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By Sunday evening we were both very comfortable with eachother.
A Weekend with My Niece 4 – Sunday Evening
I woke up about a half hour later feeling rested and explored Alex’s body with my fingers. She responded by reaching out for my cock and stroking it to life then slowly opened her eyes. It was now about 4:00 PM so I suggested that we take our activity back to the shower to get ready for an early dinner and a long evening together. Alex answered by swinging her legs out of the bed still holding my penis and made me into a pull toy moving toward the bathroom. She put her hair up to save the drying time if possible and turned on the water in the shower to warm up. Since I was captive I took the brief time to close in behind her kissing her shoulders and exposed neck while reaching around with one hand moving to her breasts and the other to just above her crotch. I squeezed her back into me with my now released and fully stiffened cock resting between her butt cheeks. I bent at my knees lowering the head of my cock to the junction of her pussy and rosebud, just as she leaned forward to check the water temperature. With an opportunity like this it was hard to resist simply sliding into either opening to continue the adventure.

However, I simply grabbed my shaft and proceeded to rub the head against each opening saying, “eanie, meanie, minie, mo; slide the head into a hole; if she hollers……” was as far as I got before Alex stood back up and said “That would be No, but just for now. Time to get cleaned up and let those openings rest for a bit. They have been stimulated and pleased a great deal in the last 36 hours. I have loved every minute, but I’m not used to so much attention and love”.

With the water to temperature we stepped and carefully washed each other spending a little extra time on our favourite areas, but being relatively quick overall. Since we planned a casual dinner we didn’t dress up and headed out shortly for one of Alex’s favourite local spots, which was in walking distance from the hotel. We walked easily with an arm around each other’s waist most of the time requiring us to be pretty much in step as we went.

We reached the restaurant and settled into the bar for a drink while we waited for a table to come free. Since we were off on our own in the bar area we chatted casually about the events of the weekend identifying favourite acts, tastes and sensations we had experienced. We were surprised to find that many of the favourites were mutual ones. I told her how much I appreciated her fashion show approach to break the ice last night and she expressed her appreciation of the massage with a happy ending on Friday. She went on to say that she had woken up much more refreshed from her sleeping since then and that her neck pain had not shown itself again since. She then stroked my hands and each individual finger saying ho magical they were.

Just at that point a female voice sounded from beside us. “Well aren’t we the cozy pair of lovers siting off on our own and being secret.” The intrusion surprised me even though the voice was somewhat familiar and I looked up to see Sierra bending down to get into our personal space. I stood greeting her and received a very warm and full contact hug from her as a reward ‘for being a gentleman’ as she put it. It was obvious that she had a couple of drinks at that point with a half finished one in her hand.

I offered her my seat and shifted around the table to a free chair. Sierra immediately launched into a conversation with Alex about her weekend activities since Friday. I excused myself to go to the men’s room and have a smoke while they caught up. As I passed by Sierra casually reached up and grabbed the inside of my thigh just below my crotch, stopping me in my tracks. I looked down at her and smiled casually and was wondering where her hand might go next, but was saved from the thrill or disappointment as Alex reached over to remove Sierra’s hand and set me free at the same time mouthing to Sierra to behave herself. As I looked down at both ladies leaning in for this action I was treated to a view of four excellent breasts, or at least the top half of them, which I counted as a bonus. Sierra grabbing me didn’t bother me, but I wasn’t sure just how it would affect Alex. She seemed to handle it in stride and apparently had seen this manoeuver performed by Sierra in the past. It definitely seemed to be designed to startle the recipient and give Sierra an edge of control in the situation.

With a smile to both ladies I continued on my way and was absent for about 15 minutes. As I returned they were ordering a new round of drinks and Sierra was giving me a strange look which I couldn’t interpret. I took my seat in the triangle across from both ladies and settled into the low chair. As my eyes rose from the table there was Sierra’s exposed crotch staring me in the face, but trying not to give her more power I continued my gaze upward past her braless breasts with the nipples poking out the thin fabric of her top to look her directly in the eyes. I gave her my best friendly smile and tried to convey that although I appreciated her charms I was not going to be controlled by her.

