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My sister was doubtful, "I can’t be hypnotized, it’s like a total scam"
I was studying Psychology in college and one of my classes was a course in the power of suggestion. As I read through the text and wrote my weekly papers I got interested in Hypnotism. Most of my life I thought Hypnotism was a joke, a parlor trick that magicians used on stage to trick unsuspecting audiences. The longer I studied in my class, the more I understood that hypnosis was a real phenomenon that had been used for centuries to control or manipulate the sub-conscience of others. It’s all about the power of suggestion and the willingness of the subject to accept a suggestion into their sub-conscience psyche. I decided to learn how to hypnotize subjects. I checked out books on hypnotism, I went to stage shows and watched the acts; I went to my professor who claimed to be a hypnotist himself.

The first person I tried to hypnotize was my roommate. He wasn’t cooperating too well, joking and laughing as I intoned my chant that he was sleepy and that he should concentrate on my voice as he fell asleep. After three tries I gave up on him and turned to other quarry. I was home for some break in school when my younger sister wandered into the living room complaining she was bored, she had nothing to do. Mom was in the kitchen cooking dinner; dad was messing around somewhere so it was just me to keep her company. Now my sister is not a total airhead, but I perceive a slight vacuum between her ears. At 18 Whitney is ‘totally’ into her friends, American Idol, the Bachelor, Survivor, Face Book and iPods. I’m glad to say I’m moving beyond that stage and actually think for myself now. She flopped down on the sofa next to me and grabbed the TV remote. “Hey,” I said to her, “I know what you can do; you can help me with one of my class projects.”

She cast a wary look at me “I can’t do college stuff, you know that.”

“No, you don’t have to do anything, just let me practice some hypnosis on you.”

Whitney’s eyes grew large, surprised, “You want to hypnotize me? Why?”

“I have to practice. If I’m going to be a Psychologist, I need to know how to do this. You can help by letting me put you under.”

“Now that’s scary, it sounds like you want to kill and bury me. Besides, I can’t be hypnotized, it’s like a total scam.”

I twisted around to face her “You’re right; I think you’re too smart but you gotta let me try so I can tell my professor. It’s like a homework assignment.”

By appealing to her intellect I figured she would fold and let me attempt to hypnotize her. I was right, she looked at me for a few moments then asked “How does this happen?”

“Well, first you have to be completely comfortable and relaxed, lay on the couch like you want to take a nap.” I got off the cushion and moved to the chair beside the sofa.

Whitney flopped down on her back, snuggled into the cushions, laced her fingers together over her stomach, sighed deeply and closed her eyes. “Promise me you won’t ask me any personal stuff. If you try I’ll walk right out.” I promised.

I began by talking softly to her, asking her questions that she answered. She was listening to me as I droned my questions, when I asked her if she was completely relaxed I noticed her fingers loosen slightly as she responded. I told her she looked cozy, warm and tranquil, like she was asleep. She murmured something and took a deep breath, her head canted slightly to the right. The next step was to make sure she was concentrating only on my voice. I told her to listen to me, to search for me with her mind’s eye, to focus only on me and my words. She hesitated a moment then said softly “I see you.”

Her eyes were closed and I felt a thrill of victory when she said she could see me “Do you see anything else? Do you hear anything else?”

“No, only you.”

“I want you to listen to what I say. Concentrate on me, I am your brother, I am your teacher.”

Whitney frowned lightly “Teach me something.”

I was convinced she was in a trance. I did it! I hypnotized her! My heart was pounding hard, I flushed with triumph. “Whitney, listen to me. You have a fly walking on your leg.” My sister twitched her right leg then reached down to brush off the imaginary insect. I was awestruck that she did what I expected. “The fly just landed on your cheek Whitney.” She lifted her hand and brushed the invisible bug away again. I had no idea what to do next. My sister was hypnotized but I couldn’t think of anything I should or could do so I decided to try a post-hypnotic suggestion then wake her up. “What color is your hair Whitney?”

“Honey Blonde” was her reply.

“You would look nice with lighter blonde streaks in your hair.”

“You think so?”

“I am your teacher; you would look pretty with streaks in your hair. You want to be pretty, you should streak your hair.”

She fidgeted on the sofa, “Pretty.”

I followed the rules for bringing a person out of a trance and in less than a minute Whitney was sitting up “I’m sorry I fell asleep and screwed up your experiment. I told you I couldn’t be hypnotized.” I assured her that it was no big deal.

The next day my sister came bounding into the house to show me her new hair style. She had gotten a nice layer cut with light streaks throughout her hair. She did look prettier. I was amazed at the power of my suggestion. Now that I had found a good subject, I started to plan the next session.

