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2nd Parr
My First Love: Part 2

The next few weeks were business as usual. Sage and I went to school in the mornings and then we both had jobs on campus. We usually studied together in the campus library. We came home together and horsed around with Sarah and ate dinner with Mom, Dad, and Sarah. Sarah usually sat between Sage and I and dad avoided eye contact with Sage. At night, after everyone went to sleep, Sage would enter my room and he engage in passionate satisfying sex. Sometimes we only do oral, sometimes Sage would take me, and sometimes I would take him. I started enjoying licking his anus more each time and it became a normal part of our routine.

Sarah turned 13 and we had a small party for her. I bought her a makeup and hair kit. Sage got her a purse and she loved them both. After the party, dad drove to town with mom to get a pizza and Sage was tired and took a nap. Sarah asked me if she could "do my hair" and I agreed. It something we had down for a long time. Sarah pretended to run a beauty shop and I was her customer. I sat in a chair in her room and she comb my hair with a wire brush. My hair was longer now and she enjoyed styling it. I usually wore my hair in bangs but Sarah brushed my hair back and parted it. She would put some hairspray on it to hold it in place. I didn't mind playing along and actually enjoyed the primping.

"Do you mind if I put some makeup on you?" She asked and giggle. I protested at first, but it was her birthday and I said she could put on a little. She started with some blush and then but on some eyeshadow and some mascara. I must admit I was enjoying it more than I thought I would. She finished with a subtle lipstick and started to giggle madly.

"What's so funny? " I asked and she handed me a mirror. "You look pretty," she said and I laughed. I looked in the mirror and was shocked. God, I did look pretty. I realized then how feminine some of my features were. I had a small pointy nose and thin lips. My cheekbones were high and Sarah seemed to know how to accentuate them. Looking at myself I felt a little ashamed but also strangely sexy. She brush my hair a little more and said ,"I think you should have been a girl." I have her a stern look and she started to pout.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean it to sound bad. I thought you'd like it."

"It's okay." I said and continued you admire myself in the mirror.

Sarah studied me and smiled. "You kind of like it?" I nodded and she smiled. I had a strange fantasy about seducing a stranger in my make up.

"He have to show Sage." Sarah said as she ran out of the room and yelled his name.

"Sarah wait." But she ignore me. She pulled Sage into room and his eyes widened. He look at Sarah and then me and grinned.

“Damn, James" he said. He called me James when he wanted to sound more serious. He moved toward me and I started to get hard. Sarah watched us as Sage moved in and kissed me, tasting my lipstick and biting my lower lip. He put his cheek and against mine and whispered in my ear,

“Fuck , dude let's go to your room."

Sarah started to back out of the room and I told her to stay. I push Sage away and told him not now. I got up and went to the bathroom and was the makeup off before my parents got home. I did leave on some of the mascara and a bit of the dark eyeshadow because it made me feel sexy.

My parents returned and we ate pizza for dinner. I think my mom noticed my eyes but didn't say anything. We watched a movie and went to our rooms like we were going to sleep but we didn't. We invited Sarah into Sage's room and I sat on the chair as they primped me. Sage gave Sarah advice and I liked the attention. When they finished Sarah said "voila" and I looked even prettier and sexier than before.

Sage kissed me and Sarah watched. "Kiss him again" she demanded and he kissed me harder.

“Goodnight honey” we said and we left her alone and went into my room. We kept the lights on and Sage couldn't get enough of me. He kissed me more than he ever had before. I felt sexy and naughty. He finally shut off the lights and we took off our clothes. I sucked on his erection but he didn't take me, Instead he layed me down on my back and licked my anus hard. I liked it but was confused. He then lubed himself and I raised my legs and placed them on his shoulders. I was his girl that night. He completely ignored my cock. I felt strange but sexy. I never dressed that way again for him. I woke up early the next day to take a shower and remove the makeup.

