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About some strange problems
Big Boy suspected that he was a butt of an elaborate joke.He was angry and desperately wanted to cut someone’s head off. He thought he knew who had initiated the joke, but wasn’t absolutely sure. And what if he was sure? That man was doing what he wanted; he was the boss after all.
Big Boy was 6’10’’ tall and weighed more than 300 pounds, most of which muscles. Until ten years ago he was a professional weightlifter but his results were not very good, maybe because he wasn’t patient in his training. He just hated working hard and that was by nature. So he became a bodyguard of one of the richest people in the neighborhood. On the whole the boss treated him well but sometimes joked with him. The case was obviously the same now.
The girl was in her early twenties, very short, no more than 5 feet, and around 100 pounds. But she had great body, well shaped breasts and a charming face. Her eyes were big, motley, with predominantly blue nuance. Her wavy dark blond hair was almost reaching her waist. Sexy gal, no doubt about that, but just… not suitable for Big Boy.
“Are you really a prostitute?” Big Boy asked.
“Well, I just… why are you asking?” she said shyly and pulled up the neck of her tight black blouse. She seemed to be worried that the most of her breasts was exposed.
“I’m asking because you do not look like a prostitute.”
“All right, I’m new to the job, actually… I started last week.
“Why?” Big Boy asked and fixed his bloodshot eyes on her.
“Why what?”
“Why did you become a prostitute?”
“Oh, come on….” She was getting nervous. “I need money. Everyone have to make a living one way or another. You have something against it?
“No, but…” Big Boy said mildly.
“No one can tell me what to do!”
“Ok, all right,” Big Boy mumbled “You just look sort of… somehow innocent.”
The little girl grinned seductively and drew up her short black leather skirt, showing her cleanly shaven groin and her pinkish vagina. Her pussy lips seemed to be trembling with anticipation. Big Boy swallowed, his eyes popping out.
Big Boy stepped forward, took her by the waist, drawing her closer. He was excited as he hadn’t had sex for two weeks. The girl buried her face in his hairy chest, then froze motionless, trembling slightly.
“What’s your name?” Big Boy asked and tenderly caressed her neck that was very thin and delicate like a newborn lamb’s.
“Victoria,” she said and rubbed his muscled chest with her soft palm, then started biting one of his nipples with her even snow-white teeth.
“Oh!You…” Big Boy exclaimed, leaning over. He started kissing her, first on the forehead, then on the mouth, the neck, and the breasts. Began tugging her blouse up and she obediently lifted her arms. Her breasts were small, but firm and perfectly rounded. Big Boy pushed his powerful jaw against them, stayed that way for a few seconds, and then sucked hungrily the tender flesh. The girl was writhing in his rude embrace. Her bare feet had detached from the floor.
“Please, be careful! You will suffocate me!” Victoria cried out, whimpering.
Big Boy shook his head, as if trying to wake up.
“Sorry, lassie.”
“I’m not lassie, my name is Victoria!”
“I beg your pardon, miss Victoria.” Big Boy took her under the armpits and lifted her, and she kicked, making a wry face.
“Put me down! Now!”
“I just wanted to … look you over. You are so small and tender…”
“Are you kidding or what? Are you gonna fuck me or not?”
Big Boy left her on the floor and bent over to remove his shorts. Victoria stared with dismay at his enormously erect penis. Her lower jaw slowly dropped.
Big Boy stomped nervously on the floor, feeling guilty. Victoria was trying to look careless and, rising on her toes, started rubbing her groin on the massive head of the erect cock. Big Boy snorted, his eyes fixed on the ceiling, his huge hands caressing the girl’s soft hair. Then he bent down, lifted her off the floor and eagerly sucked her full lips. The stake-like cock poked hardly at her loins. It was about to enter her tight pussy.
A scream was trying to rip its way out Victoria’s throat, even though only the head of the monstrous thing had entered. She had the feeling that something inside her was going to tear at any moment. She tried to free herself, but Biog Boy was holding her tight and would not let go. He had lost control and he wasn’t aware of being fisted on the head. A piercing scream followed.
Big Boy stepped back, his dick hurling jets of sperm. Victoria had slumped on the floor, breathing haltingly, holding her chest with both hands. She felt like her heart would burst any moment. A jet of sperm landed on her head, decorating her thick hair like garland.
“No way, I knew it. You are too tight, “ Big Boy said and headed toward the bathroom.
“Wait! I could cope with that … but in a different way… I’m experienced enough already.”
Big Boy threw a slighting glance over his shoulder and chuckled.
“Don’t worry; you will get your money, lass. The boss pays.
“I told you not to call me that! Come here, lie on the bed! Come on, don’t you hear me!”
Big Boy complied. He lay on his back. His penis had deflated and now was lying like dead snake on his left thigh.
Victoria started her performance. First she revived his penis with her deft, tender hands, then gave him a masterful blowjob. The head of the monster barely managed to fit into her little mouth, and swelled up even more. The girl was barely able to take a breath with her mouth full and Big Boy was moaning with pleasure. He continued moaning as she gave him a sensual massage. Anther blowjob followed, and then a nice footjob. Her feet were small, pliant and incredibly skillful. She was rubbing deftly his swollen shaft with them. Once again spurts of sperm squirted. Big Boy was writhing with excitement, as he hadn’t expected such professionalism. Then another massage, and another, even better blowjob. The girl preferred not to swallow, but Big Boy had no problem with that.
