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Julie 2

After our first time, Julie and I didn’t get a chance to really spend any time together for a while. She went off to cheer camp for the end of the summer, and her mother did pretty much anything she could to keep us apart for a while, apparently to make sure the birth control had plenty of time to start working. We would still see each other to talk, either at home or around school once school started. But we didn’t have a chance to just hang out together like we always used to do.

Finally one afternoon I was sitting around after school doing homework when who should knock on the door but my favorite neighbor. I invited her in and we sat around catching up on everything that had happened since we were last together. How are your classes, how are your teachers, what are you doing for sports etc. I did not tell her about me and Kassidy though. Then she told me all about camp.

Apparently, all the girls at camp talk, a lot. She looks at me kind of shy and tells me “I know we promised not to, but I kind of told them all about us having sex”. She said all the other girls were talking about their first times and she didn’t want to be left out. I said, “Who did you tell?” She told me that she told the girls in her cabin, which was mostly girls from other schools, in other states, no one who I would know. There was only one other girl from our school who she knew. (and I know). But there were a couple of girls from our school in one of the other cabins, and they may have heard it as a rumor. “But I didn’t tell them who it was, so no one knows it was you”. Needless to say, her friend pretty much figured out who her “friend” that she has known forever and lives next door to her is, although Julie never admitted it. So just like that before school even started, it seems that I had a reputation, at least among the cheerleaders, as a guy who cheerleaders like to fuck. It hadn’t spread beyond them yet but the school year was young. I can’t say I was going to complain about that, and after that I did notice some of them giving me longer, friendlier looks.

So we kept talking and all of a sudden she looks at me and says “So hey, you know that girl Kassidy?” I said “Yeah”. She asks, “just wondering but, did you fuck her?” That caught me off guard. I just blurted out in a genuinely surprised tone “What?! Who told you that?” She said “Oh it’s just another rumor that I heard.” She said that everyone knows she was having sex but they didn’t know with who. Most people figured it was her boyfriend of course, but apparently there were some whispers about me too. Some stories about the two of us skinny dipping in my pool and being alone together at my house all day. I told her “Are you crazy? Have you seen that ape she’s going out with? Don’t you think if he thought I was fucking his girlfriend he would have beaten the living crap out of me by now?” Her boyfriend was a football player. I’m very fit and in good shape from gymnastics but I’m only 5’6 and this guy stood at least a foot taller than me. He’d crush me like a bug. Julie looked at me and said “yeah I bet he would have”. She found that hilarious for some reason. I looked at her and said “I promise, the only girl I’ve had sex with, is you”. That made her smile. She then leaned over against me, wrapped her arms around my neck, started kissing me, and said “good”

Now even though I had taken her virginity, and given her mine at the same time, we had never really made out before. We were always just friends. Right now though, she was giving it all she had. She put her mouth on mine and almost instantly had her tongue in my mouth. I of course responded immediately. This went on for a while, and I was loving it. Then, all of a sudden, I felt her hand on my thigh. As we kept kissing, I felt that hand working its way up my leg until she was rubbing my dick through my pants. I was a bit shocked by this because Julie was NEVER like this. I stopped kissing long enough to give her a surprised look. She looked back at me and said “I never really got to see it last time, one minute we were out by the pool, the next we were on your bed and you were driving it in and out of me like a mad man”. I smiled for a moment, and said “ooooh Julie wants some moooooore”. She laughed a little and grabbed my cock hard, and said “Maybe I do”. I flinched a bit because she grabbed me hard. I said “well maybe you need a closer look then”, and smiled at her as I reached down and started to undo my belt. The next thing I know, she had taken that job over and had her hand down my pants and wrapped around my dick.

