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You asked for it my love, now here it is
Sophie and Dylan entered the court club together, both ready and excited for a day of fun together. They had been waiting for this for quite some time now, and finally the day had come where they got to see each other. They swam happily together, playing around and squealing like a couple of little kids.

When they were both worn out beyond belief, they decided to take a nice relaxing break in the club's steam room. The club that day had been having quite a slow day, and didn't have anyone else in the pool section. The two, still breathing a bit heavily, sat closely together, still softly giggling about the antics they had committing. Sophie rested her head on Dylan's shoulder, her sopping wet blonde hair still dripping. Dylan put his arm around her shoulder, kissing her head, and the two enjoyed each others for a few minutes, the thick steam rolling around them, growing more dense by the minute. Sophie, the little devil she is, put her hand on Dylan's thigh, and gripped hard. He gasped, and looked at her, smiling.

"Babe stoooop, you always do this, and I can't do anything about it" he whined."Doing what love? I'm not doing anything" she smirked and put her hand higher on his leg, massaging him. Dylan now getting quite uncomfortable in that area, shifted his weight and let out a little whimper.

"Awww poor baby, is someone a bit excited?" She crooned to him, licking his chest, and tracing her tongue up his neck, pausing to bite his lower lip. Dylan let out a moan, and returned the kiss, now very excited, deeply and passionately, moving his arm from around her shoulder to the back of her neck, pressing her head into his, tongues dancing wildly around each other, exploring the others' mouth. They remained like this for a while, until Dylan got excited enough, and decided to return his girlfriend's little favor, and slid his fingers up her thigh, playing with the ties on her bikini bottom.

Now, Sophie is a hot little number let me tell you, though nothing little about her. A gorgeous face with a smile that would get any boy hot and flustered, amazing C cup breasts that fit perfectly on her form, with a perfect round ass to match that jiggles a bit as she walks. She was no scrawny trophy wife either. Nice strong arms, and legs built for running She was covering these 2 hot assets of hers with a cute black bikini, which barely helped to contain her anatomy. Dylan, on the other hand, was also quite the looker. Golden curly locks bleached from the long hours put in at the pool, swimmers shoulders that blended handsomely with his neck, as well as the decent biceps he had put on during the last school year. Topped off with a nice golden brown tan to his skin. Sophie had her hand placed firmly on his tight red lifeguard shorts, as he worked at a separate pool, which he'd thrown on from lack of motivation to find anything else. These didn't help to contain his growing problem, which she was egging on by the second. It was only when she decided to grab his manhood straight through his pants that things really started to get interesting.

"Babe really stoppp, you know we can't do anything about this" he pleaded with her."No" she replied in a cute sarcastic voice, squeezing his member. "I'll do what I want" she added, licking his ear. -Fuck it- he thought to himself -there's no one here, and the steam will hide us perfectly-. He donned a devilish grin, his lust starting to build.

"What was that answer you gave me?" He asked, knowing full well what the answer was. "No!" She hissed back at him, licking her lips. In one swift movement, Dylan moved one hand from her thigh right between her legs, and his free hand went straight under her chin, squeezing her cheeks. He pulled her head to him as she tried to pull away, and he forced a sloppy kiss onto her.

"You gonna be a good girl?" He asked coldly. "No, and what if I'm not?" She replied, sarcasm and sass dripping from her voice. "You little shit" he spit the words at her through gritted teeth, his hand now around her throat, and he began to bite her ear, using his hand to press against her crotch which was now soaked, and not from the pool water. Sophie let out a hot little erotic moan as he teased her. "What are you gonna do to me?" She asked nervously. "Oh you'll see kitten, don't you worry" he growled. she could just barely make out his sadistic grin through the hot clouds of steam rolling around them. Dylan pushed against her throat, causing her to lie down on the wet wooden bench they had been sitting on. He undid her bra straps with fingers shaking from pure, animalistic lust and tension.

He picked up her bikini top with his teeth, and tossed it aside. Staring hungrily at her now exposed breasts, he leaned down and begin to softly nibble and bite on one nipple, using his free hand to toy with the other. Sophie, now just as horny, if not more, began to moan, biting her lip and stroking her boyfriends damp hair as he worked her sensitive teats, which were now quite hard. When he was satisfied, he kissed each nipple, and began licking her body, from her breasts, to her belly, down to her thighs, and stopping right at the edge of her swim wear material.

"Cmon Dylan Goddamn you're a teaseeeeee just do it already" she said, knowing how he operated. "Oh, and how bad do you want it baby?" He asked, kissing her legs. "Please, I need you" she pleaded. He laughed, and replied "hmmm. I'm not convinced. BEG for it." She was squirming now, her kitty now very warm and wet, screaming for attention.

