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The enslaved sister put on an art display and get sold off for a weekend of debauchery.
Chapter Five part 1

Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters are under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual immaturity of the main characters at the beginning of the story. Also this story features taboo themes of rape, sexual slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you don't like such stories STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with comments about how sick individuals in the story are or about people that read or write such stories. Those looking to take some enjoyment out of this tale enjoy.

Also due to the story line the names of characters have been changed. To help the reader keep from being confused by these changes here is a listing of the changes.

Molly is now Brothel Whore 3567-A

Megan is now Brothel Whore 3567-B

Unnamed redheaded twin sister is now Brothel Whore 3569-A

Unnamed redheaded twin sister is now Brothel Whore 3569-B

The stepmother Shannon is now Mistress 3567

Chapter Five

Part 1

The twins display and auction.

Brothel Whore 3567-B had been struggling to hold her position for what felt like forever. She knew her sister was probably having the same issues but she didn't dare to look. Mistress 3397 had promised severe punishment to all of them if even one of them so much as twitched. To dive this home they were told the severity and the administration of their punishment would be at the hands of Mistress 2487-B2. So on force of will alone brought on by the fear of the cruelty of that woman they held absolutely motionless.

Mistress 3397 had brought the six of them to this plain white room with pictures of slaves in various sexual acts and posses hung on all of the walls. She then had them assume various positions on raised numbered platforms spread throughout the room. Once in position they weren't allowed to move any part of their bodies including their eyes. Their naked bodies would then be on display for anyone that entered the room to view them. For during this training session they were to be erotic living sculptures on display the same as the pictures on the wall.

Brothel Whore 3569-A was backed against Brothel Whore 3569-B. Once their asses were pressed against each other while squatting they arched their shoulders back with their breasts proudly displayed. Their heads were leaned back as they starred blankly at the ceiling. While each their hands rested on top of their rounded ass cheeks their legs were spread so their pussies would be easily visible.

Brothel Whore 3613 was the next one of them to become a living sculpture. Brothel Whore 3613 was sitting down with her knees of her spread legs bent. She was leaning back supported by one arm while the other forearm was draped over her forehead with her head thrown back. While possibility one of the easier posses to hold this was still uncomfortable for the extremely shy Brothel Whore 3613 due to her breasts and pussy were proudly displayed by her widely spread legs and arched back.

Brothel Whore 3621 was laying on her stomach with her shoulders raised and her head back. Her arms were bent forward and out as they propped her head and shoulders on the backs of her hands. Her legs were spread behind her with he knees bent raising one foot up while the other rested on a rounded ass cheek.

Even Mistress 3397 was positioned as a mannequin the same as the rest of them. Like the rest of them she was completely naked save for her collar, shackles, and high heels and her usual free flowing hair was up in a pony tail. While standing with her legs spread she was bent forward slightly thrusting her magnificent chest out. This made her ass seam even more rounded and gave her back a sensual curve. Her arms were raised as they bent back behind her head.

Now Brothel Whore 3567-B was positioned as if she was bowing before a deity. On a platform to on side of the doorway She was on and fours with her knees bent pointing out from both sides of her body. Her forearms rested flat on the floor in front of her. With the finger tips of both hands touching to complete the v. Her back was arched sticking her ass in the air. While her feet came together under her forming another v as her forehead rested on the top of the platform the same as her flattened palms.

Her twin sister Brothel Whore 3567-A was directly across from her on the other side of the doorway mirroring her exactly as they bowed to everyone that entered. Like her sister Brothel Whore 3567-A had her ass on prominent display. As few of the other slaves were brought in to be put on display in various other posses along side them.

This included all the other slaves they had noticed hadn't been raped as well Mistress 2482-B2. The two slaves that were virgins were positioned on their legs bent under then as they sat on their ankles. Their legs were kept together while their arms were crossed under their breasts as their hands rested on opposite thighs. They kept their heads bowed slightly giving them a look of submissive innocence.

Mistress 2482-B2 had taken a moment to admire the naked flesh on display after she had gotten her charges into position. Mistress 2482-B2 stepped onto to the last empty platform. Like Mistress 3397 she was wearing only her slave collar, shackles, and high heels. Her hair was out it's usual braided pony tail and tied up in the more standard pony tail the rest of the slaves wore.

Mistress 2482-B2 positioned herself so she was on all fours. Her back was arched and her head was thrown back. Her upper body was supported on her elbows while her chain rested one of her hands as her other rested flat on the platform under her. Her legs were leaned behind her slightly making the lower part of her body rest on the front of her knees while her lags were bent back until they almost touched her ass.

As people began to walk among them none of the slaves with the exception of the mistresses knew what was really going on until it was to late. True to their orders none of them moved a muscle as men and women began walking around them. Many were accompanied by their own slaves on leashes as they began to examine the bodies of the immobile slaves in their various provocative posses.

Brothel Whore 3567-B had began to wonder what the true purpose of this display was when she had felt fingers gliding over one her ass cheeks and down her leg. Soon she felt the same touch as the finger began to work it's way along her side and brushing a breast. Before she knew she felt a finger began to probe her pussy followed shortly after by her ass hole.