She undid my pants and I pushed them down enough to set it free. She gave up on the kissing and gave all of her attention to my dick. She wrapped her hand around it and slowly started to stroke me. I leaned back, loving this. She was fascinated with it, first one hand, then two, stroking, touching, then she reached down and started playing with my balls. I was in heaven. She said “it’s so big, I can’t believe you got this whole thing inside me”. I said “keep playing with it like that, you’ll make it even bigger” even though I doubt I could have gotten any harder at the moment. She touched the tip, getting pre-cum all over her finger, smearing it around the head. Then she timidly put it up to her lips for a taste. She said “It doesn’t really taste like anything”. I told her “That’s because you need MORE, what can you tell from that tiny little drop”. She leaned down and touched the tip with her tongue, taking another taste. Shivers ran down my spine. I really couldn’t’ believe she was doing this.

At that point, she gathered up all her courage, opened her mouth, and dropped her head right down over my cock. She only got a little more than the head in her mouth. She licked around it with her tongue, then started to suck on it a little bit. I started to moan with each suck. She then started bobbing her head, trying to get more in her mouth, but she couldn’t get it all. I put my hand on the back of her head and was “helping” her up and down on it. I told her to use her hand and stroke the bottom that she couldn’t get in her mouth. She started sucking slowly up and down. She tried to go down further and get more in her mouth, but she couldn’t handle it all. I told her to lick the whole thing, and to pay attention to the balls. She would keep trying everything and saying “Like this?” All I could do was moan and say “Just like that!” She started going faster, sucking harder, stroking the base and playing with my balls at the same time. I was building up fast. I told her “Keep going, I’m gonna cum”. She took her mouth off me for a moment and said “I wanna taste it”. So I told her “just keep going” and pushed her head right back down. I held her head down and started pushing further into her mouth. I couldn’t help it, my hips had a mind of their own and just kept thrusting and thrusting. Then the moment peaked, I pushed my hips up, held her head down and just started blowing it all up in her mouth. I blew at least three times before she started to gag and pulled back. She had cum dripping from her mouth, falling all over me, and I shot at least two more times right into her face. She swallowed a lot, mostly because I pretty much shot most of it right down her throat. She wiped it off her face but couldn’t find a place to wipe it off so I had her just wipe it on my boxers, I’d be changing those anyway. She said to me “oh my god that was wild. I didn’t know there would be so much! Did you shoot that much inside me?!” I said “Probably”. She said “holy shit how did I not get pregnant?”

We sat there for a moment recovering and finally I asked her “what the hell brought that on? I was definitely not expecting that!” She said that at camp she may have embellished the story of our first time. The other girls were all like “It lasted for hours” and “I did this, and this, and this, and this”. So she made our story longer than just, we took our clothes off, sat back on the bed and just did it. She said “I wanted to try it and I didn’t think you would mind” I said “No, I do not mind at all, you can do that any time you want”. She said “really? It was good?” I said “Oh my god it was good. You’ve never done that before?” She said “I promise, yours is the only dick I’ve ever touched”. I said “Well you can do that any time you want.” She looked at me and smiled and said “What if I want to do other things?” That made me smile thinking of fucking her again, and this time taking my time. I looked at her and said “Anything”. She smiled back and said “Good, cuz I wanna do it again”. With that, I took her hand and put it back on my cock, which was kind of sticky and messy at this point but still responded to those soft hands. She pulled back and said “No, I want to do IT again”.

By then it was getting late. I knew that my parents would be home any moment, not to mention my brother, so whatever happened we weren’t going to be doing it tonight. We figured out that on Saturday her dad would be out golfing and her mom would be gone most of the day, so we could go to her house. Her mom already knew we’d had sex and was kind of alright with it as long as she was on birth control AND we used condoms. She didn’t want any STDs either. We figured as long as we locked her bedroom door no one would come in on us.

Saturday came, I watched her dad leave, and then I waited for her mom to drive off too. I was at her door before her mom could make it to the end of the block. She let me in and was all over me before the door could close. She was wearing a tiny little tank top that was probably a size or two too small for her. It was awesome. She also had on the tiny little shorts that did so much to show off her ass. I don’t remember when she developed this amazing body, but wow was she sexy now. I asked her “when did you ever get so damned sexy?” She smiled, gave me a few sexy poses and said “You just never looked at me that way. I never saw you that way either.”

