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Alisha buys the pig farm and continues her perversions

The next day Colin and Alisha met Mr. Butler at the title company and closed the purchase. That morning, they had gone to the bank and opened a new bank account for “P.A. Swine Ranch”, a name that they thought would be appropriate……it stood for Pleasure Acres Swine Ranch, a name they decided to keep to themselves. They both funded the account with enough money to completely purchase it and fund the operations for six months, till the changes they wanted were made and it could start making money.

There were over 200 pigs that would be ready to ship within the month, with several more coming off every 30 days after that. It was a small operation shipping over 15,000 head per year. Alisha and Colin thought they could get the numbers up to over 25,000 each year. But, their real goal was to have a place they could go get Alisha bred to a boar whenever they wanted.

The ranch had a breeding building that was heated. There was a holding area that was kind of a muddy area where they held the sows to be bred before they were hosed down and put into the breeding crates. This is where Alisha thought she wanted to play. The week passed quickly and Alisha and Colin drove down to the pig ranch in anticipation of getting Alisha bred. All of the employees had left the area and the gate was locked.

Colin unlocked the gate and closed it behind them and locked it with a different lock. From the gate to the operational area it was almost a mile. When they got out, they went to the boar pens and herded in three boars. Colin put them in the wash area and cleaned them up. The building was warm so there was no problem with Alisha getting too cold. There was a good grade of commercial carpeting on the floor. They decided to use the breeding crates this time, till they got more experienced.

Colin put a bale of hay in the crate for Alisha to lay on and the boar to get his feet up on. Colin had a thick leather coat to put over Alisha’s back, in case the boar put his front hooves on her back. Colin had called Jeremiah and got some pointers from him about how to do this. Jeremiah said it would work ok, but that Alisha needed to understand, a herd boar will be a lot rougher than their trained boar. They understood, and moved forward.

Alisha had brought a soft blanket to lay on the bales so she wouldn’t get poked and scratched by the straw while she was getting bred. Everything was ready, Alisha took her “doggie style” position on the bale and had her leather jacket on. Colin had gone to the supply room and got a bottle of the “sow in heat” scent and swabbed a liberal portion on Alisha’s ass and pussy.

When the boars in the pens got the scent of this they started getting excited. Colin asked her if she was ready and she said yes. He turned out one of the boars. It was a Chester White and weighed about 300 pounds. He walked around the area sniffing, till he got a direction and ran up behind Alisha’s beautiful ass and put his snout up between her lips and began sniffing and licking.

Colin saw his corkscrew cock emerge from its sheath and at the same time the boar jumped up with his front legs and put them on Alisha’s back, the common breeding stance of boar. His belly was lying on Alisha’s ass and he was walking his back legs forward while his cock searched for Alisha’s warm pussy.

Colin could see that Alisha was dripping wet, plus the boar was squirting pre-cum out all over her ass and pussy. His corkscrew cock twirled and probed for that warm glory hole. Alisha spread her legs further and moved her ass around to help him get lined up. In a few minutes, he found it and he slipped his cock deep into Alisha’s hot cunt. He humped hard and went in deeper.

Alisha was feeling his cock moving around the inside of her pussy, searching for the entrance to her uterus. It was twisting its corkscrew head and moving in and out. The boar’s cock found the small hole in her cervix and screwed itself through the opening, Alisha felt the light pain this caused when he pushed his cock deep into her uterus and began to pump his piggy seed into her.

The boar’s head was just above her head, he was slobbering his white foam down on her while he grunted quietly. Alisha could feel her tummy getting warm from his cum. Colin was watching every movement. Alisha was having orgasm after orgasm from the delightful feelings she was feeling from the boar injecting his cum into her. Colin could see a small thread of cum running out of her pussy and onto the floor. As he continued filling her, she could feel her tummy pushing out from the quantity of cum she was receiving. The ejaculation had lasted for almost twenty minutes when she felt the boar pull his cock back through her cervix and continue to fill her.

She could tell that the texture of his semen was changing to a thick gel. As the gel filled the front of her cunt he moved further out of her, filling her void with more of his sealing gel till he pulled all the way out. The boar then dismounted her and went to lay on the other side of the pen. Alisha was finishing up her 8th orgasm and was still adrift on a pleasure cloud.

Colin went to her and helped her get up off the bale, “How was it Alisha, are you ok?” he asked. “She smiled at him as he removed the heavy leather jacket and she sat on the bale, “It was fabulous, I came so many times and it felt so good, and I feel full of his cum.”

They looked down at her tummy and it looked as though she was about 5 months pregnant. They could see the thick sealing gel pushing slightly outside of her pussy “No doubt about it Alisha, you are totally filled with pig cum. You don’t want to do another one do you?” She laughed, “I don’t know where I’d put it, so I think I’ll go douche it out and empty myself so I can take the other two boars.” Colin helped her to the wash area and washed her body with the warm water, then he turned the volume of water down and Alisha pushed the hose up into her pussy. The gel wasn’t set completely and washed out slowly. She cleaned out her cunt then used the thin tip on the douche bag to penetrate her cervix and wash the pig sperm out of her cervix. After a little while she was cleaned out and ready to go again.

Colin was totally worked up and really wanted a piece of Alisha before she gave herself to the boars again. She laid back on the bales and Colin fucked her for the next half hour, shooting his load deep into her. Once relieved, he smiled at her and told her that he loved her. She was happy that that she could make him happy. When they finished she put on the leather jacket and went to the muddy holding area.

Colin’s cum was running out of her as she got down on her hands and knees and crawled around in the mud. Colin released the two boars, they were a little smaller than the other one, weighing only about 250 pounds. They could smell the sex on Alisha and were feverishly looking for that sow to breed.

One of them found her and smelled her pussy. Alisha spread her legs and braced herself for the mounting. In short order, he mounted her, wildly humping her, his corkscrew looking for that hot pussy to penetrate. He soon found the entrance to her cunt and pushed his cock into the outer area of her pussy. Alisha was dripping wet and having her first orgasm as the boar found the hole in her cervix and pushed into her uterus. He immediately began to pump his sperm laden semen into her womb, slobbering on her and grunting as his huge balls pumped the hot fluid into her. Alisha had begun her third orgasm from the feeling. Colin could see the boars cock sticking into his future wife’s pussy. He knew that the boar was totally enjoying Alisha, he pulled his hard cock out and began to jerk off.

He removed his clothes and went out to Alisha and presented his cock to her mouth, he sat back and she took it and started sucking him off. She was cumming on a regular basis as the boar continued to fill her pussy and her mouth was full of Colin’s cock. The boar was finishing up and pulling out of Alisha, the other boar had been standing behind her, pacing, waiting his turn with her. In just a few seconds he mounted Alisha and pushed inside her, penetrating the fresh gel cum that the other boar had injected into her. He quickly found the entrance to her uterus and pushed in and began filling her.

The cum from the boar was being pushed out of her in a stream, along with globs of the sealing gel. Colin began to cum and Alisha, off in a misty, semi-conscious ecstasy began swallowing him as fast as he could shoot it in her mouth. She was cumming, moaning and groaning and feeling nothing but the pure pleasure the pig was giving her as he filled her cunt with his piggy seed. Colin had got up on his hands and knees and was trying to kiss Alisha when he felt the other boar sniffing his ass. He was kissing Alisha. He turned and slapped the boar’s snout thinking he would go on about his business. He would never be so wrong in his life.