As her ass hole was violated by the probing digit Brothel Whore 3567-B began to feel her arousal building as this unknown person examined the various orifices of her body. It took all of her will power to remain unresponsive as she felt second finger pushed into her ass. The fingers continued to ream her out for while before being removed to examine her moistening pussy again. She would've never been as grateful for anything in her life as for the simple fact they had removed their vibrators before this ordeal had started.

Even so as the fingers began to work in and out of her pussy Brothel Whore 3567-B was teetering on the edge of her will power. The effort began to feel futile as fingers began probing her ass hole at the same time as her pussy. Though as she felt she couldn't handle anymore the fingers were removed and after squeezing both her ass cheeks the person moved on.

As she began to get herself in check Brothel Whore 3567-B felt the touch of another person. By the soft touch and feel of a long fingernail being dragged along the small of her back. Brothel Whore 3567-B quickly realized that this was a woman examining her now. Now her reserves were truly tested as she felt the long fingernail gliding along her flesh working it's way across her ass and legs.

As suddenly as the fingernail had appeared it had vanished. However Brothel Whore 3567-B soon felt it began to tease her pussy lips before it started to play with her clit piercing. As that started Brothel Whore 3567-B began to focus her thoughts on the horrible things Mistress 2482-B2 was going to be doing to her and her sister. As images of the two them screaming in agony flashed through her head Brothel Whore 3567-B felt the touch of the fingernail stop.

Like it was part of a ritual Brothel Whore 3567-B had her ass cheeks grabbed again before the woman moved on. This was the start of a lull for what felt like hours while no one touched her. Though she could still tell people were moving around her. This wasn't any better as she could still hear the hushed comments and discussion about various parts of her and her sister's bodies and the things they wanted to do to and with them.

Now much of this was things they had already learned about in the classes during their training. Things from anal sex to double penetration to split roasting and even the lesbian acts she'd already experienced with her sister and others. While some this did worry her it was some of the talk of the tortures they would inflict upon them that gave some of the greatest concerns.

But by far the things that scared her to her core was the talk of making them have sex with animals. When she heard one of the women say how Brothel Whore 3567-B and her sister would make good bitches for her rottweilers after she had finished playing with them herself Brothel Whore 3567-B almost lost it and began to cry. All she could think of was to say a silent prayer that such a thing wouldn't happen to them as images of dogs on her and her sister's backs fucking them flashed through Brothel Whore 3567-B's mind.

Strangely enough when she felt hands on her body again she welcomed the distraction. At least it gave her something to think about other then the horrible things these people wanted to do to them. Even when the touching became more forceful she preferred it to the stuff she had heard that woman say. Though she also knew these new fears would continue to worry her for some to come especially after what she would witness before this day was out.

With nothing to judge time by it felt like this ordeal went on for an eternity. Though finally Brothel Whore 3567-B heard the crowd began to file past her on their way out the door. Only once the last person has left were they allowed to move out of their erotic posses. For some of them this was easier than for the others but soon they were lined up and marched to the showers. As they were stripped of their shackles and collars they were ordered to thoroughly clean themselves. At first this didn't concern them to much until the mistresses began giving them all enemas before giving each other one. These concerns began to turn into full blown panic when after they all had had enemas, showers, their makeup reapplied, and their hair done they were ordered to dress.

As Brothel Whore 3567-B held the sheer pink baby doll lingerie in front of her and saw her sister holding an identical one up to her she finally understood what was about to happen to them. Looking at the clothing the other slaves were holding showed almost all of them had similar lingerie only differing in colors. Even the mistresses were dressing in sexy teddies with built in garter belts.

Brothel Whore 3567-B couldn't help but to admire herself in the mirror once she was fully dressed in the lacy garment. The thin straps went down the side of her chest until they merged into a lacy top that seamed to conform perfectly with her breasts revealing as much of her cleavage as possible. From the little bow that held the top closed the transparent fabric then continued down separating in the front like flower pedals before ending just above her ass in the back and slightly higher in the front. Throw in the matching pink stockings and high heels Brothel Whore 3567-B looked sexy as hell.

This become extremely apparent when her sister joined her and it felt like there should be a piece of glass between them as they looked like mirror images of each other. They then began to look at the other slaves and while some had almost identical negligee to theirs several had different types. Brothel Whores 3569-A and3569-B also wore matching back baby dolls and stockings the same style as theirs and Brothel Whore 3621 was in a white baby doll and stockings like the two virgins.

Again both of the mistresses had on teddies with built in garter belts holding their stockings up as they stood in high heels. Now they both had on different colors. Mistress 2482-B2 was in black while Mistress 3397 was in pink like them. This color similarity wasn't lost on Brothel Whore 3567-B as she looked from Mistress 3397 to her sister. The only problem was she didn't consider there was a reason for it yet.

Brothel Whore 3613 had this cute light blue lacy see through top on. It hung from her shoulders from two thin straps. Her cleavage was framed with light blue lace that match the transparent fabric that hung over her breasts ending at the top of her abdomen. Her long thin legs wrapped in light blue lace stockings and on her feet were matching light blue high heels.

The only thing all of them were missing was the the panties. Everyone of them had their pussies and asses completely exposed for all to see. But since they had been repeatedly told since they'd been allowed to wear clothes "That all slaves were forbidden from wearing panties" they didn't really notice anymore. Though they did notice when their standard slave collars and shackles were replaced with more elaborately decorated ones.