My sister was a senior in high school. She did well enough but ever since I started college I realize how much education we don’t get. If nothing else I thought I could design a hypnosis regimen that not only would help me learn the tools of my chosen trade, but help Whitney get a better education. The next day I asked her again if I could try to hypnotize her. At first she was reluctant, unwilling to waste more time but I convinced her that I needed her help. She relaxed on the sofa and I was able to put her in a trance. The second time was easier and in less than a minute her mind was as pliable as Play Dough. This time I turned on a digital recorder so I could convince her she had been hypnotized and that I didn’t pry any secrets out of her.

I got her to talk about things that made her happy when she was little. She flushed and gushed about several moments in her life that she enjoyed. A special birthday present, the cat we had for years, and for some odd reason known only to her, playing ‘Operation’ with me. After about 15 minutes I shut off the recorder then made another post hypnotic suggestion, one that I had planned. I picked an easy one to do and to test if she had done it. “Whitney, do you know where Mount Rushmore is?”


“You have to find out. You should go to the library and find out where and what Mount Rushmore is. It is important that you know this because when you go to college you will have to know about Mount Rushmore. You have to learn, I am your teacher.” I stressed the word teacher.

“Mount Rushmore” she sighed. I added one more suggestion that would make it easier for me to use her again as my subject. I suggested that she wanted to learn more about hypnosis so she would let me hypnotize her without worry.

Two days later I brought up the subject of national monuments at dinner. All of a sudden Whitney came alive and started telling us about Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, what it was and who carved it. My parents were thrilled that their daughter talked about something besides shopping and Survivor. I was thrilled that my plan had worked. I had a willing subject that took post-hypnotic suggestions and acted on them. The more I thought about it, the more I wondered where her boundaries were. What would she do, or more importantly, what wouldn’t she do?

Before I left home again I put Whitney under one more time. This time was much easier; she was asleep almost as soon as her head hit the end of the sofa. I suggested that she needed to read more books and fewer magazines. I told her she would find a list of books that would be good reading on the desk, that she should check them out from the library and read them in her spare time. Since I wasn’t sure what might interest her, I asked her what she wanted to learn about.

Her answer surprised me “Biology. I want to know more about biology and sex.”

“Why do you want to learn about sex Whitney?”

“Because I like sex but I feel limited. There has to be more.”

It startled me that she confessed she wasn’t virgin but I pressed on “More than what?”

“More than quick sex. I want to know if it can be good for me, not only for him.” I looked at my sister lying prone on the sofa and in an instant she became a sex object. I focused on her body. Whitney is about 5’5” with the build of a young woman used to exercise and activity. Her streaked blonde hair fanned out across the pillow, a soft halo that surrounded her face. The deep blue eyes were closed but her mouth was partially open, I could see hints of her even white teeth behind the soft pouting lips. Even though she wore about a 34C, her breasts jutted proudly toward the ceiling, her body under the blouse smoothed down her stomach except for a slight indentation over her bellybutton. She was wearing slacks that fit like a second skin; I saw where her body rose slightly at the pubis mons then dipped between her legs which were spread slightly open. The folds of her pussy formed a camel toe in the tight fabric. The roundness of her hips and thighs hinted of well formed legs and butt. I’d never looked at my sister sexually before but looking at her while she talked about sex sent a shiver of unrest directly to my balls. I had an overwhelming urge to caress outline of her vagina between the open legs.

I fought the surge of lust but pressed her with more questions. I knew I should wake her up, but she started this and I was enjoying the view. “Where do you have quick sex Whitney?”

“In his car and in room 25 at school.”

“How long have you been having sex with him?” I wanted to know who he was but I was reluctant to ask for a name.

“Eight weeks.”

“Is he your first partner?”

“Yes.” My sister gave it up to someone only two months ago? No wonder she wanted to learn more. My cock had perked up at the mention of sex and was beginning to drool for a partner. I looked my sister up and down and decided I needed to end the session before I tried to make her my next conquest.

But before I did, “You need a different partner Whitney, someone with experience and who will take time to teach you new and exciting sex.”

“I need a teacher.”

“Yes, you need a teacher to educate you about sex.” I figured she would find somebody else, someone with more experience.

“Teach me sex. Yes.”

With that I roused her from her trance. She didn’t remember anything that we’d talked about so I hedged and told her about her desire to learn new things. I just didn’t tell what new things.

