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James and Melanie spend their first day together.
"We have a lot we need to do before this evening, and we need to get started," James said in a commanding tone.

He paid the check and we walked out of the café, his arm securely around me. It was the first time he had touched me since we woke up naked together that afternoon.

We walked outside to the valet station and he handed his ticket to the attendant. It was a beautiful sunny day, maybe mid 80's I guessed, typical spring weather for Las Vegas.

There were several couples ahead of us, so I knew it would be a few minutes before they'd get James' car and bring it around. One of the couples, who I'd guessed was in their mid 30's, had a baby stroller. I watched as the mother doted on the baby while the father talked on his cell phone.

I then looked over and saw two college-aged guy's not so subtly checking me out. I looked away, ignoring them while I simultaneously felt James possessively pull me closer to him. The two gawkers taking the hint, looked away and inwardly I smiled to myself. In the year and a half I'd been in Las Vegas, I hadn't really dated and it struck me that I had forgotten what it was like to be part of a couple.

The valets delivered the cars to the young family and my admirers and they drove away, which left James and I waiting along with two middle aged women. They were standing far enough away from us so that I couldn't make out everything they were saying. However, both of them were giving me the 'stink eye' in a big way and whispering what I was sure to be snide comments to each other. I'm sure James could feel me tense up as they continued to look at us and rudely sneer.

Just as I was about to verbally engage the spiteful old bitches, a blue convertible Mustang pulled up in front of us.

"This is our ride," James said as he pulled me towards the car. He tipped the valet and we sped off quickly down the Las Vegas strip.

I was looking forward, gritting my teeth. The more I thought about them and the horrible things I was sure they were saying, the more I seethed in anger. James' voice snapped me out of it.

"What's wrong," he said, with a look of concern in his eyes.

"Nothing!" I snapped, looking forward again.

"If I were to venture a guess, I'd say your sudden foul mood would be the result of what those two women were saying at the valet stand."

"I didn't hear them," I said curtly, which was a partial truth because I couldn't clearly make out their words.

"How can I put this kindly," he paused, "they appeared to think that I was renting you for the evening," he said, looking soothingly into my eyes.

My blood was now boiling as James confirmed my suspicion. "Nasty old bitches," I said under my breath, but loud enough that James heard me.

He suddenly slammed on the brakes and pulled the car over to the side of the road.

"Look at me Melanie," he said, sternly.

I defiantly looked down, ignoring him.

"Now!" he said, in a voice so cold it chilled me to the bone.

I sheepishly looked over at him. His icy voice brought me back to a time in my childhood when I was a few seconds from being put over my father's knee.

He took a deep breath and I could see he was trying to calm himself down before he spoke.

"I turned forty-eight last month and you are nineteen. How do you think people are going to react when they see us together in public? The naïve ones are going to think you are my daughter. But given the nature and reputation of this town, most of them are going to assume the exact same thing as those women at the valet stand."

I looked into his eyes, as his words begun to sink in.

"I refuse to stay in my hotel room the entire time I'm here. I want to experience this city. I want to take you to nice restaurants and see shows and concerts with you." He paused for a moment, and then continued, "If I can summon the courage, I might even be brave enough to venture inside these clubs that you've told me so much about."

A slight smile was beginning to return to his face.

"My point is: I can't constantly be worried that you will get into a fight, verbal or otherwise, with every idiot who says something to you, or looks at you, in a way you don't like."

I took a few seconds and I contemplated what he had said. I was mature enough to know he was right, but young enough that I didn't like being called out, even when I was wrong.

"I apologize for my inappropriate behavior," I said meekly, "and it won't happen again."

"Thank you," he said, as he pulled back out onto the road.

After several minutes, I broke the silence.

"Did I tell you yet that this was a nice car?" I said, smiling at him, in an attempt to lighten the mood.

"It's a rental," he said, his eyes not leaving the road.

"Where are we going?" I asked, as the wind picked up and started blowing my long blonde hair around.


"What's in Henderson?"

I tried to keep him talking because I noticed that his mood was improving the more we spoke.

"The Valley Auto Mall," he said, as we approached the entrance to the freeway.

The Valley Auto Mall was a group of independent car dealerships. One of my friends lived about a mile from it, or I probably wouldn't have known what it was.

"Why are we going there?"

"Because my girlfriend isn't going to drive around in a beat up Honda that's older than she is."

His face finally broke a smile and his mood was returning to normal.

I smiled at him radiantly as I realized the reason for our trip and reached over and squeezed his thigh as he quickly accelerated the Mustang to freeway speed.

I quickly discovered that car shopping wasn't as much fun as the commercials made it appear on TV. We looked at almost every car on the lot and nothing caught my eye. Just as we were about to try another dealership across the street, a large SUV came into the site. I put my arm around James and squeezed as I walked towards the car.

The salesman who had been trailing us around the lot smiled and said, "You have good taste young lady."

"I pictured you in a little sports car Melanie, is this really what you want?" James said, in apparent disbelief.

"It's the only Land Rover on the lot," the salesman said, looking at James. "We got this Discovery in yesterday. It's a two year old lease return with very low miles and I can already see your daughter loves it."

