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Melanie comes clean to her friends and meets Gianna.
It was a very emotional morning and I felt miserable. Watching James walk into McCarran and leave for Los Angeles, I felt like I was being abandoned. I knew I had no right to feel that way, but I couldn't seem to get my emotions under control. I had never felt like this before. I thought I had experienced some bad break-ups in high school, but none of them felt as bad as this.

The cabbie took me to the car dealership and I picked up the Land Rover without incident. It was such a beautiful vehicle, it had every possible option: leather seats, power everything, and a sun roof. That should make me feel better right? It didn't.

I wanted desperately to skip my finance class, but I couldn't. The paper I had written over the weekend was due today and I'd lose a lot of points if it was turned in late. We were also reviewing for our midterm and the Prof was notorious for giving away test questions and telling students what they needed to study in order to do well in the exam.

I felt numb, both emotionally and mentally. I couldn't think, let alone concentrate like I needed to, and as hard as I tried, I just couldn't seem to pull myself together.

As the day progressed, my mood did improve somewhat. My finance class went well and I was able to go to the library and study for a few hours for my midterm exams, which were later in the week. I had also stopped by the student records office and put James' name on my financial account, like he had asked, so he would start receiving my tuition bills. I was also able to pull up my credit card statements on my laptop and email a copy of them to James' office. I smiled to myself when I remembered that James had told me to fax them. What's a fax? I thought, wishing I was with him, so I could tease him about using an antiquated fax machine instead of email.

I just wanted to go home, sleep, and wake up the day James was flying back into town. If only, I thought.

As I pulled into my apartment complex my jaw dropped. OH SHIT! I looked and saw the cars of my two best friends, Sue and Samantha, parked in front of our apartment. I also saw my roommate Rachel's car so I knew all three of them had to be inside. Sue and Samantha never come over on a Monday afternoon, I smelled an ambush.

I used my key to open the front door and the most heavenly aroma entered my nostrils. Rachel was making her famous stir fry vegetables with chicken breast. It was my favorite and definitely another bad sign. Like a convict's last meal before the electric chair.

"Hey girl," all three of them screeched in unison, as I walked through the door.

"Hi everyone," I said, smiling brightly.

Leave it to my best friends to pull me out of my doldrums. I immediately felt my mood start to improve. They had already finished off a bottle of wine and they were starting on their second. Look out, it was going to be an an interesting evening.

Rachel poured me a glass of wine and we all sat down on the sofa and loveseat in the small living room.

As Rachel handed me a glass of wine she said, "Sam, do you know what happened to Mel this weekend, because we had made plans to go to the Ghost Bar on Saturday night, but she stood me up and then was nowhere to be found."

Samantha laughed and said, "The last I heard Sue made her go to some fancy soirée at the Paris and no one has seen her since."

I found it hilarious that they were talking about me as if I wasn't in the room.

"Sue, can you give us a recap of the events of Friday evening, so we know that the record is correct before we continue," she said, making all three of them laugh, while I shook my head, trying not to smile and encourage them.

I was sure that Sue had probably told Rachel and Samantha the story of Friday night at least twenty times already.

"Well, I was letting this cute guy chat me up, when I saw Melanie dancing with this handsome older man. Then, she went back to his table and they talked, drank and danced all night while she totally ignored me the entire evening. Finally, at mid-night, she made me leave because she told me that she was having such a great time with him," Sue said, smiling at me.

"Okay Melanie, enough with the suspense, time to start dishing," Samantha said, grinning at me.

Since we met during our freshmen year in the dorms, the four of us were inseparable and we told each other everything; who we liked, who we slept with, nothing was out of bounds. We had enjoyed each other's company in the best of times, and we had all gotten each other through some of the very worst of times. But this one was going to be difficult.

I took a deep breath.

"It's not really that big of a deal guys, I met him, we hooked up, and I spent the weekend with him."

They all looked into my eyes, trying to see if there was more to the story than I had revealed.

"I'm calling bullshit," Rachel said smiling. "When's the last time you fucked a guy Melanie, and an older guy at that? There has to be more to the story."

I could tell that the wine was kicking in. Rachel never dropped the F-Bomb unless it was directed at her boyfriend, and that was only after he had made her mad.

I looked down, time to come clean.

"His name is James and he lives in LA. He comes into town about once a month. I really like him and I told him I'd see him when he's here."

"So what's the catch, you're working out your daddy issues with some hot, older guy, no big deal," Samantha said, smiling at me.

I took a big gulp of wine draining the glass.

"The catch is, he has a wife and kids and he's been giving me gifts."

The room went silent.

"What do you mean, 'giving you gifts,' Melanie?" Sue said, with a look of concern in her eyes.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the tennis bracelet and handed it to her. She examined it closely and then passed it around the room.

"Melanie, I know jewelry, this has to be worth at least $4000," Samantha said.

"Honestly, I don't know what it's worth Sam," I said, as I refilled my wine glass.

"My God, what else did he get you Melanie?" Sue asked.

"Look out the front window."

They all got up and peered through the blinds.

"See the Land Rover parked in front of the sidewalk," I said, taking another sip of wine.

I knew their jaws were dropping open and I didn't even have to look at them. They silently looked out the window for a full minute, before they came back to the living room and sat down without saying a word. It was like a dark storm cloud had come into the room and the tension was thick. No one knew what to say, or how to react.

Samantha finally broke the silence.

"I know you Melanie, and I want to tell you the truth. The bracelet, the car, your pussy just isn't that good."

We all broke out in a fit of laughter as I grabbed a pillow off the couch and threw it at her.

It was a little inside joke between the four of us. The first time I met Samantha we had both gotten drunk at a party and hooked up in her dorm room. We became fast friends and agreed that while we enjoyed our night together, our relationship would be strictly platonic going forward.

