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James and Melanie Explore Sin City.
My eyes started to open as the fog began to lift. I looked around, confused by my surroundings and I fought through the grogginess. It started to make sense now, I had fallen asleep. Slowly, the events of the afternoon started to play back in my mind. Our wonderful reunion sex, revealing my embarrassing childhood spankings, our fight, OH MY GOD… the spanking James gave me, and even worse than that, we had anal sex.

How mortifying, I thought. My first instinct was to try to find my clothes so I could sneak out. No, I can’t do that, I have to talk to James and we have to work this out. There has to be some resolution to this line that we crossed so everything can go back to normal.

I lifted my head up off the huge pillow and I saw James staring at me. He was sitting down at a small round Victorian style table that was in the corner of the master bedroom and was slowly sipping some type of alcoholic beverage. He must have been watching me sleep because I could tell he was wide awake and he must not have fallen asleep like I did. He was wearing one of the bathrobes that I saw hanging in ‘his’ bathroom attached to the master bedroom. I looked at the bedside clock, it was almost five in the afternoon and I was surprised that I had slept that long.

Gianna and I stayed up pretty late the night before having sex because we knew we wouldn't see each other for a couple of days, but my long nap had a lot less to do with the night before and a lot more to do with the traumatic afternoon I had with James.

I felt fine before I went to sleep, so what had changed that made me feel so self-conscious now?

He finally spoke and his voice startled me.

“Why don’t you come over here and sit down so we can talk,” he said, in a low tone.

The tension was thick. I hated that I felt tense around him. It shouldn't be like this, it can’t be like this, I thought. Why did I feel so unsure of myself?

I began to speak hesitantly.

“May I use the bathroom first?” I said as if I was verbally walking on eggshells.

“Of course,” he said, giving me a puzzled look.

For whatever reason, my first instinct was to use the sheet to cover up. A huge portion of the time I had spent with James I wasn't wearing clothes and he had seen me naked more times than I could count. Why did I feel the need to cover up?

I started to slide across the bed, but then instantly lifted my ass up off the sheets. The painful result of our earlier battle of wills wasn't lost on my very well spanked ass.

As I got to my feet and took my first step, I felt some pain and it reminded me of the morning that I had worked out while James had slept, only this felt a whole lot worse. The rough anal sex that we had earlier was coming back to haunt me I thought.

I walked naked across the bedroom with my eyes on the floor. I could feel James’ eyes on me as I entered the ‘hers’ bathroom. Once I was done using the toilet, I turned around, away from the mirror, and looked over my shoulder. Thankfully some of the redness was going away, but I could still see some of James’ hand prints on my ass. I shook my head in disbelief. What did I let him do to me?

I felt like a disgusting mess. He had come in me twice and I wanted to take a shower so bad.

Should I make him wait by showering? What if he got upset? I felt tears start to form in my eyes and I quickly wiped them away. I felt like an emotional wreck, but there was no way I was going to let him see me cry.

I put on one of the bath robes and hesitantly stepped out into the master bedroom. James’ eyes met mine as I sheepishly walked towards him.

“Are you okay?” I could hear the concern in his voice.

“I’m okay,” I said quietly, as I looked down, unable to look him in the eyes.

“I can feel your apprehension Melanie and we need to talk about what happened,” he said.

“Okay,” I said, still looking down.

“Can you tell me how this started?” he said.

Thank you, James, I thought sarcastically. The last thing I want to do is play back the events of the afternoon in mind, and then make myself even more uncomfortable by talking to you about them.

I paused for a moment.

“I called you a name and then you spanked me,” I said softly, looking into his eyes.

“No Melanie. You told me about your childhood and the discipline that you received from your father, and I made the comment that you were submissive.”

“No James, that’s not true, I...”

I thought about it for a few seconds. Oh my, God, he’s right!

James continued to speak slowly as if emphasizing every word.

“There is nothing wrong with being submissive Melanie. Being submissive is what attracted me to you the night we met. I've always had to be in control of everything that goes on around me, it’s just who I am and I have to have people around me who can accept that. We will take things slow, but you have to be willing to bend to my will.”

I looked down, feeling so embarrassed. I didn't even want to admit what I was going to say next to myself, much less to him.

“The things I like James, like being spanked, it’s not normal and I don’t know how to process what you did to me or deal with my feelings that arose when I woke up a few minutes ago,” I said honestly.

“First, we are two consenting adults Melanie. ‘Normal’ is whatever you and I choose to do together in this room.“

I contemplated his statement as he continued to speak.

“Second, tell me what you were feeling when you woke up,” he said, sipping his drink.

“I felt uneasy James and unsure of myself. Your hand prints are still in my ass and I’m…. I've never been this sore after sex.”

“You’ll be fine. It’s something you’ll get used to, just like regular sex.”

I looked down, embarrassed by his statement.

“I feel like you are opening up a whole new world for me James and that’s exhilarating, but it’s also scary.”

He looked into my eyes.

“Do you trust me?”

“Yes I do, I said honestly.

I trusted James from almost the instant that I met him.

“Then we will be fine”

“I can introduce you to many new things Melanie. Some of which you will have a say in, and we can discuss and find common ground.” He paused momentarily before he continued, “Other things will not be negotiable.”

My eyes opened wide with that statement. I trusted him, but, maybe there was some lingering doubt in my mind.

“Can I ask you something?” I said softly.

“Of course, you can.”

“Can you give me an example of something that’s not negotiable?”

He thought for a moment.

“Yes, I have a twenty-page list that I will print out for you,” he said, smiling.

My mouth curved upwards in a small smile, he could be such a smart ass.

He thought for a moment.

“When we are together Melanie, I don’t want you wearing any type of pants or shorts.” He paused momentarily then continued, “Aside from your workout attire, you’ll wear only dresses and skirts.”

I was okay with this because most of the time, that’s the type of clothes I wore anyway and the majority of the clothes he bought me were dresses and skirts and I just assumed that’s what he liked.

“Also, when we are out, I don’t want you wearing any type of pantie or thong.”

This one shocked me a bit. I always wore at least a thong under my clothes and when I am on my period, I wear panties. I was apprehensive but decided not to fight him on this. Not wearing underwear was something I thought I could get used to and I had a feeling I needed to save my objections for bigger issues that I knew would be on the horizon.

“Are you okay so far?” He said sternly.

“Yes, I can live with that James,” I said hesitantly.

“For now, the only other example of a non-negotiable item is the removal of your pubic hair.”

My jaw dropped open in shock. Since high school, I had trimmed and I normally had a small ‘landing strip’ of hair above my vagina. I knew shaving smooth was getting popular as many of the girls I hooked up with, including Gianna, shaved their pubic hair. I also remembered that my high-school girlfriend and I shaved everything a couple of times just for something different. I wasn't by any means advocating a return to the 1970’s style bushes, that I saw in my dad’s stack of Playboys that he kept hidden in the back of his closet, but keep it shaved off all the time?

“You want me to keep it all shaved off?” I said in a horrified tone.

“No,” he said. “Starting next week you’ll be going to a dermatologist’s office and they use a laser. You’ll get between five and seven treatments until nothing grows back.”

I was shocked and barely able to speak.

“What if I want hair there sometime in the future?” I said in an appalled tone.

“It’s permanent Melanie. I've been told the laser destroys the hair follicles. They are also going to treat the areas around your lips and anus.”

My mouth dropped open in shock.

“I’ll also pay for them to remove the hair on your legs and underarms if you wish. But the removal of the hair around your pussy and ass is not negotiable.”

I thought about his demand for several minutes and I was very apprehensive, but in the end, I relented. For whatever reason, he needed this from me to be happy and he had been so generous with me financially, I felt that I didn't have the right to fight him on this.

“Are you okay with that Melanie?”

“Yes,” I said softly.

He looked at me approvingly as I stood up from the table.

“Would you like a bottle of water?” I asked.

“Yes, please,” he said.

I walked to the mini bar and grabbed two bottles of water. When I was returning to the table he was dropping ice cubes into his glass and refilling it with some type of whiskey. I handed him the bottle of water and sat down across from him and took a sip of my water and thought for several minutes.

He took a sip of his whiskey and looked into my eyes and spoke.

“What are you thinking about?”

“You said some very cruel things to me earlier,” I said hesitantly, not wanting to make him mad again.

He thought for a moment.

“Some of the things I said earlier were very harsh, but that doesn't make them any less true.”

He paused.

“What you did concerning your clothes purchases and partying might not have been smart choices, but worse things have been done by college kids,” he said smiling.

I looked up at him and smiled.

“In many ways, you are very mature and I forget that you are only nineteen,” he said, “but in other ways, you’re still a little girl, and you don’t think about how the decisions you make now will affect your future.”

I looked down as I thought about what he had said, and the more I thought about it, the more I knew he was right. If I had just sat down and discussed this with him, I would have seen that he was right. Instead, I let my temper get the better of me when he criticized by past behavior. I knew that if I had just remained calm and talked to him like I was now, I would have seen the point he was trying to make.

He began to speak again which broke me from my thoughts.

“Also, one thing I told you wasn't true and I want to clear the record.”

I looked into his eyes anxiously waiting for him to continue.

“I've never seen you use your looks or your body to get what you want. However, once you enter the business world you might want to re-think that philosophy,” he said smiling.

I laughed and thought for a moment and figured that was as close to an apology as I was going to get from him. When I looked into his eyes, for whatever reason, I instantly thought of my father.

“When I was a little girl my father told me over and over that beauty is skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone,” I said softly.

James laughed.

“I think your father is a wise man.”

As we talked, I was feeling so much better that things were returning to normal.

I continued, “When I’m at a club and a beautiful woman enters the room, she doesn't have to announce to the world that she’s beautiful, everyone around her already knows that. She’s judged on how she treats people, so I've always tried to be kind to everyone until they give me a reason not to.”

