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Our relationship develops. Steffi meets my mom.

I was back again the following morning wearing a dark blue blazer and medium blue slacks. I had a white button-down shirt with a paisley tie when I walked to Steffi’s door. Her mom answered with a grin on her face. “I knew you were nothing but trouble, Rob—taking my Jewish daughter to a Christian church. Tsk…tsk.”

“Don’t blame me…she asked to come. Okay, if I bring her back after dinner? Does she have any homework she has to do?”

“Yes to the first question, and no to the second. Actually, I don’t mind that she’s attending church. We should all go a lot more regularly. Unfortunately, Neil isn’t the religious kind. Oh, here’s the convert now.”

“Right, Mom…I’m going to join the Salvation Army, sing on street corners and pass the tambourine. Don’t you always tell me all the good they do? I’ll bet they’d just love to get their hands on a nice Jewish girl like me. Morning, Rob.” She walked up to me and laid a big kiss on my lips.

“I think we need to go. I have to be there early. Do you have something comfortable you can change into?” She nodded and pointed to the hallway. We said our good-byes and left.

I held the door for her and walked around to the driver’s side. I had just buckled up when she leaned over and kissed me again, a lot more energy and love in this one now that we were alone. It was so wonderful I didn’t want it to end; I was ten minutes late for our pre-service meeting which did not make the choral director very happy. Worse, I couldn’t explain very well why I was late. What would I say? “Sorry, but I was engaged in a torrid kiss with my girlfriend?” I didn’t think that would go over too well. Fortunately, I knew the two hymns they wanted me to sing. I led Steffi to a pew, got her comfortable, and gave her $10 for the collection. Then I kissed her cheek and walked away. I had explained that I had to be with the choir the entire time.

We sang several times during the service, but at Communion I was to sing “Amazing Grace” as a solo. The Choir and I sang “This Little Light of Mine” at the end with me in the lead and the choir behind me. Both were well done, I thought. It was almost eleven when we walked out. I introduced Steffi to the minister who noticed her star, but only commented that he hoped he’d see her again. “Okay, I’m sure you’re hungry. I know that I am so we have two choices—breakfast or lunch. C’mon, I know of a nice restaurant we can go to for either.”

We both opted for breakfast which was big enough to last until dinner before driving straight to my house. “Let’s do something this afternoon,” I suggested, “and, no, not that. It can wait until later.” We decided to drive into Cambridge and walk hand in hand along the Charles, the river that runs between Boston and Cambridge. It was a beautiful fall day with plenty of sunlight and not too much humidity. We found a nice park bench and sat, watching the world go by. I brought some leftover rolls from the breakfast and we fed the squirrels and pigeons. It was really nice, but we both wanted to be somewhere else. I got the hint when Steffi moved up really, really close to me—almost in my lap.

“Okay, I can take the hint. Let’s go home and you can have your way with me.”

“Oh, goodie—that’s just what I was thinking. C’mon!” She jumped up and pulled me along, not that I was reluctant. No—I was just as eager as she was. I drove home, a drive of about a half hour watching Steffi disrobing in my car as we went.

“I just hope we don’t get stopped by a cop. Look at you—you’re almost naked.”

“I am not! I’m naked and ready to go. See, I just have my top draped over my body and my skirt over my bottom half. If you go ahead of me I can run in and right upstairs.”

“Suppose I want to do it downstairs, like on the floor or the kitchen table.”

“You are so kinky. Is this what going to church does to you? I thought it was kind of interesting, actually. I liked that it was in English. You’d be lost if you came to temple with me. Know any Hebrew?”

“I might if they had any operas in Hebrew. Guess why I studied Italian in high school and why I’m still studying it now.”

“You know, Rob I’ve never seen you do any homework.”

“I do plenty, but I’m in a different situation than a lot of my classmates. There are a lot who want to be doctors, and dentists, and lawyers. They need really great grades to get into grad school. I already know what I’m going to do…in fact, I’m already doing it. Grades aren’t as important to me. I don’t want to flunk out, although that wouldn’t be a catastrophe. I’d just start working full-time earlier. But don’t worry, I’m doing plenty of work between Sunday night and Friday afternoon.” I turned down my street and Steffi made ready for her dash—her naked dash. I was out of the car in a second and had the door to the house open. “NOW!” I yelled, hoping I wasn’t being too loud. Steffi was out in a flash—no pun intended. I had to laugh. The whole thing was hilarious. We had more than enough time to fuck three or four times if we wanted to before I had to take her home. I patted her butt as she bolted past me, sliding to a halt on the living room carpet.

“Let’s see if there’s a football or baseball game on. You do know I’m a Yankees fan, don’t you?”

“I should have known—a Yankee fan! Dear God, I’m in love with a Yankee fan.”

“It could be worse. You could be in love with a Bosox fan like I am.”

“Okay…I’ll forgive you if you fuck me…right now…this very second.”

“Do I at least have the time to get rid of these,” I asked, pointing to my clothes. She gave me her frustrated look as I literally tore the clothes from my body before lying in the middle of the carpet. Steffi lay on top of me, rubbing her beautiful firm tits into my chest as she kissed me, her tongue actively exploring my mouth. Rather than reach for my erection she rubbed her prominent mound over it. The sensations were much like being jerked off except in this case she shifted her body and I slid easily into her velvet vise.

Steffi’s body was loaded with muscles. Her soccer kept her in great shape. She also swam which accounted for her strong shoulders and played volleyball in the spring. She was strong and supple, with probably less than five percent body fat and all of that in her breasts. Right now I was most interested in her vaginal muscles which were squeezing my cock with incredible strength. Steffi’s cunt was tight, but it was her muscles that made fucking her so wonderful. My eight-inch cock was almost two in diameter and it barely fit into her, even with her copious lubrication which was always present. What I loved most though, was that she seemed to be multi-orgasmic. We could fuck all day, and I thought that we would sometime in the near future, and Steffi would come easily every time.

Steffi was on top, her favorite position, although we hadn’t done doggie yet or any of the intricate positions found in the Kama Sutra, a copy of which sat in my bookcase. I lay very still while she drove her hard clit into me. She leaned forward, her hands on my chest as she changed position and the angle of my penetration. Now I had to move; it was an involuntary reflex as I began to drive into her, bouncing my cock into her cervix every time. Strangely, she seemed to love it. In fact, the rougher we fucked the better she was with it. Rough sex seemed to give her the release she needed and savored so much. As always her look of determination dissipated into one of euphoria as her climax approached. My pace increased for two reasons—for my own much desired release and to help her over the edge.

We had worked up quite a sweat from our workout. Our movements were frenetic and disjointed until—suddenly—we stopped and hung in position for perhaps two seconds before resuming our frantic coupling and our mutual explosion. So strong was Steffi’s that she actually squirted onto my abdomen.

“Oh my God! What was that? What did I do to you? I have never cum like that before!”

“I think you squirted. I’m afraid to get up. I’m going to drip all over the carpet. I shudder to think what Joe and Carla will say.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll cover my puss with my hand and get something for you from the kitchen.” She pulled herself off my cock and covered up with her hand. She looked hilarious walking that way into the kitchen—legs spread wide, hand over her sex in that wonderful space between her legs. “Okay,” she called, “I’ve got myself pretty much wiped up, but I could use a tampon to hold it in. I’ll be in for you in a minute.”

I put my hands behind my head and waited patiently. I almost choked when I saw her—naked with only one of Carla’s aprons tied in front of her slender body. Of course, she picked a clear vinyl one barely concealed her assets. She held a sponge in one hand and some paper towels in the other. “You’ll be happy to know that I ran this under the hot water.” She ran it over my abdomen and I was. The warmth was welcomed as she washed me. Seconds later she dried me with the towels then wiped her cunt in a futile attempt to stem the flow of semen from her tunnel. Finally, she gave up and returned her panties to her body, a towel in the crotch.

