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The Ghost enjoys his newest addition to his harem, Lilith, while Lana and Chantelle search for their missing goddess.
The Devil's Pact, The Hell Chronicles
by mypenname3000
Copyright 2015

Chapter Ten: The Ghost

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this.

Svitlana “Lana” Paquet-Holub

“I had a vision,” Iris moaned. “I know where Mother is!”

“You found Lilith!” I gasped, my pussy exploding in delight.

I looked up in shock at Iris. She was a Nirah, a breed of Lilith's daughters that had the power of divination. I stared into her snake-like, green eyes, her sinuous face framed by dark-green hair. Her forked tongue flicked out with excitement.

I disentangled myself from my wife Chantelle and her daughter, Lamia. We had been celebrating our reunion after Chantelle had escaped with many women from the Brass City of Dis. She had been a prisoner of the despicable Brandon. We had tried to defeat Brandon, allying with the Molech survivors led by Colton Bray, but we didn't have enough strength to take the city.

“You found her?” Chantelle gasped. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Iris nodded. “She's to the east, across the Sulfur Plains. I had a vision of her in a fortress of women ruled by a ghost.”

“A ghost?” I frowned.

“I don't understand everything I witnessed,” Iris said. “But she seemed fine. There's a skeletal forest across the plain, and in the center is a fortress with many women, concubines to this ghost. Outside the fortress is an army of men, women, and ape-like demons.”

“Do you know about this, Lamia?” I asked.

“Yes,” she nodded. “My husband and wife told me.” A smile crossed her lips. Lamia was coming to have affection for Bray and Yun, the leaders of the Molech survivors. Lamia had married the pair to create an alliance between Lilith's followers and them.

I found it disgusting that she submitted to a man, but we did need the alliance. And Colton wasn't as bad as a man could be. His harem of women seemed happy, and the men following him didn't rape the women.

Not like Brandon. I shuddered to think about that. Poor Crystal had been badly brutalized by Brandon. She spent the entire retreat crying in her mother's arms. The poor girl.

“So who are they?” I asked Lamia, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Oh, right. They're followers of the Ghost of Paris, whomever that is. They've been here for a few months, carving out the Skeletal Forest as their domain. They're crafty. Their scouts can turn invisible and they dress like cheerleaders.”

“Cheerleaders?” I blinked.

“That doesn't matter. We need to go and get her back,” Chantelle said, passion in her voice. “Lamia, you promised to help us.”

“I will send some of our forces with you,” Lamia agreed. “I can promise a third by myself.”

In an hour, we were moving out onto the Sulfur Plains. I was excited. We had found Lilith. A third of the Molechites went with us, led by Lamia. I quickly hated the Sulfur Plains. It was endless, yellow dust that seemed to get everywhere, staining your flesh.

On the second day of our march, we came across the ambush site. Here many daughters of Lilith had been butchered by Brandon's army under the direction of the Samurai. I hated that red-armored man and his three whores.

None of Lilith's daughters were dead, just in agony, their bodies hacked into a dozen pieces. But we pieced them back together and healed them. They were so happy to be free of their cruel torment. Luka hugged me tight with her blood-red hair and Haja wept rainbow tears.

Once we had repaired the damage the Samurai caused, we kept marching. On the horizon, the Skeletal Forrest appeared as a dark smudge growing larger and large. I trembled with excitement as we marched, eager to see my Goddess again.

“We'll save you from the Ghost, Lilith,” I promised under my breath.

“We will,” Chantelle agreed, reaching out to hold my hand. I squeezed my wife's hand back.


The Ghost

“Ghost,” Deidre purred, stepping into my room, her eyes flashed around, looking for me. “Are you in here?”

I admired her naked beauty. Deidre still wore her small, silver glasses from her time as the sexy librarian of Paris, Texas, but nothing else. My cock hardened as I appreciated her tawny hair falling about her shoulders, the swell of her large breasts, and the curves of her hips.

“Somewhere,” Lilith purred, lounging on a pillow, her legs spread wide. “He just made such wonderful love to me.”

Deidre smiled, glancing at Lilith's well-fucked pussy leaking my invisible cum mixed with her pussy juices—it was a strange sight. “He made quite the delicious mess.”

“Maybe you should come clean it up,” Lilith giggled. “I know our Ghost would love to watch that.”