The small town closest to us had a small old movie theater and would play classic movies on Saturday night. Sarah wanted to go see "Coconuts" but didn't want mom or dad to take her. Sage and I agreed to take her. I thought a night out would do us good. We let Sarah sit between us but I saw a few people point and felt theirs stares during the movie. Obviously rumors were floating around about my houseguest. After the movie Sarah went over to speak with a young boy and Sage and I stood outside in the warm humid air with some other moviegoers.

Someone came up behind me and poked my back and I turned around and it was Julie, a friend from high school. We had gone out a couple of times and for obviously reasons had no chemistry but had remained good friends. She looked pretty in the moonlight and I introduced Sage as my friend. We talked a little about our current lives and Sage went to check on Sarah. Julie punched my arm again and smiled.

"Good for you." She said.

"What are you talking about?" I asked and she whispered that I didn't have to hide it from her. I looked at her and said "thanks" and she said she was proud. She couldn't believe he lived with me and called me a lucky SOB.

"Hey, there's a keg at the lake if you want to come." I told her I'd feel uncomfortable and she said, “fuck them.”

Sage returned with Sarah. She wanted to leave for ice cream with her friend and his parents. His name was Jason and I remember his parent; they were nice people. Jason was in Sarah's class and strangely looked a little like Sage. I told her she could go and they said they would bring her home by 10:00.

Sage and I started to drive home and I asked him if he wanted to go to a party. I assumed he just wanted to go home for sex but he said he'd like to drink some beer. I knew exactly where Julie's party was, and I turned down a dirt country road toward the lake. We could see the campfire from road and started to walk toward it. There were small pockets of people that had formed like they always do at parties. There were some couples making out. Others were smoking and others were just talking and laughing. We walked up to the fire and the smoke penetrated the air. Sage spotted the keg and went to get two beers. Julie shrieked and ran up to me.

"I can't believe you made it." She was already buzzing and tripped.

"Fucking sand" she said and took another gulp. She handed me the cup and I took a sip. I wasn't a big drinker but it was ice cold and tasted good. She put arms around me and hugged me tight. I started feeling a little melancholy. I liked Julie, and wished we could have been together. She was fun and bright and maybe not beautiful, her looks were at least pleasant. It would have been fun to build a relationship with her, and we made out a couple of times, but my hormones just weren't into it. Speaking of beautiful, I noticed a stunning girl across the fire and she had cornered Sage. He hadn't got to the keg yet but this girl was checking him out. Julie drifted toward the keg and a tall blonde boy eased up to me.

I looked at him twice and then remembered him.

"Hey Doug, I said and he stuck out his arm and we shook hands. Doug was my age and although we were never friends, we were always friendly.

"How have you been."

He said fine but his eyes were looking at Sage and his new partner.

"Is that your friend, he asked. ". I nodded then asked him a question.

"Who's that with him ?" Doug breathed out and answered "Karla Kemp, you remember her don't you?" I did. Karla was a year younger than us and had a bit of reputation. But she had changed dramatically. She had a body even a gay guy couldn't believe. Her curves were fascinating and her breast were large, but not excessive. She had striking blonde, long hair and long legs. I actually felt a little desire when I looked at her It was obvious she was flirting with Sage. She kept flipping her hair and moving closer. Sage kept backing up a little but she persisted.

Doug watched them and mumbled some things under his breath.

"Let's get some beer." And I followed him toward the keg and as I walked by Sage he shrugged his shoulders at me. We filled our cups and stood by the fire talking. Doug told me he had not decided on what to do with his life. He didn't want to stay here but didn't want to go to college. I suggested a type of two year trade school and he thought that might be a good idea. He was currently working at the CO-OP in town and seemed embarrassed by it. He told me he had taking Karla out once but it didn't work out, which I thought was impossible with Karla. That's why boys took her out. He looked at Sage and Karla again and spoke:

"You better watch out, I think she got her eyes on your date." He laughed a little then stopped abruptly. "I'm sorry dude. I didn't mean anything by it. ".

I was a little upset but didn't want to start anything at a keg party. There were rumors starting about Sage and I and didn't want that to come to boil with a bunch of drunk teenagers. Doug felt bad and started to walk away.

