna be taking all of mister Henry tonight". He held my head on his cock as I tried to protest. I cried as Chester squirted lube on my ass, rubbing it around and sliding a finger up my asshole. He played with my asshole, sliding his lube covered fingers in and out of my ass making wet sucking noises. "This bitch is tight" he said. I shook my head as Henry said "ask me to fuck that married white ass of yours honey". He laughed and said the fat booty hoes love black dick in their ass. He pulled out of my mouth "please don't" I cried. Chester stopped recording for a second and walked over to me. "Ask Henry to fuck that married white ass Mary" he ordered "and since you are misbehaving now you have to tell him how much you want his black dick in your ass all the time too and I want you to keep telling him while he fucks you". I fought back the tears "please fuck my fat married ass Henry". Chester got a close up of me saying it as he smiled. James slowed down while Henry got on the bed behind me and gently poked the head of his cock to my asshole, swirling it around in the lube. Keep talking sweetie Chester said. "I need your black cock in my white ass Henry, please give me that big black cock". Henry started pushing it in. It felt huge like it was splitting my ass. "Oh god" I moaned as James held my wrists from struggling. Chester was grinning as he filmed my asshole taking Henry's cock. Henry grabbed my hair pulling my head back, making me moan and pant as he worked his dick into me. Chester filmed my lust filled face and told me to keep telling them how much I loved it. “Come on baby, talk nasty to the camera for me” Chester said as he caressed my cheek. "Oh god ooooooooaaaahhh, I love taking black cock" I cried out. Henry finally had it all the way in and I could feel his and James cocks straining against my insides. I had never felt so full before. As Henry slowly started fucking me the pain subsided and was replaced with a good feeling of being filled with dick. James started slowly fucking me too. Chester said I was their dirty white whore now and that I would come to love pleasing black cock. He was right, I was loving this. I gave up completely now. "I love being a dirty married whore for black cock" I moaned as they fucked me. “that’s my good girl” Chester said “tell me how much you love being taught your place”. I looked at the camera panting as James and Henry fucked me like their whore. “I love being taught that I belong to black cock Chester”. James grabbed my titties, mauling and sucking on them while Henry drilled into my ass. I could feel my body giving into them as much as I didn’t want to. “Ooooohh goddddd! Aaaahhhhh aaauuuuuuhhhhhhh……..I came, gushing on James as my pussy squeezed his cock and my tight ass clenched around Henry’s fat dick. My body shook as I came and came. Chester filmed the whole thing as the boys kept fucking me, telling me what a black cock loving hoe I was. I panted and moaned as they fucked me. I collapsed on James and Chester pulled my face to the side and fucked my mouth. Just then Henry tensed and came in my ass, pumping it full of cum. “Oh take it you fat bitch, uuunnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh” he yelled as his cock throbbed in my ass. He grabbed my cheeks squeezing them until he was done. “Oh lordy I needed that Chester, you done good finding this one boy” he said as he rolled back and sat on the couch to relax. “You know I can pick’em old man” Chester said, pulling out of my mouth and slapping my ass and he walked over and handed the camera to Henry. Chester came back over and told me to spread my cheeks for him. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart and he plunged his cock into my ass. Henry’s cum squirted out the sides and running down my thighs as he began fucking my ass. Chester grabbed my hair, pulling it back a little making me pant and moan louder. I bucked my fat ass back at Chester fucking them both. My body was loving this. As much as I hated them my pussy was aching for more and more and the boys could tell. James stopped suckling my nipples, looking around to Chester and Henry “you know we need to take this bitch out tonight and have some fun boys, she’s ripe, I’m telling you, we need to bring her out to Louie’s and show this off”. Chester laughed “yeah, that sounds like fun J, haha watch her get nasty, just let me finish getting a nut off”. James grabbed my face looking at me as he tensed up “beg me to fill you up Mary”. I panted out “please fill me up James, please, please fill my married white pussy”. He came, blasting hot black cum inside me. I came again feeling his cock throb and my pussy squeezed, trying to milk his cum into me. Just then Chester came filling my ass too. I was so drunk on lust I couldn’t even tell what he was saying. Chester pulled out and cum came pouring out of my ass. James rolled us over on our sides and pulled out and let me there breathing hard on the bed, cum running out of my holes. I looked over and Henry was dressed and was talking to James and Chester who were starting to put on their cloths. I put my head down resting for a second while they talked. I could hear them laughed about what dirty slut I was and how they should just make me stay out here. A brief moment of worry crossed my mind, but faded as I was so tired. I could barely hear them, but could make out something about us going out since it was still early. Chester came up to me and gently rubbed my back. He was being so nice. I looked up at him. “You did good tonight Mary, I knew you would come around” Chester said as he slide his hand along my fat curves. He slide one of his fingers between my cum covered legs and rubbed my clit. “Now, you know you belong to us right honey? He asked. My breath quickened, “Yes, Chester, I am your’s now” I moaned. He slide two more fingers in and scooped out some cum as my body shook with pleasure. He offered the fingers to me and I took them in my mouth, sucking the cum off of them. “Good girl” he said caressing my cheek. James looked over at us and said he would go get the ride and meet us out front in a few. He told Henry to bring the camera and stuff and to come on. They left and Chester explained to me that I needed to shower quick, throw on some makeup and get dressed again.
To be continued........


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Would love to read more of this....

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I liked it and she should be rewarded with a black pride tattoo for her devotion to black cock. I'm sure she will be proudly wearing black rings in her pierced nipples and clit when she returns home also. Her husband may not understand at first, but it won't take long once he notices how large her vagina and anal holes are now.

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