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A busty slave is having a busy weekend
- Submission Weekend

Friday night, 7:30 p.m. ... She must go ... Isabella is not very happy as she prepares to go to William. The brown wavy haired submissive knows what awaits ...

She looks in the mirror and wondered how a busty woman like her will be able to cross half of Paris subway, dressed like this. She must put on nothing else but a one-piece polo knit from natural wool which was far from hiding her forms. It was straight forward indecent ... With her tits in it, pressing to the wool it was really uncomfortable ... In addition, the polo bottom was shorter than she thought: it just come down over the buttocks, showing up her bare thighs above the thick socks ... And of course, no panties ... If not enough, the polo was split in the middle to show some of her bust. Isabelle has really big breasts and her tits will dangle freely under wool. She stares at the mirror in profile ... The polo covers 15 cm bellow her waist and squarely underlines her buttocks. There is no way people sitting in the metro won't see her cunny!

- Isabelle, are you ready?

Isabelle grabbed her purse and turns.

- Yes, I am ... But I will never be able go down the street like that, it shows that I have nothing under my polo. I'm practically naked ...

- Exactly, you look beautiful ... You'll be fine in the subway ... And do not forget to stumble the ground with your high heels and stick your chest out well, while walking so that your tits will jiggle nicely ...

- Yeah ...

- Anyway, you have thirty minutes to go to William and it's at the other end of Paris. You are going to be forced to run. Make sure the guys in the front cars that stop at red lights when you cross the street stare at your big breasts. Make them dangle in every which way.

- Mmm ...

- Well ... And other than that, you know what waits for you at William?

- Yes ... I know ... I will do whatever he wants throughout the weekend ... and I'm having punishments.

- Exactly ... You're at his mercy for the entire weekend ... This is the first time I'll lend you and it may be very hard, especially for your tits. William loves big breasts ... When they see your enormous tits, they will hallucinate ... William asked about your chest ... I told him that your tit bags have grown and you're sporting a good 105F. He seemed delighted. I told him that you do not wear bra. He's looking forward to meet you . And you know what?

- What?

- He asked me if I agreed so that your breasts are severely punished and if I mind whether you come back with brands.

- Ahhhh ... And you tell him what?

- I gave him my permission.

- Aaahh, but you're crazy ... Please!

- What do you mean?

- But you know ... My breasts have grown. They are huge right now and my boobs hurt me!

- Yes, I know ... You are unlucky, and William and his friends will love to play with such big tits ... I have hesitated long enough weather I confide to William. He is much tougher than me and he will not be moved by your tears. On the contrary ... he loves making girls cry!

- But ... If he is too hard on my breasts, I will not withstand it... Could we not do it at another time? And who are his "friends"?

- Listen ... You're punished and you know that! William organized a party in your honor, with "auction" ... There will be many people. And they count on you and your tits to do the show

- O My God ..! But ... what if they pulverize my chest?

- They won't kill you ... Your breasts will not perhaps be in very unpresentable shape for some time, but a good harsh treatment can only do yout tits good.

- No! Please...

- It's too late to talk, you had to think about this before. In fact, you do not need your handbag ...Here, take this and put your notebook punishments in it. It's everything you'll need at William's house.

- But .. That's is all my stuff in my bag ...!

- Your stuff ... What do you need as stuff? ... Everything you need at William is under your polo! Anyway, you know you'll be all the time naked. ... Summer and winter at his home, girls roam around always bare. One morning I saw three women do their gymnastics outside naked in the snow, right in the middle of winter! So in case you get bored - there are bunch of little games he can make you do...

- Yeah ... I guess it's not worth asking what these small games are ...

- William is a former gym teacher. He is like me - loves to order his punitive gymnastics on girls. He also have horses and will surely take you for walks on a horseback ... Do not worry, he does not lack imagination ... He even manufacture a mechanical rodeo horse ... But you will see for yourself ...

The chime of the door sounded. Gerard opened the door and met a beautiful brunette waiting.