I liked Doug. He was pleasant and interesting to talk to. I wondered if he was wanting to tell me something but was afraid. He was also handsome with with his blonde hair and fit country body.

“Don't worry about it ". I yelled and. He waved as he walked away. It was time to go.

I went over to Sage and asked Karla to get us a beer. She marched over to the keg and Sage made his escape. We walked away from the fire and I heard someone yell "the fags are going to fuck in the woods." Sage stopped and turned but I grabbed him. He was just drunk enough to do something stupid and get his ass kicked. We were about to the car and Julie stumbled on front of us and fell.

"Somebody pay the fucking gravity bill!" She yelled and Sage and I laughed. She was so drunk. We picked her up and she said she had to get home. We walked her to my car and she climbed in between us. I knew where she lived and started driving. She tried to kiss me several times and Sage.

“Damn you gay guys won't give me any action." She yelled as we pulled into her house. We made sure she got inside and I started driving back toward the lake. We joked about the girls hitting on us and it seemed like something drunk girls like to do. I went passed the turn for home and Sage asked where are we going. I just smiled and he said. " oh, to fuck in the woods."and I said not quite. I drove down a county road that turned into a beach next to the lake. This location was isolated. We got out of the car and walked to the beach. The moon light formed a jagged line that reflected in the dark night. It was perfectly still and we could hear the small breakers touch and beach. In the distance, a bullfrog rhymically croaked and an owl called to no one.

"Jesus, it's so quiet"

Sage said and kissed my cheek. We could even hear the distant party we had just left. I didn't say anything and started to take off my shoes. Sage watched me as I pulled off my pants and then my shirt. I stood there naked in the humid night air. I was starting to harden as I moved toward the water. Sage undress behind me and followed me into the water. We walked in the cool water up to our waists. Our erections pointed out of the water at each other. I moved toward him and we kissed hard. We held each other tight and our hands moved up and down over our bodies. Our cocks touched and danced in the water. I reached down and grabbed his butt and pulled him closed. I felt odd and wanted to do something different. Sage started to walk back I shore and I watched his pale thin body in the moonlight. His ass reflected the moonlight as water drops fell from him. My clock grew harder and we reach the land again. I turned him around and dropped to my knees. I took him in my mouth and sucked hard. He moaned. I asked him to get down and he got down on his hand knees with his butt presented to me. I worked on his anus like I never had before. I was feeling different than normal. I felt more sexual but less sensual. I pulled Sage’s cock back towards me he resisted at first but his hard cock we surprisingly easy to pull back. I stared at his ass and and licked and sucked both of them. He was in ecstasy. I sucked him so deep my nose touched his anus. It felt like a total sexual experience, like a random pickup. He could not take it anymore and his cream drained onto my tongue. I continued to licked his ass with my semen soaked tongue. I stuck my tongue into his ass as far as it would go. I then got up on my knees and started to mount him. I used his own cream as my lube and he gasped with pleasure. My cock slip past his first ring and my tip entered his forbidden realm. I felt totally engulfed by him. My erection was completely warmed with his inner body and semen. I can't imagine a more fulfilling experience. I started to move slowly and his ring slowly clenched and released with me. We breathed together and we mated on the beach like wild animals in heat. My testicles touched his ass when I went in deep and rose in my scrotum when I pulled back. Oddly, I wasn't thinking of Sage any more, I was thinking of Doug. His tall lean tanned body excited me. We continued to fuck and it lasted longer than I expected. He warm moonlit night surround us as our knees chafed against the sand. I stooped and pulled out and I it felt like I was being launched. He rolled over and I pulled his legs over me and his feet rested next to my head. He arched his back and I went back it. His entire body clenched and I finally came. I came inside him like I was breeding an animal. We both moaned loudly. I stayed inside him until I was depleted and finally pulled out. The odor of semem and something musty penetrated the air. We laid down and stared into each other's eyes. The sand was coarse on our naked bodies. We kiss a while and told each other we were in love. We got up and went back into the water to clean ourselves. As we walked back to the car i noticed drops of semen in the sand glowing in the moonlight. Jesus what a fuck.