“I know you do Melanie, and that’s another thing that attracts me to you. You don’t act like most of the beautiful women that I come in contact with, and that’s very refreshing.”

We both sat silently for a few minutes and enjoyed a comfortable silence together as we finished our drinks.

Once he had finished his whiskey he looked into my eyes and spoke.

“Are you okay now with everything that happened this afternoon?”

“I took a deep breath, “Yes I am James,” I said softly.

“Good, let’s get a shower and get something to eat. I have something fun planned for us tonight.”

He took my hand and we walked into the ‘his’ bathroom and took off our robes. We both stepped into the shower and I watched as he stood under the hot water.

I took a few seconds to admire his wet body. He must spend so much time in the gym I thought. James was tall and had long muscled limbs and a flat, nearly washboard stomach. He had a full head of salt and pepper hair that was cut short and a very light matting of hair on his chest and just a little hair on his legs. I liked that he trimmed his pubic area because I hated getting hairs in my mouth. Of course, what I loved most about his physical features, was his cock. He had a large, circumcised head and the shaft was long and thick and felt amazing inside me.

I felt James take my hand and pull me towards him which interrupted my admiration of his body. He pulled me under the water with him and we kissed softly, the warm water rushing over our bodies.

He broke our kiss and took the luffa, poured body wash on it and began to run it over my body, being extra gentle with my sore bottom, that thankfully had almost fully recovered from my earlier spanking. He carefully washed my breasts and vagina as I watched him drinking in my body while he bathed me.

He stepped back and allowed me to rinse the soap. I curiously watched him grab the body wash and pour some into his hand. I watched as he rubbed the soap onto my strip of pubic hair above my vagina, and I began to realize what he intended to do. He reached for his razor as I apprehensively opened my legs wide. I watched as he carefully ran the razor over my small strip of hair until he had removed it completely. Thankfully, I had shaved the small hairs that grew around the lips of my vagina the night before, so he didn't feel it necessary to shave me further.

He leaned in and kissed me and said, “Thank you for letting me do that Melanie.”

I wasn't sure of the reason, but obviously, it was important to him that I didn't have pubic hair, and more than anything, I wanted to please him and make him happy.

“You’re welcome, James,” I said softly.

I took the luffa and poured body wash on it and began bathing him. As he turned to wash the soap from his body I noticed that my gentle scrubbing had caused his cock to grow semi-erect. I saw that he was watching me watch his growing erection. He smiled at me and I instantly knew what he wanted.

I squatted in front of him and put a hand on his muscled thigh to steady myself because I didn’t want to fall due to the slick shower floor. I used my other hand to grasp him and gently pull back and forth and only after a couple of strokes, he was fully hard and a large drop of pre-cum had already begun to form on the head.

I extended my tongue and ran it up through the slit, tasting a dollop of the clear fluid that had dripped out of the head of his cock. It reminded me of how much I missed having him in my mouth. I felt him scoot back against the wall to steady himself, as the warm water of the shower poured over us. He gasped as I took him into my mouth and slowly began to work him in and out.

I felt his hands start to gently run through my wet hair as I worked him in deeper, feeling the head of his cock touch the back of my throat, and slide a little way down. I relaxed my throat and worked him the rest of the way in, until I had him all the way to the root and my lips were touching his body. I looked up at him and he was looking down at me in amazement. Every now and then, it was fun to show off a little bit.

I worked him back out of my mouth. His cock was wet and shiny with my saliva until the hot water from the shower washed his cock clean. I took him in my hand and gently moved his cock forward until the head touched his stomach. He groaned as I licked up and down the large veins with the tip of my tongue. His large testicles swung back and forth gently with the movement of my mouth and I had to give them some attention as well.

I took one of his large balls in my mouth and gently rolled it around on my tongue as I listened to his low moans of pleasure. I slowly let it roll out of my mouth and replaced it with the other. James was moaning loudly now and I could see the pre-cum drip freely out of the head of his cock. I looked up and saw him smiling, but his eyes were closed as if he was off in another world.

I let the other ball drop out of my mouth and slowly licked over the head, hearing a low moan escape his lips. I began to work his cock in and out of my mouth quicker and I could feel him start to tense up. I locked my lips around the head of his cock and stopped moving, letting him control the pace. His hips started to buck in short hard thrusts and next I felt splashes of his hot cum hit the back of my throat. My mouth began to fill up and I had to swallow several times to get it all down. When I could tell he was starting to recover, I let his cock pop out of my mouth and gently licked around the head to clean the remaining semen that I had missed.

After I had washed his cock again we exited the shower and leisurely dried each other off.

“I need to look through my garment bag and figure out what I want to wear,” I said, remembering that it was still by the front door.

“Why don’t you look in your walk-in closet, I’m sure you will be able to find something in there,” he said jovially.

I gave him a perplexed look until I realized that he must have bought me more clothes, and then a grin spread across my face.

He smiled at me and then continued combing his hair.

I walked into the master bedroom and opened the door to the attached walk-in closet and my mouth dropped open in surprise. Of course, I expected to find clothes, but garments similar to ones he had purchased before, but what I saw hanging up in front of me was definitely much more risqué.

I began thumbing through the clothes on the rack and realized he had purchased extreme club type clothing and my hands started shaking. The first dress was a glittery plum colored, plunge dress and the neckline was so low I knew it would expose my navel and much of my breasts when I wore it. The next dress was a strapless, wet look, black vinyl, mini dress. It looked so small, how would this fit me I thought? I answered my own question when I pulled on it and it stretched. Oh my, God, I thought, this will hug my body like a second skin. The next dress was a black, matte, halter dress with a plunging neckline that would come down several inches below my breasts. The next was a red, spaghetti strap, halter dress that also had a plunging neckline and the back was exposed except for a small amount of material that looked like it would barely cover my ass.

Flipping through each dress I could see that they all had one thing in common, each was very low cut and very short. There were some differences, some of them had see through mesh and see through lace around the stomach and back areas, but all of them showed so much skin. How could I wear these anywhere I thought? I had some very revealing club clothes, but nothing like this. When I shopped for club attire, I always passed on dresses like these. The only type of girl that would wear these dresses was…

I jumped as James gently touched my shoulder.

“What do you think?” he asked casually.

I stammered, “J-J-James…. I, I, d-d-don’t know if I can wear these,” I replied in a voice barely above a whisper.

“You can wear them,” he replied, nonchalantly, “and you will.”

He reached into the center of the dresses hanging on the rack and seemed to pick one at random and handed it to me.

“This one is my favorite, and you’ll wear it tonight,” he said matter-of-factly, looking into my eyes.

It wasn't a threatening or even a cold stare that he gave me, but, it was the end of the discussion.

He smiled at me again and then turned and walked away to finish getting ready.

The words he spoke earlier instantly came back to me, “You have to be willing to bend to my will.”

I knew that the next time he saw me I was either going to have that dress on or there would be another round of me going over his knee. I very quickly chose the dress.

I hung the dress back up and walked into the bathroom. I blow dried my hair and began styling it. I put my long blonde locks up in a very elegant style remembering how much he loved it last month at the ‘Paris’.

After I was done with my hair, I began to apply my makeup. I was meticulously checking my look in the mirror over and over until I knew it was perfect, and I realized that any further delay was just a stalling tactic.

I let out a deep sigh and walked back into the closet and pulled “his favorite” dress off the rack and looked it over. It was a black satin, corset dress that was low cut, but thankfully covered most of my breasts. The back of the dress had laces from top to bottom like a corset, hence the name. I squeezed into it and was able to reach around to the back and loosely tie the laces. As I looked in the mirror, I tried to remain calm gently pulling the hem of the satin material lower as if trying to make more of it appear somehow. Oh my God, it’s so short, maybe a couple of inches below my ass cheeks. This is something you wear in the bedroom I thought, not for an evening out.

I picked out a pair of black pumps that he had bought for me last month and put them on, completing this, do I call it ‘a look’? I wasn't wearing a thong and the dress wasn't made to be worn with a bra which made me feel even more naked. I looked at the mirror in the closet one more time. I shook my head in disbelief and I felt like I would cry at any moment. I looked like I should be picked up by my pimp and delivered to the street corner. I had seen other girls in the clubs wear clothes like this, but I had never been brave enough to until tonight I thought. But my motivation for wearing this dress wasn't exactly bravery.

Very hesitantly, I walked out of the closet and into the great room of the suite. James was sitting on the couch and instantly looked up at me, drinking me in. He gave me a huge smile.

“Melanie, you look beautiful,” he said, gushing.

I tried to force a smile. It made me feel a bit better because I could tell he was happy and he approved of the way I looked.

He spoke slowly, as he studied the dress.

“Something not quite right, though. Come here and turn around.”

I walked over to him, my heels clicking on the marble floor. Once I was in front of him I turned around and felt him untie the black strings on the back of the dress and then pull on them hard, cinching the entire dress up tight. I instantly felt the satin material hug my body, pushing my breasts out and pulling my stomach and sides in, giving me an hourglass look.

I saw my reflection in the window and my jaw dropped open as I let out a gasp.

“That is perfect, you look stunning Melanie,” he said, as he examined me from head to toe all over again.

Again, I tried to force a smile, “Now that I have my corset on, I just need to go find a dress to put on over it,” I said sheepishly.

He laughed at my little joke, “Nonsense, it looks perfect, now let’s go.”

I wanted a couple of shots of James’ whiskey before we left to settle my nerves, but decided against it. I just quickly put the dress out of my mind and tried to act confident even though I clearly didn't feel it. I tried to get my mind off the little dress by concentrating on what James was wearing.

