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Jake meets the third sister
Akeesha's mouth was hanging open, there were far too many layers of protection for just a normal master. The level she was feeling had an extreme amount of emotion poured into it. Again for the third time she reached out feeling an almost solid wall stopping her short, was it really true that her sister was tied up in all of this? Sitting down she had to think on this as it was an awful amount of things going on that she had to wrap her head around. Smiling to her self Master Jake didn't realize it yet but he had just gained another's protection. If indeed he was treating her sister as she felt he was, then he was the first male worthy of her help.

Looking at her sister prone on the floor at Master Jake's feet she again shook her head to clear it. What in the name of the great Jinn had Sheeka been up to that she was in this position in the first place? Looking over at Jake she could also feel the extreme amount of sexual energy that was practically oozing from him. Looking at his first three Jinns she nodded yes she could see now, why. Akeesha also knew that she had to stay as far from Master Jake as she could, as grateful as she was for her sister she really had no desire to have sex with a man.

Even the dreamy, jaw dropping, drooling ... shaking her head she had to get out of there for a bit. Appearing outside the house she breathed a sigh of relief, that had been close, the sexual pull that Jake had was most overpowering. Sighing, it wasn't that she didn't like men it was just that except for a very, very few Jinns, and Jake she hadn't met any others that she could ever see even getting near let alone close to. Looking around Akeesha saw a dark haired woman watching the house intensely, hmmmm Asheeka thought, just who was this woman?

Inside, Sheeka still in tears, finally looked up at Jake, "but why Master? After all I have done to you and your Jinns how can you forgive me? I have done so many terrible things I can never be forgiven for. Why?"

Taking a breath a moment, Jake could only stare at the dirty blonde woman, true she had done horrible things. It was true that she had killed a few but almost everything she'd done she had been ordered to, almost always never to her liking. Jake saw that the woman was confused, extremely grateful, but very confused as to why Jake had done what he had.

"I have taken all this time to go over everything that you have done Sheeka," Jake told her after a few moments. "Yes, I realize that a lot of it was horrible and more than a few were destroyed. I also took into account WHY you did all that you did. I finally came to the conclusion that though you didn't want to, you had to on the promise of the freeing of your sister. I believe that we all deserve a second chance if we prove that we deserve it, you my dear, more than proved it." All three of his Jinns were standing behind him huge smiles on their faces, each staring at Sheeka with a look of love.

Looking at all three of them Sheeka stated as fresh tears started to fall, "All three of you, I tried to destroy all three of you, do you also forgive me?"

Gen stepped forward, "Sheeka you saved our master at risk to your own existance. That is a sacrifice that all three of us would do without hesitation. You had no reason other than it was the right thing to do. How can we NOT accept and forgive you? I think I speak for all of us when I say that you will are welcome with us at anytime." All three of the Jinns bowed slightly. "We also accept you as our newest sister!"

Sheeka's mouth dropped agape as she stared at all three of them then turned toward Jake who was also nodding. "I am after all, your master, though I have three right now I don't feel another would strain me too much. After all you haven't yet now have you?"

Sheeka could only nod as she continued to stare at all four of them. They not only forgave her and restored most of her power, but also accepted her into their extended family. It was then that Sheeka noticed the amount of energy that was pouring off Master Jake, raw sexual power that was overpowering. Sighing she thought that if she wasn't still as hurt as she was she might be under Jake at this moment feeling him fill her to the upmost, I need to heal as soon as possible. Sheeka felt that she had to have Jake as soon as possible!

Outside Akeesha stayed as hidden as she could watching the strange jet colored haired woman that was keeping a very watchful eye on the house. Reaching out Akeesha felt towards the woman to make sure they weren't under attack, finding nothing Akeesha relaxed.

Alba breathed a sigh of relief, the strange Jinn hadn't felt her power. It was a good thing she'd listened to Nuha and had reduced her power before she even got close to the place where the strange human and Jinns lived. Alba looked closer, the Jinn looked so familiar but she couldn't place her, Alba thought that she was that traitor Sheeka, but there were too many differences. Then there was the fact that the Jinn was hiding her power quite a bit, hmmmm Alba thought another to deal with obviously. She needed to let her sisters know as soon as she could.

An hour later Akeesha appeared in the living room of Jake's house, concentrating she found it help to waylay the extreme sexual energy that Master Jake was projecting. Startled a bit, Jake rose to speak to the woman, "We thought that you had left," Jake told her when she bowed to him.

"No Master Jake I can not, as long as my sister serves you I will remain to protect her and her master." Akeesha told him matter of factly, "I will always protect her, she is all the family I have left."

Jake nodded his understanding, "You will always be welcome here Akeesha, I will do all I can to protect her."

"I realize that now Master Jake, as I also realize that you are the Ever Last Master. The legend states that no master has ever nor will ever have the protection around him that you do." Bowing low Akeesha stated, "it is said that all the protection is forged from the love that you feel for your Jinns and they do for you. Love," here Akeesha smiled, "is the most powerful force of magic that has ever existed."

Jake could only nod, still a little in shock at the whole turn of events. Akeesha was soon settled in Sheeka's room already adding her power to the growing protection around Jake.

Alba had rushed back to her sisters as fast as she could, this new turn of events Nuha needed to know as soon as possible. "So you say that there was a powerful Jinn outside the stone tent of the Ever Last Master? Interesting, killing this human will indeed be a challenge. Yes I know Alba you'll get your chance soon to kill him, don't worry." Nuha sat back thinking harder of another way to get close to the man. This information might prove useful a Jinn protecting him but not bonded to him? Interesting to say the least.