We got home before Sarah and drifted off to sleep. The next morning I woke up alone but heard soft whispers from the next room. Sarah was with Sage and she was telling him about her night. I was jealous but didn't want to tell Sarah. She talked about how she hoped to get her first kiss soon. I was sore from the night before and had little scratches on my knees and hips. I got some juice from the fridge and Sage walked in behind me. He looked tired and worn out. He kiss my cheek but went back to talk to Sarah.

Later the phone rang and Julie apologized repeatedly for her behavior. I told her not to worry that she was funny. We agreed to go out as friends sometime.

Monday in class Sage and four other students were asked to stay after. I waited in the hall. He came out and said he hand big news. He had been selected to go to Mexico for a month to learn Spanish in a real world environment. I was upset at first but I soon realized this freedom might be exciting. I'd miss the sex from him no doubt, but I had been thinking about Doug a lot.

We drove Sage to the airport and he met the other students. One kept his eye on Sage the entire time. I was jealous. Sarah cried a little and as I watched him board the plane I knew this was the start of a new era for me. I'm a college freshman and I couldn't wait a month for my lover to return for sex. I'd find satisfaction elsewhere and I knew where to start.

When we got home I asked Sarah if she wanted to go to the CO-OP to get dog food. She agreed and we drove into town.

"Are you gonna miss him?" He asked and I said of course I was gonna miss him. She asked me if I still loved him and I said I did but differently than before. I couldn't explain it but to her but I wanted some new experiences. We got to the CO-OP and I immediately spotted Doug inside. He was working behind the counter. We walked in and he saw me but his eyes darted away. Sarah for some candy and we walked up to the checkout. Doug looked at me and I smiled.

"Can we get some dog food put in the trunk. ".

I paid and went behind the car and opened the trunk. Doug threw the food in and I watched his body. He was bigger than Sage and had tight muscles. He shut the trunk and I started to talk.

“How you doing?” I asked and he looked into my eyes.

He told me was fine but still deciding what he should do with his future. I decided to make a move and asked him if he'd like to go see a movie or something sometime .

"Where's your friend from school? Your room mate?" He asked I told him Sage had moved out. I didn't tell him he was supposed to return.

"Dude I can't be seen with you alone, I'm sorry. It's not that I don't want to. It's small town gossip you know. "

He started to walk off and I had an idea.

"How about if Julie goes with us?"

He stopped and listened.

"That way it would not look too suspicious. ".

"If Julie wants to go, I'll go.”

I called Julie and she agree immediately. We talked for a while then asked me

"Hey, are going to make a move on Doug?"

I said no comment and giggled.

That Friday night I picked Julie up and first and we headed towards Doug's. Julie looked pretty and I told her so. He acted a little silly and she told me she had smoked some marijuana earlier. I was surprised and didn't realized she did stuff like that.

"So what's the plan of action. What do want me to do?"

" What do you you mean?" I asked.

"What should I do to help you seduce Doug? You want me to hit on you to make him jealous? I will if you want I find this all very sexy. Damn I'm high. ". She laughed. She was high as a kite.

Doug was standing at the end of his driveway when we got there. He was wearing a collared shirt and blue jeans. He looked really hot and he smelled musty when he got in. He started to get in back but Julie told him to sit next to him.

"Come on Doug it's a party." I looked at Doug and smile and rolled my eyes. Julie was very handsy on the drive to the movie and didn't give us spoke all the time. She made us laugh and I think it helped with the tension.

We got to the movies and Julie forced Doug and me to sit but each other. Doug was nervous but there weren’t very many people in the theater. Julie sat on the other side of me kept looking over at Doug and me. Once she nudged me like I was suppose to hold his hand. I did make eye contact with him during the movie and we winked at me. Things were going to happen.

After the movie we went to the pizza place and sat in a round both. Doug didn't hesitate to sit by me this time. Julie was losing her buzz but started drinking a lot of beer. Doug and I drank enough to get a little buzz going. We ate and Julie suggested that we go play miniature golf but Doug tap my foot with his under the table and said let's go home. I got a little hard.