He was in a black pair of slacks with a pressed white shirt. He also wore a black sports coat without a tie which gave him a casual, yet formal appearance. I could tell that he had his clothes tailor-made and he looked impeccable. His salt and pepper hair was combed back and I could smell just a hint of light cologne. He always looked so handsome and seeing him all cleaned up and ready for an evening on the town made me want him all over again.

I tried to forget about my nervousness and trepidation as we walked through the casino. James had his arm around me pulling me tight against him and aside from the dress, my world felt perfect. The more time I spent with him the more I realized how much I had missed him during the month that we were apart. I had tried so hard to forget about him and concentrate on my school work and my burgeoning relationship with Gianna, but once we were back together, those romantic feelings that I had tried so hard to suppress were coming back with a vengeance.

It also felt like something had changed after he had spanked me and I tried so hard to identify that feeling. It was as if there was a connection that had been created that wasn't there before. It was similar to what I felt in my childhood with my father, except, there was an obvious sexual component now. Maybe my friend Samantha was right, and I was trying to work out my daddy issues with James.

We reached the valet stand and James approached the window so the attendant could retrieve his vehicle. As he walked back up to me I smiled brightly at him. His short salt and pepper hair was blowing a bit in the gentle breeze. He looked so handsome and I was so happy to be at his side.

“Are you having them bring around your shiny convertible sports car,” I said, gently teasing him.

He chuckled.

“Actually, I took a page out of your playbook and rented an SUV for this trip, but we aren't taking that tonight.”

I gave him a puzzled look.

“I have arranged alternate transportation for this evening,” he said, smiling.

Just then a large black limousine pulled up in front of us. My jaw dropped in shock as James smiled at me, I could see that he was feeling impressed with himself.

A large African American man stepped out of the limo and walked around to the back and opened the door for us. He was very tall, well-muscled and dressed immaculately in a black suit and tie and he looked more like a bodyguard than a driver.

“Good evening Mr. Moretti,” he said in a deep, gravelly voice.

“Good evening,” James replied to the driver.

I smiled at James as he extended his arm, motioning for me to enter the limo first.

I slid into the back of the limo and sank down into the luxurious leather seats. I felt James slide in next to me and I adjusted my dress by pulling it down the best I could to cover a small portion of my tanned thighs. This dress was so short I thought, I was used to wearing revealing club clothing, but this dress rivaled most of my club wear in the skin that it exposed. I felt comfortable when I was standing up or walking, but when I sat down, it rode high up my thighs and it made me feel very self-conscious, especially since I wasn't wearing a thong.

I felt the limo lean slightly to the left as our driver got into his seat. He then turned and looked over his shoulder at James.

“We’ll arrive at our destination in about twenty minutes Mr. Moretti.”

“Thank you,” James said.

I watched as the driver raised the glass partition that separated the front seat from the back, giving us privacy. I surveyed the inside of the limo. It had black leather seats and deep cut pile carpeting on the floorboards. The black interior was broken up by a mahogany wood finish and there was even a fully stocked bar in front of me and to the left of where I was sitting.

The only other time I had been in a limo was my senior year in high school when my boyfriend’s parents had rented one to drive us around the evening of our senior prom. As I felt James close beside me, I thought this limo had to be twice as luxurious as that one.

I felt the car pull forward and in just a couple of minutes, we were driving north down the Las Vegas strip.

I felt James’ hand rest on my thigh. I smiled at him and then looked out the window at the hordes of people walking on the sidewalks from casino to casino. It always amazed me how the bright flashing lights turned the night into day, as I saw the seemingly endless flashing casino billboards advertising everything from the various gaming that was offered, to the headlining acts that were performing inside.

After a short drive, we were in the historic downtown district and we pulled up in front of the ‘Carson Kitchen’. I remembered reading about it in the latest issue of one of the local food magazines. It said it was supposed to be the hottest new Gastropub in town.

I felt the limo come to a stop and the driver walked around and opened the door for us. James and I stepped out onto the sidewalk. I looked off into the distance and noticed my large apartment building a few blocks away and I thought of Gianna who was probably inside my apartment. I smiled to myself as I thought of her.

James put his arm around me and pulled me against him, which instantly brought me back to reality. I noticed that there was a fairly large line of people on the sidewalk near the entrance of the restaurant, apparently waiting their turn to get a table.

James saw the look of disappointment in my eyes as I surveyed the long line, thinking that we were in for at least an hour’s wait. Just then a man in a very dapper pin-striped suit appeared from inside the restaurant and walked towards James with a huge grin on his face. They shook hands as they happily greeted one another.

“James, how have you been?” he asked warmly.

“I’m doing fine Mike. I’d ask how you are, but I can see from the long line that things must be going very well for you,” James said smiling.

“We got a couple very favorable reviews from some local magazines since our grand opening and the place has been packed ever since, I feel very fortunate.”

“Congratulations, I knew this place was going to be a success, but I obviously underestimated the degree,” James said jokingly.

Just then Mike turned to look at me which changed the course of their conversation.

“And just who is this lovely young woman,” Mike said, smiling at me.

“Mike, this is Melanie,” James said, introducing us.

We both simultaneously extended our hands and I felt Mike shake mine warmly.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Melanie,” he said, as his eyes locked on mine.

“It’s very nice to meet you too Mike,” I said, smiling brightly at him.

“I hope both of you are hungry,” Mike said, as he released my hand and turned back to James. “If you’ll follow me I’ll show you to your table.”

I noticed the look of disgust on a few of the people’s faces who were waiting, as we cut the line and walked into the restaurant, my heels clicking on the beautiful brown ceramic tiles. The pub had a modern, yet rustic look. The walls were mainly brick, broken up by wood columns and the ceiling had large wooden planks giving it a bucolic, unfinished look which added to the chic, modern charm of the restaurant.

Mike sat us at our table and then told James that if there was anything that he needed, to just ask for him.

I looked at James and smiled at him across the table.

“You didn’t really think we were going to wait in that line did you?” he said sardonically, returning my smile.

“Of course not,” I said, as he reached out across the table and took my hand affectionately.

I looked around, surveying the packed restaurant. It was a very young crowd that looked to be mostly college-aged kids who were probably a mix of locals and tourists I thought. There was an amazing vibe to the place, the restaurant felt fresh and hip, exactly how the article I read described it.

Because it was a younger crowd of people my age, I felt very comfortable, and the majority of the women were dressed like me wearing short, sexy eveningwear style dresses, so I didn't stand out the way I did in James’ restaurant in Summerlin last month. I surmised that the majority of the patrons in this restaurant were eating dinner and getting a few drinks before they headed out to the clubs and bars on the strip.

After the waitress took our order, James asked, “So what do you think of the place?”

“I really like it, and Mike was very nice,” I said enthusiastically.

“He’s a good guy, I met him when I was in college, and he’s done very well for himself. He has two other restaurants here in Las Vegas, and another in San Diego,” James said, as he intently surveyed our surroundings.

“I get the feeling this isn't a purely social evening out,” I said smiling.

James returned my smile, “No it isn’t,” he said, matter-of-factly. “My business partner and I are going to open a Gastropub in West Hollywood and Mike’s is so successful, I wanted to see this place for myself so I could size it up and maybe get a few ideas.”

“I didn't know you had a business partner,” I said, while sipping my wine.

“I own all of my restaurants except the two that I own with my partner, he said thoughtfully. These types of trendy restaurants, like Gastropubs, are much riskier and less likely to return a steady profit. However, when they are done right, they can be very lucrative. Because they are so risky, it makes better business sense to share that risk with someone, hence, my partner.”

He was so smart and business savvy. Intelligence was a huge turn on for me, and James had that in spades.

Our conversation was momentarily put on hold as our server brought us our dinner. I had ordered a chicken sandwich which came with a small side salad and James had ordered a steak sandwich with a baked potato instead of fries.

The food was delicious and we continued our conversation while we ate. We talked about my classes and his restaurants. The more he talked about his restaurants in Los Angeles the more I thought of how much I missed my family there.

I have three older brothers. My oldest brother’s wife is pregnant with their second child and my second oldest brother had told me a few days before that his wife is pregnant with their first child.

My two elder brothers were very stable, both had wives and were starting families, but my youngest brother was a much different story. He was the classic pretty boy and very few women could say no to him, including a lot of my friends in high school that he had bedded. I teased him constantly, telling him that he was a man-whore and an affront to all women.

Even though we traded barbs constantly, I loved him dearly and I was closer to him than my other two brothers. I knew all of his secrets and unlike the rest of my family, he knew all of mine. And in truth, we were much more alike than I cared to admit. We both constantly bed hopped with women and we seemed to refuse to settle down with anyone. However, maybe Gianna was changing that for me I thought.

My thoughts then turned to my father. We spoke at least twice a week and I knew how much he missed me and wanted me to come home and visit more, but it seemed like my absence from him couldn’t be helped. My mom and I could barely be in the same room with each other most of the time, much less be civil and hold a normal adult conversation. It was just easier to stay away than see her and fight constantly. Unfortunately, that kept me from seeing the rest of my family.

Just as we had finished eating, Mike came to our table and asked us how our dinner was. We both agreed that the food was delicious and James teased Mike about attempting to steal his chef. Once we had finished eating, James paid the check and bid goodbye to Mike and we started to make our way towards the door.

As we were walking, James very roughly and possessively pulled me towards him until it felt that he was crushing me against his body. At first, I wasn’t sure why he pulled me to him, then l noticed that a lot of the young college-aged guys at the bar were staring at me as we were walking through the restaurant towards the front door. I looked straight ahead ignoring their lustful gawking until we had exited the restaurant.

As soon as the driver saw us, he immediately got out of the limo and walked around to open the door for us. James and I slid into the back seat and James’ instantly put his hand on my leg as I tried to pull the hem of my dress down in an attempt to cover some of the acres of my thighs that was being revealed.

