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Big Butt sissy boy Scotty loses the game and gets gangbanged
My name is Scotty. It was at my mother's boyfriend's urging that I joined the Varsity basketball team. Being short and whatever the opposite of athletic is(sissified), I only got a spot on the team as water boy. My mother's boyfriend had been living with us for two years now. Since I was sixteen. He was very big into sports. Especially basketball. He pushed me into trying out for the team, which wasn't anything I wanted to end up doing. So now I make sure the players get towels to soak up sweat and I clean the uniforms. Giving out water means I have to be at every game.

This was the biggest game of the season far. We were in the playoffs and up against one of the best schools. So everyone on the team was under a lot of pressure and wanted to do well. I wanted them to do well too so mom's boyfriend would get off my back. He was already very unhappy when I didn't make a playing position on the team. But being part of the winning team might win me a little peace around the house. Even though I wasn't cut out for playing basketball.

Like I said, I'm short and not very coordinated. I don't have any attributes that a young man can brag about. I'm not the skinniest kid around school but not fat either. There's only one thing that can stand out about me. It doesn't because I'm so self conscious. I wear baggy clothes to hide it. I have a big butt. Round shapely butt cheeks. A lot of cushion. Naturally hairless too. I also have a really wet asshole. I don't strip in the locker rooms like most guys do. My underwear stays on. Even then, I change very fast and try to get out of there quick. I don't want to take shit or have anyone see. It's probably not abnormal but not something I want to flaunt. My plump lips are bad enough.

So anyway, the big game was tonight. I sat down at the table for breakfast and the first thing Ted, my mom's boyfriend, asked me was how we're going to do tonight.

"Uhhh.. yeah good." I mumbled while trying to gobble down my eggs as fast as possible. My mom sat down at the table, "Don't pressure him, honey. He's just the towel manager."

"You don't have to remind me. The kid can't do anything with a ball! What kind of a boy did you bring up!" “He’s a little fucking pussy.” I was used to him raising his voice.

School was uneventful. We had one practice right after school. I was there to hand out the towels. The guys didn't like me. They taunted my contribution to the team. The starters on the team were Jamal, Marcus, Darius, Andrew, and Patrick. They were all tall and built. Each one full of themselves. Marcus whipped his towel back in my direction, "It's dirty!"

"They're not dirty.." I muttered.

Jamal ran up from half court and grabbed the towel in my hand, quickly rubbing it in my face. "Yeah, real clean Scotty!" “Yeah clean it up boy” Jamal and Marcus laughed. Coach Matthews blew his whistle and told them to get back to practicing. This was a big night for him too. He wanted a shot at State this year more than anything. It would also mean a nice bonus for him. Second string players hadn't made it there yet when Coach Matthews called us up for a talk.

"I just got a call from the ER, guys. Craig and the rest of our bench have food poisoning from some bad takeout." He paused as the vein in his temple bulged, "Christ! Of Every Goddamn Night! Why Tonight!" But from our gazes he managed to gather his senses and continued, "It's up to us tonight. You're gonna have to play the entire game. This isn't how we wanted to win. But it doesn't matter. We're ready. It's how we're going to win! .. Jamal, you're gonna have to conserve your energy. Don't rush the paint tonight. Pass it off for open shots. You're all going to have a great night."

We dispersed but Coach called me back. Coach Matthews grabbed my shoulders. "And Scotty... make sure these guys have clean towels."

"Yes sir." I assured him.

Three hours later the game started. We were down eight at the end of the first quarter, but we rallied in the second and brought their lead down to three. Everyone hit the locker rooms as our cheerleaders started entertaining the crowd.

"We're gonna do it. Fuck. We're gonna make history!" Jamal wiped the sweat from his brow and flung the towel at me.

"Yeah man. They're on the defense. It's all over. Domination. The rest of the game is ours!" Patrick high-fived Marcus. Coach came in and discussed offensive maneuvers with the guys. I sorted out the clean from the dirty towels. It had been a big night for sweat and the work was wetting my own shirt with perspiration. We stayed close during the third quarter. With everyone playing, I had the bench to myself. During time out strategizing, every hand out would get a towel. We lost a bit of ground in the beginning of the fourth. They had fresher players and we were tired. But the guys weren't giving up. Coach Matthews stalked the bench and yelled at the ref.

With only two minutes left the worst happened. Patrick went for a shot and got shut down by a particularly physical player on the other team. He fell to the ground clutching his knee. The referees immediately blew the whistle. There was a lot of commotion and booing from the crowd. The ref came over to Coach Matthews and they discussed something. I looked nervously at our bench. With only four players on the court, we'd be forced to forfeit.

