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A horny dog gets his first taste of human pussy!!!

I’m a dog. You may wonder what breed I am, but that’s irrelevant. And even if you were to ask, I would be unable to answer. I never had parents to educate me or siblings to play with. My first memory is that of a dark, grungy back alley. I can still remember the foul stench that inhabited it when I close my eyes. It seems like a lifetime ago now. I guess that’s what happens when you spend your days struggling to locate your next meal while keeping a constant lookout for impending danger. But that’s my life. It’s the only one I’ve ever known and it feels like it will continue slowly grinding me down until there’s nothing left. Perhaps one day things will finally get better…


Part 1: The Daughter

I awoke in an old, rundown house. The place was a complete mess and it smelled like an outhouse, but at least it had kept me dry. It had rained all night long and, without this roof over my head, I would probably still be shivering.

A wide yawn parted my lips as I stood up. A quick stretch took care of expulsing the last few shreds of sleep from my body. Leaving my temporary residence behind, I headed out for another long day of scavenging. I remembered when finding food was as easy as locating a restaurant and waiting for the owner to dump the day’s trash. But with the economy in the toilet, more and more humans were left without a home. Many of them gave up their dignity and started scouring the trash in search of food. That left us dogs with no choice but to turn to cats, squirrels and rats to sustenance. But do you have any idea how difficult it is to catch such animals? Rats can hide pretty much anywhere. Squirrels can climb trees. And most owners now keep their cats indoors.

I had recently begun considering the possibility of venturing off to another part of town in search of food, but I was reticent to leave this sector of the city. It was where I had lived my entire life—if you consider a constant struggle for survival living—and I didn’t know if I was ready to abandon that link to my past. But if my parents were ever coming back, they would have done it by now. I was on my own and, unless I did something about my situation, I would starve to death.

After another long day of scavenging, I was forced to face facts. I hadn’t eaten in nearly three days and if I didn’t find food soon, I would not see a forth. It was time for me to leave.

After a final tour of my old neighborhood, I set off in search of a better life. My journey lasted about five minutes. I was so faint from lack of food that I crossed the street with looking. The final sound I heard was the screeching of tires. I didn’t even feel the pain. The last thing I remember was the world fading around me, giving way to infinite blackness.

When I came to, my head was throbbing and my vision was blurry. I couldn’t tell where I was, but I knew I wasn’t alone. I could hear voices. Human voices. My first reaction was fear. I had dealt with a few humans before and none of those interactions had ended well. Unfortunately, my diminished capacities left me completely at their mercy. I had no choice but to lay there and wait for my vision to return. When it finally did, I studied my surroundings.

I was indoors. Having never been inside a human dwelling—aside from the few times I slept in an abandoned house—I wasn’t sure what they called this room. Given my limited knowledge of humans and the furnishings that surrounded me, I assumed I was in what they referred to as the living room.

Speaking of humans, two of them sat on the couch that faced the small table I now lay atop—I think it’s what they call a coffee table, though I have no idea what coffee is. They were both females and appeared to be related, because they shared many characteristics. Intrigued by them, I took a few moments to look them up and down.

They both had platinum-blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. It was difficult for me to tell, but I’m pretty sure they were quite attractive—at least by human standards. Their clothes were incredibly tight, which put their oddly enticing breasts on display. Though I couldn’t see this at the time, I would later learn their behinds were shaped like freshly-picked apples. The final detail I noticed was the intoxicating smell that arose from between their legs. Though I knew nothing of human anatomy, my highly developed sense of smell told me the aroma that now filled my nostrils was that of sex. I had no idea why these two women were aroused, but I could tell they both had sex on their minds.

By the time I was done studying them, I had come to a conclusion. These two beautiful women were mother and daughter, though the mother almost looked youthful enough to be the youngest one’s sister. Still, their interactions told me the link they shared was not that of siblings.

The two spoke in hushed voices. They kept glancing at me, pointing and giggling. I wasn’t sure why they were acting like a couple of schoolgirls, but I was about to find out. A quick study of my body informed me the collision with the vehicle had left me uninjured. However, my scrutiny also uncovered something else. I had a raging hard-on.