“Rob…will you sing and play for me? You know how much I love listening to you.”

“No, Steffi…I refuse, but I will sing and play WITH you.”

“Rob, I’ll just embarrass myself. You know I’m not very good.”

“I think you’ll do fine, after all I’ll be your audience. C’mon, let’s go to my practice room.” Steffi had seen almost all of my house, but not my soundproof practice room, the area I had converted from an old porch. Still naked I led her down a short corridor. I turned on the lights first because it would be totally black in there without them. The entire room—walls and ceiling--was covered in acoustic foam, you know that black stuff with all the irregular surfaces…the hills and valleys. Along one wall were a big professional reel-to-reel tape recorder and my instruments. I set up a chair for Steffi then I sat behind the harp.

I played a few chords and reached onto the table for some sheet music. “These are for a tenor so just go up an octave, okay?” She looked at me doubtfully as she took the music. The first selection would be “Galway Bay.” I already knew the song well. I started the recorder and we began…almost.

“You’re going to tape this?”

“Yes…to prove to you that you’re not bad. Okay…one, two, three, four….” We began together and Steffi did an admirable job considering it was her first time with the song. I used the harp to control the tempo and provide the background. Pretty soon Steffi was feeling comfortable with it even though we were both still naked. I played the tape back and we listened together. “This is how I practice. Now let’s sing a few more times and we’ll tape it again.” We did sing it twice more, but during an instrumental part I was concentrating on playing and didn’t notice Steffi come up behind me. I turned my head and got a face full of boobs. Steffi laughed madly and once I had recovered from the shock I opened my mouth and suckled. In seconds her laughing disappeared, replaced by, “Ohhhhhh, Rob. Ohhhhh.” Then she began to moan so I pushed one finger into her pussy; not surprisingly it was extremely wet. I fucked her with my finger for almost a minute before pulling it out, moving my tongue to her clit, and those fingers to her asshole. Fucking her there while sucking and nibbling her clit—Steffi lost any semblance of control in mere seconds. I grabbed her with my free hand and lowered her to the floor so she wouldn’t hurt herself as I continued my assault. It didn’t take long for Steffi to cum, but I never stopped. Her orgasm went on and on for almost a minute. Finally, I stopped, taking her into my arms.

“Best thing about that,” I teased her, “is that I got the whole thing on tape.” Her expression was priceless. I couldn’t help myself—I laughed wildly. Soon Steffi joined me. We looked into each other’s eyes and kissed as I carried her up to the bedroom where I lay her gently onto the bed. Our kiss continued as I fell in behind her, holding and caressing her body. We stayed there for almost an hour until I heard her stomach complaining. Reluctantly, we rose, walked downstairs, and dressed. I drove her to a local sub shop for a couple of Italian subs. We ate on the living room table with some Cokes from the refrigerator. Suddenly, I jumped up. “I bought you something—actually two somethings.” I carried a big plastic bag from the hall closet. She opened it and her eyes went wide.

“It’s really not that big a deal—just a college sweatshirt and a T-shirt you can use as a night gown. We can’t be together overnight, but we can be close this way.”

“I love them, Rob and I love you…so much.” She reached up and pulled me down for another long wet and extremely passionate kiss. She shrugged into the sweatshirt as we continued with our meal. An hour later we made love again. After a quick shower I took her home.


I met Steffi every afternoon when school was out. We saw each other every Saturday and all day Sunday, too. Jewish Steffi had a higher attendance rate at my church than some of the regular Methodists in the congregation. Rather than tire of each other our relationship grew stronger by the day. Unfortunately, it couldn’t continue. On October 15th basketball practice began and I had to step up my rehearsal time for my upcoming concert. Steffi spent many hours with me in that ugly black practice room. One day, under the guise of playing back a song I was working on, I played the tape of her orgasm from that Sunday afternoon. Poor Steffi—her face turned bright red, but I did kiss her and tell her that I loved her and that was enough.

My concerts—Friday night, Saturday afternoon and night, and Sunday afternoon and night—went extremely well. Symphony Hall was sold out. I wasn’t all that surprised. The critics raved about my mini-concert back in September. Ticket sales were brisk thereafter.

I invited Steffi and her entire family to be my guests for the Saturday night show. They also had backstage passes so my dressing room was crowded after the concert. I arranged for them to meet Heath Lockner who was extremely gracious, spending almost a half hour when he could have been en route to his family. Everything was going so well; too well as it turned out.

The second week in November I once again had lunch with the Goldwassers on a Saturday after basketball practice that morning. After lunch we sat in the family room watching a football game. I was on the floor with my back against the couch; Steffi was next to me, my arm around her shoulders. For some reason I would never understand her father got the idea to ask me if I had ever kissed Steffi. “Yes, sir we have kissed any number of times,” I replied honestly.

“What about sex? Have you tried to force her to have sex with you?”

“Dr. Goldwasser, I would never ever force anyone to have sex with me, least of all Steffi.”

“I notice you did not deny having sex, just forcing her.”

“That is not a subject I would discuss with anyone. It’s simply only Steffi’s business and mine.”

“I see. So you have had sex with her. I have half a mind to call the police and have you arrested.”

“For what, Daddy?” Steffi was becoming upset.

“For statutory rape, of course.”

Now Steffi laughed. “Daddy, the age of consent in Massachusetts is sixteen. I’m eighteen, remember?”

“Okay, then…regular rape.”

“Daddy, Rob never forced me to do anything. I was more than willing, believe me. I would never testify otherwise because it just isn’t true.” I wasn’t very happy with how this conversation was evolving. I thought her father liked me and now it was like Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition in here.

Finally, I heard the words I dreaded, “Robert, I think you should leave. You are no longer welcome here.” I wasn’t about to argue. This conversation was totally irrational and I learned early on in life not to try to argue with irrational people. I got up and walked toward the door. Steffi’s mom put a soothing hand on my arm when I passed so I knew I had at least one ally. I left a minute later.


Steffi was livid. “Daddy, I have no intention of giving up Rob because of your antiquated and idiotic ideas.”

“No daughter of mine is going to have sex out of wedlock like some trampy whore. You’re too young.”

“I’m too young? I’m eighteen. Ask Jeremy—I’ll bet that half the kids in his class have had sex!”

“That’s different. He’s a boy.”

“What? Excuse me? That’s ridiculous. What does that have to do with it?”

“He can’t get pregnant and bring disgrace to our family. Besides, young men are expected to sow their wild oats.”

“Daddy…you’re being an ass!” Steffi turned and left, storming up the stairs in a huff.

“I apologize, Jeremy. You shouldn’t have had to witness that. Perhaps it would be best if you went upstairs so your father and I can talk.” Jeremy walked out of the room, but turned in the doorway, “I do have to agree with Steffi, Dad. You ARE being an ass.”

Once he was out of the room Mrs. Goldwasser asked her husband, “Neil, what the hell was that all about? Steffi is not ten, you know.”

“I don’t care. No daughter of mine is going to sleep around like a whore.”

“Oh God, just listen to yourself. Steffi is not sleeping around. She’s had sex with exactly two boys. She’s madly in love with Rob and he’s in love with her, too.”

“That’s absurd. They’ve only known each other for two months.”

“Perhaps if you would listen with just half the energy you use in shooting your mouth off you would have some idea what’s going on. One of these days you might think of moving into the twentieth century.”

“Excuse me, but this is the twenty-first century.”

“My point exactly…you are at least a hundred years behind the times. You heard Jeremy—everyone he knows has had sex—boys and girls both. And where did that old double-standard bullshit come from? That went out decades ago.”

“First of all, don’t swear at me, and second, I have the right to my own beliefs.”