The hours flew like arrows. Big Boy got deadly tired, and his penis was no harder than jelly. He felt as if ran over by a steam-roller. But Victoria continued working, though a bit slower, with her feet, with her tits, but not with her vagina – not counting this half an hour in which Big Boy licked it, - because of the risk to be torn apart.
Big Boy stood up, ready to go home. He was staggering like a boxer in the 12th round. Victoria scurried after him.
“Please, don’t go!” Wasn’t my performance good enough? What, didn’t you like it?
“It was fine, more than fine actually, but I’m tired and have a work to do.
“You are not angry that I didn’t allow you to penetrate me, aren’t you?
“Oh, come on, it’s like that with me in 90 % of the cases, you know… Let me go! You will get your money, and I’ll add some more. Here, a hundred.
Victoria was beaming. So I am good, uh?
‘”You are great, Vicky!
She jumped on his neck, hugged him and wrapped her long legs around his waist. Big Boy swayed and reeled forward, his knees bent under the weight of her 100 pound body.
They fell heavily on the floor. Big Boy pinned Victoria down with the bulk of his massive body. At the same time a sound resembling a crackle of breaking twigs echoed and Victoria started screaming with pain. Big Boy propped himself up on his elbows, then rolled to one side. Victoria was still lying supine, her legs widespread and her arms stretched up pleadingly. Her beautiful eyes had bulged, pouring tears. Her cute chin was trembling spasmodically. She tried to sit up but could not and her head drooped to one side. Her legs, still grotesquely spread, had frozen lifelessly, only the big toe of her left foot was writhing like a dying creature.
Big Boy crawled up to her and reached out to lift her.
Victoria squealed and slapped him in the face.
“Don’t dare to touch me! Don’t you see, you crushed me, moron! Oh, Boy… it hurts so bad... oh!
“I… I don’t know how it happened. I’m so sorry!”
“Call an ambulance, hurry!”
“No ambulance!” the Big Boy’s boss growled. He had jumped out of the adjacent room. He had seen everything through a hole in the wall. „No ambulance, I do not want cops here! Big Boy, you damaged the most perspective and hardworking girl of my friend madam Lulu. There is trouble in store for you. You caused losses for more than hundred thousand bucks. Who will pay uh?”
“But she said… she started last week?”
“Don’t be such a fool. Didn’t you see how she mangled you! She is the best one, for more than three years now; her vagina even had to be tightened surgically, because it had gotten too slack. Ah, why did I give her to you!” I thought it would be funny. You will ruin me, boy!”
Big Boy bowed his head guiltily, and in this moment the girl made another unsuccessful attempt to prop herself up on her elbows. Wailing with pain, she bit her lower lip, drawing blood.
“Please, I need a doctor! I will serve you for free if you fix me.”
“We will fix you, Vicky, honey, just lie still and don’t move, and please don’t die if possible, because madam Lulu will kill mе,” the boss said.
Victoria promised not to die, then eyes dimmed and she lost consciousness.
The boss called a friend of his, a surgeon, who promised to examine the injured girl in his private office and to send two experienced paramedics to transport her.
The paramedics fussed around Victoria’s grotesquely spread legs, maybe wanting to relish the view of her fresh pussy. Then they cautiously pushed her lifeless legs inwards, but not too cautiously and Victoria came round emitting a tortuous moan. She was placed on a stretched and carried out to the ambulance.
Three hour later the boss called Big Boy in and said:
“Go to the doctor, he needs someone like you! Here, that’s the address.”
“But what can I do?”
“He will tell you.”
Big Boy hurried out to his Jeep and jumped in.
The doctor scratched his bald head and started explaining what should be done.
“So… the x-ray showed that you had managed to break this girl’s pelvis in three places. Very bad, really. Luckily her spine is intact, so she is not paralyzed. Generally she needs surgery, and titanium rods to fix the fractures but your boss said he do not want her hospitalized. And I can’t operate here; you see, there are no appropriate conditions here. So the only option is conservative treatment.
“Ok, doc, what do you want me to do?”
“I just need some help. Come on, let’s place her on this table and elevate her legs in slings.
Victoria gave out a cry when they lifted her. She was obviously in great pain.
“Doc, why don’t you anaesthetize her?”
“No way. We have to monitor her reactions.
The doctor hung her legs high in the air and parted them.
“Listen to me now!” he said. “You have to penetrate her deeply so the bones would align a bit, and I will pull her legs hard until everything pops into place.
“But, doc … my cock can’t enter… ,” said Big boy, pointing his groins.
“It will get in this time; I have widened her slightly with a special drug, and a big medical dildo, of course. Don’t you see?
Big Boy saw, and felt a pleasant tingling in his groin. Victoria was staring dreamily at him. Big boy’s penis entered this time, not fluently and easily, but really entered. Victoria moaned softly, as if with pleasure, or with pain, or maybe both.
“Push harder, now pull out a little, spin her to the left slightly,” the doctor was instructing him, while pulling her left leg at one moment and her right at another. Then a sharp click echoed and the doctor said that the bones were perfectly aligned. “Don’t push anymore, and do not move, because I have to put her in plaster. And keep your erection or everything goes to hell.
“But, doc….”
“No buts, please. Just listen to her moans of pleasure and it will stay erect. Clear?”
In this moment the dazed girl stared pleadingly at Big Boy and shrieked:
“Penetrate me deeper, Big Boy. I’m ready to take it whole! You hear me, I’m ready for you!
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