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Maya and I spend some time together, and things keep developing

(re-posted with some necessary edits)
Well, it seemed that my summer kickoff party was a raging success. I kept hearing stories of some of the things that went on. Wow. My friends were all telling me about this one who hooked up with that one, or these two who were seen doing “something” in the changing stalls. I didn’t get exact details from anyone but I’m pretty sure there was just sex going on everywhere, even with my mom standing guard over the upstairs bedrooms. I even heard that a few of the older girls had done some very naughty things with some of the college guys, no surprise there I guess.

I personally had a terrific time flirting with pretty much every girl who showed up, which was my plan from the beginning. Morgan and I started the day with just an amazing little romp before everyone else arrived. I plan to enjoy a lot more of her body over the summer, and I’m pretty sure she’s ready to try some new things too. I also got to spend some secret alone time up in my room with both Maya, and Alex, and I was looking forward to spending a lot more alone time with both of them soon.

On Tuesday, during my break from practice at the gym, I went home to hang out by the pool. Before I could even get home my phone started blowing up with texts from Morgan, asking “what is all this about you trying to fuck Maya at your party??” I forgot that Morgan and Maya are pretty much best friends. Apparently they started talking about the party. Morgan started telling Maya about how she had fucked me before the party started, and going on about how amazing it was and how she just loves the feeling of it and blah blah blah. At that point Maya piped up saying I had tried to fuck HER at the party too. This could be very bad for my sex life. I really want to continue fucking Morgan, but I also want a piece of Maya too. Both of them are so incredibly sexy.

I texted back and forth with Morgan for a while and managed to calm her down. I had explained to her a number of times that I had just broken up with Alyssa, who I had been in an exclusive relationship with for six months, and that I didn’t want to get into an exclusive relationship again right away with anyone. I told her I still want to see her, and see a lot of her, but I’m not ready for anything exclusive again. As for Maya, we went in the house to take care of a bee sting. She started kissing me. That’s what started all of that. I had no intention of trying anything when we went in the house other than putting ice on her arm, what happened after that was not planned. So, after some more discussion (aka lying my ass off) Morgan and I decided to get together that very night after gym and perhaps we could discuss it some more. My thought of course was that we could ignore it entirely and have a different kind of discussion, in my bedroom, naked. Now let’s just hope I can convince Maya not to cut me off completely.

So then I texted Maya, and asked her when we could get together and go out. During the party we had gone into the house to take care of a simple bee sting, and suddenly found ourselves on my bed, naked, just inches away from losing her virginity. She panicked at that point and backed out. We talked, I apologized saying that I had never intended any of that to happen, I just got carried away. It was the truth. Every time she just moaned and caressed me back, I pushed a little further. Every time I pushed, she just went along with it. The next thing I knew I was naked between her legs trying to pull her bikini bottoms off. She admitted that she had let it go too far too, because it was all so unexpected and everything felt so good. She got lost in what her body was feeling, and she couldn’t believe it was me that was doing it. She said she had thought lots of times what it would be like to do it, and specifically with me, but was just overwhelmed when she found herself about to do exactly that. She had never expected to find herself naked in my bed when she left the house that morning. We both agreed that we would get together again, no pressure, no expectations.

Her initial response to my text was that she didn’t think we should get together. I then realized that this was just after I had texted with Morgan, the two of them were probably sitting together in her bedroom discussing the whole thing. I asked her why she didn’t want to go out with me now, and of course she said she had been talking with Morgan. I decided the hell with texting, this required an actual phone call. As we spoke she said “I can’t believe you were going to do that with me after you were fucking Morgan all morning”. Okay, I can work with this, so I explained it to her from my point of view.

First of all, I wasn’t fucking Morgan all morning. She came over early to the party and was all over me from the minute she walked in the door. We had sex exactly once (and it was spectacular), and then everyone else started showing up, there was never anything more than that.

Second, since you and Morgan talk so much, then you know that she and I had sex at Gary’s birthday party. You know Morgan, you know what she’s like, so you probably know she’s been trying to get me alone again ever since then, and what better opportunity than an all-day pool party?

Third, I never intended to do anything with you other than take care of a bee sting. When you started kissing me, I LIKED it. I wanted more, and the next thing I knew we were on my bed kissing. The next thing after that we were both almost naked. I was as surprised as you were, but I don’t regret it. You are beautiful and amazing, I just couldn’t resist.

SO, let’s get together. We can go someplace and just have fun. Like we said, no pressure, no expectations. I’ll keep my hands and lips to myself the entire time, I promise. We’ll never do anything you don’t want to do. Somehow, she agreed to this and we set up a date for the next week.