“That may be, but don’t expect anything out of me until that attitude changes.”

“What do you mean?”

“Forget sex with me until you change your mind and apologize to your daughter, Rob, and to me.” SLAM!!!

“What the hell was that?”

“Unless I’m mistaken you’ve just lost your daughter. Nice going; with thinking like that I don’t know how you even graduated from sixth grade let alone dental school.” She rose and walked out. “One more thing--plan on sleeping in the guest room unless you want me to leave, too.”


I was about ten miles away when my phone rang. ‘Rob? It’s Steffi…I’ve left home. Will you please pick me up so I can stay with you?” Dear God; could this get any worse? I asked her where she was and made arrangements to get her. Meanwhile, I phoned her home. Jeremy answered.

“Boy, Rob,” he whispered, “you should have heard my mom. She really let Dad have it.”

“Jeremy, I need to speak with her, please.”

A minute later she came onto the phone, “I’m sorry for all of that, Rob. It was inexcusable.”

“That’s not important, Mrs. G. Steffi just called me. She wants me to pick her up. What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t think she’d stay here if you brought her back, so can she stay with you for a while? I’ll be relieved knowing she’s safe.”

“Sure, but it seems kind of bizarre—she’ll stay with me and we’ll have sex several times a day, exactly what her father wants to avoid. Incredible!”

“I agree, but it’s all on him. I think I can get to him in a week or so. Bring her over here Monday while he’s at work for some clothes and stuff. I’ll talk to you then.” I rung off and headed toward my rendezvous with Steffi. I found the gas station and she was behind it, exactly as she had promised. I noticed she had been crying when she got into the car. I held her close, kissing her cheek and caressing her face.

“I left, Rob; I’m not going back. My father is an asshole.”

“I’m inclined to agree, but don’t jump to any conclusions. I just spoke to your mom. I think she’ll resolve the whole mess pretty soon. Jeremy told me she was really pissed at him. We’ll go over Monday after my classes and get you some clothes. I guess you’ll have to sleep with me tonight.”

“I hope so. At least then something positive will come from this mess.” I patted her knee and pulled out my phone. I had one other call to make. I pressed the speed dial and Joe answered.

“Sorry to bother you on a Saturday, Joe; there was just a big blowup at Steffi’s and she’s going to be staying with me for a while. I didn’t want you or Carla freaking out when she shows up for breakfast tomorrow morning.”

“Sorry to hear that, Rob; I’ll let Carla know. Don’t worry about it. It’s not as though she doesn’t know you’re sleeping together, besides Carla’s what we used to call unflappable. Not many things will faze her.” We talked for a few minutes before I ended the call. I didn’t like to talk on the phone while driving.

The ride was mostly in silence. I noticed that Steffi was still crying. I hugged her while we were stopped for a light. “Don’t worry…I have a lot of faith in your mom. You’ll be back home before you know it.”

“I don’t want to go back home, Rob. I want to be with you…even if it means changing schools. Don’t forget, I’m already eighteen, almost nineteen. I’m an adult legally and I can do whatever I want. Don’t you want me, Rob?”

“You already know the answer to that, don’t you? I just want you and your family intact. Having a family is really important.”

“Having you is more important, besides I’ll still have my mother and brother.” I couldn’t argue, and, truthfully, I didn’t want to. This whole thing was a nightmare; I wished it would just go away.

“Did you bring anything? Do you want me to stop for…a toothbrush, or anything else?”

“Uh…sorry, Rob. I didn’t bring anything. I was too angry to even think straight.” I assured her that it was okay and pulled into a Walgreen’s. I bought her a new electric toothbrush, a hairbrush, and some tampons—her period was just around the corner. I also bought some condoms; she’d forgotten her birth control pills, too.

We watched a Boston College game all afternoon; their victory seemed to lift her spirits, but the high point came when I led her to bed. I stripped her and pushed her back onto the bed before climbing on with her. We kissed slowly, deeply, and tenderly with lots of love and even more tongue. We rubbed our bodies together and I wondered what her father would think if he could see us now. I didn’t really care—I only cared what Steffi thought. She thought she loved me. That was all that mattered.

She climbed onto my body and rubbed herself against my erection. “We can do it naked tonight, but we’ll have to check the internet to make sure you’ll be safe. If there’s any question…any at all, I’ll be wearing the condom. We’ll get your pills on Monday.” She made a face, knowing how much better it would be for both of us without. Steffi mounted me, slowly sinking onto my hard organ. Her expression told me how much she was enjoying it, and more, how much she needed it. I rose to meet her every thrust. In seconds we were in a comfortable rhythm—one that would bring us to our destination, but not too fast. We usually lasted for a half hour or more at this speed. This afternoon was no exception. We moved faster and faster as we neared our coupling’s natural conclusion. I knew we were especially close when Steffi dug her fingers into my shoulders. Too soon we were spent. My abdomen was covered in her juice; semen poured from her battered pussy.

“Promise me we can do that every day,” she begged. I only smiled and nodded as I pulled her body to mine. Our sweat mingled as we rubbed together. Other than her father’s tirade it was an excellent afternoon. Now I had to worry about actually sleeping with her. That would be a new experience for both of us. I only hoped my bed would be big enough. As it turned out a twin would have been fine. We spooned together all night, my hand resting gently on her breast.

We rose early, looked at each other and laughed. There is absolutely nothing like seeing your lover in the morning for the first time. I sent Steffi into the bathroom while I straightened the bed. I placed my dirty clothes in the hamper, but Steffi would need hers. She had worn a simple top and Capri’s yesterday afternoon. I felt they would be adequate for church even though she was somewhat nervous about being underdressed. I gave her an old T-shirt had had her turn around in it. No good—I could see her ass so I gave her an old set of gym shorts which could be tied over her hips making her moderately decent. She went downstairs for a cup of coffee before I arrived for breakfast.

Joe and Carla were there seated at the table when Steffi walked in. “Morning, Steffi,” Carla said, “I hear you had a tough day yesterday.”

“Yeah, it was,” I replied, just entering the room. I poured a cup for Steffi and took an orange juice for myself. Sitting at the table I explained everything that had occurred. I could see how upset it all made Joe, but Carla was worse.

“Oh, you poor dear,” she held Steffi around her shoulders. “You did the right thing. We women have suffered for centuries at the hands of men…well, not all men, thank God. I hate to say this, but your father sounds like a Neanderthal. How long will you be staying with us?”

“Hopefully forever, if Rob will let me; I’m eighteen. Legally, I’m an adult.” I rested my hand on her neck and pulled her closer to kiss her cheek.

“Let’s eat and then we need to dress for church.” Carla made us pancakes with real maple syrup and lots of bacon. Once we had eaten we returned to the bedroom to dress. I allowed Steffi to enter first and pretended to pick something up from the floor. I grabbed her hand and turned her around. “I believe I’m in the traditional position,” I said as I knelt before her. Steffi began to shake as she realized what was afoot. Her hands flew to her face and tears appeared in her eyes as I spoke, “I had planned to do this around Christmas. God knows, you’d be the best present I ever received. I think you already know how much I love you. Would you be willing to spend the rest of your life with me…as my wife and lover? Steffi Goldwasser is an okay name, but I think Steffi Kerwood is much nicer. Steffi, will you marry me? Please?”

“Oh, Rob! I knew we were serious about each other, but I never imagined you’d actually ask me.” She hesitated for a few seconds and closed her eyes, briefly wiping a tear from each eye. “Yes…oh, yes my darling. I will. You’ve answered all my prayers and all my dreams. I love you, Rob…so much.” I rose and we kissed. It was long and sweet and very romantic despite our hideous outfits—a couple of T’s and some baggy shorts. We held each other for several minutes before she broke it. “C’mon, we have to get ready for church.” We dressed hurriedly and ran down to my car.

