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This is a little interlude between day 2 and 3 of Emilys adventures. Pleas read part 1 and 2 first before reading this one. Also reading at own risk, this is a work of formicophilia.
This time Emily didn’t free herself from the insects before going home, she liked the thought of having them in her while being at home and talking to her parents. Because she was not sure if the janitor would be back tomorrow and therefore block her from having more fun with her little lovers, she wanted to play with them as much as she could.

After all she didn’t think they could come out of her pussy while she was wearing her panties. She didn’t want to infest her house with cockroaches. She smirked at this thought, after all she had them inside her pussy but didn’t want them in her house? That was somehow strange.

Also having to hide her arousal from her parents would just add to it. Before she opened the front door, she halted for a moment, with one hand feeling her womb just above her pussy, she could feel the bulge of insects moving inside of her, this was so humiliating. All she now wanted was to lie on her bed and masturbate, but that had to wait.
She opened the door and with a voice as steady as possible she shouted, “I’m home.”

“Hey honey” her mother greeted her from the kitchen.

“I hope you are hungry, because I made a lot of potato casserole.”

“A little, I got something on me today, but let me first get to the bath.”

“Sure thing, lunch will not be ready for another ten minutes. But could you please come down after you finished, I need someone to set the table.”

“Moooom, can’t dad do it.” Emily whined while she tried sneaking up to her room.

“No, you know you have to set the table for this month as punishment for breaking into school.”

“But I am already punished by having to clean the school.” In her mind she did no longer think of this as a punishment with all the pleasure she was getting out of it, but she would be insane to tell her mother that.

“You will do as told, end of discussion!” her mother replied with a stern voice.


“Just because you are 18 years old does not mean you are an adult yet. You were lucky they didn’t charge you but instead gave you this detention.”

“I said fine mom, no need to remind me of my mistakes.”

“Good.” Her mother seemed to not have expected her to come to reason this easily. It somehow had taken the wind from her sails.

“But first let me get to the bath will you?” Emily shouted while already half way up the stairs.

“Yeah of course honey.” She heard her mother utter before she was up and out of hearing range.

Emily was relieved that her mother had not come out of the kitchen, she didn’t want her to see the outfit she was wearing. Her breast pressed together by her too small bra and her ass barely covered by the shorts she was wearing. Actually they were not this short in Emily’s eyes, but her mother would most likely disagree. For a moment the thought crossed her mind, how her mother would react if she knew that at the moment she had a whole colony of cockroaches inside her. Emily smiled at the thought for a second, but then hurried to her room.

Locking the door behind her, she put down her backpack and striped down until she only wore her panties. Looking herself over in her full sized mirror, she noticed a large wet spot on her panties.
For a few seconds she just enjoyed the feeling of the bugs moving inside her pussy, pushing around, caressing her pussy walls especially her cervix. She rubbed her clit through her panties. It was an overwhelming trickling sensation inside her. Snapping back to reality Emily remembered, that she had to get back down. But first she had to make sure the cockroaches would not flee from her vagina. Searching her room, she found some tape, but she could not just tape her pussy shut, her little lovers would suffocate, so she took a pair of scissors and cut some small holes into a stripe of the tape, which she put over her still a little spread pussy. She had to push her pussy lips together to get the tape into place while carefully making sure no insect escaped from between her legs.

Now with her pussy properly secured, she could get rid of her panties, which were sweaty and stained by her pussy juices by now. The tape was not very comfortable because her pussy lips still tried to open up, so is stung a little. But she had no time to think about such things now. She hurried over to her wardrobe to get dressed into something more comfortable, but kept her panties. She picked some loose jogging pants and an old t-shirt that would hide her expanded womb as good as possible.

On her way down, Emily nearly had another orgasm, thinking what she was about to do, she lost count how many she had today, but it was not only the orgasms, that made her do it. The whole feeling was amazing, the constant state of arousal, the trickling sensation in and around her pussy, the depraved feeling of what she was doing. She didn’t know why but she enjoyed the feeling of humiliating herself.

She set the table, while concentrating on not having an orgasm during the process, which she managed rather well. Finally, her mother brought the casserole and called for her father who was reading in his study.

Emily tried to act as normal as possible, which was rather hard, she never noticed what exactly she was doing when she was not thinking about what she was doing. Which somehow was in the nature of itself. They sat down and her mother gave portions to everyone.

“So how was your detention today?” Her father asked.

“It’s hard work, I have to clean out the old shed beside the gym now, but it’s ok I guess.”

“Hard work builds character.”

“Also it is not supposed to be pleasant, it’s a punishment. A well-deserved punishment if you ask me.” My mother told her usual rant.

“And I am enduring it don’t I?”

It was hard arguing with her parent while being aroused. She could feel her juice running down between her legs so wet was she.

“You shouldn’t have broken into the school in the first place.”

“Yeah I know. I am sorry.”