Rachel looked into my eyes and said in a serious tone, "I'm not judging you Melanie, but I know you, and this isn't you. You don't have sex with a guy just because he is buying you things. You are the last person on Earth that I would have thought would ever be a kept woman."

Sugar daddy, sugar baby, kept woman, all words I would grow to loathe.

"There is a lot more to it than just sex and the monetary things he gives me, I think I'm falling for him Rachel," I said quietly.

They were all very concerned for me, and I had to admit, I was concerned for myself.

We talked more as we ate Rachel's delicious dinner, and of course we put away a few more bottles of wine before the evening was over. I ended up telling them about the apartment, the clothes, and the debit card. Not that I really wanted to, but, we were the type of friends that didn't keep secrets from each other. They were all very curious about the sex as well because none of them had been with a man who wasn't around our age. I told them the truth, the sex was great, but my attraction to James had a lot less to do with the sex and money and much more to do with the connection I felt with him when we were together.

Later that evening, after Sue and Samantha had left so they could study for their midterms, Rachel and I were sitting on the couch.

"Melanie, you could never do anything to make me stop being your friend and I love you like a sister," Rachel said, as she looked into my eyes. "I know you had a lot of problems with money and I'm glad that he is helping you with some of that. I just don't want to see you getting hurt. He told you he'd never leave his wife, so keep things in perspective. See him when he's here, fuck his brains out, let him take care of you, but don't you dare let him break your heart. If he does, then that's your fault, not his."

She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and gave me a big hug, then went to her room to study.

She was right. When he came into town, I would be his, just like he wanted. But the rest of the month, he wasn't going to change how I lived my life.

I had one more thing I had to do before I studied and went to bed. I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and texted Gianna, "This is Mel, let's meet this Friday for drinks."

My mid-term exams went great. I found that the more I studied, the less I thought of James, and all that studying paid off, as I ended up getting all A's on all my tests.

Even though I had three weeks to move out of the apartment I shared with Rachel, I was anxious to get into my new place. In-between studying, I was able to box my things and move them in the Land Rover. By the end of the week, I had the majority of everything I owned, in my new apartment. I also went to a furniture store and purchased a queen size bed and two flat screen TV's, one for my bedroom and the other for the living room. The furniture store delivered the bed and TV's on Thursday afternoon, and I paid them extra to mount the TV's on the wall.

During mid-term exam week, I got better at keeping James at an emotional distance. We texted each other a couple times each day, but I made sure I kept my texts light and casual. He had his life, I had mine, and I felt that I was taking Rachel's advice. He wasn't going to break my heart, or more accurately, I wasn't going to let him break my heart.

I had taken my last exam Friday morning, came home, and had the last of my things packed and in the Land Rover by noon. I gave Rachel a big hug as I left our apartment for the last time. I'd still see her a lot, even though we would no longer be roommates, but I knew it wouldn't be the same. As freshmen, we were dorm-mates, and then we had gotten the apartment together. Even though we had a lot of history, I knew it was time to move on and take the next step.

My moving out ended up being good for her too, instead of finding a new place with her boyfriend, she talked her boyfriend into moving in with her and they would sign a new lease together. It's a big step moving in with a guy, and I knew she was getting more serious with him, and I was very happy for her.

Moving out was a big step for me as well, it was the first time that I had ever lived by myself. I loved my new apartment, but it was also a bit scary being out on my own.

I spoke to Gianna a couple of times during the week and she told me she lived in North Las Vegas, in a house she rented with two other students that she went to college with. She was a junior at the College of Southern Nevada and was a nursing major. I suggested that we meet at Red Rock Casino in Summerlin, since it was off the strip and easier to get to. Also, it was not too far from where she lived. We agreed to meet for drinks at six o'clock in one of the bars inside the casino.

I chose to dress in a white, jean skirt with a light pink top and sandals. I pulled into the valet station and checked the Land Rover in with the attendant. I walked into the casino and headed for the bar where we had agreed to meet. I had been to Red Rock Casino once before about a year earlier, when an old 80's band was playing there. Normally, I liked the clubs on, or near the strip, but this location seemed liked a better choice.

I walked into the casino and saw the signs to the bar I was looking for. As I walked in, I saw Gianna sitting at a booth in the back, away from the bar. I walked up to the table and she stood up and gave me a small peck on the cheek, which I quickly returned. I liked her style already, time and place.

It was nice not being too overt with our greeting. Red Rock Casino catered mainly to locals, and being in a bar in Summerlin was nothing like being in a club on the strip, where girls openly danced in a sexual way with each other and then made out in a booth somewhere, before they went to a hotel room to hook up. Keeping our greeting casual meant we could pass as friends who were meeting for drinks on a Friday evening. A small peck on the cheek, instead of an opened mouthed kiss, meant we wouldn't be drawing unwanted attention to ourselves, which would help keep the gawkers at bay.

When I first met Gianna in James' restaurant, she looked great in her server's uniform of tight black slacks and a grey blouse. Tonight, seeing her in casual clothes, she looked absolutely stunning. She was wearing short, blue, jean shorts, a pretty, white, lace tank top, and sandals. Her make-up was perfect and her beautiful long brunette hair was in loose curls that hung gently around her face. She has beautiful brown eyes and a dark olive complexion with flawless skin. The tank top and shorts showed off her toned arms and legs. She was a little shorter than me; maybe 5'6" with what I guessed to be 34c breasts that suited her petite frame perfectly.

We both sat in the booth as the waitress approached and asked me what I'd like to drink. I saw that Gianna had already ordered a margarita and I told the waitress I'd have one as well.

"How was your week?" she asked, smiling brightly at me.

"It was long," I said, smiling back at her, "mid-terms were this week, but I think I did really well. How was your week?"