James and I both broke into wide smiles as the confused salesman looked on.

"Why don't you wait in the car and I'll take care of this," James said looking at me, a big smile still etched his face.

"What were you saying earlier about naïve people, Daddy?" I said, as I saucily patted James' ass. I barely caught a glimpse of the stunned salesman's face as I turned and walked towards the Mustang.

About fifteen minutes later James joined me in the car.

"You can pick it up on Monday; just show them your driver's license. They assured me they'd have the title ready and I don't want you driving that Honda again, is that understood?"

"Yes James," I said, barely able to contain my excitement.

"Good. I'll feel better knowing you're driving something safe," he said, as he pulled the car onto the freeway on ramp.

Still exhilarated from the realization that I had a nice car to drive, I reached out and touched James' thigh, and in my exuberance, I accidentally brushed his penis which I was surprised to find was semi erect.

I looked into James' eyes with a knowing smile.

He tried to look gruff, but broke into a big smile. "I can't help it. You have this affect on me and I feel like I'm in highschool again when we are together."

"Really," I said smiling; a wicked thought entering my mind. "Let me show you what I liked to do in high school then."

I leaned over and rubbed James' cock harder, feeling it expand and become instantly erect. Trying to keep his eyes on the road, he looked down long enough to see me unbuttoning the front of his jeans freeing his member from its restraint.

Without warning, I leaned down and took James' erection into my mouth. I felt the Mustang swerve in the lane and a gasp escape his lips as I worked the fat member further into my mouth, until it touched the back of my throat. I started to move my head slowly up and down, enjoying the taste of him. I felt the car move back and forth in the lane in unison with my mouth as I slowly bobbed up and down. I heard his breathing become strained, and I ran the tip of my tongue over the head of his cock and through the slit which caused his pre cum to leak out at an increased rate.

I was pumping my mouth up and down faster, really getting into it, when a loud deep bellow sounded from just above me. James' cock popped out of my mouth and I looked up over my shoulder to see a driver from a large semi-truck smile at me, while he enthusiastically pulled the cord sounding his horn over and over.

I laughed out loud at the driver as James smiled at me and stomped on the accelerator, speeding past the truck.

I looked down and saw his throbbing cock standing at attention, with a heavy coat of my saliva all over it.

"James, if you can avoid the truckers, I have a job I'd like to finish down here," I said, laughing again as my eyes met his.

He chuckled.

"Trust me, the last thing I want is for you to be interrupted again."

I lowered my mouth back onto his cock. Again, the car swerved but thankfully not as bad this time. I'm glad he's a quick learner, I thought. I love giving head, but not at the expense of getting into a wreck on the freeway.

I slowly worked him in and out of my mouth. I was taking my time and I wanted to enjoy it. I loved running the tip of my tongue along the underside of his member so I could feel the bulging veins. My God, he has such a beautiful cock.

He had really good control, but after I picked up the pace I could feel his ass start to lift up off the seat of the car and I knew he was getting close. I put my hands on his thighs and tightened my lips around the head and remained motionless, letting him control the pace. His breathing began to change and his body stiffened. His thrusts became short and quick. A loud gasp escaped his lips as I felt hot splashes of cum on the back of my throat. His cock pulsed and squirted several more times before I started to swallow. His hips continued to buck, and I continued to swallow, until the hot blasts subsided.

I felt his penis started to lose its rigidity in my mouth and I gently grabbed the base and licked his shaft up and down, cleaning the remaining cum that I wasn't able to swallow. I then ran my tongue through the slit, cleaning the last bead off of the head. Satisfied, I carefully slid his cock back in his jeans and re-buttoned the fly.

I sat back upright and looked over and smiled at the sight. He was looking straight ahead in a daze, gripping the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were white. I stared at him a few more seconds, "Umm, are you okay?" I said, in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Jesus Melanie, yes I'm fine."

His face broke into a wide smile.

"I think you broke something loose."

We arrived back at the Paris and checked the Mustang in at the Valet station. We walked through the casino with James' arm around me, holding me close. I made a promise to myself that from then on, I was going to ignore the looks and gawking of the people around me. I wasn't going to let the judgmental attitude of others spoil my mood. He made me happy and I knew I was making him happy. That was all I cared about.

I froze in mid step and stopped walking.

"What's wrong Melanie?" James asked with a puzzled look on his face.

"I need to go by the front desk. My roommate dropped off some things that I'm going to need, if I'm going to stay with you until Monday morning."

"Let's go up to the room, I'll take care of that," he said, as we continued walking towards the elevator.

As the elevator whisked us up to the upper floors, James pulled out his cell phone and I listened to him speak.

"It was already delivered to my room? Thank you," he said, hanging up his phone.

No matter what the situation was, he seemed to be in control of it. I had spent the last year and a half trying to figure out how to take care of myself while being away from my parents. I had to admit, it was a strange feeling having someone look after me again.

He used his keycard to open the door to the suite and we stepped inside the great room. The shades on the panoramic windows were open and I looked out, seeing the view of the Las Vegas strip at dusk, was truly magical.