These collars were thinner and conformed to their necks and shoulders better. While the collars and shackles were polished to a high shine and had an engraved lace pattern inlaid with colored resin that perfectly matched their lingerie. They still had the rings allowing the shackles the be hooked together behind their backs or where the matching leashes were attached to their collars. The only thing that was left was for the mistresses to replace their hair ties with colored ribbons that matched their lingerie tied into little bows.

As they stood in the bound presentation position Mistress 3397 proceeded to inspect all of them. One by one she checked that every detail of their appearances were perfect. From their hair and makeup to how their lingerie covered parts of their bodies even how they currently stood presenting themselves. Her and Mistress 2482-B2 even took turns inspecting each other before Mistress 3397 finally gave them their orders.

"Slaves in a little while you will be taken to meet some important members of the organization. Be advised now nothing but total obedience and submission will be tolerated from any of you. "

She paused as she let this sink in before continuing.

"You will stand at attention as you are now while the members examine your bodies. You will not speak, move, or make a sound as you allow them fondle you."

Again she paused to let them process this before she continued.

"Once these examinations are complete you will be servicing several of these members who have purchased your services for the weekend."

The fear was evident on all of the slaves' faces as Mistress 3397 paused one final time.

"Understand this everyone of you will willingly preform your duties to the utmost of your abilities. You will do everything in your power to satisfy their wants and desires no matter what they may be. Then you will thank them for the privilege of satisfying their wants and desires."

Everyone of them was on the brink of tears at this point but Mistress 3397 continued

"It is a fact that most of you have yet to satisfy a man as a slave. However during the inspection stage you will be forbidden from crying. Now with a few exceptions the actual intercourse will take your inexperience into consideration so can go into this experience without fear of being violently raped."

Relief began to become visible on many of their faces but they they were all concerned about the part about " the few exceptions" she had told them about before she started talking again.

" You all will be begging them to let you suck their cocks and to fuck you in your asses and pussies. You all know the rules about licking cocks clean after they have fucked you. They still apply so don't get any ideas."

Mistress 3397 glared at all of them as she said that last part before she focused her attention on both sets of twins.

" As for you twins. Your special rules still apply as well. You will work as team while your sister sucks a cock or is fucked the other one will have your face buried in the ass of the customer giving him a rim job. You will also be expected to put on several of your little incestuous lesbian shows before the event is over."

Mistress 3397 gave them a wink as she mentioned them making love to entertain the customers. Before she continued.

" Also you four are not to forget how your supposed to speak. This goes for when the four of you beg to both pleasure and thank the customer for using your bodies as well."

As Mistress 3397 finished this last part she looked hard at the four of them to be sure they understood. To her satisfaction she got the following response from both sets of sisters in unison.

"These whore slaves understand what's expected of them mistress."

Satisfied by the response Mistress 3397's final orders were given.

" During the course of this you all will address all males as Master and all females as Mistress. However you will not address Mistress 2482-B2 or myself as Mistress. For once you are in position for the event we will become the organization's merchandise the same as you."

With their orders explained the slaves formed two lines and followed Mistress 3397 out with Mistress 2482-B2 trailing behind to ensure they didn't try and bolt. The line of slaves walked through the corridors of the facility until they entered another room none of them had been in before. This room was large with rows of chairs facing a stage with a podium in the center.

The center portion of the stage extended out into the audience and had a raised platform on either side. Off to the side of the room there were more of the platforms beside each other. The platforms were round about two foot tall and just wide enough for the slaves to stand on with their legs spread. As they saw this room many of them began to fear they were being auctioned off to the highest bidder instead of being prostituted as they were told.

Strangely enough as they were lead to the platforms to be put on display they couldn't have realized it was actually both. While the virgins were placed on the platforms on each side of the stage. The rest of them were taken to the other set of platforms. Soon each platform had one of the slaves on it standing facing the audience with the exception of two of them.

Each set of twins would share a platform. They were positioned back to back and side ways to the audience. Only once the twins were positioned correctly did the mistresses do one final inspection before securing their own shackles behind their backs and taking their places on the last two empty platforms.

The first people to enter was a bunch of large men in tuxedos. Most of them separated once they entered the room and began positioning themselves at various locations around the room but one was positioned beside each platform. They were followed by a smaller man in a tuxedo carrying a ledger.

Stopping by each platform he would check the ledger before he attached an identification tag to each of the slaves' collars. After he had placed the final tag the man climbed on stage and headed towards the podium. They would later learn this man was "The Master of Ceremonies" for this event. Once he was in place the main lights in the room dimmed and spotlights turned on illuminating all of the slaves on display.

This was when more people began to enter the room. Like those before them they were all in formal dress with the men in tuxedos and most of the women in form fitting evening dresses. The only exception were the obvious slaves that were completely naked except for collars, shackles, and high heels. They all submissively followed behind their masters and mistresses on leashes.

Before taking their assigned seats they took the time to examine all of the slaves on display. It was plain to see the two virgins were the primary attractions. However they all were subjected these peoples' attention and both sets of twins got more then their far share.