He went back to kiss Alisha again when the boar mounted, his feet up on Colin’s shoulders. Colin tried to crawl out from under the boar, but, this was the exact action of a sow and the boar walked along behind him with his hind legs. The boar was too heavy for Colin to push off. He was beginning to panic as the boars cock was out, twisting and pushing, trying to find a pussy. Before Colin could react, he felt the cock push against him, squirting pre-cum all over his ass. He tried to keep his legs together but he felt the boars cock enter his ass hole and probe deep into him. He felt the boar’s cock probing and twisting deeper and deeper into his bowels until it was fully extended.

The boar began to fill him with his semen and Colin couldn’t do anything about it, he just stayed still and let it happen, there wasn’t a lot he could do at this point. The other boar had finished breeding Alisha and had wandered off. Alisha was beginning to come back to herself after being through so many orgasms. She was weak and fell down on her front in the mud. She looked up beginning to regain her senses when she saw what was happening to Colin.

Even though she was just coming down from one of the better fucks she had ever gotten, she started to laugh…….Colin didn’t see what was so funny. The boar was finishing up with him and dismounted leaving some hoof scratches on his back. Alisha had gotten to her knees and was still giggling. Colin picked up a handful of mud and threw it at her, splashing it all over her face. She grinned through the mud and returned the favor. For the next 20 minutes they had a mud fight and laughed and chased each other around the pen, both dripping pig cum down their legs from their holes.

After a while, they went to the wash rack and cleaned themselves up. Colin thought it looked hot to see Alisha’s tummy extended out, full of pig cum. It took them almost an hour to get themselves cleaned up and most of the pig cum washed out. Alisha giggled and asked Colin, “how did it feel to have a pigs cock up your ass, ha ha ha ha ha.”

He looked at her and said, “Not as good as you felt I’ll bet.” They laughed and finished cleaning themselves up, got dressed, put the breeding barn back like it was and put the three boars away.

On the drive home, Colin and Alisha were both still horny and even though she had had countless orgasms, she wanted him again tonight, after she thoroughly cleaned herself. The night was young and they still had business to transact, in the bedroom.

Things with Colin and Alisha went smoothly for the next month or so. Their businesses were all running smooth and profitably. Calving time is fast approaching and the new program will soon be put into action. Colin’s car dealership has expanded by two bringing the total dealerships to 14. The pig farm is very profitable. The changes that Alisha and Colin implemented worked very well, bringing their annual output up to almost 45,000 head a year. Alisha has been back to the farm a few times on the day the employees are all gone and got fucked by a very big boar. She found one on the farm that could stand above her and not have to put his feet on her back, he weighed about 400 pounds and when she got bred, her tummy looked like she was 7 months pregnant. She loved the feeling of being so full of pig cum. Knowing how many little pig swimmers were cruising her insides turned her on and made Colin horny.

She told Cody about the farm and the experience…….she is very anxious to experience being fucked by a big boar and is constantly asking Alisha to take her down there. That day is coming soon….Alisha is really busy right now at the ranch. Colin and Alisha have been fucking each other and have not brought in any third parties in quite a while. Life is good for them all and they are all enjoying life.

Spring is knocking and Alisha is feeling as fulfilled as she ever has. On one Saturday morning she and Colin were having breakfast and talking when the doorbell rang. Colin answered the door and there stood their neighbor Connie. As usual, she was in a tizzy and had to go to Denver overnight. She needed for Alisha to babysit Spartacus. Colin smiled and told her that Alisha would be glad to take care of Spartacus for her. Connie thanked him and ran to her car and left.

When Alisha came to the front door and saw Spartacus, she smiled and said, “How long do we have him this time.” Colin smiled and said, “Overnight my darling, can you think of any way to entertain him?” Alisha was dressed in a t shirt and panties, Spartacus noticed immediately. Alisha laughed and ran toward the bedroom with Spartacus hot on her trail and Colin following. When Alisha got to the bedroom Spartacus immediately put his nose in her crotch and began licking her panties and sniffing her pussy through them.

She could see that about 8 inches of his red cock was sticking out and he was jumping up on her being very playful. She pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Colin took a seat on the bed as Alisha laughed and got in the doggie position. Spartacus was very horny and went for the prize. When he mounted her, Alisha spread her legs wide for him and dropped down on her elbows, giving him a clear shot at her wanting pussy. She could feel her wetness dripping down her legs as Spartacus inserted his huge slick cock deep into her pussy.

This time it felt somewhat different, his cock was much deeper than usual. As he humped her she was cumming non-stop and running down her legs in torrents. Colin was horny watching Alisha get slammed with that big doggie cock. Alisha felt Spartacus’s cock getting bigger and she could feel his knot swelling as he continued to pound her pussy. The knot slipped inside her and continued to grow to the size of an orange. She pushed her pussy back against Spartacus and he pushed his cock into her uterus as he began to cum.

Alisha could feel his hot semen filling her tummy. It was the first time she had her cervix penetrated by a dog cock, that’s what felt so different this time. Spartacus soon pulled his leg over her ass and they were standing ass to ass. Alisha had came several times and the feeling, every time one of them moved, pushed her to another one.

Colin was taking his clothes off waiting his turn to fuck her. She looked so hot with her ass tied to Spartacus, small drops of cum dripping from her impaled pussy. The knot began to shrink and soon they heard the “swoosh sound” of his cock falling out and a gush of his cum rushing out of her pussy. Alisha smiled as she saw Colin coming to her with his cock hard and ready to fuck her. She moved slightly to get away from the large puddle of cum on the floor.

Colin buried his big cock deep into her slick, hot cum filled pussy and began to pound her sex hole viciously. In a few minutes they were both cumming and feeling totally fulfilled. When Colin pulled out of her, Spartacus had recovered and was ready to mount her again. He hit the mark on the first push and drove it home. In a matter of minutes he had knotted Alisha again and was pumping his bitch full of his hot sperm. Alisha was having a great time again. Orgasm after orgasm racked her body time and time again making her weak.

When she and Spartacus separated this time she went to the shower and cleaned herself so that when Colin got her again, he didn’t get sloppy seconds. The rest of the day, Colin and Spartacus fucked Alisha non-stop…..after all Spartacus would be going home in the morning and Alisha had no idea when she would get him again. After Connie picked him up the next morning, Colin and Alisha stayed naked all day and fucked randomly till dark. It was a good weekend.

Spring has arrived. Out on the ranch the cattle are starting to calve. The weather has held well and everything is moving smoothly. Alisha has always loved this time of year, as the new calves are born and soon are running and playing. This year the calving will be a big job because of the numbers of cattle they have acquired. Justin has done a good job of scheduling the hands so the cows have 24 hour supervision. There have been few incidents and so far all the calves have lived.

While she is out among the cattle, her mind thinks about the many sexual experiences she has had with animals in the last year. She knows, in her own mind, that this is a perverted thing she is doing. And she knows that her other games are also very perverted. If these obsessions and perversions of hers were to ever become known, well, there is no telling what might happen. Then, on the other hand, damn she likes it…….it makes her feel good all over, and to Colin it’s one big turn on. She is torn between her own lustful satisfaction and knowing that she shouldn’t be doing it. It’s a dilemma she won’t soon find a solution to.