The woman entered into the apartment. She is wearing a black leather jacket and a mini-skirt. And what stroke the eyes first actually were her bare long tanned legs and her leather shiny high-heeled shoes. The leather skirt was super short. The girl spoke:

- Hello, I'm Nadia.

Gerard tore his lustful sight off her thighs, tanned legs and micro-skirt. Nadia clearly has African origins, but her skin was very clear. She has luscious lips and pretty black eyes, almond shaped and enlarged by the oriental make-up. Long black strands looped cascading down her shoulders. Nadia has a packet with Gérard's name on it.

She gave it to him with a shy smile.

- This is a present from William.

Gérard ripped the tape and unpacked a long whip from the inside. It was a real art object with braided leather. The long handle was partially lined with spikes which extended to a good part of the thong. The girl asked:

- Excuse me, can I take off my jacket?

- But of course, Nadia! Let's see what you hide underneath!

The jacket, style "Perfecto" was encased by three metal belts. It looked absolutely packed. Nadia unbuckled all tree belts and unzipped it, sprouting an incredible pair of breasts. Real hangers, tanned, heavy - almost falling down to her navel! With very well developed nipples. A small golden key was hanging between her cleavage on a leather strap to her neck collar .

Nadia's tits were bare naked under the jacket and probably this was the reason for her request to remove it. The insides of the garment on both sides were covered with metal spikes sewn in to the leather. The sharp tips basically surrounded her torso, up to the base of her breasts and all the way to just above her navel. On top of this there was a bustier up to the base of her tits covered with spikes too. So this meant Nadia's tits were sandwiched on both sides, painfully compressed between two lairs of metal teeth. This type of clothing have left clear marks on the masochistic guest's skin sack's flesh.

- Wow!

- William thought it would please you. He had me also prepared a special show for you..

- I like it a lot actually. Shake your breasts!

Nadia smiled briefly. She was waiting for it obviously.

The new girl brought her forearm forward. She did this to bring the spiked parts of the jacket up close to her hanging udders. Then Nadia started shaking vigorously her breasts, whipping the spikes with her tits with complete disregard to pain. It was a pleasant soft flopping sound when the breasts crashed on the tips. The female was obviously very well trained. She started to shake her breasts ever so quicker. The self-inducing pain lover spreads gradually her arms, further opening the jacket and throwing her udders from one side to the other. The breasts crush even faster and more violently on the tips of the spikes.

- Wow! Did you see that, Isabelle? I'll buy you a nice jacket like that for your birthday.

(part II)

- Hops on the spot! - Gerard ordered.

Nadia hearing the order and in preparation opened the sides of her jacket completely. She started to trot energetically at one place, lifting her knees up high hitting her udders occasionally. This caused the breasts to jump and then fall heavily on to the tips of the bustier. Rise again, before it splatter on the spikes again!

Gerard counts her trots in his head. Nadia maintains a fairly rapid pace, about 2 steps per second. 27, 28, 29, 30 ...

Suddenly she starts sprinting on the spot. Her udders shake violently and move disorderly every which way, heavily bouncing off the spikes. Nadia maintains her sprint for a few seconds and begins to hit KNEE KICK HER POOR TITS, spreading her legs wide open. The purpose

apparently being to blow the udders as high as possible. The tit sacks while falling, then crash on the tips of the spiked even move cruelly scratching on them to the sides.

Nadia continues exercising for about fifteen seconds, then stops and immediately starts to shake her chest with abandon - throwing her breasts with all her might by quickly moving her shoulders left and right. Udders whip through the air at full speed and then again crashing on the tips of the spikes of the jacket. She suddenly stops, grabs her nipples and rolls them between her fingers. Nadia is making vicious circular motion with her index, as if the pain lover wanted to wrap the buds around them.

Gerard have never seen something like that. The nipples of Nadia's hangers are extremely long. She could almost make knots from them. The girl goes on playing with her nipples. She stretches, twists and crushes them between her fingers with no care for their well being! Then the beauty starts shaking them vigorously in large circles.