“So how is the catching up going ladies” I asked?

Sierra was the first to respond with “Very well indeed. Alex has been filling me in on all of your activities together this weekend”. She was looking for some kind of response from me suggesting that Alex had not divulged much.

“Well in that case please be honest with me and tell me if I have been boring her to death or if some of the time has been enjoyable for her, because I have been having a wonderful time” I replied.

Alex visibly relaxed seeing that I was not going to give anything up. She had told me that she would probably end up telling Sierra about some of our time together, when they were drunk some night, but she wanted it to be on her own terms.

Sierra pressed a bit asking what some of my favourite activities had been, to which I simply replied that any time I spent in Alex’s company was my favourite regardless of the activity.

At that point we were told that our table was ready and I invited Sierra to join us. She said that she had already eaten, but would appreciate sitting with us while she finished her drink. At the table she positioned herself to insure that she could continue flashing me in the hope of getting a reaction. I guess this normally worked for her, but I have a very good memory and I didn’t need to keep looking to be able to visualize her bare crotch very clearly in my mind.

When this action failed Sierra switched tactics and asked some direct questions. “Alex tells me that your wife considers you quite the accomplished lover, perhaps someday you can help me with my education in that area?”

“Although I appreciate the compliment Sierra, I don’t think it would be appropriate for me to conduct that type of education with one of my niece’s close friends. It could make things a bit awkward in the future. The thought is a nice one though since you are a very attractive young woman, with I assume some degree of sexual experience.” This response had her a little confused since I didn’t directly say no and I had complimented her as far as she was concerned. That soothed her ego a bit and she backed away from the topic.

“However I do believe that we are being rude to Alex at this point by way of ignoring her and I try very hard never to ignore a beautiful woman” I said raising my glass and bowing slightly in salute to my date for the evening.

“Actually I was enjoying being a fly on wall for your discussion. I don’t think that Sierra has ever had anyone refuse her advances” responded Alex.

“I wasn’t actually refusing her advances. Someone my age always appreciates such an invitation. I was respectfully declining the invitation, while admitting that I found it complimentary” I clarified. Who knows, if I found myself alone with Sierra in the future and she was serious, I just might willingly increase her experience, possibly to levels she had not planned on.

“Now have you decided on dinner and what would you recommend for me to taste tonight?” My innuendo was not lost on either of the ladies.

Sierra couldn’t resist the opportunity saying “I know what I would recommend, but you won’t find it on that menu.” With that she gave me one more flash, finished her drink and rose to leave. I stood as well and taking one of her hands I thanked her for her company and placed a kiss on the back of her hand applying medium suction to her skin as I did. That caught her a bit off guard and her hand stayed in position for a few seconds after I had released it.

After Sierra departed I sat back down and Alex gave me one of her smiles saying “I do so like to watch someone hold Sierra at bay in a conversation when she is playing her games. It is such a rare thing for a male not to be controlled by her flashing and leading comments.”

“I’m sure that her antics are generally successful. That pussy of hers looks pretty inviting, but I get the sense that it isn’t nearly as available as she likes to make it appear and she I suspect that she is carrying some baggage in the area of control and relationships that would make her a difficult partner” I commented.

“You seem to have a pretty good read on her Unc. I’ve known her drunk and sober and although I consider her a good friend she definitely needs to be in control of al activity, especially in bed.”

This comment from Alex piqued my interest in just how she knew about how Sierra was in bed. After we placed our food order and refreshed our drinks I knew I had a few open minutes and invoked the second suggestion I had given Alex on Friday night.

“What would you like to do after dinner my dear, karaoke?” I saw the suggestion visibly take effect as Alex became a bit flushed and started grinding her thighs together.

“So I am curious Alex as to how you know about Sierra’s attitude in bed. Do you have some firsthand experience in this; possibly on one of those drunken nights?”

“Well actually yes Unc on a couple of occasions to be honest” and she flushed a bit deeper.

“How would you like to tell me about your favourite one?”