Actually, she can do without the animal sex, but the human sex is what she is really in to. Tomorrow, Colin wants to go on a short trip so she can pick up a stranger in a bar, take him to a motel room and he can watch the guy fuck her. She is really not against doing this, she gets to pick the stud to service her while Colin hides in a closet and watches……then when the other guy leaves, he can fuck her as much as he wants. For her, this is the best of both worlds, she can fuck a different guy, and still screw her fiances’ brains out too. Tomorrow………yes tomorrow she gets some strange again……..YES !

Colin has to go look into the possibility of purchasing another dealership over in the 4 Corners region. He has told Alisha that he wants her to go with him and watch her fuck a stranger in some small town. He is so happy that she wants to go with him and do it. They will drive, he has chosen Buffalo Thunder Casino at Pojaque. It has several people and plenty of bars and restaurants. It’s a perfect place. He doesn’t know why, but it turns him on so much to watch his beautiful Alisha get ravaged by some stranger. He likes to see her take the guy’s cock in all her holes and likes to see her receive his hot cum inside her or get it shot all over her beautiful body…….the most erotic thing about it is, she likes to be degraded this way. He loves her so much and can’t wait to marry her…..they were made for each other.

The day passes quickly and the morning finds Alisha sucking Colin’s hard cock. He has his head buried in her pussy. They both reach their orgasms, he sucks all of Alisha’s sweet pussy juices from her as she cums as she is taking all his cum down her throat. When they finish, they roll over on their backs exhausted. Colin looks at Alisha and asks her if she still wants to go through with the game this evening……..she is ready and has been since she learned of it. They get up and shower and pack for an overnight trip. It’s a beautiful day and they leave. Colin has an appointment at the prospect dealership in 4 hours. They take off driving both of them anticipating the events of the evening to come.

Colin is on time for his appointment and he and Alisha meet with the owner of the dealership. After a few hours of talking and getting the numbers, they shake the owners hand and tell him they will be in touch after they do some calculations. They leave the dealership and drive to Buffalo Thunder.

They check in and go to their room. It’s perfect. The room has a huge king size bed and the closet is large and is located across the room from the bed. It has a louvered door so Colin will be able to see through it. There is an outside entrance and it’s around back of the building, in a low traffic area. Colin sees that everything is perfect. They get cleaned up and change clothes. Alisha is wearing a very provocative dress, its skin tight and fits all her curves like a glove. Her high heels accentuate her long legs and ass. It shows a good amount of cleavage and is hem line is half way up her thigh…….very sexy.

Alisha looked luscious, 32 and as trim as ever, with those huge blue eyes and long brunette hair and a body any man would kill for. She has never once questioned a fantasy Colin wanted to fulfill, and gladly played into it. He is no different when it comes to her fantasies, and boy does she have an imagination sometimes. They decided it was time to play out their favorite fantasy, he was going to get to watch Alisha fuck another guy!

The Casino had a very nice bar (one of several), and Alisha went in first, as planned. Colin held back a few minutes then entered the rather dimly lit room. It came as no surprise to him that she had already drawn two men to her barstool. He could see that they were very interested in her. Colin just passed by and took a seat at a table. These men were huge, fully six foot two, and a solid 230 pounds easy. He wondered which one she would choose take back to the room.

They had been in the bar about an hour, sipping drinks. Colin was watching the two men charming his wife to be, when Alisha gave him the secret sign that she was headed back to the room. He paid the bar tab and left, going to the room and secreting himself in the roomy closet, sitting on a chair. Though the louvered door, he could see almost the entire room. “This is gonna be good and I’ve got a front row seat.” he said to himself.

He heard Alisha's voice outside the door, high pitched and giddy as she gets when she is drinking, then heard the key in the door. He knew then it was too late to back out now, and he was sure that he didn't want to. He wondered again which one of the two men she had picked, when the door swung open the answer became apparent… she chose BOTH of them!

The door closed with a loud thud and both men were on her like stink on shit. One of the guys, Bart, seemed to be the leader, and the other guy, Jeff, followed every command. Bart told Alisha to perform a strip tease for them and turned on the radio to give her something to dance to. Alisha performed marvelously, and he was proud of her.

She stole glances in his direction and winked when she knew she could get away with it. He knew she was enjoying herself, as he was surely enjoying himself, and wanted her to have fun with this fantasy. Bart and Jeff were obviously enjoying themselves, as they cheered Alisha on. She had dressed for the occasion, and now she was down to her stockings, garter, and high heels.

Bart told Jeff to fix them some drinks, which he did, and then Bart went after Alisha. He held her tightly and told her she was going to get the fucking of her life. She then slid to her knees, her face right in front of Bart's crotch. She pulled down the zipper, and pulled out the most massive cock she had ever seen. She gasped and wondered if she could take it all.

The dick before her MUST have been a foot long! With both hands gripping the thing, Colin could see her eyes open wide as she gazed at this monster. Alisha began to lick it with long strokes, attempting to take a portion of it into her mouth. Bart grabbed her head with both hands and tried to force several inches down her throat. Jeff returned with the drinks and the blow-job was interrupted.

The two guys took off their clothes, and then placed Alisha on the bed, then laid down on each side of her. They began to suck her excited tits and Colin could tell by the way she moved that she really enjoyed it. Meanwhile, their hands were not idle. They slid up and down her legs, and finally joined forces at her pussy. She spread her legs wider, allowing them better access, and Colin a better view.

They, of course, thought it was because she wanted them to continue their actions and readily complied. She was so wet, that squishy sounds could be heard over the radio! She pulled Jeff on top of her, and he put her legs over his shoulders. Colin couldn't have hoped for a better position to place her in to give him such a good view.

She reached between her legs and guided Jeff's massive cock to her wet pussy. He began a slow plunge into her. She began to pull him in with her hands on his hips, urging him in further and further. She began breathing hard while he was only half- way in, then began moaning loudly as he approached full penetration. When he was balls deep in her, she tossed her head back and forth on the pillow, writhing with pleasure as he fucked her.

Jeff began to pick up the pace and soon had a quick rhythm going. He threw back his head, let out a yell that you would expect to hear in a cowboy movie, then he began to cum in torrents, so much so that Colin was able to see cum squirting out of her as he continued shoving his cock into Alisha's pussy, over and over.

He fell on top of her and Bart pulled him off to allow him access to Alisha. He picked her up with one powerful arm, and turned her over, setting her up on all fours. He then brought his massive dick to her well soaked and lubed hole and began to inch forward into her. Alisha later said that it was like being fucked by a telephone pole, only smoother.

She gasped. She wiggled. She fought to escape, but Bart was holding her and there WAS no escape. Finally he was balls deep in her little cunt and asked her how she liked having a man‘s cock. She pleaded with him to just allow her time to get use to the size of his cock, but he began to plow away. She told Colin later that the pain was incredible, but finally it began to feel comfortable, then very good, and ultimately fantastic. She told him that she had never came so many times during a fuck, her orgasm seemed to be endless..