Soon all of the slaves had shadowy figures moving around them feeling various parts of their bodies. Breasts were squeezed and nipples twisted through their lingerie. Strange hands reached out to feel their asses and fingers probed their various bodily orifices. No part of their bodies seamed of limits as they even examined their eyes and mouths. Even Slaves 2482-B2 and 3397 were subjected to these inspections. Before the people began to move to their seats.

As the people sat down in their chair while their slaves knelt at their feet a spotlight illuminated the man at the podium. As the man prepared to speak a large television above the stage turned on showing a lone figure cloaked in shadows. Gesturing to the the man on the tv the "The Master of Ceremonies" began to speak to the audience.

"On behalf of the "Head Master" of this facility it is my privilege to welcome all of you Masters and Mistresses to the Pillager Slave Training Facility slave auction."

"The Master of Ceremonies" paused while the crowd applauded before he continued.

"We are proud to have several first rate pieces of ass available for you to purchase their services tonight."

As "The Master of Ceremonies" paused wild applause erupted from the crowd along several high pitched whistles. When it finally calmed he continued.

" We have several special pieces of flesh available for your pleasure tonight including two sets of twin sisters and we even have two virgins for you to deflower."

As "The Master of Ceremonies" finished that last part while pointing to the two virgins the crowd went wild. Even more whistles and cat calls were heard over the applause from the audience. While the audience as distracted by their jubilation they failed to notice as two of the large men slightly moved within in them as they stealthy positioned themselves behind a woman in the crowd. Even once the crowd had finally calmed they paid no attention to the new men amongst them until "The Master of Ceremonies" began speaking again.

"Now before we can proceeded with the festivities there is one piece of business that must be taken care of first. It seams a Mistress within our organization has been in violation of our laws. This criminal has even had the gall to renege on debts to fellow Masters and Mistresses. Naturally these serious violations of the principles of the organization can not be tolerated."

As "The Master of Ceremonies paused again the two large men grabbed a hold of the woman they had snuck up behind. Once they had a hold of her they dragged her kicking and screaming out of the crowd and onto the stage. Once they had the woman beside him "The Master of Ceremonies" began speaking again.

"Mistress Melissa Hardman it is my duty to inform you that you have been found guilty of all the changes you have been accused of. For these offences the organization has sentenced you and your daughters to enslavement as "Kennel Bitches"."

As "The Master of Ceremonies" paused two struggling teenage girls were dragged into the room and up on stage. As all three of their arms were held over their heads they began pleading for mercy. These pleas fell on deaf ears as their clothing was ripped from their bodies as the crowd began another round of wild applause.

While the audience loved this spectacle all of the slaves watched in horror as the three people on stage were enslaved. Even given their own situation they could hardly believe what they were witnessing. They sure as hell hadn't grasped what else was going to happen to them yet. Though they somehow instinctively knew something bad was about to happen to them.

They could only watch as each of those threes' arms were encased in long gloves with paw shaped mittens in place of fingers. Next came the thigh high boots with paw shaped knee pads. As a matching corset was secured around their waists they were also fitted with their new slave collars.

They had the final steps of the transformation done next as ring gags were fitted in their mouths their hair was tied into pigtails over their ears. Then straps built into the boots were secured preventing them from straightening their legs as a tail shaped butt-plug was forced up their ass holes. Only once all of this was done were the three dropped onto their hands and knees.

As soon as the three hit the stage they made futile attempt to crawl to safety only to be stopped by the burly men before leashes were attached to their collars. Once the leashes were in place they were under the complete control of the men and could only weep in despair at the turn their lives had taken. The crowd on the other hand was loving this while all of the slaves were horrified. Brothel Whore 3567-B was even shocked to see a look of horror on the face of Slave 2482-B2. Even as "The Master of Ceremonies" continued Brothel Whore 3567-B could only wonder what that was about.

"As we speak all the positions of these three are being seized all of their belongings including their slaves will be sold. These proceeds along with those from their own sale to the kennels will go to pay restitution to those wronged and to reimburse the organization for the costs incurred."

As the crowd cheered loader them ever a grin appeared on the face of "The Master of Ceremonies". He gave the crowd a moment to calm before he nodded to "The Head Master" and asked the crowd to decide the three brand new slaves' fate.

"Masters and Mistresses what should we do with these three now?"

Even as the three screamed while frantically shaking their heads no a five word chant rose out of the crowd.







As the chanting continued "The Master of Ceremonies" signaled the men to go a head. The three of them were positioned on the very end of the stage with the daughters on each side of their mother. Next the daughters were angled so they were slightly facing their mother. Even though the chanting of the crowd the barking of dogs was suddenly heard. As three large dogs were lead onto stage "The Master of Ceremonies" looked towards the slaves on display before he addressed them before speaking to the audience again.

"You slave whores would do good to remember what you see here should you ever get any ideas beyond your total submission to you owners."

Even as the chant sprang up again "The Master of Ceremonies" gave the command the crowd was waiting to hear.

"Let them at'em boys!"

As he said this the dogs were released and bolted towards the three slaves on stage. While at the same time cheer went up from the crowd that almost brought the roof down. Meanwhile the three on stage could only cry as they finally excepted their fate and braced themselves for the coming onslaught.

As the other horrified slaves watched "The Master of Ceremonies'" words about "Nothing but Total Submission" broke any will they had to resist. Even as the watched the dogs separate as they selected which one of the three to make into their bitches the slaves all made a vow to themselves to obey any order given to them no matter what. Unfortunately they could only pray that an order to do what they were seeing would never be given to them.