Nadia starts to pull her breasts very violently, stretching them to their maximum elasticity. The distended skin at the base of her tits is erecting, showing clear long lines from her chest to her extra long nipples. No doubt the result of excessive stretching! Nadia now pulls on her tits with all of her might: adding up to her torture by twisting her nipples. Then she starts to shake violently the udders pulling and jerking the poor sacks as if trying to tear them from her chest.

It looks like she's going to pull her tits out when suddenly Nadia LETS HER TITS LOOSE, letting them fall heavily on to the spiked bust!

- Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

THe dark skinned female guest smiles proudly. She is very well trained and will show Gérard many other things she can do with her breasts.

- Who taught you these moves? Ah, am I stupid... It's William, of course ... But what surprises me, is how well you preform it ...

- I am a dancer. William made me repeat these express movements for you until I perfected them.

- I'll have to thank William for that ... Let us see your thong under your skirt...

Nadia pulled her miniskirt down and stood still.

Leaving her skirt on the floor, she approached Gérard, spreading her legs as wide apart as the submissive woman could, while bend down and arching her back to the ground. The "string" which Nadia wore was connected to her chastity belt with a lock, just below her navel. There is a key hanging between the dancer's breasts.

Gérard takes the key and opens the clasp. It relieves the handle of something metal along with more hard spikes on the inside of the panties. Fine metal tips of a half centimeter that lined the entire interior of the strap were embedded onto the skin of vulva this hole time! Pulled by the strong elastic they must have been pressing Nadia's vagina like clamps!

The incredible girl shows her dancing skills again by leaning back even further and start shaking her hips in rhythm.

Part III

Legs apart, her spine arched back. Gerard removed the strap a little. At first he thought it was a dildo stuck in Nadia's vagina. To his surprise it was not a dildo.

This is actually a brush cylinder which was fixed to the center of the strap. Small drops of blood appear on the lips of Nadia's fully shaved pubis. Gerard, delighted with his discovery, took out a art of the bristle, rotated it a bit and then inserted it back in again.

Nadia undulated smoothly with every limb, like obsessed with the rhythm of an inner music - not stopping or showing any discomfort with what was happening to her vagina. With saggy breasts falling heavily on each side of the girl's chest, she moves her shoulders vigorously. The passionate dancer shakes her udders and sends them from one side to the other scraping the violent spikes both on her jacket and then on the bustier.

Gerard continues to play with the offered sex, taking the bristles in and out several times. Then he takes it out of Nadia's vagina completely to rub it on her clitoris.

This girl is really extraordinary. It continues to shake her breasts, smacking them around. Gerard pushes thoroughly the bristle inside the girl and locked the strap in place. Nadia got back up smoothly.

The look she throws to Gerard is filled with pride and submission.

Isabelle has not moved. She was watching in amazement the entire time. Thoughts were running through her head. This girl is crazy and William? How can he impose such a torture to such a beautiful girl ? And her breasts - they are permanently destroyed ...

Gerard asked:

- What happened to your breasts?

Nadia, looking down answered:

- William is not a tender man...

- That I know, but what are these yellow marks on top of your tits?

- These are the needles.

- Really? All this is from the needles?

- Yes, but that is nothing ... and the spoon...It's over now, It was much worse then this ... It was fifteen days ago and then it was black and blue.

Gérard takes a hold of Nadia's nipples and lifted her udder to take a peek under them. More bruises, spike marks. Gerard kneads the woman's sacks, then grips them hard, feeling the flesh blow up into his hands.

Nadia's tits are really heavy and soft - ideal for punishment.

- How old are you, Nadia?

- I am 24 years old

- You have the very heavy breasts for your age, just the way I like them.

- William also loves them hanging low like this and he does everything he can to stretch them.

- Oh yes? And what does he do do stretch your tits?

