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This is my first story published here, I'll see how I like it before I publish others
My Son’s Wife

I didn’t think of her as a daughter, well, I honestly didn’t really think about her too much at all. I worked all the time and when I was at home my wife’s insatiable sex drive kept me pretty busy. Needless to say, I didn’t notice Hailee.

Sometimes I need some medicated help to keep up with my wife. I’m getting a little older and to be frank – it’s not always easy getting it up. But I was ready, and my wife was wet, when she got a phone call to go to work – some emergency was happening. Meagan - my wife - looked at me with big blue eyes full of apology and shuffled off the bed to get dressed.


I didn’t even notice Meagan leaving. The painful strain of my cock was overwhelming – I needed relief fast. I left our bedroom and walked out to the hallway where I left my laptop (my hand wasn’t the same as my wife’s cunt, but it’ll do), when I finally noticed Hailee.

She was walking out of the guest bathroom in nothing but a towel. I could see her slender white shoulders sprinkled with water droplets from the shower. I suddenly became very thirsty and the water glistening on her skin was tantalizing. I must have been staring too long because I noticed a flush start up her neck.

I imagined that blush everywhere and suddenly imagined seeing that blush everywhere on her naked body. Then I imagined pounding my cock into a tight pink cunt.

Her gasp made me look up into her face and I realized that I moved closer to her without even realizing it.

“Mal?” her voice was like a slap to my face. What the fuck was I doing? This is my son’s wife. I turned and walked away. Shutting myself in my room. But even closing my eyes all I could imagine was Hailee wrapped in that white towel. I imagined licking every single water droplet off her skin and then drinking from that sweet pink little cunt.

Knock Knock

“Who is it?” my voice was rough, and dry, I was thirsty.

Knock Knock

“Mal?” Hailee opened the door to my bedroom. She was standing there; still in the towel but no her skin was no longer wet. She was looking at the ground, not saying anything. She started to open her mouth, and then she stared into my eyes. It seemed to resolve whatever inner conflict she had because then she looked into my eyes and dropped her towel.

I didn’t notice when I stood up and walked over to her. I didn’t notice when I threw her on the bed. I didn’t even fucking notice how I got naked. But I noticed when her small hand was stroking my naked cock. Her hand movements where different from my wife’s sure strokes. Hailee fumbled along with trying pleasure me with her hand. I wasn’t in the mood for a hand-job. I grabbed her head with both hand and angled my cock toward her mouth. She took the hint and opened up. Relief was immediate. Her hot breath and tight throat had me groaning in pleasure.

She was definitely inexperienced though because she didn’t seem to know what to do with her teeth or tongue. I took advantage of her inexperience by shoving my cock further down her throat. She started struggling a little but didn’t ever pull away. What a trooper. I pulled out and let her breathe a little before plunging back in deeper than before.

This time she tried to pull away, but I was too close to the edge to let her go.
After a little more thrusting I pushed my entire cock down her throat – cutting off her last source of air by smashing her nose against me. I held her that way while I came down her throat, even after the shivers subsided and I was spent I didn’t let her pull away because I didn’t want my orgasm to be over. But I didn’t want her to die so I finally let her go.

She fell down on my bed with a thump and now that the edge was off I was able to finally look at my naked daughter-in-law. I was finally noticing Hailee.

She was the complete opposite of my wife. Meagan was made for having sex. Boobs so huge that my hands couldn’t handle them, an ass made for anal. Meagan curved in all the right places. Three kids widened her hips and rounded out her stomach but she was sexy as hell.

Hailee was slim, almost no curves. Her boobs were very slight – maybe a B cup – enough to grab in both hands. She lacked any curves from pregnancy or regular sex. She looked so innocent. I got hard again.

I got down on my knees to look at her pussy. She tried to cover up with her hand but I moved that out of my way to continue my perusal. She was pink and wet. I remembered my thirst from earlier and started licking the droplets of sweat that formed between her legs. I licked until the only moisture left was that left from my tongue. I looked up at Hailee and her eyes were closed and she was gripping my pillow.

My wife takes tons of foreplay and tells me exactly what to do – but Hailee was quiet. I remembered her inexperience when she was giving me a hand job. Her body seemed ready enough for me, and without thinking too much about it, I stood up pulled her pussy to my cock and thrust.

She was so tight. I had to stop for a moment to let her adjust, let myself adjust. But I didn’t wait too long. I started pounding into Hailee. I started sucking those itty bitty titties and I realized I could cum just from staring at Hailee’s tits shaking back and forth. She has gorgeous tits, pale, with no dark ring around the nipples. I pulled out of her cunt and stuck my dick between her boobs. Her boobs really weren’t big enough for a tit fuck but her skin was so soft. After a few minutes, I pulled back and flipped her over so that face was towards the bed and her ass was towards me.

Hailee still didn’t say anything but her cunt was wetter than before. That’s enough for me. I slammed back her cunt and I knew I was close. Her pussy was so tight. When I felt the first squeeze of her orgasm I pulled out and came all over her pussy lips. Strings of cum made it into her quivering pussy and I couldn’t resist dipping back in one more time for a few thrusts. When I pulled out the second time, I was soft.

I just fucked my son’s wife.

This story isn’t done, there’s a back-story and everything. I didn’t know if I should post the whole thing, so here’s the condensed version. If you want the full thing, PM me, or leave a comment and I might do a repost of the whole story.

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2015-11-08 18:23:11
Need full story

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2015-10-17 23:56:43
That was awesome

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2015-10-16 20:57:27
Lucky girl! One to fuck and one for love and company (it would seem), all under the same roof. But don't you think it's only fair that sex-loving Meagan also acquires a shiny new lover. Hubby did say he couldn't always keep up and I'm sure too much of those blue pills can't be good.

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Very nicely written.

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Please send the full story

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