James' voice broke me out of my trance.

"So this is the mysterious package that your roommate delivered to the front desk."

I gave him a playful look.

"Yes, those are the bomb making materials she brought me."

He laughed and walked into the master bedroom.

"Smart ass," I heard him say as he entered the bathroom.

I looked in his direction and smiled as I unzipped my backpack and saw my books and laptop. I owe Rachel big time for this.

I heard the toilet flush and moments later James walked back into the great room.

"I have some reports I need to go over before we go out this evening. That should give you plenty of time to get your school work done."

"That would be great. I have to finish a paper for my finance class that meets on Monday," I said, while pulling out my laptop and powering it on.

"Well, before you get started on your paper Hemingway, you might want to take a look at what's on the bed."

Perplexed, I walked into the master bedroom and my jaw dropped open. On the bed were ten Victoria's Secret bags lined up in a row. I looked inside the first bag and started pulling out clothes.

The first few bags were filled with dresses, skirts and tops. Some of the clothing was very formal, things I could wear on nice evenings out. I counted five very short, sexy cocktail dresses that I couldn't wait to try on. Other articles of clothing were more casual: jean skirts, T-shirts, and hoodies, perfect for wearing to class.

The next two bags were filled with various articles of lingerie. I marveled at the assortment of bras, panties, and thongs, ranging from plain cotton, to very racy lace and silk, in a multitude of colors. Looking through the next bag, I pulled out more lingerie: teddies, slips, corsets, and baby doll nighties, all in different colors. Someone was thinking of himself when he bought this.

The next bag was filled with workout clothes: various types of shorts, several different colors of yoga pants, tank tops, and three packages of gym socks. The next bag was filled with various types of shoes: three pairs of tennis shoes, several pairs of casual sandals, and four pairs of heels I could wear in the evening. The last bag was filled with three pairs of short Ugg boots, in different colors.

While I continued to look through the clothes I noticed James behind me at the door smiling. I must have looked like a child at Christmas.

"Thank you so much James."

"You're welcome. Now get your homework done young lady," he said in a mock gruff tone, that made me laugh.

As much as it pained me, I tore myself away from my new wardrobe and sat at the table in the great room and began the arduous task of completing my finance paper. Several times I looked over at James as he sat on the couch pouring through his stacks of papers. On a couple of occasions our eyes met and we'd take a few seconds to smile at each other before returning to our work. I marveled at how easily he put me at ease.

After I completed my paper, I stood up and walked over to the couch and sat down beside him. He was so engrossed in his work, I almost regretted sitting next to him because I thought my presence on the couch might disturb him.

"Whatcha doing?" I said in a sheepish tone.

"I'm preparing for dinner tonight," he said, while continuing to read the paper in his hand without looking at me.

"That must be one complicated menu."

He laughed and looked into my eyes and his expression changed to one of seriousness.

"I have a restaurant in Summerlin that's barely above break-even. We are eating dinner there tonight and I'm going to talk to the manager and find out what the problem is."

His ominous tone sent a chill through my body. I marveled at how he could be so jovial one moment and so menacing the next when the subject of his business came up. He gave me a warm smile as his eyes returned to his papers which immediately put me at ease.

"We'll be leaving in about an hour, if you want to start getting ready," his eyes returning back to the paper in his hand.

I stood up, walked around the couch, bent over, and kissed him on the cheek. I then leaned back and my mouth made contact with his ear. I gently bit and then sucked on his earlobe for a brief second.

"I'll try to look presentable for you tonight," I whispered sexily into his ear.

I stood upright and walked into the master bedroom. I could feel his eyes on my ass as I disappeared from his sight.

I walked over to the bed and picked out a matching red lace bra and thong panty set. I looked again through the dresses and chose a short, black sequin, v-neck dress, that would go perfectly with my black Prada pumps I wore last night.

I had plenty of time so I thought a quick shower would be refreshing. I went into the bathroom, undressed, and stepped into the large shower. I turned on the warm water and closed my eyes feeling instantly refreshed. While I applied body wash to the luffa, I heard the door open and James stepped into the shower with me. I smiled, stepped aside, and watched the warm water cascade over his body. His big cock was semi-erect and I felt it press into my thigh as he turned underneath the stream of warm water. He opened his eyes and I leaned in and kissed him, taking his cock in my hand and gently stroking it. I felt it pulse and grow as it seemingly came alive with my gentle coaxing.

While we kissed, he reached down between my legs and I wantonly opened them, giving him easier access to my pussy. I felt his fingers part the lips of my vagina as he separated them and gently rubbed, causing me to gasp as the tips of his fingers brushed my clit.

Breaking our kiss, he barely spoke above a whisper, "God Melanie, you're already wet," he said, as his fingers continued to explore my vagina.

I looked up into his eyes while continuing to stroke his cock, which brought it to full hardness.

"Sometime, if you remind me, I'll tell you what giving a blow job does to me," I said sexily, trying to remain steady on my feet as he continued to rub between my legs.

He gently pulled away which broke our contact.

"Turn around," he said huskily.

I could hear the need in his voice as I complied with his command.