Over the next few weeks Maya and I actually started to become lot closer. We went to a couple movies, a big barbecue one of her friends had, and a couple nights just hanging out at her house watching movies. I actually met her parents, who of course loved me, they always do. All the while I was true to my word and kept my hands and lips to myself. It was Maya herself who was first to change the rules.

One night at her house we were all cuddled up on her couch watching some movie. She was leaning over on my shoulder and suddenly put her hand on my stomach and started rubbing my abs. She loved the abs. That in fact is exactly what she said as she pulled my shirt up and started rubbing them skin to skin. I asked “what are you doing?” She said “I can’t help it, I love your abs, you’re so fucking hot”. I said “well thank you” and smiled “but look who’s talking” and started caressing her abs as well. Honestly her abs are much tighter and more defined than mine, she had such an incredible body. She smile back at me, and then leaned in and kissed me. That was much more like it! We spent the rest of that night kissing, with her fondling my body, and me touching as much of hers as I dared. I loved every minute of it.

On another day, we were at my house after gym practice. It was in the middle of the week so I didn’t have the usual crowd over, it was just me and her for a few hours. As we were in the pool she swam up to me and pulled me nice and close. She started kissing me. Again her hands were all over my abs as usual. She really just couldn’t keep her hands off them. This time her hand was wandering down over my ass too. I think she was liking that just as much. Slowly she took my hand and moved it up to her chest. She said “You know, I really don’t mind if you wanna touch me. I kinda liked what we were doing at your party”. I immediately started fondling her breasts. I was squeezing and teasing. She was letting out soft little moans with every touch. I could feel her nipples getting hard. She kissed me a few more times and then asked “You wanna show me your room again?”

Well you don’t have to ask me twice. We got out of the pool, toweled off quickly and then ran in the house and up to my room. I closed the door behind us and she jumped right on me, kissing and touching and feeling me up. I moved us over to the bed, but before I could move to sit her down, she reached up behind her and unhooked her top. She dropped it to the floor and stood there before me topless. I’ll tell you, for someone who looks so small, she has amazing tits. I pushed her down on the bed and put my mouth right on a nipple. I started sucking and teasing and biting. She was loving it. Letting out little moans and giggles and squeaks of delight. She was saying “Oh Zane that’s so good, I love that” and “Keep doing that, oh my god that’s amazing”. I loved sucking on her tits. She had me in a tight bear hug, with her hand on the back of my head, again, directing my attentions from here to there. Her nipples were so hard in my mouth.

I eventually took a break and let my hands and fingers work for a while. I said to her “your body is so amazing, this is why I got so carried away last time”. She said “I know! Your abs just drive me crazy, look at you. That’s why I got carried away last time too! Every time I look at them I just want to…” Then she pushed me flat on the bed, straddled me and started feeling and kissing licking my stomach. It tickled like crazy but it was SO sexy. I had my hands on her head, playing with her hair. I was dying to just push her head down to my swimsuit and just slide it off, she had to feel how hard my cock was right now, but I just continued playing with that wild red hair. She crawled back up to start kissing me some more and cuddled up close. I just couldn’t keep my hands off her tits, and she loved every little touch.

That was as far as that night went. Clearly she was getting over me being with Morgan from time to time, as I’m sure they still talked and knew every time I was with one of them or the other. We had talked about it and decided that whatever happens between us would stay between us. Morgan didn’t need to know what we did when we were naked. Heh heh, It wasn’t any of her business.

The next time we got together was at her house. It was just after noon, and no one else was around. We cuddled up on the couch and put a movie on, and then proceeded to ignore it completely. Our hands and lips were all over each other. She was getting really aggressive. I liked this side of her, she usually seemed so shy and timid. We kissed and touched some more, her hand brushed over my hard cock a few times, she had to have felt that, it couldn’t have been an accident. Finally she stood up, gave me a look that was just pure lust, and led me by the hand back to her bedroom.

We stepped into her room and she immediately pulled her shirt off. Then she pulled mine off. She stood there for a moment rubbing her hand across my stomach and cooing while she felt my abs. My hands wrapped around her and went up her back. Her hands went up to her shoulders and pulled the straps of her bikini top off her shoulders. I undid the back. Her top dropped to the floor and I took those breasts in my hands again and started to touch and play. Then she stepped back, undid her pants, and let them drop to the floor. I was a bit shocked, there she was standing there in a pair of very sexy little panties that did nothing to cover up the sexy red hair underneath. She came to me, reached forward, then undid MY pants and let them drop to the floor as well. My mind was racing. How far would this go.