“Oh Lizzy, let her be. She knows she has made a mistake and she is standing up for it.”

“But she should not be the only one. What about her so called friends?”

“Mooom” Emily cried out.

“It’s true isn’t it? They take no responsibility for their actions.”

Emily was really annoyed by the topic, her mother always brought up this stuff, she didn’t understand why she would not stop bringing this up. She got it the first time and the second and the third and so on. The trues was, she too was mad at her friends for leaving her alone, they hadn’t called since she was caught, but she would not confess this to her mother.
Her trail of thoughts was harshly interrupted by a stinging pain in her womb, nearly had she let out a yelp, but could transform it last second into a cough. Her parents didn’t seem to mind; a heavy silence had befallen the table.

While trying to eat as normal as possible, she tried to feel what was happening inside her pussy. Did she maybe made too less holes into the tape and now they were suffocating? But this couldn’t be, they still moved inside her even more now as it seems, giving her this warm satisfying trickling sensation from the inside. Another wave of pain shook her bottom, also a kind of pressure spread just below her bellybutton. A thought struck her mind, maybe her little lovers found her cervix and were now trying to get into her womb. It was both a frightening and arousing idea, weird thoughts started flashing inside her mind, of the insects impregnating her, laying their eggs inside her womb and she would give birth to a huge amount of cockroaches and woodlice. She didn’t know how many eggs cockroaches lay but it for sure has to be a huge number. Making a mental note to check this online, she tried to enjoy the new feeling and simultaneously keeping her composer while eating.
She finished her dinner as fast as possible, but nonetheless her juices were flowing down into her butt crack and drenching her panties. Right the moment she wanted to get up and bring her plate into the kitchen, the phone rang.

“I get it.” She quickly said, while standing up and running to the phone in the hallway, this way her parents would have less time to notice any wet spots on her clothes, that she feared were there. Also she thought that maybe her friends were calling her, hopefully to apologize.

She picked up the phone, while pressing her legs together because the sudden movement had disturbed the insects even more and they were wildly rampaging inside her pussy.
After saying hallo and stating her name, a deep male voice answered her.

“This that you Emily?"

"Yeah it is me and you are?"

"This is mister Hardly the Janitor.”

“Sorry I didn’t recognize your voice over the phone.” She apologized.

“No problem, I am just calling to say that I am still out of town, so I will not be back until Friday. Are you making good progress?”

Her pussy tingled as she heard that, so she would still have tomorrow to play with the insects in the shed, how wonderful.

“I hope so, I mean there is a lot of stuff in the shed and it is a giant mess.”

“I know, do your best, see you Friday.” With this, he hung up.

Emily nearly came on the spot, thinking about what pervert stuff she could do with one more day to play in the shed.
The urge to get to her room and masturbate was overwhelming but she still had to clean up dinner as it was her chore.
Before reentering the living room, she checked her pants if there were any wet spots visible, luckily her juices had not stained her pants yet but a look at her panties told her that it would not be long until this was the case. She grabbed some toilet paper from the small toilet besides the entrance and stuffed it between her pants and her wet panties.

As she returned to the table, her parents had also finished their meal and just waited for her to return. As they were standing up, her father asked her, “who was on the phone?”

“Oh just the janitor, he told me he will be back at Friday, that’s all.”

“Oh ok.” He grunted and off they both went.

Emily hurried cleaning up, which was hard while she was constantly on the edge of coming, but never got quite enough stimulation to orgasm. After she had put the last plate into the winding machine, she practically did run to her room. As soon she closed the door behind her and locked it, she striped faster than she ever had. Her eyes fell onto her panties, they were totally soaked with her pussy juice, also the toilet paper was all wet but it had served its purpose. A sudden urge filled her thoughts, with a swift motion, she picked her wet panties from the pile of clothes.

Jumping on her bed, spreading her legs, Emily enjoyed the feeling inside her pussy for a while. During this time, she played with the fabric of her panties in her hands. After a short while she started sniffing them, it was a sweet smell, but this was not enough. For a short moment Emily had to convince herself, before, with the tip of her tongue, she licked the wet part of her panties.

The taste was like nothing she ever had tasted but not bad. So forcing herself, she stuffed her with pussy juice soaked panties into her mouth. Now with her hands free again, she started rubbing over the piece of tape, just above her clit. It didn’t take long until a heavy orgasm was shaking her, luckily her moans muffled by her panties. While she was coming hard, she again could feel the insects go wild and also the pain at her cervix but lighter this time, in a way this just made her orgasm more intense.

She kept masturbating and coming until late into the night, at times she was sure she could feel some insects crawling on the walls of her womb. At some point she passed out from exhaustion and with a smile on her worn out face, drifted into a deep sleep.


2017-08-22 03:41:44
Kinda disappointing you never finished as it was written seemingly with intent to continue


2017-01-18 21:33:10
Love the kink!

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