James looked at me thoughtfully.

“Did that bother you?” he asked.

I knew exactly what he was referring to, but I decided to tease him a bit.

“Did what bother me?” I deadpanned back, keeping a straight face.

“The men in the bar,” James said, looking at me incredulously.

“I didn't notice them, what were they doing?”

“They were very blatantly checking you out Melanie,” he said, in amazement.

“They were checking you out James, not me,” I said, giving him a stone cold look, “we have a very active gay community here in Las Vegas and you have a really nice ass.”

His eyes got wide as he looked into mine, and I could no longer keep up the charade and I broke out in a fit of laughter. James shook his head and smiled at me.

“Any more of that young lady and I’ll put you over my knee right here in the back of this car,” he said smiling, as he leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss.

These were the moments that I missed the most during our month apart when we laughed and joked and it felt like we were a real couple. He made it so hard for me to keep an emotional distance.

I thought for a moment, focusing on his original question.

“It doesn't bother me, the way they look at me,” I said seriously, “especially when I’m wearing a dress like this, I think it’s almost to be expected. It’s fairly easy to ignore the looks, but the catcalls from drunken guys in the clubs, that can be a little more difficult to handle.”

He looked at me, deep in thought.

I looked into his eyes and thought about this complex man who at times was so mystifying to me.

I wanted so badly to ask him, how did it make you feel as they gawked at me? Why did you crush me against you when they looked at me the way they did? You made me put on this dress, did you think they wouldn't look? Or, was them looking the point? Did it make you jealous?

I pondered that last question, James jealous? No, that wasn't him.

Then it dawned on me that the answer wasn't that complicated. He was just being the Alpha-Male. When he pulled me against him, he was just telling the rest of the pack that this one was his, this one was taken, this one was property, this one was owned.

I felt a tingle between my legs when I came to the realization that like his car, or one of his restaurants, I was his possession.

We drove for a few more miles in silence. Even though I felt comfortable and relaxed, there was still a bit of tension in the air, because I didn't know what James had planned for the rest of the evening. I felt his hand as it rested gently on my thigh, his gentle touch always seemed to steady me and give me confidence somehow.

We pulled onto Industrial Road. It was an area of Las Vegas near the strip, but one I hadn't ever really been to. The name of the road seemed to describe this section of town perfectly as we drove by small construction companies and rental supply businesses. For being so close to the lavish Las Vegas strip, this area of town looked dank and dirty and I was starting to get an uneasy feeling about where James was taking me until we started to pass by one gentleman’s club after another which gave away our destination. The limo started to slow down and we pulled into the parking lot of the ‘Sapphire Gentleman’s Club’.

I remember hearing guys in the dorms talk about going to strip clubs, but I had never been in one myself. Guys seemed to love going to them and I guess being a woman I was supposed to hate them.

I remembered my roommate Rachel fighting with her boyfriend for three days straight because he went to a bachelor party in a strip club for one of his friends without telling her, and she somehow found out. To be honest, I felt sorry for the poor guy, she yelled at him for a full week and I know he didn’t get laid for at least a month. That was a pretty big price to pay to see some breasts I thought.

I looked outside the limo window to the parking lot which was packed with cars. It was definitely Friday night in Las Vegas. The limo pulled up underneath a large canopy which covered the front door and our driver once again exited the vehicle and walked around to open the door for us. I could hear the music from the moment the limo door was open. It was a sensual, erotic R&B song, perfect for sexy slow grinding on the dance floor, and I could only imagine how the girls inside this club were dancing to it.

I was trying to be strong because I wanted to be adventurous, sexy and confident for James, but inside I was terrified. Once out of the limo, I clung to James and I felt his arm wrap securely around me which made me feel better. His strength was giving me confidence.

We walked inside and were met immediately by a young man, who I was sure had seen us pull up in the limo.

“How may I help you Sir?” he asked politely, a professional smile on his face.

“I’d like a VIP booth and a bottle of your best champagne,” James said curtly.

He positively beamed, delighted that James obviously had money and wasn’t afraid to spend it.

“If you’ll follow me, Sir, I will seat you and have one of our hostesses bring a bottle of Krug Brut Vintage 1988 to your table,” the young man said.

We entered a large room filled with tables and booths. It was very smoky like any other club and the place just oozed sex. The music was loud and the erotic R&B song I heard from outside was just ending. There was one main stage in the middle of the room and two smaller stages off to each side. Three girls were working the poles, dancing and gyrating and I heard the thunderous applause as the song ended.

We reached our booth with the young man still smiling broadly at James. We both sat down and I slid securely up against him.

“May I get you anything else Sir?” the young man asked, over the voice of the DJ who was now talking because the song had ended.

It must have been because I was experiencing something new, or because of the nearly naked bodies everywhere, but I felt so uncomfortable and nervous. There were so many men here and so few women. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this was nothing like a regular club that I was used to, where the ratio of men to women was closer to equal. I needed something a bit stronger than champagne to take the edge off.

“Let’s get some water James, and maybe a few shots of Tequila,” I whispered in his ear.

James looked directly at the young man, “I need a bottle of Patron and a couple of bottles of water,” he said and handed the young man his credit card.

“I will have your order brought to your table directly Sir,” he said, as he turned and scurried quickly away.

I again surveyed the scene. Another song started playing; a heavy metal song from the 80’s that I remembered my older brothers listened to over and over when they were growing up. As the singer sung about ‘Cherry Pie,’ the three girls that were working the poles on the stages were now mingling among the tables and three new girls were up on the stage taking their place.
I looked at James who was not looking at the nearly naked women, but looking at me.

“What do you think so far?” he asked.

“Do the girls ever take off their G-Strings?”

“Not at this club,” he said, matter-of-factly. “Gentlemen's Clubs can either serve alcohol, or have the girl's dance nude, but not both.”

He thought for a moment.

“I take that back. One club was grandfathered in when Clark County changed the ordinance.”

He smiled at me softly.

“Now that I know you prefer to drink alcohol and watch nude girls dance, I’ll know where to take you next time around,” he said, jokingly.

I felt my face blush deeply at his comment. He’s such a smart ass I thought.

I turned my attention to the main stage as a pretty black girl was grinding and swinging around on the pole. I could see every hungry eye in the crowd of men follow her every move as she elegantly danced in time with the music, while the men near the stage stuffed money into her G-String, as she mercilessly teased them.

I also noticed that there were very few other women here besides the dancers. I counted only two other women in the entire club and they appeared to be here with their husbands.

As I looked around at the rest of the patrons, I really appreciated James getting us a VIP booth. It gave us a bit more privacy than the tables set up on the club floor. We weren't quite as close to the girls on the stage, but it was close enough for me and I was glad we weren't out among the masses of men.

Just then, a pretty blonde girl carrying a huge tray appeared in front of us and started to gracefully set down our order of drinks onto the table in front of us.

She was wearing tiny booty shorts and a tank top that looked to be about two sizes too small for her breasts, that had very obviously been augmented. I tried not to stare at them, but they looked so oversized for her tiny, petite frame and they looked like they were seconds away from exploding the seams in the little tank top that she wore.

She smiled seductively at James as she passed him the receipt for the credit card and then watched him sign it. James handed back the signed slip of paper and her eyes got big when she read it and gave him a big smile.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you,” she said sweetly, as she gave me a wink and then sauntered away.

I smiled at James, “I think you just made a new friend,” I said, teasingly.

“Big tips always make for quick friends in a place like this,” he said, returning my smile.

I thought of making a snide comment like ‘James had better keep his skanky new friend away from me’, then, I thought better of it. She was only doing her job and I’m sure those balloon sized breasts probably helped her get better tips and make much more money in a place like this.

James opened up the bottle of champagne and poured it into two flutes, then opened the bottle of Patron and poured us two shots into the small glasses.

I was feeling much less nervous than I was when we walked in, but still jittery enough to do a shot with James.

He handed me one of the shot glasses, “Here’s to you Melanie, and our fun night ahead,” he said cryptically.

I looked into his eyes trying to figure out what he meant with that toast, but of course, he gave away nothing. I tipped back the shot and felt it burn all the way down to my toes. Instantly, I felt better.

The song stopped and the DJ began speaking as the three girls went out into the crowd to mingle with the hoard of men, and three new girls manned the poles.

I picked up the flute and sipped the champagne, it tasted amazing, even better than the Dom Perignon we had at the ‘Paris’. I watched as a cute Latina girl swung around acrobatically on the pole, whipping the men in the crowd to a frenzy. Some of the girls were prettier than others, but all of them were so athletic and graceful. They had such toned arms and legs, dancing on that pole must be an amazing workout I thought.

I looked over at James, and again, he was studying me, not the girls.

“Are you having a good time? he asked.

“I am, this is fun,” I replied, as I really did enjoy watching the beautiful girls dance from afar.

I didn't understand James though. Dozens of nearly naked women were all around us and it was as if I could feel raw sex dripping out of the walls of this place, so why was James looking at me I wondered.

Just then an Asian girl in a tiny schoolgirl uniform approached our table.

She looked into James’ eyes charmingly, “Would you like a lap dance?”

My mouth dropped open, what the hell is that I thought.

James smiled back at her, “I’ll pass for now, but I know my girlfriend would love one,” he said, as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill.

“James, I don’t think I…..”

It was too late. In what seemed like a split second, she had taken the money out of James’ hand and was grinding seductively on my thigh. I didn't know what to do, so I just sat there motionless, almost afraid to move, as she rubbed up against me. I looked around and saw that several guys’ attention was now focused on me and this girl, instead of the girls on the stage, which made me even more nervous and apprehensive.

