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The girl slides from normality to depravity.
Hello. I am always on line doing sex chats with women doing RP stories with them.
Sometimes what they want me to roleplay can be quite extreme.
This story was wanted by an Australian teen that talked to me.
It was such a turn on I had to write it fully as a story as there is absolutely nothing like this on line that I can find.
I hope you like it.

An insect colony's main breeding unit had finally ended its long useful life of constantly making new larvae for the colony.
The colony had no queen to take over the breeding duties so they automatically set to work burrowing holes underground making a trap as fast as possible before they all slowly die out or another colony invades and pushes them all out of their highly prized location of a nest and sure death either way.

Sarah was a young 18 year old woman with Long brown hair, well proportioned hips, nice ass ,long legs and pale skin complexion who lived in the country.
A virgin with her life ahead of her who longed for a large family of her own one day. She knew how the countryside worked and knew all the animals that lived in it as well as what is dangerous and what is safe to eat.
One day during the college summer holiday she went for a walk out in to the wide open saying she would see her parents in a few days whilst she goes camping.
Her parents were not worried as she was very wise and knew what to do.
One evening after finishing her meal she decided to masturbate again which she always did as she was aching to be serviced by someone. Her juices dripping out of her moist cunt. The musky scent flowing from her young body. After she orgasmed she decided to go for a swim in the lake close by.
After walking down and taking her naked swim she started walking naked back to her camp site drying off along the way on this long summers evening.
The journey back was still perilous and she decided to gamble going through a boggy area to get back quicker.
As Sarah walked through the bog she lost her footing and slipped. It felt like the ground broke underneath her. Sarah panicked as she slowly got sucked down. Help me she cried, help! But there was nobody out here in the wilderness. Lower and lower she went as she tried to keep her head up but in the end exhausted she finally used up all of her energy trying to struggle free. Thoughts of death went through her mind thinking of her family as she went down looking up and feeling the last rays of sunshine on her face as she finally disappeared.
Sinking down she could feel some things pulling her down tugging her even more.
The insects in their thousands moved the girl and pulled her in to their tunnel network before dragging her in to a very tight small chamber.
No matter what she did Sarah couldn't move but there was an air hole back to the surface which she could see horrible creepy crawlies which were working on the air hole.
As she tried to turn her head she screamed as she saw a large insect right next to her. At that moment worker drone insects crawled over her face and used an ingested glue substance on Sarah’s eye lids which glued them shut permanently.
This was a bad situation. She had heard of a story or a fable from tribes people that insects had done this to a wild pig that they caught and turned it in to a breeding machine if there was no queen drone as a last resort, but a human? No!
Naked and bundled tightly in her chamber, her arms and legs had pins and needles then they felt extremely cold before over time she couldn't feel them any more.
Sarah cried herself to sleep.
Many hours later she awoke to the noises of insects in front of her. They dropped a sugary sweet substance in to her mouth which tasted good and kept her alive with various minerals.
The insects kept checking her vagina and at some point there was a great noise, then she felt the insect next to her slide in to her young hole some sort of tube. No!- what are you doing no! She cried as the insect injected a liquid that made her ovulate regularly
Another straw was then inserted, this was the semen that was now flowing in to her. It felt warm and sticky and comforting as it was pumped in to her virgin hole.
Within a few days she felt movement in her womb. Larvae were growing inside her. She felt terrible as it would be a while before her parents would be even worried about her missing.
The larvae grew quickly in her womb as she was being fed by insects giving her the naurashing food she needed to live and feed her babies and large tunnel grubs cleaning up her back passage thoroughly if she went for a poo by pushing themselves in to her ass stretching her brown hole wide open eating the remnants of her faeces which they loved. Sarah also loved this by moaning deeply.
They knew it was important to keep her clean and healthy.
Then as the larvae inside her were about 4 inches in size and two inches wide she felt like she was giving birth as they moved and pushed out. She had to push hard giving birth to the larvae out her small slit which they slithered out, the feeling was like she was using her love beads that she had at home on herself.
Worker insects would take the new born creatures and move them to her large lactating breasts so they could suck some nourishing milk from their host before they were taken away and put in to small cells to be grown further before breaking out as insect worker drones for the colony or large tunnel grubs.
The insects could tell that Sarah’s arms and legs were now completely worthless and dead so they began cutting away cleanly the dead skin leaving just neat stubs on their now worm like looking breeding unit in the cool chamber.
Without her limbs she now had a bit more room and even though she could not see she began to get used to constantly being bred as she became wet and orgasmed many times a day with sperm being fed in to her regularly This could go on in this chamber for the next 40 years she thought as she orgasmed again. I will just have to get used to it she said with a wry smile.
I have been turned in to a breeding machine pumping out larvae multiple times a day for the colony with a large amount of young in her full up womb constantly growing inside her.
Her parents did search for her and found her camp but even though they were close by they never found out what happened and assumed a crocodile ate her.
A funeral was held and life moved on, only for Sarah life was only just beginning for her as an important breeding unit for the colony.

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2017-01-06 18:38:25
That was different. Thank you!

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