Bart moaned and groaned and began to unload his bucketful of cum inside my bride to be, then collapsed on the bed. Alisha rubbed her pussy, and felt the slimy mess the two men had produced. Jeff had recovered by now and was anxious to have Alisha suck him off. She would have accommodated him immediately, but she had to have some time to recover from the hard fucking she had received from Bart. Jeff told her that it was ok and said he would be right back, pulling on his trousers.

No one moved when he opened the door, and thankfully this was a very secluded part of the hotel, because he left the door wide open. When he returned, he had several long lengths of rope with him. He began to tie one end to Alisha's right wrist.

Colin debated long and hard about stepping in and stopping this, but decided that Jeff was big and would be mad enough to really make trouble and besides, he enjoyed bondage movies, and rape scenes, and was about to be presented with one in real life. He decided that it could continue as long as Alisha was still going along with it and didn‘t say the “safe“ word. Later, Alisha said she almost stopped it herself, but when she saw the ropes, but thought Colin might like a bondage scene.

Jeff dragged Alisha over to a luggage stand, you know that little frame with the straps across it you find in hotel rooms, and laid her over it. He tied her right wrist to the left frame leg, and crossed her left arm over to the right frame leg. Then he pulled her legs up and tied her knees to the front and rear bars respectively. Alisha looked very much like a brood sow, tied that way.

Then Jeff took up a position in front of Alisha and, holding her head up, fed her his cock. She was in a good position to take more of his dick, and he gladly gave her as much as he had. She choked at first, but Jeff worked with her, and they soon established a rhythm. Alisha said she felt that he would be gentle and not hurt her.

Bart had recovered, and seeing the new scene before him, had an idea. He called someone on his phone, and was heard to say, "BRING THE BOYS OVER TO ROOM 191". It looked as though Alisha was in for a good old gang bang. He hung up, then knelt down behind Alisha, and brought his now fully rejuvenated dick to her well-fucked and dripping pussy. This time she couldn't wiggle to establish a comfortable fit. But just the same, she enjoyed the fucking she got. After about fifteen minutes, a knock on the door distracted the two of them and Bart opened the door. In walked two huge Labrador Retrievers and a woman holding the leashes.

The dogs strained at the restraint, pulling furiously toward Alisha. The smell of sex hung heavily in the air and it was a good bet the dogs were picking up on it. The woman holding the dogs tether looked quite refined, though strong enough to hold these two big dogs back.

She allowed the dogs to pull up to my Alisha’s cunt, and both of them began licking her pussy in long, though speedy licks. Alisha couldn't do anything but moan around Jeff‘s big cock, which was still buried deep in her mouth. The woman told the dogs to sit, and they did immediately. No question that these dogs belonged to her, and they knew who was boss.

She then began to take off her clothes, and soon was standing in nothing but her stockings, garter, and high heels. A bit older, perhaps, than Alisha, but every bit as attractive and her body was lean and trim. Colin couldn’t take his eyes off of her sexy body and her impressive six pack. She then told Bart to come over to her and began to suck his cock. She took more of him than Alisha had, and didn't seem to mind the strain. Maybe she was used to it. Anyway, while on her knees sucking Bart’s tremendous dick, she snapped her fingers twice and one of the dogs got up and took a position behind her, and began licking her cunt and ass.

The other dog looked at his "master" and when she nodded, he got up and headed for Alisha. Now both women were getting licked stem to stern and obviously enjoying it. They didn’t know it, but Alisha loved getting licked and fucked by a dog.

Jeff began to speed up his pumping, and loudly moaned when he unloaded his hot load of sperm. Alisha couldn't keep it all in her mouth, and large globs began to run down her cheek. Jeff pulled away, and Colin thought that with her mouth now free she might say the “safe word“. But instead, she encouraged the dog to lick faster! She was headed toward another orgasm, Colin didn’t know how many orgasms she must have had tonight. Now, she was soon to be fucked by a dog!! That dispelled any thoughts of breaking this up.

The other woman was also getting hot and wet, if the way the dog was licking her was any indication. She was wiggling her hips, and the dog was keeping up with her. But just as it appeared that she was about to cum, the dog backed off and just sniffed. Then the dog at Alisha's cunt did the same thing. These dogs had been trained!

When the women calmed down a little, the dogs again attacked their respective pussies. What precision!! What a scene!! Colin wanted desperately to jerk off, but was afraid that he might get carried away and make a sound, or otherwise make it obvious that he was hiding in the closet.

When the woman who had brought the dogs had calmed down for the third time, she concentrated on Bart's cock, and brought him to a screaming climax. The dog on Alisha walked around to the front of her and began to lick Jeff's cum from her face, she was tied so well she could not pull away.

Then the dog jumped up and started feeding Alisha his dog dick, and what was even more amazing, she was opening her mouth to take it! The dog stood there with his front paws on Alisha's back, pumping his dick into her mouth. The other dog mounted his masters head and began fucking her mouth also. They were a well trained team.

The dogs were building to their own climax, speeding up their humping, when almost as though on cue they jumped back, walked around to the rear of their bitches, then began licking till the women were hot and wet, then they climbed aboard. They had no problem acquiring penetration. Alisha let out a squeal that said told me that she had been penetrated. then both dogs settled into a steady, almost furious pace. Colin had seen this before, and thought that the dogs might scratch the women, but that probably had been trained out of them also.

Bart and Jeff were just sitting, drinking and taking in the erotic scene and cheering the dogs on. Jeff needed another blow job, and stepped in front of the woman whose name we never did find out. She went at his cock with a vengeance! The dog had his paws in the middle of her back, pumping her hard. Jeff quickly blew his load of hot cum down the woman‘s throat, then sat back down, but the dogs never missed a beat.

The woman moved over to where Alisha was tied and kissed her while her dog pumped her and her other dog fucked Alisha, she reached under Alisha and stroked her clit.

Alisha almost passed out with this added stimulus then came again with the longest Colin had ever seen her have. As she came her dog began to fill her cunt with his hot spunk and from the position Colin was in, he could see the dogs large knot. His cock became bigger around than a grapefruit! As the dog finished cumming, he stayed in place, mounted on Alisha. Had he tried to pull out, he probably would have taken some of her insides with him. The other woman's dog was not too far behind, and they explosively came together.

When the knots shrank, the dogs slowly withdrew their cocks from the girls, and Colin watched the thick dog cum run down Alisha’s shapely legs. He could not see the other woman's pussy from where he was hidden, but was sure it, too, was flowing dog cum like a river. The dogs licked their doggy cum from the women's cunts causing them to moan with pleasure.

One of the dogs seemed to sense that something was wrong, and began to look around, leaving Alisha alone, the first time she was left alone since she got here. The dog nosed the closet door open that Colin was hiding behind. Bart jumped up like he had seen a ghost. Quickly recovering his senses, he ran over to Colin, grabbed his arm and jerked him onto the floor of the room.