"Well, I suppose you're gonna drop my lonely ass off first!" Julie shouted as we got into the car. Doug and I smiled at each other and a warmth filled my body.

We did drop her off first and I walked her to the door. She stumbled a little , and I kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks honey". I said and she kissed me hard on the mouth.

" I bet he can't beat that." she laughed and I blush. I was betting she was wrong.

The tension in the car was palpable I asked Doug to sit closer to me. I was surprised that he didn't hesitate. I think the darkness and seclusion made him more comfortable.

I reached over and took his hand and he blushed.

"The next right is a dead end, if you want to go there. ". He said. I did.

I turned down the road and drive slower and dimmed the lights. We stopped and I shut off the engine. We were still holding hands and I thought about my first time with Sage.

I moved close and touch his cheek

"It's like if we do this there's no going back. It can't be undone." He said quietly. I paused and told him not to do anything he didn't want to. He didn't say anything so I made my move. I kissed his soft and reached up and stoked his hair. He started breathing really hard. I kissed him again and he kiss me back a little. I still taste Julie's lip gloss and he probably did too. He finally lean in and we kiss hard. I could hear his heartbeat. He was so nervous and excited. We kept kissing and I pushed my tongue gently into his mouth. His lips were tight.
"Open your mouth, honey".

I should not have said that.

"Fuck" he said loud and I was surprised.

"God, why'd you say that?" He looked at me.

"I'm sorry, I thought we were okay."

"That sounded so girly ". He said and I was afraid the moment was passing. It wasn't.

"I'm okay" he said and moved in again. We kissed and now he open his mouth and we touched tongues. My penis started growing and he made soft sounds that filled the car. I put my hand on him and he was hard. Jesus he felt big. I pulled back and whispered in his ear

"Do you want me to?" And he just sighed.

I unbuttoned his pants and pulled his zipper down. I fished for his penis and pulled it out. I couldn't believe how big it was. It was longer and wider than Sage's and was darker. I held it for a few seconds then I leaned down. I took it in my mouth and Doug moaned loudly. It wasn't going to take long. A lot of sexual confusion and frustration was rising fast.

"What about the mess?" He whispered. I stoked his arm for reassurance and continued fellating him. He was lasting longer than I thought we would and then he groaned loudly and filled up my mouth. He had a lot of cum. I tried to swallow but it kept coming. I gagged a little but got it down. I kept sucking until he was dry. I swallow it all down and wiped my lips before sitting up.

Doug was staring straight ahead and didn't say anything. I didn't speak. He looked me and grinned.

"Damn Jimmy". I rubbed his leg and asked if he was okay. He looked at me and said,

"For the first time in my like I'm okay." And he smiled. He was mine.

We sat for awhile and I tasted his salty juice in my mouth. I wanted to kiss him, but thought better of it

"I should have done you first." He said.

"What do you mean?” I asked.

“I should have done you first. I don't think I can do it now. I feel funny ".

I rubbed his leg to reassure him and looked down at his penis. AI little white drop was clinging to the head but he was getting hard again. I was feeling generous and ran my finger across his cheek and went down again.

He grabbed the top of my head and held me gently. I sucked and fellated him slowly this time. He lasted longer then filled my mouth again. We sat in the dark for while and he closed his pants. I think he wanted to do me but didn't have the nerve. He kissed me on my cheek and said he wanted to see me again, but it had to be private. I agreed and told him I would tell anyone. He worried about Julie and I said she was cool, but in reality she was a blabber mouth when she was drinking. I worried for Doug.

He sat close to me driving home but moved over when we got close to his house.

"Thanks, that was fun. " he said and added " I'll get in touch with you if that's okay please don't call my house, My dad would kill me ." I nodded and drove. He'd be in touch. He was in my stomach. I knew how to please a man.

I got home and grabbed a soda fast to wash my mouth. It was late but my mom was watching tv.

"Did you have fun?" She asked and I told her I did. She looked at me funny and I went to bed. I laid in bed and bought about how things had changed for me. A few months ago I was a naive virgin. Now I was manipulating girls so I could have sex with old classmates. It actually made me feel content. I like feeling like I was a sex hound. I wondered if Sage missed me? I also thought about Julie wanted to see if maybe, just maybe I could conquer that. I would call her tomorrow.