Coach calmly kneeled down next to me and yelled through the blaze of the crowd, "We need a fifth man. You Scotty."

I shrugged away from him and said I didn't know how to play. "You just have to be on the court. The guys are hungry now. They'll do the rest. Just get out there!" I tried to beg off again but Coach screamed at me that I was doing it. I was afraid and tended to do what I told. So I stood up. My feet felt like I couldn't move. Jamal walked over to me and whispered, "Don't even touch the ball. Don't even fuckin' touch it. We got this thing." The game started again. Their side suffered a penalty. We scored four unanswered points with forty-five seconds to go. That put us up by one.

They had possession and went for a shot that bounced out. Jamal caught the rebound and passed to Andrew. Andrew took the ball to our basket and passed it to Darius. He had two defenders on him and he went to pass it to Marcus. But one of the defenders got a hand on it and changed it's trajectory. It landed right in my hands with five seconds left on our shot clock and fifteen in the game. I tossed the ball up quickly before our shot clock drained and it was blocked by one of their defenders. He quickly grabbed the ball and started running. I stood in one spot and tried to protect myself as both teams made a mad dash to the basket. The guy went for a layup that bounced off the backboard and landed in. They won 48-47. Our home crowd booed so loudly that I couldn't hear anything. Coach Matthews tossed his clipboard up in frustration. As their team took a victory lap, our team struggled through booing fans.

I slipped out as fast as I could. Ran into the locker room and hit the showers. I wanted to get out of there quick. Before anyone caught up with me. I rinsed the sweat off quickly and wrapped a towel around my lower body. I sped out of the shower room within the locker room and looked for my regular clothes. They weren't in my locker. I checked around the room with no luck. The door to the locker room burst open and the rest of the team appeared. They were still in their game jerseys and looked angry.

"There you are. Hope you didn't want your clothes!" Jamal shouted at me.

"You cost us the game. This was everything!" Marcus screamed in my direction.

I felt weaker than ever on my foot and my face turned red. I tried to avoid this moment. They cornered me against the shower room. "Come on... Patrick got hurt. Gimme back my clothes. Please..." I begged.

"Everyone hates you! You ruined it for us. You're gonna get it!" Darius said as they circled closer. Andrew pulled at my towel and ripped it off my body. They all stood there angrily, towering over me.

"Fuckin' bitch. You're gonna learn. This was it for us. Turn The Fuck Around!" Jamal shouted.

I felt a warm tear run down my face and looked at all four of them for mercy. They stared at me with fury in their eyes. I turned around meekly. My face red from their tongue lashing and standing naked in front of them.

One of them whistled as they shouted degrading remarks at me. "You're a bitch! Little bitch!"

"Spread your bitch legs." Jamal commanded. I couldn't refuse and slowly pulled my legs apart. They laughed more and I felt the heat of their bodies as they inched closer.

"Now fuckin' bend over!" Jamal ordered.

I whimpered. Someone whipped a towel at my backside and Marcus shouted, "Do it!"

I bent over tentatively and leaned against the door the shower room. Now I was completely exposed to them. A couple seconds later another one of them whistled. "BITCH. You don't even grow any hair!" They laughed. "He's a sissy boy." Jamal corrected him and said I was a sissy bitch.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my butt. I choked up as more tears started coming but didn't do anything. I stayed bent over like they had ordered me to do. The big hand squeezed my butt flesh. It turned out to be Jamal as he said, "Bet none of you guys have felt an ass like this. This little bitch must eat a lot of junk food to have so much junk in the trunk!" He became more brave (and more interested), starting to move his hand around. He cupped my butt cheek in his hand. Then I felt another hand on my other butt cheek. It started to do the same thing and added pinching. I felt another hand make it's way to my crack.

"Look. I'm sorry guys. I'll make it up to all of you.. please.. please. I'll do all your laundry. Please.." I stammered, clearing my throat.

One of them briefly took their hand off and then I felt it make contact again. It came down as a slap on my ass. I pulled as far against the shower door as I could while still bending over and cried out. "Bitch. Shut the fuck up. You're gonna feel what we felt out there when you lost the game!" Jamal berated me.

Andrew spoke up, "Fuck. Look at that ass jiggle." As their hands continued to roam my ass and spread the bubble butt cheeks.

I felt a hand being removed and braced myself for a slap. But it didn't come. I heard some rustling and tried to look over my shoulder but someone pushed my head back into the shower door.

Then I heard Darius cheer, "Yeah! You're gonna pay!" The pair of hands which pushed me now held my head against the shower door. They all laughed but I couldn't see what was happening.