I had no idea why I was so turned on when I had only just regained consciousness, but it didn’t matter. This was no time to think about sex, so I shifted my body to shield my rock-hard member. Perhaps it was only my imagination, but I could have sworn I saw a look of disappointment appear on the two beautiful women’s faces.

The mother—I would eventually learn her name was Candy—said something. From the way she stared at me, it was clear she was speaking to me, but I didn’t understand a word she said. I only had a limited understanding of the language humans spoke. Thankfully, her tone of voice spoke volumes as to her state of mind.

The guilt in her voice told me she was the one who drove the car that hit me. The fear was no doubt a result of the fact I had passed out from the shock of being struck by a vehicle. The worry made it clear she was concerned about my wellbeing and no doubt willing to do anything to ease her guilty conscience. As for the arousal, well, I assumed that had something to do with my erection.

When I didn’t react, the daughter—her name was Barbie—gave communicating with me a try. I interpreted her tone of voice and instantly knew how she felt. She too felt bad for what had happened to me, but there was not an ounce of guilt present. However, the arousal that laced her voice made me realize she was far more aroused than her mother.

As the young woman spoke to me, something happened. It took a few seconds before I realized what it was and, when I finally did, I was both shocked and disgusted. I was turned on. And not just because I had an erection. There was something about the way Barbie looked in that skimpy outfit of hers that made me wonder what she looked like naked. I craved the feel of her skin. I imagined myself mounting her and instantly felt my arousal skyrocket.

“What’s wrong with me?” I wondered. Never before had I felt this way about a human. It was wrong, unnatural. But as hard as I tried to ignore the tightness of her clothing and the curves of her body, her beauty was too much for me to handle.

I held out for as long as I could, but when she reached out and tentatively started petting my head, I lost all control. I pictured myself leaping off the coffee table. I imagined Barbie dropping to her hands and knees. I could almost feel the incredible wetness of her pussy as I forced myself into her. Before my imagination could take things beyond that point, I put an end to the fantasy and focused on the only thing that truly mattered; finding a way to make my fantasy come true.

I couldn’t make my move now because the mother would no doubt stand between us. Then again, there was no telling how the daughter would react either. They were both turned on, but it was impossible to tell if it was a result of my engorged member. I chose to play it cool.

Barbie and Candy exchanged a few words. I didn’t understand most of what they said, but I did comprehend the gist of what they were saying. Candy felt incredibly guilty for hitting me and claimed to be willing to let me remain with them until I was fully healed. Barbie seemed thrilled by the idea—I hoped it was because she was looking forward to spending more time with me and my rock-hard member.

I was thrilled at the thought of spending a few days with these two beautiful women. Not only were they warm, loving people, but a roof over my head and food in my stomach would be a welcome change of pace. Plus, I couldn’t wait to feel those two tight pussies wrapped around my cock. But none of that would come to pass if they realized I wasn’t injured. I felt kind of bad for lying to them, but I chose to give them a good reason to let me stay.

Jumping off the coffee table, I pretended to suffer from a sprained ankle. I hopped around, whimpering sadly for effect. It worked like a charm. They both jumped up and hurried over to me. They led me back to the couch and lifted me up onto it. Barbie made sure I was comfortable while Candy hurried to the kitchen to fetch me some food. It was the first time I ate something that did not emerge from a trash can and I had to admit, it was the tastiest piece of meat I ever ate.

Barbie and Candy stayed by my side for the next few hours. They ran their fingers through my fur, massaging my sensitive areas with surprising skill. I kept hoping one of their hands would travel down to my cock, but never once did their fingers near my crotch. As the minutes turned to hours, I got used to their beauty and my member gradually retreated into its sheath. The gorgeous women must also have gotten accustomed to my studliness, because their pussies eventually stopped producing that intoxicating aroma.