As she gyrated on me I looked into her eyes and I saw she was scanning the room, looking for the next table to move to after she was done with me. I was instantly put off by that. Originally, she wanted to give James a lap dance, not me, but she wasn't willing to turn down twenty dollars and tell him no.

Thankfully, about a minute later the song ended. I smiled at her politely and James thanked her as she moved on to a group of guys a couple of tables down. I’m not sure what I expected from my first lap dance, but that sure wasn't the ‘be all, end all’ experience that the guys talked about in the dorms.

James looked into my eyes.

“What did you think?”

“It was okay.”

“Yeah, I could tell there were no sparks.”

“There doesn't have to be sparks.”

“Of course, there does,” he said, “I want you to have a good time here.”

“I’m with you James, of course, I’m having a good time,” I said teasingly.

That wasn't what he meant, and I knew it.

We watched several more sets of dancers take the stages and we did a couple more shots, as well as drinking about half the bottle of champagne. I had a really good buzz going from all the alcohol and I felt very loose and comfortable. I’d never come to a place like this by myself, or even with my friends, but with James beside me, I felt secure and relaxed.

During the next half hour, we watched more dancers on the stages and James got me another lap dance with some skinny blonde girl, which was a little bit better than with the Asian girl, but nothing to write home about.

We did two more shots of Patron as the song changed, and again the three girls who were dancing went into the crowd to solicit the men for lap dances. That’s where the real money was for them I reasoned, in the lap dances. It took me a bit of time, but I was catching on as to how this game was played between the dancers and the men in the crowd. It was like watching a show on ‘Animal Planet’ about cheetahs stalking antelope on the Serengeti Plain. But on this show, the felines were wearing G-Strings as they stalked their prey, and the goal wasn’t to make a kill but to empty a wallet.

On the main stage, I watched as a beautiful red-headed girl got up to dance. I remembered seeing her earlier as she worked the crowd in a purple G-string bikini that she wore under very short, black leather mini skirt. The purple matched her pale skin tone perfectly. She looked very young and at first I wondered if she was old enough to work at a place like this. She had beautiful long flowing red hair and very large breasts, just as big as, or maybe even a bit bigger than mine. As she swayed on the pole and removed her bikini top, even from the distance I was observing her, I could tell that she had natural breasts, not augmented like some of the other dancers.

I felt mesmerized by the music and the way her beautiful body swayed to the beat of the sensual R&B song the DJ played. It felt so voyeuristic, watching this nearly naked girl dance on stage as her athletic body swung around the pole. She was wearing clear high heels like the rest of the dancers and the muscles in her thighs and calves rippled with her every movement. The feelings she gave me as I studied her every movement, was so forbidden, so naughty, that I felt mesmerized by her perfect curves.

Just then, I watched as James motioned over a large security guard, who was standing close to our booth. I noticed earlier that the big man was watching the girls intently, ensuring their safety as they went from table to table working the crowd.

Once the security guard reached our table, James whispered something in his ear and gave the giant man a fifty dollar bill and he quickly disappeared. I didn't think anything of it and watched the beautiful red headed girl finish her dance.

I felt loose and relaxed. The alcohol had definitely taken the edge off. I scanned the main stage and saw the red-headed girl pick up the dollar bills that the men had thrown near the pole while she was dancing. She then quickly disappeared behind the stage and I lost sight of her.

I snuggled up to James after I had refilled both of our champagne flutes, which emptied the bottle. I reminded myself to take it easy with the tequila now that the champagne was gone. It was too easy to get carried away in this place, the erotic music, the seductive, nearly naked dancers, the alcohol, it was a sensory overload, and like nothing I had ever experienced before.

As I scanned the room, I spotted the pretty red-headed girl and she was flanked by the large security guard that James had whispered something to, and it looked like they were both walking right towards us! Instantly I felt butterflies churn in my stomach, as I put two and two together; James had paid the security guard to bring her over to our table.

As she approached our table I got a chance to look at her up close. She had long flowing red hair styled in loose curls. She had put her tight, black leather mini skirt back on. It was even shorter than my dress, and I knew it couldn't possibly cover her ass cheeks, but I guess in a place like this, that’s the point. She had also put her purple bikini top back on, that she had removed when she was dancing on the stage. It looked to be just a little too small, as her large breasts poured out of the top and sides, and it looked like the thin purple material was straining to hold them in. She was wearing very high, clear plastic heels, maybe four inches tall I guessed, and the muscles in her thighs and calves rippled as she walked. I noticed that her high heels seemed to hoist her ass and made her gait incredibly erotic. She had a flat stomach and from head to toe, there wasn't an ounce of fat on this girl. I studied her face, seeing that she had a very light dusting of freckles, which gave her an adolescent appearance, even though I knew she had to be at least eighteen to work as a dancer. She was even more beautiful up close than when she was dancing on the stage.

Once she reached the table, she looked directly into my eyes, “Did someone request a lap dance?” she said, smiling at me.

“I did,” I said, responding in a quick loud voice that shocked me.

James smiled as he slid to the side of the booth, giving her room to operate on me. I noticed the security guard giving James a knowing smile as he returned to his post to keep a lookout over the other dancers.

I opened my legs and pushed the hem of the skirt between them as best I could not wanting to give the men around us a show of my own. Without getting money from James first, she instantly put her knee between my legs as she started to grind up against me. Her polyester bikini top pushed up against my satin dress as our breasts rubbed together through the thin material.

She leaned forward and gently rubbed her cheek against mine which sent shivers through my body. The other two girls who gave me lap dances faced away from me the majority of the time, but this girl was facing me, which made for a much more sensual, erotic experience.

We were cheek to cheek as she ground her body into mine and she began to speak.

“When Clyde told me that a couple in a VIP booth had requested a dance, I was hoping it was you,” she whispered seductively in my ear, in a voice so low I knew James couldn't hear her.

She was the first dancer out of the three who actually spoke to me. The other two just haphazardly ground on me like they were some type of robot. Her speaking to me and acknowledging my presence made it so much more sensual.

She continued, “I’m Flame, and I saw you watching me as I danced, I hoped I’d get a chance to dance for you.”

I instantly felt embarrassed. Had I watched her so intently that in the crowded room, while she was dancing no less, she noticed me looking at her?

“I’m Melanie,” I said softly, so only she could hear me, “and I love the way you dance,” I said, truthfully.

“You’re so graceful,” I continued, “like a ballerina,” I said honestly.

“Thank you, honey,” she said, as she took my earlobe in her mouth and gently sucked on it.

I gasped, loud enough that I knew James could hear me, making me feel even more embarrassed.

Then I quickly came to my senses.

I had watched these girls work the crowd long enough to know they would probably say whatever it took to separate these guys from their money. Was she just saying nice things to me in an attempt to get more money out of James?

Just then she caught me off guard and softly ground her knee into my pussy as she sucked on my earlobe again. I instantly moaned louder than I intended and I could see her smile. Damn this little minx, I thought. She was getting to me and even worse, she knew it. Who was the prey now I thought? I’m no more immune to this girl’s charms than those guys on the floor near the stage.

Thankfully the song ended and she pulled away from me and I quickly pulled down the hem of my skirt that was riding dangerously high from her knee rubbing against it. If my dress rode any higher up my thigh, they were going to have to stop selling alcohol I thought.

James handed her a twenty for the lap dance and I noticed that a lot of the guys in the crowd were watching our booth, as the lap dance she had given me seemed to be drawing as much attention as the girls who were dancing on the stage.

James must have noticed it too.

“Is there anywhere we can go that’s a bit more private, where my girlfriend can get another dance from you?” James asked her.

“We have private VIP Rooms,” she said seductively, “but it's $300 an hour.”

Her voice took on a more hesitant tone when she mentioned the price.

“I think that’s reasonable,” James said, smiling at her.

She gave me a pleased look when James agreed to her terms.

We stood up and she instantly took my hand, which I had to admit surprised me a bit.

Every eye in the room felt like it was on us, as she led us up a small flight of stairs which opened into a small hallway with a large security guard who looked as if he was standing guard at the entrance.

Flame looked at James, “You have to pay him first,” she said.

James reached into his pocket and pulled out a large money clip. He peeled $300 out of the clip and handed it to the burly man who counted it.

“Thank you, Sir,” he said in a deep voice, “please follow me.”

Flame squeezed my hand as we walked behind the large man. The hallway had ten rooms and each room had an intricately decorated drape that took the place of the door and could be pulled closed for privacy. Even though the drape made it impossible to see in, I could hear soft music coming from the other rooms. It’s for security I thought, if a girl got into trouble in the room, the security guard would hear her and be in there in an instant. I’m glad this place did a good job keeping these girls safe I thought.

The security guard held the drape open for us and we walked into the room, followed by the blonde cocktail server from earlier, with our bottle of Patron, fresh shot glasses, and our bottles of water that we hadn't even opened yet. It surprised me because it was as if she appeared out of thin air.

“Can I get you anything else?” the waitress purred sweetly, as she looked at James.

James looked at Flame and said, “Would you care for something to drink?”

She smiled at James and said, “I’d love a bottle of water, thank you.”

James nodded at the big breasted blonde and she scurried away to fetch the water.
The room wasn't that large, but big enough for us to move around comfortably. It had a booth, a large chair, and a table for drinks. James sat down in the large chair as it provided a perfect view of the booth.

I let go of Flame’s hand and walked over to James and gave him a hard, passionate kiss. He hadn't done very much since we got to the club besides watch me, as I watched the girls dance, and I didn't want him to get bored or think that I had forgotten about him.

Just as I broke the kiss with James, Flame took my hand and playfully pulled me towards the booth. As soon as I was sitting down, she started dancing seductively in front of me and it was as if I had tuned the whole world out and it was just me and her. I watched, mesmerized by her movements, as her body swayed wantonly to the beat. As she danced towards me, I opened my legs so she could move in between them.