Alex thought for a minute and then started her story. “It was about four months ago in the middle of winter. It was too cold to go out to the clubs dressed appropriately to attract any males so we decided to settle in at my place with a couple of bottles of wine and my trusty back up rye supply. We were finished one bottle of wine and did a couple of whiskey shots before opening the second bottle of wine. We had our favourite munchies and some good music playing as we talked about our current individual love lives. Neither of us were very happy about the quality of the males we were attracting, but Sierra thought I was making out better than she was and was a little jealous. We were sitting on the couch and she said “No wonder you attract more guys than me, your breasts are huge” and she grabbed my left breast through my top. Since we were staying in I didn’t have a bra on and I smacked her hand away saying “Hey those are real you know and sensitive, so quit trying to hurt them”.

Sierra then said “I’m sorry about that” and seemed genuine, but then she said “Let me make it better”. She then reached out and stroked my breast from the side toward the nipple with the palm of her and a little bit of finger play. She put her wine glass down and said “Actually, let me kiss it better”. And before I could react she had my top pulled up and planted a wet kiss on my breast where she had grabbed it and then another one on my nipple. The second kiss took a little longer and I was sure I felt her tongue lick it while she was there.

Then she dropped my top, moved back and picked up her wine saying, “But it really isn’t fair you know. Look at what I have to work with in comparison”. At that point she pulled her top up and showed me her breasts. I expected her to put her top back down but she held it up looking for a reaction from me. I’m not sure why but I actually reached out and cupped her right breast from underneath and passed my thumb over her nipple. It responded immediately and although I didn’t kiss it I have to admit that I continued stroking her breast and nipple for about twenty seconds or so. It was weird, but a good weird if you know what I mean. Eventually I removed my hand and she lowered her top but her face was flushed like she was starting to get excited.”

I had to admit that at this point of the story I was getting a bit excited myself and had to adjust myself in my pants to hide an impending tent.

Alex continued her story “We continued to complain about our love lives and drink and laugh for a while longer when Sierra said she had a question to ask me. “How did that feel for you when I stroked and kissed your breast earlier?” I was a bit surprised by the question, but answered honestly that I actually enjoyed the sensation of a soft hand and lips that knew what they were doing touching such a sensitive and personal area. Sierra said that she had also enjoyed my touch and handling of her breast as well.

Sierra then said “Do you feel like exploring that a bit more tonight with me?” She was looking a bit worried about how I might react as she asked the question and I suspect that she was also worried about being completely rejected as I considered my response. “I guess that would be OK here if you like, as long as it stays just between us. I’m no lesbia-phobe, but you know how others can be”.

Sierra pulled her top up again and I put down my wine glass reaching out with both hands to cup and stroke her breasts. I watched her face as she looked down at her breasts in my hands and her breathing seemed to get heavier. I then leaned in and started to lick and suck on her nipples first one then the other. They tasted good on my tongue and I have to admit that I was starting to enjoy it myself. I felt her free hand move behind my head as she directed me from one breast to the other, pulling me tighter when I was attending to one of her nipples. After a few minutes she put her hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me back on the couch and raised my top up and over my breasts while keeping her top up as well. She moved forward bringing our breasts into direct contact and moved back and forth so that the nipples rubbed against each other. As you know my nipples are pretty sensitive, so they responded immediately, by standing out and making the contact even more sensitive. She kissed my neck a few times then lowered down to pay attention to my breasts with her mouth, while she was moving one of her hands up my inner thigh”.

At this point Alex was getting pretty worked up and I thought she might experience an orgasm as she sat and described the scene, so I said “I really want to hear more about this later Alex, but for now karaoke”.

Alex sat back and responded to my initial question with “I thought we both had the same plan in mind for after dinner activities?” She fanned herself with her napkin saying “Do you find it a bit hot in here?”

I replied “I just wanted to make sure that you hadn’t changed your mind or possibly had made other plans with Sierra while I was away. Actually I do find it a bit hot in here.” That last part was definitely true but from listening to her deion as opposed to the actual temperature.