I faced the wall and stood directly beneath the shower head while feeling the warm water cascade over me. I put my hands above my head and placed them on the wall of the shower and bent slightly forward spreading my legs wide. I felt him move behind me, and then two of his fingers rubbed up and down my slit causing me to gasp as he made contact with my clit again.

After only a few seconds, he withdrew his fingers and replaced them with the head of his cock. I felt the bulbous head separate my lips as he rubbed up and down which caused me to let out a low moan. I reached behind and placed my hand on his thigh, feeling the hard muscles in his leg.

"Keep both of your hands on the wall," he ordered, in a low growl.

I instantly complied, the intimidating tone of his voice shocking me a bit.

I felt the head of his cock rest at the entrance of my vagina. He then pushed forward slowly. I gasped as his shaft opened and then began to fill me. He continued to push forward until his body pressed against mine. He remained motionless for a few seconds, letting me adjust to the feeling of having him inside me. Slowly, he started to move back and forth. My knees became weak and I leaned harder against the shower wall for support. His hands rested on my large breasts and I felt my hard nipples slip between his fingers, aided by the warm water that was streaming down on us.

He remained at a slow and steady pace, rocking in and out of me. I felt that familiar feeling starting to build. My breathing increased and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching. I felt him take my nipples between his fingertips and roughly pinch them. The semi-intense pain immediately sent me over the edge as I felt the waves of my orgasm wash over me. Involuntarily, my hands left the wall and I felt his hands on my hips steadying me which prevented me from falling. All the while, he continued to slowly fuck me through my orgasm.

Once he could see that I had control of my body again, he said in a low voice between grunts, "Put your hands back on the wall Melanie."

While complying with his order, I felt him increase the pace. The water continued to cascade over us which caused a slapping sound as our bodies made contact on each hard, powerful thrust.

He was aggressively pounding me now which felt incredible. My knees started to go weak and I found it difficult to remain in the standing position against the wall with my hands above my head. The slapping sounds grew louder and I could hear his breathing start to change and become shallower. I knew he had to be close and I could feel myself begin to climb again as those familiar shock waves started to travel through me. His hands were on my hips and he used my body to give him increased leverage to thrust into me harder and deeper. I started to shake in orgasm as his hard thrusting abated and he grunted loudly as he came inside of me. After his orgasm subsided, he fell forward into my back, which in turn, pressed me forward into the shower wall. For several minutes we remained motionless as the water continued to wash over us. As our breathing returned to normal, I felt his cock lose its rigidity and slip out of me.

He kissed my neck and then whispered into my ear, "I think I need another shower."

I felt amazing as we walked through the casino side by side, with James' arm around me. I loved wearing black as it was a great contrast to my blonde hair and the short dress really showed off my long, tanned legs. I was in such a great mood from the amazing sex, that I barely noticed the nasty looks that we got from some of the people in the casino.

Before I knew it, we were on the freeway heading west to Summerlin. Being from Southern California, I always thought that Summerlin is to Las Vegas, what Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles. It's a small, affluent community with nice homes and restaurants and apparently one of those restaurants was owned by James. If his restaurant in Summerlin wasn't making money, then there was definitely a problem he needed to fix.

I had pinned my hair up because I didn't want the wind tussling it and I knew James would have the top down again in the Mustang. It was a beautiful spring Saturday night and I loved the romantic vibe I felt being with him. James had his hand on my thigh as we drove which sent chills down my spine. I loved how he liked to have his hands on me. It was nothing overt or necessarily sexual, just a constant reminder from him that "I'm here." Maybe it was something more, but I couldn't put my finger on it, I just knew I liked it.

I was really hungry and I thought about teasing James that the food at his restaurant had better be good. However, I reconsidered my jest. If his restaurant wasn't making money, teasing him about the quality of the food might not be wise.

Outwardly, he was in a good mood, smiling and talking to me like everything was fine. Inwardly, I was beginning to know him well enough to sense some underlying tension. This wasn't a fun night out for him. This restaurant was costing him money and I could tell he was serious about getting to the bottom of it.

A short time later we pulled off the freeway on Town Center Drive and drove about a mile to what looked to be an exclusive part of Summerlin. We had driven through an area with multi-million dollar homes and very expensive looking shops and boutiques and arrived at a large Italian restaurant. I had remembered reading about it in the 'best of' section of several Las Vegas magazines, and for whatever reason, it surprised me that James owned it.

We pulled up in front of the restaurant and a young valet took the keys and another young man opened the doors for us as we walked inside. Upon entering, we were almost immediately met by a middle aged man.

"It's good to see you again Mr. Moretti," the man said as he shook James' hand.

I could see the tension in the man's eyes and felt the strain between them during their brief interaction. So much for a fun night out.

"David, this is Melanie," James said, looking towards me.

David quickly shook my hand without even really looking at me. His hands were clammy, almost wet. I realized just how nervous he was.

"I reserved a table in the back Mr. Moretti, please follow me," David said.