We moved over and laid down on her bed and returned to the kissing we were enjoying so much. My hands were fondling and squeezing her breasts and making her giggle and squeal. She really loved me playing with them. I kissed my way down until my mouth was all over them. Again her hands went to the back of my head and half held me there, half directed me where to go. As I was sucking and biting I figured, now’s the time. I ventured my hand down over her tummy. Her breathing increased, her moaning increased, and her grip on me increased. I reached the edge of her little pink silky panties and slid my hand right in. She held her breath for a moment as my fingers reached her pussy, then her legs just spread nicely apart. I started to touch her lips, and to lightly rub and trace my fingers along the length of her. She let out a long and very loud moan.

After rubbing her lips and teasing her clit, I pushed a finger into her. She let out another long loud moan. I started to work that finger in and out of her. With this, she started to let out a little moan with every push of the finger. I then took a second finger, and pushed the two of them deep up into her. She took in a deep breath, and let out a little scream. I started to really work those two fingers up inside her. She lay there with her head thrown back, biting her lip and making little moans with every movement of my fingers. Her grip on my head lessened as she surrendered to the feeling between her legs. Then suddenly she pulled back away from me. She pulled my hand out of her panties, and then sat up on the side of the bed. I sat up next to her and asked if everything was okay.

She was breathing so heavy I’d have thought she had just cum. I don’t think she did but, maybe I was wrong. She told me to stand up. I was confused of course. She said stand up, right here, indicating that she wanted me to stand in front of her, so I did. I stood in front of her, and she pulled me closer to her. She reached around and really grabbed my ass, got a great feel. She pulled me close, then leaned forward and kissed my abs some more like she loves to do, and ran her hands across them. Then she looked up at me, grabbed my briefs and pulled them down. My cock sprang out in front of her. She looked at it in wonder. She told me “I’ve never seen one this close before, it’s so big.” She took it in both hands and started touching and feeling. There is nothing like the feeling of a woman’s hands on your cock. She just looked at it as she touched it and started to slowly stroke it and explore her new toy. I was in heaven.

She did this for a short while, then looked up at me, and timidly leaned forward and touched her tongue to it. It didn’t jump up and bite her, so she gave it another try. She ran her tongue along it. This time it did jump a little but that was definitely a good thing. She started to lick it and taste it. I put my hands on her head and played with her hair, at the same time lightly making sure her head stayed right where it was. The she leaned forward and wrapped her mouth around it. Just the head. It was all she could get in her mouth. Now it was my turn to let out a moan. She did this a few times. At the same time, I noticed one of her hands slip down between her wide spread legs. Then she started ever so lightly to suck on it. I was starting my own little chant of “Oh Maya”. She still seemed very timid about it, but began sucking hard, as if she really really liked it. She tried to take in more a couple times but couldn’t get much in her mouth, without gagging. Then she stopped sucking. She went back to just sitting in front of me stroking it very slowly and staring at it, her other hand making obvious movements between her own legs. She hesitated, looking at my cock, feeling it from top to bottom like she was measuring its size and girth, admiring it. Then she looked up at me and whispered “I want it in me”

I said “what?” She stood up and pushed her panties down and stepped out of them. Then she kissed me and said “I want to do it. I want you to put it in me right now”. She lied back on the bed, and pulled me down on top of her between her legs. She spread them wide inviting me in. As I moved closer she watched my every move. I reached down and touched her beautiful pussy. She had a small thick patch of dark red hair just above, but had clearly trimmed the rest. She was so wet, I knew she was ready. I reached down and grabbed my cock and lined it up to her entrance. I ran it across her lips a few times, she took in a breath every time. Finally I found the right spot and was ready to push. I looked in her eyes and asked if she was ready, and she said “oh yes, do it, right now”

I leaned forward and started to push. She let out a long moan with every inch that went into her. I knew she was a virgin, and expected some resistance, but it just slid right in, all the way in. I pushed all the way until I could go no further. I left it in all in her and stopped for a moment, just to feel my entire length gripped by her pussy. It was so amazing. Slowly I started to rock our hips forward and back, not pulling out or pushing in, just making the motion with our bodies. Maya was making a lot of noise, moaning, and just repeating “oh fuck me, oh my god, fuck me, fuck me” over and over. Then I started to pull out, and drive back into her. Her pussy was incredible, and she was pushing back, and clenching down on me every time I pushed inside her. This got her actually crying out, not words, just noises and sounds, grunts and groans. I started to go faster, driving into her for all I could. She was tight, and wet, and as we continued she got very much into the motion, thrusting right back to my every move. She was making so much noise. Half the time seeming to love it, the other half sounding like she was in so much pain. I just kept going, gritting my teeth and pounding into her hard I would have kept going all night.