A few minutes later the server arrived with our food and we were both calmer and collected by that point, however we both needed another drink. Dinner was good and we continued to talk about anything and everything that came to mind for either of us, especially how much we each had enjoyed the past 48 hours. She talked quietly about her anal experience saying how surprised she was to enjoy it so much. She said that the feeling of being stimulated front and back was terrific and that she wanted to do that again. I told her that I would be happy to oblige and recommended that she be careful in terms of selecting other partners for anal based upon them being controlled and caring enough to insure that it would be a good experience for her each time.

We finished dinner and both decided to skip dessert in favour of an early return to the hotel room, so I paid the bill and we headed out to the street. We continued our conversation on the way back to the hotel during which she told me that she would like to experiment with being restrained and felt that I was a safe person to try that with. I told her I was proud to have her confidence and that we would set some ground rules for that as well, but agreed that we would be on the mild side and wouldn’t need any form of safe word.

We arrived back at the hotel and stopped by the bar to have some drinks sent to the room in separate containers so that we could mix them as we were going to drink them, with the ice on the side. Although it was a bit unusual to request, it was a slow night in the bar and the bartender agreed to our request. We then headed to the room and grabbed each other immediately as soon as the door was closed. We kissed and groped each other’s bodies for a few minutes working our way toward the bedroom. At the doorway Alex pulled back, gave me a sly grin and said “I still have one more outfit to show you and I’m quite sure that you will approve”.

“My dear anything from a garbage bag to the crown jewels would look good on you, but I am excited to see what you have saved for last.”

With that she disappeared into the bedroom and I returned to the sitting area to wait for the arrival of the drinks and the fashion show. About ten minutes later there was a knock on the door and I took the tray with what we had ordered from the waiter, signing for the delivery against the room. I set up the tray and mixed a drink or each of us.

As I turned back toward the bedroom door I actually dropped one of the drinks, but caught it before it hit the floor and managed to only spill a small amount. The reason for my clumsiness was that standing before me was a true vision.

Alex was in the doorway leaning back against the side wearing a royal blue corset style bustier with her thigh high stockings and the black heels from last night’s fashion show. She had her hair down and loose both in front and behind her shoulders and had applied make up to suit the occasion with eyeliner that matched the blue of the bustier. WOW!

“I uh, I uh made us some drinks” I managed to stammer out “and I think the ice just instantly melted to water in both of them. You look unbelievably hot and are most sexy woman my eyes have ever seen”.

The garment hugged every curve and was paired with a sheer panty that came to a very small point between her legs and lifted her breasts up and forward with cleavage that seemed to be miles deep. As she spun on her toes I was treated to a great view of her cheeks with a very thin strand of material clenched between them. The spin also shifter her hair to the back allowing me to see that the bustier was also made of sheer fabric that allowed her nipples and areolas to be clearly visible and they appeared to be as excited as I was. My cock instantly started to harden and grow down the leg of my pants.

I managed to walk over to her and give her a drink without tripping and leaned in for a deep kiss with only our lips and tongues making contact. I filled my nostrils with her natural scent as she doesn’t wear perfume and as far as I am concerned is all the better for it.

I guided her to the small couch and sat her at one end with her legs pointed toward me at the other end. As I sat I lifted her legs into my lap so that I had a clear view of her from top to toe.

Leaning forward I proposed a toast “To a beautiful, smart and sexy woman who deserves to be appreciated, to the point of worship by the proper man for her life. In the interim I am honoured to stand in and adore you, body and soul”.

I clinked her glass and we both took a good swallow. Then with a big smile she said, “I knew you would like this outfit as soon as I saw it. We just need to be careful so that I can return it tomorrow”.

“In no way is that going to belong anywhere but in your drawer, on your body or on a bedroom floor of your choice. I insist on paying for all of your fashion show items from this weekend. Alex you deserve to have what you want, even though you definitely don’t need anything other than yourself. I want the receipt or receipts and the name of the store or stores and no more discussion about it. I’ll have them taken care of before I leave tomorrow.”

Alex just continued to smile letting me know that she already anticipated my reaction, letting me know that this lady was well aware of the power her body gave her and how to control it. I was impressed to say the least.