She took my hand and led me back to her room. She locked the door, jumped up on the bed and patted the mattress inviting my up next to her. I was there in seconds. She put pushed me down on the bed, leaned over and started kissing me. My hands immediately started to wander all over her. Her back. Her shoulders. Her sweet tight little ass. She let out a little moan as my hands slid up over her tits, and I started teasing and playing with her nipples. She sat up, straddled over me and pulled that little tank top up over her head. God she looked amazing. Her nipples were hard. Her breasts so firm and full. As I started playing with her tits. Squeezing and fondling. I asked her “Okay, what do you want to do first?” She climbed off me, laid down next to me, real close and whispered in my ear, “I want to do oral”. I said “Okay” and started to undo my pants. She stopped me and said “no no, I want you to do it, on me. I want to know what it feels like, all my friends said it’s so amazing, I want to try it”. Well I was fine with that of course, so I got up, and pulled her little shorts down off her legs. As it turns out, that is all she was wearing. I just looked at her laying there for a moment. My god I love the sight of her just laying there naked. So beautiful. Her pussy was trimmed to a nice little patch. She said “you like it? I trimmed it so it wouldn’t be all bushy”. To answer her, I just reached down and started rubbing my hand over her mound. I told her “I haven’t done this before myself so you may have to tell me what you like”.

I pulled off the rest of my clothes. She clearly approved as she watched. I sat on the bed next to her, reached over and started stroking her pussy. I ran a finger along her slit, rubbing in her juices which were already starting to flow. She moaned and arched her back a little with that first touch, looked up at me and smiled that sexy smile. I just told her “If you like it, let me know. If you don’t like it, let me know”. With that I started really working my fingers on her. I rubbed up and along her lips. I pulled them apart, rubbed my fingers inside. She was letting out little moans. Finally I pushed my finger right up inside. She let out a little gasp. She said “Oooh yeah I like that”. I started fucking her with that finger. She was loving that. I continued rubbing her lips with my other hand and she was really getting into it. I took her hand and told her “Show me what you like”. She didn’t speak, just breathed heavy and started working her fingers on herself. I put my hand with hers and started working the same spots.

My hand followed hers. Up and down, inside, all along those lips, as my fingers were still working inside her. She finally pulled my hand up to her clit and we started rubbing there. She let out a huge moan, arched her back and pushed her hips against my hand and said “Oh my god that, keep doing that!” I stopped for about two seconds to climb between her legs which she spread without a word. I love that. I started rubbing her clit with my thumb and she started getting very worked up. She managed between moans “yes, yes yes, keep doing that”. That’s when I leaned down and put my face right up to her pussy. I whispered to her just before I did it, “here it comes”, and then ran my tongue up inside her. She let out the loudest moan yet. I said “I guess you like that part?” She responded by just grabbing my head and pushing it into herself. I licked and sucked. I fucked her with my tongue, pushing it as deep as I could. I grabbed her hand and got her to rubbing her own clit again while I used my fingers to pull her pussy open as much as I could, and got my tongue as deep as I could. She was so good. When I sensed she was finally getting closer, I put my fingers back up inside her. Another loud moan. I probed inside her and up. I was trying to find the right spot. Trying to remember all the things I’d read and seen online. When she started to respond more and more, I put my tongue to her clit. That got an immediate and loud moan, like a little shock went through her. I started to tease it and touch it with my tongue. I’d flick it and taste it. I took it gently between my lips and suck on it. She was moaning louder, breathing faster and final said “oh my god I’m gonna cum”. I kept going. She grabbed my head again. Held me there tight, and thrust her hips up against me. I could feel her juices start to flow. I kept sucking on her clit and licking up her juices. She was rasping out between moans, “don’t stop, don’t stop”. Finally her thighs tightened around my head and she started to shake. Her whole body tensed up for a few seconds, and then she relaxed down into the bed and started to catch her breath. I continued to lick and tasted gently as she seemed to come down. I crawled back up next to her, stopping to suck on those beautiful nipples. Finally I was lying beside her and whispered “how did that compare to what you told them at camp?” She said “That is not like what I told them, that was so much better, I want to do that all the time”. I told her “That’s okay with me”.