The next few days everything seemed to be normal (well as normal as having three sex starved women lusting after him could be). Jake had even managed to cross several of the women off the list, going to two one day and three each of the next two days. Still to his surprise he wasn't tired, sore or unable to perform, that was a blessing in it's self. The fourth day though he once again recieved another strange call.

Shaking his head when he hung up he told all of the women about what was going on then headed to his truck. As he left he asked Akeesha to watch over the place, again she breathed a sigh of relief as he left. Akeesha had been avoiding Jake at all costs, the sexual pull from him seemed to strengthen each day. From what she felt her sister was also being affected there was a definite longing want on her sister's part. The problem was the stronger her sister's got the stronger hers got. Soon she thought even I might not be able to resist him, once my sister goes I am sure I won't be too far behind.

Alba had been preparing almost a week for the time when Jake came to her. Smirking, she thought that no man would ever overpower her, her sexual powers were undeniable. Even that idiot Tankena had been mere child's play to take him being the most powerful Jinn she'd ever had. This was a mere human male, spitting, she thought she was going to have to debase her self having sex with him in order to kill him. Besides Tankena there had been NO male that ever came close to satisfying her, so what chance did a pitiful human male have?

Nuha knew that this was exercise in futility but she knew if Alba didn't get a chance they would never hear the end of it. Besides Nuha smiled there was still a chance that their sister might actually be able to pull this off. Jake shook his head at the huge house, damn were all of Juno's relatives loaded? Walking to the door he was met by a jet black haired woman with VERY curvy hips and a generous amount of breasts.

Alba felt Jake as soon as he pulled up in the metal beast, the sexual pull was strong but nothing that she couldn't handle. Smirking, she was wondering what all the fuss was 'til she opened the front door. What happened next surprised even her as her heart began to pound and her vagina began to leak like a fountain had been turned on down there. Her head almost swimming she grabbed Jake and practically dragged him to the bedroom.

In a low growling voice she told Jake, "Get naked now! I have to have you!" Quickly disrobing Jake was quickly shoved back onto the bed, Alba jumped up on the bed and jammed Jake's member all the way into her screaming as it filled her. "Oh god!" she cried as she began to pound faster and faster on Jake. A moment later she had her first screaming orgasm. Shaking her head she smiled that was more like it! Again she started to pound as hard and fast as she could panting with the effort.

Jake was shocked but not surprised it always seemed lately that all of the women were suddenly able to throw him and mount them selves on his cock. This woman it seemed was trying to orgasm as many times as she could, Jake watched as a mere ten minutes after her first, she came again, his groin covered by the excess juice the woman was leaking.

Alba was in shock, she was already on her way to her third orgasm in thirty minutes a very first for her. This wasn't a man nor a Jinn, this was a male sex god! Screaming through her third she finally slowed and began to feel the man's throbbing and pulsing, filling member within the sheath of her vagina. She could feel her self leaking harder than she'd ever had, this human was doing things to her that she'd never experienced before. Shocked even more, she realized that she had to kill this man but there was no way! No man had ever made he cum three times, by the great Jinn, make that four times! Again she screamed out into her fourth orgasm her sex squeezing Jake tighter each time adding to the heat that he was starting to feel.

Finally Jake decided to take over; rolling them both, Jake began to plunge as hard and fast as he could. The woman's vagina was starting to ripple around his cock as Jake knew that she was about to cum again. Screaming into her fifth orgasm Jake smiled this woman was hot as hell! The woman was grunting now as Jake started to plunge again filling the woman's sex again and again, the woman's eyes watching his face an almost desperate look of hunger in her eyes. Finally Jake could feel his scrotum tighten this time he would fill her a hell of a lot more.

Alba couldn't think straight she had to kill him but this was unlike anything she'd ever felt before! They had been at it for at least an hour and even though she felt so drained she didn't want to ever stop! Finally she was nearing her sixth orgasm when she felt his member start to swell, with a last scream she started to cum again as Jake roared and was pumping his hot seed in her. The added heat caused Alba to orgasm again screaming louder she'd wrapped her legs around Jake trying to draw him deeper. With a last push Jake blasted the last of his cum within her.

Alba smiled, she'd never been truly satisfied, it was wonderful, it was ... this being her last thought as she succumb to the darkness. Jake was actually tired, this was a first this woman was the hottest since he'd first gone with Gen. Washing her up Jake covered her and made his way to the front. Nuha smiled as she watched Jake leave, she hadn't thought that Alba would succeed but she deserved a chance. Unlike the time with Fatin, though the amount of sexual energy that had been released had seriously weakened her and Fatin. Smiling again she knew how Alba felt then shaking her head to clear it she was angry this man had to die and soon before the power around him grew stronger.

Finally able to go in, Nuha and Fatin stood over Alba, Nuha could see the same smile on her sister's face. Wait! Her sister was satisfied? Curse the great Jinn! She would be almost impossible to control now, thinking quickly, Nuha had to turn this her way.

Groaning, Alba stretched and reached next to her, shocked her eyes opened wide. "Sister!" she stated when she saw Nuha. "You were right! The power around him is very powerful, I am ashamed I was unable to resist it!"

"Yes I know my dear sister, we have to kill this man before we all fall prey to his sexual charms and none of us are able to carry out the mission. We have never failed yet and I do not intend to start to now. I have a plan but we need to work on strengthening our resistance if we are to finally kill this ... man!" Nuha spit out, a small smile on her lips, yes they needed to kill him, but not before they each have another turn at him. He was the most satisfying male she'd ever been with she should ... again she shook her head to clear it, they needed to kill him quick!


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