The three on stage didn't get a choice about submitting willingly. For these three dogs had been specifically chosen for their size, stamina, and most importantly their aggressiveness. After several menacing growls the three new slaves gave up any thoughts of resisting their canine rapists. Even when they felt the dogs climbing on their backs any resistance was quickly quashed by menacing growling that would continue as powerful front lags wrapped around their hips. Even as they felt the searching thrusts they knew they were helpless to stop what now was eminent.

Soon one by they would cry out as their canine rapists found their marks and they were impaled by dog cocks. Though there was no pity for the three dog rape victims for their cries at penetration were only met with applause from their audience. The realization that their violation was not only being witnessed but cheered only served to deepen the shame they felt as they felt the massive dicks pounding away on them.

Then one by one the three "Kennel Bitches" were subjected to a new humiliation as they felt the dog's knots forced inside of their battered cunts. When that happened the "Kennel Bitches could only lay their heads on their crossed arms and weep. As they felt their stretched pussies flooded with dog cum. This brought a new wave of cheers from the audience as they believed their degradation was now complete.

However this was a false assumption on the part of the "Kennel Bitches" for there was one more humiliation in store for them. For before any them had time to realize what was happening the dogs stepped over them and turned ass to ass. As laughter erupted from the crowd the three "Kennel Bitches" were suddenly being dragged backwards off of the stage by their new canine masters.

The look of sheer terror on the faces of the "Kennel Bitches" as they were dragged away screaming while still tied to the dogs would haunt Brothel Whore 3567-B for quite a while. She had never thought she would be thankful that her and her sister were being sold into prostitution. But after witnessing the brutal enslavement and rape of those three "Kennel Bitches" she had no doubts "thank god I'm a Brothel Whore" .

Though she now had something else to worry about that the horrid spectacle was over their auction was about to start up again. No sooner then the dogs had dragged their bitches away with them did "The Master of Ceremonies" get back to business.

"Well now that fun is over how about we get back to selling these pieces of ass."

"The Master of Ceremonies said while gesturing to the line of slaves while the crowd began to cheer. He gave them a moment to calm before signaling for Slave 2482-B2 to be brought up on stage. Gesturing to the "Head Master" on the tv he began.

"The Head Master has graciously provided this worthless whore for you pleasure first. He has only placed the limitation of no permanent damages being inflicted. Other than that you are free to do whatever you want this slave whore."

As the audience applauded "The Master of Ceremonies" began to turn Slave 2482-B2 so the crowd could see her whole body. Once she had been rotated a few times he gestured to the "Head Master" again before he began again.

"The Head Master has even made several of his largest dogs available should the winner wish to use them on this slave."

As whistles were heard over the applause Slave 2482-B2's face took on a look of terror. Even before "The Master of Ceremonies" began the bidding everyone that knew her saw sight they wouldn't believe. Slave 2482-B2 was actually crying.

"OK we will start the bidding at one hundred dollars. Do I hear one hundred?"

Soon a call of " One hundred !" came from a mistress in the crowd.

"I have one hundred. Do I hear one fifty?"

Soon a call of "One hundred and fifty dollars!" was shouted by a master in the front row of the audience.

"I have one fifty. Do I hear two hundred?"

There was a paused before the mistress raised the bidding by calling out " two hundred"

Before "The Master of Ceremonies" could even announce the raise of two hundred the master called out "three hundred"

"Alright we have three hundred. Do we hear three fifty?"

When there was no response from the crowd he asked again.

"Come on folks you saw the terror on this bitches face when the dogs were mentioned. She should be quite the spectacle as she's fucked by them. Do we have three twenty five?"

At the last moment a mistress towards the back called out "I'll pay three twenty five for that!"

"Alright we have three twenty five. Will any one raise?"

"Any one?"

"Any one?"

"Alright sold for three hundred and twenty five dollars ! You may come and get your prize."

The mistress quickly ran up to the stage and after paying dragged Slave 2482-B2 back to her seat by her leash. By the time "The Master of Ceremonies was ready to continue the mistress had Slave 2482-B2 on her knees between the mistress's spread legs eating out her pussy. "The Master of Ceremonies" noticed what was happening and called out to the mistress.

"Don't forget to see the door man about the dogs when you done!"

The crowd roared with laughter when she shouted back.

"Don't worry once this bitch is done with my pussy, she's getting a nice painful ass fucking with my strap-on. Then I think a brutal gang bang from the security and then the dogs can have her.

As he laughed about her plans "The Master of Ceremonies" remembered some thing.

"Good plan. While we're on the subject of the dogs how about we check on our newest "Kennel Bitches"."

As the crowd laughed and cheered a large television turned on showing the hapless "Kennel Bitches" being pushed into a large pen full of dogs. The audience roared with applause as all most immediately they all had a dog on their backs fucking them again. As the television turned off "The Master of Ceremonies" gestured to the "Head Master's" image again as Slave 3397 was brought onto the stage.

"Our next item was also graciously provided by our hoist. Again the only limitations are no permanent damages and yes there's dogs available for this one as well."

