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Jay, Lael, and Kate have just taken a shower together after running at the Park. They ate a meal and are relaxing on the couch watching a movie together when things get fun.
A Sister’s Love (Jay, Lael, and Kate, part 2)

After a nice meal together the three of them decided to relax and watch a movie together on the couch before going to bed together.

Jay sat in the couch in the middle with a sister on each side snuggled under a blanket. He had his arms around each of them and snuggled up to watch a scary flick together. As the movie went on Jay found his hands moving down and to the sides of the girl’s breasts. He would massage them and rub them secretly without the other girl knowing. The girls would slide their hands down to Jay’s shorts and feel his hard dick through the outside of his shorts.

The naughty hands became more frequent and eventually the two girls discovered that they were both having fun with Jay. Lael unzipped Jay's shorts and then Kate pulled his dick out so they could both have more fun. They both took turns stroking Jay and sometimes both stroked him together. Lael was also turned on by the memories of her sister naked and touching her breasts and pussy in the shower earlier. Her hand wrapped around Kate's hand as they rubbed Jay’s hard dick up and down.

Kate said "I think we are all board with this movie and ready to go to bed." "Yeah" Lael added, "and Kate didn't get to experience your dick inside her pussy. I think she might be ready for that now. Kate looked at Jay and blushed. "I noticed someone who was enjoying getting her pussy fingered by her sister too" Jay offered in defense of Kate.

The three of them jumped up and headed back to the bedroom with Jay following behind the girls. The girls had only put on T-shirts and a pair of panties after their shower. He looked down at their sexy long legs as they walked ahead of him.

The girls climbed on to the bed and got of their hands and knees. "What's your favorite position Jay" Lael said with her head turned looking at Jay as he came through the bedroom door. Kate reached over and spanked Lael with her hand. "Ouch" Lael said as she pushed Kate over on her side and back. Jay quickly jumped on the bed ready wrestle both girls down as he began to kiss and tickle them.

"I like it when a girl rides me" Jay said as he laid down in the middle of the bed. He pulled Lael over his chest and then said "you can either sit on my face or sit on my hard dick." Kate followed her lead and sat on his tummy behind Lael. "I don't care where I sit as long as I can have my pussy pleasured" Lael smirked.

Jay began to lift up Lael's shirt and reveal her soft cotton panties. Jay pulled her closer to his face as she straddled him near his mouth. “How about you start up here and Kate can start below.” Jay pulled her panties to the side and began to kiss and lick her pussy. His hands went inside her shirt and up to her perky tits where he fondled them.

Kate began stroking Jays dick again and then leaned forward to place it in her mouth. "Mmm" Jay said as he stopped to take in the moment. After a while of sucking his dick Kate took her panties off and sat right on top of Jays dick and began to grind on it back and forth. Stroking him with her pussy.

Lael took her shirt off as Jay continued to work his tongue on her pussy. He reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands and massaged her butt cheeks while he played.

Kate became bolder this time around and reached around to cup Lael's tits in her hands. Lael could feel her hard nipples press against her sisters palms.

Jay reached down and placed his hands on Kate's legs as she rocked back and forth on his dick. Jay reached in with his thumbs and found her pussy lips as she slid on top of his dick. He began to rub her clit and pleasure her more.

After a few mins Kate raised up and said "I think I'm ready to go all the way" Lael turned around still straddling Jays face but ready to watch Jays dick slide inside her sister for the first time. Jay held his stiff cock up in the air as Kate positioned her pussy opening just above it. She let her weight carry her down into his shaft and she stopped as his dick pressed on her hymen.

Lael reached forward and began to play with Kate's tits. Kate bore down harder on Jay's dick and finally her pussy took all of Jay’s dick inside it. Kate let out a scream but Lael leaned forward just as she screamed and kissed her sister on the lips to muffle her scream. Kate was taken by surprise by this move but kept her lips pressed against Lael's. Jay continued to lick Lael's pussy and even played with her asshole some with his tongue. Lael stopped kissing her sister after few seconds when the pain had stopped and she leaned back smiling at her sister.

After several minutes of Kate slowly pumping up and down on Jays cock she began to get faster and faster. Lael said "it's my turn on his dick now" as she dismounted Jays face and Kate moved up to Jays face. Jay noticed a little bit of blood trickling down her leg from her pussy where he had taken her virginity just like he took Lael's at school.

He began to kiss and lick up all her juices while Lael quickly stripped off her panties and held up Jay’s dick and slide down easily on it from the tongue bath Jay had given her. Jay's hands went up Kate's shirt and began to caress her tits as she grinded on his mouth and tongue. The two girls enjoyed themselves on top of Jay for several more minutes when Lael said "I want to be on the bottom now".

Everyone moved positions and Lael laid on her back and Kate hesitated on where to position herself. "Come sit on my face Kate" Lael invited her sister and Kate quickly jumped at the chance to have her sister taste her pussy for the first time. Jay positioned himself between Lael's legs and he began to pound her hairless slit harder and harder. Jay reached up and took Lael's tits in his hands as he rocked in and out of Lael.

Kate got in position and looked down to see her sister’s mouth moving toward her pussy. She felt her tongue part her pussy lips and find her clit and began to flick it over and over. Lael couldn't believe how hot it was to taste her own sister’s pussy and suck her pussy lips into her mouth.

Jay was completely turned on at the sight of Kate and Lael enjoying themselves and it was taking everything he had to hold in his cum. "I'm gonna blow my load soon" Jay announced. Kate quickly slid her ass down where she was laying on top of Lael. Their tits were smashed together and they began to kiss each other hard and swirl their tongues around each other's mouths.

"Cum in my pussy this time" said Kate wanting to feel the full experience. Jay looked down at the sister’s pussies as they continued to make out together. A few more pumps and then Jay took his dick out of Lael and inserted it into Kate's pussy. The thought of exploding inside this young girl gave Jay all he needed to launch his cum all inside of Kate. Jay pressed and held his dick deep inside of Kate while his whole body convulsed in pleasure.

He pulled out and watched his cum drop from Kate's pussy onto Lael's. He began to finger them both in their wet slippery holes. Jay leaned down and started to lick their pussies clean when Kate got up and flipped around in a 69 position. The girls took over cleaning off cum on each other's pussy. Occasionally Kate would take hold of Jay’s dick and clean it off too.

Both girls reached their climax soon from the tongue lashing they were giving each other. Jay got hard again quickly just watching the girls enjoy each other. He rubbed their bodies and caressed their tits as they slowly came to stop in exhaustion.

They cleaned up and then all snuggled together in the big bed sleeping naked together on each other's arms.

(To be continued....)

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