As her body swayed back and forth, she straddled my thigh and started to grind on it. I could feel the heat from her vagina radiating through her little G-String and it drove me crazy with lust. I could feel the moisture on the lips of my vagina and without a thong to catch it, I knew the inside of my thighs were becoming wet. This girl was really getting to me.

I had watched the guys on the floor all night as they had gotten lap dances and they all kept their hands to their sides, so I assumed this was some rule, spoken or unspoken, within the club. I remembered laughing several times as a couple of the guys almost unconsciously lifted their hands as they yearned for just one small touch, but then caught themselves and pulled their hands back down, lest they incur the wrath of the security guard who kept a watchful eye over the girls. It seemed funny at the time, but now that I was the one being teased mercilessly by this beautiful girl, I didn't find it quite as humorous.

I watched as she reached to her side and unzipped the leather mini skirt, which fell down her thighs onto the floor. Then, she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top so that her large breasts fell out of the cups. They looked even more magnificent close-up, as they gently swayed back and forth in time with the music. She had such beautiful pale skin that was such an amazing contrast to her stunning pink areolas and nipples.

Interestingly, I remembered my freshmen year when it was my friend Samantha’s birthday and we decided to take her to a comedy club on the strip. I remembered the funniest part of one of the comedian’s set was how he said that strip clubs were a form of torture. I remember him saying that when he went to a strip club he wasn't allowed to touch the girls, and he wasn't allowed to touch himself, and that strip clubs should be used to torment captured terrorists.

That’s exactly how I felt with Flame because I thought I would need to sit on my hands since that would be the only way I was going to be able to control them and not reach out and touch her. She was masterful at the art of the tease and I was starting to get an inkling of how frustrating it was to have perfection so close, yet for all intents and purposes, unattainable.

She leaned in and I felt her nipples rub against the satin material of my dress and then the soft pink nubs touch the uncovered skin between my breasts as she teased me. She knew how to use every inch of her body, and I had honestly never seen anything like it, not even in the dance clubs. She leaned in further and took my earlobe in her mouth, gently sucked on it, then seductively pulled it back. Just as she was leaning back, I inadvertently turned my head until our lips momentarily brushed, stunning her as we kissed for a brief microsecond.

When she realized what had happened, I could see the lust instantly fill her eyes and she leaned in and we kissed harder as our tongues began to explore each other’s mouths. Just as we started to get really into the erotic embrace, the song ended and she pulled away from me, breaking our kiss.

I could see in her eyes that our kiss, while not unwelcome, startled her. She had momentarily lost control and the end of the song had brought her back to reality, as it seemed she had got lost in the passion of our spontaneous moment. I could only guess that maybe she thought she had let the lap dance get away from her?

Another song began to play and she purposefully moved towards me as our eyes met. Once she was in front of me she slid a leg on each side of me and lowered herself onto my lap. She moved her body slowly, grinding herself on my thigh, her breasts inches from my face. She then lowered herself until our lips met again in another passionate kiss, initiated by her this time. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths, our desire for each other building, as we heatedly kissed. Finally, we broke the kiss, she raised herself up until her large breasts were level with my face, and then she leaned forward and fed her pink nipple into my mouth. I heard a moan escape her lips as I sucked hungrily on the pink nub. She pulled back again and I let her nipple pop out of my mouth. She leaned in again, our lips met in another hard, lustful kiss. We made out for a few more minutes until the song ended then she sat beside me and took my hand in hers, and we smiled at each other.

I noticed that James had got up out of his seat and walked towards us with two bottles of water. He had opened his, so apparently the blonde cocktail server had brought us another bottle of water and left without me noticing. I glanced at my watch and noticed that our hour with Flame was almost up.

She had worked me up so much, I just wanted to get back to the hotel room and take all of this sexual frustration out on James, I had been teased so much by this girl, I just wanted release.

After James handed us the water, he slid the big chair up to the booth until he was sitting a couple of feet in front of us.

He smiled at both of us.

“You two look amazing together, and I hope that you enjoyed dancing for Melanie.”

Flame smiled at me.

“I don’t get to dance for women very often, and I really enjoyed our time together, you've both made this evening very exciting for me,” she said, blushing slightly.

James looked at her and smiled confidently.

“Speaking of that, neither Melanie nor I want our evening together to end quite yet. Would you consider joining us in our suite at the Bellagio and spending the night with us?”

My jaw dropped open, as suddenly, James’ plan became clear. We weren't here to watch girls dance, or for him to watch me get lap dances, we were here to find a girl to take back to our room for a threesome. Instantly, my mind began spinning. Did I want him with another woman? Would I get jealous seeing him have sex with someone else?

Then a more horrifying thought entered my mind… Oh my God… Gianna. Would that be cheating on her? Do I tell her? What would I tell her?

I heard Flame start to speak which broke me out of my deep reflection.

“Would I be spending the night with Melanie, or with both of you?”

I turned and looked into her eyes, almost surprised that she was considering this. But clearly, she was.

“Both of us,” James said, looking intently into her eyes.

She thought for a moment.

“For both of you, I’d need $2500,” she said, looking coldly into James’ eyes.

I was trying to hide the shocked expression that I knew had to be on my face. The innocent looking redhead with the cute, adolescent curls was gone, and a cold calculating business woman had materialized out of nowhere.

“I was thinking more like $1500,” James said casually.

She smiled at him.

“It looks like the magic number is two grand then,” she deadpanned back.

James smiled, “Done.”

She gently took my arm and turned it so she could see my watch.

“My shift ends in a half hour, you can pick me up at the back of the building. What will you be driving?”

“A black limousine.”

“I should have guessed,” she said looking at James.

She then looked at me, leaned in and kissed me softly, then whispered into my ear.

“Don’t look so shocked, I wanted to get between your legs from the moment I saw you.”

She leaned back, kissed me hard again and stood up. James and I watched her put her bikini top and black leather mini skirt back on, then she turned to look at us.

“See you both in thirty,” she said smiling, as she moved the drape to the side and walked out of the room.

I watched in stunned silence as she exited. I didn’t even know how to begin to process what James had just done. Of course, I wanted her, but, I wasn't sure I wanted to share him with anyone.

I thought for a few seconds and realized that in our newly defined relationship, I knew I would not be given a say when it came to whom James had sex with, and the realization started to slowly sink in that maybe I wasn't enough for him.

I started to feel miserable that somehow, I must not be giving James what he needed to be happy if he had to pay another woman to share our bed.

What else could I give him? I let him have sex with me anyway he wanted, I let him spank me, I gave him my body and as much as I tried to deny it, he also had my heart. I felt a tear come to my eye that I couldn't hide from him.

Then I thought of Gianna, and I quickly pushed her out of my mind. I’d have to deal with the repercussions of what James wanted from me and how it would affect her, another time. It was just too much to deal with now, in this moment.

I looked over and saw that James was studying my face, and his expression turned to shock when he saw the tears in my eyes.

“Melanie, what’s wrong? You’re crying.”

“I-I, I don’t know James.”

I hated lying to him, but how could I possibly tell him the truth?

I was trying to internally deal with the myriad of emotions I was feeling, and not wanting him to know the turmoil I was feeling inside. I also didn't want to him to know I was falling for him. Surely he at least suspected it, though, right?

“You were all over her a minute ago, what the hell is the problem?” he said in an irritated, angry voice.

I started to feel anger as my temper start to flare up, but quickly, I got it under control. I took a few deep breaths and tried to remind myself that he didn't feel the same way for me that I felt for him.
It troubled me that he could take my emotions from happy to melancholy, to livid in a matter of a minute, and what’s worse; he didn't even realize what he was doing. I had given him so much control over my life when we were together, and those comments, like the one he made a second ago, cut me to the bone.

“I can tell by the look on your face that something is wrong, and we need to talk about it.”

I took a deep breath and I tried to choose my words carefully, I didn't want to upset him.

“At first, it shocked me that you wanted her to spend the night with us. Then it shocked me that you wanted to be with her too,” I said, looking down, embarrassed at my admission.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

I looked into his eyes.

“You’re jealous?” he asked, giving me an incredulous look like it was inconceivable how that emotion could have found its way into my head.

I looked down, feeling deeply embarrassed. I hated it when he made me feel like a child, but how could it be wrong to feel these emotions that he stirred up in me.

“I-I, I wanted to be enough for you,” I said, looking down again. “If you need her too, then obviously I’m not, and you need more than just me to be happy.”

He smiled at me softly and took my hand.

“Melanie, why do you think I need twelve hours of sleep when we are together?”

I looked up at him and tried to smile.

“You’re more than enough, but that doesn't mean I don’t want to watch you have sex with a beautiful woman, or join you with her. I’m going to experience everything this town has to offer, and I’m going to do it with you at my side.”

I looked at him and softly said, “You bring out such strong emotions in me James and I try so hard to keep them under control. I didn't mean to act jealous, or be possessive of you, but I…..”

I was too embarrassed to finish my statement. I just couldn't find the words to tell him that I was falling for him.

He smiled at me again.

“The only thing I ask is for you to talk to me when you’re upset. That way, we can talk things out and I can help you with what you are feeling. Don’t ever shut me out, okay?”

“Yes dear,” I said sweetly.

He smiled, reached out and pulled me up out of the booth, then kissed me passionately, while simultaneously feeling up my dress and running his fingers over the soaked lips of my vagina.

“My God,” he said in a shocked tone, ”she was really getting to you wasn't she?”

“James, you have no Idea.”

He smiled and pulled the front of my dress back down and led me towards the door.


I tapped the tip of my heel nervously into the side of the passenger door of the limo. James and the driver were standing outside talking and I was ordered to wait in the back seat.