By dinnertime, my headache was gone and I felt like a million bucks, whatever that meant. I felt stronger than I had in a long time and my fur was now immaculate—Barbie and Candy had taken the time to carry me to the tub and bathe me. It was my first bath and I was a little afraid at first, but the thought my new friends’ hands all over me helped me relax.

When dinner was served—Barbie and Candy lived alone, so it was just the three of us—I joined them at the dinner table. Making sure to limp all the way to the dining room, I jumped onto one of the chairs and pawed at the table. Apparently, that was quite an endearing thing to do, because I was allowed to share the evening meal with them. I was even given the juiciest steak of them all.

After dinner, the three of us retired to the living room to watch a movie. To be perfectly honest, I had little interest in the images that flashed on the screen. I was more interested in enjoying the feel of my two new roommates’ fingers running through my fur.

Once the movie was over, Candy and Barbie retired to their respective bedrooms. I considered attempting to join one of them, but I feared that would be too bold a statement to make. Instead, I remained on the couch and enjoyed the feel of the soft fabric beneath my body.

As I lay there, waiting for sleep to come, I thought back on everything that had happened to me. A little over six hours ago, I was a poor excuse for a dog constantly in search of his next meal. Now, I had a roof over my head and two beautiful women to keep me company. It was a dream come true for any homeless canine. However, I knew my luck would eventually run out when they found out I was not really injured. Maybe I could stretch it out for a week or two, but there was a definite deadline to my posh new life.

As I lay there, praying for sleep to come, I realized I could not afford to waste what little time I had left. As enjoyable as the luxuriousness of my new life was, it paled in comparison to the promise of sex with a beautiful woman. The sweet smell of Barbie’s pussy still haunted me and merely thinking about her was enough to chase away the few shreds of sleep that had snuck into my body.

Leaping off the couch, I hurried across the living room. I slowed my pace when I neared the young woman’s bedroom. I feared I would find the door sealed shut, but it stood ajar. It was almost as if she had subconsciously—or consciously—given me the access I needed to sneak into her room and take advantage of her.

I stood by the door for a few moments. The slow breathing that came from within told me Barbie was asleep. The faint intakes of air that came from her mother’s room told me she was also unconscious. That was good; the last thing I wanted was for her to barge in on us before I could get what I had come for.

I tiptoed into the room, carefully pushing the door shut with my paw. I made sure to leave it open a crack, just in case I needed to make a quick getaway.

When I turned to face the bed, I discovered a shockingly beautiful sight. The window that stood near the bed was wide open and the occasional gust of wind that rustled through the curtains helped explain why the sheets lay on the floor. They must have fluttered off Barbie sometime during her sleep, leaving every inch of her flawless body visible to all that stood within range. Thankfully, I as the only one lucky enough to fall into that category.

I crept toward the bed, taking in the young woman’s every curve. She was even more beautiful now. The breeze tickled her nipples, turning them to stone, while the coolness of the night air brought goose bumps to her skin. But perhaps that was a result of the engorged state of her labia. The mere sight of it was enough to tell me she was aroused. The way she moaned softly in her sleep, it was clear she was dreaming about sex.

I followed the intoxicating smell of arousal all the way to the bed and carefully hopped on. Barbie didn’t move an inch. Not even when I began sniffing her pussy.

The smell was so pungent, so intoxicating. Just a whiff of it sent my member flying out of its sheath. A few more whiffs was all it took to bring it to its full potential. I now had a rock-hard shaft between my hind legs. I was ready and willing to use it. However, I had to take things slow. If I moved too quickly, Barbie would wake up and there was no telling what would happen then. The safest course of action was to take things slow. I just hoped I would be able to contain my arousal long enough to put the next part of my plan into action.

Glancing up at the naked young woman’s face to make sure she was still asleep, I carefully lowered my head to her pussy. The first lick was tentative. My tongue slowly slithered across her labia, coating it in saliva. A shiver of what I hoped was delight ran through her and a soft moan flowed past her lips. Encouraged by it, I decided to keep going.

She tasted so sweet. Only a few drops of the pre-cum that filled her slit had reached her labia, but it was enough. As soon as the intoxicating flavor reached my taste buds, I was hooked. I began feverishly licking her pussy, struggling to keep my tongue from trembling with excitement.