"I had mid-terms as well, but I was able to take a couple of days off from work so I could study, which really helped. I think I just did just fine too."

We each took a sip of our drinks. I felt so comfortable with her.

"I'm so glad you wanted to meet tonight, I thought you might be spending the evening with your boyfriend."

I took a deep breath, "He's in Los Angeles, he lives there, but he should be back in town in a few weeks."

"Long distance relationships can be tough."

"I only met him last weekend, so I think we are still at that stage of trying to figure out what we want to mean to each other."

That was a lie and I regretted saying it as soon as the words left my lips. James and I had everything very well defined. James liked having rough, aggressive sex with me and buying me gifts, and I liked having sex with him. The rest of the time, I was busy trying to figure out how not to fall for him anymore than I already had, pretty simple really.

"That's interesting, when I saw you together in the restaurant, you looked like a couple who had been together for a while."

I could tell she was anxious to ask more questions about James, so I quickly changed the subject so she couldn't.

"So what about you, are you seeing anyone?"

"I have a boyfriend that I've been seeing for about six months. We met in school and he's studying to be an RN as well."

"That's wonderful."

We spent the next half hour talking about her work, our respective schools, and her boyfriend. I had so much respect for her, working a full time job and going to school full time. She seemed to have her life really together.

We were on our third round of margaritas, and I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, so I was starting to feel the effects of the alcohol.

"I'm really hungry Gianna would you like to get something to eat?"

"That would be great."

We pulled a menu off the table, thumbed through it together and decided on nachos.

I once heard someone describe alcohol as being a "social lubricant," and that was true in our case. The more we drank the more intimate our conversation became. It was nice to get past the 'friendly-getting-to-know-you-chit-chat' and move on to more fun topics.

"Does James know you... um... are into girls?"

I smiled at her, "He does. I told him I like to make out in bathroom stalls with pretty Italian girls in his restaurant."

Her face split into a grin.

"Does your boyfriend know you are into girls?"

"He doesn't, and I haven't found a way to tell him yet." She looked down, "I'm not sure what he would think, and I'm afraid he would feel threatened by it. I'm also afraid of losing him over it," she said softly.

I was taken aback by her brutal honesty. This girl could have whoever she wanted, male or female, and she was afraid of losing him? I thought he must be very special to hold her heart like that.

My conscience was starting to bother me, concerning I'd said earlier regarding my relationship with James, and I felt like I needed to clear the air.

"I need to make a confession Gianna. James is married, and I've found myself having feelings for him that I know I shouldn't. I've been spending the last week trying to sort that out," I said, as I looked into her eyes.

We were interrupted by the waitress putting a huge plate of nachos in front of us. We slid together until our thighs touched. At this point I was buzzed and turned on by this beautiful woman next to me, and I didn't care what the other people in the bar thought about it.

We started eating the delicious nachos. Feeling her thigh rub against mine was slowly stoking the desire I was feeling for her.

"He has money doesn't he?"

"He does, yes," I replied simply.

"Melanie, don't feel guilty about any of it, just make him make you happy."

Her statement made me realize that I did feel guilty about what James had done for me financially. I came from a middle class family, but my parents never spoiled me or my brothers. During my childhood my older brothers were always helping my father by working with him at our family's small construction company, or doing odd jobs around our neighborhood. During high school, I helped my father with the books, which is why I got interested in accounting and why I decided to major in it in college. Very little had ever been given to me without working for it, so I knew James' generosity and my guilt over it, played into the complex feelings I had towards him.

I cleared my mind of James and our dysfunctional relationship and concentrated on Gianna. I offered her some advice concerning her situation with her boyfriend.

"When you're ready, tell your boyfriend that you're into girls. If he loves you, and it's meant to be, then he'll deal with his issues, because he'll want the woman he loves to be happy,"

I felt her hand rub my knee and it sent shivers down my spine.

Gianna looked into my eyes and said seductively, "The moment I saw you, I wanted you. I even got the server who was working your section to let me have your table, so I could meet you. I also got my roommate to give me a ride here, because I knew I'd be spending the night with you."

Those were the most erotic words I'd ever heard.

"Should we get a room here or would you like to see my new apartment?" I said, smiling seductively.

"It would be easier for me to make you breakfast tomorrow morning if we were in your apartment."

We quickly finished the nachos and I asked for the check. We held hands as we walked through the casino and out to the valet station. At that point I wanted her so badly, and I didn't care who saw us together or what they thought about it.

I gave the valet my ticket and I felt Gianna wrap her arm around me as we waited. I looked down at her beautiful tanned legs next to mine.

The sun was just starting to go down and it was a beautiful spring evening. Thank God the nachos soaked up some of the alcohol in my stomach and I felt fine to drive.

God, she was so beautiful, and I felt nervous. Normally, I would go to a club, have some drinks, or arrive already buzzed, and then find someone as hot as her. The alcohol gave me courage to wear revealing club clothes, grind on other girls on the dance floor, and go back to their room with them to hook up. But tonight, I was sober. I couldn't hide behind alcohol or loud club music. I had to be myself with this girl, and it was scary.

Gianna's beautiful long black hair was blowing onto my shoulder as a light wind picked up. I couldn't remember the last time I wanted a girl as much as I wanted her. I turned to face her, leaned in and we kissed softly. Not a friendly peck on the cheek like when we met at the bar, but a hot, romantic, passionate kiss. I gently slipped my tongue into her mouth. Our tongues danced lightly and I heard her moan softly, her body instantly melting into mine as we kissed. I loved how her body reacted to me as we kissed and I wanted to make sure she knew how much I wanted her.

We had to break our passionate embrace as the valet pulled the Land Rover up in front of us. We got in the car and giggled at each other, when we noticed an old couple staring at us with their mouths open. Yeah, watch and take notes old guy, that's how you should be kissing your woman, I thought to myself as we pulled away.