Everyone began at once asking what the hell was going on, so, Colin told them the story. Well, Bart and Jeff said they had really enjoyed fucking my wife to be, but didn't like the idea of being spied on and they were going to teach him a lesson. The woman stopped them and had them strip him . She told the two guys to watch this and she went down on Colin’s cock and almost sucked his balls out the end of his dick. Colin was feeling real good when she straddled him and dropped her dripping cunt down on his hard cock then began to fuck him silly. Alisha, still tied up, watched the whole thing through her foggy eyes and managed a wink at him. Colin came so hard that he almost pushed her up off of his cock. She came hard also and drenched his midsection with her cum. The woman smiled and asked if he had enjoyed it….. Colin nodded yes. She then told the two guys to take some rope and tie him across a chair in much the same fashion Alisha was tied. She smiled at Colin and said, “I hope you enjoy this as much.” Then she laughed.

The woman motioned to her dogs and they went into action. They worked on Colin, just as though the script was started again, and he was sure it would be played out the same way. He was not wrong, one was on his ass and the other was on his head. They proceeded as expected and soon dog cum was running out of his ass and his mouth. The pain was momentary and fleeting. The animals strength was difficult to deny, but it was really an erotic experience, though one that he would only want to go through once.

They all had a good laugh, then the two guys left, and took the woman and her dogs with them. They said that they were going back to the bar, and tell everyone about the experience, and where to find us, so that we should expect company soon. They were still tied, and in the dark, as they turned off the lights to make it more difficult for them to escape their bonds. It took what seemed like several hours for Colin to untie himself, and, when he did, he looked at the way Alisha was tied and when he saw her bare ass and pussy sticking out, he just had to fuck her from the rear, her favorite position. She moaned and groaned and yelled that he was still the best fuck around. They both had a huge orgasm.

It seemed that he was stalling a little, hoping that "company" would arrive soon to continue fantasy fucking Alisha, but they never arrived. He thought that no one believed the guys when they told them the story. So, he fucked Alisha again like never before and pumped his hot cum into Alisha’s sweet pussy again. When he shot his load, it felt like the end of his dick tore open and his balls were shot through the end of it. God, she has a beautiful ass, he thought to himself.

He untied Alisha, hugged her, let her know that he loved her and was happy that all of this had happened, that his every fantasy was realized and then some. He told her that he hoped that she was happy about it, too. That's when she told him,……. she laughed a little then said that she had arranged the whole thing for his benefit and she hoped that he had enjoyed it. Then she kissed him hard and told him she loved him more than anything in the world and she would do anything just for him. But it was far from the end of their fantasy chasing……..He might just have a surprise for her……… time…….he he he.

Colin and Alisha got up early the next morning, fucked and drove back to Alamosa. Alisha teased him all the way home……this is the first time he had seen the “practical joker” side of her. He had immensely enjoyed the show she put on for him and the bondage fucks he took from her, it was really hot, as she was also. I’m sure that Jeff, Bart and their girlfriend all had a good time with them and a good laugh…….that’s ok…….he is still deeply in love with Alisha and will do anything for her also. When they got home, they took a shower together and went to bed, making love till the wee hours of the morning………happier than ever and still laughing about the trick Alisha played on him…..


The calving season is going very good at the Ranch. Bob and Alisha have been out riding the different herds and checking the new calf crop. Alisha’s new feed program has been successful. They are almost 70% calved out and have not lost any. The weather has been great, excepting three or four days that storms have plummeted the area.

“Alisha,” Bob said, “you’ve done a real good job with this new program you’ve instituted. I am really impressed, I don’t think I would have ever moved this direction had it not been for you and your insight. I’m really proud of you.”

Alisha smiled, approval from her Dad meant everything to her. She spurs Jack and they break into a gallop going to the next calving pasture. Bob watches Alisha as she rides flawlessly. He also notices how well she fills out her clothes and the way her ass looks in the saddle. All he can think is that he wishes he was 40 years younger and she wasn’t related to him. “She would be one fun piece to have.” he said to himself. “I’m jealous of these young guys.”

Little did he know that she was so kinky, that if given the opportunity, she would fuck him. But, he would never find that out, or would he? Bob knew he was getting older and he yearned to have a younger woman, perhaps he needed to take a trip out to Nevada again and go to the Bunny Ranch. About once a year he liked to go out there and get himself a 28 year old for a week and clean his tubes out. The time for that trip was nearing.

He loved Anne very much and would never leave her. She was a very well put together woman……for her age. Bob was having a hard time accepting age, you might say he was having a later life crisis. They arrive at the next pasture and check out the calves and cows……..”They really look good, Alisha, this is going to be a really successful program, I believe.”

She pulled Jack up and turned to Bob. “Is there something wrong Dad, anything you want to talk about. You seem a little detached……not all here.” Bob stopped beside her. He did have a lot on his mind and he didn’t know if he wanted to share it or not. “Well, Pumpkin,” he said, “yes I do. It’s not something that’s easy to talk about, but I’m having a problem with growing old. I’m not attractive any more, I’m a little overweight, I just am not happy right now.”

Alisha realized that this must have been bothering him for quite some time. “Dad, you are still attractive and you’re not overweight…..heck, you’ve had the same size clothes as long as I can remember. Men get more attractive as they age, more worldly and virile.” she told him, “This will pass Dad, most men go through it, it’s more about mortality, isn’t it?”

“I suppose so, Pumpkin, I just need an ego booster, I guess.”

Alisha grinned and giggled. “My Dad…… I think he needs a younger piece of ass.” She giggled again.

Bob grinned and looked sheepishly at the ground, feeling a little embarrassed…….she was right though, that would cure a lot of his problems.

“You know Alisha, I feel a little embarrassed talking to you about this, but, your mom and I have been together a lot of years. We still love each other, there’s no doubt about that. but, she has lost interest in sex and she only gives it out when she thinks it’s time……I have nothing to say about it. I figure it must be because I’m not attractive to her any more……..or at the worst…….she is screwing someone else.”

Alisha was a little set back by her Dad’s statement. “Do you think she is seeing someone else on the side?”

“I don’t know for sure, but there are times she is just ‘not available’ and she won’t tell me what she has been doing……I just let it drop.”

This troubled Alisha. “Well, Dad, I’ll keep my eyes open for you, it’s probably nothing and you’re overreacting.”

Bob nodded his head. “Pumpkin, I’m going out to Vegas for a week, I need to just get away. I presume you are going to be here to take care of the ranch while I’m gone?”

“You bet Dad, I’ll be here, take whatever time you need…..and remember, you can talk to me about anything, no need to be embarrassed about anything.”

“That’s why I picked you to have this ranch, Alisha, you have a good head on your shoulders and I know we can talk about anything, me to you or you to me…we’ve always been close, since the beginning, since the first time I held you. Just know, I love you Alisha and I’m really proud of you.”

Alisha’s eyes began to tear, something that rarely happened. They leaned to each other from the backs of their horses and hugged. “Just remember Dad, What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right?”

He grinned at her and said, “You can bet on that.” They laughed and rode back to the office. Bob unsaddled the horses and Alisha went to the office and continued doing data input on the herd. She was glad Bob was going to go to Vegas for a few days, she knew he would probably get an escort while he was there and would probably fuck till the cows came home. As far as she was concerned, she thought it was ok if he got a little on the side. Hell, if he wasn’t her dad, she’d fuck him…….hmmmmmm…….no get that off your mind Alisha, she thought.