Two months later I managed to get home again for a few days. One of the first things I did was to get Whitney under my spell again. I had found a couple of friends at school who let me hypnotize them so I was getting well practiced at pulling information from them and planting thoughts and suggestions. None of my ‘work’ was unethical, my future as a Psychologist demanded strict moral ethics when working with hypnosis, but I had fun with my subjects by digging deeper into their minds or planting wayward ideas into them. But Whitney was different. She was my sister and had demonstrated a willingness to talk about personal stuff. The first chance I got to be alone with her I put her to sleep. The first few questions were warm up type, assuring myself that she was completely under, that I was talking to her sub-conscience. “Who am I Whitney?”

“You are my teacher.”

“I am your brother.”

“Yes, but you teach me.”

“Did you read any books while I was gone Whitney?”


“How many?”

“Four” I had left a list of six books and it surprised me that she had read so many in such a short time.

“What did you learn from the books?”

“I like to read. Those were good stories.” I was elated that my sister had taken my suggestions so well. Once I got the rapport established with her I pressed into more personal areas.

“Have you learned more about sex?’

“I had sex but he is not a teacher.”

“What is he then?” I probed.

“He is a boy; he had sex with me because it feels good for him.”

“But not for you.”

“I stopped with him, there has to be more for me but he didn’t help. I didn’t learn.”

“Why didn’t you find a teacher for sex?”

“My teacher wasn’t here.” That one caught me by surprise.

“Where was your teacher?”

“Far away.” Now I was getting hesitant to ask more questions but I had to persist.

“Who is your teacher?” I wanted to know.

“You are.”

“I am your brother.”

“You are my brother, yes; you are my teacher. You were far away.”

“You want to learn about sex from your teacher?”

Whitney sighed deeply and twitched her legs “Yes, he can teach me.” What the hell was she saying? Was I hearing her right? Did she actually mean she wanted learn about sex from me?

It was time to stop this. My mind and body were beginning to wage a battle for dominance. I knew I was on dangerous ground and needed to back off but my balls were waking up to the idea of screwing the sexy teen lying on the sofa in front of me. As much as I wanted to keep up the session I knew it was time to wake her up, but I decided to leave one more post hypnotic suggestion, as a teaser, a test. “Whitney, tonight when you sleep you will have a dream about your teacher. Dream that you want to learn about sex and he will teach you.”

“Dream about my teacher teaching me sex.”

“Yes. Dream about the teacher.”

“Okay” After I woke her up we talked about the books she had been reading. When she left the room I had a hard-on begging to get into my fresh young sibling.

The next morning I came into the kitchen for a bowl of cereal and found my sister sitting with our mother. Whitney took one look at me, blushed red and looked away from my eyes. I said good morning to both but Whitney stood and fled the kitchen in a hurry, she didn’t say a thing. “What’s wrong with her?” I asked mom.

“I don’t know. She’s been a little distracted this morning.” My balls twitched and warmed. Later that afternoon Whitney found me and asked me if I wanted to hypnotize her again. She said that the sessions were relaxing and she felt good afterward. Who was I to say no?

She was in a trance quickly and I was feeling confident enough that I went straight to what was on my mind. “Did you dream about your teacher?”


“What did he teach you?”

“Sex. He taught me new things.”

“Did you enjoy the lesson?”

She smiled in her sleep, “Yes. It was a good lesson.”

“Do you want to dream about more sex lessons from your teacher?”

“Yes” was the quick reply.

“You will dream about the teacher again, you want to learn more from him. He will teach you wonderful things about sex. What he teaches you will feel good and you will enjoy the lessons.”

Whitney moved her legs a little farther apart on the sofa, “Yes, wonderful sex lessons.”

Once more I wanted to know if she knew who she was talking about. “Who is your teacher?”

“You are my teacher.” My manhood was jammed against the front of my Levis while I looked at her graceful body.

That night I was out with a couple of friends and came in late, or early depending on how you looked at the clock, it was after 1 in the morning. I stripped naked and crawled into bed for a well earned nap. I wasn’t awake when she came into the room but when I felt the mattress dip under her weight my eyes snapped open. She pulled the blanket up then eased into the bed snuggling close to me. I could feel the heat from her nakedness radiating like a warming sun on my back. She rested an arm over my hips and let her fingers drift to my cock. Whitney wrapped her fingers around me and began to tug on my fast growing erection. A thousand things raced around my head but only one thought stood out. My suggestions had worked. I rolled over to face her, Whitney looked at me, eyes large with desire and put her lips on mine. The soft warmth of her lips matched the points of heat on my chest where her breasts were pressed against me. I rolled her to her back, got between her thighs and slid the hardened head of my cock into her hot tender center. She was flowing with lubrication so my cock dipped deeply into her as she bowed her back, inviting me to penetrate her. I stopped with my balls were caressing her ass. She looked into my eyes and whispered “I dreamed about you” then began to move her body with me.