Deidre shuddered in lust. “I will, but I need to talk to the Ghost first.”

I padded up behind Deidre, loving to stalk unseen. My hand reached out, caressing her firm ass, giving her a squeeze. She moaned, shivering in delight at the power of my touch. I slid up her spine, my cock brushing her plump ass.

“My love,” she moaned. “Latonya and her scouts are back from the north.”

“What did they spy in the Obsidian Mountains?” I asked, my hand sliding around her hips, pulling her close. I slid up her smooth stomach to her heavy breasts. I gave her a squeeze.

“Oh, Lord, yes,” she breathed.

“Don't be gettin' distracted,” I told her, loving her struggle to control herself as my touch inflamed her lusts. I rolled a fat nipple. “Tell me what they saw.”

“Yes,” she gasped. “They spotted a large group of women and strange demons. I think the strange demons are Lilith's daughters.”

I glanced over at Lilith, seeing how she reacted. “More women and monsters to serve you, Ghost,” the former goddess giggled, rubbing at her pussy. “Ooh, won't someone please eat my pussy out.”

“I will,” a giggling voice said, and a young woman with round breasts and auburn hair spilled in. “I love eatin' Daddy's cum out of your cooch, Lilith.”

Annabeth, my daughter with ex-ghost hunter Carla, dropped to her knees, wiggling her sexy ass at me. I loved watching one of my seven daughters eat my cum. My pecker throbbed harder. I had to stick it in a hole. Deidre gasped as I shoved it into her ass.

“Yes, my love,” Deidre purred. “I love it when you fuck my ass.”

“Your cornhole is so tight,” I groaned. “It's abso-damn-fuckin'-lutely amazin'!”

Deidre pushed back into my thrusts as I slammed into her ass. She gripped me tight, her velvety bowels massaging the tip of my pecker. Annabeth noisily ate out Lilith, the succubus moaning in delight, her violet eyes fluttering and her silver hair flying.

“That's it, precious, eat my pussy! Oh, yes! You just have an appetite for cum and pussy.”

“I do!” Annabeth giggled. “And your cooch is just so purtee. I can't resist.”

“You're just a slut like your momma,” I growled.

“The biggest slut,” Annabeth agreed.

“All your daughters are big sluts,” a new voice laughed. Rhonda May and her twin walked in, the sisters sprawling together on a pile of pillows, their small breasts pressed together as they kissed and writhed together.

“I only raise the horniest sluts,” I agreed, my gaze flashing from the incestuous sisters to my daughter's pussy peeking out between her thighs as she feasted on Lilith.

My pecker throbbed. I fucked Deidre's cornhole harder, our flesh slapping together. Deidre gasped and moaned, shuddering in delight. Her head threw back and I kissed and nuzzled at her neck as my balls tightened.

“Oh, Ghost! I love it! Fuck me with your pecker! It's the best!” Deidre panted. “Oh, shit! I'm 'bout to cum!”

“Cum like a cheerleader writhin' beneath the quarterback,” I growled. “Cum like the slut you are.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” Deidre gasped, her body spasming in my embrace.

Her ass writhed about my pecker, massaging me. I groaned, my balls ready to explode. I buried into the depths of Deidre's ass, shuddering as my cum spewed out in several mighty blasts. I shuddered and groaned, my pleasure reaching its peak for one wonderful moment.

Deidre fell forward onto pillows, cum leaking out of her ass.

“That's it, slut, make me cum,” Lilith moaned. “Oh, yes. You wonderful child. Oh, Annabeth!”

Lilith's magnificent breasts, heavy and perfectly formed, heaved as her orgasm exploded through her. My cock remained hard, aching to be pleasured again by one of my sluts. Annabeth looked up, her mouth smeared with pussy cream.

“Mmm, that was delicious. Thank you kindly for the meal, Lilith.”

“Always happy to share my creampie with you, child,” Lilith purred, pulling the young woman to her, the pair kissing hard.

“Oh, yes, Daddy,” Annabeth squealed in delight, flying off of Lilith as she bounded towards me. I grasped her red hair, forcing her to her knees. “Oh, Daddy, I love suckin' your cock. Thank you kindly for this treat.”

“And I love it when such a purtee, young thang sucks my pecker.” I pulled her face to my cock, the tip nudging her lips. She opened wide and swallowed my dick.