I did early the next day and thank her again.

She whispered into the phone and asked if we had done anything. I lied and said no. I liked Julie a lot but didn't really trust her. I asked her to go out that night but she said she didn't want to be a third wheel.

"No, I mean just the two of us."

"Why" she asked and I told cause I like her. She agreed.

We went to another movie and she was much calmer than the previous night. She pestered me about Doug but I would not admit to anything. We ate hamburgers outside and I felt kind of special being out with her. No eyes staring in the back of my head. Just two normal teenagers on a date.

After dinner I asked her if she wanted to anything else and she said, "ya wanna get high?"

I told her I would mind trying something it I really hated smoking and didn't want to do marijuana.

" I've got cookies!l" she said and I didn't know what she meant. We parked in the same place as Doug and I had the night before she gave me a cookie and told me time marijuana was inside of it. I'd never heard of that and she starting eating them. I followed her example and chew one down. We sat in the car a while and nothing happen. We talked about high school and old friends and I was having a good time. I started feeling funny and she started to giggle.

"I think we are getting high." She said and moved closer to me. She kissed my cheek and She put my arm around me. I was enjoying being close to her.

" I wish you weren't gay." She said. She really did have a way with words when she was high.

" Do you wish you weren't gay?" She asked. I thought about that. It would definitely be easier but I can't imagine the sex being as intense. She kissed me again

"Are you even a little bit attracted to me." I told her I was and we kissed hard. I did enjoy it. She had a pretty face and beauty is beauty. She kissed me harder and and we opened mouths. It was nice, but not hot for me. I wasn’t going to happen.

I backed away and said I'm sorry. She was disappointed but as soon as we kissed deeply, I knew I'd never make love to a woman.

I drove her home and we agreed to be friends. I thought my chance for sex was over for the night. God was I wrong.

I got home and everyone was sleep. I drank some soda and slipped into bed. I started to drift off to sleep but heard a car drive down the road that dead ends into the lake. I was just about to fall asleep when I heard a tapping at my window. I got up and lifted the curtain. It was Doug. I lifted the window and he came inside. He looked amazing. He was wearing tight jeans and a western shirt with snaps.

"I'm sorry if I woke you. I parked down by the lake. I was at home lying in bed and thinking about you. I wanted to see you."

"I'm glad". I said and touched his arm. I stood up and pulled down my underwear. I kept my shirt on. Doug stared at me in the dark room. He kicked off his shoes. I reached over and undid his shirt snap by snap. I loved undressing this cowboy slowly. His chest was big and athletic. I pulled down his pants. His pulled down his bikini briefs until the elastic band was under his testicles. It was funny and exciting. His penis was pointing at me.

I sat on my bed and Doug stared at my penis. He lower himself and put me in his mouth. He started to suck and fellate me. He was awkward and a little sloppy. I put my hand on his head and caressed it. He started a more rhythmic action and my pleasure increased. He was getting the hang of it. Pleasure sounds emanated from his mouth and he seemed to enjoy sucking me. He continued for a few minutes then I moved to the floor. He peeled off his briefs and we both were on the carpet naked. This seemed familiar. I laid down on my back and motioned for him get on top. We sucked on each others cocks gently and affectionately. It was nice. His cocks size still amazed me. I moved from his penis to anus and he stopped sucking me. He couldn’t believe it. I ran my tongue over his lower lips and he made guttural noises of pleasure. I didn't try to silence him although I knew Sarah would probably hear him. I licked him vigorously. His taste was mild, but not offensive. I tapped his bottom and he changed positions again. I dropped two pillows on the floor and reach in my dresser. I pulled out a new water based lube I had purchased and poured some in my hand. I rubbed down Doug’s huge erection. He started to breath heavy. He knew where he was going. I laid back and put my legs up. He moved slowly toward me. I felt my anus pucker a little. I rubbed the rest of the lube on my bottom and pulled Doug toward me His tip touched my flower and Doug pushed gently. God, he was big. His tip got passed my ring of acceptance and he stopped for a second. I clinched gently to encourage him to go deeper. He did and I moaned loudly. I had never been filled up like this before. He pushed some more and we were fully engaged. We were two lovers completely connected with body and soul. He started to move very slowly. He was so big I felt my prostate inside me. My erection increased with each thrust. He started to thrust faster and I couldn’t stand the pleasure mixed with pain. I moaned loudly. Our eyes stared deeply into each other and I felt a connection I had never felt before. My erect penis bounced on my stomach and I couldn’t take it anymore. I ejaculated on my stomach and chest. I had never done that before without direct stimulation. His large cock and stimulated me enough inside for me to come. God, I loved him. Seconds later he came inside me. I was filled with seman and covered in it. He stay inside me and still kept eye contact. He finally softened, and the we disconnected. I had him totally. He was mine. He layed down beside me and I kissed him The room smell of semen, sweat, colunge and something else. I rubbed his belly and he kissed my ear.