I stroked her legs with my free hand and asked her if there was anything special she wanted to accomplish tonight and she replied that if I could manage it she would like to explore the restraint idea here in a neutral location. I said that would be no problem and started to plan how I would accomplish the task. At that time, it was still common to wear a suit and tie to business meetings and I had brought a half dozen with me that were made of excellent material that I could have dry cleaned to get back into shape later.

“Your wish is my command dear lady” I said and we continued to chat about her current and hoped for life. I was pleased to hear in her voice that she believed that there were no holds on her except the ones she self-imposed and she had some specific plans about the rest of her life.

When we finished our round of drinks I placed her feet on the floor and offered my hand for assistance for her to rise from the couch. I moved her close and gave her another deep kiss but this time much more than our lips and tongues were in contact. I started with both hands at the back of her shoulders and caressed my way down till I had a butt cheek in each hand and gave them a firm squeeze pulling our groins together. She had both hands behind my head insuring that our kiss continued as long as she wanted it to, giving me a neck and scalp massage in the process.

Eventually we relaxed our grips and I led her to the bedroom where I sat her on the edge of the bed and retrieved one tie. Kissing both of her eyes I used the tie as a blindfold making sure that it completely blocked her vision. I then kissed her lips and the top of each breast then picked her up and placed her in the middle of the bed on her back, with her head against the pillows and kissed the inside of each thigh. I got four more ties and kissing her on the lips again I fastened one tie to her left wrist and tied the other end to the headboard of the bed, which had been sculpted with some appropriately placed holes near the center. I now started to understand one of the reasons this hotel might be so popular. I fastened her right wrist with another tie in the same way, so that both of her arms were directly over her head. I crawled back down the bed and used another tie to bind her ankles together in a figure eight pattern that allowed her knees to spread outward and then used the last tie to fasten the ankle bond to the base of the bed frame, also in the center.

I removed my clothes and started to kiss my way up her legs and breather hotly through the crotch of her thong onto her pussy lips and placed a wet kiss on her clit. Moving up her body I used my chest hair to tickle her thighs as I breather through the bustier in the more sensitive areas of her torso then inverted both cups of the bustier allowing her breasts to spill out with their very hard nipples.

I then separated from all contact and gave her a kiss so that our lips and tongues could get reacquainted, with that being the only contact between us. After a couple of minutes, I separated and shifted to straddle her with my erection in the center of her chest. Using saliva, I wet my erection and wrapped her breasts around it holding them with a nipple between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. As I massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples I began to slide my cock back and forth between her breasts using small strokes at first. Gradually my strokes became longer moving closer to her lips and finally bumped them gently. Her low moans now became a bit louder as she squirmed a little and opened her mouth tilting her head forward trying to capture the head of my cock. Instead I moved one of her breasts up to have her suck on her own nipple. And suck she did. I was very impressed at how she manipulated that nipple using her tongue and lips and I am sure that she was trying to show me what was in store for my cock if I allowed her to have it. At this point some pre-cum was starting to leak from the tip so I returned her breast to my care and slowly advance the head of my cock to her lips. The shifting of my weight told her what was coming and before I reached her lips her tongue darted out to capture the pre-cum as her reward for a good show. I continued to stroke between her breasts moving a bit closer to her lips on each stroke and her head reached forward to engage as much of the head as she could with each stroke. As soon as I was close enough her lips wrapped around the head and refused to let it go as I started my back stroke. I was amazed at the power of the suction she could apply and enjoyed our battle for control of my cock. I assumed that this was a technique she had mastered on her own and would later learn that when she wasn’t yet willing to engage in intercourse, she had kept her boyfriends more than happy with these skills.