My daughter moaned about my cock, sucking with a fierce hunger. I stroked through her hair, smiling down with pride at my ravenous, lusty daughter's enthusiasm. Her hands found my balls, playing with them with her gentle fingers.

“That's it, sweetheart. Worship Daddy's pecker.”

“Ghost,” Deidre purred, rolling onto her back, her fingers playing with her messy asshole and bringing my cum to her lips, “what do you want done about the Lilithites to the north?”

“They need to serve the Ghost,” Lilith purred, crawling over. “Let me clean your ass up, Deidre. I need more of his cum.”

“Lick her ass, slut!” giggled Marissa as she tribbed with her twin sister. “Suck all the cum out like the cum-whore you are.”

“I am such a cum-whore,” moaned Lilith. “I love it. Why did I ever hate this salty treat?”

“The Ghost molds you into a proper whore,” moaned Deidre as she writhed on Lilith's tongue.

I gripped my daughter's head, loving her tongue. I fucked my cock deep into her mouth, slamming down her throat before pulling back. Over and over I fucked her, shuddering in delight as her tight throat massaged my cock.

“That's it, baby girl,” I cooed. “Love Daddy's pecker. I'm gonna shoot so much cum down your throat. Oh, yes, sweetheart!”

Annabeth sucked harder, eager for my treat. Her fingers massaged my balls harder. The pleasure swelled, growing thick and hard at the tip of my cock. I slammed deep into her mouth. I gripped her hair hard, and then I erupted into her mouth.

“Drink it all down, sweetheart,” I growled as my cum pumped up. “That's it. That's my good, l'il slut.”

Annabeth smiled when she looked up at me, her mouth swimming with my invisible sperm. She swirled it about, then swallowed it. “Yummy, Daddy. I love it.”

I fell back onto the pillows. The Twins were suddenly on me, pressing their hot pussies against my thighs, their hard nipple rubbing on my chest. They both gasped and moaned, shuddering as they came on my flesh. Annabeth fell on my chest, rubbing her round tits into me as she found my cock.

“I need your pecker in my cooch,” she moaned. “Fuck me, Daddy.”

“Do it,” moaned Marissa, her tongue nibbling at my ear. “It's so hot.”

“Incest is the best,” Rhonda May laughed.

“Yes, it is,” agreed Annabeth as her tight cooch slid down my pecker, engulfing me in her incestuous flesh. “Oh, yes, Daddy. That's what my cunt needs.”

Deidre shuddered in the background, cumming on Lilith's mouth as my daughter worked her hips, sliding her hot cooch up and down my pecker. The twins caressed Annabeth's body, teasing my daughter as she fucked me.

“Daddy, Daddy!” Annabeth moaned. “Oh, yes, Daddy. Your pecker is the best.”

“The best,” Rhonda May agreed.

I held the twins tight, drinking in the love of all my women. My concubines were amazing. They did so much for me. I loved them all. My pecker throbbed in the tight embrace of Annabeth's pussy, her tight flesh massaging my cock.

“Cum on your Daddy's pecker,” I growled. “Let me feel that cunt writhe on me.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Let me help,” Rhonda May purred, and then she shoved a finger up Annabeth's ass.

“Yes, yes! You wonderful, amazin' slut!” groaned Annabeth. “Oh, yes! I'm cummin', Daddy! Feel my tight cooch massage your pecker!”

“So great, sweetheart,” I groaned, savoring her tight sheath convulsing about me, eager for my cum. My balls tightened.

“Cum in your daughter's slutty hole,” purred Marissa. “Flood the little slut. She's just achin' for it.”

“I am!” agreed Annabeth. “Please cum in me! That's what my pussy was made for! I was born to be your whore, Daddy!”

My cock throbbed and then erupted, basting her cunt with gob after gob of cum. I shuddered in delight, thrusting into her the depths of her hot furnace and spilling every last drop of her pussy. She shuddered and gasped atop me, crying out in joy.

“You had enough fun, Ghost?” Deidre asked. “What should we do 'bout them Lilith followers?”


Marybeth Ayers-Sargent

The Skeletal Forrest was ahead, but worse an army marched upon it. I groaned. I wanted to get back to the Ghost. This scouting trip had gone on long enough. We had scouted out the City of Dis, discovering just how vile Brandon's rule there was.