She loosened all the passion and need she had accumulated since she started having sex. Whitney was bouncing and heaving, her body bending and flexing as waves of sexual excitement washed through her. Her pussy was a boiling cauldron, spilling heated fluid around the shaft of my cock, the folds of her sex swollen and tender. I looked into her eyes and saw only pure instinctive lust. When I plunged into her she gasped for air, when I pulled back she moaned wordless sounds. My balls were packed tight, loading up for a major blow out when Whitney grabbed my ass with both hands and dug her nails into the skin of my cheeks while pulling me hard against her bucking body. She began to sing a soft high pitched wail, I felt her begin to quiver, the entire bed began to shake as a series of orgasmic detonations destroyed any control she had over her muscles. My sister flailed the bed with her legs and held my ass in a vise like grip while she gasped for air and relief from the force of the climax. She rocked her hips so hard I couldn’t stay with her, my cock slipped out and stabbed at her ass. Whitney let go of my butt and reached between us and guided my prick back to the opening of her body. I hammered back into her as the shudders quieted to random seizures. She opened her eyes and said one word into my ear, “Cum.” That’s all it took for me. I slid the head of my erection deep into my sister’s cavity then convulsed, pounding against her while delivering all the life forces my balls had brewed up. When she felt me spurting into her she pulled me into a kiss, her tongue dancing with mine, keeping the rhythm of my orgasm.

I fell off her and rolled to my side. “What the hell was that about!?”

She rested against me, her head on my shoulder, her naked body pressed firmly on mine, “I had a really hot dream. I dreamed about you and when I woke up the only thing I could think of was coming over here. I couldn’t stop. I never wanted anything so bad; I was like totally hot for you.”

Even though I knew the reason she was there I acted innocent. “How about some warning next time. This is a little surprising.”

Whitney looked away, she began to stutter with embarrassment, “I have to get out, I’m sorry, this shouldn’t have happened.” She started to sit up.

I wasn’t ready to throw her out of the bed yet. “No, stay here. It’s not right that the girl has to sneak off in the night after sex. That’s what the guy is supposed to do.” She hesitated, smiled weakly at my weak attempt to lighten the mood then flopped back down beside me. After she cuddled into the pillow, I kissed the end of her nose, “Was this at least as good as your dream?”

Whitney paused slightly; color rose in her cheeks, then she whispered excitedly “Better, I never came that way before. That was the awesomest feeling I ever had.”

“Awesomest? Is that a word?”

She smiled up at me, slapped my chest slightly, “You know what I mean.” I could feel her relaxing as we engaged in the light banter.

“Don’t you have a boyfriend? I mean, you should be in his bed, not mine.”

“I got turned on for you. When I woke up a little while ago, it didn’t matter that you are my brother. I never got that hot for anyone before, I had to do this --- I had to.”

“Well, you did that for sure. I don’t think my balls will ever recover from the abuse you just gave them.”

A quick look of concern flashed through her eyes then they brightened into a grin. “If your balls can’t handle that little bit of battering, then you must have a terrible sex life.”

“You could kiss them and make them feel better.”

“I don’t think I want to kiss them right now but how about a little massage?” She reached between my legs and cupped my nads in the palm of her hand. With that little gesture and suggestion, Whitney and I started another lesson in her sex education.

She was gone when I woke up that morning; she came to bed with me as a girl but was a woman when she left. I was a little afraid to face our parents because my sister and I made a lot of racket while we fucked feverishly two more times. I knew immediately they heard something because when I went to the kitchen for coffee dad said “Come outside with me son.”

I stood beside him in the morning air and he said to me “Your mother wants me to talk to you about last night.” I felt myself blanch white, my knees went watery; he continued, “We would appreciate it if you don’t bring your dates home for a nightcap. Whoever you had with you woke us both up. Mom wanted me to go right then and chase her out but I convinced her that we didn’t need to embarrass you or her that way. It’s not so much that you had a girl with you, we don’t need to expose your sister to such late night shenanigans.”

My heart was crashing in my chest as he talked but when I realized they didn’t know who I had in bed, I began to calm down. “I’m sorry dad, it’s just that we needed to go somewhere and my room was convenient.”

“Well don’t make it convenient anymore,” then he smiled knowingly and added, “unless we are all gone.”

Whitney came in about ten minutes later, shot me a quick smile then settled down with a glass of juice.

Dad left the house and mom disappeared into the back rooms. As soon as we were alone Whitney said to me “God, I’m sore.”

“That’s not my fault; you’re the one who mated like a cat in heat.”