Barbie remained trapped in her slumber, but my hard work didn’t go unnoticed. She started moaning in her sleep, her breasts rising and falling to the ever quickening rhythm of her breathing. Before long, she was panting.

I continued massaging her lower lips, wondering when it would be safe to delve deeper. But when my tongue came across a small protuberance that seemed to hover above her slit, I forgot all about it. Each time I licked it, she moaned. I’m not certain of this, but I think it’s what they call a clit. Whatever the name, it seemed infested with nerve endings, because her moans grew in intensity each time I licked it.

I kept going for as long as I could. The only reason I stopped was because her moans were getting too powerful. Either she would wake up and discover what I was up to or her mother would emerge from her slumber and catch us. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know which would have been worse.

It was now too late to stop, so I did the only thing I could think of; I pulled away from her clit and thrust my tongue deep into her slit.

“Fuck!” yelped Barbie. I feared she had just woken up, but one quick glance told me she was still asleep. If the rumors I had heard about reality affecting dreams were true, then she was probably experiencing the most intense sex dream of her entire life.

I pushed on until every last inch of my tongue was buried inside her. She was so hot. And wet. I kept my tongue inside her for a moment, giving my taste buds time to gorge themselves on the sweet pre-cum. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled out and swallowed. Moments later, I was coming back for seconds.

I furiously tongue fucked her slit. I was amazed by her ability to remain unconscious given the intensity of her moans, but I wasn’t about to complain. I continued massaging her vaginal walls with my tongue, bringing her closer and closer to climax. Just when I thought her high-pitched moans would shatter my eardrums, she climaxed.

Her pussy started to tremble. The shaking intensified until it was all I could feel. I bravely fought on, thrusting my tongue in and out of her as the most powerful moan to date flowed past her lips. But even with all this, it wasn’t until the first wave of cum shot out of her that she finally awoke.

She bolted upright and said something along the lines of “What the fuck?” I didn’t care what she said; all that mattered was the intoxicatingly sweet nectar that now gushed into my mouth. I was not just stunned by how sweet it was, but also by how much of it found its way into my mouth.

I continued ferociously tongue fucking her tight slit, determined to give her the best orgasm of her life. My plan was simple; if she enjoyed her orgasm, then perhaps she would not totally freak out when she came down from her sexual high. It was not exactly a flawless plan, but it was the only one I had, so I gave it my all.

It took a few seconds before the young woman’s moans resumed. Moments after they did, she fall back down to the bed and her legs spread even wider. Not only had she given in to the orgasm, but she was now grinding her hips in a concentric motion, almost doubling the intensity of the tongue fucking.

I continued to lick her until the final squirt oozed out of her. By then, my mouth was full and I was left with a choice; swallow or spit. I didn’t even bother thinking it over before unclenching my throat muscles and letting the sweet nectar flow down my throat.

I considered retracting my tongue, but I feared if I gave her so much as a second to recover, she would freak out. If that happened, I cold kiss my new life goodbye, so I did the only thing I could think of to ensure my future was a bright one. I continued tongue fucking her.

It took a while before her moans died down and her breathing returned to normal. By then, I was a nervous wreck. Part of me was convinced my pussy-licking skills were unmatched by any other canine. Another part was afraid my tongue would be unable to keep her quiet. I was leaning toward the ladder.

Turns out I was right. At least in part. My tongue wasn’t enough to keep her quiet. Thankfully, the words that flowed her lips were not the ones I had deed dreading.

“Stop!” she commanded. That was one of the few human words I understood.

I considered disobeying the order, but I didn’t see the point in delaying the inevitable. I pulled away from her slit, my heart sinking in anticipation of what was to come. But it sprang right back into my chest when Barbie got to her hands and knees.

My mouth dropped open in disbelief as she shuffled around until she was facing away from me. Her bodacious behind now stood before me. Her cheeks were spread by the wide stance she had taken and both her pussy and asshole now stood before me. I watched them in disbelief.