I wanted to pull Gianna close to me on the ride home, but the Land Rover had bucket seats so it felt like she was a mile away. I looked at her and smiled softly and she reached over and put her hand on my thigh. I instantly thought of James. I quickly pushed him out of my mind.

I'm Gianna's tonight, not yours James.

The fifteen minute ride felt like hours. Gianna was gently rubbing my thigh the entire way as I drove us to my apartment and it was driving me crazy. We made small talk as I drove which helped cut some of the sexual tension, but I knew that both of us had been waiting for this night for a week, and it had felt like time was passing agonizingly slowly.

We finally reached my building, parked the car and made our way into the elevator and up to my apartment. I unlocked the door, turned to Gianna and took her hand.

"Close your eyes, I want to show you something."

"Okay," she said, almost whispering.

I had to navigate around two boxes that I hadn't had time to unpack yet. I led her to the large floor to ceiling panoramic window that faced south.

"Open your eyes honey," I said softly.

I watched as she opened them and her mouth fell open. It was just a bit after dusk and the lights of the Las Vegas strip were twinkling brightly. I let her take in the view for a few seconds.

"Melanie, it's so beautiful."

I took her hand and opened the large glass door and we stepped outside onto the balcony and leaned against the thick, waist high glass. We could faintly hear the traffic below as we watched the beautiful lights for a few minutes. Actually, she watched the lights and I was watching her. I studied her beautiful face; that flawless olive skin and those dark mysterious eyes, I was captivated with her.

As she looked out at the view, I slid behind her and gently wrapped my arms around her. I pressed my breasts gently into her back and began lightly kissing her neck. She smelled heavenly, like vanilla and jasmine. She moaned softly as she moved her head to the side exposing more of her neck while I continued to kiss and run my tongue over her beautiful skin. She turned to face me and we kissed passionately, our tongues fully exploring each other's mouths. She pressed her body into mine and I felt our breasts rub together.

We kissed on the balcony for several minutes until she broke the kiss and whispered huskily, "Oh God Mel, where is your bedroom?"

I took her hand and led her back inside, walking through the living room and on into my bedroom. When I got to the bed, I turned around and she slipped into my arms as we continued to kiss. We wrapped our arms around each other and fell back onto, the bed. Our hands started roaming over each other's bodies as we kissed and started fumbling with each other's clothes, desperately trying to remove any barriers between us. Our mouths never separated as we got each other's top's, skirt and shorts off, and almost instantaneously bra's were unfastened and panties were slid down, so our naked bodies could touch and rub together.

I loved being with men, but I knew since high school that I'd never be able to give up being with women. It's such a contrast from being with a man. Feeling that soft body, smooth hairless skin, soft lips, and gentle caresses. It was still sex, but it felt so incredibly different, God that's what makes it so good.

I moved her long black hair out of her face and kissed her hard, my tongue exploring her mouth as I positioned my body on top of hers. I reached down her thigh and felt her legs instantly open for me and I gently ran my hands over her smooth, hairless mound. I slid my knee between her legs, rubbing it up and down the lips of her vagina, feeling her wetness.

As we kissed harder, I pressed my body into hers, feeling our breasts sexily crush together. I broke the kiss and heard her moan as I sensually licked and then kissed her neck, while I ran my fingers over the lips of her vagina. As I kissed her neck, I felt her fingers move through my long blonde hair, which spurned me on even more. My knee kept constant pressure on her pussy as I continued to rub it up and down her sex.

I pulled away and looked down at her breasts. They were perfectly round with brown quarter- sized areolas topped by tiny brown nipples.

"God Gianna, your breasts are beautiful," I whispered huskily, as I took one of her nipples into my mouth and felt it grow instantly hard.

I moved my hand from her vagina and onto her other breast, letting her hard nipple run through my fingertips, hearing her purr, as I played with her perfect mounds.

I let her nipple pop out of my mouth and saw my saliva drip slightly off of it, as I took the other one in my mouth, sucking gently, then harder, hearing a loud moan escape her mouth and feeling her head thrash back against the pillow. She moaned loudly again as I gently bit her nipple and leaned backwards just a bit, teasing her, before the hard nub of flesh popped out of my mouth.

As I slid down her body, my knee finally broke the contact with her vagina. I kissed down her toned stomach and she gasped when my mouth made contact with her navel. I dipped my tongue in and out teasing her. After a minute or so, I could feel her hands in my hair again as she pushed my head lower. I smiled to myself, knowing this slow tease was working. As I kissed lower, I breathed deeply, smelling that womanly musk, knowing how worked up she was.

I nestled myself in between her legs as she opened them wide for me. I gently began to kiss her inner thighs and I heard her moan, I knew what she wanted, but I wanted to tease her and make her wait. I felt her shiver, so I gently bit and then licked her inner thigh as I continued the tease of getting closer to her pussy, but denying her my mouth where she wanted it. After a few moments of this teasing, she finally broke down.

"Fuck Melanie, put your mouth on me," she whimpered and begged.

Before I did, I took a second to look at her beautiful pussy. She had large brown outer lips which were engorged and puffy. With my fingers I gently pried them apart to reveal her glistening wet pink inner lips. I heard her moan loudly when I extended my tongue and sunk it inside of her, feeling her hands slowly run through my hair. She tasted tangy and sweet. God I thought, every part of this girl was perfect.

I moved my hands up to her breasts and gently kneaded them, as I simultaneously and gently, worked my tongue in and out of her, slowly licking the walls of her vagina. Her hips were slowly rotating on my mouth as she ground her pussy harder into my face. She was so warm and wet, I kept my tongue long and flat as I dipped it into her again and again, while she gasped and moaned, grinding her pelvis harder into mouth.