As we walked through the restaurant, I looked around and appreciated the elegantly decorated walls, appointed in a somewhat modern, but also hints of a classic Italian theme. As David led us to the table, I noticed immediately that the restaurant was full, nearly to capacity. It was an older crowd; most of the men were in suits and many of them wore ties. Most of the ladies were wearing longer, formal dresses, while a handful of the more daring ones had on shorter, sexy dresses like mine. Many of the women wore very nice jewelry. I saw what looked to be very expensive watches, bracelets and necklaces. It was definitely an upper class crowd.

David sat us at the table in the middle of the room and then took a chair close to James and they began talking quietly. I could make out a few words, but, for the most part, I tried to ignore them. There seemed to be enough tension between them and I didn't want to make a bad situation worse by eavesdropping on their conversation. A pretty waitress approached the table and handed James and I menus. I quickly scanned the offerings and their corresponding prices and noticed how expensive everything was.

"Do you have any questions for me?" the waitress asked, smiling sweetly, looking directly at me.

She had an olive complexion with dark skin and eyes. She had beautiful brunette hair in a ponytail that reached the middle of her back. She looked to be in her early twenties, and she was truly striking.

I looked at her name tag, "Which salad would you recommend Gianna?" I said, looking into her beautiful dark eyes.

"We have a great antipasto salad that comes with your choice of either shrimp or chicken," she said, as she touched my arm lightly.

Okay, I'm not crazy; she's flirting with me. The way she touched my arm definitely confirmed my suspicion.

"I'll take the antipasto salad with chicken and a glass of white wine."

By now, the conversation was growing heated between the men. James didn't even acknowledge Gianna at the side of our table as she attempted to take his order.

Trying to assist her, I leaned in and whispered, "Did you find what you wanted to order James?"

I looked over and saw that my question momentarily put the increasingly tense conversation between the men on hold.

"Just pick out something for me," James said, snapping at me, before returning to his conversation with David.

I was shocked and hurt at the rude and hurtful tone in his voice. Trying to compose myself, I turned to Gianna.

"He'll have whatever is on special tonight."

She nodded, giving me a quick look of understanding, realizing something wasn't right at our table between the man I was accompanying and her manager. She turned quickly and left.

I nonchalantly scooted my chair away from the men, trying to give them as much privacy as I could, without making it look too obvious to the other guests.

It was a festive atmosphere in the restaurant. The couples at the other tables were laughing, smiling, and talking while they enjoyed their meals. This was a stark juxtaposition to what was transpiring at our table; two men heatedly talking under their breaths, and at times, looking like they were seconds from coming to blows.

A few minutes later James stood up, looked at me, and angrily said, "We are going to the office to talk."

Without further explanation, both men abruptly left.

Once they were gone, I was the only one sitting alone in the dining room. To make matters worse, it felt like every eye in the room was on me. It wasn't enough that I was the youngest one in the restaurant, eating with a man who was more than twice my age, but now, he'd left me by myself. My mood was turning fouler by the second and I found it much more difficult to ignore the judgmental stares of some of the older people sitting around me.

A few minutes later Gianna brought our plates of food. She set them down and gave me a caring, sympathetic smile.

"Can I bring you anything else?" she said softly.

"I'll take a better boyfriend." I said, forcing a smile.

She looked tenderly at me and squeezed my hand.

"I'll be back to check on you soon," she said compassionately, before turning and walking away.

I looked down at my dinner, the salad looked delicious.

The aroma from my plate was causing my stomach to grumble, so I decided to eat. Who knows how long James will be anyway.

I had taken several bites of the salad, when James returned to the table, without David.

He sat down and looked at his plate, "Who ordered this shit?" he said, looking at me angrily.

Shocked at his statement, I looked down at his plate. I had been so upset I hadn't even noticed what Gianna had brought. I turned, and looked at him with daggers in my eyes.

"I guess the special tonight is escargot. You could complain to the owner, but I doubt it would do much good because he's acting like a real asshole this evening."

James' jaw dropped open.

I stood up, "If you'll excuse me, I need to use the restroom," I said, without looking at him.

Almost in tears, I turned and walked towards the front door. I was tempted to walk out, but thought better of it. I needed to calm down. I saw the sign for the restroom and opened the door and walked in. I scanned the row of stalls and headed towards the last one, noticing it was larger, for women in wheelchairs. I opened the stall door, quickly locked it behind me, and sat down on the toilet. It took everything in my power not to cry.

I took stock of my situation. What the hell was I doing here? It was Saturday night, and I should be in a club drinking, dancing and having fun. Instead, I'm in a stuffy Italian restaurant in Summerlin, surrounded by two-hundred old people, and getting yelled at by a man I barely knew. I unzipped my purse and began digging around in the clutter looking for my cell phone to call a cab. Just as I found it and pulled it out of my purse, I heard a knock on the stall door.

"Are you okay?"

I recognized the voice, it was Gianna. I opened the door and she stepped inside with me and closed it behind her.

"I heard everything and I just wanted to check and make sure that you were all right," she said softly, her tone barely above a whisper, even though we were the only ones in the restroom.

"I'm fine," I said softly, looking down, embarrassed that she had overheard the argument between James and I.

She smiled at me and said, "Older men can be just as big of a pain in the ass as the younger ones."