Then I felt something push against my cheeks. It wasn't a finger like they had been using. "Keep his cheeks open!" Jamal told the other guys. I felt a hand on either butt cheek spread them. I wanted to protest but couldn't. Two of them held my ass open while another had my head against the shower door. Then I felt it again. It slid between my two cheeks and stopped. I heard a moan. "You feel that? I feel it. Feels so good, bitch." Jamal said.

Any small doubt I clung to that it wasn't a dick had vanished. Jamal's cock was sitting at the entrance to my asshole. The options ran through my head quickly. I could scream and try to get help. But that wouldn't work and everyone was probably gone. I could fight but there's four of them and they're big, strong ball players, angry too. I really only had one option. Take it and hard. Jamal grabbed my hips. With the two guys still groping my cheeks and my face pressed into the shower door.

Jamal pushed his hard dick against the hole. I could feel how big it was as it fought to enter my tiny asshole. I gritted my teeth. "Yeah, that's it bitch. Take my cock. It don't matter if you try to fight. I'm gonna fuck you. You're gettin' what you deserve!" He pushed harder and the head of Jamal's big cock slipped in. He wasted no time and kept his hold on my hips, moving his cock deeper into my asshole. His dick pulsed with each inch that entered. Everyone laughed as he worked it all the way to the hilt in my ass. They taunted me and the guys continued to grab at and reign slaps on my ass. "Damn Scotty. Destiny's pussy wasn't half this tight!" Jamal taunted me as he moaned with pleasure.

I worked to stay on my feet with eight hands on my body and a cock shoved up my ass. There must have been eight inches of the black meat filling up my butthole, Jamal seemed very pleased with it. "That feels good to you, doesn't it? Oh damn! Yeah, squeeze your ass on me, bitch." The guys cheered Jamal on. He started to withdraw his cock. Then before I could take a breath, he drove it back into my ass. He did the same thing again. Tears were rolling down my face from the pain of being filled.

Jamal started to quickly thrust his cock into my ass. His grip on my hips tightened and with each bang of his thighs against my butt cheeks, he screamed at me, "Bitch.. Bitch.. Bitch.. Bitch!" He thrust harder each time as the guys continued exploring my body with their hands.

Jamal cried out "Fuck!!!" And his cock started shooting in my ass. My insides were being doused with his cum. He continued thrusting until every drop had been deposited into my butt. Satisfied, Jamal slid his spent dick out from my little hole. I still felt the impression of his cock even though it was gone. My legs were shaking and I couldn't support myself anymore. My legs gave out and my hands slipped off the shower door. I fell onto my knees breathing hard. I could hear Jamal panting loudly.

"Get him on his back!" Marcus shouted and the guys dragged me to the middle of the room. They rolled me onto my back and Marcus got on his knees by me. The others followed. Marcus pulled his shorts down. He lifted each one of my legs on his shoulder. "Bitch. Better be ready for some cum!" He howled as he drove his cock mercilessly into my abused butt passage. He started thrusting his cock in and out of my ass.

I was feeling out of it when Darius started tracing my lips with his fingers. "Fuck. His lips are soft!" He exclaimed. Darius quickly threw his shorts off and revealed my third black cock of the night.

"Where's my turn!" Andrew shouted at the guys but they didn't pay any attention

Darius walked on his knees over my head and lowered his balls onto my face. All while Marcus pumped his dick into my asshole while roughly gripping my thighs. "Kiss My Balls!" Darius yelled at me.

I had no choice and started loudly kissing the sweaty sack. The black balls felt full on my face and tasted salty. "Lick Them - Suck Them You Bitch!" He shouted again. My head bobbed back and forth with each of Marcus' forceful thrusts. I pushed my tongue out and started lapping at the balls sitting on my mouth and nose. I felt his balls seize up as Darius shuddered. My tongue thoroughly licked over each ball and got them nice and wet. Then I pushed my head up and sucked until one of his balls popped into my mouth. He moaned, "Oh bitch. That feels so good! Huh. Bet you like that. How're you liking getting fucked, huh?" He gloated. I spit the ball out after my tongue had run over every inch of it and did the same thing with the other one.

Darius turned and crossed his leg over my head. Now he was sitting up with my saliva and sweat-wet lips inches from his cockhead. "You're gonna suck it. Suck it like the bitch who made us lose the game!"