"Please Dylan I'm dying over here. Just do it pleaseeee" she begged desperately. Dylan obliged, undoing her bottoms with his teeth, and tossing it aside with the top. He placed one finger on her puffy lips, feeling the heat radiating from her mix with the hot steam they were enveloped in. Each time she gasped from the feeling of his hand, he pulled away, enjoying the sight of her helplessness. Finally, he gave in, and pressed  two fingers into her. She leaned her head back, moaning, and arched her back, pressing her hips into his fingers, wanting, needing friction.

"Mmmm that's the good girl I like seeing" he swooned to her as he fingered her tight sex. All Sophie could do was keep moaning and grinding his fingers. She had gone a LONG time without playing with herself, and really really needed this. When it looked like she was getting close, Dylan started to thrust, hard into her, slamming his fingers deep inside her snatch. Sophie's breath quickened, and she began to feel that familiar tingly feeling build up inside her. "Dylan, oh Dylan Dylan Dylan" she said under her breath, squirming now as he finger-fucked her. He leaned down, licked her ear, and whispered "cum for me". This was all it took, and she opened her mouth in a silent scream, thrusting her hips forward and arching her back as the tension in her released, female juices squirting from her, covering Dylan's hand as he continued to move his fingers around inside of her. He hummed "Ohhh Sophie, good girl, that's a good girl!" He praised her, lapping at her pussy, cleaning up the hot mess she had made.

She wasn't through though, and Dylan could see it. He grinned, and said "my turn now" he climbed on top of her, and she knew exactly what he wanted. She hurriedly undid the tie on his shorts, and yanked them off him. He sat on her, a rock hard, 6 and a half inch cock resting on her breasts. "Now, be a good girl and get me ready so I can FUCK you". She nodded, licking her lips, and started in on him. She kissed the head of his cock, causing him to twitch and moan a little. She smiled, and began to take him into her warm mouth. Dylan groaned as she started to suck him, tongue wrapping around his shaft, doing him like a damn pro. He began to get excited, and put his hand behind her head, dropping his weight and forcing himself down her throat. "Mmmm fuck how long can she take it?" He said and he fucked her throat, taking a pause and pushing down hard until she gagged and even threw up a little. Knowing Dylan, he absolutely loved the feeling, and it made him bite his lip and moan louder. He pulled back up to give her air, and she stroked him, knowing he was close. He let this go on for a while, gagging and throat-fucking her, droplets of sweat forming on both their bodies.

When he could take it no longer, he got up, and growled "on your feet, against the glass". "No!" She tried to resist at first. He yanked her up and forced her to the edge of the room. She obeyed, and bent over, giving her ass a sexy wiggle for him. He slapped her butt hard in return, and she whimpered. "Naughty girl" he sneered, slapping again, and again, leaving her ass raw and red. Tears rolled down Sophie's cheeks, but she took it, knowing she would be rewarded. When he was tired of it, he positioned himself behind her.

She turned her head and looked at him. "Fuck me like an animal you dog". Dylan needed no more encouragement, and slammed into her, listening to her gasp from the suddenness of it. He began to build up a rhythm, building up speed and aggression, grunting as he fucked her, ravaged her, destroyed her. She moaned loudly, and he pulled out as she came three more times, enjoying the sight of her legs quivering as she squirted, covering the floor in slick juice. Anyone walking by would've been able to enjoy the sight of her pretty face pressed against the glass door, tits swaying as she was being fucked. Dylan kept on pounding and pounding, until he felt his balls almost boiling, and his cock was throbbing inside her begging for release.

Sophie knew what was coming, and smoothly pulled away from him, flipped around, and squeezed his cock hard, sucking his tip. He roared as he begin shooting. "FUCK SOPHIE FUCK OH GODDDDDD" he screamed as he released hot, sticky ropes of cum down her gullet. She swallowed each and every one, enjoying the feeling as it slid down her throat. His legs began to tremble, and he collapsed on the floor, pure pleasure still hitting his body in wave after wave. When it was over, the two lovers lay panting on the floor, Sophie on bottom, with Dylan resting on top, his head against her soft breasts.

They laid like this for a while, until they recovered enough to walk. They redressed, and walked out the door, steam flooding out, cool air hitting their faces. They knew it was time to go saddening as it was, and Dylan walked Sophie to her car, putting his hands around her waist, and kissing her passionately, her arms around his neck. They stayed like this for a few moments, biting and sucking each others lips, tongues playing with one another. They finally broke the kiss, and Dylan gave her round ass a playful squeeze goodbye. She squealed, and grabbed him through the shorts, teasing him with the final phrase "your fault. Payback's a bitch."

She smiled as she watched him walk back to his car, a brand new bulge in his pants that he'd now have to wait till he got home to take care of. Damn did she love teasing him like that. She spread her legs for the car-ride home though, knowing full well she was gonna be on sore kitten in the morning. What a fan-fucking-tastic day together.


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