I leaned back breaking the contact between my mouth and her vagina. She was soaked with a combination of her juice and my saliva. I removed my hands from her breasts and gently pulled her inner lips apart exposing her clit. I moved my head forward and ran my tongue over the little nub lightly, and I felt her body tense up. She involuntarily pulled my hair as she screamed and her body started to shake as she convulsed in orgasm. I held her thighs tight, never letting her vagina and my mouth break contact, until I could tell she was starting to come down and regain control again.

Our eyes met and she smiled at me as I kissed her inner thighs, looking up at her from between her legs. I slowly licked the wetness off of her lips and smiled up at her. Her long black hair was a tousled, falling over her face, she looked wild and beautiful.

"Are you ready for some more, sexy?" I said huskily.

Her smile widened, "Melanie, you can stay there the rest of the week if you want to."

I smiled back as I looked into her eyes from between her open legs.

I then playfully licked her inner thigh again and then gently inserted two fingers into her which caused her eyes to roll back into her head. I heard her gasp loudly as her ass came up off the bed a few inches. I rapidly assaulted her clit again with my mouth, and at the same time, I pushed my fingers in and out of her slowly. She moaned loudly as I licked little circles over her clit and my fingers went deeper inside her.

Her pelvis was rocking now and I had to concentrate to keep my mouth on her. I was making loud slurping noises as my mouth continued to make contact with her hot, wet sex. I was so worked up that I slid my other hand down between my legs and inserted two fingers into my own pussy, and used my thumb to rub my clit. My fingers were soaked within a few moments, as I slowly pushed them in and out of my vagina, listening to her moan, as I licked her.

I looked up and I saw her watching me. She reached down and tapped my shoulder looking at me longingly. I removed my wet fingers from my pussy and brought them up to her lips and watched as she instantly took them into her mouth, sucking on them.

Once she had licked my fingers clean, I moved my hands back down to her thighs and plunged my tongue in and out of her, occasionally bathing her clit with my tongue. She only lasted a minute or so until I felt her body start to tremble again. She screamed out and began to convulse as I continued to flick my tongue over her clit, keeping constant pressure on the little nub, licking her through her orgasm. I could see she was starting to recover, so I wanted to stay away from her sensitive clit, instead, I very gently licked the wetness off her lips and inner thighs.

I looked up from between her legs and our eyes met and she smiled sexily at me.

"Are you trying to kill me Melanie?" she said, laughing.

I laughed with her, "I promise I wasn't, but I don't think it would be a bad way to go either."

She pulled me up to her and we kissed passionately. It got me hot knowing she could taste her pussy on my mouth as we kissed.

"It's your turn," she said.

She laid me back on the bed and then she lay beside me. We kissed for several minutes while her hands kneaded my breasts until my nipples were fully erect. I moaned as she took one, and then the other into her mouth sucking gently.

"I love your breasts Melanie, they're so beautiful," she said huskily, as her mouth traveled from one of my nipples to the other.

She continued to suck on my nipples as I felt her hand move down my stomach, her fingernails gently scratching my sensitive skin, driving me crazy with lust. She then took my nipple between her teeth and gently bit down, causing me to cry out. Then she softly caressed it with her mouth, tenderly licking it, as if to sooth the pain from the bite. It felt like every nerve ending in my body was on fire as she teased me mercilessly. She then kissed down my stomach in the same place where she scratched me, licking and caressing my skin. It was masterful the way she mixed light pain with sensual tenderness. It was as if I didn't know which one I was going to experience next, pain or pleasure, and she always kept me guessing.

She kissed below my navel and then licked lower until she reached the top of my trimmed pubic line. I felt her thumb lightly rub my clit sending shivers throughout my body. Then, I cried out, as she simultaneously took a few of my pubic hairs into her mouth and pulled back slightly, enough to mix a little pain in with the intense pleasure she was giving me.

I watched as she slid between my legs and I opened them wide for her. Her mix of pain and pleasure foreplay was having an intense effect on me.

She gasped, "Oh God, Melanie, you're so wet," as she looked up, and smiled at me.

I then felt her lick the inside of my thighs and then along my puffy engorged lips.

When I'm turned on, I get very wet. I've never been able to squirt like I know some girls can, but I have made puddles in the bed when I'm extremely aroused.

My wetness spurred Gianna on and I felt her tongue assault my vagina. I gasped as she extended it inside of me licking the walls of my pussy. She had both of her arms wrapped around my thighs, holding me where she wanted me as she licked, sucked and probed with her mouth. My hips started to push lower as I moved my pelvis, grinding on her face in a slow rhythm. Her tongue moved with me and I could feel my orgasm start to build. She felt my body tense and her tongue moved to my clit, lapping at the tiny bud as the waves began to wash over me and I started to shake.

She held onto me tightly, never separating her mouth from my sex as I slowly began to regain control of myself. I looked down and she smiled at me from between my legs as I watched her kiss my inner thighs.

I was just about to speak when I felt her insert her fingers inside of me. My thoughts were instantly lost as her fingers slide into me and then curled upwards, causing me to gasp and cry out. She must have then inserted a third finger, because when she curled all three upwards I felt pressure and incredible pleasure that caused me to lift my ass up off the mattress. It was as if she expected it, because her mouth latched onto to me, her tongue slowly circling my clit and her fingers pressing in and out of me. Again, I moved my pelvis almost instinctively, grinding myself onto her fingers and mouth. It was almost as if I had no control of myself as I started feeling another orgasm upon me and I loudly cried out.

We took turns with each other for several more hours until we were both exhausted and I didn't think either of us could move. We lay in bed facing each other, our legs tangled together under the sheet as we softly kissed and talked.

"I'm so thirsty, would you like some water?" I asked her.

"That would be perfect."

I got up out of bed, walked into the kitchen and grabbed a big bottle of water for us to share.