I continued to stroke allowing more to enter her mouth on each thrust and was surprised to find that she was so adamant in her task that she was taking two thirds of my cock on each stroke with no gagging even in this awkward head position. I believed that at this point she could probably deep throat me at the right angle. To prove my point, I swung around with my cock resting above her face and leaned down to begin working on her pussy with my tongue and mouth. Easing her thong to the side I licked her from clit to rosebud with extra pressure at each end of the stroke. After about 10 of these strokes her rosebud was quite wet and her hips were humping up for more contact with her clit. I eased my cock downward to her lips and started slow thrusts into her mouth as I continued my action on her pussy. I now wet three fingers with our combined secretions and then thrust my index and middle fingers into her pussy directly to her G spot and my ring finger into her butt as I clamped my lips around her clit and applied suction while quickly flicking my tongue back and forth across her clit. At the same time, I thrust my full cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her climax hit and she arched her back burying me balls deep in her mouth and she applied so much suction of her own that I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to pull out. The suction did pull more blood into my cock making it feel larger than I had ever felt. As her climax slowed some twenty or thirty seconds later as she breathed through her nose the suction reduced and I took the opportunity to pull out of her mouth and swing around spreading her knees and shoving my full erection into her pussy and began pumping like a mad man. I had to make a slight angle adjustment to slide past her cervix rather than slamming into it, which helped to increase the depth of penetration. I grasped her breasts in my hands and worked her nipples between my thumbs and fingers while locking my mouth onto hers shoving my tongue fully into her mouth imitating the movements of my cock.

I saw her face redden and her body started to twitch like she was having a seizure as her next orgasm started on top of the not yet completed first one. After about twenty strokes like this I exploded inside her with four or five large ropes and then a series of about ten weaker ones. I felt like I would never empty all of the cum I had at that point to offer her. As out joint orgasm subsided I was able to roll us both to our sides relieving her of my body weight, but maintaining full body contact with me still firmly inside her pussy. My hands were working overtime caressing as much of her skin as I could reach bringing us both down even more slowly from our joint high.

As I stroked her face back through her hair I moved my mouth away long enough to say “My God woman you are one fantastic sex partner! I can’t believe how passionate you are and what you can do in the throes of that passion!”

Alex was still breathing deeply but managed to say “And I can’t believe how passionate you can make me; you have me doing things I have never been able to do before and with no problems or misgivings about any of it. Di I just have your full cock in my mouth?”

“Not only did you have it in your mouth but also all the way down your throat and I wasn’t sure if you were ever going to allow it to leave. When your orgasm hit with me in there I thought you were going to pull so much blood into my erection that I was sure to faint from lack of it anywhere else.”

I went to untie her wrists, but she asked my not to just yet. At this point I was still hard inside her pussy and she asked me if I thought I could do her anally while she was still bound. I said that I was happy to give it a shot and she asked me to see if I could put another load of cum into her ass before releasing her.

“Your wish is my command Dear Lady” And I folded two pillows then rolled her over with them supporting under her stomach and abdomen. I wanted her breasts free to swing in the coming action with her butt supported off the bed. The pillows also forced her to support her upper body on her elbows keeping her back in a straight line from her butt almost to her shoulders.

There was no lack of natural lubricant available for her rosebud or my cock which was staying hard by some miracle or just the excitement of burying myself into her lovely and tight ass. I spread her knees apart just enough to allow access to both openings and then sank my cock into her pussy once more both for enjoyment and to add more lubricant, which drew a heavy moan from her throat. Then using my fingers, I scooped and spread some around her rosebud then slowly inserted two fingers into her ass while I stroked slowly in and out of her pussy. I stroked the two fingers in and out of her ass opposite to the rhythm of my cock, so that she constantly had one opening filled. I spread my fingers slightly to improve the opening but not too much so that the entry of my cock would be more of an experience for her and I. After three or four minutes of this action Alex was showing increased excitement and my cock was getting harder in anticipation. Leaning forward and stroking her nipples I whispered into her ear, “Are you ready?”.

Alex only managed to groan an “Unh huh”, before her head slumped down onto her bound wrists.