Was this really happening? Did she actually want me to fuck her?

My eyes traveled up her body. She was peering back at me over her shoulder. A wide smile curled her lips and her eyes twinkled with anticipation. Before I could realize what that meant, she said something that chased all doubt form my mind.

“Fuck me!” she pleased. Her voice was firm, commanding. Thankfully for her—and me—I was not the type to deny such a beautiful woman the pleasure of my cock.

My front paws left the mattress. They rose higher and higher until they had cleared her body. Only then did I allow them to come back down. When they landed, one of my front legs stood on either side of the teen’s body. All I had to do was bring them together to squeeze her waist. Now with a firm grip on my young lover’s body, I brought my hind legs into play. They took turns moving forward, gradually forcing my rock-hard member closer to her slit.

“Fuck!” yelled Barbie when the tip of it pressed against her labia. I gave her a second to get accustomed to its intense heat before jerking forward. As soon as I did, the spear shot deep into her, filling her like never before. I could tell I was reaching previously unreached depths just by the force of her moans. Encouraged by this, I pushed on until every last inch of my member was inside her. Only the knot now remained unattended to and, given the incredible tightness of her slit, it would remain that way throughout the proceedings.

“Fuck me!” begged the gorgeous human a split second before I started pounding her. The seconds I did, she began wailing like a banshee. Part of me was afraid her cries would wake her mother, but the rest of me didn’t care. Never before had I been this turned on and nothing in the world, not even an angry mother, would keep me from getting what I wanted.

I savagely bounded the tight-bodied teen, refusing to go easy on her just because she was a human. She had begged me to fuck her and now it was time for her to deal with the consequences. I expected her to beg me to stop, but she just kept on moaning, occasionally encouraging me with a quick “Faster!” or “Deeper!” I was impressed by her ability to handle such an intense pounding, but completely flabbergasted by how quickly she came.

Her pussy came to life less than a second after my member. It trembled around my shaft, luring my orgasm forth with even greater speed. Just when I thought I would go insane from the agony of pre-orgasm, my hot nectar shot out of me. It filled my young lover’s slit, luring the most powerful moan to date past her lips. But in hindsight, I now believe that moan was a result of her own orgasm, which had just exploded within her like an erupting volcano.

Moans and howls filled the room as the blend of human and canine cum that now filled her pussy shot out of her. I felt it splash onto my hind legs, but I ignored it and focused on continuing the intense pounding. My efforts didn’t go unnoticed, because her moans intensified. So did the intensity of her orgasm. It shook her entire body until I was forced to hang on to her more out of need than desire her. If I had loosened my grip even just a little, I would have been sent lying across the room. Thankfully, my arousal kept my adrenaline level at maximum and it was with fierce intensity that I continued to pound her.

I eventually lost track of time. All I know is that one moment, I was pounding and howling and the next I was panting and praying for death. That was how exhausted I was. Thankfully, my young lover was not so tired. She barely even took the time to catch her breath before wrapping her lips around my now shrinking cock. Only the tip of it now protruded from its sheath, but that was enough for Barbie. She used her lips and tongue to coax it back out, stopping only when my member was back to its previous state; rock-hard and ready for action.

Pulling away momentarily, she took a few seconds to study my member. The look of total admiration that appeared on her face filled me with pride. But I quickly forgot about that when she lowered her head to it and forced it into her mouth. Moments later, she was eagerly sucking it. I was stunned by the fierce intensity with which she worked. However, that quickly paled in comparison to what happened next.

“Oh my god!” The voice was laced with shock and horror and filled the room for a second before dying down. At first, I wondered how Barbie had managed to speak through a mouthful of cock. When the answer finally downed on me, I wished it hadn’t.

Barbie had not spoken. Someone else had. And given the number of people that lived in this house, it could only mean one thing. My eyes darted around the room for a second before they came across someone standing in the doorway. It was a beautiful woman with long blonde hair and a flawless body. Her name was Candy and she was the mother of the young woman who was now skillfully sucking my cock…

To be continued in Part 2...


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez


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