I sang as usual, but when it came time for Communion I brought Steffi to the altar rail with me. She had never taken communion and she didn’t take it now, but the pastor blessed us both, apparently knowing that we had pledged ourselves to each other. He commented after services, “Steffi…Rob, you two seem to be glowing this morning. Anything you’d care to share?”

I looked at Steffi to let her know she could answer. “Pastor, Rob asked me to marry him this morning. Of course, I agreed.” She surprised me when she continued, “I think I’d like to be married here in your church. I always enjoy coming here. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.” Pastor Anderson simply smiled and kissed her cheek. He shook my hand and told me I was a lucky man. I already knew that.

We walked hand in hand to my car. I checked my phone, noticing there was a message from her father. “Send her back or there will be trouble.” That was it—short and to the point. I was tempted to reply, but I thought I’d rely on our ace in the hole—Steffi’s mom. We went into Boston and spent the day walking in Boston Commons. We didn’t do much other than walk and watch the people, especially the kids. I knew it was giving Steffi ideas, but having a family would have to wait. We went to dinner in the city and returned to my house in the early evening. We went straight to bed. We made love as we always did and slept through the night waking at 6:30 as was my habit.

“Rob, remind me why we’re getting up at this ungodly hour.”

“So I’ll have time to kiss you before my 8:00 class, okay? I have two classes and then we need to go shopping. After lunch we’ll go to your house and pick up your clothes—some of them, anyway. I also want to talk to your mom. That’s the most important thing.” I continued when she gave me a questioning look. “Your father phoned while we were in church yesterday. His message was as threatening as it was short. I don’t want any trouble with him. I also don’t want you here by yourself. I’m sure that Joe and Carla would defend you, but what would they do if the cops came? You’re coming to class with me.” I kissed her good morning and we headed to the bathroom. I started the shower while she peed; I’d go later after the shower.

Carla gave us a great breakfast and I drove to my first class. I introduced Steffi to my professors as my fiancé and I was finished by eleven. I took her hand and drove her to a jewelry store I knew of in nearby Somerville. The store had a small section of electronics, including stereos, headphones, and mp3 players, as well as a number of CD’s. I showed one to Steffi. She recognized my face on the cover immediately. “Why didn’t you tell me, Rob?”

“It’s not that big a deal. Nowadays everyone has a CD.” I didn’t think it was a big deal, but the store owner obviously did—he asked me to sign two copies, one for each of his daughters. When I was done I asked to see some engagement rings. Again, Steffi melted and began to cry. She’d cried a lot over the past several days, but these were definitely tears of joy. We picked out a ring—a one carat solitaire—and I paid with my credit card. He gave me a ten percent discount, but only after having his employee take our picture with him. We placed him in the middle, put our arms around him and smiled. That photo cost him almost a thousand dollars.

We grabbed a quick lunch at the local Wendy’s and I drove toward her family home, but first Steffi phoned her mother. I was relieved to hear that the coast was clear. She and Steffi hugged once we arrived. Mrs. G. was very observant, noticing Steffi’s ring before she had the chance to brag about it. “Rob was going to ask me around Christmas,” Steffi explained, “He told me I was going to be his best present ever, but this mess accelerated everything.”

“Mrs. G, did you know that Steffi’s dad called me yesterday? His message was short, ‘Return Steffi or there will be trouble.’ I don’t want to have any problems.”

“I’ll have another chat with him when he comes home this afternoon. I think I know exactly what to say. Let’s get some clothes for you, Steffi.”

“Mom, I want you to know that I plan to stay with Rob. I’m not coming home. I want us to get married soon.”

“Are you sure, Steff?”

“Yes, Mom even if Daddy apologizes…he hurt me so badly. I’m afraid it will happen again. I don’t ever want to go through that again. I’m sorry, but that’s how I feel.”

“I understand, sweetie. I know Rob will take great care of you.” We took as many clothes as we could get into the car. The Subaru was small so there was a limit. Her mom told us she would bring some more later in the week after Steffi had celebrated her birthday. I also made sure she remembered her birth control pills.


Dr. Goldwasser walked in the door after a long and difficult day. Not only was he tired from a number of procedures, but he also had to figure out how to get his daughter home where she belonged. He looked in the kitchen, surprised that his wife wasn’t preparing dinner. He found her in the family room calmly reading a book. “Oh good, I see you’re home at last. Come in and sit down. We have to talk.” She continued once he was seated, “Here’s some information for you. First, don’t even think of threatening Rob over this. It’s all your fault, not his. If I find that you’ve done anything to hurt him you and I are done. It’s bad enough that our daughter has decided that she will not return home under any circumstances, your threats will only make things worse.

“Steffi and Rob stopped by this afternoon to pick up some of her things. They are engaged to be married. He planned to do it in December, but you pushed his schedule up a bit. They are going to live together until they wed. She wants to get married in the Methodist church that Rob attends. She likes it there and apparently they like her, too. This is all her idea, not Rob’s. Now I have a few questions for you.

“When did we start dating?”

“In high school; you know that.”

“Yes, I do, but I needed to remind you. Next, when did we first have sex together?”

“I don’t know…sometime our senior year. Where is this going?”

“I’m getting there. Were you my first? I’ll answer that for you…no, you weren’t. I had two boyfriends before you. Next, am I a slut or a whore?”

“Of course not, you’re my wife.”

“Right, so why would Steffi having sex with her boyfriend…now fiancé…make her a slut or whore? For your information, she’s been on the pill for two years to regulate her period. She had sex exactly three times—all a disaster—before meeting Rob who obviously is taking much better care of her.” There was a long delay during which Neil had nothing to say. “Well, dear what do you have to say about all this?”

“Okay, I guess I messed up.”

“No guessing, Neil…you fucked up royally. However, I’ll give you a chance to redeem yourself. I’ll invite Steffi and Rob to dinner on Saturday. You can and will apologize. You can start now with me.”

“I’m…sorry, Sonia. Really, I am.”

“Very well, now come to bed with me. Jeremy is having dinner with Bart and won’t be home until nine. We have almost two hours and you can apologize further by eating me. Then we can make love. C’mon.” The repentant Neil hurried behind his wife. He was as eager as the others to put this behind him.


Having Steffi move in with me was a blessing, but it was also a problem. First, I had to find room for her clothes. I had two small closets in my bedroom so I gave her one, moving some of my out-of-season clothes to the second bedroom. I bought some of those portable closets at Home Depot and Joe volunteered to assemble them for me. They went into the second room, too. I also bought Steffi a desk which I put into the little half-room that I used as my study. It would be cramped in there, but there was also the benefit of being able to reach behind me to pinch Steffi’s cute butt. I also bought a new desktop computer and paid to have a network created so we could share the printer and internet. All this was completed by Wednesday—Steffi’s birthday.

I wanted to buy her a nice present, but she declined, saying that just being with me was all the present she could ask for. Nonetheless, I took her out to an excellent seafood restaurant on Boston Harbor. I wouldn’t insist on making love later because of her period however she did insist, claiming having it always made her extremely horny. Steffi also transferred to Medford High School, using my address and rent receipts of proof of residency. I got the impression from the secretary who handled it that it wasn’t all that an unusual occurrence. Steffi was gregarious and an outstanding student so she would be able to make friends fairly easily.

The final burden was Thanksgiving. I had planned to go home before all this mess took place and I saw no reason to change my plans. Steffi would go with me, but first I had to tell my mother. I phoned her on Thursday evening as usual. “Hi, Mom,” I began. “I’ll come home on Wednesday afternoon. I should be able to get there by around 4:30 or so and I’m bringing someone home with me.”

“Where will he sleep?”