With that confirmation I pulled out of her pussy and pushed half of my length into her ass, drawing a muffled shriek from her mouth. I stayed there for a minute to allow her some adjustment to the invasion then pulled back so that only the head was still inside then pushed forward till I was buried three quarters of my length into her ass. I gave her about thirty seconds to adjust then pulled back completely out and rammed in to be fully buried and felt my balls slap against her wet pussy lips. This caused her to raise her head and give out a moaning shriek. I held my cock in place and ground around in small circles for a minute then pulled back out till only the head was inside and immediately slid back to be completely buried. I repeated this slow deep penetration a dozen or more times then started to increase the speed of my thrusts. As I did this I reached forward and stroked her nipples with my fingertips, then pulled slightly back so that the swinging movement of her breasts brought her nipples into contact with my fingertips on each forward and backward movement. This infrequent contact seemed to spur her on to making her own movements to increase the rate of contact. I gradually lowered my hands directing her down until she was making the same contact with the bed sheet.

I loved the feel of Alex’s breasts and nipples, but knew that I would need my hands to assist in pile driving my cock into her ass soon to achieve the second cum load that she had requested. The added body movement from Alex to stroke her nipples helped with my full penetration and allowed me to briefly use my fingers to stimulate her clit and pussy. By hooking two fingers into her pussy and angling them up either side of her clit I put her in charge of the amount of contact she wanted on her clit, with side to side as well as forward and backward movement of her hips. At least as much as she could manage along with the assault inside her ass. I am sure it was an interesting mix for her to be bound and yet still in control of much of her own sexual stimulation.

Her breathing was now getting heavier and more ragged and for my part I focused on the anal assault making sure that my balls contacted her pussy on each thrust.

Suddenly I felt her stiffen and roll her hips side to side as her pussy clamped around my fingers and a guttural moan came from dep in her throat and that was enough to push me over the edge. I buried myself as far as possible and erupted deep in her ass pulsing out what felt like another large cum deposit into her rectum. I slumped forward with a breast in each hand and kissed her neck and shoulders whispering how fantastic that was to be so deep inside her a second time tonight. Slowly I rolled us to our sides with my cock still buried in her ass. Alex was making small cooing sounds as she continued to regain a steady breathing rhythm. I continued to massage and enjoy her breasts, which helped me to stay erect inside her for a while longer. I reached one hand up and untied her wrists leaving the tie attached to the headboard. She stretched her arms to the front then moved both hands to her crotch massaging the area and gave a low extended moan. I didn’t want to lose my place in her ass so I left her ankles secured for now, but did manage to push her heels off with my feet so that she could move her feet more easily and relax her legs a bit more.

After a couple of minutes, she moved her hands to cover mine at her breasts then grabbed both of my arms in a reverse hug. “That was incredible! I had no idea that I could have so many feelings going on at the same time physically and mentally around sex. When I asked you to fuck my ass I felt like I would implode if it didn’t happen right then and the feeling of fullness when you did was unreal. Then when you started on my pussy and clit I thought I was going to explode from the sensation and not being able to move. But at no time I felt totally safe and deeply loved by you. I think I am starting to understand making love with someone rather than just satisfying urges. What a tremendous gift to receive and understand at this point in my life.”

I kissed her neck and said, “It has literally been my pleasure to help you to this point and I would be happy to continue assisting you at any opportunity possible and I really like where I am right now. Please just remember above all else that you are one fantastic lady and you deserve every ounce of pleasure get from every sexual encounter you choose to be involved in with anyone you choose”.

“Hmm hmm Unc, you have made that completely clear to me this weekend and I will not forget that, ever.”

With an added kiss to her neck I withdrew from Alex’s ass creating a slight pop at the exit, then untied her ankles. I started to get up but she placed a hand on my side and said, “Please let me do the honours this time?”

I relaxed back to the bed and had the pleasure to watch her sexy ass move as she cross the room. God I love her body and how she moves.

She attended to herself then returned to address my groin with a soapy wash capped off with sucking the head of my cock into her mouth to verify it was clean. I took the cloths from her and tossed them into a nearby plastic waste bucket for the night and pulled her up beside me on the bed marveling again at how beautiful she was and is from her hair to her pedicured toenails.

I pulled the covers over us and we spent some time stroking and kissing each other before we drifted off to sleep.

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