"I hope this is okay, I said, I didn't bring any glasses."

"That's fine."

I handed her the water and she took a long drink and then handed it to me and I drank after her, feeling much better after I had re-hydrated a bit.

I slid back into bed beside her and she began tangling her legs with mine again and pulled me close as we kissed softly.

I gently moved a strand of her dark, black hair out of her eyes. Her hair was a tangled mess and her face was still flushed from the hours of amazing sex, but she was still the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

"You look so serious, what are you thinking?" she asked, quietly.

"I'm thinking how lucky I am to have such a beautiful woman in my bed."

She smiled back as she leaned in and kissed me softly. I could see she was getting tired and I knew I could barely hold my eyes open.

"Goodnight, pretty girl."

"Goodnight Mel," she said, smiling at me one last time before she turned over, then scooted backwards until my breasts were against her back. Spooning tightly, she fell asleep in my arms.

I woke up the next morning and reached over to the other side of the bed and felt for Gianna, but she wasn't there. I looked over at the clock on the bedside table, it was 6:30. In my grogginess, I started to worry, thinking she had left, until the smell of coffee and bacon filled my nostrils. I leisurely stretched as I continued to wake up. I felt so loose and relaxed; I guess amazing sex will do that for you.

I walked into the bathroom and used to toilet and then went to my dresser drawer and picked out short, jean shorts, and what my older brothers always used to jokingly refer to as a white, 'wife beater' tank top. I thought Gianna would like the way my pink nipples poked through the thin material.

I walked out into the living room and then into the kitchen, everything she was cooking smelled delicious. She heard me come in and smiled at me. I walked up to her and hugged her tightly. We kissed softly and my hands roamed down to her ass. She was wearing one of my night shirts, that came down to the top of her thighs and she wasn't wearing panties.

"Good morning Mel," she said, smiling radiantly at me.

"Good morning, you've been busy, what time did you get up?"

"About 5:30, I've never been able to sleep in late, so I made a pot of coffee and then started to make breakfast. I was just about to go in and wake you."

"Everything smells wonderful."

She poured me a big, steaming cup of coffee. I got into the fridge and pulled out a small container of half and half and poured a few tablespoons into the mug. She had just finished scrambling some eggs and I heard the toast pop up.

"I'll butter the toast, if that's okay Chef Gianna," I said, jokingly.

"Thank you, everything else is ready," she said, and sexily patted my ass.

We took our plates to the dining room table and sat down next to each other. We smiled at each other as we ate, I felt so comfortable with her. She looked so beautiful; her hair was a bit disheveled, but her brown eyes sparkled and she had such great skin. No one should be allowed to look that perfect this early in the morning.

"What's on the agenda for today?" she asked, in between bites of scrambled egg.

"There is this sexy Italian girl that I had planned on spending the day with."

I didn't really have any plans. Because we had just finished with midterms, I didn't have any homework that I had to complete over the weekend, so for the first time in a long time, the weekend was mine.

She reached over and touched my arm, smiling back at me.

"I have to work tonight from four to ten, but other than that, I'm all yours."

"We can do anything you'd like Gianna, my treat."

I looked into her eyes and noticed she was looking around the apartment. I felt bad that I didn't finish unpacking the boxes in the living room. It must have made a bad first impression and I didn't want her to think I was some ne'er-do-well that couldn't keep a clean house.

"I'm sorry for the mess. I just got the last of my things moved over yesterday and I didn't have time to get everything put away before we met last night."

She squeezed my hand, "Oh no, I wasn't thinking that at all. It's so peaceful here. I'm used to my roommates, running around screaming, and when they have their boyfriends over it's even worse. It's so serene, I really love being here with you."

I gently squeezed her hand, "I really love you being here."

She thought for a moment.

"What I'd like to do today is absolutely nothing. Well, maybe we can lay out on your balcony and catch some sun, but other than that, I'd just like to spend the day with you."

"That sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday."

"Can I ask you something?" she said, hesitantly.

"Ask me anything."

"Did James really get this apartment for you?"

I looked down, feeling embarrassed by her question.

"He did."

I probably should have stopped talking at that point, but I didn't want her to think there were things she couldn't ask me, or that we couldn't talk about.

"Sometimes he tries to do too much Gianna. I think he knows I have feelings for him, and he's made it very clear that those feelings will never be returned, so he overcompensates by giving me things that I don't ask for," I said, looking down. "But, I'd also be lying if I said I didn't enjoy them."

She squeezed my hand again. "You deserve everything he's given you, don't ever think you don't deserve the best of everything Melanie," she said, as she leaned in and kissed me. "I'm going to go grab a shower, I feel like some pretty blonde spent several hours between my legs last night."

I smiled at her as our lips touched in a soft, passionate kiss. I couldn't help thinking how comfortable I felt around her as I watched her walk into the bedroom, her sexy bottom sashaying from side to side. Just as she was about to disappear from my view, she paused, turned, and gave me a sexy 'come hither' smile.

I had planned on cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dishes, but suddenly, nothing seemed to matter except the beautiful woman who was in my bathroom.

I walked across the living room and entered the bedroom. I looked into the bathroom, just in time to see Gianna taking off her night shirt, walking into the shower, and turning it on.

My new apartment had amazing views which I loved and it also had a great shower in the master bedroom. It was quite large and very easy for two people to get into together. It had large, brown, ceramic tiles and a bench that was about knee height, right by the door in the back, and when the spray was aimed at the back of the shower, it easily hit the bench.

Gianna heard the bathroom door open, turned and smiled invitingly at me when she saw me enter.

"I was hoping you'd come and take a shower with me."

"There's no way I would have missed it," I said, as I peeled off the tight tank top.

"I missed those," she said, looking down at my breasts.