“It’s a she, Mom, and she’ll sleep with me just as she’s been doing the last few weeks. We’re engaged, Mom. She’s just wonderful. I’m sure you’ll like her.”

“Is she a Methodist like us?”

“No, Mom she’s Jewish, but she goes to church with me every week and she wants to be married in the Methodist church here. We’ll explain everything when we get there. Oh…her name’s Steffi, after the famous German tennis star. She just turned nineteen, and she’s a high school senior.” I spent a half hour on the phone explaining how we had met, what she was like, and answering all the questions that only parents seem to be able to create. “I’ll see you next Wednesday. Bye, I love you.” And that as they say was that. Mom would expect the two of us. Hopefully, she’d like Steffi, but if she didn’t, well that would be too bad because I wasn’t about to change my mind. I loved Steffi and that was that.

I had only been off my cell phone about ten minutes when Steffi’s mother called. “Hi, Rob…Steffi’s dad and I would like to invite you to dinner Saturday. We have some birthday presents and her father has a lot to say to both of you.”

“I’ll ask her, Mrs. G., but I don’t know what she’ll say. I’ll do the best I can—I promise you.” I ended the call and went to find my love. I hoped she’d find this a welcome development. She was busily studying when I walked in.

“How’d everything go with your mom? I can’t wait to meet her.”

“Fine, I think. Of course, she has all the normal concerns like are we old enough, have we known each other long enough, those kinds of things, but I think she’ll be okay by the time we get there. I also had an incoming call—from your mom. She and your dad want us to come to dinner Saturday. They have some presents for you and I understand your dad has something to say to both of us.”

“I don’t want to go. I have nothing to say to him.”

“I figured you might feel that way, but…think about your mom and Jeremy. Don’t they have a right to be your mother and brother? If you don’t want to do it for your father, do it for them.”

“Okay, I’ll think about it.”

“That’s good enough for me. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. You’ll owe your mom a response before she plans and cooks a big dinner.” I waited a few seconds to let it set in and then I pulled her up into a long and passionate kiss. Our tongues dueled back and forth as our heat grew. In time she broke it and pulled me around the corner to our bedroom. She slowly undressed me before pulling her sweatshirt and jeans from her lithe slender body. She pushed me back onto the bed and climbed over me.

“I need you, Rob…I need you now. Feel my pussy…I’m leaking juice from just that kiss. Please make love with me.” Damn! How could I argue with that? I pulled her down to me and kissed her again and again. I rolled her over to her side and moved my face and my kisses down her body, ending when my nose was tickled by her ebony curls. I tasted her oozing sex for the first time that day. I was addicted to her scent…her taste…her insatiable sexuality. Teasingly, I forced my tongue deep into her cunt. I loved doing this to her—watching her writhe all over the bed was something I’d never tire of. Steffi’s cunt was gushing when I moved to her clit. I gnawed it for several minutes before sucking it into the narrow space between my teeth. Steffi screamed like something other worldly as she squirted over my mouth, face, and neck. I released her nubbin to kiss her silky thighs as her breathing slowly returned to normal.

If I thought she was done for the night I was wrong—dead wrong. Steffi was just getting started. First, she jumped up and bounded into the bathroom, returning seconds later with a washcloth and towel for my face. “You look so funny with me all over your face, Rob. Let me clean you up a bit.” She distracted me with the washcloth while she licked the pre-cum from my cock and swallowed my organ in a single slurp.

“I guess I’m dirty down there, too even though I took a shower after practice about four hours ago.”

“Yes, Rob…you’re absolutely filthy and unbelievably delicious; however, not as delicious as your wonderful semen. I wish my father could see us now. This would convince him I’m not a little girl any more. I can fuck and suck like any other grown woman.”

“I hate to disagree with you while you have my cock in your mouth, but…you’re much better than any other woman. I love the way you do this to me.” Steffi resumed her sucking, wringing her tongue around all the sensitive parts of my pulsing cock. Once again my organ disappeared into her mouth in a single gulp and when she rubbed my balls and fingered my asshole I blew. Six times I could feel the hot slippery semen explode into her throat. I sagged back onto the bed completely exhausted. Steffi released my cock, climbed up my body and pulled the blanket over us. We fell asleep seconds later.

My eight o’clock class Friday morning was cancelled so I drove Steffi to school. It was only a short trip, but I really wanted to speak to her about tomorrow’s dinner with her family. “Steffi,” I began, “I want to tell you about something my mother taught me years ago. When I got old enough to realize what my father had done to Mom and me I hated him—hated him with all my heart! My mother sat in the kitchen on a straight backed wooden chair with me right in front of her. I knew I had done something wrong and I was afraid even though she never once spanked or hit me. ‘Robert,’ she told me, ‘never hate anyone. It’s a colossal waste of time and energy and it can destroy you. Your father made a mistake and it was a big one, but that’s what people do. We all make mistakes. Would you want people to hate you when you make a mistake? I don’t think so. Recognize that it was a mistake and forgive then move on. I know your dad made a big mistake, but he was also part of the reason you are the person you are today.’ My mom gave me good advice, Steff. Believe me.”

“I do. Your mom is obviously a smart person. I’m going to accept the invitation and I’ll listen to my father, but I can’t say I’ll ever love him again.” Okay, I thought, one step at a time.

I picked Steffi up after school and she phoned her mom from the car. “Mom, it’s Steffi. I wanted you to know that Rob and I will come to dinner tomorrow. What time? Oh…okay. See you then.” Okay, I thought again, one more step. I didn’t really care what her father had said to me. It was Steffi I was concerned about. I had no family other than my mom; Steffi should hold her family close if at all possible.

We made love Friday night and it was okay—nothing special—but I knew she was preoccupied with tomorrow’s dinner. Loving someone means taking the difficult with the easy—the bad with the good. We went to bed early and I knew she slept fitfully. We normally spooned together or I slept on my back with Steffi draped over my body. Tonight she was moving all over the bed. All the same, I hugged and kissed her when we woke on Saturday morning. Clara made us an outstanding breakfast, mindful of what Steffi was going through. After breakfast we bid good-bye to Joe and Carla who had the week off for a well earned vacation; I drove Steffi to campus. Now I parked on Professors’ Row outside the bookstore. I had promised Steffi another sweatshirt and suggested we buy something for my mom. I planned to rely on her feminine judgment in that regard. We managed to waste several hours wandering around campus as I showed the buildings and facilities to her.

We stopped by the Admissions Office for an application. Steffi had asked me how I would feel having her attend the same college. My school was expensive—really, really expensive. It had cost me $48K plus my living expenses for my freshman year alone. All the same I was pretty sure I could afford it. I expected to earn more than $300,000 this year and more the next. At this point we had no idea what, if anything, her father would contribute. I had asked Steffi to marry me so it was my responsibility.

We returned home and showered together around two and left for her parents’ place around three. The tension in the car was as thick as a London fog—you could cut it with a knife. I parked in the street and we walked up the driveway hand in hand. Steffi held me tightly, that’s how nervous she was about entering her own home. I kissed her briefly and whispered, “Remember what my mom taught me.” She looked up and nodded then she kissed my cheek and we rang the bell. Jeremy answered it and led us into the family room where Steffi hugged and kissed her mother and brother, but she simply stood and looked at her father.

“Thanks for coming, Steffi…you, too Rob. This is hard for me. I’m not used to it at all. I’ve always thought of you, Steffi, as my little girl. It’s been hard for me to realize that you’re grown up now. You’re not a little girl…you’re a woman. I should have realized that a long time ago. I acted like you were still my little girl and thought I was protecting you, but I wasn’t. I was being selfish, trying to keep you for myself instead of letting you go the way a good parent should. I’m really sorry, Steff. I know I hurt you. It’s all I’ve thought about over the past week.