And now a new army was threatening our home. It wasn't Brandon's forces led by the Samurai who had crushed the minor demon lords that controlled the Sulfur Plains, but a new force swarming with strange demons.

“I think those are Lilith's spawns,” my wife Ursula whispered as we watched from the rise.

Gabriella, my step-daughter, asked, “How can you be sure, Momma?”

“They were always on the news before we committed suicide,” Ursula answered. “Mark's disgusting Theocracy was always showing pictures of them, keeping people alert for any of Lilith's daughters sneaking outside of Seattle.”

“If we skirt alongside them invisible like, we should make it back to the Ghost and warn him,” I whispered.

That meant taking off our Cheerleader uniforms and going naked. I hated going naked across the Sulfur Plains. The yellow dust got everywhere. I always felt so dirty. Even now, with my cheerleader skirt, spankies, and top on, my limbs were still covered in the dust.

“No helping it,” Ursula sighed, her clothing vanished as she dismissed it, her heavy breasts popping into view. I smiled, admiring their heavy perfection. I did love my wife's boobs.

“I guess not, Momma,” Gabriella agreed, her clothes vanishing. The girl's breasts were almost as big as her mothers. I loved her boobs, too. “Let's—”

The ground suddenly erupted beneath Gabriella, dust flying into the air. A sinuous woman with brown skin emerged, wrapping about my step-daughter like snake, the serpent-woman's body stretching. Gabriella's blonde hair flew as she cried out in pain.

“You bitch!” Ursula hissed, a green sword flashing into her hands. She swung it at the monster that attacked us.

The ground exploded beneath my wife's feet. She was thrown into the air, screaming in pain. The monster crushing Gabriella flashed her yellow, slitted eyes at me. I dove forward, rolling as the ground erupted behind me. I came up, sword out, slashing at the serpent-woman.

My sword sliced through the air. The serpent-woman pivoted, pushing Gabriella's body into my attack. I halted it before I cut my step-daughter. The ground rumbled beneath. I cartwheeled backwards, my cheerleader training paying off as I narrowly avoided another ground explosion.

I cast my eyes about for Ursula, but I didn't see her. She had gone invisible. I dived to the left, holding the monster's attention as my wife snuck in. The serpent-woman detonated the ground at my feet, keeping me from staying in one place long.

Sprays of sand and sharp shards of compressed sulfur scratched and cut my legs and face. I ignored the pain and kept my legs moving. I didn't want to get caught. Poor Gabriella kept screaming as the monster tightened, crushing her like a python.

A green sword flickered into existence behind the serpent-woman. Ursula swung, cutting the serpent in half. The sinuous body uncoiled and fell in two halves about Gabriella. My step-daughter crumpled into a heap, her body broken. If we were in the real world, she would be dead.

Ursula appeared, her body horribly cut and injured by the explosion, swathes of her skin and muscles missing. We needed to get back to the ghost to heal.

“Momma,” Gabriella sobbed as writhed on the sulfur sand.

“Hush, baby girl,” Ursula whispered. “We need to get out of here.”

“Your master will pay for holding Mother,” the severed serpent-woman hissed. “We'll free her from her imprisonment.”

I dismissed my clothes. “Gabriella, can you turn invisible.”

“What?” she sobbed.

“Go invisible,” I commanded her, grabbing one of her arms.

Ursula seized the serpent-woman's arm. “We need her,” she hissed. “We need information.”

“Can you manage?” I asked my wife.

“Yes,” she nodded, dragging the howling serpent woman. “Draw on the Ghost powers. We need to move faster than we ever have.”

I reached out, tapping the vast power of the Ghost, pulling on more than he alloted us. The Ghost let us draw the power. Energy flooded me. I shuddered, sweeping Gabriella up into my arms. I dashed forward, running like the wind, Ursula beside me, dragging the half-severed monster.

The Ghost had to know an army was coming to attack us.


Emi Yoshida

I dragged the woman down into the basements of the Brass Palace. She screamed and moaned, fighting against me. But she couldn't do anything to me. I had such power, and she was just a worm. I was justice.

Everything I did was right.

And the Samurai defied me. He kept his women away from me. They never were out of his sight. They followed him everywhere, always one step behind him. His insolence was disgusting. He needed to pay for not sharing his women with me.

And I had just the way. An oni.