She had a lot of work to get done before the breeding season. She had a meeting with BioGenics next week. May will be here before anyone realizes, that’s when they will start breeding the cows. She will break the herd into three breeding groups after the calves have all been born. Next year the whole herd will be calved out within a 30 day period. The calves will all grow evenly and will be able to be marketed at about the same time. It’s going to be a great program.

About the time she is finishing up, Cody pops in being her usual bubbly self. “And how is my big sister today?” she asked.

Alisha knew she was just a bubble head sometimes. “Don’t you work anymore Cody?” she said, “Seems like you’re always around.”

Cody just laughed and told her that she had been on vacation for the last week and had one more week to go. Then she got to the point. “Alisha, I want that experience with the pig, I think it sounds really cool and I really want it.” Alisha grinned, “Ok, sis, clear up your time on Saturday afternoon. The crew will all be off and we can go down and get you bred.”

Cody was ecstatic, “I am so ready to do this. Is Colin going to be there?” she asked.

“Yes, I think he will be there to give you the scent. He’ll have to fuck you and shoot cum in and on you to give the boar the sign you’re in heat.”

“Sounds good to me, I’ll be ready. You gonna pick me up?” she asked.

“Yes, we’ll pick you up and bring you home, matter of fact, you probably should spend the night with us…….Mom will think you’re sick if you go home.” Alisha told her.

Cody left and Alisha thought, “She is going to be nagging me all the time, I know she is going to love it.” Alisha had to set her mind into just staying away from the pigs. She absolutely loved the feeling of being totally filled with cum, to the point it pushed out her abdomen. Then there was the feeling of that twisty cock going at her……she could feel her crotch getting wet just thinking about it.

She needed to get her mind elsewhere. She thought back to her dad’s suspicion that Anne was screwing someone else. Well, she’d look into it. She could understand that when two people have been married a lot of years, they could become bored with each other and look for some other excitement. Well, she would keep an eye on the situation and see what was going on.

The week moved along and Alisha had her office work caught up with. Bob had left midweek and went to Vegas. Justin and the hands were taking care of the calving. It was Friday, only a skeleton crew was working as the cattle were almost calved out and she thought that the guys needed to start taking some time off after the good job they had done. It was late and she was finishing up for the day when Justin came in.

“Well, boss, it looks like we have had a successful calving season, how about a drink?”
He pulled a bottle of Patron from behind his back.

“That looks damn good, Justin, I’ll get us some glasses.” Alisha went over to the kitchen area and found two “double” glasses and brought them over to the table. She poured them half full and sat down in the chair next to Justin. They talked for a while and had several drinks. Colin was out of town till tomorrow morning, so she wasn’t in any hurry to get home, after all, it had been a long week and she needed the down time.

“Alisha, you are so damn beautiful,” he said looking at her from head to toe. “I have been so lucky to have found this place. Then you and your dad gave me the chance to help you run this place………damn you’re beautiful……and to be so smart also, that’s a hard combination to beat.” He leaned forward in his chair and took her hand. “I’m also damn lucky to be able to have sex with a beautiful creature like you…….I can’t seem to get enough of you…………and your sister, well, that’s a dream come true.”

Alisha was blushing as she listened to Justin praise her. She was beginning to feel that familiar wetness between her legs. Justin was pouring another drink and Alisha was starting to get horny. “So, what’s the deal with you and Cody?” she asked him.

“Alisha, I’m going to ask her to marry me, I wanted to see what you and Bob thought about it first. I haven’t seen Bob lately, so I thought I’d talk to you. It seems that you and Bob usually feel the same way about things. I was glad you were alone this afternoon, I want you to know how much I like being able to fuck you and Cody and the fact that Colin doesn’t mind if we all share each other……..I really like that. The night I had you and Cody both in the same bed at the same time, well, I have to tell you, that was the best sex I’ve ever had……you two girls are the absolute best………and Alisha, I want you now. I just sit close to you and I get hard.”

Alisha sipped her drink and smiled at him. She got up and went to the door, locked it and pulled the curtains. She turned around toward Justin and began to slowly take her clothes off, starting with her blouse. She kicked her boots off and unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to the floor. Justin sat back in his chair, sipped his drink and enjoyed the view. Alisha knew that she had a great body, and she worked to keep it that way. She liked to be desired and now that Justin wanted to marry Cody, they would be able to have their relationship continue…..she could keep it all in the family, as so to speak. Justin savored the moment as he watched Alisha remove her bra and drop it to the floor followed by her thong. Justin’s cock was about to bust out of his jeans. He kicked his boots off and took another drink. Alisha came to him, got down on her knees and started to open his jeans. She could see the huge bulge wanting to be released from its confines, so she grabbed the waist band of his jeans and pulled them off. Justin had pulled his shirt over his head. Alisha grasped the waist band of his boxer briefs and pulled them off and sat there on her knees admiring his beautiful cock and licking her lips.

Alisha took the bulbous head in her lips and licked circles around it…….probing the slit in the end with the tip of her tongue. She slowly advanced the shaft into her mouth and down her throat and held it there while she stroked the shaft with her talented tongue. She grasped his balls and started to pump his member in and out of her mouth, tasting the small shots of pre-cum he rewarded her with.

Justin was about to lose his mind. He took Alisha by the shoulders and lifted her to her feet as he stood. He turned her and laid her back on top of the desk and pulling his chair up between her legs. He sat down in the chair and pulled it up close to Alisha, putting her legs over his shoulders. As his tongue dived deep into her warm smooth pussy, he heard her begin to moan and her hips began to grind on him. Justin felt her clit harden and begin to protrude from her moist folds. He wrapped his lips around it and sucked on it like a starving puppy, flailing it with his tongue. He felt a gush of warm liquid from Alisha and opened his mouth wide to receive all of it as he went back to attacking her lovely pussy. He felt waves of vibrations coming from her body as he continued to eat all of that sweet morsel.

Alisha was having her second orgasm and was arching her back up and her thighs were squeezing his head between them. His tongue was darting all over her love mound and dipping into the sweetness that flowed from her. Justin stood up, leaving her legs over his shoulders opening her pussy wide as he pushed his hard cock into her in one continuous motion.

When she felt him enter her, Alisha began her third orgasm, her back arched again and she pushed her hips toward his loins as he continued to slide in and out of her in long slow strokes. Alisha loved the feel of his cock as it slid out of her and then returned within her once again. She was beginning to cum when she felt him push deep into her and hold it there as hot jets of his cum coated the walls of her vagina and filled her depths. He held still, his cock swelling and pulsing inside her sending her into an orgasmic fury.

When all the action subsided, Justin pulled his semi-hard cock from her sopping wet pussy and sat down in the chair, and pushed back from Alisha. Her legs fell limp to the floor and she laid there breathing heavily, his spent semen dripping from her wet folds.

Her hand went between her legs and scraped up a large amount of cum and delivered it to her lips. She loved the taste of cum and had been robbed of that pleasure when Justin interrupted her cock sucking and began to fuck her. Her other hand went to her slit and gathered another quantity of cum as she sucked her other fingers clean.

After she licked the second load from her fingers she sat up and slid off the table to her knees between Justin’s legs. She took his flaccid penis in her hand and licked it clean, then to his balls and pubic area, licking her lips when she finished. Justin was totally spent, his cock did not react to her tongue caresses. She leaned in to him and kissed him, putting her tongue deep into his mouth. She stood up and smiled and went to retrieve her clothes that were strewn about the office. Justin felt completely satisfied. He got to his feet and got dressed also.