- I'm entitled to daily stretching, exercises. "Easing" as he calls it. During weekends the exercises last longeest and are hardest to do. I also do lengthy rides on the horse's back. I mount it without saddle ... I also have my breasts filled up with several litters of different fluids including saline, until they become huge. Then I have to run, do my exercises or ride a horse like that.

Before, I had large breasts but they were round and not too saggy. William did not like that so he BROKE THEM TO THESE DEFLATED BALLOONS!

Gerard grabed the big breasts, rolled them deliciously between his fingers. He then lifted the girl a bit by pulling Nadia's udders upwards,

stretching them up to the maximum. They come well above her shoulders extending more than 35cm!


Everything below the breasts is full of yellow marks. Gerard also notice some scars in oval shape under the breasts, but decided not to ask no more questions. He dropped the breasts, watching them as they fall heavily onto the spikes, at least full 20 cm on stretched tit flesh. Then followed up with some slaps using only the the flat of his hands, crushing the poor breast meat on the tips of the bustier's sharp metal.

Part IV

Isabelle feels jealous all of a sudden. She believed to be the only one completely immune to harsh breast treatment. But now she saw Nadia was a serious rival in this regard.

- They're beautiful, right? - William asked

- Heuu ... Yes!

Isabelle feels murder desires. If Gerard permits, she would love to pulverize the new arrival's breasts with her fists.

-William Has really good taste! You can hardly find such precious breast pain lover don’t you think?

Isabelle responds with a face that speaks about her feelings for Nadia. Gerard approaches his sub and gives her a slap onto her breasts, through the jumper!

- I do not like it when you do that face, Isabelle.

Following this Gérard delivers a dozen of savage slaps on Isabelle's tits at random spots and speed. The receiving woman moaned and stepped back.

- Lift your polo!

Isabelle obeyed and raised the polo over her head. Then she proceeded to stays that way, head in the polo exposing her tits to anything Gerard would want to do to them. Isabelle knows she deserved punishment and patiently waited for it. Still she was feeling happy to have managed to have captivate again the attention of her master.

Gerard gave her a dozen more fast slaps, landing well, straight on Isabelle's tits!

The submissive woman's head reappears as she descended the polo. She counted the slaps while not moving an inch receiving the strikes on her boobs suqare and fair.

- You still have 10 minutes ... But I bet you die from desire to take revenge on Nadia and slam her big saggy breasts ...

- Can I?

- Sure you can ... Go ahead, beat your breasts, both of you. Nadia will take off her jacket but Isabelle, you have no right to squeeze her breasts onto the spikes. Scratching with the fingertips are also prohibited. Take off your hoodie!

Isabelle passed the polo over her head and advances rapidly towards Nadia, who did not move a centimeter. When Isabelle arrived aiming to grab her breasts, the pain loving dancer gives a masterful slap on her rival's face! The host's sub stepped back a good meter.

Isabelle advanced again and this time by gaining a momentum she managed to grab the breasts of Nadia and stick her nails in the bruised flesh while twisting with all her strength.

Nadia meets the brutal attack of her breasts with punches. Five quick punches full strength in Isabelle's breasts sideways. The smacks crushed the receiving woman's tit flesh and flattened her breasts against her rib cage.

Isabelle felt that her boobs will burst and let go of Nadia's udders, gasping and puffing. She then rushed back again, nails upfront, to assault her rival's tit sacks. Gerard's personal sub succeeded once again, to catch and raise Nadia's saggers, pinning them squarely against mulatto’s shoulders . Then she started to dig in her nails into poor woman's badly bruised tit flesh.

Nadia in return hugged Isabelle's torso and pressed her chest against the tips of her bustier. The surprised rival of the mulatto screamed and tried to escape, but Nadia did not give up. She mustered her entire strength, crushing Isabelle breasts against her spikes.

Nadias breasts were not affected at all by this intervention as both of them, being the saggers they were, were laying onto her shoulders tortured by Isabelle's finger nails.

