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This is the first in a serious that will gradually go further into the forbidden relationship of a young married teacher and his pupil that he tutors. This sets the tone and characters, and settings for the other parts to come.
The Tutor (Savannah gets some One-On-One Time)

Savannah was a young student who was struggling to put her nose in the books and study. She would much rather be playing volleyball with her sister and her friends. Her parents arranged to have her a tutor that would come over once a week and help her with her assignments and get her grades up and ready for college.

Savannah hatted the idea of having a tutor come over to her house and waste her time, she hated it until she met her new tutor, Josh. “Hi, I’m Josh Jackson” he said as he reached out his hand to greet Savannah. “You can call me JJ” he added. Josh was an older man in his 20’s and he was tall and had bright blue eyes. He was slim and had very muscular arms and legs. Savannah could not keep her eyes off his bulging muscles and thought that maybe these tutoring sessions would not be that bad.

The two of them sat down on the couch together and Josh began to ask Savannah some questions about her school work and what she was working on. Savannah could feel the warmth from his body radiating next to her as they sat inches away from each other looking at her math book. Josh seemed cool and not at all like a typical teacher might expect to look or act like to Savannah. He even said a few cuss words in excitement when Savannah would understand how to do something in her textbook. After an hour went by Josh held up his hand to give her a high five and said “Damn girl you are so smart. You did great tonight. Are you sure you need a tutor at all?” Savannah looked at him and said “well, I guess I am smart I just don’t always feel motivated to apply myself.” Savannah loved the feeling of her hand touching his bring strong hand. Josh said “well I think I can help you a little with that too” he held up his arm and said “I used to be the smallest teen and not in shape and I taught myself how to be disciplined and motivated to get what I wanted out of life.” Josh explained how he lifted weights and enjoyed riding a mountain bike to stay in shape. The two of them stood up and Josh said “Well I guess I will see you next week and we will work on that motivation too” as he leaned in to give her a hug and put his arm around her. Savannah didn’t think twice about it as she felt his big strong arms wrap around her body. Savannah walked him to the door and told him bye and thanked him for his help. Josh smiled at her and said see you next week as he walked down the front walk.

Savannah closed the door and went up to her room where she laid on her bed and day-dreamed of her new tutor and next week’s session with him. She slid her hand inside her shorts and rubbed on top of her panties and began to imagine how Josh’s strong hands might feel touching her instead. Her panties quickly became soaked as she fantasized the scene in her mind. She moved one arm under her shirt and pulled up her bra and began to fondle her breast squeezing her full breast and pinching her nipple back and forth. It wasn’t long until she had climaxed thinking about this new man that had enter her life today.

The next week seemed like it would never come, but finally Wednesday rolled around and Savannah bounced around the house happily as the time grew closer to Josh’s arrival. Savannah was more conscience of her looks this time and put on her favorite dressy skit and tank top along with some of her favorite perfume that smelled like sweet Gardena flowers in the late spring.

Savannah ran downstairs to get the door when Josh knocked and rang the bell. Opening the door Josh could immediately tell the difference in her appearance from last week to this week and he slowly gave a big smile and said “Hey Savannah.” She motioned him inside and as he entered she closed the door behind him and followed him to the den and to the couch where they studied last week. Savannah noticed Josh had a small backpack with him with something inside it.

“What do you have in the bag?” Savannah asked curiously. “It’s your motivation” he turned and replied to her. As he sat on the couch and Savannah took a seat next to him he reached into his backpack and pulled out a sandwich bag of chocolate Kisses and Hugs. “Your mom told me that these were your favorites” he added. Savannah thought to herself that she really didn’t need any more motivation but the chocolate wouldn’t hurt either.

She pulled out her math book and they began to go over her week’s homework assignments together. Every time Savannah got an answer right or understood a concept Josh gave her a piece of chocolate. He would alternate between the chocolate kisses and the white chocolate hugs. Savannah's mom came in the room and announced that she was going to take Savannah's brother to football practice, she would stay there for the few hours and when Savannah's dad got home after work later that evening they would go have a late supper out.

Occasionally Josh would point to something in her book and his arm would brush against hers and it sent goose bumps through her body as she enjoyed their time together. Josh loved the smell of her perfume and asked her what the name of it was. Savannah was blushing at the thought of Josh liking her favorite scent. Josh tried to be a good tutor and keep his mind on the books but he was caught up in how lovely she smelled and looked. He looked over at Savannah and her nice toned legs shooting straight out of her short skirt that stopped halfway at her thighs and was covered by her big heavy math book. He followed her legs down to the floor where she had kicked off her sandals to the side and he admired her well-manicured and painted toes. When he looked to the side at Savannah her tank top was loose and open at her arms and showed several inches of her black lacy bra.

Savannah was so motivated that Josh quickly ran out of some of the chocolate pieces before the hour was up. “I’m sorry” he offered as he searched for another candy Hug, “I’m all out of hugs.” “But the hugs are my favorite” Savannah teased him back. Feeling a little flirty Josh playfully offered a suggestion. “Would you settle for a real hug” he said, “you’re doing great!” Josh put his arm around her shoulder and waited to see if she would allow him to give her a hug. Savannah leaned toward Josh and put her arm behind Josh’s back and smiled as they embraced.