There were a lot of drunken guys outside the club, with testosterone surging through their bodies after being mercilessly teased for hours by the girls inside the club, so I tried to understand why I couldn't wait outside for Flame with James. I knew he was just trying to keep me safe, but still.

I had poured myself a strong drink from the bar in the back of the limo and it was helping to calm my nerves. I was still really worked up from Flame’s lap dances and I just wanted to get back to our room.

We were parked in a space so we could see the front parking lot, but also the door that dancers kept going in and out of in the back of the building. Each time the door opened, I’d look closely to see if it was Flame, but each time so far, it wasn't.

It was interesting watching the girls come out of the door wearing their street clothes as they ended their shifts. They didn't have on makeup, and many of them had wet hair , so I assumed some of them had showered after their shift. A few of them I recognized from their time on the stage, and they looked so different. Between actually wearing clothes instead of just a G-string, having no make-up, and wet hair, they looked so much more… normal. It was such a stark contrast to the painted, nearly naked Goddesses that swung around seductively on the pole in front of the hundreds of sex-crazed guys.

The door opened up again and I looked closely… It was Flame! Instantly, the butterflies in my stomach started churning a bit. Her red hair was wet, like many of the other girls who had come out of the door before her. She wore very faded blue jeans with large holes ripped provocatively in the thighs. She had on a pink tank top and her large breasts swayed sexily from side to side as she walked. I also noticed that her nipples were poking through the thin material in the evening breeze; obviously, she wasn't wearing a bra I thought. She also had on a pair of cute, white sandals, that completed her look and even with no make-up and wet hair, she was stunning.

Once she reached James, she stopped and they spoke for a moment and I could tell that money was being exchanged. A few seconds later, he opened the limo door and she slid into the seat. She sat next to me and looked into my eyes. James got in after her and sat on the bench seat directly across from us.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, we immediately began making out. I had been dying to touch her from the moment she started grinding on me with those torturous lap dances. I wrapped my arms around her, feeling her wet hair as our tongues explored each other’s mouths.

She leaned back, breaking our kiss and then playfully pushed me back onto the large bench seat.

“I've wanted to know what you taste like for the last two hours,” she said, smiling into my eyes.

I smiled at her.

"Far be it from me to keep you waiting then,” I said sexily, as I swung my leg over her head and rested them on either side of her.

I lifted my ass up off the bench seat and pulled my dress up exposing my vagina to her as I opened my legs wide. I paused for just a second, realizing that the window that divided the passenger from the seats up front was open and that the driver was watching Flame and me in the rear-view mirror. I was so wet and worked up from the night of teasing and lap dances that I didn't care if he watched us. The only thing I cared about was her mouth on me, and after hours of merciless teasing, I just wanted release.

The window and the driver were erased from my mind when Flame moved between my legs and rested them on her shoulders, giving her more room on the bench seat. There was no vacillation in her swift actions as her mouth instantly latched onto my vagina. I gasped and moaned as she plunged her tongue deep inside of me

I felt the limo start to slowly pull forward, riding over small bumps in the parking lot as her tongue moved over my clit. I closed my eyes and cried out as I enjoyed her talented mouth on my vagina.

She reached up and tried unsuccessfully to free my breasts out of the top of the dress, but James had cinched the corset strings so tight in the back that my breasts were held securely in place. I felt like I was in a fog as her tongue swirled over my clit, the sensations were rendering my brain useless to control the rest of my body. But somehow, I was able to reach behind and find the string and pulled hard, loosening the dress as my large breasts tumbled out.

Once Flame saw that my breasts had been liberated, she quickly reached up and ran her fingers over my nipples as she continued to plunge her tongue in and out of me. I could feel my nipples harden immediately between her fingers as the limo hit a small bump and we were rocked back and forth slightly in the back seat.

My orgasm hit me almost without warning. I screamed out as the waves of pleasure washed over me. Unconsciously, I squeezed my thighs together trapping her head between my legs as I shook violently.

Slowly coming down, I began to regain control of my body. I loosened my legs from around her head and I felt her licking the juices from my thighs and then she gave me soft butterfly kisses where she had just licked.

I looked over at James, trying to focus my eyes after my very intense orgasm. He looked at me lustfully and I noticed the huge bulge in his pants. I smiled at him, just as I felt Flame return to my pussy and instantly I lost all focus when I felt two of her fingers slide inside of me causing me to gasp and cry out.

She began to plunge her fingers in and out of me and I heard loud squishing noises as I cried out again. I was so worked up from the hours of teasing, I just couldn't even seem to control myself or body as her fingers roughly sunk in and out of me.

Just as I was feeling my next orgasm rapidly approaching, I felt the limo start to slow and make a sharp turn. Flame withdrew her fingers from my body and I looked up at her.

“I think we are here honey,” she said, looking into my eyes.

I still felt foggy and incredibly turned on, but the realization that we were at the hotel was bringing me back to reality quickly and I heard James speak.

“We are pulling into the valet at the Bellagio. You had better get that dress back on Melanie.”

I looked down and saw that my dress was bunched up around my waist. Flame moved back so I could swing my leg over her head which allowed me to sit upright. I got the dress back up so it was covering my breasts again.

Flame smiled at me, “Turn around honey so I can tie your dress back up.”

I quickly turned away from her as she pulled the strings and tied them, cinching the dress back up.

As I turned back around and faced the front of the limo, I looked into the eyes of the driver who gave me a knowing smile. I looked down, my face in a deep red blush when I realized that the lower half of my body was still exposed. I lifted my ass up off the seat and pulled the dress back down covering myself back up, or more accurately, covering myself to the best of my ability given the obscenely short length of the dress.

The limo came to a stop and I looked over at Flame who was wiping some of my juices from her mouth. Her hair was a bit disheveled from me clamping my thighs around her head, but she still looked beautiful. I leaned in and pulled her towards me, kissing her hard, just as one of the valets opened the back door of the limo for us. We broke our kiss and I watched as James exited the limo and then extended his hand to me. I grinned up at him and placed my hand in his as he helped me out and onto my feet. James then reached in and helped Flame from the back seat, then she walked over and stood beside me, taking my hand.

The young valet gave both of us a knowing smile and Flame shamelessly ran her hand over my ass, teasing the young kid. I felt James take my other hand and the three of us walked to the casino door.

We hurriedly walked through the casino together and moments later James was opening up the door to the suite. I didn’t even give Flame time to look around the suite as I pulled her towards the master bedroom with James smiling at me and my exuberance. We had almost reached the door of the master bedroom when James spoke.

“Why don’t you two ladies get started, and I’ll join you in a few minutes,” he said, laughing.

“Yeah, that’s a good Idea,” I yelled out from inside the master bedroom. Flame and I smiled at each other and then laughed together.

Our situation quickly became more urgent as we leaned in and hungrily kissed each other.

The next few seconds were spent tearing at each other’s clothes as we desperately tried to remove them off of each other. My hands were busy undoing the buttons on her tight jeans and getting her out of her tank top, while she was having difficulty reaching the back of my corset dress and untying those hated laces. It didn't help that my hands were all over her and I was trying to kiss her harder.

I made a mental note to burn this dress, if and when, she got it off of me.

She finally found the laces and pulled on them loosening them and the dress fell to the floor. I playfully pushed her back onto the bed and fell on top of her, wrapping my legs around her’s as I kissed her with a sense of urgency that surprised even me. We were kissing each other so hard and with such reckless abandon, I thought our lips would be bruised. As I leaned back and broke the kiss, freeing her mouth, I heard her murmur.

“Fuck, just put your mouth on my cunt and eat me.”

I had always hated that word. A woman’s vagina was so beautiful, like the petals of a flower, and that vulgar term seemed to take all of the allure and elegance out of the most intimate part of a woman’s body. However, in this moment, I didn’t care. I was so racked with lust, I just wanted to taste her, and give her the pleasure she had given me in the back of the limo, on the way to our hotel.

I quickly slid down her body as I felt her open her legs for me and I sunk my tongue inside of her. She gasped loudly and her ass rose off the bed and then started to grind herself on my mouth. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to hold her still as I licked the walls of her vagina and then my tongue slid out of her and began to suck on her clit.

I watched as she grabbed the sheets on the bed, gripping them tightly, and pulled them towards her as my tongue lapped and sucked at her little nub. She had such powerful legs and she was moving them as if trying to get away from me, but I held her tight, locking my mouth on her as she screamed out and shook while she violently orgasmed, with my mouth sealed tight on her.

As she continued to shake, I eased my mouth off of her. I know how sensitive I get after I come down from the peak and I didn't want to ruin it for her by putting too much pressure on her sensitive clit. I took a moment to study her body. Her vaginal lips were pink and fully engorged and she had a little tuft of red hair above her vulva, but she was shaved smooth around her lips and anus. Her little pink nipples were rock hard and standing up proudly off of her large breasts, as they moved gently up and down, while she attempted to catch her breath after her orgasm.

I gently licked the wetness off of her lips and from the inside of her thighs. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other, as she looked down at me.

“God Melanie, please do that again,” she whimpered, wrapping her arms around her legs and rolling back, exposing her pussy and ass to me.

I took my time, gently running the tip of my tongue over her lips, tasting more of her sweet secretions. Since she had come, there wasn't a sense of urgency like before and I could enjoy her body and the experience of being with such a stunning woman.

I slowly worked my tongue inside of her again and heard her moan, so I slowly moved my tongue in and out of her, enjoying her flavor and savoring the way she tasted.

She gasped loudly, as I hesitantly ran my tongue over her anus, gauging her reaction. I knew many girls didn’t like to be touched there, but I could tell instantly that it was something that she liked. I looked up from between her legs and we smiled at each other.