Right when I was on the edge, ready to burst and fill her with everything I had, I remembered what we had forgotten, protection. I was so ready to fill her with cum. I wanted to fill her with cum. I wanted to just unload and see how much of it she could keep inside her tight little hole. I told her “I’m gonna cum” she didn’t say anything, just kept moaning and driving her hips back at me. Either she didn’t hear me, or she didn’t care. I contemplated just doing it. I wanted so badly to finish off inside her. There is nothing I love as much as blowing my load off inside a girl, especially virgins. I was so close. I should have just let go, but somehow I screwed up the strength to pull out just as I started to spurt. I shot all over the outside of her pussy, on her lips, on that little patch of hair, her stomach, all over her bed, everywhere. She looked at me surprised, wondering why I pulled out and then saw it all shooting all over her. She watched, fascinated. She reached down and grabbed my dick, and kept stroking it until I had no more to shoot. She had it all over herself. She rolled it around between her fingers feeling cum for the first time, as far as I knew. She kind of screwed her face up at the feel of it, but then put her fingers to her lips and tasted it, tentatively.

She asked me why I stopped. I told her “I was going to cum, I couldn’t hold it off any longer, you don’t want to get pregnant do you?” She stopped at that thought. She said “you didn’t stop with Morgan” Jeez these girls really do talk about everything. I told her “that’s because Morgan was on top of me and wouldn’t get off. I didn’t have a choice. We’re just lucky she didn’t get pregnant either”. (It was over a month ago, I was pretty sure we were safe by now). I reached down and started smearing my cum all over her belly, just rubbing it in like skin cream, and just smiled at her. She smile back and then screwed up her nose at me. “That’s really gross” she said. I said “yeah, but it looks so good on you.” She grabbed my hand and made me stop, then pulled me down next to her. I lay there and kissed her and said “That was amazing. I wish I could have lasted longer.” She sighed and said “I can’t believe I just did that. I just lost my virginity.” I said “are you sorry? I can’t give it back now you know”. She looked at me and took my head in her hands and kissed me and said “Oh NO! I’m not sorry at all. It was amazing, I can’t even believe it was with you. I’ve kind of actually dreamed of doing it with you once or twice, it’s all I’ve been thinking about since your party, and Morgan telling me about doing it just made me want it even more.”

We laid there for a few moments just enjoying being next to each other naked and close, feeling our bodies against each other. She turned her head to me and said “thanks for not cumming inside me, I wasn’t even thinking about that. My dad would kill us both if I got pregnant”. I told her “It wasn’t easy, I so wanted to just fill you with it. I still do” She just laughed at that and said “too late”. I said “not if we do it again” and gave her an evil grin. With that I slipped my hand down her body between her legs and started rubbing her clit again. She let out a little yelp, but made no effort to stop me.

A short while later, I was just getting hard enough to go again, and had been working my fingers on her clit for a few minutes. She was breathing so fast and heavy I thought she was going to explode. That’s when we heard the front door. Why does this constantly happen?! She bolted upright out of bed and ran to her bedroom door, which we had left wide open, and slammed it shut. She whispered urgently to me to get dressed, and looked at her clock. It was still early afternoon, we didn’t expect her parents home for another hour or two, so what the hell was this? Then we heard her brother yelling if anyone was home. She relaxed a little at that, then came over and put her clothes back on, just throwing on the top and her shorts, not bothering with the undies. She yelled back at her brother that she would be out in a minute. Her brother is two years younger, but still wasn’t supposed to be home until later, we had no idea what he was doing home now. Needless to say he ruined the rest of our afternoon.

We went back to the living room to cuddle up on the couch, hoping little brother would go back to his game or whatever the hell he was supposed to be doing so we could run back to her bedroom again. He didn’t. Apparently his friends had to go somewhere with the family unexpectedly, so he was home for the afternoon, and proceeded to sit there playing video games. We couldn’t go back to Maya’s room because we knew he would tell her parents she had a boy in her room. The little shit. So we made our claim to the couch behind him and returned to our own fun. She was cuddled up into my shoulder and kept whispering things into my ear like “that was so amazing” and “I want to do it again right now” while her hand was on my pants lightly teasing my cock. I slid my hand down her pants and started rubbing her pussy. She tried to protest but I wouldn’t budge, and if she tried to do anything about it her brother would turn around and see what was going on. I was kind of getting off on fingering his sister while he played video games in front of us. We could have gone back to her room and gone for round two, but she wouldn’t do it with her brother home. I offered to go to my house but she had to stay there to make sure he didn’t burn the house down.

Finally we decided to just stick with the date we had planned for the next week, except we switched it from being an afternoon at the mall going to the movies and shops and to the trampoline gym, and decided an afternoon at my house by the pool would be much more fun.
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