They went back to the books but then quickly ran out of the chocolate kisses a few minutes later. Josh had already been thinking of what his next flirty line might be as he saw the kisses disappearing and he jokingly said “I’m out of kisses, but I don’t think I can give you a real one of those.” Savannah was one step ahead of him and quickly replied “but you owe me a kiss and now I’m not feeling very motivated” she said with a smile. Josh recognized her flirting and knew that her new dress and attitude was perhaps directed toward him. Josh found himself perplexed about what to do. He was a married man, but the more he rationalized it in his mind his wife had been ignoring him lately and always playing on her phone rather than talking or spending time with him. On the other hand here was this beautiful young high school girl who was very into him and had just given Josh permission to give her a kiss in so many words. Giving into the moment Josh leaned toward Savannah silently looking into her eyes as she turned to face him he grabbed her shoulder and face and guided his lips to hers.

Their lips met and Savannah closed her eyes as they kissed for only a second and pulled apart to give way to a big smile looking at each other. “Mmm” Savannah let out a soft moan, “I’m feeling really motivated now” she said. “Do you need some more?” Josh offered to her. “Yes!” she answered as they begin to kiss each other again. They kissed longer and with more passion. Josh lowered his hand and placed it on her knee. Her smooth legs were warm to the touch and her beautiful face was adorned by her long pretty hair that brushed against Josh’s hand as he kissed her.

“Now I’m feeling motivated to do something else” Savannah said as she reached her arm out and placed it on Josh’s chest as they began to kiss again. Savannah leaned back slowly while Josh was kissing her so that their lips wouldn’t separate and they could continue to enjoy the moment. Josh followed her lead and they shifted positions on the couch to leaning back against the side of the couch.
Josh’s hand instinctively went to the side of her breast and he gave it a gentle squeeze. Their kissing became more passionate and Josh Savannah felt Josh’s mouth open more and his tongue emerged at the entrance to her mouth and she opened her lips giving him entry inside her mouth. Josh could feel Savannah's chest pressed against his as he let his tongue swirl around her tongue as they kissed.
They traded muffled moans as they embraced each other. Savannah's hands went underneath Josh’s shirt and her nails sent shivers down his body as she moved them across his chest and abs. Josh began to playfully kiss her saying “you still need more kisses?” as he counted off a few pecks on her lips and cheek. “Yes! I need a lot more” she responded. Josh moved to the side of her neck and began to kiss her there as well as suck gently on her skin. “Mmmm, Yes!” Savannah said as she felt his moist lips against her neck just under her ear lobe. Josh whispered in her ear “You are so beautiful.” Savannah opened up her legs and let Josh slip between her legs with his body. Her skirt was pushed up high thanks to the weight of Josh’s body. He glanced down to catch a quick look at her bright neon yellow panties with pink polka dots on them. He could feel her legs wrap around him as they continued this intense tutoring session.

Josh sat up a little and Savannah grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head. Savannah had a nice full chest for her age and it was covered by a small lacy black bra. “Keep going” Savannah said as she looked Josh in the eyes. “Are you sure?” Josh offered making sure his teen was alright with his advances. He wasn’t sure what Savannah meant by her comment, but he wasn’t about to let this opportunity go by. He kissed her neck again and moved downward to the top of her chest. He kissed her on top of her breast just above her bra and then moved between her nice round mounds and slowly dragged his tongue down into her cleavage kissing her slightly.

Savannah held his head in place and pressed his lips into her chest more moaning in delight. Josh turned and began to slip his tongue under the top of her bra going as deep as he could searching for a nipple perhaps. Josh felt Savannah press upward with her waist and grind her crotch against his already enlarged cock. Josh pressed downward with more force and pushed her into the couch cushion.
Suddenly Savannah heard a car pull up in the drive way. She recognized the sound, it was her dad coming home from work. Josh sat up and let Savannah sit up as well. She grabbed her shirt and ran quickly to the restroom before her dad could enter the front door. Her dad walked in a few moments later and Josh said hello to him. Savannah's dad set his briefcase down and just before he went into the kitchen Savannah came out of the bathroom and said “Hey dad!” Her dad turned and said hello and went into the kitchen. Savannah hurried over to the couch smiling at Josh and said “sorry, he’s home earlier than usual.” Josh took her hand and said “It’s Ok, we always have next week” he said with a smile. He gathered up his things and Savannah walked him to the door. Josh turned and carefully scanning the room for her dad leaned in to give her one more kiss before he left.

Savannah went up to her room again and laid on her bed and imagined what it would have been like if her dad had not come home early. As Josh drove home he pondered what the next weeks would be like. He grabbed his dick and adjusted it in his pants as he got hard again at the thought of Savannah and her sexy little body and budging chest.

(To be continued…)

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