We both burst into laughter and she gently touched my arm.

I looked into her eyes and felt the sexual tension between us. She leaned in and our lips met as we kissed passionately. I heard her heavy breathing as I pressed my body to hers while our tongues explored each other's mouths. We slowly broke the kiss and leaned back away from each other. Our eyes were still closed, both of us enjoying the erotic embrace.

Moments later, we opened our eyes and simultaneously smiled at each other, neither of us wanting to break the romantic mood by talking. After a few seconds, she spoke.

"I need to get back to the floor before they send a search party out after me," she said, looking into my eyes and tenderly smiling at me. "As much as I'd like to stay in here and make out with you all night, I can't afford to lose this job."

God, she had the most beautiful, big brown eyes I had ever seen. I was instantly smitten with her.

"Don't worry, you won't lose your job. I'm fucking your boss's boss."

We both burst into laughter again like school girls.

She reached down and gently took my cell phone out of my hand. She pressed a few digits, and then handed it back to me.

"Now you have my number, and you had damn well better use it," she said, smiling brightly, before giving me one last hot kiss on the mouth.

She took my hand and led me out of the stall. I couldn't help but look down and notice her tight black slacks and the amazing ass that filled them. My God, I thought, is there any part of this girl that isn't perfect?

She let go of my hand as I stopped at the sink while she kept walking towards the bathroom door. When she reached it, she stopped, and turned to face me.

"It's none of my business, but for what it's worth, Dave makes everyone around here crazy." She looked down, then those beautiful brown eyes looked back up into mine and she continued, "You're right, he was an asshole, but I saw the way he was looking at you when you both came through the front door this evening. Give him another chance."

She smiled and walked out of the bathroom.

I put my phone back in my purse and contemplated her statement. I took a moment to check my hair and makeup in the mirror and then I walked out of the bathroom.

When James saw me walking up to the table, he stood up and pulled my chair out. After I sat down, he pushed my chair in and then took his seat next to me.

I looked at his plate. The snails were gone and a big steak was in its place.

"I wasn't sure you were coming back," he said softly.

Oh hell no, I thought. You're not getting off the hook that easily.

"I almost didn't," I said, looking icily at him.

He looked down. I could see the embarrassment and regret in his eyes. Slowly, he looked up at me.

"I handled that situation poorly. It wasn't right to leave you at the table by yourself, or snap at you when I got upset, and I apologize," he said sincerely.

"It's okay."

He reached down and gently rubbed my thigh. The world felt right again.

We both ate silently for a few minutes. I could tell by the change in his demeanor that there had been a resolution to the situation between him and David. My better judgment told me to stay out of it. Then I thought, if I'm his girlfriend, why can't I be nosey?

"May I ask what happened between you and David?"

He looked at me for a moment, contemplating my question.

"An assistant manager has been stealing money for the last three months and I fired him. David wasn't in on it, but I still held him responsible. Because he's the manager, it shouldn't have taken him three months to discover that someone was stealing from me. David is going to pay back the stolen money and everything is fine now."

James paused for a moment, looked around the dining room, and then continued.

"He's a good manager. Just look at this place, the customers are happy and this restaurant is very profitable. Firing him would only create more problems that I'd have to fix later. He just can't be that complacent. He has to watch this business closer, and from now on, he will," he said, before taking another bite of steak.

I smiled sweetly at him. I found myself thinking how much I liked the fact that no matter what was happening, he had it under control. My mind was starting to wander, thinking about his love of control, when a voice broke the silence.

"May I get you another glass of wine?"

I looked up and saw those big, beautiful brown eyes.

"I think my boyfriend would just like the check Gianna," I said, smiling at her.

She returned my smile, giving me a knowing look that said she realized James and I had put things back together.

"That's not possible Ma'am," she said sweetly. "My manager told me that your meals are on the house."

"In that case, I'll take another glass of wine Gianna."

"I'll be right back with your wine Ma'am," she said, our eyes meeting, as she touched my arm again and turned to head towards the bar.

James gave me a puzzled look, "How do you know her name?"

"First, her name is on her name tag. Second, I made out with her in the bathroom while I was gone."

He laughed and said, "Yeah right."

I raised my eyebrows and looked seriously into his eyes, until that boyishly handsome smile on his face was replaced by a look of awe.

It was almost midnight when we got back to the room. I suggested that we have a drink at an after-hours bar that wasn't far from the UNLV campus, but James said that it had been a long day and he was tired and wanted to get back to the room. From the way he was looking at me in the elevator though, I had a feeling that it would be a while before either of us got any sleep.

He opened the door with the key card and we walked in. Once we stepped into the room, he turned to me and gave me a soft kiss.

"I'm going to get ready for bed, I'll join you in a few minutes," he said

He turned and walked into the second bedroom of the suite.

He is so perplexing. Why can't you get ready for bed in the same room I'm in? Forget it, I'm not having another fight tonight, I'll let this one go.

I walked into the master bedroom and looked on the bed, wondering where my bags of clothes had disappeared to. I checked the large walk-in closet and saw that all my new clothes were hung up perfectly. I then looked in the dresser drawers and all of my lingerie had been neatly put away. I could get used to this.