As as he finished the room was full of laughter as applause and cat calls began springing up as Slave 3397 was spun around. By the cheers she proved a little more popular than her predecessor. As "The Master of Ceremonies" was about to begin the bidding everyone focused on Slave 2482-B2's screams coming from the audience. True to her word the mistress had her bent over while she brutality sodomized her. Chuckling "The Master of Ceremonies" started the bidding after making a brief reference to the action.

"You got to admire a woman that keeps her word"

"Alright we will start the bidding for this whore at one hundred dollars. Do I hear one hundred?"

Soon bids become to come in right after another.

"One hundred!"

"One fifty!"

"Two hundred!"

"Three hundred!"

"Four hundred!"

"Five hundred!"

"Six hundred and fifty!"

"Seven hundred dollars!"

"Eight hundred dollars!"

"One grand!"

"Fifteen hundred dollars!"

"Two grand!"

At the bid of two thousand the bidding stalled. Try as he might "The Master of Ceremonies" couldn't get anymore bids so as cheers went up.

"Sold for for two thousand dollars! Come and get your bitch."

The master that purchased her barley had her off the stage. Before Slave 3397 was on her knees in front of him. Not wasting any time the master had his cock down her throat as he viciously fucked her face. By that time the mistress had finished with Slave 2482-B2 and had dragged her to where several of the guards had gathered.

Soon Slave 2482-B2 was pushed to the ground at their feet. Watching this "The Master of Ceremonies looked at the audience while trying to decide if a break was in order. What he saw was that several masters and mistresses had their slaves hard at work pleasuring them. While the few masters that brought their wives had the wives naked on their laps as the wives bounced up and down on their husband's cucks.

"Alright folks I do believe this would be a good chance for us to have a intermission. So we will take a thirty minute break before bidding starts on the prime merchandise."

As soon as he said that several things happened. Slave 3397 was now bent over while the master began to savagely fuck her. Slave 2482-B2 was riding the cock of a guard while another was on top of her fucking her ass at the same time. While the now naked mistress held Slave 2482-B2's face in her crotch. The television showing the three "Kennel Bitches" in the dog pen turned back on.

Finally a line of "Slave Serving Girls" entered the room. Each of these slaves were naked save for collars, shackles, and high heels. All their arms were secured behind their backs by their shackles and a belt wrapped around both arms just above their elbows and they all had ball gags in their mouths. However they all had a thick leather belt around their waists with one side hooked to a serving tray. While small chains stretched from the other end of tray to their nipple piercings.

These slaves began to make their way down the seats with their trays loaded with various liquor bottles, glasses, and even small buckets of ice. Two other "Slave Serving Girls" were headed towards where Slaves 3397 and 2482-B2 were being ravaged they carried trays loaded down with bondage equipment, several pain implements, and various dildos and vibrators.

Several more "Slave Serving Girls entered with similar cargoes on their trays and headed to where the slaves were pleasuring their masters and mistresses in the audience. This was quickly put to use as soon these slaves began to be bound and have some of the toys were being used on them.

The "Brothel Whores" currently waiting sale were watching this spectacle fearfully as they prayed that many of the more brutal of these masters and mistresses wouldn't be the ones buying them. The two that had purchased Slaves 3397 and 2482-B2 were of special concern to them. This became apparent after they saw another master had joined the one fucking Slave 3397. They had her standing bent over and while one was pounding away on her from behind the other had a hold of her head as he violently fucked her face.

Slave 2482-B2 wasn't faring much better for now she was being fucked by three of the guards and from the looks at least three more were waiting for their turn. As they tried to focus on something else Brothel Whore 3567-B was surprised when one of her companions let a gasp. Looking quickly she spotted both Brothel Whores 3569-A and 3569-B were watching what was happening on the tv with horrid fascination.

Granted what was happening to the three "Kennel Bitches was horrible. While two had dogs on their backs fucking them the third was currently tied ass to ass with one dog while another had climbed onto her shoulders and was fucking her mouth through her ring gag. Though Brothel Whore 3567-B soon realized that the twins' attention wasn't on this it was on another "Kennel Bitch" in the pen. This woman was quite beautiful with large breasts and red hair and for some reason looked familiar to Brothel Whore 3567-B.

With a flash Brothel Whore 3567-B realized why she looked familiar and why the twins were so focused on her. She couldn't even imagine what they were going through right now as they watched their mother with a great-dane on her back fucking her. The sound of barking quickly forced all of their attention back to Slave 3397.

The master that had purchased her had finished fucking her. Slave 3397 was now waiting on her hands and knees as a large rottweiler moved towards her. When Slave 3397 screamed as the dog climbed on to back Brothel Whore 3567-B couldn't watch anymore. Even as she heard Slave 3397's grunting as the dogs dick plunged into her pussy Brothel Whore 3567-B began to focus on "The Master of Ceremonies" hoping he would end this cruel orgy.

What she saw was confusing though. One of the masters was holding his kneeling wife down while "The Master of Ceremonies" examined her body. From where she was Brothel Whore 3567-B couldn't hear what they were saying but by the look of terror on the wife's face it wasn't going to be good. Even as she watched this perplexed she could tell that the crowd was beginning to calm down. For most of the slaves were kneeling at their owner's feet again and most of the wives were now just sitting naked on their husband's laps.