I could feel Andrew start to stroke my legs as Marcus slowed his thrusting to not spurt in me yet. He wanted more time inside me. I wasted no time and grabbed Darius' cockhead with my lips. He moaned and pulled on my head in turn. I started swirling my tongue around the sensitive area before taking more inches into my mouth. I slurped on the vein running along his cock with a moan. My lips and mouth continued to suck more cockmeat until I was swallowing on his cockhead. Even Marcus' ass onslaught wasn't hurting as bad. My tongue worked Darius' cock. Another moan escaped my full mouth. "This bitch sucks cock better than my ex girlfriend! Fuck. I'm gonna cum soon. Swallow it!" He started pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

"Me too." Marcus said with his attention focused on sliding his cock balls deep into my ass and then out again. Marcus grabbed my thighs with more urgency and thrust into my little asshole with all his strength. "Uhhhhhnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" He moaned and started shooting. Marcus filled my ass with its second load just as Darius started releasing into my mouth. I followed his order and swallowed quickly. My throat worked hard to not lose a drop. Marcus pulled his shriveled cock from my asshole. Darius reluctantly slipped his dick out too. I instantly licked it clean.

"What a tight booty!" Marcus stood up. "And those lips, the bitch liked everything he got!" They laughed. Both of them continued to talk about blowing their loads in me. Andrew took the opportunity to line his cock up with my cum-filled asshole. "My Turn!" He shouted.

"Oh yessss." He hissed as his cock slipped into my butthole. Jamal and Marcus' cum made great lubrication and Andrew's cock easily pumped in and out of the little hole. "Yeahhhh! You're my bitch. That's right!" He stretched his body out like he was doing push ups but thrust into my ass instead. "Who's my bitch? Say it. Tell Me!" He thrust harder for emphasis.

"I'm.. Uhhggh.. I'm your bitch!" Marcus and Darius cheered. I bucked my ass up to meet each thrust. Andrew yelled and plowed his cock as deep as possible into my ass. His cum made three loads for my butt tonight and I was squeezing my ass muscles to drain the last of the load. The same ass I worked so hard to hide just hours ago.

Darius helped Andrew up. I was still on the floor. Cum leaking from my ass and a mixture of semen and spit smeared on my lips. The three shared a good laugh about it before heading into the shower room. The water started. I started to try to push up on my elbows when Jamal appeared again. He was still naked from the waist down. I looked up at him wearily. "How are you doing Scotty. Butt buddy of mine." He smiled.

His cock was hard again. I couldn't look away from the big boner. Jamal walked over and casually sank to his knees with his cock positioned above me. "Ready to taste your ass, bitch?" He asked.

"Jama..." He pushed his cock into my mouth. I tasted the musky flavor but didn't dare reject it. I started to bob my head on my cock and use my tongue but he held me still so I couldn't. "I'm going to fuck your fuckin' face!" He shouted at me.

He got a good grip on my skull and thrust his dick deep into my mouth. He hit my throat with it and kept pushing. I gagged on the massive tool but didn't put up any other fight. He moaned and then picked up the speed of thrusting. In and out of my mouth. Jamal's balls slapped my chin. He held that fast pace, "How's your ass? I thought it was great when I fucked it." He continued to taunt me.

"I'm gonna go deeper in your throat. I'll see which is tighter. Your throat or your ass." Jamal sneered. With my head in his hands, he pushed his big dick deeper. I felt his pulse through the long trunk in my mouth. The monster continued deeper and passed the barrier to my throat. He moaned with success and sank the last of his dick into my mouth. My lips were wrapped around the base of the long cock. He held it there for a few seconds before slipping free, "Your throat is tight! I can't decide though. Fuck, I'm close!" He warned.

The pumping began again. He treated my mouth like he had my ass earlier. I struggled to swallow with the invader as it swelled bigger. "Oh Fuck!" Jamal let loose his second load of the night. I swallowed quickly. Suddenly Jamal took his spurting hose from my mouth and aimed the angry head at my face. "Gonna make you look real pretty.. Fuck!" His cock spit out more cum which landed on my forehead, cheeks, and lips. The last drops dribbled on my chin.

I took his now twice spent cock back into my mouth eagerly continuing to suck it. My tongue lapped at his piss slit. Jamal pulled out his sensitive prick and slapped it on my face. "You musta really liked your cum bath. Thanks for losing us the big game, bitch. That big ass of yours and the cocksucking doesn't mean we're even. Maybe I'll tell the football team all about your assets." Jamal got up and headed into the shower room.

Once the coast was clear, I pushed myself up. Cum was trickling out of my ass and I could barely move, let alone walk. I scooped the potent seed off my face and licked it from my fingers. Then did the same with the cum running down my leg. I took a jersey and shorts that were sitting on the floor from my fucking. The shorts were a tight fit over my bubble butt, which the basketball team had just filled with semen. I quietly slipped out of the locker room. It was really late. Mom's boyfriend must know about the game. Maybe he'd be asleep. He wasn't going to be happy.
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