I rummaged through the drawers and found just what I was looking for. I pulled out a light purple, see-through, halter baby-doll, with matching thong panties. This should get someone's engine revved up.

I walked into the bathroom and washed the makeup off my face and brushed my teeth. I took off my clothes and put on the baby-doll and thong panties. I then put my hair down and brushed it over my shoulders.

I hesitantly stepped out into the master bedroom and saw that James was already in bed with the covers pulled up to his waist.

"Got room for one more?" I said, smiling shyly.

I watched his jaw drop open as he studied me from head to toe.

"God Melanie, you're beautiful."

'I've been told once or twice that I clean up okay."

I walked over and slid into bed beside him. He pulled me to him and his mouth melted with mine. We kissed passionately for several minutes, his hands exploring up and down my body. My God, I thought, his hands are driving me crazy.

The material of the baby-doll was so thin and sheer, it felt as if there was no barrier between his fingers and my skin. He kneaded my breasts with his hands then he began to rub my nipples through the thin material, until they were hard nubs. His other hand moved over my stomach and down to my pussy. I felt his fingers slip over the lips of my vagina as he rubbed my increasingly wet slit through the sheer thong. I leaned in and kissed him harder, then gasped as I felt him push the thin material of the thong into my pussy.

It felt amazing while he was running his hands over me, until I felt him start to tug at the material of the baby-doll trying to remove it. It was such a beautiful piece of lingerie that I didn't want him to ruin it by pulling on it so hard, so I helped him slide it over my head. We then removed it together and tossed it on the floor at the side of the bed. I kissed his mouth harder trying to preoccupy him as I slid my fingers under the flimsy material of the thong, sliding it down my thighs and then off and onto the floor with the baby-doll.

I remembered how he had taken control of things earlier in the shower. I thought it might be fun to turn the table on him a bit. His hands were still all over me while we kissed, but then, to get his attention, I leaned back and pulled away from him.

"James," I whispered softly in his ear, finally getting his attention, and causing his hands to momentarily stop roaming over my body.

"Put your hands under the pillow, behind your head," I whispered in a sexy, husky voice, "and don't move them, no matter what I do, until I tell you that you can."

He pondered my request for a moment and then smiled and reluctantly agreed by nodding his head up and down. Damn, it's a struggle to get this man to give up control of anything.

I watched while he moved his hands under the pillow that his head was resting on. This is going to be fun.

I moved my thighs over him and straddled his body by placing each one of them on either side of his stomach. I leaned forward kissing him gently. Each time he started kissing me too aggressively, I pulled back and broke the kiss which I could see was driving him crazy. I teased him this way for several minutes, until I could tell he was getting frustrated, so decided it was time to try something different.

I leaned forward lowering my breasts until my hard nipples made contact with his mouth. The moment it touched his lips, he started sucking the hard nub and rolled his tongue over it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasurable sensation. I pulled back, popping my nipple out of his mouth and then I lowered my breasts giving him access to my other nipple. As soon as it made contact with his mouth, lightning bolts shot through my body as he suckled on it. I loved teasing him like this, but unfortunately, I was also teasing myself, and I wasn't sure how much longer either of us was going to be able to take this torment.

I slid my body down his, surprising myself as I felt my pussy leave a wet trail of liquid down his stomach. I made sure my large breasts were in constant contact with his chest which felt amazing as my hard nipples rubbed his light chest hair. All the while, I was looking into his eyes and saw he was intensely watching my every movement. As I kept sliding down his body, my pussy came into contact with his large cock and I felt it split my lips and slide over my vagina. I was tempted to slip it inside of me, but I wanted to extend this tease a bit longer.

I nestled myself between his legs, inhaling deeply, smelling that manly scent emanating from his fat cock. James was rock hard and his cock seemed to twitch in time with his heart beat. A big bead of pre cum was oozing from the slit and I realized just how successful I had been at getting him worked up with this foreplay tease.

I took the base of his cock in my hand and gently stroked his shaft upwards until I saw a large dollop of pre cum ooze out the head. I looked up and smiled at him as I ran my tongue over the head, tasting it. I heard him gasp and felt his body twitch as my mouth made contact with his penis. I began sucking him slowly and gently, watching his facial expressions until he closed his eyes. It got me so excited to see the pleasure my mouth was giving him. I continued to slowly fellate him up and down, taking my time. I knew he was worked up and I didn't want to risk going too fast and having him come before I wanted him to. I continued to work him slowly in and out of my mouth, taking him deeper and deeper, until the head reached the back of my throat and then out again. While giving him a long and sensuous blow job, I couldn't help but marvel at his control.

After several minutes, I opened my mouth and his cock plopped out. It was wet and shiny, dripping from my saliva, and it looked amazing. I looked up into James' eyes, and saw that he was watching me silently and intensely; as if hanging on my every motion.