I smiled at her as I stood in front of her and we kissed passionately. She reached down and unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down my thighs. She opened the door and we stepped into the shower together, and as the warm water poured down on us, we continued to softly kiss.

I broke our kiss and playfully pushed her away, squirted body wash onto a loofah and gently began washing her. I ran the luffa over her stomach and then her breasts, teasing her nipples until they were erect and poking out, just begging to sucked. I resisted the urge, because I wanted to keep this tease going on for a bit longer.

I moved the luffa lower and she instinctively opened her legs as I ran it over her lips. She closed her eyes and moaned as I soaped up her bald pussy with the loofah. I leaned in and kissed her as the hot water ran over both of us, rinsing the soap from her body.

As we kissed, Gianna playfully took the loofah from my hand and poured body wash on it.

"My turn," she said, grinning at me.

She knelt down and soaped up each of my legs, avoiding my vagina. She then squirted more body wash on the luffa and rubbed it over my stomach and up to my breasts. She took extra time on my breasts, teasing my sensitive skin until my nipples were fully erect. We kissed softly as the water rushed over us, rinsing the soap off of me. She then bent over and took each of my nipples into her mouth, sucking gently, making waves of pleasure wash over me.

I then felt the luffa on my vagina and I opened my legs and moaned as she soaped up my pussy. Her fingers teasingly brushed over my lips and lightly rubbed my clit as we kissed and I moaned into her mouth.

We both stood under the shower, she rinsing the soap from me as we continued to kiss, our breasts pushing and rubbing together, while the hot water sprayed over us.

We broke our kiss and she looked into my eyes mischievously.

"Are you feeling adventurous?"

"I'm yours Gianna," I whispered huskily.

"Stand up on the bench Mel."

I looked at her quizzically, but decided to go with it. I took a big step up onto the bench, luckily without falling and breaking my neck. My head almost touched the ceiling as I looked down and smiled quizzically at her.

"Turn around and face the back wall," she said, giving me a lustful look.

I turned around, doing what she asked and I heard her adjust the shower head and felt it spray onto my back. I opened my legs wide, fully exposing myself to her.

I looked over my shoulder, and watched as she squirted body wash on the luffa and then gently scrubbed my back which instantly relaxed me. Then, I started to tense up a bit as I felt the luffa go lower as she gently washed my ass cheeks. I could feel the body wash run down the inside of my thighs as she gently scrubbed me.

Gianna then stepped to the side and I felt the warm water from the shower wash the soap from my body.

Once all of the soap had been removed, I felt her hands gently knead my ass cheeks. I moaned loudly as I felt her run her tongue over each cheek teasing me.

In a voice barely above a whisper she said, "Spread your ass cheeks Mel."

I only hesitated for a moment as I spread my legs as wide as I could and reached behind and pulled the cheeks of my bottom apart, fully exposing myself to her. I moaned as I felt Gianna run the luffa over the lips of my vagina and then up to my asshole, gently scrubbing me.

I closed my eyes as the loofah brushed my clit and then up over my ass again. It felt so intimate, so naughty, exposing every inch of myself to her.

"God, you look so good Melanie," as I felt her eyes studying me. It felt so intensely erotic being examined this way.

My pussy was not quite at eye level with Gianna. I looked over my shoulder as I felt her tongue slowly move over the cheeks of my ass. I moaned and held myself open for her. I felt her slowly kiss and then lick each cheek, teasing me mercilessly. She then moved her mouth and I felt her tongue lick over my lips and I gasped as I felt her mouth on me. She slowly pushed her tongue inside my vagina, making me moan even louder and I had to lean against the wall for support. I felt her tongue slowly move in and out of my vagina, and then down to my clit as she sucked the little nub causing me to cry out. I felt her hands on my ass and I let go of my cheeks, her hands replacing mine, as she kept my pussy open to her prodding tongue.

I then felt her tongue lick over my asshole causing my knees to go weak. My breathing changed to short rapid breaths when I felt her tongue push inside me, probing me, opening me. She then wrapped her arms around my thighs, and holding me still, I felt her tongue rapidly go in and out of my ass, and I gasped from the intense pleasure. I knew I couldn't hold off my orgasm any longer. I reached down and gently rubbed my clit, feeling the waves of pleasure wash over me as Gianna's tongue slowly moved in and out of my asshole. I stayed leaning against the wall for support as I regained control of my body. I felt Gianna lovingly kiss the cheeks of my ass as I finally felt stable enough to step down from the bench.

I turned and we kissed passionately, wrapping our arms around each other in a tender embrace. It was an amazing feeling as the warm water from the shower washed over us, our breasts crushed together and our tongues exploring each other's mouths. She was so sensual and passionate. Even though I had been with a lot of women, none of them stirred up the feelings in me that she did.

I playfully pushed her back onto the bench forcing her to sit down. She knew what I wanted and she open her legs wide for me, one of her feet touching the floor of the shower, the other she rested up on the bench.

I got down on my knees in front of Gianna and slowly ran my fingers through her open slit. Her outer lips were light brown, engorged and puffy. I gently ran my fingers over her sex, exposing her wet, pink inner lips. She moaned loudly and I felt her body quiver as I brushed her clit with my fingers. I watched her intensely as I gently pushed two fingers inside of her and curled them upwards inside of her body. She gasped and her ass came up off of the bench and then returned back down, allowing my fingers to sink deeper inside of her. She drew in a sharp breath and moaning loudly as I used my thumb to manipulate her clit, gently brushing over it in small, light circles. Her hips began to grind on my fingers as I pushed them in and out of her, harder and faster. I took my other hand and squeezed her nipple. The added sensation was all she needed, and I watched as her body start to shake, she closed her eyes and cried out and released.