However Brothel Whore 3567-B could almost feel someone was watching her. Looking quickly Brothel Whore 3567-B noticed one of the masters was looking her and her sister over closely. As he nodded to Slave 3397 he began taking to them as if he had already purchased them.

"Did you two enjoy watching that slave fucked by the dogs because when I finish with your orifices slaves I'll have a dog waiting for both of you."

With that said he blew them a kiss as he walked back to his seat. Horrified that this man could buy them Brothel Whore 3567-B watched him until he sat down and made a note of where he was sitting. Even as "The Master of Ceremonies" called for everyone's attention Brothel Whore 3567-B would be watching this man out of the corner of her eye.

With part of her attention still focused on their potential buyer Brothel Whore 3567-B had the rest of her attention on the stage. There the master was still holding his struggling wife while "The Master of Ceremonies" moved back to his podium. Once in place he made his announcement.

"Masters and Mistresses I hope you all enjoyed the break. Now before we proceed with the main event we have another special treat for you tonight."

As the applause from the audience sprang up a struggling woman was dragged into the room and onto stage. As this woman was made to kneel next to the master's wife Brothel Whore 3567-B could tell the two knew each other. Something about the look on the wife's face when they saw each other told her. Still as she watched this new woman being stripped before both her and the wife had their hands shackled behind their backs and was forced to kneel at the feet of "The Master of Ceremonies" she couldn't help but to feel fear for the two as their fate was announced to the crowd.

"Here we have two traitorous bitches. Apparently these bitches felt it was alright to steal from a member of the organization."

As angry shouts were heard about the women the "The Master of Ceremonies" continued as he reached down grabbing a hold of a handful of the wife's hair and lifted her by her scalp.

"To make matters worse this bitch decided to keep her lesbian lover secret from her husband when the proper thing was to share her. So her husband has decided that since being a loyal wife wasn't good enough for her. Then her and her lover here can spend their lives as his slaves instead."

Cheers went up from this and to Brothel Whore 3567-B's surprise she saw most of the wives in the crowd cheering the loudest. The cheering would only get louder as collars were put around the necks of the hapless women on stage and they were chained to the podium. Only once they were secured did "The Master of Ceremonies continue.

"Now these slaves' master has decided that they will service any of the masters and mistresses that wish to use them following this event. Also to aid in the education of these two the "Head Master" has graciously offered to let them spend some time in his kennel so they can learn their proper places."

The crowd really went wild when they heard this. While the two slaves chained to the podium began sobbing uncontrollably as their impending gang rape at the hands of this crowd and the dogs hit them.

"Alright despite how much we would all like to see that. We have the matter of auctioning off those whores to handle."

As soon as he finished speaking "The Master of Ceremonies" allowed the crowd to cheer before he started the auction back up. One by one Brothel Whore 3567-B watched as the other slaves were sold. Soon only eight of them were left the two virgins both sets of twins, Brothel Whore 3613, and Brothel Whore 3621.

While most of the slaves sold were taken to other rooms to spend the weekend servicing the masters and mistresses. A few started providing their services before they got out of the room. However those taken to rooms would still have their servitude witnessed. For as soon as they were taken away a tv turned on showing the room they were taken to.

Even as the crowd watched the tv's Brothel Whore 3621 was brought onto stage after turning her around and squeezing her ass and breasts for the entertainment of the audience "The Master of Ceremonies began to auction her off.

"Here we have a first rate piece of ass that is still very inexperienced. She should prove highly entertaining to the one lucky enough to buy her."

As soon as he started the bidding "The Master of Ceremonies" was inundated with bids. The price of Brothel Whore 3621 just kept rising and rising. Until at twenty five thousand dollars "The Master of Ceremonies made the announcement.

"Sold for twenty five thousand dollars."

No sooner had the master paid for her Brothel Whore 3621 was taken away. Then Brothel Whore 3613 was pulled to the stage even as "The Master of Ceremonies began her pre-auction inspection another tv turned on. Even as Brothel Whore 3613 had her ass played with Brothel Whore 3621 was on screen kneeling while sucking a cock. Her service was soon overshadowed as bidding began on Brothel Whore 3613.

Soon Brothel Whore 3567-B watched as a fury of bids came in before one of the naked wives sitting in her husband's lap placed the winning bid. Not even bothering to pick up her discarded evening-gown she took her husband's hand as they walked to the stage. Even as they left the room with their new toy she walked proudly beside her husband not caring that her magnificent body was on full display. What none of the spectators knew was she had promised to become her husband's slave if she could purchase Brothel Whore 3613 so from that moment on she would never wear clothing again.

With Brothel Whore 3513 sold Brothel Whore 3567-B knew that her and her sister's auction was possibly next. She had correctly guessed that the virgins would be sold last. So there was a fifty percent chance they were next. With a feeling of dread she could only wait for their turn.

Even as she waited for their turn it didn't stop Brothel Whore 3567-B from checking on her friends. Brothel Whore 3621 was now on her back with her master rutting away between her spread legs. As her breasts shook with each violent thrust she could be heard moaning. Even as her master deposited a load of cum into her pussy Brothel Whore 3621 could be seen screaming during her own orgasm.