I then slid up his body and straddled him again. My pussy was soaked and I could feel the wetness run down the inside of my thighs. I got up onto my feet and looked down, seeing James look up at me. I positioned my pussy over his face and started to lower it. He had extended his tongue and I could feel it slide into my vagina as I descended myself onto his waiting mouth. I used the headboard of the bed to steady myself as I ground my pussy onto James' tongue. I shuddered as his mouth made contact with my lips and clit. There was no teasing now as I moved my pelvis up and down, grinding myself onto his face, moaning and gasping as he moved his tongue around, and then inside of me. My orgasm was rapidly approaching as he moved his mouth around my wet sex. I felt his tongue make contact with my clit again and I exploded, shuddering and gasping as waves of pleasure washed over my body. I collapsed on top of him, and he watched while my breathing slowly returned to normal, as I slowly regained control of my body.

I looked over at him and smiled, seeing that his face was soaked. Miraculously, his hands were still behind the pillow. I leaned in and took his face in both my hands, kissing him softly and tenderly.

"You can move your hands now," I whispered softly in his ear.

He pulled me to him and we kissed passionately as I once again straddled him, sitting on his stomach. I reached behind, taking his cock in my hands and slid down his body. I grabbed him softly at the base and slid down lower, until I felt the head of his cock make contact with my pussy. He moaned as I rubbed the head of his cock over the lips of my vagina, splitting them, until I felt the head at the entrance of my pussy. I held it there momentarily, then I heard him gasp as I moved back, sinking his cock inside of me.

I moaned as I felt him open and then fill me. I leaned in and whispered into his ear, "God, I love your cock James."

He looked up at me smiling. I slowly began to move his cock in and out of me. It was nothing like this afternoon in the shower, because I controlled the pace. I moved and positioned my body the way I wanted, adjusting the angle, feeling his cock rub against the walls of my vagina, then slowly in and out me. I closed my eyes as I felt him take both of my large breasts in his hands. We moved together slowly, and I felt every inch of him inside me.

He gasped as I squeezed my muscles and began a more rapid pace. I moved quicker and quicker, until it felt like I was bouncing up and down on him. I felt my orgasm start to build deep within my body. I felt him tense up as my body started to spasm. He let out a low groan as I began to shudder and shake uncontrollably. As my orgasm washed over me, I felt him grunt and his semen poured into me. I collapsed on top of him, feeling his heart thump against me. We stayed in that position for a few minutes, until our breathing returned to normal. I felt his cock shrink inside of me and then I moved off him and felt it slip out.

He pulled me into him, our bodies molded together, spooning in the large bed. I felt his cock rest on my bottom as his breathing changed, and I realized he had fallen asleep, holding me tight in his arms.

The first night I met James, I remembered that little voice inside my head telling me that I needed to be careful. For good or bad, I disregarded her. Tomorrow would be my last day with him before he flew back to Los Angeles, and I knew I wouldn't see him again for a month. I hated that, even though I was still with him, I was missing him already.

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-08 17:51:41
Your details are so vivid in deion, my guess is you have done extensive research to make your stories as accurate as possible. Your use of words to create the atmosphere right here in this room as I read is close to a transportation (me being right there in the room watching it happen).
One thing that is surprising to me (yet obvious), with Melanie's accounting studies, James hasn't offered her a PT job to follow up on his LV locations to prevent Asst Mgrs or anyone else scarfing profits.
Interesting how I can take a twist & expansion of your creativity, but have none of my on. You are marvelous.

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-08 17:51:41
Your details are so vivid in deion, my guess is you have done extensive research to make your stories as accurate as possible. Your use of words to create the atmosphere right here in this room as I read is close to a transportation (me being right there in the room watching it happen).
One thing that is surprising to me (yet obvious), with Melanie's accounting studies, James hasn't offered her a PT job to follow up on his LV locations to prevent Asst Mgrs or anyone else scarfing profits.
Interesting how I can take a twist & expansion of your creativity, but have none of my on. You are marvelous.

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-08 17:51:41
Your details are so vivid in deion, my guess is you have done extensive research to make your stories as accurate as possible. Your use of words to create the atmosphere right here in this room as I read is close to a transportation (me being right there in the room watching it happen).
One thing that is surprising to me (yet obvious), with Melanie's accounting studies, James hasn't offered her a PT job to follow up on his LV locations to prevent Asst Mgrs or anyone else scarfing profits.
Interesting how I can take a twist & expansion of your creativity, but have none of my on. You are marvelous.

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-08 17:51:34
Your details are so vivid in deion, my guess is you have done extensive research to make your stories as accurate as possible. Your use of words to create the atmosphere right here in this room as I read is close to a transportation (me being right there in the room watching it happen).
One thing that is surprising to me (yet obvious), with Melanie's accounting studies, James hasn't offered her a PT job to follow up on his LV locations to prevent Asst Mgrs or anyone else scarfing profits.
Interesting how I can take a twist & expansion of your creativity, but have none of my on. You are marvelous.


2017-10-28 04:04:06

Well done. Very provocative writing.

Re the reader's grammatical comment, the "James and I menus" was correct imo. "James and I" = "us" Pronoun may actually work better there: "handed us menus."

Looking forward to the Lesbian sex between Mel and Gianna when James goes back to LA. Gonna happen, isn't it?

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