After they dressed themselves, Alisha opened the curtains and unlocked the door. She went back to her chair and poured another drink and sat down. She smiled and looked at Justin, who had just poured himself another drink and downed it, and said, “Well, now that we have all that tension out of the way, let’s talk about you and my sister.”

“He laughed out loud and smiled at Alisha, “Well, do you have any objections to us getting married……I do love her, you know.”

Alisha told him that as far as she was concerned, they would be great together and she knew that Bob would give him his blessing also, as he was very fond of Justin and thought he was a big asset to the ranch……, she wanted to fuck him once in a while and didn’t want to see him leave…….ha ha ha

Justin blushed slightly and told Alisha that he intended to ask her tonight, they had a date to go out to dinner. Alisha thought about the activities planned tomorrow afternoon and figured she could get it out of the way early as they would probably want to go out tomorrow night. Justin asked Alisha, “ Will I be able to talk to Bob, is he around?”
Alisha grinned, knowing he was probably shacked up in Vegas, fucking the shit out of some twenty something beauty. “He won’t be back till mid-week, but I know that he will be happy for you.”

“And Alisha, Cody has told me about the arrangement you and your Dad have concerning the ranch……and I want you to know, I have no designs to change that, I like what I do and I want to continue it. I have an important job here and I want to go forward with it. Cody has her career and I want her to pursue it and excel at it.”

Alisha smiled at him and told him she appreciated his candor. She told Justin that she wished only the best to them and she was sure that Cody would accept his proposal. Justin downed the rest of his drink and told her that he need to get going, I need to clean up before we go out……..and by the way, thanks for the fantastic sex.

“Any time Justin, you know I like having sex with you and you know this won‘t be the last time.” she told him smiling naughtily.

Alisha felt good after the drinks and sex. She thought she would go out to Chili’s and eat before she went home since Colin wasn’t here tonight.

She arrived at Chili’s at about 6. The 5 o’clock crowd was there and the place was really busy. When the hostess greeted her, Alisha asked to be seated at the bar. There were some empty stools at the southwest corner so she took one there and asked for a menu. She ordered a double Patron on the rocks and went about looking for what she wanted to eat. She hadn’t had anything since breakfast and was starving. She settled on a rib eye and French fries. She sat there sipping her Patron and watching a basketball game on the TV when she felt hands on her waist and someone kiss her neck. She turned to see her ex, Dayle, standing there.

“How are you doing beautiful?” he asked as he took a seat next to her.

“Well, hi Dayle, you startled me…….I’m doing fine, how about you?” she replied to him, smiling. She hadn’t seen him for months and thought he looked really good.

“Oh, I’m doing well, been out of town for a couple of months, just got back. I’ve been on the road with Shania Twain doing her comeback tour. I saw you come in and thought my prayers had been answered, I really wanted to see you.” he told her.

He ordered them both another drink and told her how beautiful she was. “I must have been out of my mind to let you get away. I heard you’re getting married soon. Do I know him?”

Alisha grinned at him, “yes I’m getting married in a couple of months and I don’t think you know him, unless you’ve bought a new car lately.”

“I haven’t bought any new vehicles in a while, does he own a car dealership?”

“You might say that, he owns 15 of them right now, matter of fact, he’s out of town right now finishing up the purchase of another one.” she proudly said.

“And the practice, you and your mom still got it going?” he asked.

She grinned, “Well, Mom still has the practice, I only work there on special cases, I’ve bought the Marrs Ranch and merged it with the Singletree. Dad and I run it together. I’ve changed the breeding program and feeding program, it keeps me busy……oh, and I bought the pig ranch down at San Acacio.”

“Dang Lisha, you really surprise me. Of course, I know your dad was going to give you the ranch when he passed away, but, you’ve already surpassed that. I’ve always known that you were extremely sharp, along with being an extremely beautiful and shapely……Like I said, I’m a fool.” he confessed to her.

He asked her if she would like to join him at his table and he would buy her dinner and they could catch up. She thought that would be nice. They ate their dinner, had drinks and talked for the next two hours. Dayle kept enjoying her beauty and finally asked, “How about you and me go over to my place and make love one more time, just for old time sake?”

Alisha was half expecting this, from the conversations they had been having. She thought long and hard about it and decided that it would be a bad idea. It was completely out of her character, but she felt this is one fuck she should pass up. “Dayle, I have to say no, I don’t think it would be a good idea.”

Dayle forced out a meager smile, “I do understand, Alisha, after the way I treated you, I can’t blame you………but I had to try, I hope you understand and don’t hold it against me.”

She took hold of his hands across the table and said, “You know, someday it might happen, but a lot more time has to pass before I will even consider it……till then, we are just friends.”

They had another drink and continued their conversation for the next hour, then Alisha excused herself and went home……….alone. She thought about his intimate question and shook her head, she wouldn’t have minded screwing him again, but, she wasn’t sure what his intentions were, he could have tried to screw up her life again, she just wasn’t sure of him yet and what his intentions are when it comes to her. She pulled into the garage and closed the door, got out and went inside. She got into the Jacuzzi tub, turned it on and relaxed there for the next hour…… was really soothing. She had dozed off and was awakened by a noise in the house. She was startled and scared when Colin came walking in.

“Hi Alisha, I got everything finished up and decided to come on home and surprise you……and I can’t think of any way I’d rather find you.” he told her checking her out.

Alisha jumped up out of the tub and went to him, soaking wet, and gave him a big welcome home kiss. She began taking his clothes off, pressing her lips to his while their tongues entwined. In a matter of minutes she had him stripped and was on top of him in the bed fucking his brains out……..then they made love for the next two hours……..she was really glad to see him.

They woke up on Saturday morning, lying in each other’s arms, secure in the feelings of love they had for each other. Alisha slipped out of Colin’s arms and went to the bathroom and began to get herself ready for the day. She wondered if Cody had accepted Justin’s proposal and wondered if Cody still wanted to go to the pig farm. Colin heard her getting ready for the day, so he got up and came to the bathroom. He told Alisha good morning then went to the toilet to take a piss. He looked over his shoulder and asked her, “Have you heard from Cody, does she still want to go down to San Acacio?”

Alisha told him about her conversation with Justin and said she wouldn’t speculate right now, but, she would probably be hearing from Cody very soon, one way or the other. She had no sooner got those words out of her mouth, than the phone rang. Alisha looked at her caller ID and said to Colin, “We are about to find out……..Hello Cody, how are you this morning?”

Colin watched Alisha as she talked to Cody. “Well congratulations sis, I’m happy for you…….Yes…….we will be by to pick you up about noon, just tell Mom that we’re going to Antonito to eat lunch………ok, see you then.”

Alisha hung the phone up and looked at Colin, “She accepted Justin’s proposal and she is getting married……….and she is ready to get fucked by a boar………so our afternoon is taken.”

They got ready for the day and went to have breakfast. “Hey Alisha, are you going to fuck the boar today?” Colin asked.