“Rob, there’s no question that I owe you an apology, too. Sonia has reminded me daily of how good you are for Steffi. I have always thought you were an exceptional person and I’ll be proud to have you as my son-in-law. I hope you’ll accept my apology.”

“I do,” I replied, thrusting my hand out for a shake. Instead, he pulled me into a hug, something I never expected. I held my arm out for Steffi and, slowly at first, she joined us. Then we all had a good cry. Like my mother said, “A mistake was made. Forgive and move on.”

After that everything was back to normal. Her mother asked about adjusting to living with me; Steffi simply replied, “The hardest thing is getting used to sleeping with someone else. I haven’t been sleeping well the last few nights and I’ve been bothering poor Rob all night long. Of course, he’s never said a word, but I can see the bags under his eyes. We do have some interesting showers, though.” Everyone laughed, even her dad, who I assumed had a major change of attitude. I reminded myself to thank Steffi’s mom later.

I knew that Steffi’s birthday would be different than mine, but not this different. My mother usually gave me a shirt or a pair of shorts. Steffi got a new I-pad 2, what would have been an entire wardrobe for me, and a bunch of CD’s. Dinner was great with a lot of relaxed conversation, even when Steffi told her family that she was going home with me at Thanksgiving to meet my mother. I was asked to tell about her so I did, explaining how she struggled to bring me up alone, how we lived in a small apartment, the whole lot. They listened with respect which, I thought was considerate. They also asked about the upcoming concert series and I expressed the hope that they would attend with Steffi. We left around ten, the car filled with her gifts. I thanked my future mother-in-law for everything and shook hands with her dad and Jeremy. I was most pleased to see Steffi and her dad hug and kiss. We had all moved forward.


I played in our last basketball game before Thanksgiving on Tuesday evening. Most of our games were against other Division III schools, but this one was a tune up for perennial powerhouse Boston College which, unfortunately, was Steffi’s favorite college team. I played well but we got our butts kicked. What else would anyone expect against an ACC team? Steffi was there for me when I walked out of the locker room. “I thought you played so well, Rob, but their guys were so huge.”

“It’s okay, I never thought we’d have a chance against them. On the positive side they’ll be the best team we face all year and we lost by less than 20 so maybe we’ll be good later when the games really count. We’ll see.”

We packed the car that evening and went to bed, something I looked forward to with greater enthusiasm now that Steffi was with me all the time. My last class ended at eleven on Wednesday morning. I returned to the house to fill a cooler with Cokes and some ice. My next stop was the high school. It was really funny, but now that Steffi was eighteen she was able to write and sign her own excuse notes. This one went: “Please excuse Steffi Goldwasser at noon today for a family trip. (Signed) Steffi Goldwasser.” I found the whole idea nothing less than incredible as I walked into the office and asked for her. I had to show my ID which I thought was odd since she was an adult in the eyes of the law. One of the secretaries asked if I was THE Rob Kerwood. I assured her that I was and asked what we should do once Steffi and I married. “Just come in and tell us, that’s all. We’ll make the adjustment right here on our computers.” I thanked them as Steffi entered. We left less than a minute later.

“I’m excited, Rob. I can’t wait to meet your mother and thank her.”

“Thank her,” I asked as I buckled my seat belt.

“Yes…for you and for her advice about hating. I just hope she likes me.”

“I think she will. She likes sincere honest people, and I’d say that’s you to a ‘T.’” I turned on the CD player and listened to Swan Lake as I turned onto Alewife Brook Parkway on our way to the Mass Pike. I had driven roughly an hour when I pulled off onto US 84 toward Hartford and New York City. A few minutes later I pulled off in Sturbridge. There was an old-time candy store there that my mom just loved. We picked out an assortment of goodies for her and for ourselves, as well. I paid with my charge card and we returned to the car. I allowed Steffi to drive because the traffic was and would be pretty light for a while. I had never seen her drive and I didn’t want to put her into a bad situation that she couldn’t handle. After a while I realized that she was just as good as me—careful and cautious, but not afraid. More important--she didn’t drive too fast for the conditions. There were a lot of trucks on the road today that required special care. I relaxed and closed my eyes, resting for more than a half hour. We pulled off into a rest stop to use the facilities. I bought her a late lunch and we were back on the road in minutes.

Traffic got really heavy outside Hartford and slowed to a crawl. I could see flashing blue lights way off in the distance—great, an accident. I knew now that we’d be late. Handing Steffi my phone I asked her to phone my mom and tell her we’d likely be late. “Hi, Ms. Kerwood, it’s Steffi, Rob’s fiancé. Yes, it’s nice to speak to you, too. Rob wants you to know that we’re stuck in a huge traffic jam outside Hartford. I don’t think we’ve moved a half mile in the last thirty minutes. Hold on a sec, please. What, Rob? Oh, okay…Ms. Kerwood, Rob suggests we get a pizza when we get there since we have no idea when it’ll be. Would that be okay with you? All right…I’ll tell him. See you soon…bye.”

Steffi ended the call and turned to me, “Your mom says we should call when we get off 95 in New Rochelle. Is that right?” I nodded as I changed lanes to get around a huge tractor trailer, one with tandem trailers, so I could see what was happening up ahead. “Okay, she says she’ll order your favorite and have it delivered. She sounded really nice.”

“That’s a good sign.” We crept forward until we reached the crash scene. I could see what happened immediately. Some idiot had tried to cross the median and pulled out in front of a big rig that was doing 65 miles per hour and was unable to stop. I told Steffi to look away. The guy’s head was at an angle through the broken window that showed immediately that he was dead. I felt badly for his family and for the poor truck driver that would have to live the rest of his life knowing that he had killed someone, even if it wasn’t his fault. We learned later on the internet that the car driver had been on the phone at the time of the accident. What a shame.

The rest of the trip was uneventful. We passed the time singing old standards and oldies from the fifties and sixties. We got some interesting looks from cars we passed or who passed us, but we had a really good time. It was just past seven when we reached New Rochelle. Steffi called Mom again; we’d be there in about twenty minutes.

If Steffi was shocked when she saw where I had lived she hid it well. I parked behind the building in the slot reserved for our apartment. In all her years there my mother had never owned a car or even learned to drive. I learned in school and had to ask my buddy Jimmy if one of his parents would take me for the test.

We walked up the rickety back stairs to the second floor and turned left. I told her to knock at 2D. Mom opened the door and they stood there for a moment sizing each other up before I gently pushed Steffi forward. “Mom…this is Steffi, the woman who’s captured my heart. Steff, this is obviously my mother.”

“Hi, Ms. Kerwood…it a real pleasure to meet you and I also want to thank you.”

“It’s nice to meet you, too Steffi, but why are you thanking me?” We sat in the living room, Steffi and me on the new couch.

“New furniture, eh?”

“Yes, Rob; go ahead Steffi.” I listened as Steffi recounted the misadventure with her father, how she left home rather than give me up, and how we came to live together. I rubbed her back as she spoke. I wanted her to know that I was there for her. She had just finished when the doorbell rang. I jumped up to pay for the pizza. We moved into the kitchen, sitting at the old enameled steel table with all its chips and cracks. It was old when I was a baby and it hadn’t improved with age. I had just split up the pie and distributed the pieces when Steffi spoke again.

“I also want to thank you for doing such a great job with Rob. He’s the most unselfish and giving person I’ve ever met.”

“Thank you, Steffi. It wasn’t always easy, although Rob was usually a pleasure to deal with.” The conversation went on for hours until Mom excused herself to bed. “Oh…I assume you’ll make love while you’re here so I’d like to know if you’re noisy.”

“Um…Rob’s not,” Steffi replied and even I had to laugh.