Isabelle remembered about the string Gerard had ejected out of her rival's vagina and launched a knee between Nadia's legs.

The masochistic dancer opened her mouth wide as if to to scream, but nothing came out.

Isabelle has no trouble to emerge victorious. Nadia is unresponsive, eyes bulging, mouth wide open. The tips of her croth spikes have penetrated her clitoris. Isabelle moans:

- Look, Willaim, my breasts are bleeding

- It's okay, we'll fix it.

Gerard takes Isabelle in the bathroom and seeks an alcohol bottle. Isabelle's breasts are full of little red dots. Gerard poured alcohol in his hand and rubbed her left breast and right breast, triggering new screams from his torture toy.

- It burns!

Gérard downright pours alcohol on her breast and removes the last traces of blood, rubbing vigorously.

- Well, it looks better ... SLAP ... Come on! Dress up, you'll be late!

Nadia is still in the room. She sat on the couch and is trying to free her sex by pulling on the leather strap of her spiked bikini. Gerard retained the key. Isablle said:

- Wait, we can not leave her like that? Give me alcohol, poor thing!

Gerard unlocks the bristle and frees Nadia of her crotch spikes.

- It bleeds! -Nadia moaned.

Isabelle passed a cotton soaked with alcohol in her nemesis's sex pushing it all the way in. Isabelle sadistically wipes off her clitoris with alcohol and squeezed it with her fingers through the cotton. Nadia a big clit became instantly even more sore. Isabelle is happy. She is going to destroy this clitoris!

- Give me another cotton!

Isabelle covers Nadia's clit with a brand new cotton, well soaked in alcohol, pressed the small organ through the material. The burning liquid flows into Nadia's vagina while she moans even louder. Isabelle took a new cotton and inserted it into her contestant for William's punishment's vagina - as deep as she can. NADIA WHIRLS in pain, moaning!

- Oh! I lost it! Give me another cotton!

Isabelle again, rubs it well on Nadia's clitoris.

- Stop moving!

- It burns!

Isabelle pushed the n'th cotton deep into the vagina of Nadia all the way to the bottom!

- That's enough, we need you to go!

- Yes, wait! Isabelle launches two mighty slaps on Nadia's breasts, crushing them on the tips of


- Here, take this, and that!

Nadia makes no sound as she embraces the slaps without any attempt ot cover herself.

Gérard intervenes thought, pulling Isabelle by the arm.

- Stop it, I told you ... And hurry up. You've got barely a quarter of an hour. You better run!

(Part V )

In the street, Isabelle feels that all the world looks at her... And it's not just her.

When she is walking, her breasts were flopping freely under the polo ... Isabelle keeps pulling back the polo all the time and she gets a honk every time she must cross a street. The submissive female is late and when she runs, her breasts raise the polo revealing her bare vagina...

In the metro escalators, guys bellow were getting bones having clear view of the chick's privates... There were three dudes who followed Isabelle for five minutes ...

When she took the escalator, they were right behind her ... She feel their breath on her shoulder ...

- Ouaou! The bitch! You saw? She has not panties!

- Yeah, and it's a real blonde ...!

- But no! She looks even better ... no hairs neither!

- Can I touch? Where are you going like that?

One guy raised her polo with a quick movement. The station is crammed with people, everyone must have seen her ass and bare vagina !!!!

Isabelle tried to give a good slap to the one who did it, but he had planned his actions and her hand hit the emptiness ...

- Leave me perv!

- Houaaou! WHo's talking ??! Big Tits! ...

- Did you see the jugs she had? And she is not even wearing a bra!

- Yeah ... The bitch is naked under her polo!

- Hey, guys, let's break, look a cop!

Isabelle hurried on and made a small gesture with her hand to loose the attention of the police. She did not want to spend the night at a police station in this dress giving explanation. Not to mention Isabelle did not carry any papers with her. . The policeman watches her go with regrets.

Finally the harassed submissive arrived at the address...

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