I found the small thing haunting the basement. It was starved, aching for souls and flesh to consume. A demonic hound. I pulled the woman down the stairs, delighting in her pain. In the depths of the basement, the floors hot with the heat of Hell, I opened the door to my kennel.

The demonic hound growled, its eyes glowing yellow in the darkness. “Here, boy,” I called, throwing the woman down. “I brought you a feast.”

The demonic dog warily approached. It was small and skeletal, its black skin stretched tight over its bones. It sniffed at the sobbing woman, its ears laid back. I smiled as the small hound, no larger than a pug, nipped at the woman's flesh, devouring a bit of her essence.

She cried out in pain. “Please! Stop!”

“That's it, boy,” I purred, kneeling down and stroking my pussy as the demonic dog ate more and more of her flesh. “You'll slowly grow big and powerful, and then you'll consume the Samurai for me.”

I stroked harder at my pussy, imagining that wonderful day. It would take decades to raise this demonic dog, to grow him into a monstrous mastiff, but that was okay—we needed the Samurai to conquer Hell for us.

When he wasn't needed any longer, I would have his women to play with. I shoved two fingers into my pussy, working them in and out farther, savoring the screams of the woman as my hound slowly devoured the slaves body. It took hours, and I came so many times.



I lay on the pillows, the twins suckling at my breasts. The Ghost lounged with Deidre on his lap. The busty woman seemed to float in the air, her heavy breasts moving about as the Ghost played with them.

“I will go to my daughters and bring them back to serve you,” I purred. “I want to help increase your powers.”

“We could send Latonya, Brandy, and Remelda with Lilith,” Deidre purred. “They can keep Lilith in line.”

“I don't need to be kept in line,” I protested. “I've changed. I love being your concubine.”

My old life as a goddess seemed so long ago. Mark killed me and I awoke to a new life in Hell. I didn't have power any longer. I didn't have to plot and strategize, to claw for every ounce of power I could. I didn't even need to hate men. The Ghost showed me how wonderful they are. His touch was magical. I couldn't resist anything when his hands were running over me.

“I reckon we should send an emissary,” the Ghost drawled. “Let them daughters know we gots her instead of riskin' them capturin' Lilith.”

“They would obey me,” I insisted.

“I think your words are wise,” Deidre agreed, flashing me a look.

“Very wise,” Rhonda May purred between nibbles on my nipple.

“If that is what you want, Ghost.” I swallowed and nodded. “I'll submit. Gladly.” My lusts stirred again. There were always women to enjoy in his harem. I pulled the twins closer.

“We should send some sorta proof we gots her,” the Ghost continued.

“I...” Deidre frowned, glancing to the doorway.

There was a commotion. The door opened and three of the cheerleaders walked in badly wounded. Marybeth cradled the mangled body of the Ghost's daughter Gabriella while Ursula, her flesh torn and shredded, dragged in...

“Abby!” I gasped in delight.

“Mother!” moaned my Dabbat daughter. The poor thing had been severed in half.

“There's an army of these things, women, and Molech survivors marching on the forest from Dis, Ghost,” Marybeth reported, her face scratched.

That wasn't the same group of my daughters that Latonya spotted. Wrong direction.

The Ghost took Gabriella from her. “Daddy,” whimpered the blonde girl. “I'm sorry. She got me.”

“It's okay, sweetheart. Daddy's got yous.”

Gabriella moaned as her flesh mended, fixed by her Master. Marybeth collapsed and writhed as her flesh was repaired, letting out a whimpers of pain. Gabriella cried in the Ghost invisible arms, raining kisses on him.

I crawled over to Abby, pulling her head on my lap and caressing her face. “Mother...” she groaned.

“What's going on? Who leads this army?”

“Lana and Chantelle...they're save you...Mother...”

“But I don't need to be saved,” I laughed. “I'm happy here.”

The Dabbat blinked up at me. “Is he...making you say that...?”

I laughed. “No, my darling daughter. I am so happy here. I'm his concubine.”

“We need” the Ghost trailed off.

“Parley,” supplied Deidre.

“Yep. We need to parley with this Lana and Chantelle,” the Ghost decided. “Can you get back on your own?”

“Maybe,” Abby moaned.

“Marybeth and Ursula, take her as close as you dare and let her go. I reckon we can get this straightened out.”

Lilith nodded. “Yes. Lana and Chantelle will listen to me. They worship me. They're my High Priestesses.”