“Okay, I have some earplugs. The neighbors will just have to make do. I hope being in a twin bed will be okay. I don’t have anything bigger.”

“It’ll be fine, Ms. Kerwood.”

“That’s something we’ll have to change. I can’t have my future daughter-in-law calling me anything so formal.”

“Can I call you Mom?”

“You’d better!” They hugged and we were a family. We waited until Mom had cleared the bathroom before starting our shower. It was a bit of a struggle fitting into the tub but that just meant I’d constantly be in touch with Steffi’s glorious body. We dried each other as was our habit and went into bed. I lay on my back while Steffi crawled on top of me. I became hard in a millisecond. Steffi kissed me and, wasting no time, pulled me into her warm wet cunt.

Sitting up she rocked on my cock, driving her hard clit into me forcefully. Maybe it was the circumstances, but we both came quickly and, more importantly, silently. Steffi giggled as she turned around and cleaned my cock with her mouth, sucking up her juices and any residual semen. She straddled my leg, threw her arm over my body and kissed me good night. I pulled the blanket up over our naked bodies and we went to sleep. Tomorrow would be a long day.

We had agreed that we would sleep naked, as usual, but keep a set of “pajamas” by the side of the bed, essentially a tee shirt and gym shorts. Fortunately, hers were pink so I doubted I’d make a mistake. We were up early and dressed, but not before Mom had put the coffee on. Steffi volunteered to help with the dinner which was interesting since she could barely make toast or boil water. None the less Mom took the time to teach her. I could hear them talking and joking about the turkey as Steffi made the stuffing under Mom’s direction. She stuffed the bird and placed the bacon on top. Mom always did that to make it moist, besides we all know everything’s better with bacon.

I settled in after a light lunch to take in the football game. The turkey was done around 4:30; it has always been my job to get it out of the oven. I carefully placed several towels on the Formica surface and lifted the roasting pan up and out. Once I was done I couldn’t resist taking a piece of the bacon, now crisp and mostly stuck to the turkey’s skin. I pulled up a long strip and placed one end into my mouth before tapping Steffi on the shoulder. She turned and laughed. Mom heard her, turned and laughed, too. “You’d better humor him Steffi or else he’ll keep it up all night.”

Steffi took the hint and took the other end into her mouth. Together we bit our way up the strip, stopping only when our lips met.

“You know, all you had to do was ask.”

“Okay, I’m asking.” Steffi rolled her eyes, but threw her arms around my neck and kissed me madly for several minutes. She broke it with a pat on my backside. “Just let me know when you’re getting another piece. I enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed you.”

Dinner was served around six. As usual, I had carved the turkey and, as usual, it was a small one—suitable for such a small family grouping. We all sat at the table, but now the old table was covered with a plastic table cloth. I began the blessing: “I usually have many reasons to be thankful—my health, my singing ability, my success, and, of course, my mother. Now I have something else that dwarfs the others. I have the love of the most beautiful woman I have ever known. Steffi, you have made me the luckiest man on the planet.” From there I moved into a traditional blessing, thanking God for our food, health, and family. Then we dug in. I was pleased to see that Steffi wasn’t holding back. It showed me that she felt comfortable with my mother. They chatted like old buddies throughout the meal. Too soon it was over, although I did, again as usual, eat way too much. We cleaned up and retired to the living room for some TV. Steffi snuggled up next to me, pulling my arm around her. I glanced at my mother, noticing she looked on with approval.

About an hour later we had dessert. We always had the same things—pumpkin pie for Mom (I hated pumpkin) and chocolate cream for me. Mom showed Steffi how to whip the cream and make sure it didn’t turn into butter. I ate too much pie, but so did Steffi having a slice of each and giving her approval to both. We cleaned up while Mom showered in preparation for tomorrow’s work. She worked in a big department store and tomorrow was “Black Friday,” a day when all the employees would be busy from opening to closing. It would have been nice to sleep in, especially with Steffi, but we were going to the high school for the basketball practice. All the recent graduates would show and scrimmage against the varsity.

We showered and climbed naked into bed. Steffi slithered over my body. We kissed briefly and I asked her, “So, how was your day?”

“Wonderful, Rob; I love your mother. She has such strength and she accepted me so easily. I was afraid she wouldn’t like me—too young, Jewish, not good enough for her son, I don’t know—any reason, but she’s been so nice.” I smiled. I was really happy for both of us.

“So, now that you’re happy and stuffed with food….”

“Simple…I want to be stuffed with you. I can be the turkey and you can be the stuffing…or the stuffer for my stuffee.”

“Lame, but I still love you. Roll onto your side. I want to try something new.” I moved her to my side facing away from me. Pulling her leg back over mine opened her cunt to my cock. I pushed forward to rub her clit with my cock’s tip. Soon Steffi was moaning continuously as she turned on. I pulled back and thrust forward, my organ sliding into her hot wet tightness. Steffi’s moans were louder—more insistent, more demanding. I rubbed her swollen nipple with my other hand; her moaning became louder.

I pushed into her hard, driving her forward, but holding her back with my strength. I reached around to tickle her clit, finding it hard and swollen in her desire and her need as I continued to pound her sensitive pussy. I brushed it gently, but she gripped my hand, forcing it firmly into her sex. “Harder, Rob,” she begged. I pinched it as I would her nipple and she exploded. Unfortunately, she forgot where she was and screamed in her passion then clamped her hand over her mouth as I laughed and laughed, still pumping her pussy hard. I had barely finished laughing when I grunted almost as loudly, signaling the onset of my orgasm. Over and over I sprayed her pussy with my rich sperm-laden juice. Exhausted, I began to withdraw until she stopped me, holding me within her body. “Let’s sleep like this,” she whispered.

“You’ve got to be kidding. If I stay in you I’ll be hard the entire time. That means I’ll be moving and neither one of us will get any sleep. It’s a nice idea, but not tonight. We have to get up early.” I pulled out, turned her around, kissed her and told her I loved her while she pulled up the blanket. We slept soundly in each other’s arms.

Mom laughed when she saw us the following morning. “That must have been a really good one, Steffi. I think you could have been heard blocks away.” Then she laughed again and hugged the red-faced Steffi and kissed her.
I kissed her once Mom had turned away. She looked up at me and whispered, “I’m so embarrassed, Rob.”

Mom heard her and replied, “No reason to be embarrassed, Steffi. Most women would kill for an orgasm like that. I know I would.” We settled down to breakfast and showered quickly before driving the short distance to the high school. I introduced Steffi to the coach and went to dress while she ambled to the bleachers. Practice was fun, but not as much as I thought it would be.

We returned to the apartment where I carved the rest of the turkey in preparation for tonight’s dinner. I placed the carcass in a really big pot with about six quarts of water. Steffi washed and sliced about a pound of carrots and a bunch of celery. However, I wouldn’t let her do the onions. Most people cry when they slice onions, but I seem to be mostly immune. All these went into the pot along with some salt and pepper. I covered it and let it come to a boil, before turning the flame down to let it simmer.

I’d been making this soup since I was in seventh grade when I thought it was a waste to throw out so much food. We were in a much better situation financially now that I was working, but I still loved the soup. We’d have soup and turkey sandwiches for dinner tonight. I’d take Mom and Steffi out to eat tomorrow. I had something special planned.
Steffi asked me what we would do while the soup simmered. “Nothing—we just wait until I decide to remove all the bones,” I replied. She nodded silently and turned to walk down the hallway. She returned a few minutes later with a large bath towel which she spread on the carpet. “What?”

“Simple…we can fill the time with some fucking…right here on the floor.”

“Uh…you know we have a nice bed right in there?”