I removed my fingers and used my other hand to gently rub up and down her stomach, as she came down from her orgasm. I wanted to give her a few more seconds to recover so I licked my wet fingers tasting her. She looked down at me and smiled, then leaned in towards me and we kissed passionately.

We broke our kiss and I playfully pushed her back.

"I'm not done with you yet," I said, seductively.

She smiled and opened her legs wide again.

Taking her by surprise, I extended my tongue and sank it inside of her. I heard her gasp and felt her start to grind her pelvis on my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her tanned thighs, holding her still as pushed my tongue in and out of her, slowly licking the walls of her vagina. She was gasping and moaning loudly as she gyrated her pelvis on my tongue, but I had my arms around her thighs securely and she couldn't move or get away from me. I ran my tongue over her inner lips up and down and then back inside of her, brushing her clit every few seconds with the tip of my tongue. I reached up again with my fingers and pulled her nipples gently and felt her whole body tense up, as she moved her hands to my wet hair and pushed my face deeper into her and cried out as she came again.

I withdrew my mouth from her and kissed the inside of her thighs gently as I watched her recover, never taking my eyes off of her. I loved how easily she reached orgasm and I kept thinking over and over what an amazing lover she was.

We used the loofah to wash each other again. We took our time bathing each other under the hot water and it was so erotic, exploring her body and letting her explore mine. It was one of the most sensual, loving things I had ever done with a woman and I couldn't explain the type of emotions she was stirring in me.

I turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower into the bathroom. I grabbed a towel and started to leisurely dry Gianna off which gave me ample opportunity to admire her perfectly sculptured body. I could tell she spent a lot of time in the gym, she had such tight abs and a perfect heart shaped ass. Her brown skin highlighted every muscled line in her toned thighs and calves. I'm not sure if the perfect female body exists, but she was as close to it as I had ever seen.

Once we were dry, she took my hand and I followed her to the bed. She turned to face me and we kissed passionately; it was as if neither of us could get enough of each other. We slid into bed together and pressed our bodies against each other entwining our limbs. As we continued to kiss, she moved her legs in-between mine in a scissor fashion until our vaginas touched. Our tongues continued to probe each other's mouths as she started to grind her pussy into mine.

We held each other tight as we continued to kiss and press our vulvas together. I had tribbed before with my girlfriend in highschool, but I hadn't done it since I had started college. Tribbing is such an intimate act, and I never felt comfortable doing it on a one night stand with girls that I had met in clubs, but with Gianna, it just felt right.

We both moved slowly as we erotically ground against each other and I started to feel the wetness build between us as our lips pressed and rubbed together. Every few seconds we would find the perfect angle where our clits touched, causing us to moan loudly as we kissed. I felt her place her hands on my ass as she pulled me harder into her.

I felt her pick up the pace.

"Fuck Mel, I'm so close," she cried out.

I ground against her hard, and as I felt my orgasm start to wash over me, simultaneously I felt her body tense up as she cried out, coming together, in each other's arms.

We held each other tight as our breathing slowly returned to normal. We had only managed a few hours of sleep, and both of us were exhausted from the almost non-stop sex since we had arrived in my apartment the night before.

She looked into my eyes and smiled.

"Mel, would it be okay if I took a nap, I feel wiped out and I won't make it through my shift tonight if I don't get some sleep," she said softly.

"Of course honey, as long as you don't kick me out onto to the couch."

She laughed as she struggled to hold her eyes open.

"You are right where I want you."

She leaned in and we gently kissed.

She then turned over and slid back until her body was pressed tightly into mine, spooning. I wrapped my arms around her and moments later we were both asleep.

The alarm on my phone went off at 3:00. We kissed for a few minutes before Gianna got up and got into the shower. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and waited for her in the living room. It was a strange feeling. Normally, when I had hooked up with a girl I was thinking about how I could sneak out of the hotel room the next morning and get away. With Gianna, my only thought was that I didn't want her to go. Being with her felt nothing like "hook up" sex, and I wasn't used to that.

She walked out of the bedroom in her shorts and tank top from the night before. We smiled lovingly at each other as soon as our eyes met.

"I borrowed a pair of your panties, I hope that's okay."

"If you wanted a pair of my panties as a trophy, all you needed to do was ask."

Her face broke into a big smile and she walked up to me and we kissed.

"Are you sure you don't need a ride home after work?"

"My boyfriend is going to pick me up."

Was I looking for an excuse to see her again? I wasn't sure.

As we drove out to Summerlin we talked and laughed the entire way. Her hand never left my thigh until we pulled into the parking lot of James' restaurant.

She leaned in and we kissed softly.

"I want to see you again Melanie, I hope that's okay."

"It's more than okay," I said, smiling at her as we hugged each other passionately.

We kissed again and she got out of the Land Rover. I watched as she walked across the parking lot, and just as she was opening the door to go inside the restaurant, she turned around and smiled and waved before disappearing inside.

I wasn't sure that I needed my life to be any more complicated than it already was.

The only thing I was sure of, was that I couldn't wait to see her again.


2018-07-30 00:16:04
IT'S VERY OBVIOUS that this story,like SO MANY OTHERS which pretend that they are true,IT'S JUST A FICTION!And no comment which says that can "remind too much of Trump",as someone WRONGLY says!

Dudley DowrongReport

2018-07-08 20:28:58
Fantastic as usual. I can't come up with enough adjitives to describe your supurb talent. Seems to me Ginnia's boyfriend might enjoy a trio with Gin & another Bi girl. That would be one way for her to introduce him to the eroticism of watching two girls excite & make each other climax(69). He shouldn't object to her girly activities after that as long as he gets his share.
The atmosphere you create goes beyond any gramar errors you might make.


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❤️ It but I wish there was more scissoring

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Some of the comments about whether tis true or not remind me too much of Trump, being English I like the writing and the eroticism. There is just a hint of fifty shades of grey too.

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