We laid there for about ten minutes and then he told me he needed to get home. I handed him his clothes and he dressed. He still couldn’t believe it . He looked and me and whispered:

“I didn’t know it would be like that. I had no idea.”

I kissed him again and he exited through the window. I opened the door slowly and went into the bathroom to clean up. Sage was gone, I was Doug’s now.

The next morning Sarah entered my room and look sternly at me.

“Who was here last night?” She asked.

I told her no one had been here.

“i’m not stupid, I heard it. Jeez that didn’t take you long.”

“There wasn’t anybody here. It was just me. I was alone.”

She shook her head and walk out.

I suppose all good things must come to an end, but this ended too quickly. Doug surprised me later that day when he pulled up in his car. He honked and I walked outside. My Mom and Dad looked at me suspiciously and I met Doug by his car.

“Jimmy I was gonna call but I had to see you. My Dad’s paying me to go to tech school up at Charleston. I leave tomorrow. I think he knows.”

“How could he possible know?”

“I’m not sure,” he went on and had a small tear in this eye. “Maybe Julie told someone, maybe he saw me leave the other night. I don’t know, but I need this schooling and he’s paying for it.”

I think he thought I was going to bet mad but I wasn’t He was right; he couldn’t turn down the opportunity even if it was his Dad’s way of getting him away from me.

“It’s only about 150 miles. Maybe we could meet sometime”

I promised him that we would and I meant it. Meeting in a hotel for sex with Doug was something I would look

He looked at my house and saw that my parents were watching and stuck out his hand.

I put out my hands and hugged him I didn’t care. I hugged him tight and then I kissed him. He kissed me back. Fuck my Dad. I kissed him long and hard and then kissed him again. Doug left and I felt empty.

I went back inside and Dad glared at me and I said,

“Fuck you, deal with it.” and Sarah followed me into my room.

We stayed in my room for most of the day and just watched tv and talked. I told her how I met Doug and that I really liked him It didn’t mean that I didn’t still Sage. I was honest with her about sex, and how after starting it, it was hard to not have it anymore. That’s why I pursued Doug.

I woke up early the next day and left early for school. I was feeling lonely and confused. My two first loves were gone, at least temporarily and didn’t know how to deal with it.

I walked onto campus early and looked for a table in the student lounge. It was crowded but there was one high table with two chairs available. I sat down and pulled out my book to study. I few minutes later a voice interrupted me.

“I’m sorry there’s nowhere else to sit; can i sit here?”

He was a young man with beautiful brown skin and dark black hair. I assumed he has hispanic. He was a little shorter than me and had brown soft eyes. He wore a pink polo shirt with the collar pushed up. He had on two rings and both ears were pierced with small studs. He also wore a small good chain with a pendant of a flag. I could smell his soft cologne and his teeth were bright white. My cock hardened a little.

“Sure sit down.” I said. “I'm Jimmy.”

“Diego” he laughed. “That’s Jimmy in Spanish” and he winked at me

It sure was.

I was going to be okay.
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