Slowly, I opened my mouth and let some saliva drip down onto her asshole. Then, I used the tip of my tongue and gently worked it inside of her. She moaned louder when I pushed my saliva deeper into her with my tongue and started to slowly run the tip of my finger over the hood of her clit. I felt her hips start to buck and grind against my mouth, which pushed my tongue even deeper inside her little-puckered hole.

She looked down watching me as I withdrew my tongue and replaced it with a finger, which I worked an inch or two into her bottom. Simultaneously, I moved my mouth up and began lapping at her clit, working my finger in and out of her asshole faster.

She moaned again, “Yeah, right there Melanie,” she gasped.

I watched her begin to spasm violently and convulse. She screamed out as she released and I quickly withdrew my finger from her ass, which caused her to cry out even louder as her orgasm washed over her. I slowly kissed and licked the inside of her thighs, letting her come down and regain her senses.

My eyes caught a glimpse of movement in the corner of the room and I realized that James was sitting on the small couch watching us. I had no idea how long he had been there, and I realized that I was so caught up in Flame that I didn't even see him come in or sit down. He had on a pair of boxers that were pulled down at the front and he was slowly stroking his big cock as he watched us.

As my eyes met his, we smiled softly at each other. He got up and walked across the room, letting his boxers fall to the ground as he approached us. He was rock hard and I could see the glistening clear fluid leak from the head. He had obviously been watching us for quite a while I thought.

James stood by the edge of the bed and I slid around and lay in front of him on my stomach. He put his cock near my face and I opened my mouth and slowly began sucking him. The minute the tip of my tongue touched the head of his cock, pre-cum started to leak out into my mouth and I had to pause for a moment to swallow it. I had never seen so much fluid leak out of him before, or saw him so worked up; he had obviously enjoyed watching us.

As I took him deeper into my mouth, I felt Flame behind me separate my legs and crawl between them. I gasped as James’ cock slipped out of my mouth when I felt her tongue enter my vagina. I took him back into my mouth and concentrated on him, swirling my tongue around the head, but her talented mouth was making that extremely difficult. I reached out with both hands and grabbed James’ ass pulling him closer to me, pushing his cock further into my mouth. That way, no matter what Flame did to me, his cock wouldn't pop out.

While I slowly worked on him I felt her tongue travel up to my ass. I gasped and moaned as I felt her push her tongue inside of my asshole, as she simultaneously slipped two fingers inside of my vagina. I was trying so hard to concentrate on James, but she was now making that impossible and her mouth just felt too good on me.

I attempted to run my lips over his cock and hold back my orgasm so I could continue to fellate him, but she was just too talented, and what she was doing to me was working too well. I pulled my head back letting his cock fall out of my mouth as I cried out and began to shake and convulse in orgasm.

When I regained my senses, I noticed that Flame was beside me on her stomach and when I looked up I could see James’ cock was between us. She hesitantly opened her mouth and allowed the large head to slip in and I had to admit, I felt a tinge of jealousy.

Since I had met him, that cock had been mine, and I knew that I was more than likely in love with the man that was attached to it. Yet, it was strangely erotic watching her with it. She seemed to be a bit more mechanical than I was, almost like a porn star, who didn't necessarily like the guy she had to shoot a scene with. Maybe that was just my impression, because as I looked into James’ face, he looked very similar to how he looked when I had him in my mouth, and I could see the pleasure written there as she worked him in and out of her mouth.

I looked into Flame’s eyes and we smiled at each other, or more accurately, I smiled at her and she smiled at me the best she could with a big cock in her mouth. I leaned down and took one of James’ large hanging testicles into my mouth and gently began to suck, which caused him to let out a low groan. We worked on him for several minutes until I could hear his loud, labored breathing and I knew we were getting to him. After a few more seconds I felt him start to tense up and he did exactly what I thought he’d do; he pulled away from us to calm himself down so he’d delay his orgasm.

Flame and I watched as he slid into the middle of the bed on his back and we both watched his large erect penis pulse on his stomach. James looked at me and spoke softly.

“Melanie, in the nightstand, there are some condoms, get one, and put it on me.”

I looked into his eyes and tried to force a smile because I didn't want to ruin the moment for him, but I’d be lying if I said I didn't feel the bitter sting of jealousy.

When he asked for a condom, he all but told me which one of us he wanted to have sex with first. In the countless times that we had had sex, I never made him use one. I was on the pill and I knew, at least up until this point, that I was the only other woman he saw, besides his wife. I figured that James having sex with his wife once a year didn't qualify as risky behavior. However, I knew that Flame didn't know any of this, so of course, she was smart to require that he wear a condom, and I didn't blame her for it.

I reached into the nightstand and pulled the drawer open. There were about five or six tubes of lube and I had already found out earlier what those were for. As I moved the contents of the drawer around, I finally found what I was looking for. I opened up the small box and pulled out the little package of foil, tore it open and removed the contents. God, how long has it been since I've held one of these, Sophomore, or maybe Junior year of high school?

I turned around and saw James waiting semi-patiently for me. His cock was still fully erect, and it gently throbbed and pulsed. Pre-cum was dripping out of the tip and running down the side of his shaft. It had been a while since I had seen him this worked up, maybe the night we met, I thought to myself.

Seeing the clear fluid ooze out of the little slit was more than I could take and I leaned in swiftly and took him into my mouth, cleaning the head. I then gently took his cock in my hand at the base, holding it steady, and slipped the condom over the head, and then rolled it down his shaft.

Once I had it on, I moved off to the side a foot or so and James looked at Flame expectedly. She moved from his side and swung her leg over his torso and straddled him, sitting on his stomach.

I watched them for a few seconds until James' voice broke the silence.

“Melanie put me inside her,” he said huskily, his voice barely above of a whisper.

Without saying a word I quickly slid around to the foot of the bed behind both of them and took James’ cock in my hand, once again grasping him at the base. Flame’s pink lips were swollen and engorged, and her secretions at the opening of her vagina were clearly visible. She let out a soft whimper as I ran the head of his cock up and down her lips, splitting them and then positioned him at her aperture.

I watched as she moved back slowly, his big head gradually penetrating her. She let out a low moan as she gradually pushed back, and I watched her vagina open and receive him.

James lay in the bed motionless, letting her take him at her own pace. She was very well lubed from all the sex we had earlier, but I could tell that he might be a bit larger than what she was used to. Flame slowly but surely kept sliding back on his cock and I watched as his member slowly sank into her body.

It felt like I had a ringside seat to the filming of a porn scene. I sat on the edge of the bed mesmerized, watching the carnal display play out in front of me. Almost subconsciously, my fingers trailed down my stomach and then I gently began to touch myself, as I watched her slowly take him in. After almost a minute or so, I saw his balls rest against the lips of her vagina and I knew she had got him completely inside.

I watched intently as the muscles in her thighs began to flex and she slowly started to move on him. James let out a low moan. I saw the head of his cock as it nearly dislodged from her, and just as I thought it was going to slip out, she changed direction and it slowly sunk back inside.

Both of them began to moan as she picked up the pace, his shaft disappearing inside of her and then coming back out. I was very slowly moving two fingers in and out of my vagina and every few seconds I let my thumb gently brush my clit as I teased myself, making sure I stayed on the edge without going over it.

They were both moaning loudly as the room began to smell like raw sex. I ran my free hand over Flame’s ass, and she instantly let out a gasp.

Unexpectedly, she spoke in a low, husky voice, “God, yes Melanie, play with my ass.”

She was bouncing up and down on him now, so it was difficult to comply with her request, but after a few seconds, I was able to brush my index finger along her anus. She was still well lubed from our earlier play and I gently pushed my index finger into her tight rectum.

It only took a few seconds longer before she cried out and shook in orgasm, as I continued to work my finger in and out of her ass. She collapsed on top of James and lay there for a few moments. Once he could see she had fully recovered, he used his hips to thrust in and out of her, taking control as I withdrew my finger.

I rubbed my clit harder as James wrapped his arms around her and started pounding in and out of her with incredible force. I watched her legs as they began to twitch and her moaning got louder and more pronounced, and I knew James had her close again. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the entire room as I reached out and pushed my finger into her anus again. That was the only additional stimulation that she needed, as I watched her body tense up. I heard her cry out and she began to shake uncontrollably. Simultaneously, I could feel my orgasm wash over me as I cried out with her.

Once I had regained my senses I saw that James had never stopped pounding her as she came. From his breathing, I knew he was getting close.

A few seconds later I heard him say, in low, gruff tone, “Pull me out of her Melanie and put me in your mouth.”

He stopped thrusting his hips which allowed me to grasp him at the base and extract his cock from her. I ran my hand up his shaft, which removed the condom and straightaway I took him deep into my mouth. I felt him thrust into my mouth several times and then he tensed up and cried out in orgasm.

I had him so deep in my throat I didn't even taste the first two or three spurts as they went down into my stomach. I eased my head back and felt the remaining jets of semen splash into my mouth and after they finally started to subside, I swallowed the rest down.

After he had recovered, James released Flame and she rolled over a couple of feet from him on the bed. I slid between them and he pulled me to his body and we spooned. I reached back and gently rubbed James’ thigh, softly caressing it. I looked over into Flame’s sparkling eyes and we smiled softly at each other.

It only took a few minutes and I could tell James breathing had changed and he had fallen asleep.
A couple of minutes later Flame slid closer to me and we passionately kissed. The night was over for James, but for Flame and I, I knew it was just beginning.


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Again, so fucking hot!!!

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Actually U just keep getting better & better.Each chapter becomes more & more erotic than the last.
You also employed the surprise element of girly sex to further arouse James. He is portrayed as a very senestive "reader of people." to realize the effect Flame & Melanie's chemistry would blend so well together.
It is a constant guess as to what James is going to come up with next! Good suspense & drama Anything else I might say, has already been said!

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