“Sure, but I’m feeling a bit kinky this morning, especially after watching you sweat this morning. I’ll bet your cock has an interesting taste, so…?” I chuckled. Life would never be dull with Steffi around. I stood and held my arms out. She jumped into an embrace, her arms running under and around mine as her hands clasped my head and pulled it down to meet her slightly open lips. Our mouths met, warm and moist, as her tongue snaked around mine, tickling my gums and palate.

One hand left my head, searching my crotch for my engorging organ. She found it in seconds and her groping motion only encouraged its growth. My hands on her back pulled her to my body, freeing her hands to open my belt and jeans. They slid immediately to my ankles. My boxers followed and an instant later Steffi pushed my sweatshirt and tee shirt over my head. I stood now totally naked in front of her. Steffi stood back admiring her prize then came forward again, but instead of kissing me she dropped to her knees and took my cock into her hand, my balls into the other.

“You know, Rob these are really beautiful. I love the shape of the head. It reminds me of a medieval monk…like one of those who used to spend their lives copying manuscripts. I also wonder why it’s so spongy when the rest is so hard. I’ve also noticed the skin. It’s loose so when you fuck me it seems to stay still while the part underneath moves back and forth. All in all it’s like a beautiful mystery, but I love it…everything about it. Now let me show you.”

Her tongue out, she slowly licked all around the monk’s head; her eyes glued onto mine. I could see the pleasure in her eyes, the knowledge that she was giving me infinite pleasure with her tongue as she would later no doubt with other parts—her breasts and her pussy. She was so giving…so loving…so wonderful. No wonder I loved her so much. Looking down I saw her engulf my organ, swallowing the entire eight inches before bottoming out against my pubic hair. My legs grew weak and I tottered against the couch before falling to the floor. Steffi continued working me over, running her tongue up and down the ultra-sensitive underside of my shaft. Suddenly, she pulled back and moved her head a bit lower. She kissed my scrotum and sucked each testicle slowly into her mouth. She rolled them around with her tongue and gently allowed each one to pop out from between her lips.

She moved me onto the towel and began the most sensuous striptease, slowly removing her sweater, jeans, bra and panties. She turned around and shook her butt in my face. I reached up and pulled her down to me. Her body met mine; we spoke at the very same instant, “I love you.” We pulled each other close then we became one as she sank down on me. Her face showed me her utter contentment as we met. I held her ass as we found a rhythm, one that would make the feeling last. You’d think that fucking every day would become boring, but no—Steffi and I managed to find new ways to excite each other…to show each other our love. Steffi had a great imagination and there was little she wouldn’t do to help me. Today she rotated her tight cunt around in circles, flexing her Kegel muscles as she went. It was the closest to Heaven I’ve ever been. I reached up to massage her clit, but she stopped me. “Later, darling…this one’s for you—all for you.” She fell to my chest and kissed me again. It was more than I could take. I made one strong thrust as I emptied my balls into her. I held Steffi so tightly as I regained my breath.

“What am I going to do with you? One of these days you’re going to get me into such trouble.”

“Maybe, but just think of the fun we’ll have.” She waited for perhaps a minute before continuing, “Rob, can I ask you a question?”

“What is this…déjà vu?”

“Maybe, but I’m going to ask you something else this time. What do you know about anal sex?”


“Because I loved it when you played with me back there and then you told me all about those nerve endings so I thought you must know something about it. Have you ever done it?”

“No, Steffi I’ve never done it. Everything I know I’ve learned from the internet. Okay, here’s what I know. It can be great or…it can be hell. Those nerve endings can give both pleasure and pain. If you’ve ever seen it in porn you’d think all you have to do is stick it in, but if you do you’ll never want to do it again. They spend more than an hour preparing and that’s not counting all the enemas they take the day before. Just imagine some guy pulling out of her ass with his cock covered in shit.

“If you wanted to do it we’d have to prepare you, maybe with some butt plugs that would familiarize your rectum with being stretched. Then we’d have to use a lot of lube because your ass doesn’t make any. Don’t forget, your pussy is made to be invaded—your ass isn’t. I think before we even consider anal intercourse we should try a finger or two or maybe a thin vibrator. On the positive side I believe the orgasms that come during anal can be really intense, but you’re getting intense ones just from regular sex. Either way, we’re waiting until we’re home. Okay?”

“I guess.”

“Good, because I need to check the soup.” Steffi rose and I crawled out from beneath her. I had just pulled the cover from the pot when the phone rang. I signaled Steffi to answer it.

“Oh, hi Mom. Yeah, Rob’s here, but he’s checking on the soup. It’s starting to smell pretty good. Okay, you’re working until six so we should plan dinner for around seven. That’s great; how’s business today. Oh…that bad, huh? Okay, bye…see you then.”

“What’s that? Business is bad?”
“No, she said they’re so busy that she hasn’t had a chance to get off her feet all day. She sounded tired. I’m glad you’re making the soup so she doesn’t have to cook.”

“Yeah, that’s on my mind, too. Mom has always been a hard worker. I wish she could get an easier job. It’s hard being on your feet all day. I swear, I don’t know how women can wear those shoes.”

Steffi giggled, “You should know we wear them for men; the same reason why you play the harp, silly.” Using a large slotted spoon I continued to fish around in the soup for any bones I may have missed. I went into the refrigerator for the giblets. After washing the liver and the heart I added them to the broth. Steffi asked me what they were.
“The liver and the heart; you should try the liver, it’s loaded with iron. A lot of people don’t like the taste, but it’s not like eating a whole meal of it. You lose a lot of iron every month with your period. I read somewhere that some women even become anemic. Okay, I think I got all the bones out. Once this mess cools off I’ll pull the meat off and put it back into the soup then I’ll add the rice and it will just be a matter of time.” I picked up the towel and sat on the couch, pulling Steffi to me and turning her around.

“Oh, how I love these ass cheeks of yours. They’re perfect.” I leaned forward to plant a kiss on each one while I fingered her anus. “That’s just a sample. We’ll play more when we get home and I have a chance to install a pole in our bedroom. That was some striptease.” She laughed through another kiss and I pulled her with me to the shower.
Everything was ready when Mom arrived home at 6:45. Steffi had set the table, putting out the carved turkey and stuffing, the bread and some mayo. Mom said “hellos” and went straight to the bathroom. She was laughing when she returned. “I see some wet towels in there. You two been at it again?”

“We can’t help it, Mom. We love each other, but I take full responsibility. Sitting around watching soup simmer is boring.” Steffi replied.

Mom laughed at Steffi’s embarrassment. “Yes…I can see that you two are deeply in love. I was worried when Rob told me he was engaged that it might just be lust. That’s happened too often, but I can see how you react with each other, how you look at each other, how you touch, that it’s the real thing. Of course a little lust is nothing to be ashamed of. I’m so happy for both of you. In fact, I’m a little jealous.” She hugged Steffi and kissed my cheek. “Now let’s eat. I’m starving.”

We all had huge sandwiches with turkey and stuffing sticking out the edges of the bread to go along with the tasty soup. I had given Steffi a small piece of the liver. She made a face when she tasted it, but she ate the entire piece. I offered to share the heart, but she made a face as if to say, “Uggh!” I laughed as I ate the entire thing. Like most organ meats there was plenty of cholesterol, but it would be nothing compared to the meal we’d have tomorrow when I took Mom and Steffi out for dinner. I had something special planned.

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fuck me daddy


2016-10-11 04:18:54
Part 2... What to say? Overall, very much on a par with Part 1. A bit less sex, and a lot more story. Once again, the reader can see that less is more. The story has been advanced very nicely. My hope is that Steffi's dad doesn't backslide. Even with all the sex in the story, the love between Steffi and Rob shows through very well. I hope, also, that there is a big wedding scene in Part Three.

One question, though... Did any of the condoms break before Steffi got her pills refilled? That could make things interesting, if at did. Just saying'....

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Very good

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