As a new tv turned on Brothel Whore 3567-B looked to see what was happening to Brothel Whore 3613. She was on her knees sucking her master's cock . Even from where she was Brothel Whore 3567-B could tell Brothel Whore 3613 was crying as she worked. This was actually expected but what wasn't expected was what was happening between Brothel Whore 3613's legs. The wife was now wearing a slave collar and shackles with her arms secured behind her back and was laying under Brothel Whore 3613 eating out her pussy.

Still confused about that Brothel Whore 3567-B looked for Slave 3397 her owner for the weekend was back in his seat while Slave 3397's legs were straddling his lap. Her arms had been resecured behind her back and she was bouncing up and down on her master's cock. It was plain to see she was enjoying the fucking as her breathing was deepened and her face was flushed. Even before Brothel Whore 3567-B could look away Slave 3397 was rocked by a massive orgasm. Her body shook violently as she bent backwards while screaming.

Feeling herself getting to aroused by that and catching sight of the master that threatened them with the dogs Brothel Whore 3567-B quickly looked for Slave 2482-B2. True to her word Slave 2482-B2's mistress had had turned the dogs loose on her once the guards had finished. As she knelt on all fours she had a large dog on her back. Slave 2482-B2 was obviously exhausted after her gang bang but she was soldiering on valiantly as the beast had it's way with her.

Brothel Whore 3567-B was pulled from that when she saw that Brothel Whores 3569-A and 3569-B were being taken to the stage. This brought exuberant applause from the audience when some of the most anticipated merchandise was finally going up for sale. Brothel Whore 3567-B had to admit if she was bidding on the twins she would be excited to. After all they were knock out gorgeous and wildcats in bed. Whoever purchased them was in for one hell of a good time.

Even as they reached the stage the uproar was far from over. "The Master of Ceremonies" decided to play to the excitement of the audience. Taking the twins leashes "The Master of Ceremonies" proceeded to walk them around the stage giving the crowd an eye full of their sexy asses swaying was they walked around the stage. Next he bent them over and spread their ass cheeks so the audience could see the twins' tight virgin ass holes.

Continuing to work the audience "The Master of Ceremonies" showed off the twins' pretty pink pussies. As their pussy lips were spread for all to see the air was full of cat calls and whistles. Next their tops were pulled aside so the audience could check out their breasts. As he straightened out their lingerie "The Master of Ceremonies" knew that the audience was primed.

"Alright we've all seen the program for the info on these two but just for a reminder. They are identical twin sisters. Both are anal virgins and since their enslavement neither one has been fucked or sucked a cock. They are well accomplished pussy lickers and trained to preform with each other for your entertainment."

He has to wait for the audience to settle down after that last part. The thought of twins having sex with each was a major turn on for as soon as he said that several of the slaves amongst them were suddenly being put to work pleasuring their owners. Even all the wives were either on their knees sucking their husband's dicks or being bent over and fucked.

"These twins are also very horny sluts as you can see by their wet pussies. Now let's start the bidding at one thousand dollars."

As soon as "The Master of Ceremonies said that he never got a chance to ask if someone would bid. For as soon as the opening price was set the bids poured in. Before he knew it the bidding surpassed ten thousand and kept climbing unit at thirty nine thousand five hundred dollars the twins were sold. Soon the twins' new master and his wife were at the stage paying for them.

As soon as they had been taken away the guard next their platform grabbed the leashes of Brothel Whores 3567-A and 3567-B and they were lead to the stage to be sold. Soon they were being paraded around the stage for the buyers to view one last time. Next they were bent over exposing the asses to the audience as their ass cheeks were spread so their ass holes could be viewed. Next came their pussies turn and finally their breasts.

Next their various sexual attributes were described. Though once the part about their incestuous lesbian training and the fact they were squirters really got the crowd going. With the audience primed "The Master of Ceremonies" started their auction.

As the bids began to pour in Brothel Whore 3567-B kept an eye on the master that had been worrying her. But strangely he wasn't placing a bid. As the bidding past twenty thousand she began to relax some. At thirty thousand there were only two bidders left and the bidding began to slow. Finally as the bidding reached forty thousand one of the bidders dropped out.

Just before "The Master of Ceremonies" was about to announce their sale Brothel Whore 3567-B watched in horror as the man called out "fifty thousand dollars!" Here horror turned into terror when the other bidder wouldn't continue. Even before "The Master of Ceremonies had made the announcement the man was calmly walking towards the stage.

"Sold for fifty thousand dollars!!!!!!!!!"

As Brothel Whore 3567-B had started to wish for death the man stepped onto the stage. "The Master of Ceremonies" began to drag them to the man as he held a hand up and snapped his fingers. This brought a slave onto the stage carrying a briefcase with her. As she knelt at the man's feet she held the briefcase up for her owner to open reveling that it was full of large denomination bills. Brothel Whore 3567-B had never seen that much money in her life and now it was being used to pay for her and her sister so he could do unthinkable things to them.

"Here's the fifty thousand for the whores and an extra ten thousand for the fabulous ceremony you have put on."

Their new owner said as he pulled out the payment for them and a tip and placed it on the podium. Once the payment was taken care of their owner for the weekend closed the briefcase and grabbed both their leashes and his personal slave's leash. With their heads held low the twins were lead from the room as the audience roared with applause yet again. As they were taken though the corridors they were so numbed by this ordeal they could only stare blankly ahead.
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