“I don’t know right now, I’m thinking I don’t want to today…..but, I’ll make my mind up by the time Cody gets finished.” They finished up their Saturday morning chores, then, it was time to go pick up Cody and go to the Pleasure Farm. Colin was feeling a little horny and looking forward to fucking Cody. She was beautiful, like her sister. If you put a bag over their heads and stood them side by side naked, it would be hard to tell them apart……..fantastic bodies…….. He thought to himself, “Old Bob sure knows how to grow them.” They went out and got in Alisha’s truck and drove out to the ranch to pick up Cody.

When they reached the ranch, Cody came bouncing out the door her usual happy, bubbly self. She crawled in the back seat and said, “Hi you two, I’m ready and anxious to go get bred.” We turned out of the drive and headed for San Acacio. Alisha asked her what she told Mom. She told her that Anne was still in bed and that she had came in quite late last night. Alisha asked Cody if Anne had said where she was and all she told her is that she had some work to finish and stayed at the office. Alisha was thinking to herself that maybe her Dad was right. “Well Cody, are you happy to be getting married?”

Cody busted loose talking about Justin and how happy they were going to be and what the wedding was going to be like and on and on and on. “Yeah, you might say I’m excited Sis……you gonna be my maid of honor?”

Alisha laughed and told her she wouldn’t miss that for the world. Alisha then started going over what was going to happen to her today and explaining, step by step, what would be happening to her and what she would be feeling. Cody listened intently and told Alisha that she understood. “You gonna get bred too sis, I’d like to watch that.” Alisha told her that she didn’t know right now. They arrived at the pig farm, the gate was locked and the crew had left for the day. Colin got out and opened the gate and Alisha drove through. Colin locked the gate back with a different lock and they drove the mile down the breeding building. Alisha took Cody inside while Colin went out and found their favorite boar……the real tall one. He brought him inside to the wash area and cleaned him thoroughly. Cody’s eyes got really big when she saw the size of this guy. “Damn, Alisha, did you take this big guy…….he didn’t hurt you did he?” she asked, her voice somewhat shaky. “I sure did sis, several times, he’s a real stud and he’s so tall he will stand over you and not put his feet up on your back, like the smaller ones do. He’s good too, he hits the mark quickly and gets it into your uterus pretty fast. Now, sis, get your clothes off, and we’ll get started.

Cody stripped down as did Colin removed his clothing also. They both played with Cody sexually till she began to feel good and started to get wet. Colin had Cody lean forward over the railing while he slid his cock inside her and began to fuck her. Alisha played with Cody’s tits and kissed her while Colin plowed her pussy. Alisha felt Cody orgasm as Colin dumped a load of his sperm in her. When she stood up, his cum began to run out of her pussy. Alisha had the sow scent and spread some on her pretty ass, which soon would be the target of her big boar.

Cody got down on her hands and knees in the fresh straw while Colin released an excited boar. Hogzilla, as Alisha called him, came into the pen smelling the sow scent, knowing there was a sow in heat that he needed to breed. He found Cody’s ass and put his snout up in it and began to sniff and lick it. Cody was a little apprehensive and began to move forward on her hands and knees. The boar had seen this resistance before and pursued her. He got over the top of her and his corkscrew cock came out and began searching for that hot little hole he wanted to get inside of.

Alisha told Cody to stand still and get ready. Hogzilla found her tight, pink pussy and inserted his twisting cock into her. Cody jumped a little as his cock twisted and probed her insides looking for that little hole in her cervix. Cody was having an orgasm while his cock felt around inside her. When he found the hole in her cervix, his cock twisted through it into her uterus and with a final lunge, he was in position to begin breeding this sow.

Cody felt some pain when he entered her uterus, but as soon as he started pumping his sperm laden semen into her, the pain subsided and she began another orgasm. From here on, she stacked one orgasm on top of the last and was feeling more pleasure than she thought was humanly possible. Cody stood still while Hogzilla continued to fill her womb with his seed.

This had been going on for over 40 minutes when Cody asked Alisha, “Damn, how much cum does this big piggy have?” Alisha told her that he had a lot and she would look like she was 4 or 5 months pregnant when he finished with her. Cody felt Hogzilla’s cock slide back out through her cervix, but continue pumping his hot semen. She told Alisha that it felt different, it seemed thicker. Alisha told her that he was shooting his gel into her and sealing the sperm in her womb so it didn’t escape and he would be assured that she would have his progeny. Hogzilla kept pulling his cock back and filling her with the gel till he was completely out of her. He grunted a couple of times and walked to the other side of the pen and laid down and started a nap.

Alisha and Colin helped Cody to her feet and to a seat on a bale to let her regain her strength. Hozilla watched her closely. Cody looked down at her tummy and was surprised to see how far it had swelled out……she really did feel filled. Alisha told her that that her belly was completely full of Hogzilla’s piggy juice. Cody felt all warm inside in addition to being over filled. Alisha took her to the wash rack and helped her clean up. She put her finger up into Cody and broke the gel seal and let the pig cum start draining out of her pussy. Cody couldn’t believe how much cum was in her as she stood and watched it gush out of her onto the cement floor of the wash area. When it had mostly drained out, Alisha put the smaller hose up inside her and hosed the inside of her pussy out with the warm water till she didn’t see any cum or gel coming out any more.

She asked Cody how she liked the pig fuck and she was ecstatic about it, saying it was the most erotic feeling she had ever had with anything, including Biggie. “Are you going to get bred Alisha, I’d like to watch it happen instead of feeling it happen and not be able to see anything……please sis, please I want to watch.” Alisha thought for a minute and told her, Ok sis, I’ll do it so you can watch.”

Alisha took all her clothes off and leaned over the rail while Colin gave her a good fucking. Instead of the sow scent, he pulled out and ejaculated all over her ass, which Alisha spread all over her butt with her hand. In a few minutes the scent of her pussy and the Colin’s cum reached his nostrils and he got up, feeling really horny. He went in search of that hot pussy he was smelling and found it. Alisha was down on all fours…..he saw that sow pussy there in front of him, he sniffed it and licked some of the cum off her ass then mounted her and immediately found her warm, willing pussy. In one probe he found the cervix and screwed on through it into her uterus and began to fill her. He thought that this sow was really easy, she didn’t even move on him.

In about half an hour Alisha had been filled with his hot cum and her pussy had been sealed up. He had had enough, so he went a few steps from Alisha and went to sleep. Cody was having a fit, having seen and watched his corkscrew cock go into Alisha and fill her. Cody looked at Alisha’s pussy and saw the gel holding her pussy open and sticking out of her. Colin and Cody helped her to her feet and took her to the wash rack where she cleaned herself out completely while Colin put the boar away.

Alisha had had no less than a dozen orgasms and was still feeling exhausted. She got all the sperm and gel washed out and got dressed. They got into Alisha’s truck and drove back to Alamosa. Cody was going to spend the night with Alisha and Colin and Justin would be over later. Cody was exhausted from the pig fucking and really didn’t know if she felt like doing anything with Justin tonight. Alisha told her she would be ok once she got a good shower and douche and had a good meal. Cody’s head was still spinning, she fell asleep on the drive home and dreamed about that corkscrew cock that had filled her.

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I'm loving it so far. I look forward to seeing who or what Mom is having sex with too.

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