We lay there for a few minutes catching our breath. My hand had reached down to my cock, which of course was so hard right now. Finally I turned to her and said “You know we’re not done yet right?” She said “Good! I want more”. I rolled over to face her and started kissing again. I ran my hand along her body. I loved the feel of her smooth skin. She started doing the same and her hand went right to my dick. She started to stroke. I asked her “How do you want to do it?” She lay there for a moment thinking and stroking my cock. She asked “did you bring condoms?” I told her “No, I hate those things”. She brought up her mom’s argument about STDs but I told her “You’re the only person I’ve had sex with, if you don’t have any, then I don’t have any”. She saw the logic in that, and decided we needed to continue. She put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me over on my back, and climbed up on top of me and straddled my stomach. She said “I want to be on top, the girls at camp said it’s better that way”. I had no problem with that. I reached up and started playing with her tits. I couldn’t get over those tits. In all the time I knew her I never knew they were this big and full and firm. Like, where the hell had I been looking all these years? She started rocking on top of me, pushing her hips back down until she was rubbing her pussy over my dick. I grabbed her ass and held her tight. I raised my hips up against her with every thrust backward she made. She was making me crazy.

Finally, she raised herself up, then she reached down and took hold of me. She rubbed me along her lips a bit and then put it to the entrance. She lowered herself onto me just a little. The head slipped in, and she let out a little gasp. I know she wasn’t a virgin at this point but she was just as tight and warm as the first time. I loved the feeling of her pussy wrapping itself around me. I let out a long, soft “oooooooooh”. She took her time, very slowly moving up, then down a little farther, up, then down a little farther, moaning with every inch that she took. She finally got all the way down and stayed there. She let out a long moan of her own and just stayed there like that with me buried inside her for a minute or two. It was so tight and perfect. I held on to her hips and tried to push up into her even more. The both of us were making so much noise. Not loud, but anyone outside the door would definitely know what was going on. She started to rock back and forth on top of me. It was so awesome, just moving inside her and feeling her pussy tightening and gripping me. I started to thrust some more up into her as she rocked. This built into a rhythm of back and forth, up and down. I was starting to pull out of her and thrust back up and in. She leaned down on top of me and started working her hips up and back onto my cock. We were sweating at this point, but no chance of slowing down. It was amazing to feel her naked body on top of me as I was driving my cock up inside her. She was so tight. She was grunting and groaning, starting to whimper just a little.

I was getting ready to blow and Julie knew it. Even though she seemed as totally involved as I was, she slowed down a little. She rolled over onto her back and pulled me up on top of her. I pushed up on my hands and kept on pumping into her. I couldn’t hold that position for long though, so I leaned back up on my knees and pulled her hips to me. This was much better. I started to pump into her again and we got back up to our previous pace. Julie was breathing heavy and moaning and arching her back. I couldn’t hold back any more. I started to pump and thrust as hard as I could, saying “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum”. Julie was grabbing the sheets and just moaning. Finally I drove into her as hard as I could and just let go. I shot inside her, again and again. She said “Oh my god I can feel it inside me” I started grinding my hips into her and just shooting it off. I could feel my own cum inside her. She threw her head back, arched her back, and let out a long moan. What an amazing feeling. I stayed inside her as long as I could. When I no longer could, I lay down next to her, as close as I could. We were both spent.

We both lay there for a while recovering. I asked her if that was as good as what she told her friends at camp. She said “That was so much better than what I told them. Or what they told me. From now on when anyone asks THAT was my first time”. I told her to make sure she tells all her cheerleader friends so I can nail all of them too. Then of course, she hit me and told me to shut up. I said “That’s okay, I AM already fucking ONE cheerleader, I guess I don’t need to hit them all”. She didn’t find that as funny as I did but hey, here I was a freshman, fucking a sophomore cheerleader! How many guys can say that?! Eventually we did decide just not to tell anyone about it though, even though we decided that we needed to practice a lot more.

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