A plan popped into my head. Ursula and Marybeth carried my moaning daughter out of the room. I walked over to the Ghost, hugging him and kissing his cheek. Then I whispered, “They want me back. But once I lead them, they'll be yours. You'll love Lana and Chantelle. They will make wonderful additions to your harem.”

“Lilith, I reckon I like your plan,” the Ghost laughed. “So just how purtee are these High Priestesses of yours.”

“Pretty enough that they once belonged to Mark.” I gave a wicked laugh. “It was so much fun stealing them from him.”


Chantelle Paquet-Holub

The Ghost's party strode out of the Skeletal Forest onto the plains. His solders and monkey-demons ringed a harem of women. The girls wore cheerleader outfits—black and gold, with lions—also wielded green swords.

*Strange bodyguards,* I thought to my wife.

Lana giggled, then her eyes widened. *I see Lilith! Oh, Chantelle, she's walking near the center.*

My eyes found my goddess, her silver hair standing out in the ground. She walked by the strange void in the center, her arms hooked like they were wrapped around someone's arms. That must be this Ghost.

Why was that name so familiar?

The Ghost's party broke up, the Cheerleaders pushing through the monkey-demon army, leading Lilith and a few other women along with their invisible master. I nodded to Cora. Lana's monstrous daughter led the way, leading the group of monsters that ringed us. Lamia marched with her own group, surrounded by the skeletal demons that served her spouses.

Lilith smiled at us, her violet eyes dashing as we reached the midpoint, the cheerleaders and our monsters parting around us. I strode forward to meet this Ghost, my heart trembling at the sight of my Goddess.

“Well, you are just a purtee as Lilith described,” a man drawled.

It was disconcerting not seeing him.

“I told you they were,” Lilith gushed, leaning up to kiss the invisible pervert on the lips.

He's enslaved our Goddess! Lana bristled.

“I'd really like to avoid any misunderstandin's,” the Ghost continued. “My girls found your Lilith enslaved by a pack of rapers. They freed her and brought her to me. Your Goddess swore herself to me and serves me freely.”

“I did,” Lilith purred. “He's wonderful. Lana, Chantelle, fall to your knees and worship your new god.”

“No,” I said, shaking my head. I couldn't believe I just told my Goddess no, but...this wasn't Lilith. The Ghost was somehow making her say these strange things. Lilith hated men. And rightly so, they were all disgusting.

Lilith blinked in surprise. “'re my High Priestesses. You have to listen to me.”

Cora growled. “Our Mother would never want us to serve men.”

“I fear the Ghost is controlling you,” Lamia purred.

“And you are?” the Ghost asked.

“My daughter Lamia,” Lilith smiled.

“And wife of Lord and Lady Mayor Coltons, masters of Molech's domain.” Lamia pushed back her violet hair. “I speak in my husband and wife's name.”

“That explains your alliance,” a naked, busty woman with glasses said.

“We are very concerned with the growing power of Brandon,” Lamia continued. “He rules Dis and his armies have fought us. Perhaps this misunderstanding with our goddess's capture can be worked out and other avenues explored.”

I nodded my head. “Yes. Otherwise we would never ally with a man.”

“No, Chantelle,” Lilith said. “Men aren't that bad.”

Cora growled again, her fist clenching.

“I reckon an alliance ain't the worst idea I've ever heard,” the Ghost continued. “I just want to enjoy my afterlife with my concubines. We've been through a lot.”

“A third member of our alliance could prove very beneficial, mother,” Lamia said to me.

“We'd need Lilith returned and freed for your control,” I answered.

“I reckon I don't have no problem with that.”

Lilith's face fell.

“She's all yours. I reckon I gots enough women to enjoy, plus more die everyday and end up down here. I can part with her in exchange for this alliance against Brandon.”

What do you think? I sent my wife.

It gets us Lilith back, and we could use more allies. His women seem happy.

I nodded my head. Maybe once Brandon's defeated, we can revisit this alliances.

“It's a deal,” my wife said. “You give us Lilith and we'll be your allies.”

“I don't have a problem with it,” Lamia added.

Lilith stumbled forward as if she was pushed. “She's all yours. I renounced my claim on her.”

Our Goddess blinked in surprise as she walked forward, glancing back at the Ghost and his retreating party. She walked forward, stopping before us. I trembled in delight, staring into her beautiful face.

