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Girl loses virginity to her dog while parents are out
     My parents had got me a male, half Husky and half Black Lab mix. His name was Buster. They got him for me when I was younger. He followed me around everywhere, we were inseparable.

    He had always slept in my bed. I remember I had found my parent's stash of porn. They were out parting like they did every weeked. I was about 16 years old. I was a virgin, but watching a hot blonde with D cup titties getting railed by a huge cock just made my pussy drip. I mean DRIP. So much that it made my shorts look like I pissed.

    My instinct was to investigate. I unbuttoned my pants and slipped my middle finger down my dripping slit and collected some of the juice and bring it to my nose. It smelled sweet, yet a slight musty smell. So I decided I needed to taste it. I loved the way I tasted. So down I went to get more. Buster must have smelled my arousal because as soon as I went for more, he perked up a bit. By this time, my pussy ached. I never felt a feeling so intense to have something penetrate me before in my life. So I decided to remove my shorts, along with my panties.

    As I sat there, I explored some more, and that's when I discovered my clit. A jolt of pleasure went through my body as i rubbed and caressed my sweet button of pleasure. I started to moan, knowing that no one was home. Buster then got up and came over to investigate about the noises I was making. My legs were spread, as soon as he approached he started gently licking my dripping slit. I was a little startled at first because I knew it was wrong to have sexual relations with an animal, but his long, wet tongue felt so wonderful.

    The longer he licked, the more I felt something big welling up inside of me. Whatever it was, I liked, no, LOVED the feeling. A minute or two later, I exploded with a massive orgasm. An orgasm so big that I squirted all over Buster's long, black snout. Which made him even more excited and he licked furiously at my swollen, tingling pussy. I had to make him stop for a few moments because I was out of breath and trying to comprehend on what had just happened.

    Buster backed off and layed down in front of me. The porno was still playing. I watched for a good 10 minutes and felt the same need to be filled with something hard and throbbing. I started to play with my now soaking wet pussy, getting familiar with the feeling of an orgasm approaching. Buster hopped back up, this time with a looked of determined lust in his eyes. He skipped my pussy and climbed on top of me. Gripping my hips, he tried thrusting his dog cock in my pussy, but missed. After a few minutes of him thrusting and missing, I decided I needed to guide him a bit.

    By this time, I was so nervous and anxious because I have never had a cock inside me, let alone a dog cock. I didn't know how big he was. But my lust for his cock was so intense that i gave in. I guided his long dog cock to my pussy entrance. As soon as he felt he was there, he made one hard thrust deep inside my tight, wet pussy. I screamed beacsue he popped my cherry, but the pain was soon gone when he drilled my pussy fast and hard. I felt his cock starting to knot. The bigger it got in my tight pussy the more I felt an orgasm building. Until the knot got so big that he could only get it in so far. After a few hard thrusts, he managed to ram all the way into my pussy. Also making me scream from him making my pussy gape. That pain only lasted a few seconds because then he was fucking me hard.

    Yet another orgasm blossomed and I screamed with pleasure. Buster started to whine and thrust harder and faster than before and that's when i felt his hot cum flood my pussy. Which made me cum hard again. He tried pulling out but my pussy refused, which made my pussy twist with pain and pleasure all in one. We sat there for about five minutes waiting for his cock to soften. When it finally did, his cock slipped from my pussy, my juices and his gushed out of my pussy and onto my bedroom floor. He then started to lick up the mess on the floor and then started to lick my pussy clean. And in doing so, he made me climax once again.

  After I layed there a fee minutes, I decided I should probably go get cleaned up before my parents get home.

    That night, when my parents got home, I told them goodnight and kissed them on the cheek. Which turned me on even more, knowing that I had just fucked the dog they had got me when I was a little girl.

Once I knew they were sleeping, I replayed that eventful night in my head and instantly got wet. Buster was laying on his back with his cock near my head. I stared at his long cock. Wondering what it would be like to have him fuck my face and cum down my throat. As I built up the nerve to grab his wonderful cock, his sheath started to retract and his red cock started to show. He must have smelled my sex again because his cock kept growing. I grabbed his cock and started stroking a bit, until a few streams of precum came out of the tip of his hard cock. Right then I decided I wanted to taste his dog cock. So I wrapped my sweet lips around it and he jumped a little at the warmth of the wet mouth on it. He soon started bucking him hips and fucking my mouth

He then got up and positioned his cock and hips above my head. I guided his cock in my mouth so he could fuck my throat better. I gagged on him cock until I felt it grow a bit. I decided I didn't want my throat knotted. So I got in a doggy style position. He laid down and started eating my pussy, going deep and getting all the juices he could. I soon had an enormous orgasm, and that's when he got up and grabbed should of my hips and shoved his cock deep inside yet again. It didn't take long for either of us to him intensely again, but this time we came at the same time, making it even more arousing and intense. I am very surprised that my parents didn't wake up beacsue it got very hard to contain my moans of ecstasy.


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True??maybe, but


2017-03-26 22:04:45
Girl you are filthy, but I would love to be with you, because I am filthy also. I would enjoy eating you out after you have finish being fucked by the dog and give you long lasting kiss to consume the cum left in your mouth.

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