“Maybe I was in heat but you didn’t have to pound me so hard.”

“Yes I did, you’re too hot for soft lazy sex.”

Whitney put a hand on my chest and fingered my shirt button while she flirted, “When do you go back to school?” With that question she was letting me know that she wanted to screw me again. My cock began to swell. Whitney stepped back quickly and was studiously ignoring me when mom came back into the kitchen and asked my sister if she wanted to go shopping. Whitney told her she had other plans, maybe next time. After she left I went looking for our father to find out what he was doing. He was just leaving to go golfing with his buddies. My sister and I would be alone for several hours again.

No sooner than mom’s car was out of sight, I turned to my sister, “I need a shower, come on.”

Whitney replied “I need more than that.” She took my hand as I led her from the kitchen.

While the water was warming we undressed each other. It started with a peck on the lips and a slow reach for her blouse buttons but in a few seconds we were locked in duel of tongues while our hands frantically pulled at any piece of clothing we could reach. We were so turned on for each other that as soon as we were naked, I pinned her against the bathroom wall and slammed her deep. She was still wet from the three doses of cum the night before so slipping my steel hard-on into her was fast and easy. Whitney whipped her head back and forth as I fucked her. She lifted one leg around my waist and groaned between gasps of air “Oh hell yes, do this to me! It feels so damn good! I love it!!”

I finally overcame my urge to screw her to an immediate orgasm and pulled out of her. Her chest was heaving with sexual exertion as I pulled her into the stream of water. As the water cascaded off her shoulders and over her nipples I grabbed a bottle of liquid soap and began a slow exploration of her body. My hands began a journey of discovery on her nakedness that lasted for several minutes. She had her eyes closed most of the time, her muscles would twitch and shudder when I caressed a tender spot. Her nipples and the folds of her pussy were hyper-sensitive, she had her first soft orgasm as I fondled those parts of her.

When I was done cleansing her I sat on the floor of the shower and pulled on Whitney’s hips until she stood over me, thighs on either side of my head. From that position I began a lesson in oral sex. I kissed the outer lips of her body which caused another deep shutter, her thighs rippled against my cheek. I licked her slit then probed between the folds of skin until I found the hood that hid her clit. She shivered again, moaned and twisted her fingers into my scalp. I ate my sister, teasing her clit, dipping the end of my tongue into her body while I held her ass in my hands. She took everything I gave her for five minutes then let go with another, stronger, climax, filling the air of the shower with cries of unfettered passion. Her legs couldn’t hold her up so she collapsed to the floor of the shower, unaware of anything except the feeling of her muscles turning to jell-o. The flowing water was cooling, we'd used all the hot water so I reached up and turned off the faucet then stepped out to get a towel. I hadn’t gotten off yet so my cock was rock hard and tilted at an angle toward the sky. Whitney struggled up, took the towel from me then slipped away, headed for her room. I followed.

She flopped face down on her bed, legs spread wide; I could see the effect I had on her. Her pussy was swollen and open, a sensual invitation to my throbbing erection. She clutched a pillow, turned to me and said “I hope you aren’t done yet.” I climbed onto the bed, between her open legs and put the head of my cock into her. The firm roundness of her ass pressed against my stomach caused another large dose of hormones to spill from my balls, inflaming my cock even more. I fucked Whitney as if we were on our honeymoon. Our bodies clashed in a battle for satisfaction and domination, she and I spent the rest of the morning abusing each other. We were heedless, mindless, acting only on the nature of a male and female in a mating frenzy. I filled her to capacity with sperm and semen twice; she fell into a sexually induced coma after a series of orgasms.

I never had to hypnotize my sister after that. She was a willing sex student and loved to experiment with new positions and acts, using me as her intimate tutor. Whitney and I still fuck like lovers when we get together but now we meet as equals. She is hot, wanton and experienced but anymore she doesn't just learn from me, we learn from each other.


2023-01-03 05:38:31
my brother didnt hypntize me but we fell in love and he taught me so many sexual moves that caused me to get closer to him, we fuck every chance we get and i want to either marry him of move in with him, he is the best lover i could ever find and i dont want anyone else, i trust and love him madly.


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Great Story Sequel?


2021-06-24 05:45:12
Good story, you should write a part 2, that really got me a big hard on.


2020-07-08 13:02:09
Yes, a beautiful story, but marred by the shutter/shudder problem; the cause? using a spelling checker rather than a text editor tha senses meanings is a probable cause.

Look for a text editor on the internet and get it on a trial basis, then feed it with the problem texts containing your when you mean you're, and shutter when you mean shudder wich are the main problems.

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why did he no hypotinize his mother and other women

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