“Oh, one last thang,” the Ghost drawled. “To the north is the Obsidian Mountains. You might like to occupy it. My scouts spouted more of Lilith's daughters there.”

“Thanks,” I said, frowning at the Ghost. He seemed...reasonable.

“Well, I'll leave you and Mother to sort out things,” Lamia smiled. “I do need to get back to my spouses and tell them about this alliance.” She gave Lilith a hug. “I'm glad you're safe, Mother.”

“Lamia,” Lilith pouted. “You're leaving me?”

“I'm not your follower anymore, Mother. But I do still love you. And I know Lana and my human mother will be there for you.” Lamia smiled, then turned and led her forces away.

Lilith turned to face us, her smile spreading. “Lana, Chantelle, it is so wonderful to be back with you.”

“Yes, it is,” I nodded, walking over to her and kneeling at her feet. My wife joined me. “What is your first command?”

“To surrender to your new God, the Ghost,” Lilith smiled, shuddering in delight. “Oh, you two will love him.”

I blinked in shock, then I grabbed Lilith and summoned a tent about us, shaping it out of the fabric of Hell. Lana goggled beside me as I held our Goddess. What had happened to Lilith? She was free of the Ghost, so why was she still spouting this nonsense?

“What are you doing, Lana?”

Cora pushed into the tent, folding her arms. “What is going on, Mother?”

“My Priestesses are disobeying me.” Lilith planted her hands on her hips. “Now you listen here. I am your Goddess, and you will submit to the Ghost. His harem is a wonderful place.”

Cora growled, a snarl escaping her lips. “I'm no whore like Lamia. What is wrong with you, Mother?”

“Yes?” I demanded, grasping my Goddess. “What happened to you?” There was something missing in her eyes. That strong drive to conquer and win. I gasped, “You're broken.”

“What did having all the power get me?” Lilith asked. “It wasn't happiness. I never won. I always came so close, and then I would fail. Thousands of years of plotting and all it got me was misery until the Ghost found me.”

“So you keep trying,” Lana shouted, tears rolling down her cheeks. “You showed us your wonderful vision of a world of only women.”

“I was wrong,” Lilith shrugged. “I found happiness in submitting to the Ghost. I didn't have to worry about anything. And you can find that same freedom. Just submit and let the Ghost love you. You'll love his cock. He makes me cum so hard.”

Cora's thick arms bulged, her face twisting in rage.

I will not submit to a man! Lana growled in my mind.

I touched Lilith. There was no power in her. All the greatness that I had once worshiped had been stripped from her. Lana and I had far more power than the pathetic creature our Goddess had become. Disgust filled me. I had marched to the gallows having faith in this woman. I searched and suffered in Hell looking for our Goddess, and she was this weak insect.

I did not die and lose my daughter Lily so I could be the fucktoy of a man in Hell.

“Now swear yourself to me,” Lilith smiled. “Chain yours souls to me once more.”

*We cannot surrender our power to her,* I thought back to my wife. *She'll make us all the Ghost's whores.*

*But we need her. Without Lilith, her daughters and followers will drift apart. She's our identity. Our pathetic, disgusting Goddess.*

I seized Lilith's silver hair. “No. You will surrender to us.”

“What?” gaped our Goddess.

“Kneel and swear to us,” I growled. “You are a piece of filth, but we need you.”

Lana laughed, her eyes widening. “You will be our mouthpiece,” Lana purred, her clit swelling into a cock. “In public, we will pretend to be your Priestesses, but in private we rule.”

“But...but...” Lilith gasped as I forced her to her knees.

“You wanted to be free of decision,” I told her. “So surrender to us. You'll enjoy all the pleasures of your followers and daughters.”

“But...the Ghost.”

“Forget about him,” growled Cora. “Submit or I will rip you apart, Mother.”

Lilith nodded her head. “Fine. I submit to you.”

“Good,” I smiled as her soul was chained to ours. “First you're going to suck our cocks.” Mine swelled forward, brushing against the tip of Lana's. “Then we'll head to our new home.”

“And don't pout,” Lana added, seizing Lilith's hair. “Your life will be endless pleasure.”

Lilith placed a hand on both or cocks, a smile spread about her lips. “You're right. All that matters is the pleasure. Do what you want. I'm tired of caring.”

I shuddered as her lips nibbled and sucked at both our cocks.

To be continued...
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